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Hi everybody! I’ve gotten a couple of requests for this post, so I thought I’d finally put together my process for making a weekly spread!

Disclaimer: This is simply a system I find to be simple and doable for everyday life. By no means is this the only way or the best way to bullet journal! It’s just a way that I find to be realistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

Before we start: most of my layout is based on @studypunked’s and the moodboard I used was made for me by @sapphiccstudies! 

Supplies I used: Hardcover black Moleskine (grid paper); Green Mildliner; Pilot Hi-Tec-C 05 gel pen; Pony Brown stickers; Clear tape

Step 1: Decide on a color scheme! I always choose a monthly theme (for example, January’s was outer space and March’s was plants). Then, for each week I choose a subtheme! (ex. the first week of January was moon phases.) Then, I choose a Mildliner color that matches the theme. This week, I used a pink moodboard with green accents, so I used a green mildliner! 

Step 2: Weekly planning

I list the week number at the top of the page, and underneath that I put the dates within the week. (This has no purpose other than making me feel organized.) Then, below that I like to make a little monthly calendar (because it’s surprisingly often that I need to know what day of the week a certain date is!) Finally, below that I have a weekly schedule. This is where I write the dates of any tests, quizzes, projects, holidays, birthdays, etc! Generally, these are transferred from my monthly event calendar.

Step 3: Weekly tasks

This step makes my job pretty easy throughout the week! It’s as simple as listing the date and then making check boxes next to any tasks for the week. (This way, I don’t have to worry about much on days when I’m busy.)

Step 4: Finding images

Finally, the weekend rolls around and I’m ready to get into the fun stuff! Usually, here’s where I scour Google Images (I like to use the keywords ‘tumblr’ and ‘aesthetic’ along with my chosen color and theme) for pictures, but this week was easy for me thanks to a moodboard :)

Step 5: Drawings

After choosing my images (usually three, but it’s summer and I don’t have many tasks so I used six) I draw some stuff that goes with the theme in anywhere there will be empty space. Sometimes I also look for quotes and get a little prwctice with typography!

Step 6: Arrange and paste images

I play around with the layout of the images until I find the arrangement I like best, then use little loops of scotch tape to paste them down (usually straight but sometimes crooked if I’m feeling artsy)

Bonus Step: Add Stickers!

I only sometimes do this, but the gist of this is “put them wherever you want, but not too many because stickers are expensive.”

And Voilà! Here’s the finished product:

Reggie Mantle x Reader:  PART SIX THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: This is the last part of this imagine. I am pretty happy on how it turned out, hopefully you guys like it too. I hope it lives up to your expectations. I also didn’t want to drag this longer than it needed.

Words: 1747

Summary: Shizz goes down, but you and Reggie make up.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Some curse words I think

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

You woke up early on Monday morning because you didn’t want to face your parents since they gave you the weekend to think about the contract, but you knew if you turned it down once again they’ll only find a way for you to accept it. As much you as you wanted to be with Reggie this was not the way to do it. He also seemed pretty busy the couple of days, he seemed happy with Veronica and she was your friend and you couldn’t do this.

As you rushed out of your house wind in your hair, headphones placed in your ears as the music distracted you in the humid morning. You focused your eyes on the ground where the dew droplets resided in the grass. As much as you were avoiding him, you needed to speak with Reggie about this whole situation.

You walked in the coffee shop and ordered your usual and kept your slow pace in no rush to get to school.

As you were there early you decided to go straight to the art room and paint or draw something to calm your nerves.

You thought about how on Saturday afternoon Reggie ignored your comment about him only telling you how he felt to please his parents and get you to accept that stupid contract. About how Veronica was so happy with him, probably thinking you set them up; but all you wanted was for them to separate. You hated how you thought this. You couldn’t let your smile come up when you thought about Reggie being a bit jealous of Jughead, but that smile faded quickly as you were interrupted by you art teacher telling you the bell rang and it was time to get ready for your first class.

You made your way swiftly to your locker to collect your textbook, and he was there leaning on it and as much as you wanted to clear things up, you couldn’t face him. You stared right at him and your stomach went crazy, it was an attack of butterflies.

You walked up to your locker and nothing came out of your lips, it’s like you were in a trance.

Until your trance was broken by his mouth as he spoke “Hey, um can we talk?” as he moved so you could open your locker and take out your textbook.

“Not right now Reg” you claimed.

“Then when, you can’t ignore me forever (Y/N)” he reasoned with a desperate look in his brown eyes.

“I know that, but, not here” you signed soon distracted by the bell and you rushed out of there to your first class.

The day went by and lunch was finally here and you made your way to your usual table with Jughead, Betty, Archie, Kevin and Veronica.

All you wanted was your old life back where Reggie was just a friend, where your parents did as much work to ignore you and you were the neutral ground. But that you was gone after this whether you made a decision or not, you were no longer the girl who did everything to please everyone. All you wanted was to suppress your feelings for Reggie, you wanted your old Riverdale back when it was just a happy town.  You were also tired of doing everything for everyone.

You took your seat next to Jughead, hoping your friends would distract you from your thoughts.

That was until everything caught up with you and you wished it never happened, and that you didn’t have to hide it from your friends.

“Hey Reggie” the beautiful raven haired girl cheered while showing off her pearls as he appeared at your table.

“Hey Ron, umm, can we talk?” Reggie directed towards you and you stood up because you might as well get this over with.

“OH MY GOD! (Y/N)” the red haired bombshell squealed as you turned confused as to why she was so cheery and she took you and Reggie into a hug and all your friends gave her puzzled looks.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Cheryl continued.

“What are you talking about?” you questioned looking over your shoulders to Reggie and your friends.

“Oh, come on you tell them, but not me? How dare you?!” she kept on questioning and your brain was so slow it didn’t catch on to what she was referring to.

“What? What didn’t she tell you?” Kevin added.

“Seriously they’re all in on it, well whatever, I know now and I’m so happy for you” she raged.

“About what? What did I do?” you were still oblivious to what she was asking and you wished you hadn’t pushed the answer once she revealed it.

“You and Reggie of course, my parents told me all about it, well I overheard your moms telling my mom this morning. You guys make a cute couple. I’m so happy for you!” you stood there frozen, you wanted to run but your feet stood still and the next sequence of events happened to fast.

“What?!?!” Veronica screeched and the whole table gasped.

“No Ron, I- I- it’s not-” was that came out of your mouth as she stood up and planted a slap on your cheeks and Reggie pushed her away.

“Come on” Reggie spoke softly as tears started to surface on your face and he grabbed your hand to walk away.

“No!” you retorted as you let go and Jughead stood up to get you out of there.

“Let’s go” Jughead spoke as he started to take you away and put his arm around you.

“Norman Bates, mind your own business this is between us” Reggie claimed as he removed Jughead’s arm off you and pushed him.

Jughead hated the way Reggie was sometimes so he pushed him back and they started to fight as you and Archie went up to them to separate them.

“I need time” you spoke to Reggie and walked away with Jughead.

You left school early trying to get away from all of the mess, and you were so happy that your parents weren’t home.

How could they do this? Did Reggie know again and is that why he wanted to talk to you?

“This is all my fault” you proclaimed as you got a snack for Jughead since lunch was kind of eventful.

“Hey, it’s not your fault (Y/N)” Jughead reassured you.

“No, it is. I do everything for my parents to make them happy, so they could be proud of me, but no matter how I do it will never be enough. I want everyone happy that I don’t even think about my own happiness. This was so easy, no matter what I chose my parents knew if they did something about it I would accept it, I am such a pushover.” You ranted

“What do mean whatever you chose? Your parents want you with Reggie? Isn’t that a good thing you like him.” Jughead asked as he furrowed his eyebrow and you knew there was no way out of this one, so you told him the truth.

“Just talk to him, I know I’m not his biggest fan, but I’ll deal for you. Also you are going to need to talk to Veronica, I’m sure she’ll understand” Jughead pointed out as he left you.

You texted and called Veronica so you could talk to her and explain the situation, but she didn’t answer.

You were soon distracted by the knock on your window which revealed the tall handsome Reggie as you opened your window.

“That used to be easier” he chuckled trying to break the tension entering your bedroom.

“I like what you’ve done with the pla-” he stated as you interrupted him. Your body took over as you placed one of your hands behind his neck and pressed your lips on his and he moved his hands to your waist.

The kiss was passionate and slow and you didn’t want it to end.

“I’m sorry about this whole mess, I didn’t think it would get this bad” he confessed as you both moved to your bed and sat there.

“Do you actually like me? Or did you just tell me all that stuff because of the contract?” you mentioned.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have kissed you like that. I promise my feelings for you are 100% real” he added as he put his arm around your waist and you laid your head on his shoulder

“What about Veronica?” you questioned him.

“Nothing happened, I promise you. Not one kiss. I like you, yes I was stupid to call her after the dinner I just wanted to forget about being rejected from the only girl I ever cared about” he chimed in as he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t reject you, I was just confused. You’re the one that left me, your chose your popularity after you promised you would be there for me and I promised you the same. I kept my promise, whenever you called I was there.” You confirmed as he grabbed your hand.

“No words will ever be enough to show you how sorry I am. You started hanging out with Archie and them, especially Wednesday Addams I- I just assumed you preferred him, and I don’t make the best decisions” Reggie sighed.

“It’s Jughead, and he is just my best friend, if you want anything to do with me you’re going to have to deal with Jughead” You countered as he smiled.

“So you’re saying we can like be a thing? For real, like you’re going to be my girlfriend? I’m going to be your boyfriend?” he said with a smile on his face and you smiled back.

“Yours, no contract, and we have to talk to Veronica and our parents” you explained as you pecked his lips once more.

“For you, anything babe” he concluded as he kissed your hand.

So you talked to Veronica, not expecting her to be so understanding, but once you told her the truth she embraced you in a tight hug and apologized for slapping you.

Later you talked to your parents at yet another dinner, and they were quite happy of course. Although to get under their skin you and Reggie somehow always forgot when their events and banquets took place and sometimes you would take drives to the old cabin and revisit the tree where your initials were carved inside a heart and just be together.

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Week 23 + 24 Spreads 🐠

Tbh it’s pretty hard to keep up with my bujo on a weekly basis because I really like to put details and thoughts on the design. Since I’m so busy with work during the weekdays and traveling on weekends, I just keep track of my tasks on a sheet of paper, save it and eventually transfer it whenever I have the time to do my spreads.

Pretty Perfect

Word Count: 1065

Genre: Fluff


Originally posted by universusptg

You sat with your friends around the table of the restaurant. You agreed to meeting up this weekend to get caught up with each other. Being full time college students, all of you were pretty busy to hang out, but still remained the best of friends.

You were having casual banter like how was your day, how is college, how is your love life. One of your friends had now gone on a tangent about how horrible their recent relationship was. The rest of them nodding along and patting her while you sat quietly.

Suddenly the topic shifted when they noticed your silence. Your friend noticing your lock screen, a picture of you and your high school sweetheart and boyfriend of 6 years.

“Y/N, how have you stuck with him that long?” she asked.

“Yeah, doesn’t he ever annoy you? I gave up on guys, they all suck,” another laughed.

“Of course, but relationships are about being able to tolerate each other’s flaws. Sticking with them through thick and thin. Just never giving up.” They all nodded in agreement.

They continued that lunch asking questions, which you gladly answered. You felt proud that you could give relationship advice. You felt that yours couldn’t be better and loved to help others have that kind of love too.

Even through all the years, you and your boyfriend were still helplessly in love. You had those moments where he drove you insane, when he made you upset, and most importantly when he made you the happiest person on earth. You knew he felt the same because of his continuous words of encouragement and love. Things weren’t dull with the two of you either. Even the quiet silence was comfortable as long as it was with him.

It was in the evening and you were both home after a long day. He had decided to cook for you, while you were sitting on the counter so you could spend more time with him.

“So how was your day, babe? Did you have a good lunch with your friends?” he said while still focusing on the lettuce he was chopping.

“Yeah! It was nice. We talked about you actually.” you said with a light laugh. He looked up from the cutting board at you across the middle island of your kitchen.

“What?” he laughed too, “What do you mean?”

“Y/F/N just had a bad break up with the guy she was seeing,” you answered, he was back to his chopping, but he nodded to let you know he was listening.

“So I was talking to them about how to have a good relationship, which involved you in the conversation,” you continued as you made your way around to him, “I can’t believe we’ve been together for so long and I still just love you so so much, Adachi Yuto.”

He put down the knife, turned in your arms that were wrapped around his waist now. He grabbed your face in his hands, smiling at you happily before placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you too Adachi Y/N,” You burst into a chuckle at this.

“Pff yeah right, we aren’t married YET!” you loosened yourself out of his grip crossing back to your previous place across from him. You could feel your cheeks were warmer than usual so instead you now had your back to him. Grabbing your phone trying to distract you while you waited for him to finish cooking.

Dinner was finally finished and you set the table while he fixed the plates. Soon enough you both had eaten and started to clean up the table. After washing the dishes since he had cooked the dinner you found him sitting on the couch waiting for you.

“Let’s watch something,” he says when you come sit with him. “Ok, what do you wanna watch? I’ll let you pick.” He stands up going over to the DVD player, you don’t pay much attention as he gets it set up.

Suddenly you hear a familiar voice playing. Your own. You look up to see an old video of you playing. It was the day Yuto had asked you out, a friend had filmed it all.

You had thought that day he was just being a really great friend. He had given you flowers and your favorite snacks and multiple gifts throughout the day. At the end of the day he had met you at your car, there was a crowd of your friends. This is what the video was from. You could see yourself tearing up on screen as the camera then panned to Yuto holding the sign that said ‘will you be my girlfriend?’

From that video it went on through a compilation of pictures of you both throughout the years. At prom, selfies, at events with friends, everything. Multiple videos played too, showing more memories. The off-guard ones you took of each other, the one of him after the haunted house you took him to one halloween, the one your friends took with the captions ‘goals’ when it was just you and him play fighting.

You didn’t notice yourself crying until your vision started to blur from all the tears. As the videos became more and more recent you realized it would be at the end soon. A final video played before the screen started flickering, you stood to go fix the broken TV, but stopped in your tracks when words played across the screen.

‘Will you marry me, Y/N?’

Your hands fly up to cover your gaping mouth, that’s when you notice your boyfriend kneeling beside you. A ring shining in his hand.

“I’ve been keeping this ring for awhile now, but I was scared to ask you for the longest time. Today though when I said your name with my last name, it hit me. I want to be with you forever, Y/N. You mean so much to me, there’s no one else like you.”

The tears were only stronger now as he stood up getting closer to you. He took one hand away from your face and held it in his, “So, will you marry me?”

You nod aggressively and wrap your arms around his neck pulling him into a tight hug. He hugs you back and you can feel his beating heart in time with your own.


A/N: I wasn’t really sure how taking names would go if you married foreigners with last name first, so I just kept it?? sorry if that sounded silly ? but still I hope you liked it!! I really loved writing this, I love yutoda!! :)))

Jared & Ivanka have a private e-mail server.

Outraged Liberals:  Jared & Ivanka are using a private email server for government business!  Why aren’t the hypocritical Republicans going after THEM huh?

Republicans:  Because we’re hypocrites?  And you knew that already?  Pretty sure Trump yelled about Obama golfing too much and he’s gone almost every weekend.  He complained about Hillary’s ties to Wall Street and hired his banker buddies for positions to which they’re wholly unsuited, not to mention unqualified.  He told ESPN to fire a woman who called him a racist even though he called Obama racist for years when he was hosting a TV show.  I mean do we need to keep going?  Stop yelling at us with your outrage about us being hypocritical.  In case you haven’t noticed, we have no principles beyond getting rich and protecting the divisions of race and class, and we absolutely could not care less about any accusations of hypocrisy as long as we can spin it in such a way that our angry white base will continue to vote for us.

Love at First Video Part 30: Say that Again?

Misha Collins x Reader

1200 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Shivering, you pulled the blanket up to your chin, trying to figure out why you were so cold. Usually you were kicking off the covers, being kept warm by the personal heater you called Misha. But you didn’t feel his arms wrapped around you. Rolling over, you felt the empty side of his bed, the sheets cold to your touch. Wherever he was, he had been gone for a while.

Yawning, you grabbed Misha’s robe from the chair next to the bed, slipping it over your shoulders before making your way downstairs. You had skipped checking the bathroom, as the light had been off. The first floor of the house was darkened, except for the sliver of light shining out from underneath the door to Misha’s study. Glancing at clock on the microwave in the kitchen, you weren’t surprised to see that it read 1:15 A.M.

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Title: Meeting the Family

Warnings: None

Request: Connor Brown! Maybe a warm and cuddly theme

Note: I hope you like it! Feedback is appreciated. :)

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

It was raining, the droplets coming down hard against the window. You looked over to where Connor was sleeping peacefully beside you. You grinned as you slid carefully out of his bed, shivering slightly when your feet hit the hardwood floors. Grabbing one of his sweatshirts out of the closet, you slipped it on as you headed to the kitchen.

You rarely cooked. You enjoyed doing it, but with your schedule you barely found time. Now that summer had rolled around, you and Connor both had a little more free time on your hands than you did during the season, and you were determined to make him a decent meal.

An hour later and you had quite the spread prepared. You pressed the button on the toaster before heading back to the stove, flipping the final pancake. Catching Connor in the entryway out of the corner of your eye, you grinned over at him as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Morning, babe.” you smiled, watching as Connor headed to the coffee pot, grabbing two mugs from the cabinet above, and filling them up.

“Morning.” he said groggily, walking over to you and handing you one of the steaming mugs, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips.

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NCT DREAM reaction when their movie night with s/o gets interrupted.

Actually its when they’re watching a horror movie with their s/o and then another member scares them but whatever i couldn’t fit that in the title.  This was requested by an anon so thank you for requesting :)

Mark: Mark would be all up for watching the film and would try and act all tough and like he wasn’t scared (Even though he was terrified) so when the film ended and he managed to show you his manly side he was so happy. However, when the other member decided to scare him and his s/o, he freaked tf out! and so he was totally embarassed for the rest of the day and it would take your reassurance to build his confidence again. I don’tknow why i just see mark as being easily scared you can disagree. he’d probably be annoyed at the member for doing that but he’d easily forget about it.

Renjun: Renjun was honestly just excited because he got to spend time with you and when you suggested a horror film he may have tried to persuade you to watch a more lighthearted film (moomins cough cough) but he would give in because he wanted you to be happy. I honestly don’t see him getting that scared but he might jump. He’d probably be more concerned about you rather than himself and if you got scared he would hug you tight and pepper your face with kisses to make you feel better which would cause you to laugh and then you two would just be laughing at the whole thing. He wouldn’t be annoyed at the member that did it, he’d probably just be like “Aish whyyyyy?”.

Jeno: Like Renjun i think he was just happy to be spending time with you and if you wanted to watch a horror film, of course he’d say yes. I don’t see him as someone that get’s scared too easily in fact you’d probably be more scared than him which would make him want to pull you closer and protect you. When the member tried to scare you, he’d probably jump a little bit but then he’d just laugh. He’d find it adorable that you got scared and would see it as an excuse to just be more protective and cuddly with you. 

Haechan:Haechan would probably challenge you to like a who can keep the most composed expression competition while watching the film contest (Which you’d both probably lose and would be in fits of giggles at how stupid the idea was to which Haechan would act offended because he thought his idea was great and you just had to come in like…but anyywayyy) honestly i think he would try and scare you while watching the film like if there was a silent, eerie moment, he shout “BOO!” and it would probably get old by the ned of the film but you found it cute that he was still trying tbh. When the member scaredyou two, i actually don’t think Haechan would be scared at all, i think he’d just laugh it off and playfully mock them like “You really thought you’d scare us like that??!”.

Jaemin: Jaemins just such a snuggly cutie pie so he probably wouldn’t even be paying attention to the film and his whole attention would be on you. He’d find it adorable when you reacted to the film (Like when you cover your eyes or nuzzle into him because your scared) and he would just be very clingy but it would be adorable. When the other members scare you i think he would actually be pretty scared at first but then he’d just start luaghing and if you got scared he’d pull you close (whilst still laughing might i add) and comfort you and he’d eventually get you laughing as well.

Chenle: Chenle was really excited about the film but as soon as you put it on he wouldn’t shut up XD. He’d be asking you questions every three seconds like “Who’s that guy?” or “What happens now?” and you’d just be like “WaTcH tHe FiLm AnD tHeN YOu’Ll KnOw!!!!” so he was quiet for like 10 minutes and then he started talking again sooooooooo. anyway when the other members scared you you two prepare for 2 different scenarios 1: Dolphin scream and lots of laughter or 2: finding the other members attempts funny and just laughing at how badly their plan went either way lots of laughs.

Jisung: Jisung would probably be quite nervous because this was his chance to show off how manly he could be and he really wanted to prove that to you. He would manage the manly image for a while but then he’d start getting scared and you two would just be scared together and honestly, it was a bit more enjoyable that way and you liked the sensitive side of him. When the other members scared you two i feel like he might jump at first but then compose himself because he doesn’t want his members to tease him about getting scared in front of his girlfriend and if you got scared he would hug you to show his members that he’s a “real man” a man pffftttttt he’s but a child!

I hope you liked it and requests are closed for now because now i have loads of homework this weekend, i’m on holiday in spain next week and then i’ve got a perforamnce workshop for a week after that so i’m pretty busy right now.

Thaks for requesting i was honestly dying while writing this it’s so cute (●´ω`●)


Selfie Joke Backfired

Kedgeup strip

sorry guy no new comic pages this week and probs not next week either. because I have been so busy with commissions MY deadline is this month 28st for the new children book and this week I am having friends over as well and  next weekend more people are sleeping over because its my birthday 31st and I am throwing a party. But dont fret I am working on it! in the meantime enjoy this , even after Sans deleted it, people are still commenting like  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

have fun guessing which commentators are  who (tho pretty obvious) 

Cute innocent magazine cover is drawn by @maple-and-pie

I wanna do a bunch of fun Kedgeup art of UfPaps and UtSans living together and shenanigans happen 

allso 30 layersfml

I’ve decided to finally start my BuJo, before the summer ends and I have less free time due to uni. I really want to get used to this method before September starts, to know what works for me and doesn’t. Remember: it’s your work what matters, not trends or aesthetic. I’m really keen on trying this method because of its flexibility, but I guess it might not be my thing.

🎵: BACK TO YOU by Louis Tomlinson. Ohhhh! You stress me out, you kill me… It feels pretty personal to me, especially after a pretty busy, back to someone weekend I’ve had…
📚: LORD OF SHADOWS by Cassandra Clare

Also, I’m very proud of the notebook cover. It’s a cheap dollar store one, that said ideas on the cover, so I decorated it. Probably I’ll change it when I have decided If I like the method or not, but…

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

I apparently donated my Boston Strong t-shirt so this is the closest I have to an encouraging message: Nevertheless, She Persisted. 

I am desperately jealous of all the people heading to Boston this weekend to spectate or to run the marathon. I think this really is a sign I need to get back up there for the race SOON.

Work is so crazy that a Monday feels like it should be Thursday. My head feels like exploding at the end of every day. It’s a frustrating feeling because I’m fairly convinced I have dozens of things slipping through all sorts of cracks. It’s good overall though. We were pretty slow for the first few months of the year and it was definitely freaking my boss out. So: busy is good. Stress is less good but currently a necessary evil. 

Luckily, I am not sick anymore so I’ve been back to running and swimming and last night I died a little during spin class (in a good way). Is it weird that a solid exercise schedule gives me a sense of control? Probably.  Steady exercise also lets me feel less guilty about all the Easter chocolate I’ve consumed. My mom sent me a care package from Germany and I know we all know this but, German chocolate is the best chocolate.

I’m also going to have to write out my marathon training for Berlin soon! Should get started sometime in mid-May which is crazy. Obviously, I’m going to continue doing Hansons. The question is just, what’s the goal pace this time?

Aaaand there’s the phone. Again. At least I’ll be in Reno soon! I mean, still working. But with mountains around me so it’ll feel better. 


I’ve got a trial shift in a restaurant after months of trying for a job! But I’m also depressed about it because if I get it, I won’t have any time to see anyone and because I’ll be busy on weekends my boyfriend will arrange to see his friends and he’ll probably go out drinking and that’s something I really struggle to deal with and my life will just get a whole lot worse. Is this really how life is for people? What’s the point?

Friday 5
1. The very skeptical look I just gave a county paralegal when she walked in my office holding papers at 3:10 p.m. on a Friday afternoon when I’ve basically checked out for the weekend and I have no brain space available for work. (Luckily, it was not a thing and was easy. Well, lucky for her!)

2. I’ve been busy all damn day. Don’t people know it’s Friday? Damn bitches.

3. I’ve been cussing at myself all day because my pants are a bit tight and I just knew it was from all that food and champagne last weekend…until I checked the tag and realized they are actually a size too small but I zipped them up and they fit well enough that I actually wore them out of the house. I apologize self. Carry on.

4. The veggie eating all week has been pretty good. We haven’t really missed it but we did have chicken Wednesday so I think that helped. Plus, today was burger day and I am not giving that up at all. Next week is all veggies with one night of fish tacos. We doin’ this! I wish I could say the same about my sugar addiction. It’s bad you guys. Like, bad.

5. I was going to go to yoga tomorrow morning but my mother dangled going to the beach in front of me so I changed my mind. The good thing is if she bails I’ll still go to yoga and she’ll still have to get up and watch my kids at 8:30 in the morning so I can go. Win win for me and for her too because my kids are a delight.

Okay. Cinco. Adios.

oh also I messed about with the RGB/gemstone crossover thing (his weapon is a hook with a chain on it if that wasn’t clear too bad I’m too lazy to draw chain links all the time)

too busy/tired to go any further with this one but maybe I’ll do something decent for Arthur and Mesi’s at the weekend

because fun \o/


Heyo guys!

I’m kind of back, I guess. Took some time off to get caught up on my assignments, projects, and self care also WKM rip.

This whole week and weekend has been a rollercoaster no thanks to WKM, I was non-stop theorizing (which is something I do not do because I suck, but something with WKM made me want to try lmao) over in my personal blog and also reblogged a bunch of stuff lmao. It literally took a toll on me, I was legit sad and stressed. But I’m better now and less busy, so it is time to work on the Marvin blog!

I’m going to be queueing posts again, and to those that tagged the blog, I’m pretty sure I got most of the posts on drafts. But since mentions are broken, I’m not exactly sure if we got all of the posts. We are also pretty behind on posts, so expect old posts being queued up.

Ask answering will be pretty slow, so yeah. And I think that’s it…

Anyways, thank you all for the patience and support! We apologize again for the lack of content, but we are going to slowly get back up again.

Take care and much love! <3333

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long distance romance

request: Can I please request a Tucu Correa imagine where I visit him in Sevilla (I live in the UK) and we have a romantic date at a restaurant? I was inspired by his recent photo but it’s up to you where it leads ;)

a/n: i absolutely love tucu so i loved writing this! i hope you like it too, feel free to tell me what you think :-)

warning: smut

Joaquin can hardly contain his excitement.

It’s been almost three months since he saw his girlfriend – because she lives and goes to school in the UK, and because his schedule with Sevilla keeps him pretty busy, they don’t get to see each other regularly.

But today, he gets to see her. In fact, he gets to spend the whole weekend with her, and he can’t wait. Her flight arrived at the airport an hour ago but she insisted on taking a taxi to his place, so he wouldn’t have to worry about picking her up. So when he sees the taxi pull up outside his apartment, he practically sprints outside without even bothering to shut the door behind him. He takes the stairs two at a time (and he almost trips himself up) but he makes it to the ground level safely as he hurries to meet her.

“Y/n!” he calls as she steps out of the taxi.

She squeals when she sees him and runs to meet him halfway, jumping in to his arms in a big hug. He slides his hands down to the back of her legs, to brace her body, as she squeezes him tight.

“Oh, I missed you,” he sighs, finally content that he gets to hold her in his arms.

“I missed you, too,” she says. “Okay, put me down now.”

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anonymous asked:

About nursey/dex Do you think it's a little weird that we as a fandom compare their struggles/debate who has it worse? Ik it's different when talking through the lens of characters but sometimes it feels like this fandom is arguing over whether it's harder to be poor or harder to be black? which kinda seems off to me like they're different struggles/hard to quantify. I was just curious ur opinion cuz u seem v smart/well spoken to me but don't feel like u have to respond if u don't want

hey, good question. i’m glad you think highly enough of me to ask me, dude. i got really long and rambly about this answer, and i’m pretty tired, so sorry if it’s somewhat unintelligible.

in my opinion, i don’t think it’s that anyone necessarily wants to talk about this kind of thing just for kicks. like, no one’s going, “wow, let’s debate whether jack in the nhl or bitty in the deep south is in a more homophobic environment!” just for the hell of it, or because they want to pit the people who love those characters against each other. that might be a more comparable example to what i think you’re asking me.

to me, the nursey/dex privilege discourse exists in fandom because of patterns in the fandom moreso than the details of the comic itself, and the patterns of the fandom are a direct result of the world we live in. fandom is made up of people, and no person lives in a vacuum; by extension, fandom does not exist in a vacuum, unaffected by the world.

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anonymous asked:

How are you and Cliff doing today?

Aside from that sicko anon imagining one of my characters raping me, I’m doing great. Today is Sunday, which means it’s heavy duty cooking day. I think I’m going to make a big crockpot of burrito bowls, as well as some more chocolate coated vanilla cups (they’re Cliff’s favorite), and Cliff also wants to make salted raspberry almond bark. I don’t know how, so I think he’s in charge of that one. Oh, and I might also make a rice dish. So yes, lots of cooking today! Should be fun :)

Anywho, between the cooking I’ll be doing lots of writing! I’ve been cleaning up my next WIP based on my editor’s suggestions for TSC. I love the professional edit because I always learn SO MUCH, and I’m taking what I learned and tacking it onto book 2. It’s been so fun to polish the manuscript, especially since it’s in a rough stage and theoretically shouldn’t be so pretty, but man does it shine! I really should be finishing up some stuff for TSC, but one weekend working on book 2 won’t hurt 0:)

Cliff has been SO busy and productive today! The surgery was a big success for him, and he’s got all his energy back! Unfortunately, since his body is used to being bedridden, normal activity makes him super sore and tuckers him out. However, this is a natural part of the process, and eventually he’ll adjust. He’s going to help me cook today! :D

Thanks for asking <3