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Why no emotions?
             Because it hurts.

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D or V? tentoo and rose (:

D. Subtle kindnesses.

I wrote this on my phone on the airplane today (and edited it later), so I’m surprised anything coherent resulted. Usually I’m not really able to do a whole lot while flying due to motion sickness, but I was able to pull myself together to write this. ;) (And that was after a miserable descent into ATL – I was sweating, trying to keep myself from losing it….fun times…) I hope you like it. :)


Everything I Need Is Right Here

Rose walked down the aisle of the zeppelin, chewing her lip anxiously as thoughts flitted chaotically around her mind. Although the last forty-eight hours hadn’t gone as planned (and really, when did they ever when the Doctor was involved), she’d finally, finally found her Doctor, and now? Now there were two of them, an impossibility she’d never imagined.

One of those Doctors currently sat three rows down from where she’d stubbornly sat next to Jackie after boarding the aircraft. This Doctor, the one they hadn’t expected, was here in this universe with her. “One heart, one life, same memories, same everything,” they’d said, as if that made it any easier. And the Doctor she’d repeatedly thrown herself across the walls of the universe for was gone without even a goodbye and had left nothing in his wake but the shifting imprint of the TARDIS in the sand.

She stopped and looked at Jackie dozing to her right before a movement from the Doctor shifted her gaze in his direction. He reached up and pulled at his hair, a telltale sign of anxiousness and discomfort. Rose’s heart sank when she realized she’d barely looked at him since the beach, since dropping his hand and running after the TARDIS, and she knew he probably felt just as rejected and conflicted about the situation as she did.

Walking the last few steps to the Doctor’s row of seats, she slipped into the seat next to him and gave him a hesitant smile before threading her fingers through his and giving his hand a tight squeeze. “Hello,” she said.

His tense posture immediately relaxed at her touch, and he mirrored her smile before replying. “Hello.”

They stared at each other a moment before Rose continued. “Look, Doctor, we need to talk, about everything, yeah? But not right now. Everything’s really confusing and not what I expected or wanted, really.” Rose refused to let his hand go when he tried to pull away at her words. “But what I do know is that the daft alien I’ve missed, the hand I reached for over and over again but never found the last four years, is right here, and I’m not gonna let the things I don’t know or understand keep me away anymore. Okay?”

The Doctor squeezed her hand in response and whispered, so softly she almost didn’t hear it, “Thank you.”