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ok i know we all think the wedding is jake and amy’s but….can i introduce you to the concept of it being the celebration of the union between captain raymond jacob holt and professor kevin cozner?????

just imagine, after their reunion (almost one year apart!!!!) they decide that yes, they really do want to have a tasteful celebration of their love for each other and all that’s kept them apart. they plan it, kevin and ray show up in IMPECCABLE tuxedos. cheddar is the ring bearer. the squad does some like…honor guard thing down the aisle. terry is ray’s best person. idk maybe gina is kevin’s best person. idk. happy dancing where kevin and ray have slight smiles on their faces as they waltz IMPECCABLY to some meaningful song. maybe they do a slow dance to a jazz piece about l o ve. the end scene has amy and jake looking at each other, looking at the captain and kevin across the hall and how besotted they are, and just….”maybe,” they think. “maybe.” 

just…..the holt/cozner wedding we’ve been waiting for, with the couple that’s been apart for ONE!!YEAR!!! 

they deserve this. u know they do

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any thoughts about an Avatar AU for KND characters? Who would be the Avatar (probably Nigel lol) and who would be benders/non-benders?

WELL ur asking like two things here but im sure you mean like
not the actual main cast of avatar and whod be who.

BUT i do have some idea about benders/nonbenders

Rachel, you know if she could be, I would say earth bender because shes a solid leader (i feel like i have more reason but earth yes) BUT, Shes definitely a non-bender. We’ve seen cool characters like Suki be rad as heck in fights without bending.

Patton, raised in the North. Water bender possibly? Taught the kids how to fight in combat. Travels around, scouting for potential rebels.

Fanny, lol okay i know shes fire (so original), shes high up in class so shes tempermental about things. Doesnt care for boys and uses her bending to scare them off (though she rarely actually hurts anyone???). Her brother Shaunie is also a bender and has a lot of potential that even she thinks is amazing. ( that may lead to having patton teach him somehow?? fanny hates it but hes doing very well). Absolutely loves to show off in front of rachel with her bending.

Steve/100 is diffcult i suppose?? Earth bending through 100, but also the idea of him being a fire bender and being that one teacher who knows how to use it in a non-destructive manner (like that dragon episode with aang and zuko you know?? it being beautiful and life and such).

Cree I wanna say fire as well b u t idk. Shes got the passion for it. Still unsure, consider her and abby are sisters i wanna give them the same bending but obvious different uses, one for healing and one for destruction?? Water maybe. That has a nice flip to it.

Hoagie has air bending aha, yet while he is an air nomad he wants to go out and EXPLORE, tommy wants t follow his brother and barely knows how to control his bending well enough to follow though. Yet thru sonia and lee they het their own adventures plus tommy ends up being more creative in what hes doing with and without bending.

Abby i just said water lol, she learned from Cree how to use it as a weapon, but after crees… betrayal she teaches herself to use it more for healing and not as a weapon.

Sonia is a firebender, she kinda doesnt like it but it helps her whenever its dark. The only good use she thinks it has. though thru trying not to use it, Whenever she gets angry shes out if control. Lee helps her calm down though. I dont think hes a bender either. Possibly like that tai chi girl. (pressure points??)

Harvey is the kid whos good at what he does but over does it and goes out of his way to prove hes right. Definitely a bender unlike rachel. However thinks the WORLD of her and looks up to her. Really tries to impress her with his bending since she praises how good hes getting with it. Meets up with Tommy Sonia and Lee and he proclaims himself leader (he isnt.)

Chad, i could say fire or water bender??? but idk. Fire for that passion he has and ego he just needs to control and water mostly to contradict all that. But also Him being a nonbender too??? CHAD WHY ARE YOU DIFFICULT. His parents are a mix of both I’d suppose?? Possibly a late bloomer when it comes to bending. So he works twice as hard just to prove he can do what he can without bending and then getting it and its??? world turned upside down for him and he lets i get to him.

Wally is probably earth bending?? But has trouble with it. Joey is just a natural at it of course (probably metal bends)

Kuki and Mushi are possibly firebenders. For obvious reasons. Mushi likes to use her bending for inventions (steam powered). Kuki idk. Maybe she doesnt have bending but is good with martial arts? Definitely loves to craft things.

Nigel?? is difficult. He could be the avatar??? I dont know about him, but also air nomad as well with Hoagie. Really didnt take with some of the lessons and runs off bringing hoagie, who wants adventure and respects the lessons, with him.

Lizzie, like the swamp folk, uses water bending with plants. Possibly part spirit. Shes definitely very string in her opinions about not getting involved in fights that she deems unnessacary.

Georgette/10, not a bender but very tenacious in following rumors and stories where shes developed stealth and makeshift weapons. Rarely resorts to it by using her charm. Off to find the avatar probably.

THIS WENT ON LONGER THAN I THOUGHT BUT HEY??? YOU ASKED I GUESS. mildly… came up with a timeline and relationships while typing this out but you can probably guess that.


                                                   HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY
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In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)

If you’re worried about Rose looking suspiciously like a visual callback to the antagonists in the extended intro and how it’s likely because Steven’s starting to fear his mother in light of recent developments clap your hands!!!!!

The looping gif that no one asked for and no one wanted, to endlessly fuel all your rage

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! Yesterday was markiplier​ ‘s birthday and.. -sigh- i’m late to the race again! ´__`;;

this is Mark in my mind but in reality he’s probably more like 

yea.. >_>;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MARK! i hope you had a good one with Jack, Bob and Wade uwu;;

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And I don’t want to live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on
            somebody that you used to know…

This song came on again and I was thrown back a few years because I associated it a lot with the breakdown of Snape and Lily’s friendship. (it’s… just a really resonant, bitter and sad song, and works just as well for the falling out of a friendship imo)

It’s probably pretty obvious what this is referencing aka I’m a hack who only ever parodies songs from pop culture g o o d b y e