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[160725] Key’s Elle Facebook Live Broadcast.

Translation of Minkey’s phone call.

Translation of Taekey’s phone call.

Key: Yes, everyone! You’re on, right? Thank you!! The lighting setting took 30 minutes.

K: I can’t look at normal clothes, sorry designers, it’s not that I don’t like it, I like reforming it to my style. (The top he was wearing in the broadcast was reformed.)

Key did a no-filter Q&A session.

Q: Are you filming in the bathroom?

“I gave up doctors drama to watch oppa”
K: Can’t you just watch both? What’s on my tv….? Doctors hahahahha

Key said he is filming his drama 혼술남녀 (Drinking solo) well.

He said to comment suggestions on what he should make his next content post for elle because he’s a little low on ideas.
K: Oh, I haven’t done a post on my dogs.

K: I was looking at an article and it was one of my Instagram post of me at San Francisco and all the comments said I edited my legs so that they look longer! I didn’t! I just posed (such that) my legs looked long! Who does that?! Well some people do..

Key said he prefers yellow lighting rather than white.

Q: What is your next album concept
K: concept? This (question) is too strong //skips (t/n: Another translation says he said the concept is strong this time. Not sure.)

Q: Concert spoiler
K: concert spoiler! We are preparing right now, hope you success in ticketing, there’s nothing I can do to help.. I want to extend the amount of seats.

Q: Song you’ve been listening to lately?
K: song I’ve been listening to lately..? Songs I have to record.. Are you curious? I know hehe

Q: Recent hobbies?
K: Reading and meditating

Q: Feet size?
K: 260-265mm

Please recommend a book
K: 혼술남녀 (Drinking solo) script

Q: Most important things lately?
K: Concert, comeback, drama, musical etc.

K: I make good deals with my mum, eg buy me a present and I’ll buy you a present.

K: OHHHHH please, change the channel…. Sorry everyone, the drama doctors just showed a cruel scene!

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