because i wasn't invited

Okay! I’m moved out and into my own apartment now. Me and @ask-ghostly-mist​ are now fully fledged adults, more or less, and our internet just got hooked up. So while I attempt to find my tablet in the mess of shit piled into boxes, please enjoy this picture I randomly pulled up from my downloads.

anonymous asked:

Is it weird that when I think of Doflamingo finding out that Rosinante is alive/married/a father, I imagine his reaction along the lines of hands on hips, going "And why wasn't I invited/told?" all indignant outrage.

“Maybe because you’ve been under the impression that you killed me!”

“I regretted it right away!”

“No! You didn’t!”

“Do you guys have to do this now?! We’re about to overthrow him!” Law yells, pointing right at the pink feathered bastard

lefreakette  asked:

I hate when pax happens because I feel like everyone is going to the party of the year and im that one fella that can't go because I wasn't invited so I stay home and look at all the photos of everyone else having fun and just cry myself to sleep (jk I hope everyone has a great time and seeing pictures of people meeting makes me emotional)

dude… that is like…. literally how i feel. except, for me living in boston, it’s like being the neighbor to that party and looking out the window and seeing everyone have a good time and you weren’t invited and it’s like siiiigh.

but i do hope people enjoy themselves too! i’ve never been to pax, but i go to boston comic con every year, so i’m hoping it’s just as fun as that! 💜

Mal and Maleficent
  • *does pretty graffiti on the wall*
  • *does musical number**
  • *does petty theft of candy from a baby's hand*
  • Mal: Oh, yes, look at me. I'm rotten to the core. I'm just as evil as my mother Maleficent, who cursed a child just because she wasn't invited to the party. Have I mentioned how evil I am?

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Advice? My bf of 5 years started planning a trip to key west with his mother brother and dad, without mentioning it to me, actually kind of hiding it from me because he knew I'd be pissed. I wasn't invited but I've gone on vacation w/ them in the past. Im pissed as fuck cause yea I'm a jealous person but so is he. Even my mom was like " Nope. Tell him he's not going. I wouldn't let my bf go to the beach without me, especially at your age." But if he doesn't go his mom will throw a fit. Ugh...

You and your mom are both out of line. If he’s going on vacation with his family I see no reason for you to be invited, even if you’ve been with him for 5 years. Also if you can’t trust your significant other after 5 years you may need to reevaluate the reason you’re still with him because that doesn’t sound healthy at all.