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Ecraser || Asher & Ginevra

It was a nice day out. So, why hide away in the little hut in the Silver Lake. Instead of her normal pajamas, she threw on her shorts, a tank top and braided her hair in a fish tail hanging it over one of her shoulders as she went out and strolled around Wonderland. She always loved the feeling of the grass below her feet, so she quickly took the off and walked barefoot along the river looking over the water with a small smile on her lips. 

When she came across a bush of roses she bent down and picked one and held in up to her nose, humming the only song she ever singed…or hummed really. Hearing leaves shuffling she looked up and glanced around to see if there was anyone there, but she stood when she couldn’t spot anyone. “Anyone there?" 

eifersucht ist eine leidenschaft (1/?)

Summary: chloe deals with her feelings in the aftermath of finals, stacie finds out chloe has feelings for beca, beca thinks stacie and chloe are dating and acts weirdly, and stacie thinks they should pretend they are even as she tries to woo cynthia rose.

jealousy is a passion

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