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I'm really lonely and I wish I could have a girlfriend. Because I can only date girls who like girls, my dating pool is so much smaller than it was when I thought I liked guys, and this makes me afraid I'll be alone forever. I live in a rural area, all the lesbians and bi girls I find online live far away and I have no transportation. I don't have any questions, I just wanted to vent and I'm guessing other people feel this way too.

Venting is always good! I hope you find a lovely girlfriend soon! - J


10x22 “The Prisoner”
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“You’ve called the boy again,” Merlin said calmly, but his eyes were full of sorrow.
“I’m sorry,” Harry inhaled heavily. “Just wanted to hear his voice again. I didn’t say a word, Merlin.” He shared a wry, sad smile. “You can trust me.”
“Let him go, Harry. Please.”
“I didn’t say a word,” Harry repeated. “I never did.”
It was Eggsy who spoke. One word. Just a single word after a pounding silence, everytime he called him in the last six months: “Harry?”

Eggsy refused the offer to became the new Galahad. For him there was and will be only one Galahad and his name is Harry Hart. Because he is no longer part of the Kingsman, no one can tell him the most closely guarded secret: Harry is alive. (x)

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some smiling Richard for my favourite person, richards-smile  ( ^ ᴗ ^ )ε^ )


We’re Dreamers in Castles Made of Sand by xxcaribbean

Pairing: Ziam
Rated: E

Zayn hadn’t planned on adding i fucked a prostitute to his list of things he’d accomplished in life nor did he expect to get attached to one so easily either.

I just really like Vampire Cookie, okay?

You know I reblogged that Playboy article about Black Widow and as I lay here unable to sleep I thought here is the perfect example of why text is not all or nothing. Playboy is not a feminist publication. I suppose we can fight over it but I’m feeling pretty good about that statement. Playboy has, however, been a major player in Civil Rights activism and allowed a space for some excellent journalism. It also celebrates the objectification of women. So here is a text that both disrupts and upholds the patriarchy simultaneously. Not something all that unusual.

And I’ve seen a lot of love for The Kingsmen on my dash lately. That’s fine. I obviously support people loving what they like, but The Kingsmen was a massively problematic text. It was flashy sure. Enjoyable in places absolutely. But weirdly misogynistic at the end? Strangely classist? Almost stubbornly unaware of what it wanted to say? Also all of those things.

And I guess what I’m saying here (and keep in mind I have indigestion-induced insomnia) is that every time I see Tumblr or the internet or the world go apeshit over how “awful” something is I want to run a slideshow of stuff like this. There are easy things we can all agree on (blurred lines) but texts that obvious are few and far between. Most especially because songs exist in a much different space and way than books, movies, tv shows, video games, or comic books. So why is it we sometimes turn a blind eye and sometimes pass judgment–judge, jury, and executioner–from a trailer alone?

There are few things more dangerous than righteousness and I so strongly believe when I am so very sure I am right is when I have to be most critical of what I think. Passion doesn’t negate an argument but ideologies are not simple things. Critiquing society is not a simple thing. It’s complicated and dangerous and the moment you think you’ve figured it out is the moment you become what you hate. It’s easy to tell someone why they’re wrong. It’s much more difficult to understand what they mean and why or how they came to mean it.

It’s just curious to me, is all. The way we aren’t up in arms about the porn industry. Or Grand Theft Auto. Or so many other things. Instead, like some vicious flash mob we love and hate in an instant, so thrilled with our insight we never stopped to ask where it came from. And I think what really bothers me about it is that we love or hate *people.* Not texts. Not stories. Not characters (though to be fair we hate those too) but PEOPLE. Real people we don’t know and real people we intentionally refuse to understand. What is that but the very worst the internet has to make of us?

Anyway, even this mob power we’ve amassed is great most of the time. It’s spurred education and civil rights and social justice and critiques of capitalist globalization. It’s great. Until it’s not.

I just (painfully) rewatched 10x21. So, some quick thoughts that don’t involve the episode’s obvious topic of discussion…

Rowena mentions duality, binary systems when talking of magic and curses. Witch and Nerd (but Cas gives another option…angel). Two stars orbiting one another is a binary system. Two lights, basically. Souls are light, as are wavelengths of celestial intent with grace. There was talk of how in order to create a cure (reverse a curse), Agnes had to create another curse, supposedly to the opposite effect. The episode also gave Eldon two hearts. Binary. One person’s life source in another. “Two of a kind”, a theme that’s been in season 10 since 10x01.

By reductive reasoning, Dean’s going to have to share his body (his “light”) with another “star”, to create a binary system to balance the MoC out. I know there was title card speculative over this (Cas’ grace curing Dean), and the talk of an inhospitable environment for the Mark in 9x15, but here is the first textual threads that we’re probably going to get something in this vein. Plus it explains why Cas got his grace back and it would force the narrative to answer all his unanswered questions this year.

In all honesty tho, this seems too tidy for a finale. An eventual solution maybe, but maybe not what we get in the finale. Just wanted to offer another discussion beat before I go to bed…


[ #rikuweek ] day three // favorite happy scene

                 ↳ Why are you having a tea party?

This was honestly just a fun moment. Sora’s just ecstatic that Riku’s safe while Riku, having just woken up, is completely confused on what’s going on. But, Riku knows his best friend. He knows never to question him because sometimes, Sora just doesn’t make sense. And that’s okay. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finals Week

as told by M*A*S*H

Its that time of year again

You make your checklist

Is there even enough time for this?

You schedule every minute of the week

13 hours of Calculus is totally realistic

Your friends worry. That’s your fourth cup of coffee

They say you need a break

No time for that. Must. Study.

Cue the cramming

But a quick nap won’t hurt

Uh oh. That’s your fifth alarm. It’s time.

You hope your sweat/tears don’t stain your first final

Breath. Its going to be fine.

Did you even learn this?

You start to regret skipping so many classes.

You finish…

…and smile

You’re done! You made it. You’re free!!!

Summer, here you come