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okay so we've all heard about the minyard-josten rivalry but what about a kandreil rivalry?? maybe it takes place after they go pro, and some of the exy fandom has ship wars about andreil vs neil x kevin vs kevin x andrew, even though everyone thinks they high key hate each other. imagine the fandom's + media's surprise when it eventually comes out that they're actually all dating each other and live together with two cats (how domestic)??

ok honestly,, two of my favourite things in aftg fandom are kandreil and the rivalry,,,,,, thank you sO MUCH FOR THIS (and I have to link this, because it’s is the only other kandreil rivalry post I’ve seen and it’s wonderful, so if you want more <3)

also this is gonna be super long. i got carried away. just a warning.

  • ok so despite the high profile nature of neil’s first year and just… kevin in general…
  • no one really knows much about the relationships between the foxes because honestly collegiate exy isn’t that closely followed
  • people know kevin endorsed neil initially, and they can find out that andrew and kevin spent a lot of time together but that’s pretty much it
  • it’s not until they’re all on pro teams that anyone starts noticing or speculating

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hi so I was wondering if you could tell me the best way to start off writing fics on tumblr? It feels like I'm asking a stupid question but there's just so many blogs on tumblr and I always feel so silly when I post, and end up taking them down, partly because of the fact that having it sit there gets me anxious and partly because I feel like my writing is... crap. Yeah. Help?

I get this question a lot and I never know what good advice to give because I don’t think there’s something you have to do if you want to post your stories online. If you love writing and you want to share your stories with people, you should post them. Don’t doubt yourself and your writing! 

  • Notes - Don’t worry about notes at all, especially if you’re just starting out. Notes don’t guarantee quality at all. I’ve read great fics with a lot less notes than they deserve, and I’ve read fics I didn’t really like that got a lot of notes. I know it sucks to post something you’ve worked hard on and not get any feedback on it, but everyone started out that way. It’s a lot easier to start if you already have some followers, or if you’re friends with someone who has a lot of followers, or if someone shouts you out. If not, you will have to start from scratch, but if you like writing, you should focus on that and not the notes. I think I’ve said this before, but when I first started writing Sin City, nobody was reading it. I liked the story that I had in my head and I wanted to write it down, even if there were only a couple of people that gave some sort of feedback on it. You just need to keep posting if you like what you’re posting, and try not to worry about the notes too much. A lack of notes doesn’t mean your stories aren’t good! Maybe people still didn’t get a chance to find out about your blog. Also, there’s a lot of people who follow you and read your stories but never give any type of feedback, and I know for a fact there are people who don’t follow you, but read your fics anyway. And when I first got into BTS, I’d read fics even though I didn’t have a Tumblr, so I couldn’t like or reblog anything. Just keep posting your stories and try not to worry about the notes too much.
  • Tagging - It’s really important to properly tag your stuff. If you’re a fic writer, there’s no need for you to tag a Jungkook story with “Yoongi smut” or “Jimin gif”. Personally, when I’m looking for something specific, I hate seeing stuff that doesn’t belong in that tag because it makes it so much harder for me to find what I’m looking for, and I’m definitely not going to click on a Jungkook smut story if I’m out there looking for a specific Jimin gif. The first five tags are the ones that show up in the search, so those are the most important ones. Tag the genre and the members that are involved. 
  • Networks - I don’t know when exactly, but I joined @kwritersnet and it’s  a great network for sharing your stories with people, but also for finding new stories. Since the tags are full of things that don’t belong there, I never go through them. When I look for new stuff to read, I usually scroll through the network tag and I find something new every time. I suggest you try joining that network or a similar one - it’s a good way to meet new people and share your stories with them.
  • Asking other writers to read your stories - I see that a lot of people do this, and I’m conflicted about it. I’ve never felt confident enough to send a story of mine to someone and ask them to read it, but a lot of people have sent me their stories and I didn’t have a problem with that. The thing is, the busier you get, the less time you have for writing, let alone reading. So sometimes, writers won’t really have the time to read your story and you’ll put them in an uncomfortable position if you ask them to read something of yours when they don’t have any free time. I feel horrible when I have to turn people down, especially if I know they read my stories, but I have so many things to do that I can’t even keep up with the fics I’m already reading.
  • Feedback - This might be just me, but I feel like a lot of people on this site expect feedback even though they never actually give it. I’ve had a lot of people message me for the first time saying they love my stories and asking for me to reblog their story or read it or give feedback, which I have no problem with, but I’ve never even seen their urls before which means they never gave any type of feedback to me, whether it be likes, reblogs, asks, messages. I’m not saying you have to give feedback, but if you’re claiming you love someone’s work, why aren’t you giving them any kind of feedback, but expect them to give you some? I feel like some of these messages are just generic messages that get sent to a lot of writers at the same time, and I don’t like being treated like one out of 50 options. Besides, if you’re a writer, you know how much feedback means, even if it’s constructive criticism. If you interact with other writers, you have a better chance of them noticing your stories and checking them out. I’m saying this because I know @noona-la-la-la, for example, found my blog because I reblogged a story of hers and gave feedback in the tags. I found a lot writers that way too since I always check the tags on my stories. 
  • If you follow me, you can always send me a link to your story and I’ll add it to my stories to read post :)

Good luck !! :)

Shitty things that need to stop within the ARMY fandom
  • Rap mon’s “fake deep posts” (x)

Nothing much here other than yall need to grow the fuck up and learn that whenever someone shares their worries and troubles and in general expresses themselves you don’t turn it into a fucking meme. I don’t care if you don’t understand what he posts, you still respect it. You are mocking him for how he feels and that is NOT cool

  • Jungkook is a “fuckboy”

I don’t care how you define the word, most definitions are still not something you should be calling the kid. And idk if you knew this, but the connotation for the word is not good, so then explain why you’re so willing to call Kookie it? (you know the shy, adorable, geeky, newly turned eighteen year old who yall LOVE to assume is a sex god in bed?)

  • Jimin “has no jams”

The joke is over. And if anyone still keeps bringing it up over every little thing Jimin does, you need help. Jimin sings on a radio show? “you got no jams”. Jimin dances in a bomb? “you got no jams”. Jimin plays around with the members? “you got no jams”. Jimin does ageyo even though he’s expressed he’s not good at it? “you got no jams”. Like fuck, stop discrediting him for everything he does.

  • V is an alien/4D (x)

I shouldn’t even be talking about this one because it’s been said by TAEHYUNG HIMSELF that he does not like being called an alien or 4D. Even the members have said at one point or another that it’s all a concept. To brush Tae off as just this weird dude “who comes from another planet” and is some “oddball whose head is in the clouds” is incredibly rude. Tae is a guy that the members all go to to unload their stress and troubles which means he gives good ass advice and HELPS them, Tae is a guy that Namjoon has acknowledged as perceptive and smart, Tae is a guy who has a lot more to him than his occasional moments where he simply lets loose and acts his age

  • Hoseok’s not a rapper (x)

This shouldn’t be on the list either because of how dumb it is. It’s high time for everyone to start truly acknowledging that Hobi is a rapper and a damn good one at that, not JUST an extremely talented dancer. To say that he is only good at dance is so insensitive to all the hardwork he’s put into rapping. And it’s quite obvious people do not bother to acknowledge this when literally no one is harping about HIS mixtape that he’s been working on for quite some time now

  • Pressuring Yoongi about his mixtape

I get yall are excited for Yoongi’s mixtape, I am too. But fuck, to CONSTANTLY be saying “where is it” “why you lyin” “impatiently waiting for Yoongi’s mixtape LOLZ” “where’s the fire” “WHERE. IS. IT” “stop playing us” LIKE GOD FUCKING DAMN. Give him some fucking breathing room. Yoongi already carries a lot of the brunt of helping produce and write for their albums, not to mention ALL the concerts they’ve had this year, and oh I don’t know the very well-known fact that Yoongi SLEEP DEPRIVES himself in order to get things done, and perfect things, and all that other shit. And then yall wanna come stampeding in demanding where his mixtape is? Why are you guys so intent on adding extra stress on top of him? You think he isn’t working incredibly hard on it? How about instead of pressuring him, you go— hey take your time do what you need to do we’ll wait.

  • Fake appreciating Jin

As horrible as it sounds, this is very much relevant and true AF. I just find it so humorous how people are SO quick to reblog stuff about appreciating Jin and all that other shit, but when Jin goes and does things people are automatically ignoring it or asking where the other members are. Let’s not forget that on Eat Jin people are constantly asking him, JIN, where are the other members, ON HIS FUCKING SHOW. If that doesn’t scream that people don’t really care for Jin or at the very least don’t have the decency to appreciate him doing shit on his own I don’t know what does.

  • Jungkook hates Jimin/Jimin deserves better (x) (x) (x)

This one is pretty clean cut. Stop using the actions of a fifteen year old as your justification. Actually stop JUDGING the actions of a FIFTEEN year old (seriously if you have to dig back two years ago for dirt you’re obviously just tripping) Point blank, Kookie has shown time over again how much he adores Jimin and how he sees Jimin, as well as ALL of Bangtan, as a brother. Yall are wrongly influencing newer fans and I hope you’re proud that you’ve managed to make people genuinely hate Kookie for stupid shit he did when he was fifteen. Just fuck. Are you guys really desperate for there to be a riff among the members or for the members to not like each other? With the way you guys nitpick everything it’s like you’re searching for something to discredit the bond between BTS.

  • Taking ships too far

Stop hating on members or bashing a member’s relationship with another just because it “goes against” your personal ship.  Is Jimin giving attention to Jungkook and you start being bitter by saying “he deserves better and should be with Yoongi”? Get a reality check. Is Taehyung standing next to Hobi when he “should be standing next to his boyfriend Jungkook”? Get a FUCKING reality check.

  • Finally, stop sexualizing every possible thing Bangtan does under the sun

Can I please go through my dash ONCE without seeing Jungkook posing in a selfie and then have tags saying “oh he knows he’s hot that rude shit ugh fuck me”. Or can I PLEASE watch a bangtan bomb without someone saying “I see your nipples omfg so sexy take off your shirt, that bulge though omg he’s probably so big fuck me”. Or better yet, forget me. Can BANGTAN SONYEONDAN post something on twitter without the crazy fans saying something irrelevant and chanting kiss me, fuck me, oppa I want you, blah blah ICK.

Because it isn’t Always Love at First Sight

Summary:It takes six years for Phil to have a moment where he realises he’s fallen in love with Dan. (Or where Phil is demisexual)

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: handjobs, bath smut, swearing

A/N: Hey, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted a fic and rn I’m just trying to get back into it :)  This kinda feels like two oneshots that maybe shouldn’t be connected but I really wanted to write fluffy bath smut so this happened.  Also, I hope the ppl that prompted these things enjoy!! (this was supposed to be like 1k words rip me)

Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  Their world is exactly the way it’s supposed to be, the way they want it to be, when all of a sudden it hits Phil like a load of bricks and he can’t stop himself from stumbling.  Because Phil realises that he’s fallen in love, fallen deeply into a lake where he’s drowning in the most wonderful feeling, and he’s absolutely and completely fucked.

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  • "I need to assert my dominance as a man!"
  • "What is wrong with you? You have a mother!"
  • "In hypothetical terms, you scored last night."
  • "Do you like magic?"
  • "I'm like Yoda, except instead of being green and little, I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro- I'm Broda."
  • "Are you acting out the last scene of Sleepless in Seattle with dolls?"
  • "I have you. I don't need to wait for it anymore."
  • "What would you expect? You've seen my penis."
  • "That makes me want to join a gym so I can get super strong and punch you really hard in the face."
  • "Oh my god, can you just be cool?"
  • "I don't love her, okay? I just miss her when she's not around, think about her all the time, and I imagine us running towards each other in slow motion and I'm wearing a brown seude vest. But I don't want to be her stupid boyfriend!"
  • "I can't just go say hi!"
  • "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."
  • "We met at the urinal."
  • "I was a teenage popstar in Canada."
  • "I guess, starting tomorrow, we can tell people."
  • "One out of every eight adult women in America is a prostitute."
  • "Love is the best thing we do."
  • "Playing loser tag is awesome!"
  • "Ouchy in my mouth."
  • "I'm cuddly, bitch. Deal with it!"
  • "I don't care if you have an orgasm! If you care, you do it!"
  • "He can't be pregnant. You have to have sex to be pregnant."
  • "I think you were in love and you messed it up."
  • "Everyone's leaving me and I don't like it!"
  • "Last week, I went out with a girl whose favourite band was Glee."
  • "What are the chances that we're both serial killers?"
  • "When I let a day go without talking to you, that day's just no good."
  • "I'm always gonna love you. Til the end of my days, and beyond."
  • "Love doesn't make sense!"
  • "You make me happy. You make me happy all the time."
  • "Do you want them? I hate olives."
  • "Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we don't let it be awkward."
  • "Good luck on your date, I hope she's everything you're looking for"
  • "Settling down is for losers and kids who never go out anymore."
  • "There is no one hotter than God."
  • "OK, here’s my thing – if gay guys start getting married, then suddenly the whole world’s gonna be doing it. That’s how it works. they start something, then six months later, everyone follows. Like… now everyone gets manicures."
  • "I keep waiting for something to happen."
  • "Look, you can’t design your life like a building. It doesn’t work that way. You just have to live it… and it’ll design itself."
  • "This font is often mistaken for Helvetica, but actually, it's Helvetica bold."
  • "I refuse to be a part of a third runaway bride situation."
  • "I'm really into you. I just can't be with you...right now."
  • "Whoever is right gets to slap the other person in the face as hard as they possibly can"
  • "I finally found the one. Her name is bacon."
  • "Why is no one coming to my happenings?"
  • "Ain't no thang but a chicken wang, mamacita!"
  • "If you keep acting this way, little by little, you're gonna lose me."
  • "The only people in the universe who haven't seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars."
  • "Chicago? Is that even a real place?"
  • "I'm sorry I don't have time for your drama right now. My fiance is missing."
  • "Just tell me. Do you love me?"
  • "Is there any way we could just go back to normal?"
  • "I only know of one truly platonic relationship."
  • "Do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?"
  • "Holding hands is like the fourth grade equivalent of banging."
  • "You hate women and women hate you."
  • "Why say goodbye to the good things?"
  • "You get older, you have kids, you stop stealing. It's sad."
  • "You have to let me dance my own battles!"
  • "New is always better!"
  • "If you have a crazy story, I was there. It's just the law of the universe."
  • "Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things."
  • "The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes it’s tempting but it’s a mistake. "
  • "You took my infant child to a strip club?"
  • "When you're in a new relationship and you're competing with your ex for who's happier, it can get ugly."
  • "I don't get lonely. I have five dogs."
  • "People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is, that guy is a genius."
  • "It's not cheating if it's on the phone, right?"
  • "Aren't you tired of waiting for destiny?"
Until Dawn Headcannons
  • Update #2
  • Matt: To me he seems like the kind of guy who adores Marvel/DC/ Superhero movies. Why? I have no idea. But I can't help but imagine him at Halloween being the most excited (behind Josh of course) and just dressing up as whatever superhero he can think of. Ever since he was a child he's been doing it and can even talk the others into joining him in a group costume sort of thing. (Ex: Mike as Batman, Matt as Robin, Emily as Catwoman, Jessica as Harley Quinn, Josh as The Joker, Chris as Riddler, and Ashley as Poison Ivy) On his Tumblr is ALL SUPERHEO stuff. Not even kidding either. (Some can be other funny stuff, but mostly Superheros.) He reblogs a lot of Chris' stuff and Jessica's.
  • Bonus: Total dog person. Power bottom. Tall (5'11)
  • Chris: We all know Chris is a huge nerdy boy who can't get off his phone to save his life. So I think he has a Tumblr (Let's say they all do actually). He's the one who secretly has one, no one knows he has one, but they all follow him without realizing it and always try to talk him into getting one so they all can follow him. He just rolls his eyes and says 'Maybe some time bro.' And they never once find out he has one. On this he reblogs the shit out nerdy stuff he likes (Video games, TV shows, Movies, etc.) and a lot of relationship bull crap that he insists is he thinks is stupid but has a secret love for corny/cheesey things and because of this blog he reblogs a LOT of it.
  • Bonus: He is SO a Dog Person. And I could see him a bit on the chubbier side, just not like, huge. Tall (6'2)
  • Josh: Just like Matt he adores Halloween, maybe a bit more than Matt. By a bit more I mean he goes crazy when it comes to decorating and his entire house becomes one huge haunted house every year and he pays people to actually hide around his huge house and scare people in the middle of one of his infamous Halloween parties. Sometimes he gets so into decorating that he actually forgets to dress up once October 31st comes and goes to get a last minute costume that he always somehow, in such little time, makes look fabulous, even more than Chris's which is usually just cardboard on his chest and he calls himself a knight, so it's easy to outdo him. Hard to outdo Jessica and Emily though, they both go all out. Josh's Tumblr is just full of Halloween shit all year round with the occasional favorite TV show posts/Couples. (Hannigram 5ever)
  • Bonus: He is SO a Cat Person. And I can see him being slighter taller and thin. Also; Power Bottom/Top. Tall (6'4)
  • Jessica: We all know that Jessica is the Queen B, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, all that. SO of COURSE she would have an Instagram. I mean seriously, if we follow along with the stereotype she DEF has one. But! Her Instagram is a bit. . .different. I feel like Jessica is a cosplayer and actually enjoys dressing up like her favorite characters, doing make tutorials, all of that. I can see her being the Fangirl of the group and swooning over ships and head cannons and whatever the new trend is on Tumblr or Twitter. And she sends Emily Anon love all the time without revealing who she is.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Average (5'6)
  • Emily: 4.0 Bitch. She is a know an all, as we can see in the game. But I have a feeling she is actually a bit insecure but tries to hide it by false confidence and knows that she isn't the best but is always trying her hardest. (Strict parents, perhaps?) She constantly posts on her Twitter and Tumblr new fashion ideas and life hacks which Jessica reblogs the hell out of. She reblogs the hell out of Jessica's make up tutorials all the time and always puts a heart in the tags.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Ashley: Ah yes, the girl I wish I didn't relate to but I do. Except I'm way funnier just sayin'. She is a writer as said in the game. So I can imagine her, Sam and Jessica getting along famously, all three of them work together on a lot of projects and Ashley, being the writer will write fanfictions for Jessica and have Sam illustrate them for her. Her Tumblr is full of fanfics, reblogs of her favorite couples, and art Sam has done for her fanfics.
  • Bonus: Cat person, Short (5'2).
  • Sam: I can see her being an artist, and she, like Ashley and Jessica, absolutely adore shipping and head cannons of all sorts and will always read Ashley's work and reblog them for her followers to see and then she normally illustrates the hell out of whatever couple Ashley had written about. And of course she also posts vegan recipes and how to keep healthy and selfies of her climbing trips. On another 'secret' blog of hers (Josh totally found it) She draws pictures of her friends in different couplings, her favorites to draw are Josh/Chris and Ashley/Her. When Josh found that blog she threatened to beat him up if he ever tells anyone about it. (Chris secretly found it and using his fake blog loves to reblog the stuff)
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Average height (5'5)
  • Mike: I can totally see Mike being a theater buff, fighting for the role to play as Romeo in the school reenactment of Romeo and Juliet (Whom of which he always gets Jessica to try out for) I can see his Tumblr being full of nerdy/cute things from famous plays and characters in those plays. He reblogs the shit out of Matt's stuff and without realizing it, Chris' stuff. He sends Josh a lot of prank ideas as well which of course he helps Josh with to do to the girls and/or Chris.
  • Bonus: Cat person. (idk why. . .it fits) Tall (6'6)
  • Beth: I can see her as more of the athletic type of girl. She is always trying out for the school teams and has done every sport there is. She's not the biggest fan of Halloween but loves to see Josh so excited about it. (Though when he hides skeletons everywhere and screams SKELETON WAR she hates his guts.) Her Tumblr is just full of sport life hacks and how to keep healthy. She reblogs a lot of Sam's Vegan recipe posts and Hannah's intellectual/serious posts.
  • Bonus: Dog Person. Tall-ish (5'8)
  • Hannah: Hannah I can being a huge nerd, but the really serious kind. Her blog is full of feminist ideals and how to be equals, she believes everyone should be treated the same not one person is better than the others. Her blog involves a lot of political ideas and how the world should be working and dissing the economy on several posts. She posts a lot of things that can actually help people and always lends a hand to her followers when asked a question. She reblogs a lot of Sam's climbing posts, and some of Josh's silly posts.
  • Bonus: Cat Person. Tall-ish (5'7)
  • Mike/Ashley: Very very rare pairing. But I believe the two of the mare actually pretty good friends behind everyone's backs and Mike constantly compliments Ashley's writings or acting skills when she helps him practice while everyone else is busy or doesn't want to deal with his over dramatic crap. It's a platonic relationship, they go out for coffee a lot and listen to one another go on and on about their days, actually listening to one another.
  • Sam/Ashley: I ship it, everyone should ship it. My head cannon for these two would be that they are constantly bickering about something small and everyone always makes them make up and kiss/hug. Samantha has the biggest crush on Ashley but because Ashley supposedly likes Chris she backs off a bit and just fantasizes and draws. Ashley of course likes her back and wishes that she could tell her but her parents are homophobic and she's too scared to come out. Sam's parents know that she is a lesbian and accept her for who she is.
  • Chris/Josh: For these two I can see them accidentally being together. Everyone actually believes the two of them are together and every time they try to get with a girl the girls asks 'Why?' and 'Aren't you with Josh/Chris?' which confuses the fuck out of these two babies but they insist they're not but no one believes them. I can see them just lying around, drinking, playing video games and sneaking kisses to one another every once in awhile, always insisting no homo until one day it goes full homo. Also, they are both meme loving shits and scream JOHN CENA to one another all the time, or whatever the most famous famous meme is at the time. (Josh walked around with a 'Promblem?' mask on for 3 months until Sam finally ripped it off of his face and destroyed it.)
  • Mike/Josh: These two are constantly pranking one another, there is no boundary and sometime they can hurt each other from the prank but they do it all in fun, neither of them are upset with the other, they just try to find a way to one up one another. I can see the two of them hanging out and actually comparing problems and helping one another solve them and being really good friends.
  • Matt/Mike: 'If I had to choose a dude' Is what Mike likes to call Matt, making the other boy always glare and flip him off while Mike whispers 'I love you' to him. I feel like they'd have a great back and forth to one another and always keep each other on their toes, always waiting for the lighthearted insults from the other. I can see the two of them being the douchebags at parties that jump off the roof into the pool while holding hands and then complaining about things together. (Ex: Emily, Girls in general)
  • Mike/Jessica: Like in the game Mike cares more about Jessica than anything it seems and would do anything for her, but I see them more in a brotherly love way? Like, I adore them together but I can also see them just acting like brother/sister. Still one of OTPs, but I can see them like that. Mike constantly gives Jess flowers and candies and snuggles with her whenever she asks or is in the mood and just worships every part of her like he would die without it, emotionally and physically. I can also see him being the one to fix her hair if she's tired or there's no mirror around for her to fix it herself.
  • Mike/Sam: Even though they are different in almost every way I can so see them together or (like Jessica) in a brother/sister type way. I adore this pairing as well and like them in any way really. I can see the two of them making plans to go climbing together and do dangerous stunts that the others are too chickenshit to try. They secretly cuddle when the other is feeling vulnerable and feel like it's something personal that the other's shouldn't know about and are content. None of it ruins anything so they don't see the point. They care about each other's well being.
  • Josh/Sam: These two I have a small head cannon for; They are best friends due to Hannah, meeting they instantly hit it off and Josh may hold some feelings for her but she has told him on various occasions she thinks of him like a brother. He doesn't mind. She realizes they have a connection, but knows it would never work due to her feelings for Ashley and Josh's for Chris.
  • Chris/Sam: These two of course joke around constantly and are always pushing each other's buttons and making terrible jokes (mostly on Sam's end) and are the people who can go from playful to serious in an instant during their conversations. They sometimes talk about deep, personal matters that Chris tries to shy away from but Sam pulls him right back in, knowing this was important for both of them and in the end they leave feeling relieved and thankful for the other.
“Those who can’t do, teach”

That is the biggest load of bullshit and the root of so many systematic flaws in our (Canada’s) education system. Why?

Kids are always told, always taught “Hey even if you fail at this, you can always be a teacher” because of the myth that “anyone can teach!” Well you know what that leads to?

People who failed at their passion, failed at their achieving their dream, becoming teachers. True, some people really find their passion in teaching even if they never originally considered it, but I’m not talking about those people.

I’m talking about those asshole teachers man, the ones you can just TELL don’t give a fuck. You know the ones, we’ve all had them at least in our school if not personally for a class.

(For me, my love of science was destroyed and left rotting in the sun because of the same shitty teacher for grade 9 and 10. Utterly gone. Sometimes a spark of it comes back, but never the way it was before I had that teacher.)

Problem is, they are by far NOT the majority of teachers. 

Most teachers truly WANT to teach, want to work with kids and help them grow and share knowledge with them. Here is where those rotted teachers affect the good fruit.

We all know negativity overshadows everything with even a touch of it, so to a student who has a truly shitty teacher, well all teachers suddenly look as bad as that asshole. So a rowdy 15 year old whose mad about that one teacher, suddenly starts treating all their teachers like shit. Whatever, kids have hormones and emotions, and most teachers don’t take it personally (the assholes will) BUT!

Now take that one kid, add like say 6/ class and over 20 years. THAT is the origin of the other kind of asshole teacher: they achieved their dream and loved it until it rotted from beneath them, and they no longer love their job, and what was the point of it all anyways? 

(My school had a teacher like this. She was horrid and impatient and an academic death sentence to anyone who had her class. But she was very very intelligent and if you bothered to notice you could just TELL she was tired and just didn’t care anymore.)

So now there are teachers who just SHOULDN’T be teachers, and others who are SO WORN DOWN they become evil (Die a hero or become the villain kind of thing).

The Good Teachers are suddenly in a losing battle, because kids expect them to be awful, (also teenagers take everything personally man, I did, but damn), and even when a teacher is THE BEST who remembers them? We all have Shitty Teacher stories, but so few actually have like Good/Inspiring Teacher stories.

Thus the entire legitimacy of their profession is lost, because of a few bad apple and a society that believes “Those who can’t do, teach.”


  1. Psychological/ Personality analyses for prospective teachers. Some people just plain and simple should not be teachers. Get rid of them right off the bat. I’m sure they’ll be fucking great in another field, but not this one. 
  2. Respect your teachers. This sounds simple, but I’m not just talking about students I mean their parents, other members of society, basically everyone. No one would be where they are without teachers, your kids are going to be partially raised by their teachers, they are extraordinarily important and yet people don’t just take them for granted, they think they are ‘lazy’ and took the easy road for life. DESTROY THIS MENTALITY, KILL IT, BURN IT, AND SALT THE GROUND FROM WHICH IT WAS BORN.
  3. Tailor classes to fit students’ learning style/personality. This is not coddling, the fact of the matter is people have different learning styles and the current education system works only for one group while royally fucking over everyone else. Many learning disabilities people have are ways the system says “They are different so we’ll label and marginalize them because we don’t know/don’t care what to do about them” but the reality is a lot of these kids just learn in a different way (OK I KNOW THAT’S SUPER GENERAL IM SORRY, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY???). So many BRILLIANT kids struggle through school because they don’t fit the education system’s tiny box, and because they struggle they are labelled “stupid”. In a different environment, with a different teaching method, they could truly excel. Instead of diving schools with “The Smart/Elite Classes” “The Medium Difficulty” and “The Dumb Kids”, schools should be divided by the different learning styles. Help kids learn to learn, don’t smother them and try to cram them into a very specific box.
  4. Stop Mountains of Homework and Change Tests. Forcing someone to do anything will ultimately ruin their enjoyment of it, and homework is a great way to make kids hate learning. People LIKE learning, we really do, but the fastest way to kill a spark is to bury it. Even tests, if you just encourage kids to show off what they know instead of shame them for what they don’t, all they does is fuel the mentality of not being “smart enough” and seriously create a fear of failure. My adult siblings still have nightmares about standardized tests ok, YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN DECADES LATER PEOPLE ARE SO TRAUMATIZED THEY HAVE NIGHTMARES. 
  5. Start School Later. Teenagers need their god damned sleep. Adults do too, but the body is going through so many changes during your adolescence that you need more sleep. Even if you are well rested, everyone’s mind is basically soup in the morning (because you’re TIRED) but also you don’t absorb information as well when you are exhausted. Also fewer grumpy students and teachers, which leads to more enjoyable classroom environments. THERE ARE LITERALLY NO DOWNSIDES TO STARTING SCHOOL LATER. (This one is so easy and obvious it’s dumb that we still start school before sunrise.)
  6. Pay Teachers Better. BEING PAID MORE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE LAZY, FROM US POOR MINIMUM WAGE FOLKS TO MIDDLE CLASS STABLE PEOPLE. IT MAKES US APPRECIATE WORK AND BUY MORE THINGS AND FIX THE ECONOMY. That “appreciate work” is very key to this, because a well paid teacher is a happy teacher who is far less likely to grow sour and take it out on their students. If we put this with the whole “Kill homework” idea, we get well paid AND well rested teachers who now operate at maximum capacity. You wouldn’t want a surgeon who is underpaid and completely exhausted to do your surgery, so why are you OK with the people in charge of entire generations of kids, effectively the future, to be tired and poor?

These are off the top of my head, and I am positive there are more points that I just haven’t considered. My knowledge comes from an understanding of the education system in Ontario specifically, so please PLEASE add your own thoughts. ( edwardspoonhands can you lend your thoughts on this topic maybe?? I don’t know how different the American Education system is, and Canada takes may cues from The States. )

Guys if we want school to be better in the future, this shit has to change.

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Coco, may I ask for some of your fluffy Haikise headcanons?

I have all kinds of HaiKi headcanons though most of it involves NC17 ones so //w\ But yeah fLUFF hoho

1. It doesn’t seem like it but Haizaki has always been watching Kise’s every movement because he has his eyes on him and he thinks that Kise is good in more ways than one. At times he catches Kise in his dorky moments or just Kise laughing like the bubbly person that he is and Shougo-kun gets taken aback because he isn’t ready for this much cuteness, he thinks it’s just not his kind of thing but he doesn’t even know why his face suddenly feels hot when Ryouta makes those stupid faces.

2. At times Shougo wishes those smiles would be directed at him but who is he to wish for such thing when he treats Ryouta like trash though. So Haizaki continues to be in denial and indulges himself in things like going out with pretty girls (mostly blonde) and just fucking around. He doesn’t know why it is so hard to find someone prettier than Ryouta’s dumb face though. 

3. Some time after Winter Cup ended, Haizaki finds himself in Tokyo just fooling around and going to different arcades because they have got the good machines in Tokyo. And then he stumbles across Ryouta playing Dance Dance Revolution and Haizaki snorts at him because Ryouta looks so ridiculous even though he is actually.. good and he has got a nice ass too ehem //w\

4. They didn’t know how it starts, but Haizaki starts to come down to Tokyo quite often after the first time he saw Ryouta and keeps hoping that maybe he will see him again and he does. And Kise is always there because the arcade is near his modelling agency and the first time he met Shougo-kun there, they start to have a fight with each other. Except that they fight in games and it’s just a brutal rivalry fight at first but it soon turns to something that they both enjoy because Haizaki is good at stealing people’s skill and Ryouta is just as good at copying people’s skills too. They’re on par with each other.

5. They start hanging out with each other after several encounters at the arcade though and Kise is surprised that Shougo-kun knows so many things about him. When Shougo blurts out that he actually knows about Ryouta’s favourite food, Ryouta asks him how the fuck he got that information. And Shougo just shrugs it off and walks ahead of Ryouta because there is no way he is letting Ryouta know that he had been watching him for all these time and of course he isn’t going to let Ryouta see the red that has gotten on his face.

6. Old habits die hard, and when they go out to eat together Shougo-kun prefers to eat what is on Ryouta’s plate rather than his. And then one time Kise purposely orders something that is too spicy for average people to handle and Shougo-kun gets a shock of his life after that because he has always known that Ryouta is a little shit, never did he know he will fall trap to that side of Ryouta. The only thing that makes it all worth it is hearing Ryouta’s hysterical laugh when he chokes on the food though ///w///

7. Somehow Ryouta manages to convince Shougo-kun to play one-on-one with him because he is always itching to play basketball all the time and Shougo-kun looks like he has nothing better to do and so they start playing basketball. Despite Haizaki’s claim that he quitted because he hates basketball, it’s actually a lie because he is still so good at it and a few weeks after playing with Ryouta he signs up for the basketball club again //w\

8. After a little while, every time they go out to eat together.. Kise would order Haizaki’s favourite food and Haizaki is actually kind enough and orders things that he thinks Kise might like because they’re going to switch anyway. Also Haizaki thinks that Ryouta is annoying because he keeps pestering him to wash his hands before they start eating but there is part of him that feels dokis because Ryouta actually cares ///w///

9. Some times when Ryouta is in one of his crappy moods after a rough day with his modelling job, Shougo would definitely notice. And then he will invite Ryouta to either play one-on-one or just spending times at the arcade. Most often than not, Kise didn’t refuse because he feels like he gets to spread out his wings a little bit when he is with Shougo-kun because there is nothing to hide from him. 

10. Ryouta asks Shougo to take selfie with him one time and it becomes a routine for them to take at least one picture a day every time they hang out together. Shougo will refuse sometimes and Ryouta will start pouting and sulking and then Shougo will give in and make dorky faces at the camera because he is just mimicking Ryouta’s ridiculous expressions. 

11. Soon Haizaki’s pictures start to appear on such a frequent basis on Kise’s blog and people start asking Kise who is this ‘Shougo-kun’ that Kise always takes pictures with. Haizaki stalks Kise’s blog pretty often and then he sees Kise replies to them that it’s a secret followed with a stupid winking emoticon. Somehow Haizaki feels like he wants to know the answer too ;w;

12. Their relationship is mostly platonic at first because there is a part of them that feel like they’re still rivals despite the many times they hang out together. Somewhere along the way Kise starts messaging Shougo-kun quite often though and their messages turn from just basketball/video games to personal thing like how Kise’s day is going, what they’re eating for lunch and stuffs. Ryouta loves to send his picture to Shougo because he has got this belief that he has a pretty face, and he really is because Shougo keeps each photos that Ryouta sent to him eheheh //////

13. It’s some time during Winter when they start to become closer. The reason is because Ryouta always refuses to wear extra clothes underneath the jacket because he says that he will look like a bouncing basketball. Shougo sighs a lot at this because he always had to discard his scarf and sometimes even his furry jacket and drapes in on Ryouta’s shoulders claiming that he isn’t feeling cold anyway //w\ 

14. It’s still Winter and Ryouta keeps forgetting his gloves, so Shougo takes Ryouta’s hands in his and shoves it inside the pocket of his jacket. Their hands stay together in there and Shougo wonders if Ryouta is flushing because of the cold or because of something else. When he brushes his fingers over Ryouta’s hands, he sees the blush start to creep out to the tip of Ryouta’s ears and Shougo smirks because it’s the first time Ryouta is reacting this way with him //w\

15. It’s Winter Cup and instead of going at each other with the feelings of hatred bubbling up within them. It’s more like Spring comes a little bit too early for Shougo and Ryouta because there are flowers and a tiny bits of loves blooming inside their hearts. //w\

sometimes i wonder just why i have come to like rory/logan a lot as an adult, despite having hated the very notion of it with the fire of a thousand suns when i was a teen with Very Strong Gilmore Girls Opinions. at this point, i feel a little more fondness for the notion of a rory/logan endgame than a rory/jess endgame, which would have been blasphemy!!! to my young self.

and i think part of it is that over the years, i’ve started to pay more attention to rory’s perspective and rory’s experiences in her relationships, rather than prioritizing the POV of the guys.

(like, i used to be one of those people who was like “nuuuuuuu, rory! why are you being so stupid? you should pick marty, he’s NICE! logan is for dummies!”, a shame which i will carry with me for all my days.)

as viewers, we know that jess loves rory and that he struggles so much with his inability to admit that and openly commit to her, and therefore we get this perspective of jess having this very moving and noble and enduring devotion to rory, comparable to luke’s feelings for lorelai. but – and it really took me awhile to become quite aware of this – rory doesn’t really know that at all. when they actually dated, jess was so distant and hot-and-cold, and unlike us, rory doesn’t get to see all those moments that prove that jess truly cares for her. so while they had a wonderful connection & flirtation in season two, ultimately rory probably thinks that jess didn’t care about her. and him showing up in season four to randomly profess his love & then ask her to run away with him can be dreamy to us, because we know his side of the story. but rory doesn’t at all: all she knows is that this guy literally broke up with her by leaving town without telling her (and i get so sad thinking about how happy rory was at the idea of prom and the fact that she didn’t get to go), and that was after months of struggling to understand where she stood with him. and even though my wee little heart used to scream, “go with jess! why would you choose dean???” (answer: because dean’s devotion sure must feel mighty comforting & appealing after having her heart broken by jess), now i 100% understand why she is totally thrown off by jess’s (really very terrible) attempt to get back together with her. how could she take that risk for a guy whose feelings she could never be sure of?

granted, in season six we see him in a much better place and get to see some of their old season two connection again, but considering how brief those meetings were, i get that she wouldn’t want to throw away her relationship with logan to rekindle a high school romance that was ultimately very difficult for her. and i feel like we didn’t get to see jess quite enough to understand how he was operating on a day-to-day basis and what an actual relationship with them would have been like at that point.

to briefly talk of my nemesis, dean: i think that rory was happy with him in that giddy-first-love kind of way, but ultimately they didn’t have enough in common and she was often really anxious about & practically afraid of his temper. so i think that takes him out of the running for being rory’s happiest relationship.

basically, in terms of rory’s three main love stories, i think we see her happiest for the longest being with logan. it’s not by any means trouble-free, and we definitely see her struggle with pining for logan in mid-season five (though that ends pretty happily) and struggle with his partying and drinking all throughout the series. but i get the sense that when she and logan are in a good place, she is really happy with him and loves him a lot. and as i’ve become a more sympathetic and empathetic viewer re: rory (rather than just screaming “RORY, WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? JESS LOVES YOU!!! THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY AND MOVE TO NEW YORK WITH HIM, GIRL~~~”, which i am very ashamed to admit was my stance at around age 14), i think my priorities have changed a little bit, and what i want is for her to be with the guy she enthusiastically loves and adores.

i guess in short i feel like a rory/jess endgame would be something people want more for jess than for rory, since for jess the end of their relationship was sort of this great unresolved he-lost-the-love-of-his-life-(so-far) situation, but for rory, it was an instance where she truly just needed to move on for her own emotional well being.

i don’t want this to seem like i’m hating on on rory/jess, because i totally get that they have an amazing connection and one that gets me all emotional no matter how many times i watch the series, and i get that he means a lot to rory and that they have this great kindred spirits bond. i do feel like if the revival chooses to reunite them, it will probably be in a beautifully written way that i will enjoy, because there’s enough there between them to support the idea that they could have a great relationship as adults.

but i feel like, contrary to the sort of fandom consensus of jess being her most important fella, logan was the boyfriend that was the most special to rory from her own POV and that it’s kind of a bummer that rory/logan gets written off like their relationship had no value and being with him ruined her personality (which: OH HOW THAT STANCE BUMS ME OUT) and somehow rory deciding that she loved logan made rory shallow & frivolous & worthless and all that stuff. and so i like the idea of seeing them together again and seeing them possibly get back together, because i don’t think that a lack of love and affection was their problem, whereas i feel like that’s what rory was really starved for while dating jess, and i don’t want rory to have to feel like that. not that jess would necessarily repeat his mistakes, since he’s gotten much better, but i get it if rory wouldn’t want to try again with him after how their first attempt went. i kind of feel like they would function great as lifelong friends, but i’m not sure if having the romantic element to their relationship is necessary for me, or is the thing that makes them special together.

maybe the key difference between them for me is that both logan and jess screwed up a lot with rory, but we didn’t see logan just totally shut down and pull away after those screw ups. he made attempts to make it up to her & be better. part of that may very well have been that he was older than jess and a bit more mature; i’m not sure.

either way, i am excited (and maybe a little scared) to see what her interaction is like with both of them in the revival, and in my heart of hearts i suspect i will be slightly & contrarily team logan.

(i am not really sure how to address the 7.21 proposal ultimatum, because the more i pay attention to rory/logan, the more i’m kind of like “what you doing logan? how does this make any sense????” based on how their relationship functions in s7 prior to that. it felt like the writers just wanted to get rid of him neatly?? but also i think i remember reading somewhere that he would have returned for season 8 if there had been one, therefore implying that the proposal was not the end for rory and logan because why would logan be on the show without being tied to rory’s storyline??? so who knows????? also: how weird is it that lorelai AND logan busted out proposal ultimatums? and it didn’t make luke any less lorelai’s endgame boo despite that happening. i wonder if that parallel would have been addressed …)

also, obviously rory gilmore’s true love and soulmate is paris, but i feel like there’s no chance ASP is gonna work with me on that one. WHY, ASP!?

It pretty much turned into a fic... Sorry

Hi, so I’ve got a matsuhana headcanon! 🌻

In middle school, Matsukawa was much more quiet/reserved, only having a small group of class friends. He’s very funny/clever, but a bit awkward, preferring to digest and pick apart any new information thoughtfully. Conversations with his classmates always seem to move too quickly for him to keep up. (His timing is either spot on or completely off the wall.)
Maybe he really only had one close friend who “understood him” but they moved really far away after their first year of junior high. After that, during class breaks, and during his walks to and from school, Matsukawa always had his earbuds in. He plays music because he enjoys finding new music, but also because he’s lonely and he thinks no one really wants to talk to him (tween angst).
His 3rd year of middle school is better for him, he grew much taller over summer break and gets scouted for the volleyball club. He was apprehensive about joining at first, but once he tries it, he loves it! He really starts to open up again and his team becomes like a second family. When he finally graduates from middle school, Matsukawa has a great break, but the idea of having to start all over again at Aoba Johsai terrifies him.

Hanamaki has always been outspoken, if not a little bit snarky. (Puberty amplifies this x10) But his classmates generally like him anyways. They can always count on him to be honest. (Even if he is kind of a little shit in middle school.) He’s had the same friends his whole life since they all grew up in the same neighborhood. They all played on the same junior volleyball team, went to the same small Kindergarten-9th grade school where EVERYONE knows each other.
But somehow Hanamaki feels like many of his relationships are shallow.
He’s always loved being active and socializing, but sometimes it feels like he’s trapped in a boring bubble, where nothing new or exciting ever happens and everyone is “forced” to be civil. No one ever shares what they really think like he does and he finds that he has to hold himself back if he wants to fit in. Playing volleyball helps with this a little, (actions speak louder than words) but he can’t wait to graduate and move on to the much larger Aoba Johsai.

The first few days of high school pass by in a blur of confusion, ceremonies, and introductions. Both boys are nervous and excited, and so far their new school is even better than their expectations.

Matsukawa actually meets Iwaizumi on the very first day of school. After the entrance ceremony, Oikawa immediately got swarmed by a group of girls that wanted to get to know him. The crowd separates Iwaizumi from Oikawa, and he’s left to find his new classes by himself.
Matsukawa happens to witness this, and impulsively plucks up the courage to talk to (the very lost-looking/irritated) Iwaizumi. To his surprise, when they start to talk, Iwaizumi relaxes. They’re both glad to have someone to be with, and they find that they get along really well. They’re even in the same class together!

Hanamaki found his own classroom immediately and was one of the first people to find his desk. He greets some acquaintances of his as people trickle in, but he keeps to himself. That is, until Oikawa and his outrageously large flock of followers stumble through the door. The flock reluctantly says goodbye to the object of their newfound affections and they either take their seats or go back to their own classes. Oikawa waves goodbye and takes a seat near Hanamaki, ignoring his growing Cheshire grin, and Hanamaki can’t contain himself anymore. This ridiculous guy was looking extremely… Interesting. “Hey,” he taps his new neighbor’s desk with his fingers, “what the fuck was <i>that</i>?”
They both gain a very snarky love-hate relationship right then and there.

Oikawa, Hanamaki’s primary source of entertainment, always disappears from the classroom at lunchtime, so on the fourth day Hanamaki decides to tag along.

Oikawa unwillingly leads him to the class down the hall: Iwaizumi and Matsukawa’s class. Matsukawa and Iwaizumi also sit near each other, so they’re all becoming pretty good friends. Though when Oikawa comes over for lunch, Matsukawa does start to feel like a 3rd wheel. He’s come to accept it. His new friends are incredibly close. So when Oikawa shows up with a plus one, Matsukawa is a bit surprised. And shy. And nervous. And embarrassed. And just a little bit happy. They all make their introductions and sit down again. As he opens his lunch box, the plus one: Hanamaki, unabashedly gives Matsukawa a once-over. He shoots him a playful smirk and a wink, but goes right back to interrogating Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

Hanamaki is over the moon to have found wierdo-Oikawa’s childhood friend. (Oh the hilarious things he must have seen!) After a few minutes of conversing, the ever-protective Iwaizumi can tell that Hanamaki genuinely likes Oikawa, so he slowly lets his guard down. Hanamaki doesn’t take any of Oikawa’s crap either so he’s already making his way into Iwaizumi’s good books.

Matsukawa continues to go relatively unnoticed for the first few minutes, as he chews his peanut butter sandwich, but he’s having a great time listening to their funny stories and ridiculous banter. This Hanamaki is hilarious and there’s something about him that makes Matsukawa want to “keep up”. This time, when Oikawa retorts with something stupid back to Iwaizumi, Matsukawa finally blurts out one of the clever wisecracks he’d normally keep to himself. All inhabitants of the table go silent. A bite of food falls from Iwaizumi’s mouth. Oikawa’s eyes nearly pop out of his skull… Matsukawa is surprised he hasn’t keeled over on the spot yet from the sheer embarrassment; Especially when Hanamaki finally looks him in the eyes again and starts belly-laughing until there’s tears in his eyes and he can’t breathe. For the first time in a long time, it’s Matsukawa’s turn to wear a shit-eating grin.

Hanamaki decides right then and there that the quiet, adorably unassuming Matsukawa is probably the most interesting person he’ll ever meet.

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hello! i just read your tags saying how kusanagi is the opposite of totsuka and totsuka has a cold heart. can you elaborate on that topic maybe? because i've always seen totsuka as the happy guy who loves everybody (he seems to at least) and kusanagi as the more reserved one? i dunno what i'm babbling about and what i've seen of those two are only from the anime. i haven't read the manga so i might miss out on a lot of info. sorry for the long ask and have a nice day! (:

Sure! I could talk about Homra all day.

Almost all of this comes from the supplementary materials, especially the novels, artwork, and manga.

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Hi! I'm not in a good mood recently and seeing one of my OTPs being assaulted and expressed disgust at only make it worse. My brain keeps telling me that I shouldn't care too much, but it still stings. How can I ignore it more efficiently? Thanks <3

That’s a hard one, isn’t it?  When you love something, and invest your time and energy into it, someone else attacking it can feel very personal.  Most of the time, the best thing to do is try to figure out why this person or persons is attacking your ship.

1. The person is frustrated/disappointed/angry about something that happened in canon or something that commonly happens in fandom, and your ship could be seen as a symptom of this problem.

This is common on Tumblr.  People get upset about fandom’s treatment of POC, the lack of femslash in comparison to male slash, and ships that in real life would be dangerous, unhealthy and misogynistic, and most of the time, they’re less angry about a particular ship and more angry about what that ship represents to them.  I had this problem with Clint/Coulson, because it’s pretty much the poster child for ‘this logical ship has 12 fics, and this completely stupid ship with two white guys has 1047948394 bazillion fics, WTF, Fandom?’

I had to remind myself that they’re discussing a legit problem with society, and how it feeds a lot of problem in fandom, and consider their points.  (I’m still bad at this, but all we can do is try to be better)  It’s okay to like problematic ships and people, but it’s a good idea to look calmly at them to determine why other people find them problematic.  Critical thinking, about society, canon and fandom, can only improve things.

2.  The person feels that the ‘legitimacy’ of their own ship requires them to attack another ship.

This is common right now with Steve/Bucky and Steve/Tony shippers.  It falls under Sci’s ‘limited ship material makes fandom insane’ theory.  Basically, the bigger the ship pool, the more people just stay in their lanes and ignore everyone else.  There’s enough to go around, who cares, here, EVERYONE GETS A PILE OF FIC.

For example, Avengers has a lot of characters and a lot of ships.  ScienceBros and BowTie and Pepperony and BlackPepper and HulkEye and ThunderShield and FrostIron.  You name it, someone ships it.  Find your ship and stay in your happy corner.

Smaller casts lead to more infighting. Supernatural is the poster child here.  There are three main characters, and two ships.  And since one character is part of both of those ships, people…  Fight over where he ‘belongs.’

Then you get down to something like Sherlock, where the fight becomes ‘platonic or sexytimes’ and that’s a fight that can draw blood because there’s only one ship involved, and people live and die by their interpretation of it.

This is not a hill I want to die on, because if someone is so insecure about their own OTP that they have to attack someone else’s, well, you’re not going to change their mind.  Unless they’re actually your friend, you’re better off unfollowing, blocking, or using blacklist so their posts on certain subjects don’t show up on your dash.

3.  The person hates the ship/character/show/movie etc.  

That’s it.  They just don’t like it, and that’s okay.  Everyone has different tastes.  Sometimes, posts about a ship can come from a place of general frustration because popular ships get a lot of fic/art/meta, and it can feel like there’s no escaping it.  If you’re following a ship tag that’s lucky to get a post or two a week, having the flavor of the week be all over the place is enough to make you bitter.  Bitter like week old burnt coffee.

This does not excuse them being nasty to other fans, or to demand artists or writers cater to their preferences, but it does make the occasional, “God, if I have to see one more AU about Clint running a coffee shop, I’m going to stab someone” post a little more understandable.  Take your mounds of stuff as tradeoff for the fact that people are going to grumble about it.

4.  The person is a jerk, and doesn’t actually care about the ship, they just want to make trouble or make someone feel bad.

Most of the anti-ship posts don’t fall in this category.  Try to remind yourself of that.  Most people have reasons for attacking a ship beyond ‘to watch the world burn.’  However, this is the internet, and such people do exist.  

Turn off anon, disable notifications, and block users that cause you anxiety.  Remember, it’s your dash.  It’s your space.  You are not required to give anyone else a platform for their abuse.  Try to follow people who make you happy, and avoid the ones that don’t.  

And for these people, you continuing to love your ship is what they want to stop.  Defy them.  If you see a nasty “ugh, Bruce is the WORST” post, then find your favorite post about that character and reblog it.  Fight hate with love.  It’s healthier.

Try to enjoy your thing, and remember, dislike of a THING does not imply dislike of the PERSON who does like it.  As long as you’re not hurting anyone, it’s okay to like your thing.  Even if it is hella problematic. 8)

This post is about the Logan and Jess double standard treatment in the GG fandom, I don’t offend any character or anyone in general, I don’t talk about ships, but I know it might be received badly. I didn’t feel like abbreviating the characters name, so it’s gonna pop up in certain tags and I’m sorry for this. 

For starters the GG fandom is amazing, we all love the main characters, stars hollow and all the crazy stuff, but I know there’s a double standard regarding two particular characters: Jess and Logan. I’m sure it’s all given by the fact they’re contenders to be Rory’s endgame, which makes us a little bit rude to one another (me included at times).
It’s clear the majority of the fandom loves Jess and tends to protect him, defend him from any criticism, which is normal, I do it myself with my favorites. What I intend with double standard is how Jess is put on a pedestal, considered as one of most intriguing, interesting character in GG world. He gets many credits, he’s immediately given so much depth because he’s presented as the typical bad boy with a relentless passion for literature and music, as a troubled teenager who lashes out at everyone due to his family issues: the absence of a father, the unreliability of his mother and a really complicated relationship with his uncle. I actually see all this, I get why he’s that interesting, I get why everyone always wanted to see him grow up as a man. There’s always been so much depth in this character, but obviously GG wasn’t the right show to develop his storyline.
Logan on the other hand is constantly mistreated, reduced by the fandom as just a rich, spoiled brat, who stole things and sank a yacht. Most of the fans diminishes this boy merely to this, don’t even try to give him a little depth, to see through him and his family, to fathom the reasons behind his actions other than the money. And it’s sad. Logan is more than that, always been, it’s only harder to get him, because belonging to a wealthy family with all the money is a really thick facade that could trick everyone. Why not trying to look at Logan and his problems with his family? it’s less visible, there’s no anger showed, no lashing out at every person surrounding him, but the issues are there. 
He basically doesn’t have a motherly figure, in S6 it’s intended he never misses his mom, missing her is a concept really complicated and hard for him to grasp. When he was at the hospital in critical conditions, she literally went to a spa, her son was injured and she didn’t even care to go see him as a normal caring, worried mother would do. His father bosses him around, complaining about his involvement with the LDB without thinking that maybe Logan is a sort of a loose cannon, behaving like a douche and doing stupid things because he lacks any kind of guidance, love and support from his parents. He’s treated more like an heir than a beloved son.
He just has to be the head of the family one day and Logan lives with that in mind, he’s the heir of the Huntzberger fortune and it seems it’s the only thing he’s always been certain of his life and he feels trapped, he can’t run away from it, it’s the only possible option for his entire life. I know it is difficult for most of us to understand this, it’s not what most of the kids go through, Jess’ situation is more relatable and maybe that’s why people tend to love him unconditionally and to hate Logan.
But again why the double standard? why going through a really detailed description of Jess’ personality and not giving the same treatment to Logan? I’ve personally had many issues with Jess all over my rewatches, but I’ve come to like him and understand where he comes from.
Can Logan be recognized as not just a spoiled brat and a rich bastard? I don’t condone any of his bad action (particularly the stealing part) as much as I don’t condone any of Jess’ behaviors.
These characters are different and similar at the same time, it’s good to understand them both, beside their relationship with Rory and whether is gonna be Rory/Jess or Rory/Logan.

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How the hell is being against a relationship which is clearly featuring abuse, not just an opinion it's literally fucking cannon that kylo mind raped Rey, considered childish? Even if Rey is random and not related to him in any way it's still incredibly harmful to support and romanticize that. I don't feel like I'm being childish for asking people to not support abusive relationships because as a survivor of one it'd be neat if it wasn't glorified. It's not cute, it's dangerous.

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Here’s my take, since you asked so civilly…I have no problem with people being against a relationship. My dad hated all my exes. My mom hated all my brother’s girlfriends. I have talked with Antis in a friendly and courteous manner (and some of them are actually quite nice, because we talk about the things we both like about Star Wars rather than the things we hate. Those Antis are the precious Arkenstones in the sea of garbage that’s been festering under Smaug’s enormous cloaca).

What I don’t like is when people threaten others with death threats, childish nonsensical banters, telling people to go die, comparing them to Hitler (I bet you couldn’t last two fucking pages reading Mein Kampf you’d be so fucking offended), taking the time out of their day to find Reylo followers in the Reylo tag (first of all, the fuck kind of masochistic fetish you got going into a tag you hate?) and sending them hate mail, and overall just acting like a bunch of fucking babies about a fictional ship (and some of them ship other “toxic” relationships too so the hypocrisy is screaming to the heavens).

Let’s look at some of the best shows out there:Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc. is basically an entire cast of Kylo Rens and frankly, it is way more interesting than having sweet cherry pie characters who are already at peace with the world(hence, no conflict, hence no story, because conflict, if you’ve ever taken an English class, is central to the plot of a story. If you don’t like that, then you can lick the exact center of Shakespeare’s asshole, because that man’s fiction has lasted centuries, and you won’t.

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I have a bombshell announcement to make guys: Star Wars is a story. It is not real life.

I may love Star Wars and shipping Reylo but I also have bills, and school, and a full-time job that is separate from the toxic microcosm that is Tumblr and social media, and a 5-year strong relationship that has only sustained itself because I don’t act like a fucking child. That’s called being an adult– being able to tell the difference and separate between a fictional story and real life. Because the day I get to play with a real goddamn lightsaber is the day I quit my job and become a Jedi (which wont happen, obviously.)

Kylo Ren does not exist irl. Rey does not exist irl. They’re not even in the same side of the war (I actually expected him to be more of an asshole to her, since you know…it’s a war? It’s even in the name…Star Wars). If he started treating her like she’s his best friend then I’d be like, the fuck kind of villain is this (and even now, I find some of his actions puzzling because they seem so grey compared to other awesome Star Wars Villains. See: Emperor Palpatine).

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Obviously Kylo’s bad with girls and he can’t woo worth a damn but most of us actually ship Ben Solo–the redeemed version of him–rather than Kylo Ren, with Rey. We see how he tries to win her over, despite having a warped, twisted idea of what “good” is and instead of complaining outright about “abuse” we delve into character psychology. It seems many Antis also have a real big problem with how to use words properly, but I’ll let the Anti tag speak for itself with the staggering linguistic tragedies that befall most of their posts (your question included).

Many “controversial” shippers (despite the HUGE Reylo support outside of Tumbr. And Tumblr, is but a speck in the Star Wars fandom because most of you weren’t even alive when the original trilogy came out and there’s a lot of forty-year-old guys with money and thousands of dollars in collector’s items… most of you, from the looks of it, probably havent read a single EU novel) check our facts before we embarrass ourselves and we see past shallow black-and-white character development and attempt to understand character motivations.This is the difference between a High School paper and a Master’s dissertation…the ability to cut layers and ask questions and give evidence before making a decision. We have two movies left, so as a rational person, I’m going to wait and watch Episode VIII before I make more decisions about who I want to ship and who I give a damn about. And if Daisy can like and appreciate Reylo fan art, I dare you to go bitch on her social media and see if she gives a damn.

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(hint: she doesnt)

It seems most Antis don’t realize the line between fiction and reality, and are stuck in this sad, black hole where to them, life and fiction are the same thing because they’re scared of the real world. And unfortunately, most of the Antis in this fandom seem to be in this demographic.

Now, I’ve said this before: there’s idiots in every village. So I’m not surprised if there are Reylo shippers who are just as childish and embarrassing. But I find that many of us shipping veterans who don’t operate with such antics have to:

a) deal with morons who don’t get see it from our perspective and react like fucking babies

b) deal with said morons in a kind and courteous manner because we don’t want to descend to their level of stupidity (and believe me, our frustration is mixed with both amusement and pity for them). Their intentions are clear, but the execution is sloppy and tacky. Instead of getting your point across, all we see is “bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine waaaaaa someone change my poopy diaper waaaa” and what’s even sadder is some of you have not a sentient bone in your body to see that.

TL;DR: Y’all can spit your hate that I like Reylo but that’s like saying Ice cream is delicious so I personally don’t care if you’re whining to me like you think your opinion matters.

P.S. I’ve been in an abusive relationship and an abusive family life too, and I don’t use it as a fucking crutch because someone doesn’t agree with me. As a survivor, it’d be neat if you can kiss my shiny metal ass. You’re not cute, you look like a little bitch.


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i'm glad that the panel turned out so well and i wish i could've seen all three of you do your thing, but i have to ask: how was dashcon itself? i know its a bit of an elephant to address but tumblr is EXPLODING with drama concerning the emergency $17,000 fundraiser, poor treatment of the staff, minors being let into 18+ panels, WTNV walking out, and various other unpleasantries. were you, sasha, and mark treated well? did you see anything happen there that seemed strange?

Here is my two cents:

1) I’m not sure why tumblr is mad at Dash Con about the $17,000.  When a large corporation (Mariott) totally screws over a smaller and less powerful group by demanding money NOW because its in the fine print despite a contract that outlined a staggered payment plan, I’d assume tumblr would side with the little guy.  

Should Dash Con have had a lawyer look over that contract?  HELL YES, but lesson learned.  It’s like adjustable rate mortgages.  Dash Con got screwed by a big multinational corp and for some reason tumblr is siding with Mariott.  It’s gross.  They are getting a lawyer now to see if what Mariott did was legal but there is nothing they can do about the damage to their reputation as a con.  

Also staff have been emphatic at the event that this $17,000 was a loan.  If you go to the staff office and say “hey my name is Joe Blow and I gave you $200 last night” they are claiming they will get you the money tomorrow or Monday.  They are not requiring proof since most people gave cash.  Just your word.   If that’s a scam, I have no idea what kind of scam it is.  

2) I know nothing about poor treatment of staff.  All the staff I’ve met with and worked with have been wonderful.  

3) I know nothing about minors in 18+ panels.  My 35 year old roommate was carded for an 18+ panel and not let in until she produced an ID.   When we opened Homoerotic Subtext up for questions staff actually came up to remind everyone to keep the questions PG13.  I saw nothing but staff being serious (to the point of being annoying) about the 18+ requirements.  

4) I don’t know all the details about the WTNV walk out, but I had won a raffle for priority seating so I was in the third row when the organizers told 1000+ people that the Night Vale people were demanding cash payment RIGHT NOW BEFORE THE SHOW despite a contract that said they would be paid tomorrow after their Q&A was done.   They said they offered to go to the bank and get the cash and WTNV walked rather than wait for someone to run the errand.  And this was after WTNV were over an hour late to their own live show, blaming “traffic”.  A few hours later, I bumped into a staff member that told me they had almost all the cash on the table as WTNV were leaving and begged them to at least stay for the Q&A tomorrow and they refused to take the money.  

I’ve also seen people complaining “WTNV interrupted their european tour for this!” when Dash Con was booked MONTHS before they booked their european tour.   It certainly colors my impression of the WTNV people considering some of them were singing and chanting along with everyone and declaring the Mariott’s actions bullshit the night before.   *side eyes them so hard right now*  You be the judge. 

5) I can’t speak for markdoesstuff and sashaforthewin, only myself.  The staff and organizers have been exceptionally kind but clearly overwhelmed by these curve balls and sometimes disorganized.   Some of it is standard first con issues.  Some of it is not their fault.  Some of it they’ve handled poorly, especially on the communication end.   It’s been a mixed bag.   I did two other panels (LGBTQ Support and LGBTQ&A) and I don’t know of anyone on those panels who had a bad experience either, but you would have to talk to them.   

But you asked me what I’ve seen.  I’ve seen some phenomenal people.  

The art in the dealer’s room is GREAT and almost entirely small set ups with homemade stuff by the artist.   I’ve been to A LOT of comic cons where big companies drive the merch.  Here it is some fantastic stuff at a good price where the artist is happy to chat with you and you know these people are doing it because they love it not just to take your money for some made in china crap while looking down their nose at you.    It was almost worth going for that alone.   PEOPLE HERE HAD BI PRIDE STUFF!!  More than just one vender!  Stickers, chainmail, tags, mini comics!  I’ve never found bi pride stuff at a big comic/fan con!!  I may have bought all the things……

I’ve not seen anyone be rude or nasty — no bronies or fedora-lords dominating q&as like I saw at C2E2 this spring, and damn some of the most unique cosplays I’ve seen in a long time.   The crowd is 80% women under 35 so keep that in mind when someone bitterly is like “ugh tumblr con is sooo stupid”.   Cuz when young women do something it’s always stupid don’t you know.  *eyeroll*

I’ve met up with some people I’ve known on the internet in fandoms for years and that alone for me was worth it, plus the amazing experience I’ve had on panels.  

And yet for some reason, everyone on this site is cheering for them to fail.   I do not understand that.   It’s worth it to ask some questions about all this since there have been issues, but the amount of flat-out hate is staggering as a person who is here having a good time.   People here are sometimes irritated but the mood is overwhelmingly positive.  

This was something put on by tumblr users for tumblr users.   All the panels on LGBTQ issues were by LGBTQ people.  That’s a hell of a lot better than the LGBTQ panel I went to at C2E2 last spring where it was 4 straight people congratulating themselves on all their great queer characters in Marvel and DC in a giant hetero circle jerk while Rachel Deering was treated like a utter token.   That was disgusting.  I didn’t see tumblr revolting against that.

TLDR: Yeah there have been some serious issues but people are really being asshats about it.  

- Sarah 

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soo I've read GoT two first books and watched the first season, but from what I can see Theon seems a bit... detestable. What makes you like him? (this is an honest question, I wanna understand xD also, I'm ok with spoilers)

… oh god THIS IS A LOADED QUESTION. I could answer you ‘because he’s an incredibly complex and well-written and compelling character and until you read adwd you don’t realize how fucking beautiful and thought-out his character and arc is’ and go tldr about it. BUT I’m incapable of shutting up about theon THEREFORE first I’m gonna link you a few posts I wrote about why I’m into this idiot: 

if you don’t feel like reading all of that shit, I’ll try to make it in bullet points.

  • he looks a bit detestable. but when you read his acok povs with the full spectrum/knowledge of how fucked up this guy was by his hostage status and you realizes how ridiculously deep are his issues in general he becomes a lot more compelling. imo you don’t appreciate his acok povs fully until you read adwd, but believe me if you go back to them later they’ll look entirely different.
  • also, when you read adwd, you’re going to end up in the most beautiful not-redemption-but-actually-redemption identity arc in those books and that I’ve read in general. no really. if you read the stuff above it’s gonna be clearer but basically: he gets held prisoner by ramsay bolton and get tortured to an inch of his life, ramsay pretty much brainwashes him (or tries to) into… er… *reek*. if you read acok you understood at once. he loses everything he thought was a+ about him before (good looks, smile [because ramsay broke some of his teeth so he can’t do it anymore or you see the gaps], archery [he gets some fingers cut] and that’s not even the beginning is2g when I read his first adwd chapter it took me ten pages to realize it was him) and he actually spends his entire arc finding his way back to the person he really is which is, spoilers, not entirely the detestable person you see in acok.
  • and at the end of it he does one of the two true bonafide heroic things anyone does in these books. it’s the most fucking cathartic thing in these entire books, I’ve never seen a cathartic moment this earned in the entirety of asoiaf and like when it comes full circle at the end of adwd it’s just so beautifully done I just want to cry at how beautiful that arc is. it’s painful but it’s v. rewarding and man he’s such a well-written character overall YOU’LL GET IT WHEN YOU SEE IT I SWEAR.
  • also I’m complete trash for the horrible sad feelings his relationship with robb gives me, which also isn’t as obvious until you read adwd but really that fucked me up GOOD back in the day. I’m also complete trash for anything about how this guy deconstructs some fifteen literary stereotypes at once.
  • also his chapters are the best written in adwd. like. technically. the entire arc is technically the best written/crafted imo at least. on an objective level.

that’s the basic reasons, if you want more you can read the academical papers above and you’ll have more than you asked for probably ;)


Oh boy I’m getting into it now.

Okay first I would like to say I am not the kind of person who likes to get into shipping debates or even discuss because I prefer to not start shit with people but I think this need to be said.

Also I’m going to blabber on for while so bare with me.
The overwatch and Steven Universe fandoms are the ones that mainly led me to writing this, but this should apply to all fandoms.

What is this thing I’m going on about? Shipping wars. Recently i came across the junkmetra ship which is the ship for Junkrat and Symmetra from overwatch. Personally I found the ship cute as I have a bit of a weakness for opposites.

And I quickly noticed that this ship has a lot of hate behind it, most saying it was “unhealthy” “abusive” “toxic” as well as “Junkrat and Symmetra are gay” and vary commonly “Symmetra is autistic”.

First they don’t have canon sexuality’s yet, and maybe blizzard is intentionally keeping it that way, and besides even if they were it wouldn’t matter because they’re fictional.
Nobody bats an eye when two heterosexual characters are shipped in a homosexual one, so why would it matter if it were the other way around? Again fictional characters, how a ship plays out is entirely based on the person looking at it and it dose not effect the original source in anyway.

The overwatch fandom or at least a large amount of it seems to think if the ship is heterosexual than it is automatically horrid and needs to be stopped, I don’t need to be heterosexual for that to annoy me.

The Steven Universe fandom is practically known for people losing their minds over a ship, so much so that they almost drove someone to suicide because of *ONE* ship. Because they didn’t agree with someone over a ship they felt that that meant this person deserved to die. They felt a bloody ship was more important than someone’s life.

It’s absolutely horrid how some people feel that they can choose which ships are right and which ones are wrong, especially when said ship is then deemed more important than a life.

If you don’t like a ship? good for you, now be an adult and ignore it, block the tag and go on with your life, the only reason I stopped ignoring it is because someone was almost driven to suicide because of it. And dealing with depression and anxiety myself this angers me to no end.

And I hate the fact that great fandoms and great shows, games, books and movies are being given horrible names because some people couldn’t deal with the fact that someone likes a ship they don’t.

“But it’s ruining the game/show/movie/book”
Too bad. If a ship ruins something for you then it doesn’t take a lot to ruin something for you huh

“It’s toxic”
No it’s not. The fact that you choose to waste your time on it is. That’s like me going down to the grocery store and screaming I hate mushrooms and any one who likes mushrooms is stupid and deserve to die.

“It sends a bad message”
If someone is taking advice from a FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP than that is they’re fault.

It’s utterly ridiculous how some people get so worked up about a non canon ship between fictional characters.

Shinigami / Stern Ritter (non-romantic) soul mates

As requested by anon. :)

Even after all this time, I feel like I don’t really know the Stern Ritter very well. So this list of which Stern Ritter would be good (non-romantic) soul mates for the shinigami may display kind of shallow reasoning. But we’re okay with that right? Right.

1. Robert Accutrone & Sasakibe

Because what do we really remember about these guys, other than that they had a mustache? Actually, I had to look up whether or not Sasakibe had a mustache. I’m a terrible person. The point is, neither of these guys really had the limelight. Ever. But at least they have their mustache.

Sasakibe: …

Robert: …

2. Lilotto & Yachiru

They look like kids and they like to eat. Soul mates!

Liltotto: The difference being, I eat people - she just eats candy.

Yachiru: We could compromise with people-shaped candy!

Liltotto: Might taste better. 

3. Giselle & Yamamoto

I know that Giselle and Yamamoto don’t seem to have a lot in common, but Yamamoto has zombies as part of his bankai, which means that zombies are in his soul. And Giselle is all about zombies. I’m pretty sure that makes them soul mates.

Yamamoto: Uh…

Giselle: So do you like drinking blood too??

4. As Nodt & Hisagi

As Nodt is fear guy. Hisagi is fear guy. Hisagi has spiky hair. As Nodt has a spiky mask. I feel like they would be friends.

As Nodt: [holds out arms for a hug]


5. Haschwalth & Ukitake

I’m not going to lie. This is based entirely on their hair.

Haschwalth: That’s fair.

Ukitake: We have like nothing else in common though?

6. Bazz-B & Renji

I hate to be this obvious, really, but….they’re both chasing someone who outranks them, they seem tough but are actually dorks, and they’re among the first willing to switch sides when they realize they’re not fighting for the right cause.

Bazz-B: And we both have cool hair!

Renji: ….sure.

7. BG9 & Kurotsuchi

They both like to collect data, and their bodies can do weird shit.

Kurotsuchi: I am far more competent than that guy, though.

BG9: Hey!

8. Candice & Kenpachi

They both love to fight, and they both go straight for the top - both of them decided that the person they most wanted to fight was Ichigo.

Candice: But unlike me, Kenpachi’s fight wasn’t STOLEN!

Kenpachi: Yeah, he also never told me to dodge.

9. Ishida & Byakuya

This is assuming that Ishida ultimately turns out to be good, of course. In which case Ishida and Byakuya an important trait: they pursue criminally stupid plans in the notion that they have to do it for the sake of pride or whatever. Even if it involves hurting those they love.

Byakuya: Yes we have already learned this lesson, Ishida Uryu. Get it together.


10. Quilge & Soi Fon

Quilge likes to lock people in a sphere. Soi Fon like to lock people Urahara in a cube. Quilge might have more of a personality than that, but I really can’t be bothered to remember. 


Soi Fon: Wait, you’re one of the Quincy?

11. Askin & Kyoraku

Yeah…I’m super behind so I’m sorry if Askin has a different personality now but basically what I remember is that he pretends to be lazy when he’s not and he’s super tricky. That sounds like Kyoraku to me.

Askin: We also each got a surprise promotion, yeah?

Kyoraku: Mine was less of a surprise, I think.

12. Gremmy & Aizen

They both have incredible minds and they fight by bending reality - or by seeming to, in Aizen’s case. They’re both pretty sure that they’re the strongest ever, and they tend to lose it when they find that isn’t the case.


Gremmy: Least I’m not in a bondage chair!


13. Bambietta & Nemu

Able to casually kill folks. Cool with killing under false pretenses. And is horribly abused by the person who controls them.

Nemu: I’m less emotional though.

14. Cang Du & Nanao

All I really remember about Cang Du is that he was all, “No, Bazz B, I have to fight Hitsugaya because that’s the rules” in his serious voice. Nanao is all about the rules too. That’s why she was all, “No we have to kill Chad because that’s the rules.” I dunno that that makes them soul mates exactly but it’s all I got.

Cang Du: Oh I’m sorry…did I die too quickly for you???

Nanao: I feel like I’m less whiny than that.

15. Meninas & Matsumoto

I-I don’t even know. They both enjoys clothes and nice things? They both come across as being kinda silly but when it comes to a fight, they’re both very powerful? They like to fight cooperatively??

Meninas: And both of our names start with M!

Matsumoto: Uh, sure.

 Mask &…..Rose?

Dang it I did not expect this to be so hard. I’m not even doing all of the Quincy and I can’t even get through the ones I planned to do! I mean, who is Mask like? Rose??? They’re both exhibitionists? They both like to win over the crowd? Do I remember Mask like at all?

Rose: Clearly you do not.

Mask: Hey!

17. PePe

damned if I know are there any shinigami who like to wear a diaper and float around talking about love I’m pretty sure there aren’t what even are the Quincy seriously

PePe: Sounds like someone needs more love in her life!

BLG: Shut up.

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The reason that I'm disgusted by the book & why I have no remorse in "hijacking" the tag is because people, men and women are going to read the book and assume that this is a healthy partnership, which then leads to abuse. I care more about potential abuse than the fact that you feel attacked people people are calling a book you like awful and abusive. The authors intentions mean absolutely nothing, it's just like if someone never "intended" to rape someone, it doesn't matter. It is still rape.

Like I just told the last anon person. I was 19 when I read the book. I had no idea what Fifty Shades of Grey was even about, I was curious and I read the book, and I fell in love. The Fifty Fandom will tell you they agree that yeah the writing is awful, but we don’t care about that. It’s the love story of Ana and Christian that makes us love it. I know some people read it for the sex which to me say they’re missing the whole point of the book. Also I understand that Christian’s behavior can be a problem I’ve addressed that many times. 

I do not feel attacked personally, but I find it so dumb and silly that you haters spend so much time hating and talking about it. We understand you don’t like it but why do you feel the need through any form of social media to let the world know how much you hate the book(s) what are you trying to accomplish? 

Let people read, watch, listen to whatever makes them happy as long as they’re not harming anyone. And do you anonymously tell people in somewhat of a hateful tone when they tag hate on something you like? So why do it to me? Am I not allowed to have my opinions? Oh wait I forgot this is tumblr where it claims to be understanding but if you like something a group of people hate…then we’re going to condemn you and tell you how you’re you are until you see it our way.

As a 21 year old girl I want to say right here and now…that I in no way shape or form support violence against anyone. I am against rape. I’m basically against anything that hurts another person. Saying that, I do not see the “abuse” or “rape” in Fifty Shades of Grey at all. But people have twisted it so badly and taken it out of context people who haven’t read the books for themselves jump on the “Anti-Fifty Shades” bandwagon. 

And the one thing I want to know is when you’re telling people who’ll listen to you about:

  • When Ana was drunk that Jose tried to get his tounge down her throat because he wanted her to feel the way he does about her? If Christian hadn’t come for her, I think Jose would have raped Ana..but I guess that’s overlooked
  • Elena Lincoln (Mrs. Robinson) had a sexual relationship with Christian when he was 15, she’s a pedophile…but I never read hate posts with that…so I guess the haters are for sexual relations with minors. Also she has manipulated Christian for a good part of his life too, that never gets mentioned
  • Jack Hyde Ana’s boss, he tries to blackmail/ sexually assault her…and the one thing he does that Christian does without Ana consent is kick a pregnant woman in the chest and he slaps her, but I never see that in the hate posts either

I would honsetly just like to enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey in peace without everyone twisting it to see like this evil thing that it isn’t. And if people want to spice of their bedroom as long as they’re safe or they’re with someone they trust and it’s consensual, then that is their business not yours or anyone else’s. And if people want to get into the BDSM lifestyle good for them as long as they do their research so they know what they’re getting into then still good for them. 

And about E. L. James she has said multiple times she didn’t intend to write some “abusive/rape” story. And I think she’s appalled people have taken it that way. How would you feel if you’re work gotten taken out of context? E. L. James (my opinion) wrote Fifty Shades really for fun and was surprised it’s taken off the way it has. And really before you and the rest of the haters know it, something else will replace Fifty Shades of Grey and then you can all hate on that next.

P.S. “The authors intentions mean absolutely nothing, it’s just like if someone never "intended” to rape someone, it doesn’t matter. It is still rape.“ <— that sounded so stupid to me. Personally unless you physically take action to rape someone then it’s rape. That’s my opinion and I’ll probably get hate for expressing that opinion too. 

This ain't reblogging and I'm actually pissed now so

@anti-feminism-pro-cats and everyone else who decided to get all offended and shit without even bothering to see WHY I’m saying what I’m saying and just wanna assume I’m up here trying to be an asshole:

Go ahead and unfollow bro, no fucks given. This has nothing to do with how strong I am or not, it’s that every 5 seconds someone on this site is crying suicide over the tiniest thing, and then tumblr has a fit for a while until it’s no longer trendy and they all move on to the next. Which is fucking disgusting to watch how y'all treat this like a hot new trend, like vultures who just wanna seem oh so caring. Sorry, i call bullshit, yall say whatever the fuck needs to be said at the time because it’s “what you’re spost to say”, therefore its FORCED, GENERIC, AND FAKE. That to me is fucking sick, that people on this site can become over- night sensations by saying they’ll kill themselves. I will not be a part of the mob who fucking pats people on the back for that, I’m not gonna sit here and become a bleeding heart for the same old shit over and over, it’s called being desensatized and oh boy am I. Like fucking newsflash, everyone on this damn site is apparently suicidal, SO HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU HELPING ANYONE BY TURNING THE IDEA INTO SOMETHING WE SHOULD FLOCK TO WITH OPEN ARMS? DO YOU SEE THE MESSAGE YOU SEND EVERY FUCKING TIME THIS HAPPENS? THATS WHY IT KEEPS HAPPENING? YOU PEOPLE MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SOMETHING COOL, TO BE “SO LOVED BY TUMBLR” THAT YOU CAN GET ANONS TO TELL YOU YOURE SPECIAL WHENEVER SHIT DOESNT GO YOUR WAY. I DONT CARE, IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT. I said the SITUATION is dramatic. I didn’t bash the kid at all, unless you consider “he’s doing the panic attack thing now” as some shit when it’s quite literally just what’s happening. How is this different from everything fucking else? Oh, Zamii drew something and got met with hate she no deserve. Oh, this person made #selfieweek a thing and now they’re getting hate they no deserve. Oh this person fucking farted and got met with hate they no deserve. THAT IS FUCKING TUMBLR IN A NUTSHELL, and yes you people look fucking desperate to seem so caring when you’re sitting there making a fucking spectacle out of someone’s possible suicide, I see y'all blowing that tag up. You can honestly think whatever the fuck you want about me, go right ahead, but don’t come at me sideways about some shit just because I’m not over here sobbing my eyes out about it like you are. I’m tired of people trending on here because they threatened suicide, I will not contribute to that sort of message uncritically, you do not get to become a star for something like that and I won’t pretend overwise. Fuck off if you have a problem with it. Do you even know the kid? But you gonna act like you go way back to 1st grade right? You people are so twisted up in “being helpful” that you can’t see when you’re doing the opposite. Fuck off, don’t assume to know shit about why I said this, has nothing to do with “being strong” and everything to do with what’s wrong with tumblr culture, THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS BLOG SO IF YOU’RE ONLY NOW UNDERSTANDING THAT THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE FOLLOWED IN THE FIRST PLACE? You can try and comfort someone without making it a fucking show for us all to watch, and that’s why the fuck I won’t get behind this. Another fucking crusade over fictional characters? 3 words lazily slapped on a t- shirt in ms paint? You’re kidding me. I’m literally unable to sit here and cry about it like y'all seem to want to do all the time, I JUST GOT DONE DOING IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. AND RIGHT BEFORE THAT, SOMEONE ELSE. I’M SORRY, I DON’T HAVE IT IN ME TO DO IT EVERYDAY and yknow what, if you think this is the first time that I’ve said something like this, then you ain’t paying attention. I quite literally say it every time a story like this goes big, I DON’T think this is a good way to handle the situation, it looks like a publicity stunt and worse it looks like one that works, I do not want some shit like that circulating in some kids head cause “oh my god I could get a hashtag if I kill myself?” Big suicide scandals temporarily spike the rate of suicide, esp when y'all sit up here making hashtags trend, fan art, tagging everyone you know to spam “nice messages” like for fucks sake, no, I won’t do it. Fuck you, don’t pretend to know a fucking thing about me if I ain’t say the shit myself. Reading in between some lines that ain’t even there, I ain’t say shit about being strong so please, fuck right off for this bullshit assumption. Don’t pretend to know my motivations, would have been easier to just fucking ask me, right? “As strong as me” you stupid fuck I’ve been fighting off the desire to die for weeks now, just got done carving up my damn thighs like oh boy, yes im so fucking strong, yes you nailed it, how did you know? You actually don’t know a fucking thing about me or what I’m going through so how about you don’t talk on some shit you know nothing about, don’t fucking insult me just because we don’t see eye to eye on this. Go back to pretending to care about suicidal people with your little hashtags, cause some shit like this is exactly what I fucking mean. The kid cries about it and you all come running, CAUSE IT’S TRENDING, but then you wanna say some shit like this about me just because I don’t broadcast it for the world? Yeah buddy, you’re really showing how much you care about this…or is it you only care because it’s popular? Fucking seems so. Go fuck yourself, don’t pretend to know a thing about my life or what I’m going through. Which, funnily enough, I made a huge post about the day after thanksgiving? Where’s my parade of love and support? Oh right. I didn’t make it a fucking huge dramatic scene so I don’t get one. But you care right? Lmfao, shut your fucking mouth and get the fuck outa here with this mess. -Billy