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Cis people are so beautiful and important…I love them… They r nice n good and very precious and we should protect them 💕

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The Chosen One fails, so the Average Joe takes up their mission and does great because MCs DONT HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE OR SOMEHOW BE REALLY UNIQUE/DIFFERENT TO DO SOMETHING.

// tired of MCs who have the most dangerous powers, are karate masters, are computer geniuses, have model-good looks, etc. because people without being extra amazing in one/all area(s) can still save the world, defeat the villain, etc. //

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only 1% of the world is ace. sometimes i think i can't be ace because i know several other aces and how is that possible if it's only 1%?! do they even factor in grey aces? i'm worried i'm just a special snowflake because that's what my therapist says...

First off, I think your therapist is bad and if possible I think you deserve a more understanding one.

Second, the 1% marker is an old and imo flawed study. If you look into it, it asked people “do you experience sexual attraction” a no would be a tally for aces. Therefore it doesn’t include grey aces, or demisexual. But I’d be willing to argue that it isn’t even properly count every zero attraction always ace because so many of us are like “what is sexual attraction? How do I know I haven’t felt it if I can’t understand it really in the first place?” Which also limits the number of people who would say yes.

I’ve seen estimates that LGB are 10% and that trans people are less than 1%, yet every study that compares shows that more and more of younger generations are labeling under the queer umbrella. From millennials to the next generation have seen a 10% jump in labeling as bisexual alone! My point is, please don’t think 1% is the standard and timelessly true. Think of it as one study years ago where 1% of people understood and accepted the fact enough to say it. That’s a far better metric.

So what does that mean for you? You aren’t a special snowflake, you are on the edge of this identity being acknowledged and measured which can be heartbreaking because we really don’t know how big the community is or could naturally be given enough awareness. But today or tomorrow you are welcome here!

Bonus! If you find yourself around aces or other queer labeling people in general and you find it odd because it’s a statistical improbability, I want you to ignore math for a second and think about human behavior. People find and group up with like people, as well as people who understand them enough so they are safe. You can see this down classist lines too. People aren’t evenly spread really ever.

Final example, if I did a study of aces I see daily about 40 to 50% would be would be trans and non-binary. Statistically unlikely, but very true in practice. So if you find yourself around a lot of a group and think you just wantta be ‘in with the cool kids’ you might actually just be one in the first place.

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I know that you've probably never experienced this before but I'm having troubles at home so I'm gonna ask anyways. Raph, how do you get people to believe you when you say that you're ace?? My mom doesn't believe me and keeps saying that I'm only saying that because I'm "confused" or "suffering from special snowflake syndrome".

(i went through something very similar with my mother when i told her i wasn’t straight) (it’s been years and she still doesn’t accept it) (but that doesn’t mean she never will) (hang in there)

7772) I flip-flop between thinking I'm agender/non-binary and a trans woman. All I know is that despite being AMAB I don't identify with maleness at all. I feel awkward expressing this confusion because either way I'm often thought of as a special snowflake or just a "bored teenager" even though I'm in my 20's. I just don't know what the fuck I am and it's frustrating for me.