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please like this and comment all the ships with my muses that you have. whether it’s established or if we have discussed it. i’m planning to update my ship pages and tags. so even if i already have them on the tags/ship pages, please list them for me anyway. i want to get things updated. likewise, if we don’t have an active ship anymore, i’m going to remove them off my ship pages unless we discuss things, because i feel that there are probably ships that were discussed on pages, but i haven’t updated my ship pages in a while lol

but thank you, lovelies! <3

Being a Time Remnant and Dating Sara Would Include...

Requested by @taliajromanoff: Oh! I finally figured out a request for Sara Lance. What about being a time remnant (like Martin’s daughter) and dating Sara? I feel like Sara would be conflicted maybe? If you can’t do this, I totally understand. 😘

(A/N): Sara in season 3 is the best! I love her so much :D

  • After learning that you only exist because of how the Legends messed up time in one of their missions, you’re very upset
  • Sara coming to comfort you
    • “What can you possibly say right now that can make me feel better? My very existence is a mistake!”
    • “You’re not a mistake, (y/n). Your parents and life are very real and you have people who love you.”
  • Tagging along with the Legends and going on missions with them
  • Being very attracted to Sara and admiring her fighting skills
  • Sara thinking you’re cute but never making a move because you’re a time remnant 
  • FInally, Sara couldn’t take it anymore and asked GIdeon to run through all the possibilities that can happen
  • After that, Sara takes the Waverider to the 1950′s and finally asks you out on an official date
  • Going into a ‘50s diner and having a really cheesy date
  • Even after Sara started developing feelings for you, she kept worrying about the timeline
    • Always checking with Gideon to make sure her actions wouldn’t make you disappear
    • Making absolutely sure that whatever mission the Legends were on didn’t threaten your existence
  • After about a year of dating she’ll say, “I’m glad I took a chance with you.”

i saw a picture of fluttershy but apparently i am not allowed to tag it as ‘me’ so i go to look as to why they are asking people not tag it with ‘me’ and apparently they’re anti-fictionkin, or whatever, and not only am i not fictionkin as far as i know, because i don’t really know much about kin stuff like at all, but also, i want to tag it with me just to spite them for having some strong bias against a thing people identify with that affects literally no one

One More Hour || McKirk-Tober Day #21

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McKirk-Tober Day #21 || Yeti

Title: One More Hour

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationship: McKirk

Warnings: n/a

Summary: The adventure of a lifetime

Pre-A/N: Can you believe there’s only 10 more days to do after this???????

Because I can’t. Like, I’ve done 21 of these things so far. I’m astounded at myself. And, unfortunately, I still need to write the rest of them because I’m bad at procrastination and doing things last minute.

Soooo….Anyways, thank you again to everyone who has been reading these and giving them a like and/or a reblog (♥♥♥♥♥♥)! I’m still reading all of the comments, replies, and tags that go with each of these and I’m still loving them (and all of you lovelies) to bits :) ♥♥♥

McKirk-Tober Masterlist

Enjoy!! ♥

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anonymous asked:

What the heck is your problem, dude? If you don't like nswf content, don't read it, blacklist it, put the safe search button on. And you know what, the problem is not the people who write this or who read it, the problem is people like you that imagine the kids in that position, because I do not and the writers certainly write them aged-up, normally 18 and up.

You wanna know? You wanna know what my problem is?!
My problem is your audacity in sending me this message.
Are you really going to play dumb with me now?
Fuck you. Fuck you twice for ever daring to insinuate that I imagine kids in such situations! I never said that. I write college!stenbrough all the time!
Thinking of them as 18-year-olds… and I never needed to go to the lengths of what I saw @ the stenbrough tag this morning, to make my followers happy with my writing!
What I do imagine, you irresponsible little cynic is any of the cast members browsing tumblr and finding that nsfw!content. 
Don’t come at me acting like I don’t know what a safe search is. Don’t go around telling yourself that the actors would never visit their tumblr tags either!
Aged-up? Yeah, you guys seem to think that’s enough to not embarrass the actors with your smut hcs… 
I’m an actress, you little shit. Once you’ve played a character, every time you read anything about your character for the rest of your life, it’s personal to you to some extent…
Sweetheart, bless your heart, don’t call me dude… I’m a fucking Queen, let me tell you something now, my problem is that nfsw!content at the Stenbrough tag directly affects MY WORK
One time is enough. One time. One time that Jaeden or Wyatt visit tumblr because they are curious, for the memes, for the theories for the next movie (because there will be flashbacks and that means the 2017 cast might still shoot new scenes for these characters…)
One single time of Jaeden typing Bill Denbrough in the search bar, not using YOUR MOST PRECIOUS SAFE SEARCH BUTTON because he doesn’t expect THERE TO BE A NEED FOR SUCH THING…
That one time could be enough for him to spot the wrong post. He would leave the site!
He would feel awkward and he would judge us all, even if it’s just for a minute, he would judge the whole fandom for that!
“Is this what these people are doing here? There are notes to this? Yikes! I sure am never coming back to this social media again…” 
Jack Dylan Grazer called Reddie a JOKE.
Do you think I ever wanna hear that again?
That DESTROYED me! I don’t write Reddie like I used to since that dark, dark day anymore… 
He felt disturbed enough to end up indirectly labeling my work as A JOKE.
My work is not a joke!! My fics, my mood boards… I spent days working on them! IN MY SECOND LANGUAGE!
I’m exhausted at the end of the day from translating all my thoughts, spell checking my every word 5 times…
I pour my heart into my work. I had to read that youtube comment because Jack judged the whole fandom after watching ONE video!
He didn’t say Fack. He said REDDIE! 
My problem is that this episode invalidates me as a creator. And the person who posted that video caused this feeling for me.
I don’t want that to happen with Stenbrough now. EVER! 
To be hated by Wyatt Oleff by association because of YOUR stupid creative liberty excuse would be reason enough for me to quit this fandom! 
What I want is for that ONE TIME, that miraculous event, of him typing Stan Uris in the search bar… On that day I want him to find MY BLOG, MY WORK!
My blood, my sweat, my tears!
The love I have for Stenbrough. How I devote my life to this ship daily! 
How I studied their characters to the tiniest details… IT 2017 has 2 hours. IT 1990 has 3. I’ve watched it all multiple times. TO MAKE MY WORK CONSISTENT, VALID, BEAUTIFUL, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, GOOD, POSITIVE, TANGIBLE! 
Your nsfw!content is standing in the way of my success.
It’s threatening MY DREAM of ever getting a compliment from any of them!  
For that I will not forgive you. I shall not witness this in silence!
I will not let any of you get away with it!
You wanna talk blacklist?
Blacklist me, suckers! GET OUT.
If you don’t agree with me I don’t want you near my blog, you don’t deserve it.
I don’t respect you nsfw!posters nor your choices as a member of this fandom.
I respect God, myself, my peace of mind, and my boys. 
You, darling? You can rot in hell for all I care!

About season 2

I’ve always posted spoilers as soon as the episodes came out, that won’t change with season 2. I’m going to tag the spoilers with #ml spoilers though, because I know some of you don’t want to see them for any reasons, please blacklist that tag.

Also, Spanish is my mother tongue and I’ll most likely live-translate the episode for a friend, so I might post a summary or something. I could even translate the whole episode if anyone records it and I get to rewatch it and pause as much as needed, I don’t mind.

Anyways, can’t wait!!

Heads Up!

I will be starting something for Ivar. It’ll be stupid convos ect with Ivar / the other characters that just pop in my head. It’s mostly because these ideas aren’t fully fleshed fic ideas but the don’t go away like most of my fic ideas. they sort of stagnate and stop me from writing for other people.

Any way you guys probs don’t care about my process. The point of the post!

If you don’t want them popping up you can use the tag #the adventures of bonnie and ivar to Blacklist. Or if you don’t want to miss out you can use the tag to keep up with the posts using the search option on mobile or the tagged option on the site version.

literally i just like fluttershy. i like her because i relate to her. i relate to her because she has a lot of qualities i wish i could more easily express myself and wish people saw in myself as i see them in myself. thus i find it easy for me to say, oh, yeah, fluttershy? we’re a lot alike. i’m going to tag this pic of my favorite pony as #me since she is nice and makes me feel at ease to know that someone made that character and i relate to her so closely. also she looks girly and cute like i wish i were.

Can I just...

In lieu of the new tumblr settings, can I make yet another plea with those of you who read fics and consume art on tumblr to please reblog them?   

Fics and art will die on a creator’s dash if they aren’t reblogged.  It’s never been more true than now. 

If you want to keep receiving content from creators, reblog the the content. If it’s something you enjoyed?  Reblog it.  It’s not hard.  I am going to make a point to reblog everything I read from now on.  (With the proper tags of course), as well as all the art that I see on my dash.  

I cannot make it simpler.  Posts WILL die unless they’re reblogged.  No one will see your ‘like’.  Your like is a bookmark for YOU to find it later.  Your reblog means the world to a creator because it means you are willing to go the little extra distance and recommend this to your followers.  

Don’t let creations die on the dash of those who created them.  

Reblog to save a creation.  

Reblog to keep a creator creating.

Reblog, please. 

Lars of the Stars

i hope i’m getting a reputation as the person who keeps making awful graphs

edit: i’m getting a lot of “wait you forgot st*v/en un*ve/rse!” and “you forgot vo*tr/on!” and i just wanna go on record saying that i purposely did not include those two because then i would’ve had to tag them and i am absolutely *terrified* of those two fandoms

Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 


Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)


Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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A Note on Reblogging (Your Own Fic/Art/Stuff/Etc.)

Look, here’s the deal with tumblr: it moves fast. A lot of people follow enough blogs that scrolling through one’s entire dash is impossible. I remember the days when I could wake up in the morning and scroll back to the last post I saw before bed. Sweet, summer child.

Here’s the other deal with tumblr: I see so much anxiety about reblogging one’s own stuff, be it art; analysis; fanfiction; hell, personal posts and replies. I have (and continue to feel deeply) that anxiety. Every time, my inner critic and I go through the same song and dance.

Critic: You look like you’re begging for notes/replies/reblogs. People will think you’re needy/full of yourself/have to be the center of attention. You already have a few notes, why do you need more? Other people have it worst than you. Ugh, you’re just clogging the dashes of your followers. If they wanted to read it, they’d have read it already.

Me: *ball of anxiety* You’re right. Wait, no you’re not. Wait, maybe you are. Wait, no—

I’d say it’s 50/50, even now, that I’ll reblog myself. 

And you know what? Fuck that. 

  • Not everyone can get through their dash in a sitting.
  • Timezones are a thing.
  • Work hours are a thing, also affected by timezones.
  • Life away from tumblr is a thing (what??? I know).

There are so many reasons a person might not see your fic/art/stuff the first time. Reblog it the next day. Reblog it a week from now. Hell, set up a schedule or a queue and have it reblog itself three months from now. Go back through old fics and reblog the ones you really liked; I guarantee you have followers who are new enough to have never seen it or who would like to reread it.

Be proud of the work you do.

Oh yeah, I felt that resistance from here.

Say it again. Out loud. Write it on a post-it note and stick it where you’ll see it.

Be proud of the work you do.

You wrote/made it for a reason. And yeah, part of that reason was probably to share it with other fans. Otherwise, why post at all? I know. Man, I get it. I’m cringing even writing that. The fucked-up “don’t show off” mentality runs deep, right?

Fuck that, too.

If you have followers who unfollow you because you’re reposting your stuff (and this is hard to prove, remember; maybe they quit tumblr, maybe their interests diverged from yours, whatever), who cares? Let them go. For everyone who leaves you, many will stay. And many will be happy to see that thing they missed because of work, life, sleeping. Especially if you follow a few points of tumblr/dash etiquette:

  • Use cuts/read mores for anything longer than a few hundred words (I tend to cut at about 400-500 words, though if something’s under about 700 I might leave it).
  • Reblog at reasonable intervals (day/evening, next day reblog, etc. Hourly might be a bit much ;D).
  • Use tags so people can filter appropriately.

Be proud of the work you do.

(Write it down. Yes, you. <3)

anonymous asked:

Hi! New around here... May I ask what do you like about Madancy? Mads sure seems to fancy Mr. Dancy, Hugh.. not so much )=

My dear sweet baby fannibal, I need to stop you right there. 

Since you say you’re new, I’ll help you out.

“Well, it came about because one of the things that was very important was that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter have a likeability, not only on screen but with each other. The fact that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are very good friends in real life cinched the deal, in my mind. That was important because I knew it was going to translate to screen. We wanted the audience to like these two men liking each other.” — Bryan Fuller on how he ended up casting Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“Hugh Dancy was the first actor cast and that made the project all that more appetizing for Mads Mikkelsen, who knew Hugh and worked with him in the past and rightfully adored him.— Bryan Fuller (x)”

“Me and Hugh (Dancy) were two of the knights (in King Arthur). So we were sitting for half a year on horseback and we became friends way back then. It’s just been a gift. We’re doing a show like this where you’re working so close together. It’s nice to be comfortable with each other, and that was just a gift that it turned out to be me and Hugh”— Mads Mikkelsen 

“Mads is a remarkable combination of things. He’s more than capable of fighting for what he wants. He’s amazing.”— Hugh Dancy

“Well obviously what I’m going to miss is just sitting down in a chair and having chit-chats with Hugh Dancy.” — Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal S3 (x)

“It’s great. The very first time we sat down, talked about the show, Mads came up at the conversation. I worked with Mads nine years ago now on ‘King Arthur’. Completely different. Could not be more different. But during that period I got to know him and really like him. As a man as an actor. And had followed his career ever since then. I knew it was going to be great. That relationship is so complicated and interesting. It has to be believable. That’s one of the highlights of the show for me.” — Hugh Dancy

“So, spending that much time with a fellow actor, as I knew I would do with Hugh, it was just a fantastic gift that we knew each other. We are not only in the room, but to a degree, we have to be emotionally naked in certain situations.” — Mads Mikkelsen spoke about friendship with Hugh and cast (x)

(Mads Mikkelsen from Red Dragon Con, post)

(Hugh Dancy, The Path interview, post)

He’s worked with the actor Hugh Dancy previously and agrees that such a genuine friendship lends something special to their on screen relationship. “It was a great gift for both of us, that we were able to spend some much time together on the show. We were kind of in a boat of insecurity from the beginning, but it was nice to have a friend there, if you go down or you stay up. To be able to be comfortable with someone in a room, day in, day out of filming, 12 hours a day, was an extreme gift for both of us. We found a way of working together really fast. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with him during the third season as well, but if not I’ll just have to go drink some beers with him!” — Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“I would say an actor like Mads, but there aren’t any, there’s just Mads.” — Hugh Dancy during the SAG Foundation interview (x).

And finally:

“Collaboration with Mads, who I love, who’s a wonderful actor and incredible partner in that respect “ — Hugh Dancy on what the show means to him

Hugh has become one of my very, very, very good friends. We knew each other from before, but it’s been so intense to spend three seasons together. I was there when he had his first little baby. It’s been a fantastic journey. We were just very, very lucky that we ended up with each other. Imagine if we had ended up with someone we didn’t like.” — Mads Mikkelsen (post)

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are friends. I’m not sure where you got the impression that they aren’t or that one dislikes the other.

Mads likes Hugh. 

Hugh likes Mads. 

They’re friends.

And their amazing chemistry and friendship (and various aesthetic reasons) is why I ship the fleet of ships that belong to Hugh and Mads and their characters.

So, after all of this, if you’re interested in some more Mads and Hugh liking each other and goofing around together goodies, check out my tag ‘danish crumpet’.

God I was reading Yuri on Ice fanfic the other day and reminiscing, and I still get fucked up thinking about its plotline.

Like, okay, so the big twist that shook the entire fandom was that Victor had been in love with Yuuri from the very start, and Yuuri just didn’t remember what happened because he was blackout drunk. Which, if this had happened with a straight couple (if either of them had been women), would have been a twist, but not as big of a shock as it was with the actual show.

I mean, I started watching when episode 2 came out. The fandom was brand spanking new. There were some people already drawing fanart. There were a few shippy ones going around of Victor and Yuuri, but that wasn’t anything new. There were some gifsets that caused a few raised eyebrows, and some people in the tags were all “omg do the creators know how gay this sounds? Are they trying to make this suggestive??”

But everyone knows how silly the fangirls are, right? Haha, so crazy, no way would they make Victor actually be gay. It’s probably just something lost in translation. At best it’s good old fashioned queerbait with a sly wink at the fans. So crazy, no way they actually have sexual tension!

Knowing full well it would never be canon I still ended up watching, because I like sports anime and deliberately misinterpreting canon so I can read it as queer. Except. Except that Yuri on Ice wasn’t giving me much to misinterpret. Victor was outright flirting with Yuuri from episode 2 onwards. Yuuri definitely had some sort of crush on Victor. As everything ramped up to episode 7, the common mantra among the fans was “HOW MUCH GAYER CAN THIS SHOW GET??”

And then the kiss happened, and the fandom fucking exploded.

We had a canon kiss between two male characters in a sports anime, a really really good sports anime, and the creators were kind! And understanding! And clarified that it was a kiss (though slightly censored) and that their world was free of homophobia so we wouldn’t get wrapped up in the real life ramifications of such a kiss and just enjoy the moment.

And then episode 10 happened. The twist happened, and the show was put in a whole new light. Victor had always loved Yuuri, and the entire show he had been pursuing him romantically. It changed the tone of every single episode, to the point where a rewatch would change the tone of entire scenes for me.

It’s just amazing how Yuri on Ice changed the entire game, not by doing anything crazy like give their characters a near death experience or some sort of dark past but by just revealing a character’s romantic feelings. And they succeeded in part by having it be a queer relationship.

Lesson for content creators: surprise your audience by making your show actually gay.