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“It’s crazy how sometimes your life can change in a flash, and all the things you were blind to or refuse to admit are suddenly staring you right in the face. And just like that, everything suddenly falls into place… Even if it’s not the way you thought it would…

This is actually not affection he’s doing this purely to embarrass him


Evolution of a celly/hug: Sid + Horny (26-05-2016)

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hi!! i love your fics, and they always make me so happy and im feeling a little down right now and i was wondering if you would maybe write something sterek-ey for this prompt "You've been typing furiously on your laptop in the library, and have just gone to get a book, so I had a quick look and you're writing hardcore gay porn and it's GOOD."

Here you go, sweetheart. I am so sorry it’s a day late and I hope you are feeling better. My door is always open to you if you need to talk. Also a big thank you to @crossroadswrite for being the most helpful of betas ever to beta. 

Stiles thumps his head on the desk for the fifth time in twenty minutes.

Go to the library, Scott had said.

You’ll get so much done, he said. The liar.

Allison and Kira are coming over and- and Stiles is officially moving Scott from his top bros list. Being sexiled is one thing, but to be exiled? For platonic reasons? From his own apartment? Where there is popcorn and a Dexter marathon waiting for him? Nope. Scott is officially out. Not that Stiles actually has anyone else on his bro list, but he could. One day. Starting now. Maybe.

Sighing a little more dramatically than is probably necessary – if the dirty looks he gets in return are anything to go by – he looks around for something to entertain him.

Vaguely, he is aware his anthropology notes are still sitting there, vying for his attention in that kind of pick me, pick me! way in what he imagines Hermione Granger would look like if she were a notebook and not a person. Well, fictional character, unless you make an argument for Emma Watson, but that’s beside the point.

No, the point is he wants fun, a life, to go crazy, and as much as he loves – he squints back at his notes – post-structuralism, it’s just not going to cut it tonight.

Scanning the room, he looks at the different types of people.

It would be nice to make a new friend, he thinks – or so his dad tells him – and what better way to make a friend than at the library? That’s a type of friend, right? The “library friend”. They’re easy enough to make. That person you always meet up with to go for coffee, crashing at their place, helping each other study, making flash cards.

Stiles could see himself in that kind of friendship. He’d ace the flash cards. Flash cards are his thing, his buddy, his pal. Maybe he should put flash cards on his bro list.

“And maybe you should stop drinking so much caffeine,” someone angrily comments behind him.

Spinning in his chair, Stiles opens his mouth, ready to argue - because hello, rude – but promptly shuts it again because hello, wet dream.

Wet Dream is currently scowling at him, making his glasses slip down the bridge of his nose. It’s adorable and Stiles doesn’t know whether to ask for this guy’s hand in marriage right here and now or buy him coffee first.

“Do you generally like to annoy people by talking out loud, or is this just my lucky night?”

Not that Stiles expects a positive answer to either of those questions, but a guy can dream. If Lydia Martin taught him one thing in high school, it’s that a guy can certainly, most definitely, dream.

“Are you generally this sexy, or is this just my lucky night?”

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The build up was so dramatic


The Lightwoods are having none of your shit. (x)

Getting really tired of my mother just getting angry with me over everything and treating it like it’s okay for her to throw a fit every time I express an opinion or do something that she disagrees with, but WHEN I GET UPSET WITH HER oh noooooo I’m a villain! I’m driving my mother insane! I’m a disrespectful child!

Yeah sure I’ll believe you when you stop having temper tantrums over the fact my brothers and I were making meme jokes together

When bitty and jack come out to Shitty he takes it super well and proceeds to throw a party in their honor (even if the other guests don’t know it). 

Anyways, everyone is properly scwasted and Shitty gets Bitty alone and stage whispers “Jack and I have something that you will never be able to replace”

Bitty just nods and says “I’m not replacing anything. I love what you and Jack have”. And Shitty just shakes his head and slurs out 12 “no”s one after the other. 

“nah not that. I’m super secure in that. But there’s one thing that he’s done with me that he will never do with you” 

Okay so this peaks Bitty’s interest. He motions for Shitty to continue his thought. 

“Jack Zimmerman, totally wrecked and  belting Celine Dion on a karaoke machine”

“No fucking way”

“It’s the TRUTH. He wasn’t even looking at the words! He knew them all”

“If you say that to a field it’ll be fertilized”

After five minutes of Bitty screaming Bullshit and Shitty saying “nah man” Jack finally returns to them from wherever he was as confirms that, yes, he did sing Celine Dion’s “it’s all coming back to me now” in his first year. and that, no, he don’t think he’d do it again. 

Shitty and Bitty both exchanged a look, and then decided to spend the rest of the night to get Jack to sing at all. No such luck. But it doesn’t stop there. They keep trying whenever they are able to all meet up. It’s always like “hey Jack do you wanna sing along to some tunes in the car?” or “hey this bar has good drinks and…wow there’s a karaoke machine that sounds fun doesn’t it???” 

So when the newest video on Falconer’s TV is a karaoke competition between Jack and Tater, and Jack (the competitive lil shit) is going all at it is uploaded. Shitty and Bitty both text him like crazy. 

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann what the hell were you thinking”

  • Keira: *buys fancy food and wine and has it shipped all the way to her out in the middle of no where*
  • Keira: *tells Geralt that she bought it all so they could have dinner*
  • Keira: *magicks them up some pretty horses and fancy clothes*
  • Keira: *asks his opinion on her neckline*
  • Keira: *tells him she made this intentionally like Cinderella and literally calls him Prince Charming*
  • Keira: Geralt, this is a romantic dinner.
  • Geralt: WHAT

DON’T GIVE ME UP | a bellamy/clarke mix {listen}
love is w e a k n e s s”

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anonymous asked: town vs gown.
I say: town & gown vs Morse.

Imagine Woozi lightly chuckling at you when he caught you playing with one of his stuffed dolls/toys/figurine.

Often Hador, and Galdor after him, had borne it in war; and the hearts of the host of Hithlum were uplifted when they saw it towering high amid the battle, and they cried: “Of more worth is the Dragon of Dor-lómin than the gold-worm of Angband!”

But in truth this helm had not been made for Men, but for Azaghâl Lord of Belegost, he who was slain by Glaurung in the Year of Lamentation. It was given by Azaghâl to Maedhros, as guerdon for the saving of his life and treasure, when Azaghâl was waylaid by Orcs upon the Dwarf-road in East Beleriand. Maedhros afterwards sent it as a gift to Fingon, with whom he often exchanged tokens of friendship, remembering how Fingon had driven Glaurung back to Angband. But in all Hithlum no head and shoulders were found stout enough to bear the dwarf-helm with ease, save those of Hador and his son Galdor. Fingon therefore gave it to Hador, when he received the lordship of Dor-lómin. By ill-fortune Galdor did not wear it when he defended Eithel Sirion, for the assault was sudden, and he ran barehead to the walls, and an orc-arrow pierced his eye. But Húrin did not wear the Dragon-helm with ease, and in any case he would not use it, for he said: “I would rather look on my foes with my true face.” Nonetheless he accounted the helm among the greatest heirlooms of his house.

On the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin

Unfinished Tales, J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Spencer: What's Caleb doing right now?
  • Hanna: Why do you keep asking about Caleb?!?
  • Spencer: Why do your shoulders go up every time I say his name, are you guys still--"
  • Hanna: No! We're nothing, okay?
  • Spencer: Hanna... don't lock Caleb out...
  • Hanna: Believe me, I can't. My mom keeps letting him in. They eat meals together because I won't let him cut my meat. *picks up wire cutters* What is she using this for?
  • Spencer: Those are wire cutters.
  • Hanna: ... Why does she need to cut wires?
  • Spencer: Why does Caleb want to cut your meat?