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Questionable Transformation Spots in ML

In my epic rewatch/screencap of the Miraculous series (see the Lady’s Charm and Adrien’s Game series), I’ve noticed that the kids find some…interesting spots for their “secret” transformations.  I took each screencap right before the transformation with the exception of Origins.  Why? Because it’s hilarious and I needed this laugh.  Locations like…

Out in the friggin’ open:

Who: Marinette
Episode: Origins
WTF?!: In the middle of the street, within view of Alya, the akuma (if he turned around) and anyone coming out of the Metro.  Note that Marinette hasn’t moved from her transformation spot and Alya is where she lands when released by the car.

Behind something obviously see-through:

Who: Marinette (the queen of “you can’t see me!”)
Episode: Dark Cupid, Volpina
WTF?!: It’s a good thing no one is ever walking by the park.  Or sitting on a bench. Or living in Paris.

A split second after the akuma/classmates/bodyguard go by:

Who: Marinette, Adrien
Episode: (top left to bottom right) Pharoah, Mime, Guitar Villain, Darkblade

Behind a Tree or Post:

Who: This is mostly an Adrien thing, but Mari gets one in
Episode: Gamer, Timebreaker, Pixelator, Guitar Villain
WTF: At least Marinette picked a tree that might be able to hide her if she wasn’t RIGHT across the street from the Agreste Mansion.  Let’s hope no one comes to get their car…Adrien, that first one is a twig.  Just go stand in the fountain and transform.

Directly in sight of an akuma:

Who: Marinette
Episode: Evillustrator
WTF?!:  This is the one that made me laugh the most.

Chat Noir looking up at the akuma:

This is where Marinette decides to transform.  Note the location of the bookcases, stairs, pole and poster on the bookcase.

Got it? I stared at this next one longer than any sane person should, but I determined that the area in the red circle would have been Marinette’s view right before she transformed.  Meaning…Marinette transformed behind the now-toppled bookcase, almost directly in view of the akuma.  None of the other bookcases on the right hand side (with the stairs on the left) have that poster and the destroyed bookcase would have been in the exact location of Mari’s view.  

It’s a damn good thing Evillustrator didn’t turn his head to the right…

In his defense, he could have been moving around the top area while drawing, although he stops to draw as far as I can tell…if he was on the other side when she transformed, I’m just ashamed of them both.

Honorable Mention:

Who: Adrien
Episode: X-mas

  • *AT LEAST 5 Christmas parties in full swing*
  • *LOUD SINGING from outside*
  • *Random partygoer looks out window to see what all the commotion is*:
  • Oh, hey!  There’s Chat Noir in the middle of the plaza!  He looks kinda upset…
  • *bright flash of light*
  • …..uhhhhhhhhh <–stunned into silence
  • *another random partygoer joins the first at the window* 
  • What’s the Agreste kid doing….?
  • *50 people crowd around the windows watching Adrien Agreste and his magical singing cat*

How does no one catch them?  I have a theory that they get teleported into an alternate dimension right before they transform.  It would explain the odd backgrounds…we know alternate dimensions exist because of the Pixelator episode, so…

get-to-know-you-better meme

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Relationship status: single and happy to remain so

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: White Dress - Dia Frampton. Her new album is so good.

Last Movie I Watched: I actually can’t remember. I watch so much stuff that I lose track of everything and get things mixed up and I can never remember. The last tv show I watched was Fresh Meat tho. Which I remember because I made the mistake of rewatching the last ep on friday night and went to bed feeling very sad and nostalgic about my undergrad and how much I wasted it.

Top 3 Characters: This is really hard? Why only three?? There are so many I love. But okay, at the moment: Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and Sam Vimes.

Top Three Ships: Gawain/Ragnelle (with a side of Gawain/Lancelot because god knows I love misery), Christopher Chant/Millie, and Codywan. Literally only one of these ends happily, what is wrong with me.

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Do you ever think about how close Allura and Coran came to being not woken up? Or at the very least being woken up from their cryosleep by Galra soldiers, quite possibly in the far far future.

Because it’s clear there probably wasn’t any kind of timer on their cryopods.  After all, why would it be set for over 10000 years in the future? And looking at how King Alfor scattered and hid the lions and how he put Allura and Coran in cryosleep in the first place, it’s clear he thought there was a strong possibility that there would be no one left alive in the castle to wake them up.

And odds are they would have been woken up by the Galra if at all.  After all the Galra had one lion and were well on their way to acquiring a second.  Since the presence of blue opened the entrance to the castle I have zero doubt that Red would have been able to do the same.  And considering it took them 10000 years to locate Red and Yellow who knows how long it would have taken for the Galra to find Black and the Castle.  A week? Another 10000 years?

And given what we glean of Shiro’s experience in Galra custody I can only imagine would Allura and Coran would have gone through.  Particularly because unlike Shiro, Allura is the only one who would have been able to locate the other lions provided the Galra had not located Black last.  But even if they had Allura and Coran had close connections to Alfor, who Zarkon clearly had history with.

Do you wonder how this must affect Allura and Coran? To realize how close they came to waking up in Galra custody? Or not waking up at all? Just suspended forever, not dead but not really alive????

Whoa whoa whoa rewind that

I’ve been rewatching some Aldnoah scenes. And I am really dumbfounded right now. It’s been months already so I never gave it too much thought, everyone was more enraged that Asseylum just says “so desu ne/I guess it is so” after Edelrittuo bursts into tears.

Is this really what she says? Instigate? Not rile up or continue? (ep 23 9:48)

I never thought much about Asseylum in the finale because I was too occupied with how Slaine will end up, but the first time I watched I thought she just wanted him to be defeated so the war stops. I thought she meant “why did he decide to lead this war?” I thought the most common fan interpretation was:
-she wanted Slaine to stop the war, but he didn’t
-she wanted him to be saved
-she doesn’t know if he survived
-she is fine with the war being blamed on him because she’s being manipulated
-it’s easy to blame Slaine because he is “dead”

Edel, what did you tell her here? How did she interpret this? Reminder that the last time Asseylum saw Slaine was in episode 1 before she goes to Earth. Then she wakes up and he is leading a war.

Slaine, what you’re saying sounds terribly misleading. After that he tells her how he is no longer a citizen of the Vers empire. Later Lemrina asks her who she cares about (Lemmy said she cares about Slaine) and Asseylum says:

I’ve always ignored this option because it was way too stupid and unbelievable. But is there a chance Asseylum really believes Slaine did more than he actually did? When Klancain and Asseylum talk to Slaine and Klancain cuts the transmission so she doesn’t change her mind and talks to Slaine it seems very likely she’d be easily manipulated for the sake of peace.

I just don’t get what she was thinking of Slaine at this point. Her memories were damaged, she obviously remembers their childhood, but what else?

I’d be enraged if she actually believed Slaine had a part in starting the war and doesn’t deny this story because she buys it:

I wouldn’t be surprised when it comes to the writing of Aldnoah, but this possibility just makes me feel sick. She never knew how he was being treated while he was a servant, she never knew all he did to save her and all he suffered, nobody knows because he was doing it all alone. Saazbaum knew and he is dead. We don’t know what happened to Harklight and Lemrina, but they are just two people who knew. The last chance is Inaho, because I’m sure he wouldn’t buy this shit.

Slaine is relieved when he hears she wanted him to be saved- is it because he knows the official story that he started the war or was he just afraid she might hate him without knowing that? What if somebody told him the official story then?

I just can’t stomach this option, I sincerely hope it’s just bad writing/direction and a huge misunderstanding on my part.

anonymous asked:

I just finished rewatching ep 3x06 and I can't believe I JUST realized Ragnar whimpered before pulling Athelstan in close to him during that 'I love you' scene. He freaking WHIMPERED. I don't know what it meant or why he did it but it made my heart do a flippy thing.


I already went on and on about this scene a lot here so I’ll try and spare you rambling too much, but that whimper oh dear god thAT WHIMPER…

The thing that kills me the most about these two is how vulnerable they always were with one another, like can you think of one other person Ragnar could be this open and completely real with? Can you think of another person that could make him whimper??????? I can’t think of any other time in the series where he looked so afraid or where he was just so completely flayed open with his heart 100% on the line like he was in that moment. Because he just wanted so badly to protect Athelstan, he wanted to keep him safe and he was terrified at the implications of “it does not matter where I go” beCAUSE WHAT DO YOU MEAN ATHELSTAN OF COURSE IT MATTERS YOU ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IN THE WORLD TO ME PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF HAVE YOU EATEN TODAY DID YOU GET ENOUGH SLEEP DID JESUS KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT YOU SMELL LIKE THE SEA DO YOU NEED A BATH DO YOU WANT ME TO WASH YOUR HAIR PLS DON’T LEAVE ME

//ahem ANYWAYS that whimper said what his words could not, he was afraid of losing him, was afraid he was so unconcerned about his own wellbeing, was so so afraid and so unwilling to accept the possibility that he could lose the most important person in his life and this will never stop cleaving my chest wide open and destroying my heart, nonny.

First of all, I enjoy Minako’s method of handling this. Someone knowing your name, knowing where to find you, specifically targeting you with plans to kill you to death? Some people might consider that a stressful situation and treat the “you” in question with delicate care.

Minako’s like IT COULD HAPPEN ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME WE CAN’T POSSIBLY PREDICT ANYTHING BUT THAT IT’S TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN, with her little clenched fist and and her complete lack of tact.

Which of course only gets worse.

And the whirlwind that is Minako scoops Rei up too because it’s not like Rei isn’t on hyper alert right now anyway and requires encouragement.


I love that Rei and Minako were probably THE WORST POSSIBLE CHOICES to begin this. This should’ve been been calm, reasonable Ami, or strong, comforting Mako. My screaming demands that I be allowed this aside (ALL STILL TRUE), this has to be a shock for Usagi. I was just talking last night about how a key difference between Usagi’s Senshi and Kakyuu’s Starlights (thus far at least) is how our girls are friends while the others have a palpable divide between them.

And now here she is with her girls treating her different from them, alongside the forceful implication that they’ll protect her at their own expense? (Because THAT’S what Usagi needs right now, to be reminded of more people leaving her.) I don’t see any way Usagi isn’t going to chafe at all this.

I”m getting a bit ahead of myself, but it highlights why I think Ami and Mako would have been the better choices to start all this. They’d have a much better chance of easing Usagi into this.


And of COURSE it’s Rei and Minako. Of fucking course it is, it couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

Like Minako isn’t going to kick this plan off. It’s probably 80% HER plan. More importantly though, for all her huge goals and big dreams, Minako is a Senshi first. There is a CLEAR and DIRECT threat to Usagi, more so than there ever has been before. This is precisely what Minako is all about, and at Usagi’s side is exactly where Minako needs to be.

And let’s take a second to appreciate that Minako is there, completely on-time, FOR SCHOOL. FOR SCHOOL PEOPLE. If anyone ever dared question Minako’s devotion, let them recall this moment. MINAKO WAS UP AND DRESSED AND READY FOR SCHOOL IN ENOUGH TIME TO BE AT USAGI’S HOUSE AND GET THEM ALL THERE BEFORE THE BELL

As for Rei, is this even a question? Usagi’s life is in danger, where the hell else is Rei going to be? Keeping Usagi out of trouble has been Rei’s life mission since they met. We know how seriously she takes Usagi’s well being for shit like keeping her fucking shoelaces tied. This is the bad guy specifically saying I AM COMING FOR YOU USAGI TSUKINO. I’m frankly surprised she wasn’t in Haruka and Michiru’s backseat.

There is nowhere else Rei is going to be but standing next to Usagi, ready for anything and everything the bad guys are going to try and throw at her. And if Usagi’s going to put up a fight, as Rei well knows she will, well who better to not give a shit and make her do it anyway?

It HAD to be Rei and Minako, and the fact that it had to be is also why I think it was completely the wrong decision, and I LOVE that.

Then there’s Rei and Minako flinging their accusations on LITERALLY EVERYBODY THEY SEE, and that’s so fantastic because you know they aren’t making any of that shit up. They are literally seeing an enemy EVERYWHERE, and again that’s so perfect for the two of them. Rei suspicious of everyone, Minako not taking anything at face value.

And they’re feeding on each other and it’s going to keep building and it’s all because they just love Usagi SO FUCKING MUCH and I’m basically going to explode.



We’re on to THESE ARE OUR REASONS, which is basically the exact list I had from last post as to why this ISN’T working as a moment. Their That Person, their planet, and:

Which, because this episode is desperate to save every single penny it possibly can, they use recycled footage to emphasize.

Hey, look, it’s Ami getting smacked in the gut by a barbed bracelet bullet!

And Minako! This is so fun!

Mako’s in profile in this one, so you can actually see her mouth open in a scream of pain!



Michiru has completely lost all strength, drained by the knowledge of her ultimate defeat, as she tips to the side and will spend her few remaining moments of life staring at an air conditioner duct.




This episode is stretching every single second like Paul Hollywood is going to be along any moment to stick his finger in the middle of it and stare disapprovingly, but it couldn’t spare the extra six seconds to include Hotaru and Pluto in its fallen Senshi montage.



For my fellow creampuffs

So I’ve been seeing plenty of absolutely distraught creampuffs upset that today is the last day of filming for @carmillaseriesAnd no one asked, but as someone who’s been in fandoms for over 2/3 of her life, here are just some nuggets of wisdom for some of the people who may not have found shows that changed their lives before–

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The signs are all there, you just gotta know how to read them (Pt 2)

I gotta get this outta my system -its driving me mad.

1. Daryl is gay. The seeds been planted way in Season 2. I rewatched  his hallucinations of Merle in Ep 5 to confirm my thoughts. Merle’s teasings/hints – Darylina/ Are you into little girls now (at first I thought was Merle suggesting that Daryl is a paedophile but what if its because Daryl’s always been interested in boys /men) / kick off your high heels and climb / Are you Rick’s bitch now?/All these years of me spent trying to make a man outta you.

Why would his bro be saying all these things without any reasons- perhaps, he’s noticed things about Daryl that were a bit off and attempted to toughen /normalize him even more /man him up.

2.       Why is it that its Rick and Daryl instead of Michonne and Abraham (like in the comics) who were the first to encounter Jesus? Actually, it could’ve been anyone from Alexandria but it was Rick and Daryl.

3.       I felt like the foreshadowing between these two is being shoved into my face literally as I watched 6x10  -  the tag chase, car backseat scene, all the other small subtle interactions. There has been more interactions between Jesus and Daryl than anyone else. I only started shipping Daryl x Beth from 4x01 and Rickyl only much later in S4 but the minute Jesus appeared on screen, it was like He’s-for-Daryl vibes were shooting out everywhere. More like I-hate-you-at-first-sight that usually leads to falling in love helplessly.

4.       Daryl’s closer/hangs out with all the gay couples in Alexandria and seems very comfortable with them more than the normal folks of Alexandria – first Aaron /Eric and now Denise/Tara; someone on Tumblr mentioned that gays sort of gravitate to their kind because of the vibes that they get. And mind you, gay couples only came into the picture at Alexandria, showing Daryl its possibility.

5.       Kirkman’s already mentioned there will be a badass gay character that will be introduced – so Jesus is gay.

6.       Jesus’ supposedly partner in the comics , the Hilltop doctor , was introduced in 6x11 as Harlan , and if you see closely, min 24 , you will see him head back to his trailer for his girl who’s waiting for him. He’s not with Jesus in the series. Jesus is single and available coz you would also notice that no one’s come to greet/hug Jesus when he returns to Hilltop or when he leaves with Rick’s group.

7.       Daryl has been /is close with some females, even started shipping wars and all but nothng solid has ever materialised.. Never seen any attempts on his end to start a relationship with anyone at all leaving his fans all frustratingly bewildered.

8.       Kirkman’s a big fan of badass gay characters.

In a Q&A on Reddit last year, Kirkman explained why there’s a need for gay characters like Jesus in fiction, but not necessarily a need for sensationalizing their sex lives.

“In my opinion there should be more awesome gay people in fiction because there are plenty of awesome gay people in real life,” wrote Kirkman. “I want Jesus to be a character where his sexuality is as unimportant as Rick or other heterosexual characters. So we won’t focus on it constantly and it won’t be the focus of any big storylines for him… but he’ll make it with a dude every now and then… before going out and drop kicking zombies. He’s one of my current favorite characters.”

I have my own theory that Kirkman made a deal with AMC that he will keep Daryl alive (Daryl is after all the golden boy/cash cow for AMC) provided AMC grants him the badass gay romance that he didn’t get to have in his comics (Jesus was in a relationship with a doc);  in the series (he’s got not one but two badass gays who can totally rock a relationship).

9.       Kirkman’s been trolling with us on Daryl’s sexuality – saying its been discussed, AMC’ s ok if Daryl’s gay and then that he’s straight blah blah blah. But we all know you cannot trust him.

10.   Norman Reedus has always said that Daryl has no game and that he will never make the first move , so it has to be the other person who will make the first move and that person has to be persistent and patient and prob need to put up with bull-headed, and volatile Daryl that we all know (and come to love). Jesus appears to portray all these characteristics right from the 2 episodes we have seen so far.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts. I am pretty convinced. Now, all I am going to do is sit back and wait for the moment when Jesus makes the move and persistently pursues Daryl until he can convince him to see and accept this part of him (that’s probably been suppressed and demonized as long as Daryl can remember due to his upbringing) and allow himself this happiness that he has denied himself for far too long.


Garnets futurevision is not omnipotent

I’ve seen a lot of speculating and theorizing about garnets future vision, specifically how she knows everything is about to happen so why doesn’t she stop it? or OH THIS WAS GARNETS PLAN ALL ALONG.

But I seriously think you should rewatch that ep again, because they explain pretty clearly how her power works. She can view things in chances, everything has a lower or higher chance to happen, she has to take chances all the time, and she cannot know for certain that the outcome will not be the least likely thing to happen, but she takes gambles anyway. Because that is what life is, a gamble. No wonder she has nerves of steel.

she knows what has a chance of happening. and sometimes, maybe even a lot of times, things that only have 0.000001% chance to happen will happen! so it will still be an element of the unexpected, even for garnet.

She does not plan the whole show behind all our backs, she is not omnipotent, and she is not cruel for not being able to see completely everything or monitor everything that steven does.

I’m so happy that they explained her power in the way that they did, because to give her such omnipotent powers would ruin the whole show. And her power being like this gives a lot of openings for growth and understanding her personality.

also why are people acting like jemma was there to be will’s love interest and not the other way around. she was the hero and he was there just to support her story. he was there so that she had a shoulder to cry on when she lost hope. he was there to appreciate her exactly because she had hope at all in a situation like that. he did nothing more than help her and appreciate her. i do not buy it for one second that she wouldn’t have survived without him, he just made it quite easier.

Tuesday Bullets

• An hour of cardio tonight - 3 miles on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the stairclimber doing intervals. I was so sweaty and depleted at the end, I couldn’t even stretch without feeling dizzy.

• This shouldn’t be food related as I ate all the usual things minus my mid-morning banana simply because I wasn’t hungry.

• Also, I woke up last night in a cold sweat so maybe this is all related? Let’s hope I’m not getting sick.

• …but then I was sick the rest of the evening. Oscillated between ridiculous, gastrointestinal cramps, wanting to hurl/other such things and feeling intense hunger pains. WHY BODY WHY? Precisely, how I felt after almost every single long run I’ve ever done. Ugh.

• I tried to laugh the pain away with Parks & Rec. Forever my comfort show. Rewatched the Snake Juice ep. Good life choices.

• Also, I researched more options for birthday shenanigans but I need the twin to get on board with something, ANYTHING. He’s being so ambivalent about it all. Generally, I don’t enjoy planning social event things but it’s our 30th so it feels appropriate.