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This looks like such a mess to anyone paying attention. Several weeks ago Antis were in a tailspin like the one Shippers are in now. How much more of this before it effects the show, their charities, and their careers? We're paying attention because we're passionate about Outlander and the actors. Great idea to shit on all of us (sarcasm alert).

it already has affected many of us. My enthusiasm for anything OL related is in the dumps right now. I wish it wasn’t and I wish I could get back to the love I had for it when I first joined this fandom but I’m actively looking for another show to watch and/or fandom to get into bc this one is sickening and not healthy. I read the first book though because I wanted to watch the TV show. Like it was always about watching the show which is maybe why I can’t separate it all now. 

I don’t regret anything though. I certainly don’t regret raising/donating money to WCC. At the end of the day, it’s a great charity and I’m really glad Cait made me aware of it. I don’t regret the friendships I’ve made because I fully expect to keep those well after OL goes off the air. And, if we’re being honest, I don’t regret being a shipper. I’ve had some really amazing, happy, wonderful times on this ship and met some fabulous women and I’m glad I fell in love with Cait and Sam. I don’t mean to make this sound like I’m leaving, I’m not, but I’m just saying. It’s not regret for me at all. Mostly just disappointment and frustration. 

okay but all of a sudden I have the mightiest need for some kind of genre-bending spec fic of a bunch of classic medieval fantasy magicky people going to space.

dwarves plumbing the very depths of the earth for mythril because it will survive the heat and pressure of leaving the atmosphere- forging an airtight suit of diamond and enchanted armor, that moves like cloth and keeps out the void.

an old elf who spends 15 years persuading a plant to breathe deeper, breathe faster, photosynthesize in the coldest temperatures and in the raw heat of unfiltered sunlight, weaving it around themself underneath the suit and breathing back and forth with this hardy little vine in the depths of space

the gnomes coming up with the word “vacuum”, learning how it works, and building a great ship with the prow pointed straight up

a wizard learning to hold the air against their body, making a fire that consumes no oxygen to warm them

the oracle of a goddess who claims that the only [magical ingredient/cure/whatever] can be found on the moon, and while magic can be used to move between worlds that lie next to each other no one can open a portal to something so far away

the disgraced knight who refuses to shy away, who doesn’t understand it but is the first to volunteer

the paladin who hunts demons in the endless dark

i really want it guys

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Hey there! I have a question. So usually when I watch your videos and I feel like I want to watch more, I will read moonsign, because it's the same story. But now I have the same with your "detention with dumbledore" and as I have never shipped Drarry before (NOT saying that I "ship" mattias and robin, because I do not ship real people/think it is a respectful thing to do) I wondered if your basing your drarry on a specific fic I could read? Lot of love, keep up the good job!

We base our interpretation of Harry and Draco on the actual Harry Potter books, as we think there is more than enough material there to get to know the characters. Mattias also keeps in mind the “gay disaster” artwork (as well as other works by @sadfishkid) - that Draco is hilarious. We keep in mind that we would like our Harry and Draco end up in a place that makes sense to the fanfic Harry Potter and the Marauders of the Mind, also by Moonsign.

It’s snowing again and all I want is to walk barefoot with you through the backyard of our house that’s yet to be ours, in nothing but my nightdress. Making snow angels, building snow men, and declaring war to you. I want to fight you with the snow that’s covering the ground until I can’t feel my hands and feet and you got me covered in snow. I want you to carry me into the house while laughing at my recklessness. Take a hot bath with me and give me hot kisses since I crave your warmth. And then, then wrap me up in your thickest sweater because I want to smell like you; invade my space, bundled up in blankets over blankets against your chest. A hot cup of tea in my hands and my favourite book in your hands. Read to me. Word for word. Be my reader. The reader who lets me forget about the cold.

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How long have you had your blog for?

i’ve been on tumblr for about seven to eight years, always restarting with a different fandom haha. but i started up this blog a couple days after christmas of 2014 because i was re-reading harry potter during my grandma’s wake as i thought it would help me take my mind off of constantly running around and helping everyone else. both the books and this blog helped me a lot by giving me an escape when things became too much. so i honestly am so thankful for this blog and for you guys. every single day. you have all unknowingly helped me through a lot. so really truly, thank you guys.

Is anyone else upset that King Orrin’s character kind of fell apart in Inheritance and he turned into a giant jerk? I mean he was kind of a jerk in Brisngr too, but it was like an acceptable amount, and kind of expected because he was a king who now had to deal with the Varden, who were gaining more and more power.

The thing is I understand why Christopher Paolini made him a jerk, if he didn’t, there would be more of a competition between him and Nasuada for the throne, and CP (as well as anyone who ever read the books) wanted Nasuada to be Queen.

Just, having Orrin turn into an angry drunk, really seemed to be a big change. I mean this is a character who had been leading Surda for years, obviously with the help of advisors, but he seemed capable of doing an adequate job. I honestly don’t think he would have been capable of leading the empire, he just isn’t that kind of person, but I don’t think he had to become a drunk for that to be apparent.

Honestly, just have had some kind of scene where he casually talks to a couple of elves about science and they give him like 50 years worth of ideas for experiments so he besically tells Nasuada “sorry, too busy with my science, I’m ok to manage what I have right now. Have fun being queen.“ So just increase the nerdiness instead of the drunkness I guess.

26/02/17 || I’ve been taking a well deserved break, I’ve been studying non stop for the lost three months and I can’t even remember the last break I took, so I’m enjoying these few days off that I got. The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a crazy day ahead of me, not more than four hours of lessons but too many hours of break in between, but as always I’m gonna do it 💪🏼. Today I’m reading a book just because I wanted to (I love reading so much and I missed reading books that aren’t uni related, definitely need to do that more this year) and I’m working on a new blog post for next week.

I was in the zone. I couldn’t read my Weber essay for sociology, so I decided to work on my composition research paper. My library had ebooks for two of the books I wanted, which is awesome bc I have to turn in a sample critical bibliography on Monday.

I download them.

They’re in a format compatible with my tablet.

I save to Google Drive.

I get on my tablet.

And get lost on tumblr.

Because of course I couldn’t just open them and start reading.

That would have been responsible.

At least I don’t have to go to the library tomorrow?

Adventures in LitFic - Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill

Quite recently I’ve had a bit of a 180 in literary tastes. As someone who’s read a wide variety of genres my whole life, but mostly YA, recently all I want to read is Adult Literary fiction. I’m just so drawn to it at the moment. I don’t see much discussion about Adult Literary fiction here, since the community seems pretty YA centric, so I thought I would chronicle my adventures into the world of LitFic by posting some book reviews! I had no idea where to start as I blindly walked into this new world of fiction, so if anyone else is wanting to read more of this type of story I hope I can provide a bit of guidance through my trial and error. If you generally read in this category, please send me your recs because I’m a noob. 

I decided to start my adventures into LitFic with Heather O’Neill’s collection Daydreams of Angels because a) I’ve been writing short stories lately and wanted to read more of that form, and b) I adored Heather O’Neill’s debut novel Lullabies for Little Criminals and wanted to check out more of her work. 

Genre: Literary Fiction, short short collection

Page count: 352

What drew me to it: I love O’Neill’s writing style, it’s so original, and I was captivated by the idea of modern fairy tale or fable type stories. If anyone could pull it off, it would be Heather O’Neill. Plus, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for magical realism. 

Rating: 4 stars


What an enchanting little collection of stories! My favourites were Swan Lake for Beginners, The Holy Dove Parade, The Isle of Dr. Moreau, The Story of Little O, and Where Babies Come From. The stories delve into the absurd or satirical quite frequently (she has a delightful yet strange sense of humour), and paired with O'Neill’s unbelievable gift for similes and metaphors (seriously, she is the queen, how does she think of these things?) the entire collection feels like some demented fable. It’s fascinating how she takes innocent fairy tale form and weaves it with themes of war, sexuality, or abuse. Some of the stories are tragic, but many are also whimsical.

I docked a star because despite the amazing originality in her ideas, many of the stories seem to have a similar structure and by the mid-point of the collection I wanted to see what O'Neill’s wondrous imagination could do structure wise, not just linguistic and concept wise. Some stories seemed completely carried by concept, and characterization wasn’t very deep. I can mostly deal with that seeing as the stories are meant to be fable-like, although at times the stories felt more lofty than grounded and more was told through summary than shown in scene. Again, I feel this comes with the form she chose although it worked better in some stories than others. Also, a tiny thing but as a writing student I’m trained to nitpick this stuff, she overuses the word ‘that’ an insane amount. Her prose is so strong, and her imagery is so original, but I was always getting distracted by that one weasel word which appeared constantly. I would sometimes count five or more in a short paragraph that could be cut. Anyways, small thing but I guess I was wondering why whoever edited this didn’t see the need to trim the unneeded words and really make her prose shine as much as possible.

Daydreams of Heaven is quirky, odd, and unlike anything I’ve read before. O’Neill has a mind that can conjure up the strangest of stories, but I’m all for that. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s enchanting. If you do give the collection a read, I would suggest not reading the entire collection straight through because you might get tired of the repetitive ‘grandfather story’ form which has caused many of the stories to blur together in my memory. I would also still recommend Lullabies for Little Criminals over this collection if you’re starting with her work.

Overall, a really delightful collection. The stories are quite atypical, all fable or fairy-tale like, but O'Neill isn’t afraid to bring in some gritty realism paired with her dreamy and quirky narrative style. Her debut novel, Lullabies for Little Criminals, is one of my favourite books and reading this collection reminded me how much I adore her style, it’s truly unlike any other. I will be picking up her other novel soon because I can’t get enough of her writing.

Also, I’d just like to bring up something I’ve been mildly concerned about.

I know that Cloture and Wiegenlied have already been translated. And there might be some people who are a little miffed that I am choosing now to translate in narrative order of the series, because that means they have to wait longer to read the books that haven’t been translated (like Praeludium and Praefacio, and the Deadly Sins Series), in favor of just getting new translations of books whose contents are already well known.

I would like to just explain that, in addition to these being revisions of the original, they are an entirely different reading experience than the old translations. I know it should be common knowledge at this point how bad they were, and saying it again is like beating a dead horse, but it’s true. My translations are not perfect, but they are done with an actual understanding of the text. Several bits of information and characterization are vastly different from how they were mangled, in addition to it overall reading better.

So even if you might be tired of my still being on the Daughter of Evil at this point, it’s still worthwhile, I think, to be able to go over my translations at least once to see the differences.

I’m reading a book and I’m about 80-85% of the way through and now I just want to stop reading it because I know another book is due out at the end of this year. So I’m just stopping before the true end because I can’t bear the idea of being left hanging for 10 months. With books/series etc that I know aren’t going to be resolved yet - I stop before the end before the lack of follow-up stops me. I want to be the one in control of how much I can read and I don’t want limitations placed on me by an incomplete series. Lmao. It’s so dumb.

hp houses as text posts

slytherin: no mom I don’t want a boyfriend I want a kingdom (x)

ravenclaw: Remember when Netflix and Tumblr didn’t exist and you read like 10 books a week? Good times. (x)

gryffindor: i’m really glad “fight me” has replaced “sue me” in the common vernacular because i don’t have any money but i do have Fists and am always angry (x)

hufflepuff: what do u mean we’re not friends, we follow each other (x)

maladaptive daydreaming things™ i do

  • having really detailed daydreams that date back to when i was a child that i still can’t let go of
  • making different playlists for when i want to daydream about something specific
  • daydreaming and walking around my house for hours without even noticing i’m doing it
  • having to pause videos and tv shows / stop reading books every two seconds because certain moments make me want to daydream and taking forever to finish anything
  • hearing/seeing something in public or in a social situation that makes me want to daydream really bad and having to control myself until i get home so i don’t zone out in front of people
  • laying in bed at night for hours daydreaming instead of sleeping even when i’m actually tired and want to sleep

i want to see alex and maggie in bed together. i want to see alex in reading glasses with her book, and maggie with her messy bun working on paperwork. i want maggie finally snuggling down to go to sleep and alex absentmindedly rubbing her back while she reads some more. i want to see alex already awake some morning, watching maggie sleep because she looks so cute even though she snores a little bit. i want to see maggie coming in extra late when alex is already asleep, crawling into bed and immediately big spooning alex so she can kiss her neck because she’s happy to be home. i just really want those sweet, domestic moments that happen naturally when you’re comfy with someone.

Writing, Neil Gaiman, and Kon Satoshi

I almost gave up writing altogether after reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

I didn’t read it as it was coming out in comics, but later, when it was published in collected volumes.

It was too perfect. Too complete. It seemed like it had sprung fully-formed from Gaiman’s head, and he had to spend years waiting for artists to catch up.

It was overwhelming. Unattainable.

I wasn’t reading the book’s post-scripts, though, because I wanted to avoid potential spoilers. I wanted to experience the material, not the author dissecting it.

I did read them on a second pass. There’s a story on Dream Country, the third volume, about a writer keeping a muse captive so she can give him ideas. It’s a piece with characters that tie into Morpheus’ past and who will come up again, woven into the larger narrative. The book also contains a post-script on how the story came about, where Gaiman states it was at first about a succubus, before moving on to talk about his process for working with the artist.

My eyes kept moving forward, brain storing words from the original script, but my consciousness had taken a step back.

Wait, back up, what was that character again? 
Originally a succubus, replies brain, let me keep going here.

Yes, stupid me. I had assumed Sandman had been gestating inside Gaiman from the start, waiting for an opportunity for the entire story to burst out. He didn’t transcribe a long epic he had already come up with. He wasn’t born with the tale. He worked at it for years, sometimes throwing away material and replacing it with things that fit better. Like a normal human being.

I keep making the same mistake. I wrote about a similar mental bug when talking about Kon Satoshi and Dream Fossil.

We only see the finished product. We don’t see the author sitting down at the typewriter and bleeding.

It’s all work. Some people have more potential and have it easier, others have to work harder at it, but in the end it’s only work. If you want a chance to get better at it, you should treat it as such.

I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologise because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest. If I love you at 5AM, I’d damn well rather that you know I felt it. If I love you two hours later, I’ll tell you then too. Listen, I won’t wait double the time it takes for you to text me back because I don’t want to. I don’t care enough to be patient with you. I’m happy, you made me feel that way, don’t you want to know? So that’s how it’s going to be. I’m going to leave myself as open as a church door. And I’m going to wake you up before the crack of dawn to tell you that I’m fucking joyful, no pretending, not from me, not ever. Would you like some coffee, would you please kiss me? Here, these are my hands, this is my mouth, it is all yours.
—  Azra T.Don’t Wait Three Days to Text First