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Name: Allen
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello! I’m a guy that loves nature and photography. I enjoy reading when I have the time and am always looking for book suggestions! I’m looking for a pen pal because I always thought it was a fun idea, but never looked into it too much. I’m looking to exchange letters via snail mail as well as maybe small gifts and any art that you may do!

Preferences: I’m open to people of all gender and sexuality, but please be 17+. It would be cool to meet someone from another country, but someone from USA is cool too.

“And we didn’t even know each other...”

Look. I know Zayn and Louis applied for the same job. And Niall and Liam went to the same Busted concert (presumably when they were like 8 years old when Busted was touring before 1D was formed). Both of those things are neat coincidences.

But they aren’t very significant to any of them, because they’ve mentioned both of those things like one time in interviews over the course 6 years (and it was arguably to try and make the Script concert seem like less of a thing). 

You know what’s significant? What Harry himself made significant? 

The Script concert. He had to make a public declaration about it…twice!

“This place is incredible to me…I remember coming to quite a few gigs here. I remember I stood right there watching the Script and it turns out, Louis was at the same gig!“ - Manchester, 22 December 2011

“This venue is quite special to me. I’ve been to quite a few gigs here before. And I remember, about 3 years ago, I was stood just about there to watch the Script in here, and it turns out, that Louis was at the same gig!” - Manchester, 23 December 2011

Louis and Zayn have never described their mutual employment pursuits as “incredible” or “quite special.” And neither have Liam and Niall described the Busted concert that way, despite it being literally the same scenario as Louis and Harry attending a Script concert at the same venue on the same day.

So you have to wonder why Harry cares so much, why it’s such a curious thing that they were there, together, on the same night, at the same time, doing the same thing, and they didn’t even know each other. 

But then fate twisted, and they did meet, and became so important to each other, that it made the night they missed each other that much more significant. 

i found this and please just read hussies comments on vriska because im almost in tears i cant believe ive never seen this before…. shes my FAVE and i will eat up literally any commentary made abt her 

When I was about to launch into the Hivebent arc, I thought one cool opportunity that presented was to introduce a very major character out of nowhere, who we had literally no foreknowledge of other than one shot of a strange looking horn cropped off panel. The entire profile of this character was always meant to be “someone who is in some way involved with practically everything", and the scorpio sign seemed suited to this. This aspect of her profile was conveyed up front in her introduction, and hammered repeatedly with almost every scene she’s been in. Hivebent was a good introduction to the ways in which she entangles herself nefariously with everything, and slowly but surely, this has been revealed to be the case in the main plotline. It was unclear before, and indeed unclear that this was even a question that needed to be answered, because she had not been introduced yet. And personally, I think there's something kind of exciting which that proposition injects into a story.

Before Hivebent, most of the trolls were portrayed as incompetent at trolling. And when the roster was expanded, the question was begged: are any of these trolls any good at trolling? So part of her profile was also to serve as the ultimate troll. Karkat was an effective troll insofar as he was loud and angry and obnoxious, but that’s about as far as it went. Vriska was designed to be a good troll in the purest sense of the word. She gets people legitimately riled up. Both in the story, and even more importantly, outside it. There is no other troll, or really even any other aspect of Homestuck, which generates more debate. This was intentional, and continues to be. 

remember when karkat threw a total shitfit in front of everyone on the meteor and dave laughed hysterically and reminded rose of how he’d told her about how great karkat is, see, rose, I told you about this guy, see?? Obviously it’s meant pejoratively like – pft look at this asshole who has never learned even a single strider rule of cool – but there is no way there wasn’t an underlying fascination with the sudden presence of someone so expressive and I like to think that even that early on, in that moment, dave was genuinely experiencing a little thread of excitement at the thought of spending time with someone who wore his heart so transparently on his sleeve

he goes into it in this mocking way because at that point it’s the only way he can really express that kind of emotion while maintaining his superior frame but I always read that shit has half genuine delight that he had no fucking clue how to process at the time

I imagine so many of their early interactions just being karkat pontificating endlessly about his many grievances, limbs flailing, volume irregular, pacing around with the boundless energy of the perpetually enraged, and dave just kind of laughing and telling himself silently he’s so much better than this guy while shrugging off this increasing and perplexing sense of deep discomfort, not with karkat and his performative fury but with the way he finds watching it so fascinating? why does the relative peace and quiet of being alone in his block at night keep him awake choking on his own completely fucking ridiculous existential anxiety while sitting on a metal floor listening to karkat “sandpaper for your auditory cortex” vantas screech about bullshit for hours is so fucking mesmerizing?

Percy Weasley

There is a cliff, over looking the lake of Ontario. It’s probably a 10-15mins drive from my home, could walk it as well. Ahaha the only problem is that you have to trespass to see this stunning view. I go at least once a month (expect during the cold weather) so I can cool my head off. Night time preferably because the view is really, really spectacular (mostly on nice weather). What’s even better? Full moon. The moon reflects on the lake and its like, you are seeing two moons over lapping each other. I go there to just listen instead of worrying about what I’m going to do next. Yea, hopefully, I can take the luckiest person with me someday to just listen.


Part 1 (Yuuri’s Eros, Viktor’s SbMS, Yurio’s Agape and Yuuri’s YOI)

I’m. Dead. Completely dead. God dammit, if I thought the others were hard, well, these were HELL. Chris’s costume was the hardest so far (It’s name should be INFERNO. Not Guang-Hong’s), but omg it really does SHINE in the game I love how it turned out!!! Phichit’s was hard as well and I’m still not 100% happy with it but it looks cute in game too so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Probably gonna do more since I FELL TOO HARD IN YOI’S HELL!! So if you have one specific costume you want to see, hit me with an ask


Once upon a time somebody posted something asking about what Guzma would do if one of his grunts accidentally called him dad, as in a parental way. I figure that would be VERY likely, considering the fact that everybody on Team Skull seem like troubled runaway teenagers. 

Not to mention if you think about the actual psychological reasons why kids join gangs is usually because they don’t have a functional family at home, so they go looking for one on the streets. Maybe the real reason why Team Skull grunts do all of that excessive posing before a battle is because they’re trying to be cool and impress their dadboss.

Anyway, I just can’t get the thought out of my head that Guzma’s grunts are really just his adopted misfit kiddos. (whether he’s aware of it or not, lol)

I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?

Recently I’ve been drinking one cup of Americano a day. So I thought, “Hmm, I must be a mature adult now” and told my mum. My mum looked at me and said, “If you’re proud of such a minor thing, then you’re still a kid.” Which made sense, now that I think of it, I don’t know whether I’m drinking Americano because it’s tasty or because I look cool while drinking it. ☕️

Dreamworks' Most Underrated Movie

There are plenty of Dreamworks movies out there that never got the recognition they deserved. Prince of Egypt. Megamind. But there’s one that (at least in my opinion) is absolutely criminally neglected. Rise Of The Guardians. No one I know thought much of this movie from the (very few) previews it got. An emo-kid looking Jack Frost? Bo-ring. OK maybe the Santa looks cool. But giant bipedal Easter Bunny? Ew. But this movie is SO GOOD. And I don’t mean just because it’s funny. It’s actually NOT a comedy, which for animated Dreamworks films is something of a rarity these days. There’s humor, yes, but it’s not a central theme. I can’t think of any other kids’ movie that deals with the traditional Western mythology figures (Santa, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, etc) the way ROTG does. They’re literal beings in the movie, yes, whose power is linked to childrens’ belief in them… but they are also concepts. The movie is very clear about that. Santa outright says he is “wonder”. The Easter Bunny is hope and new beginnings. Jack Frost, the main character… he’s laughing in the face of fear. Specifically the fear of death in winter. Turning the cold, life-threatening ice and snow into something fun so that children can live without fear. I mean come on, that’s great! On top of all that, these are just… great characters with wonderful backstories. Some are only hinted at - but oh my god, scratch the surface and it’s beautiful. Not to mention the art is GORGEOUS. The details, the designs… everything about this movie is just rich with visual interest.

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Yes hello I too have a red headed inquisitor's clan mate elf. His name is Lylan and he has exactly 0 chill and would flirt with Icarus and bring him monkshood flowers because 'these are really pretty but I mean they're also poisonous so please be careful but here they're for you' and he'd actually get flustered and everything but try really hard to play it cool. He's also very pretty and he and Icarus can be terrifyingly pretty together. Also Lylan completely ignores his own mortality so bears.

icarus is a little baffled by the sudden gift of ??flowers??? but he’ll make stuff out of it for the hunters

lily evans was 100% the worst liar in the world and she was an even worse liar on the spot like

“lily where were you last night” “oh nowhere mum i was….. showering…… i wasn’t in my room because i took a 2 hour long bath”

“lily do i look good in this dress?” “i mean……. like, the frills are really cool. very vintage. they make your boobs look big? that’s good right?” “okay but do i look good?” “you look frilly”

“miss evans why are you out of bed after hours?” “i…. my owl…. i had a feeling it was dying, you see, because i thought i could hear its sad hoots through my window so i decided to go check on it because i’m very attached to my owl and if it died i would want it to die in my arms and -” “go to bed, miss evans”

“lily did you just admit that you have feelings for james” “no that was the alcohol talking i’m drunk” “lily you haven’t had any alcohol to drink in days” “i’m drunk off the scent of peter’s shoe polish” “peter polishes his shoes by magic and you can’t get drunk off shoe polish anyway” “i’m drunk i swear” “lily……” “it’s in the air. there’s alcohol in the air and i’m inhaling it and it’s made me drunk and caused me to start saying crazy things”