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  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!

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#jensen in nashville #chanelling his inner indiana jones #our harrison ford #i'm so down for that #sexy bastard #but damn jensen #DAMN #indiana jones feelings are strong here KAYTE! I am so down for this. That is my dream casting for the remake. It needs to happen!

Holy crap girl! YES, this is a mighty need! Now more than ever after I googled when I saw your ask, and I’m SO with you 100%! Where do we sign up to try and make this happen?? Sure Chris Pratt is a sexy mother.. but Jensen.. come on! Jensen! He’d be too god damn perfect, I mean Jones is just Dean adjacent right??…

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Is it too bold to say Supernaturals primed him for this…? Raiders for gods sake with the Nazi’s and the ark of covenant, old artifacts, being an archaeologist, the desert scene with hello! ghosts! (If anyone else is reading this, please watch these if you haven’t, they are all so SO good. Harrison Ford is a babe too so… you’re welcome!) 

OMFG, MIMI, and Professor Jones!! The closest thing we’d get to a real Professor Winchester! 

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Ok, and JENSEN’S THE EXACT AGE HARRISON FORD WAS WHEN HE DID THIS MOVIE. Right the second, yeah, but it’s not far off… and 2019 is seriously do-able! Right?

Aaannnnddd now I can’t stop thinking about this LOL Last one because damn this is getting long, and I could keep going

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WAIT, holy shit the whip!… ugh mother father… never forget those skills *this is too good* 

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Yah, NEED girl. Where do we start here?

@harmonization: random prompt: magnus completely envelops alec in his huge af arms and alec feels really safe being pressed into those broad shoulders 👀

alec had told himself, emphatically, that tonight he as going to make it until magnus was ready for bed. no matter what he told himself, he was going to stay awake. he’d peel his eyes open, he’d drink coffee until he was buzzing, he didn’t care he just knew that tonight, he was going to stay up with magnus until magnus was done with all of his work and then they’d go to bed together.

however that had been 7 hours ago when they were eating dinner and now, alec was really starting to regret that. in fact he regretted it deeply. even now when magnus was literally finishing putting books away, alec could feel himself drifting, leaning against the archway of the study, his head sliding down the edge of the door, his mind hazy with the fog of sleep. he just got to a comfortable position when he slipped and jolted, shocking himself awake by almost falling to the floor. he blinked as he tried to refocus.

and when he did, magnus was staring at him, his big shoulders backlit by the warm light of all of the lamps, looking warm and formidable even with such a soft smile on his face. alec cleared his throat, blinking again, slower. he felt like he was dripping down the side of the door, felt like he was so god damn close to sleep. he couldn’t remember where exhaustion ended and he begin.

he wanted to say something, ask magnus why he was staring or what he was thinking or why he looked so god damn warm all the time. but magnus didn’t give him a moment to do that. the space between them melted away and before alec knew what was happening magnus’s warm hands were on him, tugging him closer, his arms wrapping tight around alec, pressing him to his chest. and god how alec sagged, how he went molten, leaning his weight against magnus as his arms came up to wrap loosely around his waist.

it wasn’t just that magnus looked warm, it was that he was warm. he was like the full heat of a fire, like red hot embers and so solid, the warmth of his arms enveloping alec as he sunk into him, dropping his head down to press it deep into his shoulder. alec lost himself in that feeling, breathing magnus in deep and slow, his fingers spreading to cover the width of his lower back.

“let’s get you to bed, alexander.” and alec felt each word, more than he heard it.

i want lena and kara ruining cadmus’ plans without even realizing

alana-the evil, subpar assistant, the not jess assistant thank you very much- delivers a small, tiny bomb through lena’s mail?

(not enough to kill. lena always manages to scrape by. her mother needs her.

sometimes lena wonders if this is the first time lillian has ever wanted her, only because she’s useful to her now.)

it explodes. right on time.

except lena’s not there.

“what do you mean she wasn’t there?”

“i don’t know, she just slipped out. . oh. she left a note for me.” 

“what is it?”

“ma’am, there’s . .hearts? on it? she wrote she was going to catco.”

“hearts? what does that even mean? is it some type of code?”

“i mean, she has been reading more magazines lately. i didn’t realize she liked it that much”

and it just keeps happening. they want to keep it quiet, minimal damages.

can’t send in a hitman while kara’s sprawled out on the couch. can’t when they walk out together late at night. every attempt at lena’s office fails because lena keeps disappearing off to catco. they try at lena’s apartment, the bombs rigged to go off when the door opens.

except, they never do. even though the lights are on and there’s laughter and music, and clearly lena got in somehow but didn’t? use the door?

“there’s another note.” a pause.” it’s from the reporter this time. ms.luthor, there’s hearts on this one too with dinner plans.”

“dammit, they are talking in codes.” 

it’s a week later when lillian gets another call, alana’s breath harsh and choppy. “ma’am . . it’s kombucha

“oh god”

  • Sakura: Sarada, how was school today?
  • Sarada: Terrible. Inojin, that idiot, tried to kiss me. I kicked him between the legs for that.
  • Ino: Oh you shouldn't have sweetie, he's gonna need those parts later.
  • Sarada: Aunt Ino, you are here? (turns and notices her mom slipping a bill under the table) What are you guys doing?
  • Sakura: Just drinking tea and gossiping, we haven't chatted in a while-
  • Sarada: No, I mean, the thing you did under the table... Mama, are you betting on my lovelife again?
  • Sakura: Honey, let me explain...
  • Ino: Don't blame us, sweetie, your mama trained under the greatest gambler after all.
  • Sarada: Urgh, I can't believe you, mama! I'm going to train with papa this evening because at least he doesn't gamble on my life choices.
  • -same time, different location-
  • Naruto: Soo... Boruto said Sarada let him borrow her notes today. Pay up, moron.
  • Sasuke: Tch, that son of a bitch.
  • Naruto: Sasuke, language!
  • Sasuke: Sorry.
  • Naruto: ... (waiting for his money)
  • Sasuke: (whispers) That son of an idiot.
  • Naruto: ... Okay I heard that!

because winter dream is being released in 12 hours and why not have more binu, 4stro and magic 

  • cha eunwoo absolutely hates noisy and messy people 
  • when i say noisy and messy i rly mean mj and sanha 
  • and by hate i rly mean they’re his best friends 
  • and by best friends i rly mean mj and sanha found him the very first day on platform 9 and ¾ with the most confused and terrified expression on his tiny face & had to lead him by hand to the hogwarts express 
  • they still laugh about that
  • they also fed him chocolate frogs and laughed when he felt them jumping in his mouth and screamed because they’re terrible friends like that
  • and so here begins cha eunwoo’s journey into the world of magic 
  • shit i don’t know how to put this all under a read more i’m so sorry for those who have to scroll through this i don’t know if this works

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Savan is a grown man who, years after the fact, should be able to articulate what he means and that he was burned by his and Louis’ creative differences and that it cost him a job. Obviously if that’s his experience he can say it and acknowledge that he underestimated them at the time…nobody is mad at him for that part.

The problem is that the insults he used were very much in the present - just to use one, “He’s not the talented one”…hello??? That’s not an opinion that’s a fucking insult.

That’s gross, that’s unnecessary, he could have made his point 100 times over without that language and I’m not going to coddle a grown industry veteran because he’s still so butthurt 6 years later that he needs to insult Louis to make his point.

I don’t get why this is up for debate lmao?? Why should I accept what Savan had to say given the words he used to say it.


their initials spell bra for a reason. and now they’re all wearing one

aka i can’t draw dear god why did i try this what the fuck happened with reiner i have no idea what a lacy bra looks like and i’m scared to find out. 

also who knows where they got those bras i don’t think any of the girls would have ones like those because they need that proper boob support when they’re exercising all day.

[source of this shitty idea]

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Harry Potter grew up in Middle Class England in the 1980s and didn't know the concept of racism until he was 12, so while I'm fine with race flips, Harry Potter just really has to be white. Same goes for Hermione tbh despite what JK says because she lived in upper class areas of London.

i love how this always happens whenever anyone dares suggesting that a fantasy series needs more POC - hippogriffs, dragons and dementors are fine but GOD IS THIS A BROWN PERSON THAT’S SO UNREALISTIC OMG

Imagine Grunt visiting Miranda’s office in the Normandy SR-2. It’s been weeks since he’s been officially named Urdnot. He’s familiar to Miranda but it’s not like they really know each other. So the fact that he is there, it’s kinda weird.
And the first question out of his mouth? Weirder.
“You’re a clone too, right?”
She doesn’t hesitate. “Yes,” she replies. “I am.”
He nods but stays silent after that, only he’s not moving. He’s still right in front of her desk like he’s waiting for something. She’s starting to feel unsettled.  
“Do you have something to say? Otherwise I’m pretty busy.”
That’s when he asks the question.
“What is it like not having a mother?”
Being asked this is like getting punched. It also takes her by surprise because 1. He should know, 2. The thought never really crossed her mind. Not like this.
“Lots of people don’t have a mother. Sometimes they have two dads. It’s not a bad thing,” she replies.
“Never said it was bad,” Grunt says. “But what is it like?”
She stares at him, unsure. “If you have questions about your identity and origins, wouldn’t it be better to talk to Shepard?”
“I want to talk to you,” he replies.
“I wasn’t bred in a tank.”
He shrugs. “You still understand stuff.”
So she thinks about it and finds the answer is just… obvious. “It feels terrible when you only have one parent, someone who is supposed to love you and protect you… And they…”
She pauses and clears her throat. Not they. Him. Her father. “He doesn’t.”
She thinks Grunt might not get it but she’s clearly underestimating him.
“A bad dad,” he replies almost immediately.
“Like Okeer?”
At first she thinks he’s asking her but soon realizes he’s just thinking out loud. She stays silent.
“Okay,” he says after a few seconds. “I have a bad dad but a krantt is better.”
“A what?”
She knows what he means. She stills asks anyway.
“They’re allies,” he replies. “People you can trust. They’ll kill to protect you. I have one. Do you?”
She thinks about it. Thinks about Oriana’s messages to her and how protective her little sister is of her already. She thinks about Jacob supporting her and always being there when she needs someone to talk to.  
She thinks about Shepard telling her she’s great, not because her father made her this way but because of who she is and the choices she’s made.
It’s a minute later. Grunt is still standing in front of her. He’s waiting for her answer.
“Yes. I have a krantt.”
It’s not that surprising but it’s nice to say it out loud.
“Good,” he says.
“Good,” she repeats.

  • me, at least once a day for the past five years: thinks about how hard eugene fought to get to bill after he got hit on Okinawa and how it took Hamm and snafu to keep eugene pinned down so he couldn't go check on bill and how little attention they seem to get on the regular in this fandom even tho it's clearly such an important friendship...

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Sorry, but all my weird headcanons revolve around Finstock. So Stiles is looking through this book called Encyclopedia of Gods. He comes across a picture of what he thinks is Coach Finstock. It couldn't be though, right? But it's so eerily similar. He decides to show it to Coach. Coach looks at the picture, snort-laughs and says, "Bilinski, no one has prayed to me for hundreds of years. I'm the God of beekeeping & featherwork. Do you have a need for those?" Stiles just backs away slowly.

I love it! 

And years later of course when everything has calmed down and Beacon Hills is actually stable and safe again, Stiles decides that he’s going to start making and selling honey. 

“What the hell?” Derek asks. “Do you even know the first thing about bees?” 

“No,” Stiles admits, “but trust me, I know the perfect business partner!” 

Finlinksi Honey makes them obscenely rich because for reasons that nobody can figure out, it’s just better than regular honey. 


Since no one in the Furi tag has done this already, I took it upon myself to unlock the Furier Mode concept art by S-Ranking all of the bosses. I didn’t include The Star because of spoiler reasons. But don’t worry. I S-Ranked her as well :V I’m considering unlocking the Furi Mode concept art later since Takashi Okazaki’s pencil work is too amazing for mere words.

So for all the fellow artists in need of references for their favorite bosses.

this is a really short drabble dedicated to my parents @luthoring @karadabvers


“I don’t understand men.” Lena paused before looking over at her girlfriend. Kara had dropped by to pick up Lena, but she had been finishing up a finance report, so Kara was lying on the couch and looking at the ceiling while she waited. Lena put the end of her pen between her teeth as she thought over whether she wanted to further question the statement. She decided to humor Kara.

“I agree, but elaborate please.” Kara sighed and rolled over to look at Lena. Her brow was furrowed in confusion. Lena raised her eyebrow, still waiting on a response.

“I just… Mon-El won’t ever shut up. He’s so jealous. I’ve considered putting him in a lead box so I never have to look at him again. James keeps telling me how big of a mistake it is to date a Luthor; you know that doesn’t matter to me though because I love you no matter what your last name is. Also, Winn is always complaining that now that you’re my partner at game night he doesn’t have one.”

Lena thought about the three men for a moment. It made her grateful she was gay. She shrugged and said, “Maybe they’re sick and tired of scrolling through said titfits from womenchildren who need to go outside and touch grass immediately.”

fuck I really love Arkos

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SO I HAD A THOUGHT AND IM GIVING IT TO YOU BECAUSE YOURE THE BEST!!! So any soulmate au where once the youngest one turns 18 you find out who the other is OK SO the day before his, Enjolras decides he doesn't want his life dictated by pre-determined rules, so he impulsively marries his boyfriend, Grantaire. As soon as they wake up the next morning, they see that [enter whatever soulmate au: tattoos, quotes, whatever] matches.

[Shhh, you’ll make me blush. I’ve never written a soulmark au! Here it goes:]

“Are you really sure about this?” Jehan asks doubtfully.

Yes,” Enjolras says firmly.

“Believe me, Jehan,” Combeferre says with a slight grimace. “This is already the toned down version of this plan.”

“He wanted to get married, today,” Grantaire says, grinning lovingly at his obstinate boyfriend.

“Isn’t there a two week waiting period after you register a marriage?” Jehan frowns.

“Yes, yes there is,” Combeferre says. “And with good reason.” That earns him a scoff from Enjolras.

“So tattoos it is,” Grantaire grins widely.

“Alright,” Jehan laughs. “I do think it’s super sweet.”

Enjolras gives them an enquiring look. “You don’t approve though,” he says. He doesn’t sound accusing or resentful, he’s just asking.

Jehan hums vaguely, putting the appropriate paperwork down in front of their friends. “I have good reason to be fond of soulmarks,” they say and their hand absentmindedly passes across their heart. Just above the low collar of their shirt the top of the letter M is visible. “But you guys were obviously meant to be together.” They smile. “And chosen soulmarks… That’s just too romantic for me to object to. I love it.”

Enjolras looks content and Grantaire grins. They sign the paperwork and hand it back to Jehan.

“Right!” Jehan beams. “Let’s get you ready for some ink then.”

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  • Lance: I'm not needed in Voltron..
  • Keith: things will work themselves out.
  • *later*
  • Keith: shiro you go on this mission
  • Shiro: why? Don't you want to go?
  • Keith: oh, you know, you haven't gotten to do anything in awhile.....

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I really really hate it when people make a mess/ throw up in the bathroom and don't tell someone. Like I'm not going to be mad at you I promise, but I need to know so I can clean it up so I don't get bitched at by other customers! This mom and her son came rushing out of the men's bathroom one day and when I went to clean it a half hour later, I found out her son had thrown up all over/next to the toilet. I know it was him because he had chicken noodle soup haha. Please please just tell me!

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Why did Howland Reed allow both Meera and Jojen to go off to find Bran? Judging from Jojen's visions they knew it would be dangerous, so why would Howland risk losing both his children.

It wasn’t dangerous for Meera and Jojen to go find Bran? He was at Winterfell, the walled heart of the north, surrounded by all the House Stark servants and guards, and at the harvest feast with dozens of other lords of the north and all their men. 

Maester Luwin crouched beside Bran’s seat to whisper counsel in his ear. “You must greet these ones warmly. I had not thought to see them here, but… you know who they are?”
Bran nodded. “Crannogmen. From the Neck.”
“Howland Reed was a great friend to your father,” Ser Rodrik told him. “These two are his, it would seem.”
[…] They went to one knee before the dais.
“My lords of Stark,” the girl said. “The years have passed in their hundreds and their thousands since my folk first swore their fealty to the King in the North. My lord father has sent us here to say the words again, for all our people.”
She is looking at me, Bran realized. He had to make some answer. “My brother Robb is fighting in the south,” he said, “but you can say your words to me, if you like.”
“To Winterfell we pledge the faith of Greywater,” they said together. “Hearth and heart and harvest we yield up to you, my lord. Our swords and spears and arrows are yours to command. Grant mercy to our weak, help to our helpless, and justice to all, and we shall never fail you.”
“I swear it by earth and water,” said the boy in green.
“I swear it by bronze and iron,” his sister said.
“We swear it by ice and fire,” they finished together.


Now, besides swearing fealty to House Stark once again, Meera and Jojen did have a secret purpose. Jojen had been dreaming of a winged wolf bound in chains, dreams the three-eyed crow had sent him.

You are the winged wolf, Bran,” said Jojen. “I wasn’t sure when we first came, but now I am. The crow sent us here to break your chains.”
“Is the crow at Greywater?”
“No. The crow is in the north.”
“At the Wall?” Bran had always wanted to see the Wall. His bastard brother Jon was there now, a man of the Night’s Watch.
“Beyond the Wall.” Meera Reed hung the net from her belt. “When Jojen told our lord father what he’d dreamed, he sent us to Winterfell.”

–ACOK, Bran IV

However, what was dangerous was for Meera and Jojen to remain in Winterfell. For Jojen had also dreamed…

Sitting cross-legged under the weirwood, Jojen Reed regarded him solemnly. “It would be good if you left Winterfell, Bran.”
“It would?”
“Yes. And sooner rather than later.”

–ACOK, Bran IV

“Tell me the bad thing you dreamed,” Bran said. “The bad thing that is coming to Winterfell.”
“Does my lord prince believe me now? Will he trust my words, no matter how queer they sound in his ears?”
Bran nodded.
“It is the sea that comes. […] I saw black waves crashing against the gates and towers, and then the salt water came flowing over the walls and filled the castle. Drowned men were floating in the yard.”
“Did you see me in a green dream?” he asked Jojen nervously. “Was I drowned?”
“Not drowned.” Jojen spoke as if every word pained him. “I dreamed of the man who came today, the one they call Reek. You and your brother lay dead at his feet, and he was skinning off your faces with a long red blade.”

–ACOK, Bran V

So, Jojen told his father that something terrible was coming to Winterfell (and note he saw no danger to himself or his sister in that dream), and that the Stark boys would be murdered… and what he needed to do to save them was to free the winged wolf, the new greenseer, and take him to the three-eyed crow. And Howland Reed heard these dreams related by his son, and he sent his children to Winterfell, no question. “We pledge the faith of Greywater… we shall never fail you.” That is the promise, that is the devotion House Reed owes House Stark.

Some things are more important than anything else… and if anyone knows the importance of a greenseer when winter is coming, it’s the crannogmen, it’s Howland Reed, who visited the Isle of Faces and met with the green men, who stayed there learning from them for a whole winter. It’s Howland Reed, who owed gratitude to the she-wolf who saved him from humiliation, to the weirwood knight who fought for his honor. It’s Howland Reed, who saved Ned Stark’s life at the Tower of Joy, who found him later holding Lyanna’s body and took her hand from his. It’s Howland Reed, with a need to protect his dearest friend’s family even after Ned was dead. “We swear it by ice and fire.”