because i took it with my webcam

My first of many “daily songlets”! I’ve known for a while that it would be good for me to try and write daily but I wasn’t sure how to go about it because I always become such a perfectionist when it comes to my songs. However, because of the splendiferous Mr. Barrold Q. Kramer and his “I Need a Haircut” song, I realized that I should just try writing simplistic stuff :) So here is “Sweet Dreams”. It took about 30 minutes (which includes finishing the lyrics and realizing I have no clue what key I’m in so how the fuck am I suppose to write an accompaniment???). Hope you enjoy <3

(also please excuse the shitty quality. i havent gotten around to buying a good webcam and although i do have a decent mic im just too lazy to record correctly rn)

((also also sorry for the corniness right at the end lmao))


Today was amazing. My only day of the week off work. I spent it as one should, sleeping in, dressing up, looking through records, playing bass guitar, listening to music and then working it in front of a webcam because I was feeling myself. Today the sun has come out, so instead of the usual black jeans I can wear my cutie high waisted shorts that I hardly ever wear. I think I worked them today :3


I was a little inspired by Hendrix with the head band ;)

Uploading more photos because I took too many…. hahahaha


hey ok so i’ve been lurking the FBI virus tag and I’m still a little confused by what’s going on but i thought i’d tell you about something that happened late last year (and I’m not doing a read more thing cause I think you all need to be aware that there are other viruses)

alright so i got a message saying “oh my god, i haven’t seen you in ages! you’re so pretty now!” and obviously i was like “oh my god who are you” so i clicked to their blog and it said “to access this blog click run" 

now, by this point i knew something was fishing and for some reason ‘run’ was already selected. I’m lucky the computer I use is a school one and that I cannot install things without an administrators password, so the virus couldn’t install what it wanted to install. 

this is where it gets creepy i hadn’t realised at first, but my webcam light had turned on. this meant that someone was watching me from somewhere.naturally, i freaked out and covered it. it turned off shortly. 

it happened again the next day and i ended up putting blu tack over the camera. it turned off a few seconds later. 

also, when i turned my computer back on after that not, i received this pop up: 

this continued to pop up every time i turned on my computer. 

my webcam did turn on one or two more times after, but didn’t stay on long because it was covered. 

i eventually took my computer to the IT lab at my school and they confirmed it was a virus and restored my computer. 

before i took my computer to the IT lab, my other computer was taken to a computer fixer person my dad was mates with. I’d told dad about the "No NOD” virus (as what i call it) and he asked his computer fixer friend if he’d heard of it. 

apparently, a company somewhere somehow gets access to your webcam and takes photos of you and then contacts you saying they’ve caught you doing something you shouldn’t be doing. they tell you they won’t show anyone as long as you give them money, using your bank details (therefor stealing more money from you). 

I have no idea if this is the same as the “FBI Virus” (which i still don’t understand) but I’ll put it under the tag as a signal boost. 
I apologise for taking up your dashboard and hope you stay safe!


I was starting to feel insecure because birthdays can do that, which is dumb as shit and unacceptable, so I’m taking selfies about it. this is what my hair is doing right now. it’s like a tornado. an extremely gay tornado

The Start of Something Good

 Love Keeps You Near

Your mom was yelling at you again. These kinds of fights were becoming so annoying! And the fact that they are completely stupid bothers you even more. In these moments of your life, you were pretty thankful to have Jackson to listen to you, or else, you would explode for sure.
It’s been 3 years since both of you started talking on the internet, to be sincere, you don’t even remember how or when, but he became your daily source of happiness! Even though he was pretty far away from you, you guys became closer and closer each day and right now, you can’t imagine your mornings, afternoons and nights without talking with him.
You live in America and he lives in Korea actually, but since he already lived in America for a while too, you guys can communicate pretty well.

You closed your bedroom’s door and sighed, throwing yourself to your bed, screaming against your pillow, trying to release your anger the best you could. You love your mom with all your heart, but sometimes, you just wanted to disappear, maybe run to Jacksonl’s arms and stay there forever!

Suddenly, you heard a small ‘beep’ and you immediately jumped off the bed, sitting in front of your computer. Jackson is online.
Your smile grew even more when you saw that he already sent you a message. The feeling never changes, 3 years later, your heart still beats like crazy when you receive a message of him.

‘Took me a while to write this because, I was feeling so nervous, geez, you might think I am crazy, and I kinda am, but…after 3 years talking with each other, seeing each other by webcam, I think we should finally meet, _____. I don’t know, I really want to see my sunshine in person, and since I am going to America to spend the summer vacations, we could spend it together.’

You looked at the screen with your big and rounded eyes, blood running up to your cheeks and your lips dry.
“He wants to meet…me?” You whispered, reading Jackson’s message over and over again.
“Finally I’m going to meet him.” You thought with a small smile, your heart skipping a bit.

Well, if you think you are crazy because you want to meet me, I can consider myself as crazy as you, because I want the same. And all the summer here in America? That’s amazing, I’m excited to see you.“ You typed, smiling like an idiot, like a little girl that got a doll for Christmas.

“I’m excited to see you as well, maybe you could wait for me in the airport? I would be more than glad if you were the first one I see after stepping out of the plane.”

Seriously Jackson? I’m here trying hard to stop falling for you even more and you are being such a cutie pie? I give up! You thought, groaning slightly.

In that night, you couldn’t sleep properly, just imagining how amazing your first meet with him would be. It was just a mix of emotions, you were nervous and anxious at the same time.

A lot of scenarios started to run through your mind. Both of you are really close on the internet, you guys talk about everything without any problem, in real life it will be the same?
You can’t act like an awkward turtle around him, no way, even if you are nervous, act normally, you are a girl, you know him for 3 years now, don’t give him reasons to regret spending the summer with you.

Slowly, your eyes started to close, and you were ready to fly to the dreamland!

The next morning was a mess for you, you woke up really early! Not only because you wanted to be beautiful for him, but because you were so nervous you couldn’t sleep.

You ran down stairs and your mom looked at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Already out of bed?” She asked while doing the breakfast.

“Yes mom, and I won’t eat breakfast, I have something important to do, and I think I will comeback late, so don’t worry about me.”  You said, kissing her on the cheek, grabbing an apple and running out of the house, without giving her a chance to even ask anything more.

Already on the airport, you could feel all your body trembling! You were so excited, you wanted to see him, you wanted to finally see Jackson in front of your eyes, touching his face to finally feel that he is real.
Holding your small purse tightly, you looked around. People walking back and forth, some of them arriving, while others were going to leave, the airport is always pretty busy.

Suddenly, you heard someone yelling your name.
You turned around and tried to see the source of that voice! But you couldn’t say a think, people were bumping against you, making you close your eyes tightly.

“______”. You heard it again, you name being called out loud. You could sense a small feeling of desperation on that voice, as if the person was desperate to find you.

You started to walk carefully, passing between all those bodies, and finally stopping when the airport was less crowded. You brushed your hair out of your face and looked around, panting slightly and your cheeks in a soft tone of red.

“______.” This time, the voice was clear and closer. Your heart skipped a beat when you finally recognized that voice. The voice you have been hearing for 3 whole years.

You turned around, and there he was. Jackson Wang, was there, a few feet away from you. He was even more handsome than on the screen and pictures. He was way taller than you, his hair seemed so soft, you just wanted to touch it for hours.

Suddenly, you saw Jackson dropping his bags and slowly walking towards you. The feeling in your tummy was so weird, seemed like butterflies running around, and in that moment you knew that what you were feeling, was love, what you felt since the day one, was love.
You did the same, your hands dropped your purse, and you ran to him! Finally, when you were just a inch, Jackson picked you up in his arms and hugged you closer, wrapping his arms on your thighs, holding you protectively.
Your eyes were closed, your arms around his neck and your face against his neck. His smell, so soft and pure! Finally.

Jackson pulled away a bit and you looked down at him. For your surprise, he was crying. Tears were running down his cheeks, and you wiped them with your thumb, before smiling down at him.

Why are you crying?.” You asked in a whisper, looking at his beautiful brown eyes.

You have no idea how much I’ve been waiting for this.” Jackson told you, placing you in the ground and holding your hand in his intertwining your fingers. “I’m Jackson, and it’s a pleasure to meet you in person after 3 years.” He said with a big and bright smile, caressing your cheek with his free hand.

“I’m ______, the pleasure is mine, Mr. Wild&Sexy” You whispered, with a small laugh, leaning against his touch.

Jackson sighed in relief and pulled you towards him, wrapping his arms around your neck and resting his chin on top of your head.

“Are you feeling the same thing I am feeling?” He suddenly asked you, after a few minutes of silence.

What?” You asked looking up at him.

He placed his hands on your shoulder and turned you around. Your eyes widened when you saw a big amount of people around both of you, creating a circle. Your cheeks became red and you hide your face against Jackson’s chest. Everyone was looking at both of you with big smiles and even cameras.

“Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.” Everyone stared to shout and Jackson looked at you, biting his lip and reaching for your hand. You looked at every single move that he was making, every single look he was giving to you. Slowly, he lifted your hand, and kissed the back of it, never breaking the eye contact. After it, he pulled you closer and kissed your shoulder, then your neck, your jawline, your cheek, your nose, your forehead, your chin. Giving you a last look, almost like if was asking for permission, you closed your eyes and nodded your head shortly, before feeling his lips pressed against yours, in a simple kiss, yet full of meaning.

You felt like he was pouring all the feelings in the kiss, you felt like he was showing how glad he was for being there with you after 3 years.
Jackson’s hands were on your cheeks, while yours were around his waist!
All the people around both of you started to cheer and clap their hands, and you felt yourself blushing and pulling away.

“You have no idea how much I’m loving it in real life.” Jackson whispered, giving you a last kiss and pulling you out of the airport, away from the crowd.

After convincing him that he didn’t needed to take you home, Jackson won and now you were walking down the street, with your body closer to his, and his arm around your shoulder. The sun was already saying goodbye, creating a big amount of shadows, making the whole atmosphere even more romantic.

“____.” Jackson called you softly, stopping in the middle of the street, a few steps ahead from you.

“Yes?” You asked with your head tilted to the side, watching how beautiful he looked with the sunset light against his skin.

“Thank you for everything.” He whispered smiling, looking at the ground and biting his lip. “Thank you for being with me this past few years, thank you for having patience with me, thank you for staying online after the midnight just to talk with me, thank you so much for all the conversations and your advices! Thank you so much for making my days even more beautiful, and thank you for making me smile. You are the main reason of this smile in the past few years, and please, keep being around me. Thank…”

Before he could even continue, you placed your hand on his shoulder and kissed his lips gently, closing your eyes and resting your forehead against his when both of you pulled away.

“Shh! I am the one that should be thankful! You showed me how mature I can be! You showed me that I can still be beautiful with my flaws. I will keep being around you, with a small condition.”

Jackson chuckled and crossed his arms above his chest, looking into your eyes like he was looking into your soul.

“And what condition?”

“You need to stay around as well, forever.” You whispered, rubbing your nose against his.

Jackson  wrapped his pinky around yours and pulled you in for a breathtaking kiss.

“I promise.”

Oh my god I finally have a new video up on my YT! This is the first video I filmed with my dslr and I edited with after effects and not my webcam 😂 it took me forever to figure it out but it is now finally live and yay! Because now that I have it figured out, I can create more videos! This video is a lil mini tutorial on my favorite lip color. Watch it now


I thought the deleted Olicity kiss was going to be the best Arrow-related thing to happen to me tonight. I was wrong.

So this week Stephen Amell put out a call on his Facebook page to define the word “sincerious.” I caught the status right as he posted it and thought, why not comment? I think the way he uses social media to interact with and grow his fanbase is really impressive (and I’m a marketing professional who works with social media every day), and I love how he uses it for the greater good to support charities and causes.

Well, my comment got a lot of likes, the second most amount of any of the suggestions. I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool! I love Arrow fans!”

Then today, Stephen posted his chosen fan-created definitions of sincerious…and the first one sounded a lot like what I had said.

So I was pretty excited–that meant he saw my comment, and took what I wrote to heart. Tomorrow is my birthday and that seemed like a pretty cool little fandom present. So I posted a screencap of his post (and my original post in the comments) to my Facebook, since I have quite a few Arrow fans among my friends, and tagged Stephen, basically saying how cool it was and how much I like what he does.

Then I’m just sitting on the couch a few hours later when THIS pops up on my phone.

I nearly embedded my phone in the ceiling and woke my husband up with my scream. So I go to Facebook as fast as possible, hyperventilating, and nearly have a heart attack.

I only saw the comment at first because he hadn’t posted the WEBCAM PHOTO HE TOOK FOR ME YET. I posted a response with shaking hands. Then I saw the photo and screamed again.


Then katebcrouse and I had the best text message conversation we’ve had since that time she texted me to tell me there were actual penguins in the lobby of our office. (I love penguins, and I got to pet one that day. I cried I was so happy.)

Honestly? I’ve been kind of down today for various birthday-related reasons, but this completely banished that bad mood and now I have been grinning from ear to ear all night and I cannot stop. I cannot EVEN. Just…holy shit. 



On that note; the box I sent her came today!!! Behold the goodies inside it!

First set: Opening the box all grumpy and shy, blushing over the note and the card I sent her that everyone in my family signed ://) (And a little pic I took of what the card looks like lmao sorry I’m a royal fucking sap)

Second set: That green box she’s opening is a new webcam!! I got one just like it and I agree its high time she should have a webcam she’s proud to gpoy on too. So the rest of this is with the nice new cam!!

I got her some pencils that she likes because I think it’s the cutest thing, a pink tie (it was the last one I couldn’t help myself!!).

annnd the grand finale; a blazer she’d really been eyeing since she visited in November, and my JCP is closing so I got it for a bargain. She’s gonna take her own better GPOY of that badass thing.

Bonus Third Set: I bought her a Littlest Pet Shop shark because we were looking through them online and it was her favorite. I didn’t actually think I’d find it in my store. Needless to say… she’s very attached. We’ve already started calling it Rilu. HAHAHA

Happy birthday, angel! <333