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OKie, so I don't obviously like talking about this but since this bs came up, I'm gonna talk about it. I had the same reaction to probably the majority of you, but soon I calmed myself down and got all the details behind this so I can understand everything and make this post which will hopefully help you calm down as well <3. 

1.) First of all, A LOT of people have been saying that this was taken today but it wasn't because Calum met a fan today wearing a different color shirt and also this looks exactly like the picture of them waiting in line for the museum that we got a few weeks ago which is this one: 

2.) SataNia looks like she’s kissing his cheek but really isn’t, she’s just really close to his face with her clingy self and basically acts likes this around others as well not to mention Calums own bandmates do it so it’s just a friend thing. They aren’t kissing, it’s like a normal thing she could even be whispering something to him you never know. So when I type “kissing” I’m just basically saying SataNia being close to his face. 

3.) Now I find it REALLY odd that somehow the pictures of SataNia “kissing” Calums cheek  got leaked now instead of then and how the Jingle Ball is soon to come and Bye Purple will be performing. We ALWAYS get Calum and SataNia stuff before Bye Purple has something big to do like, for example, a music video, late show with James Corden, Jingle Ball, and the list goes on. SataNia needs the publicity for her band to unflop it so they are going to probably do more Calum and SataNia sightings, I guess you can call it. This is basically PR which you can go to @calum-hood-could or @5sosdramarama for more. 

4.) Now I know this is very stressful and annoying but we are going to have to go through this and its tough but don't let this control you, especially don’t let this make you leave the fandom. I know a bunch of people who left the fandom because of this and just drama in general but again don’t let drama control you, try to think positive and if you need someone to talk to then I’m always up especially @calum-hood-could and @5sosdramarama . Here’s a breathing exercise that can help when you’re stressed out, anxiety, when there’s drama, etc.

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 5.) You can see in both pictures and all pictures that we get of them that are “close” that Nia is always the one to be clingy. She’s always clingy while Calum looks uninterested, and in this photo, you can see that pretty well. Calum is looking ahead while Nia is close to his face while holding onto his neck. Also, there’s a phone in Calums hand I believe and so there are also other rumours to this which one of them being Calum is taking a photo of Nia “kissing” his cheek. That’s not true because the screen is black and if he was to take a picture you would see Calum and Nia on the phone and basically the screen wouldn’t be black. This also shows that Calum is uninterested since he’s holding his phone in front of his face.  Not only that but again pictures can’t tell us everything perfectly. This can be taken at where all of this probably was fast paced but the photo makes it look like it was longer and has more effect on it. So SataNia having his arm around him and being close could’ve been for a couple of seconds. Nia is clingy in general and I’m surprised that there aren’t as that many Nia and Casey/ Nia and Ashton rumours as there is for Calum and Nia because she’s clingy to him too, and hangs out with him as much as Calum.

6.)  Also Nia is a tag along with Cashton and Cashtons the real couple SooOOOO.

7.)  I’ve also have been seeing a lot of people telling others to just get over it and to just stop hating calum and Nia, basically telling others to ship them or like them or to believe that they are dating. First of all, you can’t tell anybody to like someone or dislike someone nor to believe something. It’s their decision to like/dislike someone and to believe something or not, not yours. The last thing I want right now is someone telling me to get over Calum and Nia or just accept the fact that they are “dating” (their belief). You can ship them or you can believe that they are dating and I won’t mind but don't tell me or anyone to believe or like them together. Same goes with Luke and Arzaylea and Michael and Crystal (which I have different opinions for each). So if you don't agree with this post then it’s fine, just scroll past. AnYWAys, If you wanna talk to me about it, you can always message me or send me an ask ❤️ - A❤️🌹   

political talk show AU part two!

(Part One)

(warning, this fic is quite openly anti-Trump and somewhat pro-Hillary as well.)

Shitty “Mr. Crappy” Knight does not need a “straight man.”

That’s part of his schtick, actually. Mr. Crappy’s Political Party radio show does a lot on heteronormativity and gender roles. “Trust me, friends,” he says, grinning through his mustache as though his listeners can actually see him, “you can get those on any old channel. If I’m gonna have a straight man, I want a gay one.”

But, at least since he started in radio, another part of his shtick has been poking fun at Humorless Liberals– “and let’s face it, you know you’re out there,” he says. So when somebody wants to call in and discuss how Shitty – or “Mr. Crappy,” his FCC-friendly nom de plume – should really stop telling jokes and start Seriously Discussing the Issues, Shitty runs them over like a zamboni machine. “This is not and will never be C-SPAN,” he tells his audience. “And I’ll tell you something else. You don’t look up out of your copy of the Congressional Record and smell the roses once in a while, you’re gonna miss life.”

So that’s Shitty’s stance on serious codgers. They’re fresh meat, and he’s a bear, brah.

Except this Jack from Providence is a different animal. Jack never complains about Shitty’s jabs. Hell, he laughs at them – if a soft “Haha” can be considered a laugh at all – and plows right ahead with this point. His singlemindedness is a thing of beauty.

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laura-thewindwaker  asked:

Sorry for that last message lol, i wanted to say that I'm the last anon with the miraculous questions and now I have other two: who is felix and who is bridgette? I'm confused!

Hi thanks to your blog I became interested in Miraculous and two days later I’ve already watched all episodes but I don’t who is Volpina?? Like where does she appear? Also can you pls recomend me some tumblrs about Miraculous?? Have a nice day ☺️☺️☺️ 

Hi ! Thanks for messaging. I’m so happy I got you into ML because everything about it is too amazing not to love. Even the fandom is like a family. (I’m also very sorry because I dragged someone down as I got dragged in but that makes me laugh gleefully more than anything else). As for your questions: 

I was confused too in the beginning but apparently Volpina is an upcoming Miraculous Holder. She is confirmed to be appearing in an upcoming episode. (We’re not sure which but we think it’s Princess Fragrance).

Here is the wiki page which (although fan controlled) has the details about her.

Also I’ll just tell you about Prince Ali right now cuz he’s probably gonna appear at some point too. We don’t know much about him but some fanon has him as a Miraculous Holder (its unconfirmed).

(Also a part of me hopes he turns out to be a Muslim so we finally get some sort of TV representation and because Ali is a very common and important Muslim name but regardless).

As for Bridgette and Felix :

Before it was a CGI ML was gonna be an anime style show aimed for an older audience. They later changed it to a kids show. Felix was supposed to be the Adrien in that version but Mr. Astruc (@miraculoushawkdaddy is his tumblr) didn’t like the message he was portraying about how boys should treat girls and the ‘Good girl always likes Bad boy’ trope. So we got Adrien instead (I am so happy) and he is a cinnamon roll.

Bridgette is what the fandom calls PV Marinette because obviously we can’t have two Marinettes otherwise it would get confusing. Some of the fandom ships Felix and Bridgette still (the other half hates him). But mostly when trying to understand Felix’s personality, they take him as a closed up or solitary person instead of the rather mean one he’s portrayed in the PV.

To get you better acquainted I’d recommend stalking @edorazzi‘s ‘twin au’ tag (its awesome). Felix is portrayed as a much nicer person in that and Bridgette is there too.

A major portion of the fandom just pretends the Twins/Brothers AU is sorta canon now (the portion that doesn’t hate him anyway) and its pretty cool. I was apprehensive at first because I really didn’t like Felix’s personality in the PV but the fandom uses a much milder (in a manner o speaking) version of him that still stays true to PV Felix. 

Also @dreamwips  has an awesome older brother!Felix AU so check that out too (no bridgette in that one).

Some of the fandom still refers to PV Marinette as just PV Marinette though so don’t get confused.

Also some people may even refer to the ‘Quantic Kids’. It was also a Superhero Group idea that was scrapped before the final version of the show.

Here’s the PV trailer :

Also don’t ask Mr. Astruc about bringing Felix back to the show otherwise you’ll be responsible for a dead kitten. ;)

As for ML tumblrs to follow ? I follow a few and they are listed below :


@buglad (was the first one I followed cuz I also followed @oraclecave who is the blogger of both).








@rhaedarofworlds (She posts an assortment of things not just ML but she’s one of my good friends and the poor thing warned me not to follow her down the ML fandom or I wouldn’t come out but I didn’t listen. Lol)

I was following angiensca and luciand29 before hand and basically a lot of the blogs I followed started posting ML so I got into it. Besides these I stalk the ML tag all day (I’m rather picky with who I follow lol) so I don’t really need to follow many blogs. 

Hope I answered your ask.

(Also I wanna say everytime I see your url in my ask or my activity page I sorta internally point finger guns at you because your url just sticks out to me now).

Feel free to ask any other questions if you have any (or just wanna talk about ML).


anonymous asked:

for your consideration - kent parson has the same initials as kim possible. coincidence?

spies are my JAM THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING and i wrote like 5 paragraphs and then i accidentally clicked away and everything got deleted.

i was so fucking angry but LUCKY FOR YOU GUYS i love spy AUs enough that i am gonna re-fucking-write it so HERE WE GO please appreciate this i am dying inside i can’t believe i fucking lost 30+ minutes of writing?????? help

ok *breathes*

so Kent is Jack’s handler and they’re this amazing unstoppable team until one of their missions goes terribly, terribly wrong. Jack realizes everything’s fucked up but their target is too important to give up so—Jack just… takes out his ear piece. He’s pretty sure he’s not going to make it out of there and he doesn’t want to make Kent listen to him die.

Kent is back at base completely losing his shit, because this is Jack and he can’t do anything. He doesn’t even know what’s happening, Jack could be dead already, all he can do is wait to hear something. It’s horrible—he’s totally helpless, alone, the static fizzling in his ear because he can’t bear to take out his ear piece just in case Jack somehow comes back. Kent’s thinking, if only I’d planned the mission better, if only I’d thought of something, there must have been another way, it’s all my fault—

Of course, Jack makes it out alive. But someone sees his face and gets away, so Jack’s cover is blown. He gets placed into protective custody after the mission, because it’s too dangerous for him to be in the field right now.

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Scandal translated

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was gonna ask, how do you feel about the teen wolf fandom? Especially Sterek. I just feel like as soon as I post anything Sterek I lose a ton of followers (not that it matters but still) and get hate from it??? Do you have to deal with that? Any tips??? I used to love being in this fandom but now it's all negative and I'm not so sure anymore...

dear anon, i have been there. it used to get me down, a lot, especially when i would get hate, or incredulous anons like “why do u ship sterek they’re not gay” or “uGH STEREK SUX” and to start with it enraged me, i would try and argue my point, apply logic, defend my shipping choices, it was hard! and it would wear me down, stress me out, fighting the shipping fight when both the writers and other parts of fandom made a mockery out of you. it made me lose heart.

but then!!! then i realised i was never going to win against a grey icon’d anon. i was never going to make them stop. and i was never going to see a sterek love story in canon from baiting jackass writers. SO. i decided to own my choice. i decided that, ultimately, i shipped sterek for myself, for my own joy, and i could only respond with humour, with a whatrugonnado attitude. some tips:

1. find like minded people. i am not a multi-shipper. and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you find people who are also OTP only minded, and you can absorb yourself in their love for your mutual OTP. OR, if it’s more your bag, find multi shippers that are chill about sterek. find multi shippers that are respectful. and be respectful yourself! tag!!! and understand, we sterek shippers, considered “the v bad sterek fandom” are now a v careful bunch. we have our own circles. some of us have been very personally, individually singled out and hurt because of our choice to ship sterek. and it’s AWESOME if you do, A+ shipping choices, i’m always down to talk. but remember that the sterek fandom as it was, does not exist. we all found our own like minded people down to a v specific sort of sterek shipping. just as there is no longer one “true” teen wolf fandom, there is also no one big “sterek” fandom. some of us are v v V bitter and do not watch anymore, but only ship sterek in fanon (hey! that’s me! sterek reuniting off screen in the rain? hell yeah that’s me); some of us are happy with what we got and continue to watch (and are rays of sunshine good LORD what u guys must go through every week, shout out to izzie who is tw’s truly biggest fan still and makes me glad about it because it’s so enthusiastic and positive, she’s great a+ recommend izzie); some of us didn’t even watch the show, but liked the look of sterek (well played u guys, u missed SO MUCH crap) ANY WAY, what i’m saying is, some people are happy to talk sterek, others may have moved on, so, find the people who are still comfortable with the ship on tumblr (not just doing it on skype where there are hotel make out scenes discussed ~cough, g). if that makes sense.

2. don’t let anyone tear you down for shipping sterek. it’s a fictional pairing, but you are a real person! (unless ure not, dun dun duhh!!!) but seriously, if someone makes you feel bad for shipping sterek, they’re maybe not for you. if someone bitches about sterek on your dash, mute them, unfollow them, do whatever you need to in order to create the best, most enjoyable shipping experience for YOURSELF. if someone doesn’t tag, ask them, if they won’t, maybe find a way around it to avoid the other pairings, or just unfollow. if someone posts too much of a ship you don’t like, unfollow! just remember it’s nothing personal. you can still respect and admire a person, but not like their shipping choices. don’t let them bully you into changing your mind, or backing down. just as many people have asked me to provide multi ship headcanons or write multi ship fic, i’ve only ever said no, and that is my choice. and i’ve had great mutuals that have been respectful of that.

3. be your own champion. create your own safe sterek space. make up your own headcanons, find fics, admire art, BATHE YOURSELF IN STEREK. they are, ultimately, why i got so deep into tumblr, and i’m personally never letting go, so, it’s always gonna be here, and somebody telling me i’m delusional or weird for shipping sterek isn’t going to make me click my fingers and go “lol ‘kay now i ship stalia, u have cured me omg thanks” nah.

4. don’t take it to heart. it’s not about you. i think maybe anons that send hate hope to stop you or change your mind, but at the end of the day, it’s not their business what you ship, it’s their choice to follow you or bother you, and it’s not your problem, it’s theirs. let them pass you by, delete them, make your tumblr your safe space.

5. fuck canon. make sterek yours. they’re ours now, anyway. oh yeHA

more reasons the TFA novelization is a gift

hey do you remember this post … ok well i kept reading the book because of course i did (actually i listened to the audiobook but whatever let’s not get technical i’m not pulling soundbites for you guys because i’m lazy and the timestamps on my audiobook are fucked for some reason) and anyway the point here is, the point is, boy howdy finn and poe are something

this is spoiler heavy in many a way and so i’m putting it behind a cut

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This ain't reblogging and I'm actually pissed now so

@anti-feminism-pro-cats and everyone else who decided to get all offended and shit without even bothering to see WHY I’m saying what I’m saying and just wanna assume I’m up here trying to be an asshole:

Go ahead and unfollow bro, no fucks given. This has nothing to do with how strong I am or not, it’s that every 5 seconds someone on this site is crying suicide over the tiniest thing, and then tumblr has a fit for a while until it’s no longer trendy and they all move on to the next. Which is fucking disgusting to watch how y'all treat this like a hot new trend, like vultures who just wanna seem oh so caring. Sorry, i call bullshit, yall say whatever the fuck needs to be said at the time because it’s “what you’re spost to say”, therefore its FORCED, GENERIC, AND FAKE. That to me is fucking sick, that people on this site can become over- night sensations by saying they’ll kill themselves. I will not be a part of the mob who fucking pats people on the back for that, I’m not gonna sit here and become a bleeding heart for the same old shit over and over, it’s called being desensatized and oh boy am I. Like fucking newsflash, everyone on this damn site is apparently suicidal, SO HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU HELPING ANYONE BY TURNING THE IDEA INTO SOMETHING WE SHOULD FLOCK TO WITH OPEN ARMS? DO YOU SEE THE MESSAGE YOU SEND EVERY FUCKING TIME THIS HAPPENS? THATS WHY IT KEEPS HAPPENING? YOU PEOPLE MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SOMETHING COOL, TO BE “SO LOVED BY TUMBLR” THAT YOU CAN GET ANONS TO TELL YOU YOURE SPECIAL WHENEVER SHIT DOESNT GO YOUR WAY. I DONT CARE, IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT. I said the SITUATION is dramatic. I didn’t bash the kid at all, unless you consider “he’s doing the panic attack thing now” as some shit when it’s quite literally just what’s happening. How is this different from everything fucking else? Oh, Zamii drew something and got met with hate she no deserve. Oh, this person made #selfieweek a thing and now they’re getting hate they no deserve. Oh this person fucking farted and got met with hate they no deserve. THAT IS FUCKING TUMBLR IN A NUTSHELL, and yes you people look fucking desperate to seem so caring when you’re sitting there making a fucking spectacle out of someone’s possible suicide, I see y'all blowing that tag up. You can honestly think whatever the fuck you want about me, go right ahead, but don’t come at me sideways about some shit just because I’m not over here sobbing my eyes out about it like you are. I’m tired of people trending on here because they threatened suicide, I will not contribute to that sort of message uncritically, you do not get to become a star for something like that and I won’t pretend overwise. Fuck off if you have a problem with it. Do you even know the kid? But you gonna act like you go way back to 1st grade right? You people are so twisted up in “being helpful” that you can’t see when you’re doing the opposite. Fuck off, don’t assume to know shit about why I said this, has nothing to do with “being strong” and everything to do with what’s wrong with tumblr culture, THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS BLOG SO IF YOU’RE ONLY NOW UNDERSTANDING THAT THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE FOLLOWED IN THE FIRST PLACE? You can try and comfort someone without making it a fucking show for us all to watch, and that’s why the fuck I won’t get behind this. Another fucking crusade over fictional characters? 3 words lazily slapped on a t- shirt in ms paint? You’re kidding me. I’m literally unable to sit here and cry about it like y'all seem to want to do all the time, I JUST GOT DONE DOING IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. AND RIGHT BEFORE THAT, SOMEONE ELSE. I’M SORRY, I DON’T HAVE IT IN ME TO DO IT EVERYDAY and yknow what, if you think this is the first time that I’ve said something like this, then you ain’t paying attention. I quite literally say it every time a story like this goes big, I DON’T think this is a good way to handle the situation, it looks like a publicity stunt and worse it looks like one that works, I do not want some shit like that circulating in some kids head cause “oh my god I could get a hashtag if I kill myself?” Big suicide scandals temporarily spike the rate of suicide, esp when y'all sit up here making hashtags trend, fan art, tagging everyone you know to spam “nice messages” like for fucks sake, no, I won’t do it. Fuck you, don’t pretend to know a fucking thing about me if I ain’t say the shit myself. Reading in between some lines that ain’t even there, I ain’t say shit about being strong so please, fuck right off for this bullshit assumption. Don’t pretend to know my motivations, would have been easier to just fucking ask me, right? “As strong as me” you stupid fuck I’ve been fighting off the desire to die for weeks now, just got done carving up my damn thighs like oh boy, yes im so fucking strong, yes you nailed it, how did you know? You actually don’t know a fucking thing about me or what I’m going through so how about you don’t talk on some shit you know nothing about, don’t fucking insult me just because we don’t see eye to eye on this. Go back to pretending to care about suicidal people with your little hashtags, cause some shit like this is exactly what I fucking mean. The kid cries about it and you all come running, CAUSE IT’S TRENDING, but then you wanna say some shit like this about me just because I don’t broadcast it for the world? Yeah buddy, you’re really showing how much you care about this…or is it you only care because it’s popular? Fucking seems so. Go fuck yourself, don’t pretend to know a thing about my life or what I’m going through. Which, funnily enough, I made a huge post about the day after thanksgiving? Where’s my parade of love and support? Oh right. I didn’t make it a fucking huge dramatic scene so I don’t get one. But you care right? Lmfao, shut your fucking mouth and get the fuck outa here with this mess. -Billy

Don't worry I'm prepard to get hate for this

but I couldn’t stand seeing the Bamon fandome getting hate and not say anything about it. I may not be a Bamon shipper but honestly how on earth can people think it’s okay to send somebody death threats because they don’t ship Delena. At the end of the day Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Stefan, Caroline etc. are only fictional characters and they mean a lot too us but sadly they’ll never be more. But those people who are being horribly insluted in their own blogs where they can write whatever the fuck they want, are real. They are of flesh and blood and have real feelings who can easily get hurt and you can’t honestly tell me that you want them to die just because they ship something you don’t agree with. I know the tvd fandome is probably one of the most hateful fandoms ever and we’ll never be a family but this is getting to a point where it needs to stop. You need to stop sending people hate because of fiction and go back too your own fandome. Enjoy your dance, enjoy your rain kiss, enjoy your scenes, enjoy your ship but please please please stop spreading hate and stop making your fandom look pathetic because some people there are really nice and don’t deserve this shit either. I’m not gonna tag this as Delena because the people who sent the messages will see this in our tags anyway, so go and send me hate but remember it will only make things worse for you and your fandome.

And dear Bamily please stay strong and try not to go to DErs blogs and send the hate back because you’re better than that and killing fire with fire never works. You’re a great fandome you have an amazing ship and what people say on the internet doesn’t matter and isn’t worth one bad thought. I love y'all stay strong!

This is like the most pretentious thing ‘cause I basically made a gifset for the sake of putting all this in tags but then all this shit didn’t fit into tags so now I have this. Y’all better read that and I don’t care how ridiculous it is.

So OBVIOUSLY Stiles knows Scott’s passwords and such. He’s a nosy little shit and he tends to go through people’s stuff if he’s worried about them and they’re hiding things from him. That doesn’t change later on as the years pass and Scott and Stiles are together. Don’t get me wrong: Stiles is not some stalker boyfriend who controls Scott. It’s just that with their supernatural lifestyle it’s useful to know a thing or two: so that when Scott says he’s gonna be home at 7pm but it’s already 9pm and he’s not calling or picking up his phone then it’s really useful to gps-track him to check if he’s not getting his limb eaten somewhere in the middle of the woods (that happened once. Well, nothing ate Scott’s limbs but it was a close shave).

But then Scott suddenly becomes secretive and he stays late at work or goes out at odd hours, and hides things from Stiles.

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Okay, guys, announcement time:

So, I have made a decision. And I’ve decided to tell you all this decision in the hopes that it will actually hold me accountable to this decision because I’ve told Leda but we both agree we are enablers who will let the other get away with literally anything.

But, I digress. Basically, I’ve decided to give up tumblr until I am actually done writing this original novel I’m supposed to be writing. Because tumblr takes up way too much time and just gives me too much Teen Wolf input into my brain. I keep seeing great gifsets of sterek or sciles and then interesting posts about stiles character development and all my creative energy just swings in that direction and suddenly I am planning out fic in my head instead of writing. It’s AWESOME, but not what I need right now.

(Also, not even just teen wolf. Yesterday I started writing a stucky fic? I’ve never even written that before??)

I will still be on to post the SASO Character Sheets as we finish them and when I’m logged in to do that, I will answer any asks/messages that I have but if I don’t get back to you right away, that’s why. Also the queue is set-up so the blog won’t be 100% dead. But in general, I’m disappearing for a bit!

Though, I should note that I do tend to have the self control of a small sea creature, so if you catch me on here reblogging or liking your posts- PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND YELL AT ME!

I love you all and shall miss you and I should be back in full in two weeks (you can write a novel in two weeks, right?)