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Heyhey Jo how are you doing? Tomorrow's going to be a tough day for me so I thought why not send my fave a question to light up my mood a lil' bit. Who's your favorite girlxboy brotp from sh? ♡♡☆

Hi Nitsa!! Sorry your ask has been sitting in my inbox for days D: 

girlxboy brotp, that’s specific. I might have a few! I say Clary and Alec will make a pretty cute brotp because Alec sassing Clary is my aesthetic hahahahaha. Imagine them being sent on missions and Alec is just all pissy and moody and Clary is just trying to run after Alec “long legs” Lightwood. 

And Maia!! Maia would make great brotps with just about anybody (except maybe Jace, but that’s another sass fest and I love it hahahaha). I need more Maia and Magnus because hell yeah favouritessssss. Maia and Simon obviously, they’re such cute nerds. Maia and Raphael had some (I mean like, a one second nod) interaction in 2x10 but that’s a start, right? 

Oh yeah, and Clary and Simon brotp, for sure. 

Yeah, that’s about all I can think of, off my head right now! How about you!

Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Evanuris Solas Way and i have the shiniest bald head (evanuris means bald) with no hair and pointed ears and icy grey eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me i look like an Anicent Elven God (if u don’t know who they are get da hell outta here!). I’m not related to Fen’Harel but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m an elf but I’m tall and way more knowledgeable than the Dalish. I have pale white skin like an egg. I’m also a mage, and I work with a group called the Inquisition where I’m in the inner circle. I’m a Rift Mage (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear tight pants. 

I know you left me and I know it hurts like hell.

But after everything, I’m still on your side. And I hope you’re still on mine.

But I also hope you realize what you walked away from, because who else is going to love you like I do?

—  The answer is probably no one

An anonymous person asked me “could you please? maybe? draw Lucio walking in on D-VA streaming to her fans with his music playing & her gushing about him/his music & neither D-VA nor Lucio realise that he’s on the facecam but the fans sure as hell do??” so I thought it was a really funny idea and drew this comic!

I sadly don’t know who you are but if you see this, I hope you will like it!

I tied Lucio’s hair this time because I thought he looked nice this way! What do you think? :)

Thanks for reading! :D

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

I’m gonna share my thoughts as usual.
-Meiko, for once, is not blushing because she’s on an awkward situation.
-Hikari is FOURTEEN and has more boobies than me.
-Sora looks extremely cute and her bikini is cute as hell and I just wanna scream and cover her up because she doesn’t deserve this. None of them do.
-Mimi is the only one posing for the picture - which is funny af.
-The Christmas tree is so pretty, let that sink in.
-All of the girls are /somewhat/ covered. Except Mimi. What does Toei have against Mimi?
-The fact that Hikari’s top is the smallest pisses me off.
-I hope they don’t catch a cold :(
-I want the translations ASAP.

I find it really funny the way people think that love is something you just forget about, something you just get over. The way people can be convinced that just because we’re still breathing and smiling means that we’re okay. Because six months later, I should be okay, right? Hell, I wish it were that easy. Six months isn’t enough time to forget. Six thousand months isn’t enough time to let the love die. Because love doesn’t die. Love Kills, but it doesn’t die.
—  💜

I honestly find it funny when there are really agressive shippers that insist that their ship is going to be canon because it makes “so much sense” to them, but in reality they’re just practically yelling at the top of heir lungs for the crew/creators to make it happen. I thought shipping was meant to be a fun thing. Like, there’s a chance of it not happening, but you like to keep in in your head because it’s what you think is cute.

Dean Winchester’s list of accomplishments (abridged)

1. Survived Hell

2. First human to escape Purgatory

3. Overcame the Mark of Cain

4. Befriended angels, the King of Hell, and God himself (among others)

5. Survived being raised by John Winchester

6. Evaded the police despite being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for years

7. Protected Sam Winchester (because let’s face it, keeping that little shit alive is a full-time job)

8. Saved people who will never know to thank him

9. Hunted things most people who piss themselves at seeing

10. Killed Hitler

I watched that Sexy Dance Fighting episode of Bob’s Burgers today, where they show us Tina developing a crush on a Capoeira instructor and deciding to join the class as a result. And while it was a funny episode, I can’t lie that it upsets me a bit when Capoeira is seen as silly or a joke.

And that’s mostly because I have a huge amount of respect for it’s roots. If you’re at least familiar with Capoeira, you might have wondered why the hell a martial art also presents itself as a dance style. Hell, you may have even thought of it solely as a dance style!

But there’s a very good reason for that. Capoeira was invented as a form of self defense by slaves who lived in Brazil. They, of course, weren’t allowed to straight up train themselves for that purpose, where their captors could see them, so they found a perfect way to mask their martial arts training: by making it look like an elaborated dance.

It was very clever, and the original fighting style itself still remains effective (if extremely intricate). I have a lot of respect for it.

ok but the Lone Wanderer meeting MacCready again when he’s all grown up and Duncan is with him and the Lone Wanderer is all chill and like “yeah dude you were a crappy little kid, but obviously I can’t hold how you acted as a kid against you now. I mean I was an adult and you were like twelve so I just thought you were kinda funny.”

but then the Lone Wanderer gets tiny kid Duncan alone for exactly long enough to teach him a “fun new word” and Duncan will only refer to MacCready as “mungo” from then on


Y/N: What the hell are you supposed to be?
Pietro: I’m not really sure, but I thought it looked funny.
Y/N: Okay, then what am I supposed to be?
Pietro: Be whatever you want.
Y/N: We’re supposed to be a couple costume.
Pietro: Why?
Y/N: Because we’re a couple and it’s cute.
Pietro: Okay, um, you could be a princess, that could match. Or you know just wear an old fashioned dress that’ll match.
Y/N: Alright, fine.

Quotes from my warfare prof

Since I have the same professor again this semester, I thought I’d share some notable quotes with everyone because some of these are funny as hell. 

  • “Do not use the Google”
  • “Adults are sad”
  • “Rome? Rome war! Me Rome? Me war!”
  • “There’s no time limit on revenge”
  • “There’s a huge party and the city burns down. We’ve all been there.”
  • *in response to the question “is feces an appropriate spelling of fasces?”* “no that’s a shit answer”
  • “The energizer bunny is terrifying”
  • “The pinnacle of human existence is embedding YouTube videos in a PowerPoint. We went to the moon so I could do this”
  • *while flexing* “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”
  • “Yes the Romans wore socks with sandals. Totally fine.”
  • *about Alexander the Great* “He probably caught like 65 different venereal diseases”
  • “Netflix and kill!”
  • “Don’t, but hypothetically you could shank someone”
  • “I don’t have measurements on the ramp. That makes me a sad panda.”
  • “Domitian was an asshole”
  • “I’m proud of my PowerPoint leave me alone”
  • *holding a spear* “I’m a professional”
  • *still holding the spear* “I’m not going to throw it at anyone I promise”
  • “Get infected, get dead”
  • “You don’t need more than 2 inches of penetration ever”
  • *quoting the Spartans* “That thing you wrote about? No”
  • Anybody: Mega Man is a childish game.
  • Mega Man games: The equivalent of going through hell and back. Fanbase consists of teens and up sobbing over Proto Man. Bass constantly cursing.
  • Me: *looks in the camera like they're in the office*

What the hell is going on?

Episode 14 didn’t really help in giving us more clues about the royal family background and about Sun Woo. I had 1,654 questions before this episode and now I have 13,786. 

Going back to my previous thoughts about Ah Ro, I still think they are destroying her character. Finally her wit and her funny story telling showed up again, but they ruined everything in 0.08 seconds. We can pretty much say the whole conflict that happened at the end of ep 14 is because of Ah Ro and I hate that because the only main female character is the one again who messes up the whole situation and watching this makes me feel ashamed that yet again this is how they portray women. The Princess and Ah Ro as the two main leads (+ the Queen) all they do is making bad decisions, cry, look weak, and end up being victims. I honestly dislike this so much but I often see this pattern in K-Dramas (especially where there are love triangles) and I think it truly pulls down women in general. But that’s another discussion…

At the beginning of Hwarang I was more on Sun Woo’s side. He was a humble young man who hated the Bone rank system, who had a difficult life, and who slowly fell in love with Ah Ro without being aggressive. This seemed attractive to me, however, in the last episodes I feel like he is losing that side of him more and more. Obviously he still stands strong beside the morals he had at the beginning, but his character is getting more and more annoying. It took an interesting turn because now I’m rather more interested about what is going to happen to Sam Maekjong. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in his side at all, but whenever I see Sun Woo’s grumpy face (no offense for handsome Park Seo Joon, I know it’s just what he has to act), it just makes me frown, because I’m getting disappointed by his actions and now I start to feel more sorry for the Faceless King. 

Sam Maekjong at the beginning was an arrogant, pushy, royal born guy who I didn’t necessarily like that much. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Hyungsik portraying him, I would have even felt hate towards him, despite my interest in his story line. But recently he is changing as well to me, but more towards the positive side. And I feel so so so bad for him. Especially because he might not be the king.

Which leads up to, who is the real faceless (even nameless) king?

So we all know what Sun Woo did at the end of episode 14 and we all (probs) disagree with his action and we wanted Ji Dwi to stand up for his true title. However, this might not be too much of a mistake. I think from the beginning we noticed that there is just something mysterious about Sun Woo’s true background and about the relationships and conflicts in the royal family. And now we get more and more hints. Maybe it is a choice from the writer and the production team (though sometimes I doubt the writer would be that smart). The fact that even after 14 episodes Sam Maekjong is still not revealed as the king even when he had his god damn chance not once, that maybe tells us something. Also the fact that in the Hwarang house most of the guys think that Sun Woo is the king, the officials think he is the king, and now he announced himself as the king. Yes we don’t know it for a fact that he is the true king, but I feel like all these lead up to that he will turn out to be the one. I also read many theories how he is the son of a concubine (who the Queen made her to be gone(?)) and the late king of Silla, while Sam Maekjong is only the nephew of the king, therefore cousin of Sun Woo. This is an interesting theory, slightly confusing as well, but it might be true, though that follows up to some more problems… or one problem, Sam Maekjong

If Sun Woo turns out to be the king, I think Sam Maekjong’s life will be over pretty much. All his life he was preparing to be the king, that’s the only thing he knows and had as a goal. He is also going to lose Ah Ro because we know she doesn’t love him. He never had a real family. The only family figure for him was his bodyguard (who is honestly such a sweet human bean, like when he was crying in ep 13, I was crying with him and my heart was so warm), but he probably wanted his mother’s care instead. The only thing that might stay with him is friendship. Because I’m sure at the end Sun Woo and Sam Maekjong will make up for this whole revenge and Ah Ro love triangle, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for Sam Maekjong to not give up on life. I also have a feeling that he might die towards the end, and I’m not ready to see Hyungsik die on my screen. (guys if it’s really going to happen I’m going to cry a Han River 2.0, watch me). So this is why I think at this point I rather want to see justice happen for Sam Maekjong. And I want him to be the king. Even if he is not the legitimate one to the throne, he has to be the king. He knows how Silla works, he knows how to deal with the officials, he prepared for this all his life, and he wants to be the king (at least on the days when he doesn’t doubt himself). Even if Sun Woo could be a good king too, he never really prepared for it and it would just ruin his relationship with Ah Ro, which I think is the most important for him. So maybe if he turns out to be the king, he might end up giving the throne to Sam Maekjong (if they can do that). 

Now for the fate of King Jinheung, I doubt that they will focus a lot on how this king in real history was so great and how he expanded Silla’s territory and the unification of the three kingdoms. However, I do think that would be a good thing to focus on if time lets them, because (as I read it in some sources) Hwarang played a big role in the unification and this drama is about Hwarangs. So we get back to this argument again, that this drama focused WAY TOO MUCH on the love triangle and Ah Ro, whereas there are lot more important and main points in the history of Silla, King Jinheung, and especially the Hwarangs. I know this drama is not here for a Historical documentary, but they didn’t do as much for the potential of the Hwarang story line, as it was promised.

So I don’t know guys. I still like Hwarang obviously, but to be honest, if I wouldn’t have gotten attached to the cast and the cute bromance and Ban Ryu love story line, then I think I would have stopped watching this. It just really bothers me how there was so many potential with this, especially with the great actors and actresses that we have here, but they didn’t make great decisions plot wise and story unfolding wise. We still have six episodes left, and many interesting things can happen in basically six hours. But I feel like it’s going to be the same like with Moon Lovers. Towards the end it might get worse because they might rush the end and even kill some loved characters. (Also I’m going to be sad when it will be over because I’m going to miss this cast, and while many of them will have upcoming dramas, for our lovely Taehyung it’s not going to be soon to seen him in a role again as he is always so busy :(  ) 

This became extremely long, I’m so sorry. So if you read this I’m really thankful and I really appreciate it. ^^

Give Them Hell

Fandom: Gotham 

Character: Edward Nygma/The Riddler 

Reader Gender: Female 

Summary: After the arrest and detainment of your boyfriend in Arkham Asylum, you were lucky enough to be able to pay him a visit, even if you had to keep it on the down low. 

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1158 

Author’s Note: I thought of this right before I went to bed after Monday’s episode, I wanted to make something kind of silly and stupid and funny and overdramatic just because I feel like that’s how an Ed romance would probably work out, it’s such a contrast to the more serious Ed one shot I wrote but I had a lot of fun writing it haha! 

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For anyone in the US…I’m so sorry.

If I could, I’d take all those who voted for Clinton away over here. *hugs*

W-We’ll still do our best to make sure we cheer you up though!


But if you voted Trump…get the hell off this blog right now. If you like Trump, get the hell of this blog. If you even thought this was gonna be funny that Trump was voted, get the fuck out of this blog now. I have people fucking scared and shit because of this.


Thoughtful Gifts for the Signs—Just in Time for the Holidays!
  • Aries: a tray of ice for them to chill the hell out
  • Taurus: a pair of heelies because they always take too long to do ANYTHING EVER and because swag
  • Gemini: a gag to shut them up for once (and they also like that shit if u know what i mean)
  • Cancer: a metal saw so that u can detach their claws from ur body and finally have some alone time
  • Leo: a clear mirror that only looks outward because these bitches need to see something other than their own reflection
  • Virgo: a mismatched pair of socks lol
  • Libra: a rug so that they can passive aggressively tell ppl to walk all over that instead
  • Scorpio: a Holy Bible because we all know they need Jesus
  • Sagittarius: a prison sentence. they'll probably be safer from their own bad decisions if they're locked up anyway
  • Capricorn: a lamp so that they can lighten the fuck up
  • Aquarius: a heart transplant because idk i just think they might be needing one???
  • Pisces: a face sponge to help soak up all them tears

956 // Morning sesh

Woke up a little late today because i seriously think that i’m on PMS week now. This is why i’ve been so lazy moving around and i just want to eat and sleep the day off or lock myself up in my room the whole day.

What’s funny is that when i opened my eyes this morning i just thought “what the hell, i don’t want to spend my remaining days on this trip in bed—like i need to get up now”, and so i did. I washed my face and made my bed but upon looking at my phone i thought “ugggh the weather is nice, and i needed to be under the sun or my body will perish so i opened up the balcony door and just sat down for awhile and enjoyed the heat. But then again never have i ever took a selfie upon arrival to this place so my vain self said “okay let’s take a quick pic and binyagan mo na ‘tong place na ‘to and announce that your presence has finally arrived.” Lol. Me and my silly monologues. But yeah, took quite a lot actually. Hahaha. And nagpa-cute lang din ako sa snapchat account ko kasi inaamag na, hayuup.

Pero ayun na nga, i’m awake now. So, what’s the plan? Calling out @beauinparanoia, @chescarriffic, @lurkingchaos, @kwento-sa-likod-ng-sxlita, @beautifulthieveries and for those who are JUST in the area whom i cannot tag just because—ene? Haha.

At first I thought it was hilarious that Mac was totally gay, and he had two cousins of which who were openly gay. Because come on, “if he’s the gay cousin, and he’s the gay cousin, and he’s also the gay cousin, whose driving the car?”  

but then I thought about how having two openly gay cousins could of affected Mac growing up. How he was probably told they would burn in hell, and that they were sinners. Maybe he was told he was the better one for being normal, a form of positive attention he thrived after, and so it was instilled into him to live up to these expectations. Maybe their damnation scared him into such internalized homophobia and denial, because he doesn’t hate all gays, doesn’t hate his cousins at all. He’s just adamant that they’re going to hell and that unlike them he’s not gay.

On top of how he was likely a teenager when his cousins were experimenting in their sexuality and coming out, so Mac was probably friends with Dennis who made him feel sinful/funny things. So rather then experimenting and learning to accept himself he wound up suppressing and denying himself during a crucial time in his development.