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Cops&Criminals AU prompts
  • Disclaimer: All of these are mine, free for grabs. I just want to know if you write them because I want to read them. Some are darker, some are crack material. Enjoy!
  • 1: You’re holding me in a chokehold and there’s a gun pressed against my temple, I shouldn’t feel the way I’m feeling about it, but I can’t help it, fuck.
  • 2: I came to make a deal with some shady gang and there you are, tied up and bruised, great, now I have to make the deal about you so that I can get you out of there.
  • 3: You turned me in to the police and I’m going to jail, but you keep saying it was for my own good, are you fucking serious? Also why can’t I hate you?
  • 4: My boss ordered me to drive you to the desert and kill you there, god damn it stop crying there, it’s so pathetic, no, I’m not letting you go, are you mad, oh god, stop, it’s starting to get on my nerves and… am I starting to feel sorry for you?
  • 5: My boss ordered me to drive you to the desert and kill you there, but you have no idea and keep talking about our future, please stop, I can’t take it.
  • 6: I’m a priest and you’re that one guy who comes to confess his crimes every week, son, could you go to the police already, I’ve had enough of hearing about murders, also, stop saying how much you love my voice, okay, it makes me really uncomfortable.
  • 7: We’re holding you captive and I’m supposed to feed you, I swear if you try to bite me again, I’ll punch you in the face.
  • 8: We’re holding you captive and I take care of you, I had to leave, now I’ve come back and you’re not in the state I left you in, what the hell have they done to you?
  • 9: I’m a hooker and you are a cop, you gave me your number like a year ago during some investigation in this area and sorry, I know it’s 2 am but I’m in real trouble and could you please come and save me?
  • 10: I’ve kidnapped you and I’m trying to film a very menacing video of me asking for ransom but you keep giggling and apparently I’ll have to gag you, you stupid idiot.
  • 11: My partners in crime finally decided to kill you, but after the weeks of holding you captive I grew kinda fond of you. I was trying to keep cool, but when they held the gun to your head, you looked at me and whispered you weren’t afraid, and I lost my shit.
  • 12: I’m a cop, we found you in the dark alley during my patrol and I thought you were dead, but then you grabbed my hand, what the fuck, you scared the hell out of me.
  • 13: We’re held hostage together and you keep coming up with crazy plans to escape, just shut up, you’re delusional and it annoys me.
  • 14: Hi, I’m your cellmate, welcome to hell. Oh… damn, shouldn’t you be like in juvenile, you’re a fucking baby, are you alright, do you want me to hold you?
  • 15: I’m on the run, jumped into your car, aimed a gun at you and yelled at you to drive but oh my god, you’re like the worst driver in the world, I’m fucked.
  • 16: I’m at Starbucks ordering coffee late at night, you’re the barista and why the hell are you staring at me like that, oh shit, I didn’t notice I had blood on my clothes.
  • 17: I accidentally witnessed your kidnapping, now I’m no hero but hold on tight, I’m still coming to the rescue.
  • 18: We’re holding you captive but you got really sick, hell we need you alive, you can’t die on us, what’s wrong with you, is it pneumonia or what, what am I supposed to do, will some Advil do or do I need to rob a pharmacy now?
  • 19: I’m a cop, you’re resisting arrest and now I’m practically sitting on you trying to handcuff you and… are you actually laughing?
  • 20: Listen, I’d be okay with you breaking in my apartment and stealing my things, but you managed to kill my hamster in the process, now I’m coming for you, you bastard, do you hear me?

lunenn  asked:

I'm not sure if you're taking prompts but what if Scully gave up William with a photo of them together? T.T you would write that so well!

I’m always beside myself with joy when I get prompts. So yes, I take them :D Thank you so, so much for this one. It might not be what you probably wanted, but I hope you like it anyway. 

“It’s you.”

Dana Scully has imagined this moment a million times: meeting her son. She has imagined it even before she gave him up. Before she gave up. Find me, she had pleaded silently with the boy, whose curious eyes were a mirror of her own. Instead he had thrown her a toothless grin, kicked his tiny feet at her, and grabbed for her hair. Her son, then, was not a mind-reader. There was nothing special about him except that he was her son, her own flesh and blood, conceived against all odds; a miracle in its purest form.

She has imagined this. She has dreamed about it when he was two years old and young enough to forgive her. She has imagined it when he was six years old and melancholy propelled her thoughts forward; guilt and a sense of having done right by him preventing her from doing the unthinkable. She’s craved it when he was 12 years old and nothing made sense anymore. Her reasons for giving him up nothing more than smoky clouds, burnt ashes in their enemy’s ashtray. This, now, is not how she imagined it.

“It’s you.” The boy with the same curious eyes repeats. His voice wavers now, for a short moment, as if uncertain. He cannot know her, Scully thinks. There is no reason, no logic in it, and she can’t find the words to tell him this or anything else. His lips pout in the same way his father’s do. His eyebrows furrow in the same way hers do, she has to admit. It’s logical that she recognizes him; his features are her own, are Mulder’s. The boy, without taking his eyes off her, hunts through his pockets and produces a crumpled up, slightly torn piece of paper. He unfolds it, carefully, and Scully gasps. It’s not a piece of paper; it’s a photograph.

“That’s you.” William smiles at her, softly.

“It’s me.” Scully croaks out as she instinctively reaches out for the picture. She had put the picture inside his small bag back then without thinking about it. She figured his new mother would tear it up, throw it away. Scully, even then, knew that sending the photo of her holding a tiny William with him was a risk. A risk, however, that she just had to take. She had wanted his new mother to know, to see, that she, too, had loved William. Never had she dared to hope that William would even see it.

“Hi,” her son, who is already taller than her, surprises her again by reaching out his hand, “it’s nice to finally meet you.” Scully’s hand hovers for a moment before the boy grabs it, shakes it heartily. His smile turns into a full blown grin. Mulder. It’s Mulder written all over his face and reminding her, bitterly, why she’s here. Why she broke the promise she made to herself, to this child, to stay away from him.

“William,” his name feels strange on her tongue; usually she thinks it, mumbles it in her sleep, and when she uses it, it’s not to address him. He eyes her, ever curious, and waits. He knows. He can’t possibly know or understand, and yet he does. “I’m here because… I didn’t want to disturb – to change,” Scully sighs; angry at herself for being here, for not finding the words. She’s furious that this child, her baby, is a stranger. A stranger who shares her blood and who is her only chance to save Mulder.

“You need my help, don’t you? Is it because,” this time he pauses, looks at the faded picture of himself and a mother he never knew. Scully wonders what he sees, what he feels, when he looks at it,“ my father. Is it because of him? He’s not in this picture.” William holds it up as if she didn’t know. She had her mother take that photograph so she could send it to Mulder. Except he didn’t have an address. She decided to keep it until he came home. He just never did.

“Yes, he's… he’s very sick. I- where are your parents? I need to-”

“There is no one.” William tells her evenly. She stares at him. At this boy, who clutches a picture she gave him once, a lifetime ago.

“What do you mean there is no one? Where are your parents?” She hates this word, she realizes, as her eyes find the picture in his hand again.

“My parents… got divorced when I was young. Father died a few years after that. My mother… she wasn’t well,” he pauses and shuffles his feet, “my aunt and I decided to put her in a nursing home.”

“You- you’re all on your own out here?” William nods as if it’s nothing. It’s his reality and the only thing he knows.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy,” he chuckles, running a hand through his auburn hair before he glances at her, “but I knew you’d come back one day. I just knew it. You could say I had a hunch.” Shivers run down Scully’s arms, down her back. She can see Mulder grin; wants to introduce him to their son, who is so much like him, full of hope and ideas.

“I don’t think you’re crazy,” she breathes out and William grants her another smile that lights up his whole face. She hopes he’ll never stop. She doesn’t deserve this, she thinks, but she doesn’t want it to end. “I know someone who… who is just like that. Like you.” She finds herself smiling at the boy; her boy. “I’d love for you to meet him.”

“Then let’s go- you never even told me your name.”

“Dana. Dana Scully.” She thinks how strange it is to introduce herself to her son, but he nods at her. He lifts the picture and examines it closely; his eyes drifting from the frozen image of them and the real her in front of him. He mouths her name, trying it out, before he nods again.

“Let’s go, Dana.” He says, closing the door behind him and walking towards her.

“You don’t need to pack anything? Tell anyone? Your aunt? I understand if you want to see your mother, William. If you want to see her. I don’t know when we’ll be back. We have… time.” They don’t, really.

“I have everything I need right here with me.” William assures her, putting the picture back into his pocket. Then he stops suddenly, his eyes dark, his brows furrowed.

“What is it? Did you forget anything?”

“No, I… are we going on a plane?” Scully nods carefully.

“I’ve never… I mean once. I’ve flown once or maybe twice. It kind of scares me,” Scully is trying to come up with something. Assure him that flying is, statistically speaking, the safest form of travel. She could explain just how flying works. Before she can say another word, though, William starts speaking again,

“Could I… on the plane… could I hold your hand maybe?” He blushes a deep red.

“Oh! Of course,” Scully assures him with a nervous laugh, “Of course, you can William.” And his whole, lanky body relaxes.

“Why don’t we… practice?” Scully says, blushing herself now; this is another risk she is taking. Like the picture she left with him all these years ago. It might not turn out the way she wants it to. But she has to try. She just has to. She reaches out her hand to him, leaves the decision to him. He stays quiet this time and she is ready to take it back, to just go on with him in tow, without touching him. But William takes her hand and together they walk towards her car.

This is not how she imagined it. It’s not at all like the dreams she’s had.

But this time it’s real.

laure-demontety  asked:

Heyyyyyyy! Monthly fic rec please for those who wants to read in August.

Awww. Thanks for asking. I’ve been reading a lot of fanfics that leave me in awe. Some of them get lost in my messy blog. I can’t find them by the tags for some crazy reason. Tumblr sucks. I’m sure I’ll forget to mention some of my favorite writers. Please, forgive me. ^^

First of all, your own fic, my lady. Sweet Torture. A fierce woman from a far away land is torturing Ivar with the promise of pleasure. He thinks he is her master, little he knows that the more he wants to control her, the more he is in her hands. We are tortured with him durind the reading. Hahahaha.

The last Friday Heathen Game was crazy and the talented sisters nailed it. Beware that those fics have warning about stalker, kidnapper and serial killer Ivar. So far, I haven’t read any fic praising or romanticizing this topic. What makes me glad.

@captainpoopweinersoldierwrote an amazing piece in which you can feel like you are inside Ivar’s mind. It’s called Give You Everything.

Summary: Ivar is your ex-boyfriend, and he will do anything to get you back. When the sister says anything, she really means anything.

@ivartheheathen wrote a sequence of her stalker fic with Ivar as well. It’s hot and twisted. You were warned. Hahahaha. It’s Stalker.

Summary: Ivar’s brothers use to tell him that he needs a hobby. But he does have a hobby, his favorite activity: to watch you.

@synnersaint wrote for the first time and my baby nailed it. Decide is an amazing piece. Thrilling and you can feel like you are living the terror with the poor girl. I can’t wait for more.

Play Along by @brightlycoloredteacups is fantastic. But, I couldn’t find the link on AO3. The link is from her blog, but she has an account on AO3. Her series Nothing But Love is cuteness overload.

Ivar stares at the glossy pictures in front of him. He’s trying to gather courage for tonight, and looking at your beautiful, smiling face gives him that courage. There are many pictures of you in the binder. He has them categorized by type, then by date. Of course, he has his favorites that he wants to put at the very front, but he must have order too.

Those are all the fics from the Friday Heathen Games I could find the links. Unfortunately I’m having problems to find things on my blog. Now other fics I’m reading.

@that-was-not-supposed-to-happen. Follow her. She writes amazing pieces, not only about Ivar and from smut to fluff topics. Not to mention her pretty moodboards as well. 

@sereniti9. She is a poet. Follow her. Kind, smart and talented sister.

@ivartheboneme. This sister is one of the worse, hahahaha. She will make you sin with Ivar or/and Tom Hiddleston. Don’t let her kindness fool you, she is evil. That’s why I love her. Efterfest and Oral assignment are my faves.

@lordavanti is an incredible writer and her account on AO3 is here. But her piece Imagine Your Wedding Night With Ivar was so cute and it’s my favorite from her.

@ivarsvalkyrie wrote Trooper. Ivar as a gentle cop, with a hidden side (spoiler alert is from my mind. Hahahaha).

Keep Your Silence from @captainpoopweinersoldier​. She is here again. What can I say? The girl is gifted.

Summary: After his father’s death, Ivar finally returns to University in need of a tutor. Skeptical, and a little wary of the rumors surrounding the Lothbrok Family’s notorious connection to the Mob, Lisbet reluctantly accepts the position.

Leif Ivarsson from @bonniebird. Ivar is having problems to accept he is going to be a father.

Control by @mizzvengenz6661. It’s an intriguing story in a modern AU. Ivar and Alex share the same body and woman. It’s great and the latest chapter was surprising. ^^

The Saga of The Slave Queen from my Aussie baby girl @burntmythroatskullingmytea. Ethna is a strong Irish girl who is taken as captive.

Feed You The Sky by @pokeasleepingsmaug and @shesafreesoul. Kára is a fierce viking woman who wants what it’s hers by right. But she will find much more when she challenges Ivar to a single combat.

Turn The Tide by @anniemar. Summary: A new young seer in Kattegat conspires with Lagertha to ensure that the queen will not be “killed by a son of Ragnar” as it had been prophesied. In the process, Ivar gets an education of sorts, before he goes off to become myth and legend. And the seer must decide if she wants to become a part of his story.

Sig is a fascinating character. I love her.

The Cripple and The Hellcat by my cupcake @underthenorthstar. Summary: Ivar wants glory. Ivar wants fame. Ivar wants revenge. But, he also wants love. He’s pretty messed up. But then again, she is too. (In which Ivar secretly longs for love, meets the girl of his literal dreams, and finds himself on a path he never thought he would travel.)

@inthenameofodin wrote a multichapter called This Ends Tonight that is a slow burn. Great work. Her Masterlist is here.

@pagan-raider writes amazingly well. Her masterlist is here.

The queen of sin @cherrytrinkets can be cute too. Her piece Little Legs made me cry. It’s a must read.

Last but never the least. My queen @whenimaunicorn​. The one who keeps me awake reading, fangirling and writing endless comments. ^^

Ride The Storm, Snowed In With The Ragnarssons, This Is How A Sin Begins… Everything she writes is a masterpiece. Warning: Extra panties. Hahahaha. Her AO3 account here.

From Rolisla fandom we have @ourashesofroses. She is a sweet baby. Be kind and praise her because she is a talented and kind girl. Her fanfic is gold.

@zoesongs is incredible too. One day she will be a published author for sure. Her The Princess and The Bear is one of my favorite Rolisla fic. She wrote some  pieces about GOT too. My favorites are Her Hand, in which Sansa explains why she doesn’t want to marry, and Reunion for Sansan shippers.

Another Rolisla writer is @seersaw. Nightfall is incredible. Summary: Slight AU. Rollo doesn’t speak up when the Cardinal comes and Gisla is being as stubborn as ever. In order to save all he has worked for Rollo must win over the heart of the stubborn princess using every trick he knows. A story inspired by the myth of Psyche and Eros.

The Things That Bind Us is so sweet too. It’s an AU, in which Gisla is taken to Kattegat.

anonymous asked:

for your autistic Spidey and schizo Deadpool one shots can you do one where Spidey has a panic attack in front of the avengers??? if you want to of course. Also I'm autistic and you don't find a lot of accurate autistic representation especially in fanfiction and I love the way you write Peter :))))

[Thank you, new nonnie! I assume by your comments anyway that you’re a new nonnie ;) It took me awhile to get around to it, but here it is. Not quite what you asked for I think but hopefully just as good!]

“Well, that went pretty well I’d say. Wouldn’t everyone agree?” Iron Man asks. The question is barely out of his mouth before Spider-Man sprints past him, faster than any normal twenty-or-so-year-old ever could, fast enough for Tony with his helmet face open and newly shrunk-back-down-to-human-size Bruce to feel the wind chill against their faces as he passes them.

“Not everyone,” Bruce mutters, glancing down to readjust his specially designed shorts to make sure they don’t fall down.

“Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that part,” Tony says, unable to look away now that he’s been reminded because really, how often do you see something like that? That being Deadpool, currently impaled on a giant metal shard from the ship that exploded and fell out of the sky in pieces mere minutes ago.

(“Another alien invasion? Seriously?” Tony had griped to no one in particular as they all hurriedly geared up less than an hour ago. “We fought one last week. At this point I’d happily fight off a zombie horde instead even if it is another cliché.”

“Do not even joke about that,” Deadpool had said, he and Spidey already suited up as usual and just waiting for the others to catch up so they can all pile onto the Quinjet together. “You do not want to see what a world of flesh-eating us types looks like, trust me.”

“Yikes,” Spider-Man responded, appearing to give that some serious thought. “A bunch of supers infected with our very own homegrown T-virus? Now that would be scary.”

“You can relax though, baby boy,” Deadpool had reassured. “If I manage somehow to stay uninfected this time around, you can just lop off my limbs and eat those all day every day instead of having to worry about hunting down poor hapless humans.”


“Ugh, get a room, you two,” Tony had told them. “After you help us put these baddies down, I mean.” He didn’t even want to know what Wilson meant by ‘this time around.’ Hopefully just more of his usual crazy nonsense.)

It is decidedly strange seeing someone you were just bantering with not long ago being very decidedly dead right in front of you, but considering Deadpool’s track record of coming back faster than the Mortal Kombat guy would even be able to shout “Fatality!” he isn’t exactly worried either. Shortstop, on the other hand, seems to have no trouble worrying up a storm big enough to make up for everyone else’s nonchalance.

“As soon as he wakes up, I want to thank him,” Hawkeye tells Spider-Man soberly, the other not seeming to hear him with how busy he is holding the dead man’s dangling head in his hands and muttering his name over and over again under his breath. “If he hadn’t pushed me out of the way, it’d be me making the human kebob impression right now,” he adds to try to lighten the mood a bit.

When that doesn’t work, he tries to reassure the younger man instead. “He is going to wake up, Spider-Man, I promise. You just have to give him some time,” he says, reaching out to pat him lightly on the shoulder.

“I know that!!” Peter screams without warning, knocking Clint’s hand back with enough force that he comes dangerously close to spraining the other man’s wrist. He doesn’t notice in his own distress that Barton backs away from him ever so slightly after that, cradling his hand and looking down at it with the expression of a man who realizes how close he just came to losing it.

“I know,” he angrily shout-sobs again. Fucker just needs to hurry up and get on with it. The last time he witnessed Wade’s death, it was a bullet to the head meant for him, which this idiot decided to take for him instead even though Peter’s quick reflexes and spidey sense would have kicked in to save him just fine, dammit, seriously Wade, what the hell were you thinking, you big dumb romantic jerkface. He had woken up much faster than this though, which is one of the reasons Peter is so worked up. The other is Holy fuck, my lover just died in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop it and I’m allowed to feel bad about that, okay, fuck you very much.

It must be the metal shard that’s keeping him from regenerating yet, he thinks, deciding to ignore Wade’s previous handwavey comments about “comic inconsistency for the sake of dramatic tension, blah blah” in favor of doing whatever he can to speed Wade’s so-good-it’s-like-magic healing factor along.

“Whoa! Hey!” Tony shouts once he’s recovered from the sudden shock of witnessing a huge, javelin-shaped hunk of metal go flying half a city block and bury itself deep into one of the only slabs of concrete still standing from a burnt out husk of a building across the street. “Watch what the hell you’re doing, underoos, you could have hit someone!”

The sound Spider-Man makes when Tony approaches is nearly akin to that of a territorial jungle cat, and only slightly less unnerving than the way he gathers Wilson’s body up in his arms and backs up, all the way up the side of a building behind him with all the spindly, jerky finesse of one of his namesakes. Tony almost half-expects the young man to wrap Wilson up in a tight web cocoon to save him for later, causing a shudder and, not for the first time, the unwelcome intrusive thought that the kid would truly be a nightmare if the thing holding him together inside ever snaps and causes him to flip sides.

Tony backs up to stand with the others again and mutters to Bruce, “What are the odds you think of Deadpool not waking up this time?”

“Slim to none,” is Banner’s official scientific prognosis. “Why do you ask?” He knows Tony well enough by now to tell that his concern is about more than the potential loss of a fallen comrade.

“Did you see that just now?” Stark replies, gesturing as subtly as he can at the jagged shard embedded in the wall across the way. “Christ, I can’t believe I’m about to say this in a not you-based situation but,” he turns his head slightly, one hand held unnecessarily to his ear in an unbreakable habit from ye olden days of old-school Bluetooth, “Friday, just as a precaution make sure Veronica is primed and ready to go, would you please.”

“The Hulkbuster? Are you being serious right now?” Bruce hisses under his breath.

“Look, I hope like hell it’s not necessary but you did see that, right? You want to imagine for a sec what happens next if Mr. Creepy Undead Boyfriend over there drops the ‘un’ for good this time?”

“I really don’t like saying this, but Tony’s got a point,” Clint mutters just as softly as the other two.

“Surprised you heard that,” Tony mumbles.

“It’s called a hearing aid, you asshole,” Clint jabs a finger furiously at the device just barely visible inside his own ear. “Back to the part you missed where I was actually agreeing with you for once,” he adds, slipping off his glove to show them the bruise forming on the back of his hand, “this sucker’s gonna be the size of an egg by tomorrow morning, and that’s him still trying to hold himself back for now. I don’t like it either, guys, but if somehow Wade doesn’t pull through this time, it means that God hates us and doesn’t think locusts or floods are gonna be enough to wipe us out. It’ll be Apocalypse via Spidey.”

“Don’t let Natasha see that,” Bruce warns. Clint nods, pulling the glove back on with a slight wince. She, Cap, and Falcon are scoping town to check for any stragglers from the alien army while Scarlet Witch leads a team including Vision and Ant-Man to search for survivors who might not have made it out of the wreckage in time and still need assistance. Bucky is away, currently aiding T’Challa with some other project in Wakanda, and Thor had to return to Asgard to avert another crisis there, though the latter will probably be miffed when he hears about all the fun he missed out on here once he returns.

A loud, sputtering gasp pulls their focus back to the situation at hand—or rather, the lack of one now. Each man relaxes minutely in his own way to see Wade Wilson, still dangling high above ground in Spidey’s arms, take in many deep, sharp breaths like a drowning man.


Peter is so happy now he could flap, if not for the fact that he’s stuck to the side of a building with arms full of his now not-so-dead weight but still pretty heavy boyfriend. Instead, he crushes the man closer into a hug and mumbles his name over and over again just like he did a few minutes before.

“Hey, b’by boy, wassup?” Wade mumbles, slurring just a little as he recovers from his recent demise like a heavy sleeper just waking up. “Oh, looks like us apparently,” he giggles once he realizes they’re high up off the ground.

“Wade, I hate it when you do that,” Peter complains into the crook of his neck, still shaken. He can’t tell him not to do it though, not when it’s to save someone else who won’t be coming back if he gets skewered.

“What, die?” Wade asks. All Peter can do is nod, blinking back tears that can’t be seen through the mask but that Wade knows are there anyway. This is why he tries to avoid dying as often now when he can. He shushes the younger man and reassures him, giving comfort despite the fact that he’s the one being held.

“This is giving me some pretty fabulous ideas for later though,” Wade tells him, waggling his eyebrows suggestively behind his own mask. It works at shaking loose the last bit of tension in Peter’s muscles while he laughs.

“Later,” he agrees, and gingerly climbs back down with his precious cargo in hand.

the signs as off to the races lyrics
  • aries: "yo i'm off to the races, laces, leather on my waist is tight and i am fallin' down. i can see your face is shameless, cipriani's basement. love you but i'm going down, god i'm so crazy, baby, i'm sorry that i'm misbehaving"
  • taurus: "be a good baby, do what i want, light of my life, fire of my loins, give me them gold coins, give me them coins"
  • gemini: "i'm your little harlot, starlet, queen of coney island, raising hell all over town"
  • cancer: "i'm not afraid to say that i'd die without him. who else is gonna put up with me this way? i need you, i breathe you, i'd never leave you. they would rue the day, i was alone without you"
  • leo: "white bikini off with my red nail polish. watch me in the swimming pool, bright blue ripples, you sittin', sippin' on your black cristal"
  • virgo: "he doesn't mind i have a las vegas past. he doesn't mind i have an LA crass way about me, he loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart"
  • libra: "slippin' on my red dress, puttin' on my makeup, glass film, perfume, cognac, lilac. fumes, says it feels like heaven to him"
  • scorpio: "my old man is a tough man but, he's got a soul as sweet as blood red jam, and he shows me, he knows me every inch of my tar black soul"
  • sagittarius: "because I'm crazy baby, i need you to come here and save me. i'm your little scarlet, starlet, singin' in the garden, kiss me on my open mouth"
  • capricorn: "you're lyin' with your gold chain on, cigar hangin' from your lips. i said 'hun' you never looked so beautiful as you do now, my man'"
  • aquarius: "he doesn't mind i have a flat broke down life in fact he says he thinks it's why he might like about me admires me, the way i roll like a rolling stone"
  • pisces: "to las vegas chaos, casino oasis, honey it is time to spin. boy you're so crazy, baby, i love you forever not maybe. you are my one true love, you are my one true love"
Q&A with Jay Park
  • Request: Can we have a Q/A with Jay as the bf. You are a singer as well, so basically you met at a concert :) and now you were friends before becoming a couple.. And it was SsamD who pushed both of you to confess that you like each other haha full of teasing pls
  • I hope you like it : )
  • ---
  • After watching Simon’s Q&A with his girlfriend, Jay wants to do one with you. Both of you are always busy due to hectic schedules - Jay with his label and you with your singing career. Luckily for both of you, Jay has found some time between his work and you were in Seoul for a press tour for your new album. So Jay asked you to come into the studio to do the Q&A with him along with Simon who will be asking the questions and doing the filming.
  • Jay: Simon, you can’t ask any other questions except the ones on the cards ok?
  • Simon: I know, I know. I've done this before so I should I know better than you, Park Jae-Beom. Ok, I'm ready. Action!
  • Jay: Aiight. Hello everyone, My name is Jay Park and I'm here today with my lovely girlfriend aka [Y/N].
  • You: Hi!
  • Jay: Just a hi, babe? No I'm here with my sexy boyfriend? I'm just messing with you babe so we're going to a Q&A today just like the one with Simon.
  • Simon: They like to copy me. Anyway the first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we were both in your hometown, Seattle. Jay asked me to go this local Mexican place. The food there was amazing!
  • Jay: Yeah, we went to Luna Azul. Shout out to them. Go check them if you're in the area. We didn't do much after hey?
  • You: No, we didn't. It was raining that night so we went back to your house.
  • Jay: Damn right, we went back to my house. I pressed her buttons that night hehe
  • You: What buttons? I think you meant your PS4 controller babe because we played games that night as well.
  • Jay: As well...
  • Simon: Ayyyy TMI. Save those stories to the end.
  • Jay: Whatever man. Read out the next question.
  • Simon: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We met at Justin Bieber's concert. We were both in same VIP room.
  • Simon: What did you think of him?
  • You: I thought he was a very cold person at first because he wasn't really talking to anyone besides his crew. But also, very imitating.
  • Jay: Imitating? Who, me?
  • You: You're right. Jay is like a very enthusiastic.. puppy. He may look like a cold person but once you start talking to him, he's very funny and sarcastic.
  • Simon: What about you, Jay? What did you think of [Y/N]?
  • Jay: I noticed her well before we all got settled in the room. I thought, wow this girl has a very pretty smile and also that ass!
  • You smack Jay on his chest.
  • Jay: I'm sorry baby. Seriously, her smile lit up the room. I was very hesitant to talk to her because I thought she already had a boyfriend. I mean, someone that good looking wouldn't be single.
  • Simon: And ahem who told you to go and talk to her first? Before the Biebs would ask her to go to his after party.
  • Jay: It was you, Simon. He purposely pushed me into her. But in seriousness, I'm thankful for that. Otherwise I wouldn't be as happy as I am today.
  • Simon: Aww too cute, Park Jae-Beom. You better mention me during your wedding. So what is the most romantic thing that he/she has done?
  • You: The time when Jay flew out to Taipei to surprise me on my birthday. I didn't know but when I left Seoul to go to Taipei, Jay was on the next flight out. But he didn't show up until my concert the next night. He surprised me on stage. I kind of hate him for that because I cried and it ruined my makeup.
  • Jay: Do you know how hard it was knowing we were in the same hotel and having to avoid you?
  • You: What was hard, Jay?
  • Jay: I can't say it because Simon is here.
  • Simon: I'm sure I know what I mean Jay. You don't need to speak in codes.
  • Jay: Anyway, I think the most romantic thing [Y/N] has ever done to me, well actually she usually does it when I have a shit day. [Y/N] always prepares a bath for me. You know, with those cool bath bombs and candles.
  • Simon: You in a bath tub? That's an odd picture. Ok, what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • You: Jay's tongue!
  • Jay: My tongue?
  • You: You're always sticking your tongue out. It's so annoying when I want to take a proper picture. Like your tongue should stay inside of your mouth baby.
  • Jay: That's not what you wanted or said last night.
  • You smack Jay across the chest again.
  • Jay: Haha. And you have the bad habit of taking my jackets and caps. To make things worse, she would pack them into her bags when she leaves. It's fucking winter right now and all I've been doing is wearing layers.
  • You: Good. Wearing layers would make it look like your arms are big and muscly.
  • Jay: Hey!
  • Simon: Alright love birds. Next question what is your ideal date night?
  • You: I prefer staying in you know, just a home cooked dinner and Netflix is fine. Plus I get to show Jay how to cook.
  • Jay: Yeah. Given our crazy schedules, it is always nice to wind down and relax.
  • Simon: That's nice. We're nearly at the end of this, are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Jay: I've seen shit going around saying that I have a daddy kink..?
  • You: Ha!
  • Simon: Does he, [Y/N]?
  • You look at Jay.
  • Jay: Fo real tho, I don't.
  • You: He actually doesn't but when he's annoying, I use that against him which makes it worse sometimes and he would pun-
  • Jay: Aye baby don't give away too much.
  • You: Oops, sorry...
  • Jay: Also, I'm just going to straight out tell them this. I like seeing [Y/N] strip.
  • Your face was blushing and you could feel your cheeks burning up.
  • Simon: Okay, last question do you two have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: There are many, right Jay? I remember the one with your song. I'll tell it. We usually listen to music when we um do it and there was this time when one of Jay's songs was playing. What was it again?
  • Jay: It was Do What We Do.
  • You: That's right. So apparently, the track was like the first recording Jay made and at the end, you could hear Simon and Gray talking. They were having an argument of what's better - dumplings or ramen. It was so weird hearing them because I thought they were in the same room as us. So awkward and I couldn't stop laughing afterwards.
  • Jay: Yeah and that was the last time we ever have songs playing in the background.
  • Simon: Aha, sorry guys. Okay that's all the questions, now say goodbye to your fans.
  • You: Thanks for watching this and I hope to do another one soon. Mwah!
  • Jay: Thank you and please go support my baby. Her new album has just dropped, go listen and buy it now! Peace! AOMG! Argh!

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Hey I just want to say that I really love your blog! And since I'm a sucker for puppy pile and pack mom Stiles I was wondering if you could recommend me some fics please? They are my weakness

Why thank you @nevermind-i-dont-want-to-know! We love you back! I firmly believe that every single fic could be made better if you add a puppy pile. It’s science. Also pack mom!Stiles is one of my weaknesses. Let’s be friends. - Anastasia

Originally posted by chloeswiftie-13

(see. friends. heh…)

We recently did an update on the pack mom!Stiles tag.

One More Troubled Soul by Kima

(1/1 I 748 I General I Scott/Liam I Fluff)

The last thing Scott expects at three in the morning is a crying beta.

Puppy Piles FFN

(1/1 I 2.438 I General I No Pairing)

Stiles was away for a week and had no contact with any of the werewolves. He comes back and he gets attacked… By a puppy pile.

Feels Like Belonging by nan

(1/1 I 2,513 I Teen I Sterek I Fluff)

Stiles isn’t sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.

Puppy Piles Are For Puppies FFN

(1/1 I  I 2,267 I General I Sterek I Kid Fic)

Stiles and Derek go from saving their baby wolf from Isaac and Jackson’s teasing to hosting a puppy pile.

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop by AbandonShip

(1/1 I 3,242 I Mature I Sterek I Mates)

While the rest of the pack is happy, Stiles isn’t feeling quite as blissful:

“I think…there’s something wrong with Stiles.” Derek tells her. He puts a hand over his burning chest, feeling a deep sadness in him.

He grunts out in horrible pain and puts his hands on his knees.

“What? How do you know?” Cora asks.

“I JUST KNOW.” Derek ends up yelling. There’s a silence between them.

“…Is he your mate?” Cora asks awkwardly.

Derek groans out in pain again and nods aggressively at her.

Because pot brownies are so last year. by fitzefitcher

(1/1 I 3,463 I Teen I Sterek I Crack)

“Allison, I will seriously shit in your father’s mouth if you don’t tell me what you put in those cookies right now.”

Scattered by dornfelder

(1/1 I 3,498 I Teen I Sterek, Steter I Pre-Slash)

“Derek,” Stiles says. “What is your creepy uncle doing in bed with us?”

Ready Made by orbiting_saturn

(1/1 I 3,925 I Explicit I Sterek I Hurt/Comfort)

“How do you feel?” Derek asks, voice rough and very close.

“Heavy,” Stiles finally answers. Because that’s what he feels. Like his bones are weighting him to the soft bed beneath him, like he’s an anchor sinking deep into silt and water. “Am I high?”

A Pack Thing by triedunture

(1/1 I 4,538 I Teen I Stiles/Everyone I Pack Dynamics)

“Hello! Hi! My name is Stiles Stilinski, and I am apparently catnip for Beta werewolves.” He gives Derek a jaunty wave. “Mind telling me why?”

Derek sticks out his jaw at a stubborn angle, like he doesn’t want to answer. But he finally grinds out, “It’s a pack thing.”


The one where the whole pack wants to scent-mark Stiles. For the Teen Wolf Bingo square, pack: flirting.

All you need is faith and trust (and fairy dust) by MemeKon

(1/1 I 6,249 I Mature I Sterek I Fluff and Angst)

“What you are trying to tell me,” Scott starts, slow. “Is that faeries have cast a spell on Stiles to make him obey any direct orders?”

“Yes.” He answers, closing his eyes briefly to avoid looking at the teenager’s dumbstruck expression.




“No, Scott. I’m making this up just for the hell of it.” He barks.

Of Raccoons and Puppy Piles by colorofakiss

(8/8 I 8,667 I Mature I Sterek, Jydia, Scallison, Berica I Polyamory)

Beacon Hills has a raccoon problem. The wolves end up bunking at Stiles’ house. Stiles didn’t really expect to have the entire pack in his bed that night, but if it kept the raccoons away they could stay.

After The Storm by AbandonShip
(6/6 I 10,224 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Lydia/Aiden, Danny/Ethan I Shapeshifters)

The one where Derek takes the pack up to his old winter cottage for vacation, in a town called Beacon Heights:

“Derek! I’m sorry.” Stiles shouts. He looks over his shoulder to see the wolf catching up to him. “I shouldn’t have done that – that was bad! Holy shit! Please don’t kill me!”

All The Little Things. by KindleKane88

(5/? I 12,548 I Mature I Sterek, Scisaac, Lydia/Peter, Allison/Jackson, Berica I Fluff)

Summary: Stiles has a list of the little things that make life worth living. Aka the fic where Stiles talks about all the things he loves. Which includes puppy piles, Derek, pillow forts, free-wifi, and some more Derek. The chapters will range from G rated to mature.

All of the Days by StarSapphireWolf

(3/60 I 13,177 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Scisaac, Berica, Jydia, Melissa/Sheriff I Monster of the Week)

Stiles would have never thought that his life would turn out to be this way. If someone had told him a year ago that he would be taking down monsters with a pack of werewolves, a banshee, and a hunter every other week, he would have laughed in their face and told them they were crazy. But, here he was, chasing down the latest monster of the week and trying not to die, like usual.

(Or the one Monster of the Week story that no one ask for, but will get anyway.)

Summer Skies and Homicide by spacenatural

(6/? I 70,260 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison I BAMF!Stiles)

“So what you’re trying to tell me is-” Stiles hadn’t even begun and Isaac was whimpering, “-not only are dead bodies being dumped in the woods, the hunters renovating a warehouse into a gathering ground, and my arm already having a gaping bullet hole in it, but now I’m also being possessed by a goddamn dog?”

“'Haunted’ by a goddamn dog,” Deaton correctly smoothly through the phone.

Stiles flipped the table.

Jon&Dany's conversation for dummies
  • Dany: Bend the knee.
  • Jon: Nope.
  • Dany: Your ancestors swore faith to the Targaryens forever.
  • Jon: Yeah, that's Not Happening. Your dad burned my family alive.
  • Dany: Yeah well he WAS a bit of a nutcase. Sorry for that. I'm not my father's daughter. But for the sake of peace, please bend the knee. I'll even make you Warden of the North.
  • Dany: We will unite against Cersei.
  • Jon: It's not CERSEI you need to worry about. And I'm not bound by my ancestors' promises.
  • Dany: Then what are you doing here even like what the hell
  • Jon: I??? kind of??? need your help??? And you need mine.
  • Dany: I have THREE DRAGONS. I have the DOTHRAKI. And the UNSULLIED. And I need YOUR help?
  • Davos: Not with Cersei. You can best her any day.
  • Jon: But you haven't stormed King's Landing. You don't want to kill a lot of people. That already makes you better than Cersei. Kudos for that, btw.
  • Dany: Why do I need your help again.
  • Jon: Because the living need to unite against the dead.
  • Dany: The whaaaaaa.
  • Jon: We're all squabbling here like small kids.
  • Dany: Tyrion, he's insulting me.
  • Tyrion: … If it helps, I believe he's insulting EVERYBODY.
  • Jon: Dany listen everyone will die if we don't defeat these motherfucking zombies.
  • Dany: Lalalalala not listening
  • Jon: Listen there are zombies marching this way. Tyrion, I'm not a liar. The army of the dead is very real. If they get past the wall and we're squabbling amongst ourselves
  • Jon: *dramatic pause*
  • Jon: We're finished.
  • Dany: Your father's best friend sent assassins after me. Did your father know and approve of babies being killed in their cribs? [The irony is strong with this family I know]
  • Dany: I've been sold, I've been betrayed and raped and violated in more ways than you can possibly imagine. A lot of people have tried to kill me.
  • Dany: *more dramatic speech about having faith in herself*
  • Dany: The Iron Throne is my birthright.
  • Jon: You'll be ruling over a graveyard if we don't defeat the crazy zombies.
  • Tyrion: We're ALREADY in a war with CERSEI.
  • Davos: You don't believe us. That's fair. But also, FATE.
  • Davos: Listen, you have to believe us. Jon has no birthright. At all. [This sounds weirder the more you rewatch this scene.]
  • Davos: You say people have tried to kill you. Well Jon WAS actually ki–
  • Jon: *frantic stare to shut up his Hand* SHHH what happens in the North stays in the North
  • Davos: If we don't unite, it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne.
  • Tyrion: If it doesn't matter, why won't you kneel? If we unite against Cersei, we will defend the North later together.
  • Jon: *losing patience* There's NO TIME to fight Cersei. There's no time for any of this.
  • Tyrion: It takes no time to bend the knee.
  • Jon: And why would I do that?! I mean no offense, Your Grace, but I don't know you. Your claim to the throne rests entirely on your father's name, and my own father fought to overthrow the Mad King. [Probably one of the few accurate things Jon actually says about his father.]
  • Jon: And really, the lords elected me and I will lead them. I won't break their faith in me by kneeling to you.
  • Dany: Fair point. Also a fair point: I'm the rightful queen of the SEVEN Kingdoms. The North happens to be a part of that. In declaring yourself king, you're rebelling against me.
  • Varys: *comes in to save Jon from his aunt's wrath*
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "So, you always were an asshole."
  • "Enough ripple, and you change the tide."
  • "The future is never truly set."
  • "All those years wasted fighting each other, _______... to have a precious few of them back."
  • "You know, my mom once knew a guy who could do that."
  • "I'm just not very good with violence."
  • "Good to see you too, old friend."
  • "I was trying to save him/her."
  • "They took me out before I could get to him."
  • "The bullet curved, _______."
  • "Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever."
  • "Countless choices define our fate: each choice, each moment, a moment in the ripple of time."
  • "What if, whatever we do can't be changed?"
  • "We need your help, _______."
  • "That's illegal, you know?"
  • "Look kid, you and I are gonna be good friends."
  • "Only if you get caught."
  • "You just don't know it yet."
  • "Is this what becomes of us?"
  • "Humanity does this to us."
  • "I didn't kill the president."
  • "Sometimes, we all need a little help."
  • "_______, we need you to hope again."
  • "I probably shouldn't be asking this sort of thing... but in the future, do I make it?"
  • "No... but we can change that, right?"
  • "He is fascinating!"
  • "He's a pain in the ass."
  • "You poor, poor (wo)man..."
  • "I don't want your suffering, I don't want your future!"
  • "Look for YOUR future."
  • "Get off the bloody chandelier, _______!"
  • "I'm afraid I can't do that because, uh... because I was sent here for you."
  • "About fifty years from now."
  • "Piss off."
  • "Are we destined to destroy each other, or can we change each other and unite?"
  • "We have fifteen seconds before the door open, and then guards will come through that door."
  • "I'm holding you so you won't get whiplash."
  • "And I'm gonna say to you what you said to us then: fuck off!"
  • "Convince me of all this."
  • "Patience isn't my strongest suit."
  • "I set him/her on a dangerous path, a darker path."
  • "Listen to me, you piece of shit!"
  • "We all gotta die sometime."
  • "I watched a lot of good people die, and I came back to stop that from happening!"
  • "I told you, there's no professor here."
  • "I could see why (s)he meant so much to you."
  • "That's not my power."
  • "We now find ourselves on the edge of extinction."
  • "If you let them have me, I'm as good as dead."
  • "So _______ was telling the truth."
  • "Well then I'll kill them too, and anyone who comes next!"
  • "You're a cold murderous bitch!"
  • "Don't you think I look prettier like this?"
  • "Whats the matter, baby?"
  • "I don't know karate. But I know crazy."
  • "There is a new enemy out there."
  • "You need a new weapon for this war."
  • "Mind the glass."
  • "You're on acid... somebody gave you really bad acid."
  • "It was a mistake coming down here."
  • "There's no damage you can do that hasn't already been done, trust me."
  • "Guide us, lead us."
  • "This is a code red situation!"
  • "Get out of my head, _______!"
  • "Come on, Beastie..."
  • "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
  • "I have faith in you, _______."
  • "I guess you're a late bloomer."
  • "I've been trying to control you since the day we met, and look where that's got us."
  • "_______, please do not make us the enemy today."
  • "You're pretty strong for a scrawny kid."
  • "Too late, assholes!"
  • "They have your blood already."
  • "I think you and I have a lot of catching up to do."
  • "I've lost my fair share."
  • "You abandoned me! You took him/her away and you abandoned me!"
  • "So much for being a survivor."
  • "I didn't sleep with her!"
  • "I take it we're best buddies in the future?"
  • "That (wo)man is a monster!"
  • "We can't risk keeping him/her alive, now that we know what happens..."
  • "I don't blame _______ for trying to kill me."
  • "_______ was a dear friend of mine..."
  • "Aren't you the clever one."

anonymous asked:

I love the tags you put in the last post you reblogged and I totally agree with you ;_;

oh my god listen to me LISTEN the whole avengers thing only WORKS because the avengers are the epitome of the ‘ lost & found family ’ trope. there’s a reason why they chose, not had to, not forced to, but chose, to live together at avengers mansion (WHICH HELLO giant flashing metaphor of the original owner’s childhood family mansion – a home that was never actually a home to him but a carefully cultivated environment of fear and disappointment – becoming the symbol of the avengers and the actual physical space where this group of people came to be each other’s family).

and oh my god steve rogers. spends pretty much every single universe he’s in drowning after the ice. he’s alive, but he’s drowning in so much grief and pain and loss. and you know what, the avengers notice. they all do. they all, in their own way, make an effort, to reach out to him. and the important thing in these universes is that he always reaches back. and despite being so out of time and out of place steve always tries. i mean, it’s even out of reflex, because it’s impossible to be that alone and not wANT to make friends out of the people he’s already trusting with his life out on the battlefield. it’s so human of him to want that connection.

because that’s who steve is. his loyalty and faith is sO absolute and lifelong, why wouldn’t he seek out people to surround himself with and to love. he’s a soldier, he absolutely understands the value of treating the people you fight beside like friends, like family. and in those moments of life and death, that’s what they become. the kind of devotion he has for people who’ve earned his trust is endless, you just have to look at how tightly he holds onto the people from his old life. give him 2 or 10 years as an avenger and the very idea of the avengers is the thing steve clings to throughout all the disasters, all of the tragedies. 

he has so much enormous pride in the avengers, as a symbol, and as a collective of the best, bravest people he’s ever met. of course they’re his family, of course he loves all of these misfits and crazy people as family. how could he not? he’s their leader and their general and their inspiration when they need it but then who inspires captain america? his team, his family.

and i mean. honestly have you seen steve when the team is about to be disbanded or broken up or ended or someone has to leave the team hAVE YOU SEEN the level of soap operatic drama

[insert the entire nomad period here bc apparently getting a new identity and a deep v neck latex suit is steve’s version of a superhero midlife crisis]

and then look at him ligHT UP LIKE SUNSHINE whenever the idea of assembling the team / building a new team comes up 

then there’s tony in his corner, so eager to get to know him and become his friend, both as tony stark and as iron man. like oh my god the examples alone i could list of tony doing endearing selfless things just because he wants steve to feel like he has a place in this new era. who so obviously cares so much about steve and not just cap, who above all, just wants to be his friend.

i’m not saying this just because i’m a shipper blog but steve’s conception of the avengers and what he sees as his ‘home’ is so inextricably linked to tony. 


(steve’s first day at avengers mansion after the ice)


Avril Lavigne RP Starters 6
  • You're not alone
  • Together we stand
  • I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand
  • When it gets cold
  • And it feels like the end
  • There's no place to go
  • You know I won't give in
  • No I won't give in
  • Keep holding on
  • 'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
  • Just stay strong
  • 'Cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you
  • There's nothing you could say
  • Nothing you could do
  • There's no other way when it comes to the truth
  • So keep holding on
  • 'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
  • So far away
  • I wish you were here
  • Before it's too late, this could all disappear
  • Before the doors close
  • And it comes to an end
  • With you by my side I will fight and defend
  • I'll fight and defend
  • Hear me when I say, when I say I believe
  • Nothing's gonna change, nothing's gonna change destiny
  • Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly
  • I wanna lock you up in my closet when no one's around
  • I wanna put your hand in my pocket because you're allowed
  • I wanna drive you into the corner and kiss you without a sound
  • I wanna stay this way forever I'll say it loud
  • You make me so hot
  • Make me wanna drop
  • It's so ridiculous
  • I can barely stop
  • I can hardly breathe
  • You make me wanna scream
  • You're so fabulous
  • You're so good to me baby
  • I can make you feel all better, just take it in
  • And I can show you all the places you've never been
  • And I can make you say everything that you've never said
  • And I will let you do anything again and again
  • Kiss me gently
  • Always I know
  • Hold me, love me
  • Don't ever go
  • You say that I'm messin' with your head
  • All 'cause I was making out with your friend
  • Love hurts whether it's right or wrong
  • I can't stop, 'cause I'm having too much fun
  • You're on your knees, beggin' please "stay with me"
  • But honestly, I just need to be a little crazy
  • All my life I've been good but now
  • I'm thinking "What the hell?"
  • All I want is to mess around, and I don't really care about
  • If you love me, if you hate me
  • You can't save me, baby
  • All my life I've been good but now whoa "What the hell?"
  • So what if I go out on a million dates?
  • You never call or listen to me anyway
  • I'd rather rage than sit around and wait all day
  • Don't get me wrong, I just need some time to play
Holding Your Baby for the First Time

Requested: Can you do like a fluffy Daddy imagine? Like holding their daughter for the first time? Sorry, I know it’s completely cliche but these always make my heart melt 😍

Ok, I’m going to do this as a preference! I also decided to do half boy half girl because all babies are so precious :’) 

request away! my inbox is open, and I’m ready to write whatever your heart desires :) happy reading! x -h



“Y/N you were amazing.” Luke kissed your forehead. “And I love you, I really do, but could you let go of my hand?” You realized you were still squeezing to it for dear life, and quickly let go.

“Sorry…” You muttered as Luke rubbed his red hand.

“You don’t need to apologize.” He chuckled, kissing your temple again. 

“Okay Dad. Ready to meet your baby girl?” The nurse asked, turning around and holding a baby wrapped in yellow.

“I’ve been ready for 9 months.” He practically ran to the nurse, gently taking the little bundle in his arms and looking starry-eyed. “She’s more beautiful than I could ever imagine.” He said quietly. He kissed her forehead tenderly, making sure not to wake the baby that had just fallen asleep. 

“Come here, sit by me.” You waved him over and he scooted into bed next to you. You wrapped an arm through his, resting your head on his shoulder as you looked at your precious baby girl. “We did that.” You whispered.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.” He smiled, and you gave him a kiss on the cheek. “She’s so beautiful already. I’m going to buy her whatever she wants. If she wants a tutu I’ll but her 50, and if she wants band tees I’ll buy only the good bands. And I’m going to teach her how to ride a bike, and sing to her when she can’t sleep, and I think I’ll even learn how to do hair for when you’re not there. And I’ve already decided no boys until she’s 18”

“She already has you wrapped around her finger, and she hasn’t said one word yet.” You giggled, and Luke sighed.

“I knew it was bound to happen. So I’m just rolling with it.”

“Look, she’s already a daddy’s girl too.” You pointed to the little smile that had formed on her sleeping face at the sound of Luke’s voice.

“Man, I have to two most beautiful girls in the world.” He whispered, kissing you again. 



“Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Hood! It’s a boy!” The doctor said as he set the baby in the nurse’s waiting arms.

“Baby, did you hear that? A boy!” Calum whispered excitedly as he kisses all over your face again and again. You smiled for the first time since you’d started labor hours ago. 

“A mini you.” You said with a grin, and Calum squeezed your hand.

“Oh, I sure hope not. I hope he looks more like you.”

“Well, why don’t you go look?” You pointed to the table where they were weighing him, and Calum ran over. His eyes lit up at the little human wriggling around and crying. “Babe, 10 fingers and 10 toes.” 

“We did all right then.” You laughed.

“More than alright. He’s going to be a ladies’ man, I can already tell.” He gave you a grin before looking back at his son. The nurse wrapped a green blanket around him and passed him off to Calum.

“Hey, little man, don’t cry. Daddy is right here.” He cooed softly, rocking him back and forth in his arms. “Here’s the thing. Mommy is really tired. She’s had a long day. So go off to sleep, little man.” You were mesmerized at how quickly he slipped into dad mode. It made you choke up a little bit. 

“So he’s okay? Everything is okay?” You asked.

“More than okay. He’s the cutest baby I think I’ve ever seen.” He said, never taking his eyes off of him. “Isn’t that right?” The baby gave a happy screech in reply and Calum’s face lit up. “Did you hear that?”

“The whole floor heard that.” You laughed.

“Maybe he’s a singer. Are you going to sing with daddy?” His question was answered with another little coo and Calum giggled. “God I love him so much already.” Calum sighed.



“Would you like to hold her Mr. Clifford?” The nurse pulled the hat over your baby’s head and offered her.

“Oh, uh, I think mom deserves that honor first.” He laughed nervously, and the nurse grinned. She nodded and walked over to you, setting the baby gently in your arms. Tears filled your eyes and you smiled as the doctor and nurses left you and Michael to be alone with your daughter. 

“Michael.” You choked out. “Look at her, she has such a tiny nose.” He leaned on the bed next to you, running his finger lightly over the blanket that she was wrapped in. 

“I can’t believe she’s ours.” He said quietly. You both looked at her, in awe of how precious the little bundle in your arms. You leaned against Michael to get his attention. “Yea?” He asked, resting his cheek on your head. 

“Want to hold her?” You asked, looking up at Michael. His face drained of color, and he shook his head.

“Oh, no no no no.” He sat back, and you furrowed your eyebrow.

“What the hel- heck was that?” You asked.

“Sorry. That was- I’m just nervous.” He stood up and started pacing the length of the bed.

“Nervous about what? Babe, we’ve had this talk… we had it when I first found out I was pregnant. You’ve had 9 months to prepare.” 

“No it’s not that. I’m so unbelievably happy that she’s here. I mean, Jesus she’s perfect.”

“So, do you want to hold her?” You offered again, and Michael shook his head.

“No, Y/N, she’s perfect. What if I mess up? What if she cries because she doesn’t like me. I can’t- I don’t know. I don’t want her to ever be sad.” He sat down on the foot of the bed, shaking his head. You looked down at your daughter and smiled.

“Mike, you know why you feel like that?” He looked at you from the corner of his eye. “Because you love her already.” 

“Obviously I love her.” He chuckled. 

“Then come here.” He stood up and walked over to you. He sat next to you this time, and you set her in his arms. He looked at her in wonder, smiling at the angel in his arms. He leaned down to her, and laughed quietly. 

“She smells so good.” He murmured, and brought her up slowly to kiss the tip of her nose. Her sleeping face broke into a smile, and she squirmed in Michael’s arms, sighing quietly. He sniffled and you looked up at him, catching him as he quickly wiped a tear from his cheek.

“Mikey.” You whispered. “Are you crying?”

“Maybe.” He laughed, and you leaned towards him to give him a kiss on the cheek. 

“That’s not very punk rock.” You teased.

“Shut up!” He smiled. “I just love you both. A lot.”

“I love you too. A lot.”



“He’s all fed.” You breathed a sigh of relief. “And now he’s drifting off to sleep. Thank you.” You said to no one in particular. It had been a long day. You were looking forward to some peace and quiet. 

“See, parenting isn’t that hard.” You laughed at Ashton’s comment, and he sat on the side of the bed. “I’m crazy happy right now. I love you so much.” He leaned in and gave you a kiss, your eyes fluttering shut.

“And I’m crazy tired.” You yawned.

“Understandable. You did just push a baby out of your-”

“Hey, Ash, love you. But I don’t need a recap. I was kind of there.”

“Right.” He chuckled. “I can take him so you can sleep.” He smiled, holding his arms out. You gladly passed him off, ready to get some shut eye of your own. Ashton swayed back and forth, making sure your son stayed asleep. You smiled as you watched your two favorite boys in the entire world get to know each other. Your eyes started to close as you watched Ashton sit in a chair by the window.

You woke up a few hours later to see him in the same position he was in before. The baby was laying between his legs, and Ashton was softly running his fingers along his cheeks, his nose, and playing with his tiny fingers. You could hear him quietly singing, and you rolled over. You couldn’t hide the smile on your face at the sight of Ashton singing his son to sleep.

“Hey Ash. What are you singing?”

“Oh, you’re awake.” He jumped at the sound of your voice. “I’m just singing some stuff from his favorite band.” He looked back at his son and kissed his forehead. “Isn’t that right? We’re learning Long Way Home first.” He grinned. 

“That one’s my favorites.” You smiled.

“I know, that’s why I picked it.” He grinned back, and you chuckled.

“Please just don’t teach him Good Girls or 18 anytime soon?” You laughed, and Ashton raised an eyebrow. 

“Don’t worry babe, I’m saving those for when he’s in high school.”

figure the ways

He laughs, then laughs harder when Clarke reaches up to try and smother the sound with her hands. It’s late, and they can’t have their tent that far away from camp because they’re a bunch of co-dependent fuckers. 

Which is kind of his point here. 

“Don’t even act like you don’t want to play matchmaker,” he argues, still grinning.

ok, so like, eons ago i wrote this thing so that i could spam afigureofspeech’s page (like a creep. a fabulous, non-virus spamming creep). and it was funny and i laughed, because i’m a loser who laughs at my own clever jokes – seriously though, does anyone else ever send a text and go, “gosh darnit i’m so great” and giggle? i do – but that was that.

BUT APPARENTLY I SAVED IT. GO ME. so i doctored it up and here we are!!! i’m a snippet-spam-uhm. crazy person. as if you didn’t already know.

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Anniversary || Open RP ||Headcanon

It felt different that morning.

Why did it feel different. 

It felt like a weight was gaining on Yancy’s back, bringing him down to a low, a low he hadn’t felt in over five years. 

He took it hour by hour, trying to get back to his usual self, his happy self, his alive self; but it wasn’t working. Yancy kept away from everyone, he didn’t want to bring others down, or get worried look from others. 

Then it dawned on him, it was this exact day, exact day that he couldn’t save someone he truly cared about, it was the day he experienced heart break. 

Somehow Yancy found himself on the catwalk in the hanger, above where Gipsy once was. His guitar in the same spot he left it a week ago, tears already covered his face. 

“I’m so, so sorry Jay.” He whimpered out. 

Jay Peck, the first love of Yancy’s life. They started dating when Yancy was still in the closet, not even Raleigh knew he was gay. 

Neither cared about their hidden relationship because they loved each other, more then anything. 

Ten months after they started dating their was a kaiju attack, of course there had been others in the past, but this one, this one changed their lives. 

Once it was taken down by none other then Yancy and Raleigh, the brothers did their usual, celebrate; they went to a bar, drank a lot, and shortly into it, Yancy snuck out to see Jay, what he didn’t expect was that he had to go to the hospital to see his lover. 

There laying in bed was Jay, Jay, he sweet, sweet boy, his everything, dying. 

“The kaiju blue, he’s, he’s been infected. I’m sorry Yancy.” His sister said hugging him as she began to cry again. 

“No..” Yancy whispered.

Jay’s sister went into the hall to give Yancy and Jay space.

“No tears Yance, please, I can’t bare to see you cry.” Jay stated. Yancy nodded and walked over to the bed side; Jay moved over to make room for Yancy, they laid in bed a cuddled. 

Jay couldn’t be infected, he didn’t look sick, he just couldn’t be. Yancy couldn’t lose him to. 

“From the scrapes and bruises,to the familiar abuses, I’ll kick and scream but, it never changes anything, and I could spill my guts out, wearing my best little girl pout. And I almost missed it, but nobody said that this was gonna be easy.”

Jay coughed up blood and his lunch, he was losing weight by the day. The doctor said this wasn’t going to be easy. Jay said Yancy could leave him, but Yancy stayed by his side the best his could, any free time he had, he was at the hospital.

“This is not the man I hoped to be, and I’m just trying to stop the bleedin-”

‘Jay, baby please, please stay with me. I NEED A DOCTOR IN HEAR!’

“I don’t know how to word it, I just started to deserve it, and all my, all my faces are alibis.-”

'I’m fine Raleigh, just tired is all. Go hang out with your friends, I’ll be along later.’

“And me, I’m half the man I wanted to be. Most times it all comes out wrong-”


'Then go! Leave!’

Yancy began to cry, and so did Jay, he moved across the room, putting in head in Jay’s lap as he cried. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I love you." 

"I don’t know the words, but I’ll hum along, 'cause nothing’s familiar here anymore. To anyone, or anything, enough to feel alive, and I still taste that sickness.”

Jay laid in bed, wasting a way into skin and bone, his colorful green eyes losing color. It broke Yany’s heart.

“And it makes me crazy without it at best, but I’m in the same place I used to be, but I’m trying harder not to be.” Yancy sang through tears, as he thought about the past. This wasn’t making things better, but a small part of him was happy to think about Jay again. 

“This is not the man I hoped to be, and I’m just trying to stop the bleedin’, I don’t know how to word it. I just started to deserve it. And all my, all my faces are alibis, and me, I’m half the man I wanted to be”


'Who are you?’

'It’s me Jay, it’s Yancy baby.’

“And all my, all my faces are alibis. This is not the man I hoped to be qnd I’m just trying to stop the bleedin. I don’t know how the words go. 
"Don’t want it, don’t get it! I know you won’t regret it! Don’t surface, don’t surface! And I feel so damn worthless!”

'There’s n-nothing you can d-do baby.’

'That’s what makes it hurt so fucking much! I just want to better! I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Not watch you die!“

"Another day is gone and all my faces are alibis! All my faces are alibis!”

'Time of death, 3:48am, Tuesday.’

“And me, I’m half the man I wanted to be…” The guitar dropped from Yancy’s hand, falling off the catwalk to the ground bellow where it crushed. 

Stay Strong (Gajevy)

ANGST WEEK IS HERE!!! >:D I am so sorry. To kick-off, how about some Gajevy!! 

FT Angst Week - Day 1: Scars/Bruises

Someone’s crying.

No, not someone. Me. The thoughts jolted Levy awake, pulling her from an anything but peaceful slumber. Indeed, she found that she had been crying in her sleep. Again. Sitting up, she wiped her wet face and rubbed her sore eyes. She had woken up the same way for the last week. Ever since her last job.

Instead of going to the kitchen to make herself something to eat, she laid back down, curling up on her side. Her stomach growled loudly in protest, but she ignored it. Did I eat dinner? She couldn’t remember. Everything just felt like a blur. Her friends tried to comfort her, but she couldn’t hear them. Time passed, but she couldn’t feel it. Pain. That was all she could feel.

Only pain.

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