because i wanted to do this for joyce

Do you guys think Joyce will tell Lonnie about Will coming back? I personally would love if she does not, and someday that piece of moldy bread hears about it and goes, fuming, to her house, demanding explanation as to why she didn’t immediately tell him his son was alive and when he gets there, he sees another car parked outside

And honestly, it just happens that Hopper is there that day, can you imagine the kind of things Lonnie will think and/or say?

Can you imagine the interaction? Between not only Lonnie and Joyce, but Lonnie and Hopper, and Lonnie and the boys?

Because I can and man, if that happens somehow in season 2 I will SCREAM

also last night I was talking to my mom about reading War and Peace and she’s like “sometimes I think you read this books–” and I’m like “…out of spite? because I do” and she’s like “to show off”

and I couldn’t even wrap my head around this, I mean, what??? has my attitude been show-offy??? MOM. NO.


I don’t like the world‘s attitude of mmmm this book is a classic but it’s super hard my response every time is oh?? OH??? IS IT HARD??? IS IT??? BRING IT THE FUCK ON. I’LL READ IT. LET’S SEE HOW GOOD IT IS. because I don’t believe in gatekeeping and I don’t like the insinuation that I a mere plebe am too stupid to understand these things that are Only For Academics.

I also hate that people think these books are “““““boring”““““

nah. y’all know about Moby Dick and the Sperm Squeezing. War and Peace is so far just a super long Napoleonic War soap opera. Shakespeare is dick jokes mixed with existential crises. there’s a lot of things going on but “boring” ain’t one of them.

I’m not trying to ~~breathe life back into the classics~~~ or any shit like that. for one thing, I really do hate some of it (James Joyce can bite me, except he would probably enjoy it, weirdo).

I just want to have fun with what I’m reading and not be intimidated by all the people who think Literature Is Just For Them because yo. yo. this shit is fun. I enjoy having experiences I didn’t expect, and sharing my fascination, regardless of whether the people I’m talking to choose to read it. And I’mma keep doing it.

From Butterflies to Bunnies & Everything Between

“I don’t… understand.”

They were seated at the kitchen table — Hopper reading the paper, with a cup of steaming coffee in front of him, and El was perched in the next chair, accompanied by an abandoned book.

Hopper turned. “Understand what, kid?”

She didn’t know how to express it. And for some reason her cheeks were burning. How could she…?

El pointed to her abdomen.

Hopper’s eyebrows scrunched together. “Your stomach? What about it?”

“It…” words failed to come to her, and so she gestured vaguely with her fingers.

Hopper stared blankly, until it seemed to occur to him what she meant. “Butterflies?”

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my expectations for season 2 of stranger things:
• hopper and joyce being fucking adorable doing domestic things
• hopper and eleven bonding and having precious father/daughter type moments
• dustin teaching eleven how to read because “if you can’t read, how will you read lord of the rings??? or the hobbit??!?! unaCCEPTABLE”
• nancy and jonathon having a big blowout over something and it ending with jonathon being like “ITS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, NANCY WHEELER, YOU COMPLETE MORON” and nancy not giving him another chance to say anything before kissing him
• mike wanting to take el on a date and hopper being VERY protective and insisting on chaperoning the date and any time mike gets too close he gives him the dirtiest look
• lucas insisting on watching star wars with everyone and will having to remind him to be patient when el has a thousand questions
• will inevitably becoming just as protective over el as hopper and hopper thinking it’s the cutest
• “no stop jon don’t take pictures of me” but they always turn out so well and nancy hangs all of them in her room
• jonathon showing eleven all the music he’s shown will and loving her like the little sister he’s never had
• joyce being SUPER motherly over el and making sure she never lets ANYONE walk all over her
• steve getting a cute new bf (don’t try and tell me the boy isn’t bi he is fight me) and anytime anyone makes fun of him nancy and jonathon absolutely will not have it
• steve and his bf going on double dates with nancy and jon
• jon going up to mike and going “so, you like my little sister?” and mike being confused at first then being “OH EL” and jon just laughing
• will sharing the fort with el and them sneaking eggos into it because joyce “will NOT allow that garbage to be eaten in my house”
• teaching el how to ride a bike
• all the boys saving every penny they have to buy el a bike for christmas after they see how much she loves it
• jon and nancy pitching in when the boys come up WAY short and buying el the nicest bike they can afford
• making el’s birthday november 6th because that’s when they found her and she doesn’t know when her birthday is and they can’t be sure any records on her are correct and everyone has to have a birthday
essentially if this season isn’t full of everyone being happy and fluffy after all the trauma i wont be happy okay

Well since my post about Max’s sexuality went over pretty well I thought I’d give my thought’s on Chloe. My head canon for her is that she is lesbian, or pansexual, but I am leaning more towards lesbian. 

And I lean more towards her being a lesbian because of her seemingly complete disinterest in boys. When Max talks to Chloe in her room about boyfriends she says that they were all stupid and Joyce also mentions that Chloe had a bad boy phase. It makes me think that it really was just a phase and that it was only a part of her rebellion rather than any kind of real romantic relationship. Cause that’s what you do when you want to make your parents angry, right? Date irresponsible “bad boys” even though you really don’t like them.

It is also canon that she did have a crush on Rachel, and maybe they were even a couple at one time or another but that i’m not really sure of. But they way Chloe reacts to Rachel’s relationship with Frank, she is obviously heartbroken and betrayed. Either because she was in love with Rachel and is hurt by her feelings not being returned or because they had some kind of relationship and Rachel cheated idk though. 

I also kind of think that Chloe might have had a crush on Max when they were 13/14 and maybe didn’t realize it at the time. Yes, Chloe was dealing with the grief of her fathers death which is reason enough to be mad at a friend for moving away and not staying in touch. But I feel like there might be something more there with Chloe’s anger and resentment. I think that maybe Chloe maybe had stronger feelings for Max which would have lead to her being more angry/resentful.

rc85747  asked:

What goes into doing time skips in DoA?

a few days

Okay, seriously:  I dunno, sometimes I feel like a few days are needed to pad out and/or distance certain Big Events from the resulting fallout.  Like, there was a jump after Becky got dadnapped, and there was a similar jump after Amber cut a dude.  For stuff like that, sometimes it’s best to give the characters room to breathe before diving back into the story.

For example, without the jump after the dadnapping, Joyce would have been super pissy at the world for, like, a day or two, and I think it’s more psychologically accurate to skip a bunch of days, explain that “Joyce has been pissy for a while,” and then build her out of the pissiness from there.  

But timejumps are sometimes hard to orchestrate, because sometimes important stuff might have happened in the meantime.  Like, I realized I wanted to do a timejump after Amber put Ryan into his misery – not just wanted, but felt it was narratively necessary – but I also needed Walky and Jason’s tutoring stuff to go forward, and it wouldn’t make sense to push it back a few days.  And so I ended up doing it in flashback.  Ultimately, I ended up liking what happened, since flashbacks mean you can skip around to the jokes instead of having to set up stuff organically around the jokes.  And Walky/Jason interaction stuff is really for jokes.

You Can’t Drive a Parked Car

by Joyce Meyer - posted April 03, 2017

Establish my steps and direct them by [means of] Your word.…
—Psalm 119:133

People often ask, “How do I know what God wants me to do with my life?” Some spend many years being totally immobile because they are waiting to hear a voice from heaven telling them what to do. My best advice to anyone in this position is to simply do something. Do what you think God might be calling you to do and if you make a mistake, He will help you correct it. Don’t spend your life so afraid of making a mistake that you never try to obey what you believe God has spoken to you.

I like to say, you can’t drive a parked car. You need to be moving if you want God to show you which way to go. He has no need to say to you, “Turn left” if you are not going anywhere. But if you are moving, He can give you directions.

Let me insert a word of wisdom here. There are certainly times when we need to be still, wait on God, pray, and not take immediate action. But that does not apply to every situation. There are times when the only way we can discover God’s will is to get moving in a certain direction and let Him speak to us and lead us as we go. If you are going in the wrong direction, He’ll close that door and open another one.

Life is like candyland, there are many paths to take. Sometimes you run into Lord Licorice, but the end will always be candy castle.“- Jack Barakat

"I’m not even on drugs, I’m just weird.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Everybody goes through some bullshit. It doesn’t matter how you measure it, it doesn’t matter how it weighs out to someone else’s bullshit. The fact of the matter is that you have to press on and you have to smile, and you have to figure out how you’re going to keep trying.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Jack and I are going to have sex. If anyone wants to join, hit us up. Uh, oh. I see some parents back there like "oh hell NAWWW” but you know what? Everyone has a little sexual side to them. Even your parents. After all….they did make you-“ Alex Gaskarth

"I have a confession to make: Jack Barakat is the love of my life”- Alex Gaskarth

“Therapy is about every kid’s nightmares when people are telling you that you need to get help, but all you you really want is a hug”- Alex Gaskarth

“Never underestimate a girl’s love for her favorite band. Never think, even for a minute, that she won’t defend them to her death. Because it’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals, it’s the fans. People of whom she interacted with thanks to that band. That band might saved her life or maybe made her smile everyday. That girl’s favorite band, they’ve never broke her heart. They have yet to leave her. No wonder she finds such joy in her music”- Alex Gaskarth

“I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won’t do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don’t do it for me, I love you.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Music is the soundtrack to every good and bad time we will ever have. It becomes our soundtrack-” Alex Gaskarth

“Be real, because a mask only fools people on the outside. Pretending to be someone you’re not takes a toll on the real you, and the real you is more important than anyone else.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I know deep inside that being older won’t make me any more mature. Because I will always be an immature little kid in on the inside.”- Jack Barakat

“Finding the perfect person won’t make you fall in love. When you see an imperfect person perfectly, that’s love.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I will never deny a fan hug while my heart is still beating.”- Alex Gaskarth.“Do not let any motherfucker tell you that you aren’t beautiful.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Guess what? You can do it.”- Austin Carlile

“I give a damn.”- Pete Wentz

“Breathe, remember, it’s just chemicals.”- Alex Gaskarth (about panic attacks)

“Beauty isn’t judged by the size of your jeans.”- Jack Barakat

“The closest friends are the ones you’d take a bullet for, but they’re the ones you constantly feel you could put a bullet through as well.”- Alex Gaskarth

“I hope you can find someone out there who can you help you the same way.”- Tony Perry

“Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.”- Austin Carlile

“I myself have dealt with self harm. I was young and alone and I got beat up on all the time. And I cut to ease the pain. I realized I wasn’t the only one I hurt when I cut. I found to wait it out, that it gets better. I wrote music instead of going to the blade. I found out that my little brother, Mike, looked up to me and I wanted to change for him.”-Vic Fuentes

“Just wait things out, things won’t be bad forever, I promise you.”- Vic Fuentes

“Keep your head up high, beautiful.”- Vic Fuentes

“You are beautiful.”- Tony Perry

“If you let go a little, you will have a little happiness. Let go a lot and you will have a lot. Let go completely and you will be free.”- Oli Sykes

“I love you.”- Vic Fuentes

“It’s going to be okay,”- Vic Fuentes

“I love you”- Jaime Preciado

“Life sucks sometimes. But it all happens for a reason and a higher purpose.”- Zack Merrick

“It’s more important to be yourself and to turn into the person you aspire to be than it is to let people change you.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Life’s too awesome to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn’t treat you right.”- Jack Barakat

“Keep being crazy; keep being loud. Be yourself because the only thing you have in life is yourself and your friends.”- Zack Merrick

“Music has become my driving force behind my life. It, to me, can fix bad moods, bad days, even bad people. It is the beat of my life.”- Rian Dawson

“Music’s become my life.”- Austin Carlile

“Keep listening to music. It gets you through everything, I promise.”- Mitch Lucker

“You have many options in life, never make giving up one of them.”- Austin Carlile

“Wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting.”- Kellin Quinn

“Ladies, if someone touches you and you don’t want them to, feel free to punch them in the fucking face.”- Billie Joe Armstrong on rape

“We believe in open mindedness.”- Chris Motionless

“Nothing’s sexier than smile.”- Morgan Joyce

“You don’t have to be 75 pounds to be beautiful.”- Chris Motionless

“It hurts because it matter.”- John Green

“Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”- Johnny Depp

“Follow your heart and chase your dreams until you catch them. Negative people who say you can’t do something are only speaking for themselves.”-Jake Pitts

“Don’t give up.”- Andy Biersack

“Be your own person because no one can take that away from you. No one’s ever going to be you.”- Austin Carlile

“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”- Ashley Purdy

“Normal is a setting on a washing machine. Nobody wants to be that.”- Ashley Purdy

“You don’t have to smile to be happy.”- Zack Merrick

“I receive a lot of letters on tour and read about a lot of people hurting. Hang in, keep cool, and stay who you are. Things will improve.”- Alex Gaskarth

“You don’t always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That’s life.”- Jack Barakat

“Tragedy has struck….we are out of peanut butter.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Never started our band in the hopes of saving lives, started it for gun. But the fact that it does…God bless.”- Jack Barakat

“We don’t offer you any solutions necessarily but we definitely offer you a minute to escape.”- Alex Gaskarth

"Be yourself=very punk.”- Patrick Stump

“Stay strong, believe in yourself, and be good to others.”- Alex Gaskarth

“Your uniqueness is your strength. Remember that. Don’t mold yourself to others or to what others think. You’re an individual. You’re special”- Austin Carlile

“You have many options in life. Never make giving up one of them.”- Austin Carlile

“Don’t do drugs, stay out of gangs, and wear condoms.”- Vic Fuentes

“Don’t ever let the media tell you what your body is supposed to look like. You’re beautiful the way you are. Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.”- Gerard Way

“Just give things time and you will leave the ones who don’t deserve your friendship in the dust. Fuck ‘em.”- Vic Fuentes

“Be strong. We got you.”- Jaime Preciado

Something is wrong with Will. She knows it- no, she’s certain of it. It’s the same strong instinct that told her to find every lamp in the house and string 40 feet of Christmas lights all over the goddamn house. Something is wrong, she can feel it. But she doesn’t know how to fix it.

Joyce knows she can’t do that by melting into a hysterical mess like she did last time. She needs people to believe her, for Will’s sake. But the doctors, his teachers, even Jonathan were consoling her with the same message, attempting to comfort her with “Will is going to be okay. You just have to give him time.” But Joyce can’t help the sinking feeling that they’re running out of time.

Hopper would believe her, but she and Hopper haven’t talked in a long time.

Will’s just different. Of course he’s no longer the kid that was biking home that November night a year ago. The doctors whisper about possible post traumatic stress disorder, even one or two of them throw the word “psychosis” around.  But of course Will is traumatized- he was in there for a goddamn week, with that thing, the countless nightmares, the frequent panic attacks and flashbacks- those all makes sense. He doesn’t have to hide that from her, the whole reason she’s here is to help him through this, someone to come to when the emotions and memories are too much, and he does come to her.

But there’s something he’s hiding, Joyce is sure of it. Something beyond the nightmares and anxiety. He runs to the bathroom often, likes he’s sick or something. His hands shake constantly, and he doesn’t draw as much as he used to. And the drawings he can make himself do, he stuffs them in his desk drawer and jams it, but Joyce finds them anyway. The monster with no face, perfect from memory and crumpled up in rage. A place covered in vines and the darkness of the pencil he was trying to shade with, but just broke. Slugs in bathrooms sinks with a note written over and over and over at the bottom: “What do you want from me?”

When she asks about the drawings after she finds them on a rainy Saturday, his eyes go wide and he won’t look at her, just mumbles something about a campaign for that game he plays with all his friends. He rips  the drawings from her hand, his face dark.

“Why were you in my room?” he asks, almost normal but the hostility is there.

Joyce stutters. She tries to remember that last time Will was angry like this. “I was just looking for-”

“Well don’t.” he tells her. Joyce watches her baby almost run away from her and all she can do is stand there in a stunned empty silence.

Will starts locking the door to his room after that.

It’s a shot in the dark attempt, but Joyce tries talks to Jonathan about later. Jonathan has been there for his brother, driving him places, staying up late to talk him down after a panic attacks, fill his bedside table with mix after mix. So why hasn’t he noticed?

“He’s just at that age, Mom. And he’s been through a lot, I’d be angry too.” Jonathan tells her with a long sigh.

“He’s locking his door now for God’s sake, he-”

“Well, why were you spying mom?” He turns on her on the verge of yelling. Taking a deep breath, he runs a shaky hand through his hair. “Look, Mom, Will, he- he’ll be fine. But you have to give him some space, smothering him isn’t going to help him.”

“Something is wrong with him, Jonathan-” Joyce grabs her son’s shoulder as he tries to walk away.

“Of course there’s something wrong with him!” Jonathan shouts. Joyce takes her hand away, gasping and jumping. But then Jonathan has grabbed her shoulders. He’s shaking, hard, and his voice chokes. “He spent a week in hell, Mom.”

“So you have noticed? Why didn’t you say anything?” Joyce gasps. Jonathan’s shoulders slump. “Because I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to help him. He has these moments, when we’re talking, where he just disappears. It’s like, one minute he’s talking and laughing and everything’s okay and the next he’s in some sort trance. It’s weird, it’s like, he doesn’t respond to anything I say, not even his name. And then he comes back, and he can’t remember anything. He didn’t want me to tell you.”

“Why- why?” Joyce almost cries, but she steadies her shaking hand. “What else, Jonathan, what else?”

He only shrugs, but she can see him wiping tears away. “He, well, he says he’s been seeing things. Things that don’t really make any sense. It’s scaring him really bad. Look, Mom, you can’t tell him that I told you. I promised I wouldn’t say anything. 

Joyce takes her son’s face in her hands. “You have to tell me when it happens again. Will can’t get better if we don’t help him! We have to-’

“Mom!” Jonathan shouts, “what if he just get’s better? All he needs is some time-”

“We can’t run from this! He needs are help Jonathan, so please, say you’ll help. Say you’ll help get your brother back.”

“Okay. I will, Mom.” he falls into her arms sobbing, as if the weight of the world has been lifted off his shoulders. She holds her son in her arms just liked she used too, like all of this was just a scrape or bruise she could heal by being the Mom.

Night falls, and routinely she checks on her sons. This time Will’s door is unlocked.

“Will?” she whispers, but he’s sound asleep in his bed, looking the calmest she’s seen in a long time. She comes and sits on his bed, moving his hair out of his face.Her baby boy.

Joyce isn’t aware of how long she sits there. Her mind floats back to when they buried his body- the fake body- and the preacher talked of Will’s place in heaven. Joyce isn’t sure she believed in heaven anymore, or God, not after Lonnie, and being homeless, and watching Hopper pull a snake like alien out of the mouth of her son, but she remembers the preacher saying “At times like these we need to see through the eyes of God. To remember that we’re all part of a grand picture we can’t see unless we take a step back.”

Well this was her taking a step. Trying to see through the eyes of God and to see the whole picture where Will’s pain meant something. To see him as something other than a powerless victim.

“Mom?” Will whispers, turning around and seeing her.

“Shh, honey, go back to sleep.” She strokes his hair again, and with a deep breath, he’s sleeping peacefully once more.

Joyce Byers didn’t know why her son was falling to pieces. She only knew that it was her job to pick him back up and put him back together.

anonymous asked:

What do you think will be the main thing that happens in before the storm? They can't just have 3 episodes of Chloe and Rachel doing minor things can they? But if there was something major, wouldn't Chloe have mentioned that in the first game at some point? What about maxs episode? It seems redundant to me to have Max in an episode but be about her time away from the bay, instead of making an attempt to explain things like the time travel in a satisfying way. It's definitely got my interest tbf

Like I mentioned before, I think, on top of exploring the earliest point of Chloe and Rachel’s relationship, Before The Storm is just going to revisit how Chloe has not dealt with her father’s passing and the absence of Max. Everything Life Is Strange either showed us or made reference to in the span of five episodes is probably gonna get revisited in one form or another, just one a shorter timetable and an earlier point in the timeline.

I think the only bit of unexplored ground they have on their hands is Rachel and her life (with or without Chloe), which could give them an excuse to cover things Chloe wouldn’t have mentioned in the mainline game (because she wouldn’t have been present for every facet of Rachel’s life), which is why I’m baffled as to why Rachel isn’t the protagonist over Chloe.

I think the “Farewell” episode with Max is just pure fanservice, which is why it doesn’t have anything to do with with Before The Storm’s storyline. The one thing I want to see from that bonus episode is Max interacting with her parents, assuming they’ll cover her family life (which was framed in such a way in the original game that it made it seem like Max had no meaningful relationship with her parents, and Joyce and William were her “parents” by way of surrogacy).

I don’t think Life Is Strange is ever gonna explain the time travel and other odd aspects of their story, not even with the second season (mostly because I don’t think even DONTNOD thought that hard about it). The time travel aspect really seemed to be an excuse for gameplay, and the game’s narrative was a way of supporting that. And it’s been long enough that I don’t think any answer from DONTNOD is really gonna be satisfactory, and there are bound to be even more holes created than resolved.

Jopper Rant #2

I’m gonna go on a rant here that people might not agree with. I don’t fault Hopper for selling out Eleven. It was the only way to get Will out of The Upside Down. Honestly he had just met Eleven and I am sure he feels bad about it and didn’t really want to do it but given the fact that he knows Joyce and has been on this chase for so long, he just wanted to bring Will back anyway that he could. That being said, with what Hopper had just seen in the bathtub and Eleven connecting with Will, he knows that Eleven can take care of herself and Will cannot. Eleven has grown up in this environment and can adapt. Will cannot. We all see that Hopper has no intention of leaving her there because he is leaving her food. I believe those men are actually sending him in there to look for her. Which is probably why he did it in the first place. If he personally goes in there then there’s a chance he can save her from them too. It was a tough choice and I would bet it wasn’t an easy choice for him. It wasn’t because he went through a hell of a lot of tasing before he gave her up but he did the best he could do with the situation. We have to remember that Hopper is a very smart guy and is always 10 steps ahead of anyone. That’s what makes him a great cop.

Mother Figure - Stranger Things Imagine

REQUESTED: Yes, by the lovely @ateliefloresdaprimavera !

I love all the characters,but I feel that Eleven needs a mother figure :´), so I was thinking:YN is Joyces sister and she find out the boys secret (because she’s the “cool aunt) and instantly feels that motherly vibe towards El and the girl trusts her enough to talk.Instead of the "death”, they go live on her house.what do you think?

WARNINGS: None particularly

SUMMARY: You’ve come to stay in Hawkins for a while, and end up running into your sister Joyce, whose lost her boy, Will. His friends are trying to find him, and you somehow end up adopting a little girl into your own life.

NOTES: Okay, so I absolutely loved this idea, and it’s taken me a couple of days because I’ve wanted to plan it out so it’s absolutely perfect.

El deserved a happy ending, and this idea gives her that.

Hope you enjoy <3

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other things i ❤ about quantum break

spoilers and in no particular order

* after the time machine creates the fracture one of paul’s first words to jack are “make sure will’s okay”

* paul commenting on jack’s inability to respect people’s personal space when jack reads paul’s private emails right in front of him

* beth listening to toto on the car radio

* the nickname beth gave herself

* the hours between amaral and paul’s emails to each other after she asks him what he’s doing for dinner

* if paul surrenders to the chronon syndrome he sends out an email about how killing amaral “broke his fucking heart”

* emily burke’s signed copy of alan wake’s last novel

* how lonely and out of place charlie looks in the lifeboat

* martin hatch at riverport university before the fracture introducing himself to you and then disappearing when you turn around and look for him again

* you can also see him in the time machine if you look closely

* the liam burke psyche eval: he has deduced-quite correctly-that he was being trained for a specific scenario Monarch believes will happen. He is also painfully aware that if and when that scenario arrives, he will not be part of the solution.

* TIME KNIFE made me laugh so hard I cried dammit


* beth’s second journal is the most tragically depressing thing, wow. how she spies on jack before he ever meets her. how weak paul is when she finds him and how she basically shoots first instead of talking and what that might’ve changed. I’ve come to accept my mission was a lie.

* the way courtney hope plays beth in 2010 vs. 2016

* watch how remedy constantly emphasizes jack reaching for/touching/holding beth’s hand until you reach that climactic scene where he absolutely cannot (this is why your heart hurts)

* ps: paul’s ‘mystery woman threat neutralized’ post-it on the july 2010 whiteboard ouch

* that beth has been dead for SIX YEARS when the difference for jack seeing her before she died was only like minutes

* when paul gets back to 1999 he literally has no one to explain to him what was going on at the end of time ie who beth was and why she was trying to kill him which is REALLY TRAGIC when you consider

* when paul gets back to 1999 he literally has no one

* in episode 2, if you choose personal, and paul and jack talk in the interrogation room and jack asks him, “do I stop before you’re dead?” paul is so visibly hurt he can barely talk. “when you’re ready to cooperate, I’ll be here.” my heart!

* also paul’s hurt face when he sees the lab entrance records and hatch has set sofia up (which makes it even more powerful if you pick him choosing to believe her in the face of that “evidence” anyway)

* if you choose control, let us all contemplate paul willing to give up his humanity in order to save it til the end aggggh jack why couldn’t you see

* re: that: paul calling jack his greatest disappointment at the final confrontation in the above scenario :( he was so hurt and they could’ve done so much good if they worked together

* these lines of dialogue:

“come with me and we can see this through or hold on to your hope and burn with it.”

“answer me this question, paul: in everything you’ve seen, do I stop before you’re dead?”

I never felt good doing this; it was the only thing I knew how to do.”

“I will keep the lights on when the world goes dark.” 

especially the last one

* because you can fucking time travel but you can’t even save the people you know you’ve lost! how awful and how beautiful

* this game is so good it makes me want to write

Life is Strange - Consequences of Decisions

I wanted to do this thing a long time ago. I saw one of them on reddit I think, but I gonna do my own (because there is no for episode 4). Well I hope I get everything right. If you wanna add something, just comment it. Gonna add it then. Well, this contains SPOILERs

Edit: I wanted to differ between main choises and other choises. And I added some I found on my choises list in the game. I’ll do a Chloe/Max and Warren/Max choises list later on. And what I think is the right thing to choose.


Main Choises:

You have to choose, whether you report Nathan.
- You report him = Nathan will destroy your photo wall and put a disturbing photo on your bed ; you can improve Luke’s mood by telling him this; and you get disturbing messages
- You don’t report him = You cannot suspend him in epi 3 ; you can get suspended

You have to choose, whether to comfort Victoria
- You comforted her = She will believe you about Nathan in Epi 4; she will thank you
- You didn’t = She won’t believe you; She will demolish your room; she will write you an evil message

What you did, when David harassed Kate
- You intervened = Kate is grateful ; Save Kate becomes easier
- You didn’t = You can blame David in Episode 3; you have evidence to show Mr. Jefferson, when blaming David in Episode 3

Then you can choose, whether you blame Chloe or not for smoking weed
- You can stay hidden = Chloe will blame you; David hits her; You can talk about David with his wife in Episode 3
- You intervened = You blamed her = She will hate you even more
- You intervened = You said it’s yours = David will hate you; could lead to your suspension; will be told the principal in Episode 3; Chloe likes you more (
(picture on her phone)

Minor Choises

You talked to Ms. Grant next to the school
- You signed the petition = there won’t be cameras in the academy
- You didn’t = not enough people signed the petition

You talked to Daniel
- You let him draw your portrait = friendly Daniel ; portrait on your wall
- You didn’t = less friendly Daniel ?

You talked to Brooke
- She lets you fly her drone, if you look up the model in her bag, rewind and tell her the name (if you have a date with Warren, she will not let you fly it in episode 4)

You can also talk to the others, but it has just influence on their relationship with you. But you can get clues about Rachel Amber.

- You watered the plant = It dies in Epi 3 if you water it again in Epi 2
- You did not water the plant
= It dies in Epi 3 if you don’t water it in Epi 2

You can erase the things on Kate’s slate
- Will help to save Kate

You took Dana’s pregnancy test
- She isn’t friendly with Max (better rewind)

You rearranged Victoria’s photos
- She will steal your cookies; photo

You warned Alyssa
- If you warn Alyssa more times, she’ll remember and is grateful.

If you write on the RV you can see your message in the following Episodes.

Chloe will blame you, if you destroy the snow globe in her room.

You can save the bird
- You get two optinonal photos in this and the next episodes and you saved a life

You found the surveillance system
- You can blame David in Episode 4 and Joyce will force him to leave the house

You left evidence
- David maybe comments on it at some point?


Main Choises

You can tell Kate, whether she should go to the police
- If you tell her she should, it makes easier to save her
- If you tell her she shouldn’t, it makes it more difficult to save her

You decide, whether you shoot Frank
- He won’t die either way, but if you try to shoot him, Chloe will have the gun; also it will lead to her changing the picture on her phone
- Maybe it will be more difficult to make him give you the notes about Rachel Amber in Episode 4, if you shoot him because he talks about this decision in Epi 4 (I didn’t try and he commented on it like “you shouldn’t point a gun at people, if you don’t want to shoot them”)

You can answer Kate
- You answer her = Easier to save her
- You don’t = Chloe will be happy

Then you can save Kate
- You save her = She is grateful; You are a hero; Everybody thinks you are awesome; Chloe will comment on it and Warren will comment on it; She will send you a message thanking you; Special Scene in episode 4 ; in Max journal the page of Kate changes for the better
- You can’t save her = She dies; her father will send you a grateful message; everybody will try to comfort you; Max feels guilty; the page of Kate changes in the journal for the worse

You can blame three people after the scene with Kate
- Nathan = he gets suspended, if principal believes you (told on him in episode 1) (David will comment on the weed!); he is angry at you and angry at the world; again you will get messages with threats, but he stayes mostly harmless
- Mr. Jefferson = he isn’t going with the winner of the contest (Maybe you can save Victoria with this!!); this evil f*cker, I’m so regretting not having reported him
- David = you need the photo; why should you do this? he isn’t evil anyway plus he leaves the house in the next episode and quits his job, if you choose right

Minor Choises

You erased the link to Kate’s video on the mirror
- Helps you to save Kate

You helped Alyssa
- She will be grateful and more friendlier; If you helped her before she will remember it

You can talk with Taylor
- Say you know about her mother = she will be more friendly

You can accept Warren’s Invitation
- It could lead to a Warren/Max ending; Warren will talk about it 24/7; Brooke will be angry bc she wanted to meet him first

I copied this: You seemingly can write a message on the wall next to ‘Rachel was here’ and ‘Chloe was here’. The message is “Max was here”

You can tamper with the railtracks
- The train will go to another destination

You can let add your name to the Vortex list by Courtney
- Well, you can be friendly with Courtney , so she adds your name (it’s important for episode 4!! it will make it easier to get into the VIP section)

You can make Warren’s grade in the chemistry test better
- If you helped him, it’ll be a A- (you need to ask Ms. Grant, how to do the experiment after failing both times and rewinding, then you need to rewind and tell Warren the answer)

You can talk with Mr. Jefferson
- You can talk about David = If you have a photo, he will believe you; if you blame him later on and have talked with him without having proof, he will tell this the principal, if you accuse him for Kate’s death or suicide attempt


Main Choises

You can decide, whether to steal the money
- You steal it = Chloe can pay the money to Frank (3 of those: if you take the blame, do not take Kate’s call, steal the money, try to shoot Frank and Chloe changes the picture on her phone)
- You don’t steal it = In episode 4 you will learn that this is the money to pay the dorm fees (better not steal it *laughs*)

You can kiss Chloe
- If you kiss her, Chloe/Max
- If you don’t, Warren will send you a message later and you give him hope / Warren/Max

Anyway Chloe and David will have a fight
- You side with David  = well, you don’t have any bonuses for that (he will not even thank you, this evil man) and plus Chloe will be totally mad at you
- You side with Chloe = if you know about the surveillance system, David gets kicked out by Joyce and tells you: “You destroyed my family

Then you can kill the dog (you need to throw the meat on the street)
- If you do, Well, I think Frank will be somehow sad about it;
- If you don’t ,the dog can attack you in episode 4 (you can stop the attack, if you let Chloe throw the gun away and tell Frank to lock the door)

You can give Chloe the gun back (It’s in the RV)
- You need to let her throw it away, when you talk with Frank in Episode 4, otherwise she will harm him; it will not help her to get killed by Jefferson in episode 4

Minor Choises

You can make Warren’s grade better and erase names from the Vortex list.
It results that maybe people can’t get into the VIP section in episode 4. Also you can add your name! (makes it easier to get into the VIP, but could be difficult because the girl at the party doesn’t want to let you in and you need to talk to Courtney and she will know, whether she added your name or not!)

You can erase the message on the phone (and no, not after Joyce heard it)
- David will get a letter later, so he’ll know, but at first it may help you, when you side with Chloe

You can help Alyssa again. The reactions are the same

You can warn the homeless woman
- You warn her = she is grateful; episode 5 will show?

You can take a photo in the past
- I think it doesn’t do anything for now

You can leave a mark on the fireplace
- It will stay there in episode 4, but go away after Max changes the timeline


Main Choises

You can kill Chloe or don’t kill her
- Chloe is grateful if you do it and then you can rewind either way with the photo, so I think the choise has no consequences?

You can either let Warren beat up Nathan or stop him
- You let him beat him up = Nathan is crying and has not the gun (maybe influences on episode 5); Max is a little bit scarred of Warren
- You stop him = Warren will be grateful ; Nathan has a gun and is angry

Later on you have to deal with Frank
- You kill Frank = Chloe will feel evil okay?
- You shoot him = Frank is pissed, but not dead
- You don’t harm him = He will later write you a nice message; you have gained a bro

You can warn Victoria
- She will believe you, if you comforted her in Episode 1
Otherwise she won’t believe. Or you didn’t warn her.

Minor Choises

You can find out David’s code or not, when searching for David’s files.

You can save the bird (again?)
- You get a photo I think and you saved a life

If you move away the wood to shoot the photo, better rewind or you will kill the eggs in the bird’s nest (Joyce will send you a photo).

Then there is the Kate scene:
- You can let her inform you about Nathan’s room number = makes it easier for you later

You can guess Nathan’s pin or simply write the PUK (His PIN is his birthday, geez, I needed google for that one, Nathan you’re such a weirdo)

You can write on Warren’s slate
- Do it for the Warren/Max

At the party you can talk with various people about Nathan. But the main things are:

If you were and are friendly with Courtney, she will let you go into the VIP section.

You can talk with Brooke
- You can make her forgive you (Maybe she gets into Grahamfield?)


David gets a scar during the fight
- Push the cart-thingie before Jefferson hits him

David kills Jefferson
- Tell him the truth about Chloe ; he gets really sad and you feel awful; he will most likely not be able to be together with Joyce and gets maybe arrested in an alt timeline

David searches for evidence on Jefferson’s computer
- Lie about Chloe; he will be hoping that he can be together with Joyce again

Save the trucker, Evan, Alyssa, the fisherman
- Be a hero and maybe they haunt you otherwise in your nightmare

Tell Frank about Rachel (I lied about the overdose though)
- You tell him the truth; he is willing to let her go and is grateful

Make Joyce believe in David again
- You have to say things that are positive about him and that you are concerned; Joyce will be grateful; she loves him anyway, but now is willing to forgive (bru, he saved you, so don’t destroy his life)

You can kiss, hug or leave Warren
- Depends what kind of relationship you want to have with him; has no effect though… because is an alt timeline…

You can tell Chloe the truth about David (saved you) and about her alt timeline
- That makes her happy and she likes you more…

All ends like it ends. Seriously annoying that at the end the game producers can be like trolololol anyway nothing has a consequence… Just this makes be feel a bit annoyed because for example I made this whole list for nothing. But I think the game is more made for us to learn about ourselves and our decisions and their particular consequences, even if at the end it has no consequence at all. Philosophy of life and such

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Joyce?

Oh boy. Ok. This is going to be a long one.

First off, Joyce makes constant comments about Buffy that are just kind of gross and subtly passive-aggressive and negative. I’d say her input on Buffy is overwhelmingly negative, actually. Example: this bit from the first episode.

Joyce:  Have a good time. I know you’re gonna make friends right away, just think positive. (gives a thumbs up)

Buffy looks through the open car door and gives her mother a quick nod. She turns to go and closes the door behind her.

Joyce:  And honey?

Buffy looks back at her mom again.

Joyce:  Try not to get kicked out?

Even if Buffy WAS a juvenile delinquent (which she’s really not, just a girl in some extremely unfortunate circumstances) that’s not the right thing to say. By requesting that Buffy doesn’t get kicked out, you’re saying that you’re kind of expecting her to get kicked out of school soon, and it would be nice if she didn’t. You know. A courtesy. Try your hardest not to get kicked out, but I’ll still love you when if you do, sweetie :) There’s just this general way Joyce talks to Buffy where it seems a lot like she expects the worst of her almost all the time.

And THIS in Dead Man’s Party.

Do you have any idea what it’s been like?


You can’t imagine. Months of not knowing. Not knowing if you were
lying dead in a ditch somewhere or -I don’t know - living it up-


But you told me! You’re the one who said I should go. You said - “if you
leave this house, don’t come back.“ You found out who I really am and you couldn’t deal - remember?


Buffy! You didn’t give me any time. You just dumped this… this thing on me and expected me to get it. Well - guess what? Mom’s not perfect. I handled it badly. But that doesn’t give you the right to punish me by running away-

I CANNOT STRESS HOW MUCH I HATE THIS. Joyce kicks Buffy out of the house and then says that Buffy’s “punishing her” by running away. Joyce brushes off the fact that she LITERALLY SAID “You walk out of this house, don’t even think about coming back!” Meanwhile Buffy, who loves her mom and wants to please her more than ANYTHING, of course takes this literally. What has she been getting from Joyce, consistently, throughout these seasons we’ve seen their dynamic? Disapproval. Distrust. Disappointment. You never actually see Joyce proud of Buffy, save for that one time in School Hard. 

And when it turns out Spike has a crush on Buffy, Joyce asks Buffy if she unintentionally led him on in any way, or made him think he had a chance with her. Compare this to Giles, who upon finding out from Buffy that Spike is enamored with her, immediately tries to make it clear to Buffy that this is IN NO WAY HER FAULT. 

Now, Giles is by no means the perfect parent (idk WHY he thought it was the right thing to do to leave Buffy in S6), but he’s sure as hell better than Joyce. For every time Joyce has shown her disapproval we can find a time that Giles has tried his best to show his support and his respect. 

(I’m not touching the Joyce-freaks-out-when-she-finds-out-Buffy’s-had-sex thing btw, because that’s one of the few times her reaction is actually justified; she knew NOTHING about her daughter having a boyfriend, let alone her daughter having a sex life.)

I think I hate Joyce because she’s always pointing out Buffy’s flaws and showing Buffy the things she’s doing wrong, but also because you see a better example of what a parent should be in Giles. And again, I’m definitely not saying he’s the example for parenting (really really want to stress that Giles isn’t perfect) but he’s able to see that Buffy’s really trying even when he doesn’t have all the information. 

Joyce has all the information. Joyce has known her daughter longer than Giles. Now, either Buffy has gotten REALLY good at shutting her mom out of her life, or Joyce is REALLY oblivious to Buffy. Buffy, who gets into fights and comes home with weird stains on her clothes and tried to tell Joyce that she was a Vampire Slayer but got sent to an institution. And Joyce never seems to try and talk to Buffy about any of this stuff, or sit down and go “Hey, what’s going on? Are you okay?” without giving up and stomping off within five minutes. 

And I’m sure she’s probably tried to reach out to Buffy before, but it feels weird when what we love about a character is based on what we think probably happened behind the scenes and doesn’t  have as much to do with what we’re actually seeing. Like there’s A LOT of my Jenny love that’s headcanoning, but I also love canon Jenny and her snarkiness, vivaciousness, and intelligence. Canon Jenny is precious to me and headcanon Jenny is precious to me. 

Canon Joyce…all we see of her is general negativity towards Buffy, and this expectation that Buffy’s just going to screw up again, and when she does do something right Joyce never seems to understand the magnitude of it. 

AND she blamed Giles for Buffy’s leaving which is just gross. Giles wasn’t the one who told Buffy to never come back. Actually, that summer, Giles was spending lots of time and effort looking for Buffy. Meanwhile, Joyce had been waiting around passively for Buffy to come back, and hey, she’s made a book club friend that she could spill her sorrows to!

I’m sure there are lots of people who love Joyce for lots of valid reasons, and I’m worried that this won’t eloquently put into words why I really don’t like Joyce, because eloquence is key when writing about a subject you have strong feelings about. But this is the best I can do to sum it up.

jerrytysons  asked:

while we are at the headcanons: Hopper would so kick Lonnies ass for disrespecting Joyce

Even though the show didn’t have them interacting so far, I do think there’s real bad blood between Lonnie and Hopper. What makes me believe that are those two moments:

More than the fact that Lonnie’s a lazy ass and Hopper’s police and more than the fact that Joyce left Hopper for Lonnie (according to David Harbour), I believe it all comes down to them being complete opposite of each other (and I think Lonnie hates Hopper more than Hopper hates Lonnie), especially when it comes to treating people. Treating Lonnie’s family, specifically.

The key difference between the two men is that Hopper respects everyone in the Byers’ family. He respects Joyce, he respects Jonathan (we still have to see him act around Will but I don’t think it’ll be any different from the way he treated the other kids). He treats them fairly, with patience (okay, a little patience) and with care. Hopper takes in consideration what they say and takes in consideration their safety - and I think this is more than the cop in him. Even when he doesn’t really believe Joyce, he goes and investigates anyway (and finds she was telling the truth all the time - as opposing to Lonnie who wanted to have her committed). He comforts and shows Jonathan his responsibilities with his mom, but never belittles him (as opposing to every single word that came out of Lonnie’s mouth while talking to Jonathan). I said before that Hopper was more of a father to Jonathan in the few moments they spent together than Lonnie was all of Jonathan’s life. And you can see that in all the moments Jonathan interacts with Lonnie or talks about him. The boy loathes his father. On the other hand, you know he trusts (and I can even say respects) Hopper. That, to me, will speak volumes when Hopper and Joyce get together, and that will make Lonnie flip his shit because how dare Hopper comes between him and his family? But Joyce, Jonathan and Will haven’t been Lonnie’s family for years now, and the decision of welcoming Hopper as a part of them will come from all three, trust me. 

That being said, while it would be mondo satisfying to see Hopper punching Lonnie in the mouth I think Joyce wouldn’t want that to happen; not for Lonnie’s sake but for Hopper himself, and since the core of Hopper and Joyce’s relationship is respect (and trust too), he won’t do anything to Lonnie that she wouldn’t want him to. 

More Messy Moments

stranger things appreciation week; day three: favorite otp » Joyce x Hopper

A continuation of sorts of This Mess of Moments
here on Ao3

So the idea is that these are little snippets, forwards, backwards, all over their history. This first one is like an “oops we moved in together!” 

After a scare, Karen points out something Joyce or Hopper hadn’t noticed. Hopper is living at Joyce’s house. But Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the boys will be home for the holidays so they’re going to find out and that’s a little nerve wracking. 


“It’s already two, I can pop in for a few minutes but I’ve got to get home by three.”

“That’s when Holly gets off the bus?” Joyce asked Karen, absently, scrunching the top of the paper bag.

“Yeah, what do you even need me to come in for? We’ve been out for almost three hours, is there a surprise party in your living room or something? Forty three is not traditionally a surprise party year,” Karen joked, or Joyce thought she was joking, sometimes it was hard to tell with her.

“It’s Thursday afternoon. Your birthday is in two weeks, this is not a surprise party setup,” Joyce said, unlocking her front door and walking through it with a flourish to prove it.

Joyce and Karen had been off again, on again friends over the years. They’d gone to school together, they’d had kids at the same time. But for so long Joyce didn’t have time to socialize with friends, it was in the last few years that Joyce had time again. Plus after Will’s disappearance, Karen had stepped up. She’d helped Joyce, knowing that Will had to be looked after a little more. Since then especially, they’d become close again.

“What’s so important that you have to have me in your living room after we’ve already had lunch in Jonesboro?” Karen asked, annoyed.

Joyce looked at her. She pressed her lips together tightly and dumped out the bag from the drugstore on the coffee table.

“Holy shit,” Karen said, seeing the pregnancy tests she’d bought while Karen was looking in the antique shop.

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10 Questions Tag!

Rules: Always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, then write 10 questions of your own, and tag some friends! 

 I was tagged by @opheliasim  ❤ Thank you babe! I tag @yesdarlingsims @opheliasim @xsavannah987x @montysims @simstellation 

1. What you think about Love? I think Love is about find your half of the apple.

2. What’s your favorite subject at school/university? At school my favourite subjects was english and italian! At university I love anatomy! 

3. Do you have any pets? Yes! I have a big fat cat named Joyce

4. Do you like your name or you would like to change it? When I was a child I hated my name, but now I really love it because it’s not common! 

5. What’s your dream job? What I’m studying for :D

6. Do you have/want kids in the future? Yes! 

7. Do you still have your first Sim created in The Sims 4? And who was? Yeah I still have them! They were a couple, she was a pin-up and he was terrible at cooking: he started a fire in the kitchen and burn himself to death…

8. What country would you like to visit? I really want to visit America! Never been there!! 

9. Where would you live? I want so bad to live in London, but also I love my Italy 

10. Are you comfortable to talk about sex? Absolutely! There’s nothing wrong about it!! Also talking about sex is part of my job, and I think that talking about it prevents risky behaviours (: 

And these are my questions for you! 

1. Do you consider yourself and Optimist or a Pessimist? 

2. Which season you like the most? 

3. If you had to choose one color to dress, what would it be?

4. Where was your last trip?

5. Which is your favorite Sim of those already in the game? Have you ever play with him/her?

6. Do you like doing Sim-challenge? If yes, which one is your favourite? 

7. Which is your favourite flower? 

8. Have you ever done extreme sports? 

9. Favourite books? 

10. Which expansion you want in your game as soon as possible? 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤