because i wanna stare at her face forever

Facing the Past - Chapter 8 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Ok, this is long. And also a little NSFW? I dunno. Oh, yeah and mentions of blood.

Sam didn’t know if he heard you right. He was about to kiss you and he was pretty sure you wanted him to do it, but then you suddenly asked him to seduce another woman?

“What?” - he asked in confusion.

You sighed.

“I know it sounds weird, but I want you to lure her in the women restroom, so I can uh… talk to her.” - you said hesitantly. You were pretty sure he would leave if you would tell your real plan to him.


You looked down thinking, then you turned your head towards one of the corners where your sister was talking with Jason. You thought about how she is forced to stay in the house, and the only way for her to see his boyfriend is to sneak out of the house. Then you thought about Emily who was threatened by Victoria, and then remembered what her family did to you when you were taken. You had to do this for your family. You decided to tell him the truth.

“Okay, do you remember when my sister, Jimmy and I went to the mall without Murphy knowing it?” - he nodded so you continued. - “So Em had to go to the restroom and she was there for a long time, so Bella and I went after her. She was there with Victoria. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard rumors about how I got my limp. Long story short, Victoria was involved in it, and she threatened my sister to do something similar to her.”

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Preferences #67 His feelings when he discovers he is in love with you

Wow, I love her. We’re not even together. How am I going to tell her? Oh god, what if she doesn’t love me back? What if she doesn’t even like me? Oh how am I going to tell her?

She’s so cute, and she’s mine and I love her for that. I love her. Wow, that’s deep. How am I going to tell her? Is it too far? We haven’t been dating too long. Oh god, she’s staring at me. am I jut silent? I need to speak, oh shit.

Aaaw I love you. Did I say that out loud? Her face seems still. Oh gee, smile. Smile and laugh okay tell end later. deal with love later carry in talking.

She is perfect. I wanna stay with her forever. Like ever, because I love her. I never knew love was real, this is amazing, I feel on top of the world. God, I just want to kiss her.