because i want to play with photoshop


So I wanted to do some practice with sprite editing because 1) it’s fun and 2) I want to improve so I can do bigger sprite stuff (like, say, make custom ones for OCs, AU-ish stuff, memey Photoshop shenanigans etc.), so for a little over a week, between fluctuations of motivation and needs to sleep, I made these.

I used one of Taka’s sprites and modified it into a Future Foundation guard. I was inspired by @ask-danganronpa-students (again. ^_^’ I just really like that blog…).

 I’m pretty pleased with the results, since I got to play with textures, brush transparency, and shading with the hat (the hat was the hardest part to put together, BTW, especially trying to make it blend in with the sprite as best I could). Plus, this is probably the biggest edit I’ve done since the “Ko’s shirt” one I did of Hajime. I think I’ll try and do more Guard Taka sprite edits as practice and try to get even better at sprite stuff (might even come back and improve these one day) later, but for now, here’s what I’ve done.

(And yes, Mod Lili, you can use these if you want to, I don’t mind! ^_^)

♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡  I give you… LIFE! Go forth my friend! Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy your day.

Random daydreaming(?) Oikawa in class….because after all there’s not ONLY volleyball on the schedule. (and i need to practice more everyday situations… and i wanted to play around with photoshop..which … was a catastrophe… i am too stupid for this…*clutches Sai to chest* ._.   )


“I found one. It’s perfect. Brookline. Center Hall. Two stories. I just figured, after everything that we’ve been through in the last couple of days… hell, the last couple of years… I thought we deserved a little bit of normal.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day thirteen - happiest moment


The sequel to this

I am so grateful for the existence of @incorrectfeaquotesAwakening templates; I know they’re for inserting other quotes from other sources, but I’m going to put whatever text I want in them like I did before with the Fates text generator, only now it’s with Awakening characters, so it’s much easier for me because Photoshop, and a game I’ve actually played.

I hope you all find this funny! I thought this specific dialog I came up with would be a funny way for Chrom to react to Lucina!Morgan’s existence. And Ophelia from Fates shows up, too, which causes Chrom more (enjoyable) suffering.


I drew this on paper a while back, and since my scanner isn’t working, and I really wanted to do something with it, I just took a picture with my phone and played around with it in photoshop.Sorry for the bad quality and lack of motivation to do it properly ahahh

I will probably remake this properly when my scanner is working because I really love them here *-* 

I’ve been going a bit vector crazy these past few days. I’m just excited to finally have photoshop on my computer again. This is one of my favorite scenes from Brotherhood (I think? I was screaming and crying upon my first watch so it’s hard to tell), not only for what actually took place but because I thought it looked so cool, aesthetically. I’m also a masochist, apparently. So I wanted to play with it and get used to drawing with the pen tool again. WOO!

I love Riza’s hair so much ;__;

I can’t draw circles. I’m so sorry. I tried my very best.


Decided to play around with darkening/deepening Mink’s skin tone because I just wanted to see what he would look like….original sprite is on the left and edited sprite is on the right (obviously). 

And I actually really like how they turned out??? And it was so super fun to just kind of play around with it

I couldn’t replicate the exact same skin tone for all four sprites (and did not in any way intend for his scratch!Mink sprites to be darker) but that just allowed me to mess around a little with darkening, lightening - that kind of thing. Personally, I like the scratch!Mink chibi best - not just how it looks but I feel like I pulled off a realistic skin tone the best with that one. 

Tutorial: How to make gifs

requested by Anonymous.

  • I’m not good at explaining things
  • I’m sorry for mistakes because English is not my first language
  • I use KMPlayer and photoshop cs5 extended
  • like/reblog this if the tutorial was helpful

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thelonezangetsu  asked:

Could you please tell me how you make gifs, thanks if you can

Hi! To make gifs, you need the video files of whatever you want to gif on your computer. Then I play the file and take screenshots with the VLC media player and use Photoscape’s gif maker to put the screenshots together and save it as a gif. A lot of people use Photoshop, but Photoscape is free to download and it’s worked pretty well for me. This process def gets faster with practice!

Remember that a gif needs to be under 2mb to play correctly on tumblr (at least it’s not 1mb anymore those were dark times).

Hopefully this helped and feel free to ask me other questions if you have them c: good luck! (I might make a detailed gif making guide later if anyone’s interested???)


Congratulations Sang-chuu for winning first prize!
Ahem, now, for the professional text, hm?

One: Banner with their url and Mark in a suit

[[This was particularly fun for me to play with, I really loved doing the text in particular.]]

Three: Icons

[[This was the most fun I’ve ever had with icons! Especially the Warfstache one, that was really cool.]]

One: Background

[[I really didn’t know what you wanted, because you really didn’t specify! So I made one that could be used on a desktop, and one that could be used on your blog! I hope you like them, they were SO MUCH FUN!]]

One: Collage with Mark with puppies at any size

[[This took me a while to dig up all the puppy pictures, and I’m pretty sure there are more! I think it looks super cute, though. It’s sized to fit and iPhone 5c… Sorry I wanted to use it!! ;w;]]