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Eagle. Obviously, you’d be able to fly. There’s nobody – nothing – trying to get you when you’re an eagle, I don’t think. You’re at the top.”

“I think most guys say lion, tiger, but maybe snake. Yeah, why not? Cobra is danger… Yeah, of course [I like to scare people], I want take care of my family, take care of my son, you know, be dangerous.”

So I was watching Mozart in the Jungle, and I loved the character of Manu, Rodrigo’s childhood friend, and I thought, wouldn’t it have been cool if Diego played that part?

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Like, he could have played him as a mix of Gabriel and Raul from Casa de mi padre

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To all those who want to join the family group chat that I have going on then add, KimChe8 on Kakao and send me a message to let me know you’re from Tumblr and I’ll add you into the group chat. 

I’ve been getting a lot of asks about it lol, and my kids and siblings in the group chat are all wild af, pretty darn crazy but they’re all so nice and welcoming - all a bunch of cuties ~ so yeah if you wanna become part of the family then just add the name above!! 


A long day, an aching body, a dreary mood. You walk in, closing the door behind you and throw your bag and coat to the ground. It had all just become a little much today and you wanted nothing more than to sit down and rest. But alas, messages needed sending, phone calls needed to be returned, food needed to be cooked and eaten.

You sat down at the table and just slumped, folding your arms and resting your head between them. Hearing him moving around the house, you sighed. You didn’t want to unload everything onto him right now, he had enough going on. Lucis was not the place for a simple life, that much was clear. Closing your eyes, you heard the soft noises of movement draw nearer.

A soft sigh, a gentle hand on your back, quietly murmured words of love. Yet you give no response just yet.

You hear pots clash together, the sound of gas igniting, and a knife hitting a board. You have yet to open your eyes and move your head, yet you instantly know what’s being made. It’s familiar, it’s comforting, it’s home. Soon enough, you hear the placement of a plate on the table, some shuffling, and feel a pair of arms wrapping around your shoulders.

A calm yet strong grip, a nose in your neck, a gentle hum. You grip onto his arms and whisper a quiet thank you. He smiles against your neck, knowing just what you need. Contentness washes over you, acts that seem simple meaning so much more.

He is love, he is home, he is everything.

He is yours, as you are his.


(Shows up to yugioh fandom 20 years late, with the series unfinished, excessive knowledge of ancient Egypt, and a cheese danish from starbucks) Howdy. Want to hear about homosexuality in ancient Egypt

(Alternative caption: historically accurate Atem, anyone?)


Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017


pure sunshine cookie cat gem boy + angry cotton candy ube cake angst boy = giving each other strength

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Bearded Shiro in flannel though???

I’m not on board the whole bearded Shiro craze tbh, but I really like him with a soft stubble. And flannel improves everything 👌

Available on RB as a sticker ~

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy


Sometimes just… knowing someone else can do something r e m a r k a b l e makes it possible for you to do it too.

Mycroft | Watercolour, white gel pen & coloured pencil on hot press watercolour paper