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gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”

why the houses need the other
  • slytherin needs gryffindor: they're great thinkers, but fucking hell, they pussy out. they overthink all their decisions. they need someone to help them just push the button to their amazing plans
  • slytherin needs ravenclaw: just to calm the fuck down. both of the houses stress their butts off, they get annoyed by ravenclaws when they stress, forgetting their own stress and realizing that, now they see the ravenclaws stress, their stress is not gonna solve anything
  • slytherin needs hufflepuff: guys, i dont wanna follow the stereotype, but F U C K, slytherins are just way too mean and rude and need a little positivity nd genuinely nice people
  • gryffindor needs slytherin: 1) sexual tension 2) s e x u a l t e n s i o n 3) they can make the best plans ever, but a gryffindor seriously needs a slytherin to help them with like, take over the world
  • gryffindor needs ravenclaw: just to keep their feet on the ground & their head on their shoulders when they dream TOO big
  • gryffindor needs hufflepuff: to keep their heads orientated. when idea's & thought become one big blur, they need a hufflepuff to help them sort it out
  • ravenclaw needs slytherin: to talk about feelings. slytherins can be very understanding and good at listening, and a ravenclaw can really need this sometimes
  • ravenclaw needs gryffindor: to have a stubborn opponent. they like a tiny bit of challenge sometimes and the slytherins are just TOO determined to win, the hufflepuffs not determined enough & the gryffindors are just perfect; fun and stubborn
  • ravenclaw needs hufflepuff: to have someofun. i'm really not saying that ravenclaws aren't fun, just that their fun is 10x better when with a hufflepuff. they also make sure you stay healthy in stressfull periods of time, a must for a humon body
  • hufflepuff needs a slytherin: to realize fun isnt everything in life, to keep them out of their dreamworld back to reality sometimes. also because sometimes you kinda really need to get to get things done
  • hufflepuff needs gryffindor: because of all the challenges they bring in hufflepuffs life and their bolder qualities allowing hufflepuffs to be less shy & more comfortable in their skin
  • hufflepuff needs ravenclaw: to help them focus on little things & help them see beauty in things like WHY the stars move and how it comes the sky is bluer in spring than in summer

I’m a klance shipper and I don’t like sheith but it’s becasue of how I headcanon their relationship and seeing how all the anti-shaladins are dragging Josh for not being an anti too just makes me sick. Leave him alone? He makes a good point with alternative universes and canon age not meaning unchangeable age. I’m so quiznaking sad about how toxic this fandom can be.

You headcanon Keith as a teenager and Shiro as an adult? You headcanon them as brothers? GREAT. SAME. HIGH FIVE.

You don’t acknowledge the unofficial info about their ages and headcanon Keith as older/Shiro younger, au them both as older etc, basically anything but consciously making them do the do meanwhile stating their ages as minor/adult? WELP. GOOD FOR YOU. I’M NOT INTO THAT BUT HAVE FUN.

@joshkeaton if you’ll ever see this, I’m sorry we’re like this and that you got dragged into this discourse. You’re a gift we don’t deserve <3

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Just venting but I'm so so so so mad that stim toys are becoming a trend and everyone having them just because they are "so cool" when I personally have been made fun of for needing stim toys. I'm so tired of NTs mamma mia

Yeah. They make fun of us for stimming and then use our stim toys. They shit on us for being on medication, and then use our medication as a party drug or abuse it for school. 😤😤😤

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What are your top 10 favorite stores and restaurants that show up in the anime?

This is a cool question! It also makes me realise how much of an impact Sailor Moon has had on me that I immediately remember a lot of single-appearance places that stayed in my memory, haha.

I’m not going to mention the Hikawa Shrine (which is technically a store?), Osa-P, Crown Arcade, or the Crown Fruits Parlour, because I feel like it goes without saying that I (and many other SM fans) adore those locations. We see them all the time, we see the girls grow up in them, they’re #iconic. You can just assume that those four top my list.

Also I guess some of these aren’t technically stores, but I figure “an attraction that you have to pay to enter” counts?

Presented without any particular order:

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AW COME ON I WAS HALFWAY THROUGH DRAWING A FATALBERRY FLUFF SHIP THING BUT THEN YOU PUT THAT UPDATE ON US AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF MY LONE SHIPPER'S HEART CAN TAKE ANY MORE OF THIS *cough* I mean, I'm fine what are you talking about :^)))))) Really though, I'm kind of a gullible 'oh, everybody's gonna be friends!' type of person so I was not expecting that hand twist and I'm scared because all I wanted was for them to get along and be friends but nope you crushed my heart-- (I love it though)

Haha oh no I’m so sorry XD Fatal isn’t very good at making friends sometimes. But! Since pairings aren’t canon to the actual story, please feel free to ship them, haha! I’d hate to stop you or anyone else from having a bit of fun :) It’s totally not gonna stop me from drawing cute stuff with them so don’t feel like it needs to stop you too <3


[top 10 female characters: alexandra udinov]
My father was gunned down in front of me when I was thirteen years old. I was sold into slavery, but I lived. I came out a drug addict, but I got clean. I’ve killed dangerous men and I’ve watched people I love die in my arms. You want to know what I am? I’m a survivor.

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Okey okey okey, i'm legit confused, are you actually disliking/against this "custom hero thing" or is it just for the memes/awkwardness?

Oh no, I have nothing against the idea. I do think it might have been better if it was used a few years ago though, Only because of the reputation sonic fan characters have. Honestly I’m surprised at how long it took them to implement this idea. 

Point is I know I’ll have fun making a silly character. It’s harmless fun.

writing McPriceley fanfic like
  • Connor: my Gay Thoughts™ are under control
  • Kevin: im here to fuck shit up
  • Arnold: [is the one who actually fucks most of the shit up]
  • Connor: [sees Kevin] turn it off turn it off turn it off turn it off turn it o f f
  • canon: [happens]
  • everyone: woah that all happened so fast and we don't need to talk abt it
  • Connor: i literally came out in the final song of the show but i still feel guilty about my Gay Thoughts™
  • Kevin: [is rightfully miserable bc he got a book up the butt] everything!!! is!!! great!!! :D :D :D
  • Arnold: [is cute and in love w\ Naba]
  • Naba: [is cute and in love w\ Arnold]
  • Connor: Elder Price i've noticed you're sad so hmu if you need someone to talk to
  • Kevin: you can do the same with me Elder McKinley
  • Kevin: [realizes he really wants to talk to Connor abt the Gay Thoughts™]
  • Connor: [hell dream]
  • Kevin: [bad dream abt the General]
  • Connor: Kevin what are you doing here in the kitchen???
  • Kevin: what are YOU doing here in the kitchen???
  • Connor: i asked you first
  • Kevin: i asked you second
  • Connor: fine..... i was having.... the Gay Thoughts™
  • Kevin: it's okay i have the Gay Thoughts™ too i think... for YOU
  • Connor: for ME????? i have them for YOU!!!!
  • Kevin: can i kiss you???
  • Connor: pls
  • Kevin: FUCK yeah
  • Poptarts: [enters kitchen, sees McPriceley kissing]
  • Poptarts: finally
  • Poptarts: [exits kitchen]
  • [THE END]

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Do Bree and Sera get along? I'm guessing no, but I'd like to know the flavor of them not getting along.

I don’t think Sera would like Bree largely because I think Sera would see a lot of Solas in Bree… even though Solas himself probably wouldn’t like Bree either and wouldn’t see himself in Bree. (I’ve discussed Bree’s similarities with Solas and Solas’ probable dislike of Bree here.)

I also think they have a different sense of the word “fun.” Bree’s idea of fun is adventuring across hill and dale, initiating song & dance musical routines as she makes new exciting friends during her aforesaid song & dance, hill & dale adventures. Sera’s idea of fun is fucking with people. I don’t know if she would go so far as to cut Bree’s hair–she respects Leliana’s privacy in-game, for example–but I do know that her pranks can range from psychological (moving Cullen’s desk ever so slightly) to physical (tossing pies in Trespasser). I think Sera would find Bree’s idea of fun just plain lame and boring while Bree would find Sera’s idea of fun hurtful. 

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Guess my sign: I put on a strong face for the world and bottle up my problems because I think they're insignificant or a pasing faze. I tend not to have a filter with what I say and will almost always point out a liar when I see one. I don't give out my trust easily so I have a small number of close friends. I value my alone time but thats usually mistaken as my stress relief, really its just me working alone. I break things down so a lot of people assume I'm judging or making fun of them.

Definitely an Earth sign – Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus.

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Hey can you recommend me any nice just wholesome d&p blogs? Like some that aren't huge shippers and don't freak out over a tiny insignificant thing every 5 minutes. I've been in this fandom for a while and I had a d&p blog until 2013 when I deleted it so I kinda don't know anyone anymore...I'm just so over that kinda attitude now but I still wanna see d&p on my dash so I need people to follow...(also how's architecture school? I'm starting next year!)

ok so i don’t really pay attention to that because sometimes it’s fun to freak out and stuff so i don’t really know who doesn’t do that but i’ll just recommend off the top of my head some mutuals that i love and whose blogs are some of my favourites and u should definitely follow them bc they’re amazing and make beautiful content!!

@astronautdan, @ratinof, @softdnp, @demonphannie, @dansucc, @heckdan, @danhowellgifs, @fuckinlester, @prettydan, @heartphil, @artsyphil, @formsprings, @sadistdan, @dimplydan, @wispyphil

as for architecture school: 

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Hey, for the people who wanted it, here is an overview of what the voices of the OC’s sound like! I know it’s a little lame, but hey, I just tried and if you think there’s another thing about their voices I need to include, tell me!

So I’m kind of curious if these voice types are what you imagined with the characters haha :) I’d gladly hear!

Oh also, for the people who don’t know, Soprano is a high girls voice, Alto a low girls voice, Tenor high guys’ voice and Bass is the low guys’ voice.


It’s funny because it’s true.

(But, you know what, I’m not going to give in to despair. Because 1) there are WAY more of us than there are of them and 2) seriously, fuck that guy.)

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For the shipping thing: I'm a 26 year old, pansexual, polyamorous, Atheist woman. I'm sarcastic as fuck, intelligent, highly interested in science just for the fun of it, and an aspiring filmmaker. I am 5'8'', have hazel eyes, am overweight, but trying to get healthy, and look forward to whatever the future has in store. I also am a big voice for equality and a proud liberal, but I hate SJWs, because extremes like them only make the real fighters for equality seem as bad as the conservative nuts

I ship you with Burr! When you get pissed about sexism in the news he will sit you down, make you a cup of hot chocolate and put on your favorite movie to calm you down because he knows and understands why you’re so mad.

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what do you as a (i'm assuming) white German think about all of the "white ppl have no culture" posts floating around tumblr? thanks for your opinion! xx

I have absolutely no problem with people making fun of white people / stereotypes about white people. By the way, yes I am a white person. 

Seeing how white people have not only treated other races (a term, by the way, I would never use in German because “Rasse” reminds everyone way too much of “Rassendenken” of the third Reich) very  poorly, but have exploited, raped them, stripped them of their cultures, languages, and lands, and have, in many cases, commited genocide over the last few centuries, I absolutely support anyone who punches upwards, and into our lazy white asses. (Which still, far more often than not, benefit of this history and preservation of imbalance / racism / cultural appropriation.) 

Of course I am sometimes annoyed because most of those posts are very America-centric, and white people in Europe are in many aspects different from American white people. Heck, we can’t even decide on who counts as “white” and who doesn’t.
(That’s nothing new, by the way. Around the time of the colonization of America, Spain was not considered a white country because it was “racially tainted” (I am losely quoting from my American Cultural History reader, just in case you were wondering.) from the Arabic influences (remember when Spain was occupied by the Moors?)  Plus, there are loads of European peoples/natons who were / still are discriminated against, their lands were occupied, etc. (think of the Irish, or the Sinti and Roma.)) 

White people do have culture, and this becomes evident in practically every small village throughout Europe. I live next to a church in a tiny village on the outskirts of the town Regensburg, and the people here have all kinds of traditions and celebrations and their kind of traditional music, clothing, etc. 

When people make comments or jokes about white people having no culture, though, they are saying this in the context of the historical evidence of white people literally coming into their homes, taking their valuables and murdering / enslaving their families. Since we sadly do not live in a world where everyone is treated equal and non-white countries are still being exploited (be it for mineral resources or human work force), this sadly still applies. 

Also, white people really have to learn to laugh about themselves. (And oh boy do I love jokes about white people. Do you know that video about white people turning every meal into a casserole? Cracks me up. And it’s also partially true.) 

At the end of the day, those stereotypes about white people are in no way harmful to us (I should not distance myself from white people since I am white.) - in contrast to stereotypes about other races. “Black people are violent criminals” hurts black people. “All Asian people are bad at English/German” hurts Asian people. But at what point in history was anyone stopped by the police or didn’t get a job because the police/ employer thought “Oh god, Cindy Mayonnaise over there can’t properly season her food.” 

since i’m being a pain in the ass and the ranting parent, i’ve got another thing to say. let’s be inclusive of everyone. make new people feel like they’re welcome, invite them to join in the fun of screaming about our shared interests and characters, let them see the good that we can certainly all possess and love each other unconditionally. if you can’t be friends with another person for your own personal reasons, then so be it. treat them with respect if you can’t find a way to be anything else. let’s rise up as a community, and people, to do what we can for one another. be the light in someone’s day, tell someone you love what they’re doing with their muse, make others feel included and that everyone’s more than welcome to join us. let’s let acceptance and positivity shine brighter than the darkness of hate.

isn’t that what star wars is all about anyways? casting the dark away and bringing light to the galaxy? bringing balance? let’s do the same thing with our community and our peers.