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soulmate au where if you draw on your skin, the other can see

for @matchaball//@mmmatchaball because she loves soulmate AUs so much. 

It starts when she’s six years old and she’s playing dolls up in her room. The word hello scribes itself on her arm, the letters are messy and childish just as if she’s written them herself.  But Marinette knows she doesn’t have a marker in her hand for she is literally holding her doll. The green letters impishly tease her as her heart beats. For a moment, she closes her eyes, screws them so tight she can see little spots dance on the backs of her eyelids. 

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Y'all I never thought I’d have to explain my reasons for my boundaries, but I dont care if you follow people because “I want to see opposing opinions on my dash”

I tend to follow back the people that follow me, and I do not want to see gross harmful shit on my dash.
Plus I get a lot of anxiety and paranoia blocking people.

So, I’ll repeat for the fucking twentieth time since my boundaries have been disrespected over and over again:

Do not follow me if you are:
• a terf / swerf
• an aphobe
• homophobic/transphobic/enbyphobic
• racist
• anti blm
• anti lgbt+
• an anti-sjw (you know who you are)
• anti feminism / anti feminist
• post pro-ana/ pro ED content
• misogynistic
• ddlg / cgl / incest / anything uncle related
• no littles (even sfw; I don’t care)
• post nsfw in general (ask before following)
• a pedophile (self explanatory)
• shame mentally ill people
• use autistic / autism as a joke/insult
• are white and use the n slur (🔪🔪🔪🔪)
• dont follow me with an empty blog because thats a one way ticket to getting blocked.

Disrespect my boundaries, and I WILL block you without hesitation, and I will not interact with you further.
Have a great day.


It was interesting, to say the least.

We had the same base classes, 101’s and so on, took them together for obvious reasons; even changed our work schedules so they coincided with similar timing and what not.  Life was developing exceptionally well for us.  Speaking of which…

During the time of me writing this, you will be four months along.  When your parents found out, they blew a fuse, but after taking into account that we had both found decent jobs alongside college, they just shook their heads and sent us on our way.  My parents?  Completely flipside.  Ever heard about the religious parent stereotype who wants their kids to have tons of babies and wants a big family?  You blushed red when my mom told you she wanted four babies from you.  I just sat back, and watched.  You were cute, to say the least.  Then again, my mom is a bit scary, so I felt a bit off put, too.

In any case, back to college, and English 101.  You and I had Shakespearean Literature together.  Dr. Halowitz was our professor, and she absolutely loved us.  It was a weird dynamic, being taught by someone in their 60’s, while being treated like we were her grandchildren.  Ever encounter that?  She saw your bump, and I swear, her eyes lit up like the star on a Christmas tree.

The thing is, when you have a belly bump that sticks out more than a couple inches, people notice.  I remember not a week ago, you were presenting a project on Much Ado About Nothing, and there was this girl, just staring with big eyes at your tummy.  Part of me felt like I wanted to bolt her head to a forward position because that is our child in you, not hers.  On the other end, I thought it was cool that another human being was admiring the future mother of our child for the being that you were creating.  I both loathed and loved every moment of it.  I hope I end up a good dad.  I don’t want to be overprotective, you know?  Yet, I want them to be safe, and comforted, and know that they’re loved.  I’m so weird.

There is one instance that happened just yesterday that I would like to write about.

It was six in the evening, Dr. Halowitz let us stay after her so we could use documents from her class for study.  The two of us had been assigned Hamlet, and we had to write something positive about the play, something positive and lively within a plot that held so many dark themes.  We ended up focusing on the philosophical aspects of each character’s development, but our report wasn’t finished until nine.

You’re probably blushing now because you know why it took so long.  I’m glaring back at you, but I also know you have your tendencies.

The thing is, when a woman is with child, their sexual desires are either heightened to an extreme, or snuffed out because everything is too sensitive.  You were the first, and your desires picked up rather quickly.  I was the one who had to tell you when and where we could do it without attracting attention, but you were the one thinking of possibilities, opportunities, and sure, I loved it, but there came a point where I had to do something I never knew I was capable of.

You were off on one side of the room, playing around with the artificial skeleton that Halowitz had on display.  The bones could be detached, and we also had a deck of cards in our bag.  Ever since the time we went on our first camping trip, we learned rather quickly that we needed something to keep us preoccupied when our phones died, and it was the middle of the night.  These were the same cards we used since, well, the beginning

That’s beside the point.  I’m working on our presentation, while you’re balancing bones in a pyramid, and stacking the cards in formations on the skull.  Then, when you lost interest in that, you pulled a femur, watched it all fall to the ground in a clatter, and then looked at me.

Now, I can tell when you want something.  You stare bullet holes into me, bite your lip ever so softly, and then walk towards me ever so gracefully to attract my attention.  Your bump was swaying back and forth, breasts slightly bouncing because you adjusted your step, everything about you was alluring.  One hand was even rubbing the front of your tummy, tustling up the shirt to reveal smoothed out abs.

I knew where you were going with this.


There was the pouty face as you dashed over to me and began mewling with frustration, all the while spinning the femur in your hand.  I knew again where this was going as you placed a hand softly on my chest, pulled the neck line of my shirt down, and started tangling your fingers into my chest hair.

Pressure built in my pants, and I once more stated, “No, we need to finish this.”

You, on the other hand, were rather adamant about what you wanted, to the point where you began kissing my neck, whispering in my ear unspeakable things, all the while I kept getting distracted by you.

Frustration established itself in me, and my hand rose in a flash to entangle itself in your hair.  You hadn’t noticed it get there, and when you realized you couldn’t move your head, you gave a little yelp.

Pulling you around to the side so that I could get a better look at you, I gently, but with a vice grip, bent you over the top of the desk, and left enough space so that your tummy wouldn’t touch the top.  “Do you truly want this?” I asked.

You said, “Yes, Daddy,” all the while nodding your head the best that you could.

“Close your eyes, darling.  Let me attend to you,” I whispered, and you complied.

You felt the bottom of your shirt begin to slide up, even the hem around your back was lifted to reveal your black sports bra underneath.  A sensation, lightly probing, began to circle your belly button.  This small facet of your tummy was flat, pushed outward slightly, but flush with the rest of you.  Your tummy, even in your own mind you could visualize the very shape and surface of it, was slightly bulged.  You and I were both surprised by the growth of our child in you, but it would seem our life in you would grow just as intensely as our love for each other.

The probing stopped at the top of your belly button, you heard a slight rustling next to you, and felt warm air against your ear.

“Take off your shirt, and stand.”

You complied.

You heard another rustling, and felt a slight, warm wetness against the nape of your neck.  It repeated itself one more, and then began to descend, no longer wet, but the contact was still there.  Softly down between your shoulder, then the blades, then the center, and bottom of your back.  Each spot, just as the first time we kissed, you felt goosebumps rise.

The presence left, and you stood there for a few moments, not hearing anything.  The silence made you nervous a little, but then the presence came back, on the top of your belly.

Another, similar, small presence made itself known on your abdomen, and you felt a physical trail of touch weave itself across your womb.

You heard rustling once more, the fingers rose to the top of your belly, and you heard, “Take of your bra, love.”

You complied.

Your breasts, though they hadn’t swelled much, had still grown to a lovely shape.  You never once opened your eyes, and once the cloth was gone from your chest, the twin touch from your tummy disappeared.  All at once, you felt pinching sensations on each nipple, as the surrounding nerves were stretched, pulled, massaged and prodded, in every possible direction.

You felt warm air against your throat, a wetness appeared (kiss?), and then a voice.

“Take off your clothes.”

Fidgeting between my arms as I continued to massage one of your most sensitive areas, you successfully unclothed yourself.  The consistent agitation vanished, and you almost opened your eyes, only to have fabric sternly placed against them, blocking out all light.

“Stand straight,” you heard as you felt firm calloused hands grasp your shoulders.  Turning you around, the hands halted you.

“Lay upon the table in front of you, bully up.”

You strand against physics to balance yourself as you felt forward for the table, sat on top of it, and then leaned back.

“Spread your legs.”

You did just that, and felt a trickle of something you already had suspicions about begin to slide down your thigh.  You hadn’t noticed it a moment ago since it had just come out of you, but now that it met air, the coolness of the classroom sent shivers through you.

A probing feeling met the space between you.  A blunt thing began bouncing against your clit, forcing yelps out of you every single time.


You silenced yourself the best you could, but every moment that thing slapped against you, your whole body shook.  Not necessarily pain, but highly acute sensations struck you unceasingly until, between each gasp that escaped your throat, you were able to whimper, “Dad-dy I wa-nt it i-n,” at which point, pressure flooded you.

Your muscles expanded to accommodate the force that had just so happened to invade you.  Nerve walls stretched, a wave of electricity surged to your outer extremities, and your jaw strained against locked muscles to open and allow breath.  Your pussy then felt a pounding rhythm against the entrance of your womb, as a hot member rushed in and out of you with rapidity.

You were able to say, “Harde-“ before your thighs were rammed into.  Pleasure coursed its way into you.  An raging river pulsed its current into you, each wave melding with your being to create warmth.  You felt this warmth begin to gather within you, but with the rod stopping it from escaping, there was no way to control it.

Each second grew in intensity, each nerve was set to smoke, then ember, and then flame that rushed through your every being.  You tried ripping the cloth from your eyes, but your hands simply wouldn’t focus.  Grasping onto the table as best you could, one thought was able to materialize amidst the hurricane within your skull.

My belly is wiggling.

Sure enough, you felt your tummy move with each jolt, and that only heightened things further.  All manner of focus was blasted through as the heat overcame you, and your control.  You felt a throbbing from the source, and knew the signal.

“Inside.  Daddy, I want it in-“ you heard yourself say as skin slammed against your pelvis, and heat gushed into you.

Your very skin gasped for relief as your nails dug into the table, screeching against the underbelly of wood.  You felt a hot syrup seep into you, as your legs curled around the waist you knew belonged to me.  The muscle walls within you clamped down with each pulse that reverberated within you, your body only twitching in response.

Eventually, the heat began to dissipate, our bodies now relaxing.  Fingers gently reached under the cloth tied around your eyes, and lifted it off of you.

Without the member leaving you, and without opening your eyes, you leaned up, pulled my face to you, and embraced me with a kiss.  The moment lasted for a few, and once it ended, you heard me say…

“I love you, too.”

Caspar’s New Neighbour

Caspar blinked as he watched the young woman struggle to open the door while also holding the box.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, because he did, but he was also curious to see how she thought she would manage it. Because the door to his building was difficult enough when both hands were empty.

“Do you want a hand?” He asked, wincing as she jumped and the box fell to the floor.

“Holy shit.” She leaned against the door, her hand to her chest, eyes wide.

“Sorry.” Caspar mumbled, dashing up the stairs to lift the box. “I hope there wasn’t anything breakable in this.”

“No, just some books.” She offered him a small smile. “Although my heart may need some restarting.”

“Sorry, again.”

“It’s fine.” She laughed, going to grab the box, but Caspar stepped back, shaking his head.

“I got this. Just lead the way.”

“You sure?”

“Was heading inside anyways.” He shrugged, a smile on his lips. When she turned back to the door, he studied her.

She was cute, not really his type, but there was a flash of someone else’s face through his mind, someone that would look good with this girl at his side, someone that would definitely consider her his type.

“I’m Caspar, by the way.” He told her as he followed her into the building.

“Y/N.” She replied, glancing over her shoulder, that smile still on her face.

Yup. Caspar thought, Joe would love her.

“So you’re new here?”

“Just moving in today.”

“It’s a great place. Ever lived in London before?”

“No. Actually, I’m from the country.” Y/N told him shyly, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “But there is a good job opportunity here in the city. So I moved.”

She’s perfect for him.

“You’ll love the city.” Caspar grinned over at her.

He spent the next hour helping her bring boxes up from her car, chatting easily with her.

And once the boxes were in her flat, which happened to only be two down from his they had discovered, he helped her start to unpack.

As he talked with Y/N more, Caspar only realized further how perfect she would be with Joe. But he didn’t want to flat out ask her to go on a date with his mate, because he didn’t want to scare her away.

So he concocted a plan.

“What are you doing tonight?” He blurted out as they sat on her floor, pizza box open in front of them.

“Caspar, I just moved to London literally today.”

“Well, you could have had plans.”

Y/N let out a laugh, “I don’t, but thanks for thinking I have friends.”

“You have me now.” He smiled. “And I was going to invite some of my mates over. So you can become friends with them too!”

“I don’t want to intrude…” She turned shy again, but Caspar shook his head.

“You won’t be. Plus, I kind of know where you live. So I can just come steal you.”

“Fine. I’ll come over. On one condition.”

“What’s that?” He asked, taking a bite of his pizza.

“Let me use your shower? Because I’m all sweaty and refuse to meet your friends looking like shit.”

“Deal.” Caspar nodded.

Hours later, he swung his front door open to reveal Y/N standing there, looking nervous.

“Oh good, thought I’d have to come steal you.”

“Well, you did let me use your shower…”

“Who’s at the door, Casp?” Josh called out from behind him, and the blonde moved to the side, allowing her to step in. His eyes immediately found Joe across the room, watching for the other man’s reaction when he saw Y/N.

And Caspar had been right all along.

Because as soon as Joe’s eyes landed on hers, his face turned to one of awe.

“Everyone, this is my new neighbour. Y/N.” Caspar gestured towards the boys. “Y/N, these are the boys.”

“Hello.” She offered them a small wave, but Caspar noticed that her eyes were locked on Joe, a small smile directed towards him.

“We have Josh, Conor, Jack, Mikey, Oli…” Caspar pointed at each of the boys as he named them, smirking as he finally pointed at the last one: “And this is Joe.”

“Hi.” Joe smiled over at her, taking a half step froward.

“Hi.” Y/N replied.

“Joe, why don’t you show Y/N where the drinks are?” Caspar encouraged, watching as his best friend blinked in surprise before nodding.

“Right. Drinks. Right this way…” Joe put a hand on the small of her back, leading her towards where the drinks were.

Josh raised an eyebrow at Caspar as he moved to join the boys, leaving Joe and Y/N alone.

“You had this planned, didn’t you?” Josh asked, but Caspar just acted surprised.

“Planned? I planned nothing!”

“Right.” Josh chuckled. “Well, looks like you’re plan is working.”

Caspar looked over his shoulder to see Joe and Y/N standing close together, laughing softly.

Yup, He thought to himself. They’re perfect for each other.

Meimei Stellaworth Short Story Translation

[Little Red Riding Hood]

ヽ(´▽`;)/  All the MJS short stories seem to be based off folklore and dreams! Hahaha. Anyway, I got about three short stories to translate here. Special thanks to Deea for providing the raw! (☞゚∀゚)☞ Enjoy~~

I’m Meimei. I live in the forest and I’m the strongest wolf.

This forest is my territory. Which means, all the people who’ve invaded the forest have fallen victim to my fangs.

Getting kill after kill, before long, it looks like I’ve become famous for being a man-eating wolf. Various hunters have come from outside the forest to attack my notorious self. Of course, I attacked them right back.

There’s not a single being who can rival me. I continue to dominate this forest as the strongest wolf.

* * *

――”Rustle, rustle.” After so long, I heard the footsteps of a human trotting through the grass. When I confirm the direction the sound’s coming from, I promptly break into a run.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm the one who "yelled" about the blog theme and if you meant me when you said you didn't like how I expressed my emotions then I'm sorry really I was just joking. And I really appreciated you changing it back and even messaged you again to say you're so sweet (for doing so) but I didn't make it clear sorry.❤ I feel terrible.

Oh please don’t. Like I said, it’s not a big deal to me and i don’t want you to feel terrible. I just don’t know how you usually read this blog guys. I mean i know there i people who aren’t registered on Tumblr, so i believe they use the web version of the blog. But those who are registered… I have no idea :) Because usually I just look through my dash, i never open blogs separately therefore i don’t know how they look… So, no worries. Just put an emoji next time when you are joking, so it’s clear :)

// Just a small PSA before I go back to designin’ my portfolio website. 

If you ever unfollowed me because of whatever reason (which is totally valid, you do you boo, don’t let my blog on your dash make you feel uncomfortable or anxious) just know that it’s totally F I N E if you want to re-follow me again later. I’m not gonna judge you even if we’re not mutuals anymore. We might become mutuals again if I still like the content you post, who knows. 

So don’t worry about a thing when you’re dealing with me. I don’t hold grudges, I won’t ask why you unfollowed/refollowed and I won’t make a scene if you do tell me anyway. I’m not interested to have dramas or misunderstandings on the internet. 

Ultimately, we’re just humans trying to have a little fun writing as our favourite characters with the people we like. 

Hi guys its me, juju! So this personal-turned-jongdae-turned-messed-up blog of mine has reached 2k followers and I want to thank all of you who’s been here with me for making my day brighter for the past 2 years. I really really want to follow everyone back but I need to restrict the content of my dash so I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. OTL

For those who made effort to initiate a conversation with me. For those who keep on sending me words of encouraging through asks and message tho I take forever to answer and reply. For those who never give up to tag me in the tag game even when you know in the end I eventually forgot to do it. For those who liked and reblogged my random gifs. For those who actually read and enjoy my tag(!!) and for those who basically exists here, thank you for not giving up on me, xie xie, terima kasih, salamat, arigatou, gomawo mianhe saranghae! 

I might be quiet and not funny to be with like others and my blog is far from what people call as high quality content but I really do enjoy and I’m so happy to be with everyone here even if we never talk before. I’m going to grad and starts to work full time soon so I might not be as active as I am now (pffffttttt you know I’m still going back here like, everyday). Again, thank you guys and I hope we can support our boys together for as long as we can!

These are the awesome blogs I’ve been following and I’m not going to differentiate mutual because that will take me another year to finish this and I can’t let that happen. I remember I used to restrict my dash with jongdae content only but then I get to know more amazing people which are you guys I mentioned here so I want to specially thank all of you for blessing my dashboard everyday!^^


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Phan: Of Streets and Strangers

Written for the PBB 2016.

Dan discovers a street that he swears hasn’t been there the day before, and he discovers a man stumbling out of the street unlike any man he’s ever met before. Intrigued by the odd happenings that no one else around him seems to notice, he befriends the man and discovers that not everything in this world is quite like it seems. 

Wordcount: 10,404
TW: Unreality, thoughts about mental illness, short mention of war, nonconsensual kissing
Artist: @fanficfanart (@obsessed-not-possessed
Beta: @natskindacrisis
A/N: It’s finally time to post my PBB 2016 story. :D I’ve had the opportunity to work with @obsessed-not-possessed who made beautiful art for the story and @natskindacrisis who was an amazing beta and I’m so glad I did, they are absolutely lovely people and I really enjoyed working with them! So thank you guys. 💚 The idea for this story is based on a Weird fiction story called Reports of Certain Events in London by China Miéville. If you ever read that story, you’ll immediately see where I got the idea for this one from. It’s a great read if you have a few minutes to spare. So this is pretty different from the other stuff I usually write and was great to try out for once! Gentle reminder that this story will deal with unreality a lot. If that is something that makes you uncomfortable or causes anxiety, you may want to skip this story to better be safe than sorry. Hope you enjoy. :) x

LINK TO ART by fanficfanart (obsessed-not-possessed

Dan knows the way to work like the back of his hand. It’s a fifteen-minute-long walk that he takes almost every day from his flat to that dingy diner he works at. He’s been walking this route for months now. So clearly he must be going insane or maybe he’s overworked, because there’s suddenly a new street he passes on his way home. It’s 2 a.m. and he’s tired. If he were drunk, he’d blame it on that; surely this street he’s seeing all of a sudden is just an illusion. It’s enticing, he feels like it pulls him in, calls him to enter unknown terrain. But when he tries to bring his legs to walk in that direction, it feels like he’s standing face first against a wall and can’t take another step forward. Dan shakes his head and continues his way back home, ready for a shower, as he smells of greasy cooking oil. He can’t wait to get in bed.

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Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re the daughter of Jessie and Pete. When Daryl notices the bruises on your arms he confronts Pete about it.

word count: 1707

approximated reading time: 9 minutes

“He’s not good for ya”, Daryl grunted under his breath looking into the distance. A penny for his thoughts. Was it something from his past? He always dropped the topic when I tried to ask him about what he had done before the apocalypse but Carl had dropped a few hints leaving me to believe that his life hadn’t been too nice before all this.
“He’s my father!”, I yelled back.
“That doesn’t mean shit.” Daryl’s eyes grew small as he watched me closely. “Ya think no one notices the marks on your skin.”
Shocked I tried to cover the bruises on my arms. I knew he had noticed but as he also knew that I was probably the clumsiest person alive I had thought that he had believed my lies.
“When did he start hitting ya? And when did ya lose hope that he would stop one day, huh?!” Daryl looked at my arms then back into my eyes. “He ain’t gonna stop because he feels like it.”
“You’re not gonna start a fight with my father!”, I hissed stepping in between Daryl and the door. I understood he was angry, he wanted to protect me because in Daryl’s opinion that was what he had to do. But… Pete was my father. He was a good man and he was a good father. If not always then at least sometimes… When I was young. Yes, we had so much fun together. We would go outside and feed the ducks and fishes in the pond. We shared a lot of good memories with Mum as well. That was the father I knew. “He’s not that bad”, I added whispering.
“He needs to be stopped, ya hear me!?” Daryl grabbed me by the shoulders to force me to look at him, listen to him. “Your brother’s afraid of him, your mother is…”
“I can protect Sam”, I insisted.
“You can’t….”

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sineadfay said: On a more serious note, why aren’t more people talking about Dean’s “Cas please don’t betray me again” face right before Cas put him to sleep? That face alone broke my heart into shreds and I wanted to punch Cas at that moment.            

Hey dear!

So sorry it took me this long to get back to your ask. *hides* I actually have no clue if people talked about it or not, because I have so little time to check my dash lately, but I do absolutely agree with you that Dean’s facial expression spoke volumes in that moment - or rather throughout all their interactions. It’s painful, because Dean puts his faith into Cas every single time and even though he just stole from Dean. But none of that matters to Dean, he just wanted to make sure Cas is Cas, which he isn’t and once more Dean who shows concern and compassion is the one drawing the wrong stick so to speak, but experiences yet another time, like he has so oftent his season, that those closest to him end up hurting him and walking all over him. I personally can only say I am tired of the “Cas ain’t Cas”-trope the show keeps repeating over and over again. Sigh…

anonymous asked:

*dashes back in again* gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme *takes a deep breath* Give me Dex and Nursey! - OSA pleads with wide, desperate eyes, vibrating all over the place

OOOOH SO YOU WANT DEXNURSEY. I can also provide you with a clip from that fic. It’s a 5+1 fic, but that’s all the context I’m going to give you. 

“Nursey, fuck - would you move? I can’t carry Chowder all my myself, he’s heavier than he looks,” Dex said, trying to move forward and being pulled back because both Nursey and Chowder were stopped now and they both looked like they’d like to head onto the porch and kick every member of the lacrosse team’s ass.

bekksrich  asked:

Every time I see one of your gorgeous gifsets (♥_♥) (are idolising gifs a thing? Because I'm at that level probably) I smile because you're back and wonderful things are on my dash again! ^u^

Thank yYOU very, very much! I’ve been staring at this ask for hours now, wondering if it was really for me. I don’t even know what to say. I want to cry of happiness now thanks to you :’> I seriously have tears in my eyes right now. It really means a lot coming from you. I’ve adored your blog ever since I first joined in, everything is just so lovely and beautiful. And you are such a sweetheart. Things are kinda difficult for me lately, but I’m keeping your words very close to me. I hope I can keep making you smile and don’t disappoint.

Have a beautiful day! (*´▽`*)

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Deamus + "You have the cutest nose"

thanks anony, here you go and I hope you like it :)

“Sit still”

“But I’m bored!”



Dean pauses his sketching and throws his gaze over to where Seamus is sitting on their couch with his feet comfortably tucked under him. His dirty blonde hair falls just above his eyes, his rosy lips have turned into a playful pout and his arm rests lightly on the armrest. He looks perfect.

“I thought you wanted me to draw you Seamus and please don’t pout, you’re messing up the drawing.”

Seamus lets out a long, exasperated sigh before setting his mouth back into the thin, gentle smile he had on previously.

For a few blissful minutes, there is no sound in their quaint apartment except for the light dashes of pencil on paper until Seamus grows restless again.

“Are you finished yet?”

Dean’s lips quirk into a smirk


“My legs are beginning to cramp”

“No they’re not, love.”

“How would you know!?

“Because if they were then you’d be complaining even more than you are now and you already had a break ten minutes ago Shay so please hold still.”

“I must have pins and needles then.”

“Can you wait five more minutes? I’m just finishing your nose and then I’ll be done.”

Seamus grins and scrunches up his nose teasingly. 

Dean rolls his eyes but goes back to sketching nonetheless. 

Dean loses himself in his work once more, drawing always calms him but somehow it’s always better when he’s drawing Seamus.

Drawing his best friend, his crush, his boyfriend always brought him comfort no matter where or when he did it.

In the dorm room in their early years at Hogwarts, the nervousness Dean had felt when Seamus insisted on Dean drawing him and then the pride that followed when Seamus loved his work.

While he lounged in the common room, watching Seamus celebrate another Gryffindor quiddich victory, trying to deter the budding feelings fluttering in his stomach for his best mate. 

Or on the run in the woods, when drawing Seamus was the only comfort he got until he was forced to burn the pages to pieces for fear that they would be found and therefore Seamus would be targeted. 

Drawing Seamus, whether in person or from memory always brought him peace and today is no different.

However that doesn’t mean that Seamus is ever an accommodating muse.

He fidgets, complains and stretches every few minutes, causing Dean to pause his work until Seamus is done. 

Seamus has always been restless, Dean really shouldn’t be surprised that he would become agitated when he models for him.

But Dean knows that Seamus loves it. Whether he’s secretly an attention seeker or he just wants to help relax his boyfriend, Dean’ll never know but Seamus always makes sure to remind him that he really doesn’t mind doing this for him and he knows that he’s telling the truth. 

“How long does it take to draw a fecking nose Dean?”

Dean grins, “Just a few more minutes more, I’m sorry.”

“You’re very slow”

“You just have a complicated nose, it’s hard to draw.”

Seamus gasps in dramatic offense, “Are you insulting my nose?”

Dean lets himself laugh this time, “Of course not my dear. You’ve a very cute nose. In fact you have the cutest nose that I have ever seen.

Seamus huffs and settles back into position, “Damn right I do.”

Three minutes later Dean sits back with a satisfied smile and tucks his pencil behind his ear.

“Okay, I’m done.”

Seamus’s eyes widen and he grins with pure joy, “Brilliant!”. He leaps up from the couch and stretches his arms, clasping his hands together high above his head making his shirt lift ever so slightly at his stomach. 

Dean licks his lips but forces himself to look away.

“Well can I see it?” Seamus asks eagerly.

Dean swallows and nods.

Seamus strides over and stands behind Dean, both of them staring at the drawing. 

It’s pretty decent in Dean’s opinion. He’s done better but contrary to what Seamus would tell you, he didn’t spend as long on this drawing as he usually does. 

He’s been experimenting with a few different styles too so it looks a tad different…and Seamus’s hair looks a bit off on his forehead…oh and damn maybe he should have edited the nose just a bit more, it doesn’t look that realistic-

Dean feels Seamus press soft kisses up his neck and he shivers when Seamus whispers into his ear, “I love it”.

“Y-yeah?” You’d think after dating for three years, Dean would have grown used to this, grown tired of this but he never ever does.

Seamus grins against his ear, “Yeah, so how about I show you just how much I love it?”

Seamus takes Dean’s earlobe into his mouth, causing Dean to groan loudly.

“Well I suppose I do owe you.” Dean replies and he’s quite proud of the fact that he didn’t stutter once in that whole sentence. 

Seamus releases a throaty laugh, gently tilting Dean’s face so he can brush their lips together softly. 

“You most certainly do”

Drunk ▏Hoya

Request(s): Hoya scenario when you was in love with him for about 3 years and confessed him 3 timesand he always say NO to you coldly and when in your 4th time you got rejected you decided let go your feelings for himand when you finally had a boy who’s wooing with you, he start with jealousy actitud. Happy Ending PLS!

Can I have a Hoya scenario?? where you get drunk and cry bc he rejected you once again (2nd time) but in reality he feel the same way as you but he’s afraid bc his career can hurt you. I will be wait ing for the scenarios patiently ^^
Comments: Midterms are over, hallelujah :D This one came out really long, but I hope you like it. This wasn’t the angst scenario I was planning on posting though, so that means I have another angst scenario to post soon that may or may not get your feels erupting :3

“But the house gets cold when you cut the heating. Without you to hold, I’ll be freezing.”

            Saturday night, just past 11 o’clock, but I knew more than anything that despite this late hour, Hoya was still up at his place, probably dancing or writing lyrics or making fun of someone, because that’s what he does best.

            I would like to say that I didn’t take forever putting together a decent outfit or attempting to fix my hair, or anything else of that sort, but that would be a complete and total lie. From the second I woke up this morning, I spent my entire time getting ready for this very moment, and hoping the entire time that I wouldn’t be met with rejection again.

            When I finally got to his door, I took a deep breath and thought again about this idea. Should I even do this? What if he says no again? He’ll probably think I’m desperate or something by now.

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask how come you are anti doctor strange? I'm curious on case I have missed something aha

edit: holy shit this is really fucking long and became a rant not only on dr strange but the entire mcu

okay, so shitposting aside, i can become serious too especially if i’m ranting. *clears throat* here we go

the mcu. is fucking white AS FUCK. the mcu is praised by so many people and has made no progress at all, even though there have been over ten movies out there and about ten more are already planned (more probably, i don’t want to count). ten movies in which literally LITERALLY every movie had a white man as it lead. there are only that many iron man movies i can watch until i get tired of it.

i’m not only talking about the fact that they only have male leads and no female leads or that they’re just white because i want representation. i mean sure, yes, but let’s face it: the mcu has become BORING AS FUCK. maybe that’s just me, because all of you are waaay too far up the mcu’s ass. the movies itself have nothing interesting anymore, they all follow the same pattern. superhero, there’s this villain, they fight, there’s a character of color that’s sidelined as the hero’s sidekick and will never ever get their own movie and probs just be in the avengers. some movies from the mcu are not in that pattern, i liked catws and i guess civil war won’t be like that either, but most of them are just so boring nowadays. they’re so boring, throw some white male in the lead, give him a female also white love interest, a villain, some poc side characters and throw some empty witty jokes and the audience fucking loves it.

(MUUUUCH more under the cut)

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the first time when: he said i like you (1/7)

the first time when: he said i like you (1/7)
min yoongi

The first time when Yoongi had confessed, saying he liked you, was right after you had decided to storm out of the café with a heavy heart because of misunderstandings being pieced out right before your eyes.

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More-or-less new bookblr!

Hey everybody! I will try to be active on bookblr again but my dash is empty so I would love if you could like or reblog this if you post/reblog bookblr related things so I can follow you! :) Follow backs are greatly appriciated because I have like five followers.. I am currently doing aesthetics for books I have read in 2016 and I would love if you could check that out!
Because I have so little followers I will tag some bookblrs, I am very sorry if I am bothering you, I just want to interact with other people ✨
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very loosely using the term ‘hiatus’, because i’ll have my chromebook with me &, like last year, will probably still be fairly present, i’m going back to france again from the 21st of december to the 1st of january to celebrate the holidays with my parents.  i didn’t want to live out the rest of 2016 without spreading love where it’s deserved, however, so i wanted to also take the time to send a quick shoutout to some of the beautiful people on my dash who have made this year  –  & the previous year on this blog  –  so incredibly worthwhile.  i hope the end of the year treats you all fantastically.  know that somewhere out here, there is someone who cares deeply for you & wants nothing but the best for all your endeavours.

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& special shoutout to @resolutesoldier​:  last december was when i met you, & you were my christmas miracle.  this year, miracles are everything that i want for you.  thank you for literally everything.  when you see this, i hope you’re having a good day.  i hope you have a good year ahead of you.  i’m here for you infinitely.  i love love love love love you. x

ask-ichigo-and-rukia  asked:

To the anon asking about Stiles Is Something- I want to point out a few other things that you haven't explained: 1. Stiles' phone working under ground and Peter looking surprised and scared when it did (convenient expression? I doubt it, Ian is a great actor) 2. The door locking and unlocking without cause at the hospital when he and Malia made up, or any of the other boundless connections Stiles has to locks, keys, and doors (to be continued)

3. There’s also his strength when he kept the lacrosse stick in place from Finstock (comparing it to crime scene photos) this is not a life or death situation, and Finstock is a grown man, but that stick doesn’t so much as BUDGE when he yanks on it with all his might, Stiles is completely unbothered until he willingly lets it go, and this isn’t the only example of his having on/off super strength 4. His interactions with Finstock, Peter, and Agent McCall these are three men in pretty high positions of power versus Stiles (his coach, an FBI agent, and .. well.. PETER..) yet every one of them seems to be cautious around him or just actively admit that he scares them, you can say Stiles is a creepy kid who looks at crime scene photos but why would ANY creepy thing Stiles does bother Peter? Plus Finstock has been hinted to be in the know like Danny was with his comment about Mexico 5. The biggest thing of all Stiles’ intuition, if you’re telling me that it’s a coincidence that he REPEATEDLY jokes about something that comes true or that he REPEATEDLY expresses distrust or hatred to someone who turns out to be evil then you’re telling me it’s a coincidence that Scott happens to grow wolfish features on the full moon- but he isn’t really a werewolf, Stiles has a series long history of extremely on point intuition, more than even Lydia- a Banshee herself, why is that? (to be continued)

I could go on and on about other smaller points (his interactions/relationship with Malia, the foreshadowing that keeps getting put forth between himself and Scott, the fact that he’s suspected to have died several times, why the Nogitsune picked him, etc etc etc) but those are some very focal points that you didn’t address, and if you really think it’s ALL lazy writing, why is it so consistent? Sorry for the asks Darach! I didn’t know it’d be this long when I started writing ^^;


Never be sorry for asking questions or pointing things out. And all of these things you bring up are excellent points and I’ve touched upon them all at one point or another, but didn’t mention them in the previous post because frankly the post was long enough as it was :) The evidence is just piling up that Stiles is something, but i guess some people just don’t want to see it or just aren’t looking hard enough.

I’m working on a meta index of sorts because tumblr isn’t really all that great for archiving links to previous meta. I try to tag pretty religiously, but stuff still slip through the cracks. A scroll through my stiles is something tag will always lead you to a wealth of speculation about this, both my meta ramblings and others that i reblog.

I could probably write a tome about all things Stiles related at this point, so i’m going to try and keep it short and sweet and add links when i can (providing i can find them).

1. Stiles’ phone working under ground and Peter looking surprised and scared when it did (convenient expression? I doubt it, Ian is a great actor)

I agree - this is definitely due to his somethingness. They are in the middle of the desert deep under an abandoned city mostly levelled to the ground after an earth quake - and he magically (there is no other word for it) has cell reception. Even Stiles is surprised by it - at first! Go back and watch the scene - he starts to say something about it, then stops mid-sentence and glances around guiltily. But the only one to notice and be mind-boggled is Peter.

Hang on, i think i have some gifs…

I have a feeling Peter might know or suspect that Stiles had a dormant potential - much like Lydia did. He’s admitted that his bite kickstarted the banshee powers - and he did offer stiles the bite back in 1x12 saying to Stiles “You’d be equals. Or maybe more.”

I wrote a whole post about Stiles and the cell phone thing right after the episode aired - here’s a link.

2. The door locking and unlocking without cause at the hospital when he and Malia made up, or any of the other boundless connections Stiles has to locks, keys, and doors

Yes again - I agree that Stiles did that as well - he needed to get back in Malia’s good graces presumably because he wanted to keep her out of Peter’s clutches - we know he doesn’t trust him at all (which goes back to your point about intution as well :))

I wrote about that here.

This will get long and image heavy so to spare your dash i’m including a read more - the rest of my rambly ramblings below the cut

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