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Who's your favourite paladin?

Who, me? 

A favorite??

From the paladins???

Yes absolutely. It’s Keith. I love him with all my soul look at him he’s amazing I’d die for him in a heartbeat

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Still without a laptop, but wanted to get these little cuties out the way



Noctis watched as you put on your lip gloss coating, blue eyes blinking in confusion as you puckered your lips, smearing the goop further on your lips. You had stated it was because your lip stain was starting to dry and crack your lips, and you had to look beautiful for your Prince 24/7.

“Can I use some?” Noctis asked.

You blinked in confusion, holding out the ‘hydration stick’ as was so delicately written on the side. Only to stare in confusion as Noctis grabbed your wrist, was he expecting for you to put it on him. You gasped as he pulled you forward, pressing his lips against your own, only for the Prince to pull away with a smile, while your brain was having to restart. Forgetting that your Prince had moments of suaveness.

“Thanks.”  He called turning around to avoid you from seeing his blush.



He couldn’t stop bouncing, he was so excited, it had been less than 48 hours and it was absolute perfection!  Well, every moment that you were in his life was perfection but this was like an upgrade of perfection. 

DLC S rank Level perfection!

Anyone who had seen you two together, they knew right off the back that your relationship was built off of love, trust and understand, and a lot of kisses and nuzzles and some tears, mostly on Prompto’s end. 

Prompto looked down at his phone, seeing the text message from Noctis.

How’s the honeymoon going?

Prompto looked back up, his vision slightly blurred from the champagne that seemed to keep reappearing in the room. 

My wife’s in the kitchen, tipsy asf, making cookies topless
Being married is #Goals and Dope asf
” He managed to send back.

“Sunshine, I made too much cookie dough, help me eat it!”

Prompto didn’t need to be told twice! It was always amazing being married to one of your best friends.



Gladiolus stared down at you on the floor, his face impassive as you sobbed uncontrollably.

“Babe…” He began on to have you wail louder. “Babe.”

“I…I can’t see you anymore! I won’t let you hurt me again!” You wailed from the floor, on your yoga mat within your shared apartment.

Gladiolus rolled his eyes, every time, every single time, “It was a sit-up. You did one sit-up.”



“Darling?” Ignis called stepping into the apartment.

“Oh, Iggy-Dear welcome home.” You cooed standing up from the couch, rubbing a sleepy eye. “How was work?”

You suddenly noticed that your boyfriend was attempting to not stare at you, yet still, the pink blush on his cheeks was hard to not notice.  You thought that perhaps he had caught a cold, so you rose your hand, flailing one of the sleeves to expose your hand, resting a hand against his cheek. 

“Do you feel fine?” 

Ignis cleared his throat, his eyes roaming over the large creme knitted sweater that belonged to him. Held on your petite form, it covered the skirt you were wearing and the sleeve hung low covering your hands. The neck much larger on you, exposing quite a bit of your shoulders and neck.

“You don’t seem to have a fever.” You cooed, pulling back your hand, the sleeves going to cover your hands again. “I can handle dinner tonight for the boys if you’re feeling under the weather…Ek Ignis!”

The man wrapped his arms around you, sweeping you off your feet, his lips pressed against your own, only for him to break away whispering huskily in your ear. “You’re not leaving the room at all.”



They had to admit, when you had stepped out of Cor’s office earlier today, you didn’t seem upset, simply in deep thought your lips in a pressed line. This was hours ago, yet you still hadn’t said anything about it. Yet the silent glances between them and quick avoidance when you caught their eye was starting to annoy you.

“So what do you guys wanna ask me?” You inquired, setting down your fork, looking to the four men.

“Well, we wanna know…” Prompto begun, yet seemed to shrink underneath the look you were giving him. 

Ignis sighed, turning those green eyes toward you, “We wanted to inquire as to why you were called into the Marshall’s office today.” 

You burst out laughing, it actually startled them, as they were not expecting for you to do that. You attempted to get your laughter under control, yet continued laughing hysterical as you attempted to stop laughing. Only when you had developed a case of the hiccups did you finally manage to stop laughing and go into a giggle.

“Okay…Ok.” You giggled. “So, he asked me to stepped into his office, and I was told to stop calling fellow members of the Glavie ‘Fake Hos.’ The only person I call a Fake Ho is…”

“Furia.” Gladiolus chuckled, as you begun to giggle again.

“Freakin Chad, told the Marshall I was calling him a Fake Ho, after he zapped me twice in training.” You cackled. “That Fake Ho.”

fun fact: working in a library is so goddamn unhealthy, everyone I work with is just permanently ill all the time

me, singing: is free, feels all the emotions that have been bottled up all this time, cries sometimes but feels so much better after

me, drawing: is concentrated despite usually having problems with that, is willing to learn and sometimes is able to create something to be actually a little proud of

me, writing: has so many ideas that the head is nearly exploding, is able to collect thoughts, gets more calm, relaxes when done

me, playing my instrument: is scared but still feels bound to the instrument, has flash backs of all the memories bound to it, is able to let go of things

me, having to do any of those things in front of/having to show it to other people: is anxious, gets panic attacks, cries, has actual suicidal thoughts, is stressed, sometimes emotional but in a bad way, can’t control any negative thoughts, feels the need to run and hide

Went to get drinks with my classmates and one of them reminds me so much of 4!Dante it’s great… 😂

  • First of all he’s tall, buff, and handsome.
  • Second, he’s mostly friends with girls because he says guys usually hate him?? Which would usually raise red flags but he’s really nice and doesn’t give off a creeper vibe either. And he loves to talk about his wife which is cuteeeee~
  • Third, he’s super animated when he talks (he talks with his hands) and has a lot of energy. Lmao my friend was like “If he accidentally hits me, I’m gonna hit him back.” and he laughed and was like “Yeah girl!” and they fist bumped then told us we‘re allowed to smack him if he gets too wild. 😂
  • And finally he gives really great hugs??? I was saying bye to them and when it was his turn to hug me I was like “Aaaah yes~ Love your hugs~ They’re the best~” and he gave me a big ol’ bear hug (which is probably the warmest hug I’ve ever had) and a kiss on the cheek. And I didn’t find it weird??? It was like getting a hug from your big brother???

Usually, when I meet guys that act the way he does I don’t like them. But he seriously gives off such a genuinely nice vibe its hard to hate him????

honestly the most unnecessary part of the mercy nerf is the fact that if you die while trying to res, and therefore fail to res, you still lose it & it goes back on cooldown


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

nct are such good people??? like these boys have been volunteering at a multicultural school since last APRIL. and taeyong gives financial aid to four students each month???? and he doesn’t want the pictures of the kids to be released because they might be harmed. they’re all angels, stan nct


one of my favourite lines from the script!! i’m proud of him :’)

I just wish it wasn’t you, you know? Because out of everyone, it had to be you. It had to be the person who I had the best memories with, who was my best friend, who I thought was the sweetest thing alive. But of course…that had to be the one who broke my heart.

P.G.G (jxd)

i just wish it was never you.


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“Do you remember when we first met? I thought I had strayed into a dream. Long years have passed… You did not have the cares you carry now. Do you remember what I told you? You said you’d bind yourself to me, forsaking the immortal life of your people. And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. I choose a mortal life.” – Arwen Undómiel, The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)