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I’ve been thinking a lot about “us” lately and everything that we were and weren’t and the more I think the more I realize how we fell apart before we even got a chance to fall together. . 
and you know, I’ve spent so much time going through every single message, every phone call, every memory, just trying to figure out where it all went wrong, where we lost it all. But I never stopped to think, what if we never had it right? and now that I’m finally thinking that, I’m realizing how we never even had anything to lose in the first place.
because okay, sure, you were here, and trust me I know you were because I put more emphasis on that than it deserved. So, yes. yes. YES, YOU WERE HERE! but that didn’t change the fact that this was one sided from the beginning. Because, although you were here, you didn’t want to be, your heart was never with it.
It was always me, It was me carrying the weight of our conversations on my back, it was me who was turning your one worded replies into poetry and it was me who made this “relationship” enough for the both of us. and I never even noticed because I was so convinced that you loved me, but the thing with one sided relationships is, they always catch up to you and in our case, the only reason it caught up to us is because there was nothing else to distract me from it because you stopped being here. the only god damn thing you contributed was just physically being here and even that, became too much for you to do.
And I have so much love inside me that I COULD love for the both of us, I mean I have BEEN loving for the both of us and I would of continued carrying this relationship on my back because I saw so much in you that it was so hard for me to realize that there was nothing actually there cause I wanted something to be there so badly. But I can’t make you be here, I could turn one worded replies into something but I can’t make something out of nothing, and trust me I wish I could of. I wish I could of saved us, I used to stay up all night wondering how I could turn back time, How I could save our downfall but now I realize. Nothing could of saved us. you can’t make people love you and you can’t give people things without stopping to ask if they even want it, and in our case I gave you my heart without even hesitating to check if you wanted it. and thats where I went wrong. 
I still love you, but I’ve accepted the fact that we were never real and that we probably will always be just in my head.
—  Your heart was never with me

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Can I just ask what made you want to write a Muslim character? Especially if you say her faith doesn't come into it much. Cause it sorta seems like you're just jumping on the POC bandwagon here.

Because i think it’s more important to write POC narrators than white narrators.

  • Writing more white narrators will only add to the lack of diversity in literature.
  • There are not enough POC narrators and I want there to be more because everyone from any background deserves to see themselves represented in a book.
  • There are especially not enough Muslim characters in novels, let alone Muslim narrators.

I hope it is a bandwagon. I hope white authors stop writing books with all white characters. I hope white authors start to realise that there are more people in the world than just white people, and that POC experience all the things that they write about - love, passion, anger, confusion, existential crises, etc - and that POC are fully rounded people deserving of being leading characters in novels, even novels that are not about POC issues.

It’s something I firmly believe in. Sorry if you just think I’m trying to hop on a trend. Hopefully if you’ve read my books you can see that I’ve never, ever been trying to latch onto trends. If I did, maybe I’d be a bit more successful lmao. You think I write anything because I think it’ll make me more popular and successful??? Have you read the ridiculous, weird, niche novel that is Radio Silence???

Possessive Much?

Jackson Whittmore X Reader

Word Count: 650

Requested: Anon

Request: Hey! If it’s not too much trouble, could I request a jealous/protective Jackson? Maybe like the reader likes Jackson but thinks he likes someone else/deserves better, so they back off and eventually try to move on with someone else (despite still loving Jackson) and he gets really jealous? Thank you so much ❤ ((sorry if that’s too specific))

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You’d been friends with Jackson for a while and you hung out with him and Danny most of the time because you were easier to deal with than Lydia, you at least tried to understand the sports. You liked Jackson more than you liked to admit especially after he started dating Lydia, even if you thought he deserved better it still hurt when he got it. You started looking to move and began to distance yourself from him. Jackson noticed and he found himself longing for you to come back and for you to spend time with, it only got worse when you with other boys like Scott and Stiles. “What are you doing with those tools?” Jackson asked walking over to you by your locker after Scott and Stiles walked away.

“Don’t talk to them like that!” You scolded grabbing what you needed for your next lesson.
“Why not?” He asked.
“Because it’s not nice and they are nice boys.” You answered.
“I thought I was nice.” Jackson frowned.
“You were.” You answered closing your locker and walking away.
“You’re not going to get closer to her like this,” Danny said.
“I wasn’t trying to,” Jackson mumbled.
“Really?” Danny asked rolling his eyes.
“Really, I have a girlfriend.” Jackson reminded him.
“And she’s great but you don’t love her,.” Danny said.
“Whatever,” Jackson grumbled walking away.

You continued to put a divide between you and Jackson and he was starting to realise what Danny was saying, he often found himself thinking of you where he should be thinking Lydia. Imagining what it would be like to have you instead of Lydia and Danny often caught he staring over at you. “Dude just admit you like her.” He said.
“What will that get me?” Jackson asked.
“A chance.” Danny shrugged “you had better decide from what I hear she has a date this weekend.” Danny added before leaving Jackson to think about it. “

Later that day you were alone by your locker most people had left because classes had ended and no one liked to stay after that. You put the rest of your stuff away only taking home what you needed before closing your locker Jackson had at some point walked up. “Tell me why you hate me.” He ordered.
“Excuse me?” You asked.
“You just left it had to be because of something right?” he asked.
“Maybe I wanted a change of scenery.” You grumbled trying to walk away. Jackson caught your arm pulling you back and caging you between him and the lockers.
“Answer me!” He ordered anger taking over his voice.
“Who do you think you are!? I’m just trying to move on in life and you keep pulling me to a stop just leave me alone!” You argued shoving him back.
“Move on?” Jackson asked. You looked down. “(Y/N)?” he asked gently lifting your chin so that you’d look at him.
“No… You have a girlfriend… Just let me go.” You said weakly.
“I’m not dating anyone…Yet.” Jackson smiled leaning in closer.
“Lydia?” You asked.
“I broke up with her… You’re supposed to be better.” Jackson said softly pushing your hair out of your face.
“I not better.” You mumbled.
“You’re better for me,” Jackson assures leaning down his lips so close but so far. “I just have one request…”
“Hmm?” You asked not trusting yourself to speak.
“Cancel your date this weekend,” Jackson smirked. “Actually don’t worry I’ll do it for you.” He smiled as he grabbed your phone from your back pocket unlocking it and texted the guy.
“Come on I’m taking you on a real date.” Jackson smiled taking your hand.
“It’s a school night!” You complained.
“Fine then we’ll stay in and watch movies, you can stay at my place.” he smirked.
“Fine.” You rolled your eyes trying to hide the smile as he leads you out towards the Porsche.

Requests and general question!

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Your art is so pretty, it deserves to be used as a wallpaper in ANY device, because the quality is 100% and all the effects it has, lighting, color, shades, its just right, and the anatomy is amazing, please keep going! I may not be your valentine, but at least I can give you a compliment that states the thruth From: Anon-chan To: Lil missy purincipia (senpai chan)

///uwu/// kya

V deserved better

Everybody deserved better. Aren’t you thinking about Saeran, or Seven, or Rika. V was a manipulative person, from my point of view he just wanted to keep Rika for himself and didn’t want others to help her as she was sick and very emotional and innocent because of that, V liked that but he never wanted to help her, he liked her in that way, and that’s wrong. I’m not saying that is V’s fault that Rika went so crazy and made the awful things she did. But part of what happened was his fault for being so selfish, if it wasn’t because of that she would have never made a cult and a lot of bad things wouldn’t have happened. If V wasn’t so selfish

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I´ve seen a lot of problems with Jughead from Riverdale, because of the writers not making him asexual, like he canonically is and people saying they won´t watch the show, but i think we should watch it and fight for it. They may think that if we don't watch, we don't need the representation, they won't give it to us. I won't stop fighting for Jughead to be asexual, because we deserve to have representation in the media, in all the media.

If you want to watch it that’s totally fine, I’m not going to stop you. Sometimes I even would encourage for you to watch in hopes they’d label and think that’s a good game plan. But first let’s talk about ratings. Unless you have a Nielsen box, they don’t know you are watching it at all. If you watch it on the CW app it likely counts viewers. If you watch it live, Netflix (depending country) or DVR there is no way to “reward” them with your viewership.

Also, I don’t see any reason why people should reward them with watching the show in the first place. They out right ignore our simplest requests, both the show and Archie’s Comics as a whole. I’m not the type to sit down, shut up, and hope someone in power remembers I’m in the room.

Also Riverdale itself out of the few episodes I’ve watched had aphobia, biphobia, homophobia, incest leanings, statutory rape, fat shaming, slut shaming, and fake “lesbian kissing” for attention. I feel like suggesting to anyone to watch it is like telling them to drink poison and hope the antidote is provided soon.

The arc they’d have to take to “allow Jughead to realize he is aro ace” and it’s full of kissing girls (at the least damaging) but could do as far as Jughead forcing himself to do things that he doesn’t want to just because everyone else in town wants each other. Which is actually how many aces get abused. (And again all without a promise that we will ever get the moment of labeling on tv either.)

So again, if you watch it and enjoy it I don’t care as long as you don’t blindly accept what you are given. You, all of us really, deserve better than what we were given here.

If the show wants mass ace support, they know where to find us.

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seohyun debuted 1 month ago and already has a solo concert. when will taemin? it's been 2 and 1/2 years :(

Taemin is not the only soloist who has still not performed a solo concert, and I think all of them deserve it. However, you can’t expect the same for all SM artists because they’re all different, they have different fandoms, music style, stage presence, etc. Taemin, for example, has debuted as soloist in Korea but also in Japan, promoted his album in Taiwan… other SM soloists didn’t, for example, Jonghyun, who has been only promoting in Korea but has performed two amazing concerts. This shouldn’t be actually a problem, but people keep comparing Jonghyun and Taemin when as soloists they’re really different, and that means they’ll get different activities according to the company’s decisions, so I don’t feel like Taemin’s solo concert is being rejected, but SM might have other plans for him; SM is the one who decides when things come, even if we ask so hard for things. This is why is important to show support to Taemin and SHINee members in every chance SM gives us, because SM will always expect a reaction to prepare upcoming projects.

I’m sorry but let’s think again of the List Scene, on an intimate point of view, when it’s about Bellamy and Clarke.
Both of them think they’re not “worthy” of being on the list, that’s why they don’t want to be. Yet, both of them add EACH OTHER on the list, because they DO think the other is worthy of living. They KNOW what the other has done, they know people judge them and condemn them for that, and yet, writing down the name on the list is them saying “I know, and you deserve to live no matter what you’ve done”. I MEAN. BYE.

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I want to kick anyone who has been unkind to you in the face! Ugh, you don't deserve any of this rudeness. Your cosplays are beautiful and have inspired me to cosplay, because I see that I, too, can do nice cosplays with more simple stuff. Thanks for existing, and being such a sunshine!

no stop, don’t. i think they deserve to be mad. but no matter how much i try to appease the situation, i get more flack. but thank you so much love, thank YOU for existing

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Whenever the topic of Rhett really liking black women comes up I'm always torn between feeling happy since dark skin isn't celebrated as often and being annoyed because, you know, fetish. Obviously the answer is that us black women deserve equality and shouldn't settle for that but it's such a weird feeling. FWIW I don't think Rhett would be gross about it in a relationship but it's still perpetuating stuff. Yet I'm happy because I think Rhett's cute. Grr!

I’m going to go ahead and answer this, as a black woman.

I myself am torn as well. When he says these things, I go, “Wow! Cool! In another life, Rhett could be attracted to me and find the color of my skin appealing!” because of the stigma around dark skinned women. But then I remember how much white men fetishize black women. 

I also don’t think he’d be gross in a relationship with a black woman, but I know where his mind would be if he had pursued and married one. It’s always a messy thing when you’re trying to figure out if white men seeing black women as a trophy simply for being black is a good or bad thing. 

I want to see it positively, but the fetish aspect is there. I can only hope that Rhett treated his ex-girlfriend with respect and saw more than just the color of her skin without being completely colorblind. 


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Apparently the ratings for Riverdale on Thursday was .3 I really wish the Nielsen ratings didn't determine popularity so much because a lot of people dvr or watch on the app. People almost never watch live anymore. Do you think the CW app keeps track of how many views per episode?

I do, and I think with all the promotion they are putting into this show and how it’s blowing up in general, it’s definitely going to get a second season. The CW doesn’t always go off of ratings (Crazy Ex Girlfriend) and is aware of the outside fan base certain shows have (Supernatural). More often then not, the network gives it’s shows some good faith if they deserve it. Obviously not always (I remember when the Secret Circle was cancelled and I was shocked).
But if anything, the CW keeps shows even longer than they need to or should.

It definitely plays favorites and via the promo Riverdale is getting? They are definitely one of those favorites.

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I... I am a Jasper fan. This means a lot. But might I point out that nothing you mentioned is wrong. I think Jasper is hot and cute but I like Lapis too and though Malachite is great I think Lapis deserves to be happy. Even if that means being fused with someone who hurt her. Also she was justified in trying to hold back Jasper. Though she did want to be with her later. Neither were in the wrong to me anyway. I have said my peace. Good day.

You appear to be responding to a whole lot of things about Lapis Lazuli that I never said.  That I must dislike Lapis because I like Jasper so much?  That I must dislike Lapis because I believe she was wrong to trap and abuse Jasper?  That I don’t want Lapis to ever be happy?  None of that is true.

It is a fact, established within the show and in Crewniverse comments, that Lapis Lazuli didn’t have to imprison Jasper in the way that she did, that she chose to trap her in a fusion out of a personal desire for revenge (misplaced because she was punishing Jasper for things other Gems had done to her), that she bitterly regrets it now and is frightened and repulsed by how cruel she became.  The idea that “neither were in the wrong” is just bogus and sells both characters short.  Both did wrong things and both have the opportunity to redeem themselves - or Jasper would have the opportunity if she was given as much of a chance as Lapis is given.  

You don’t have to think a character did nothing wrong if you like them.  You can like them and acknowledge both the good and the bad in them.   

Also, it’s “said my piece.”

What I like about htgawm is that every single character has there bullshit. They’ve all said shitty unforgivable things and they’ve all had some hand in the murders or hiding the murders. None of them really trust each other and they all so paranoid it’s crazy. People always praising these characters trying to put them on pedestals but the beauty of the show is that you can’t. None of theses characters can be put on a pedestal because none of them are perfect. Even Wes, who really did deserve better. As much as I resent it I understand the choice of killer. None of the Keating 5 or others would have done such a thing and this just means we are gonna learn more about Laurel and her background. But I think what this show does so well is it takes people who COULD have been good, who have all had complicated backgrounds and were striving for something better, who all have a sense of redemption and instead highlights the side of them that everyone probably has but is not forced to acknowledge. They all shitty and they all unforgivable and they all deserve better. Killing Wes is emphasis of that. They took the one character who they spent seasons building as good and brutally killed him and had them pin everything on him. He didn’t deserve that but that’s the point. The writing isn’t shitty, life is shitty.

Bell, Tavia, & Marcus *SPOILERS*

So something I noticed in this week’s episode (4/4).

I know everyone’s freaking out about Bell’s scene (I mean, fuck me sideways, Bob deserves a goddamn Oscar!) but was I the only one that noticed Marcus’s reaction? He went crazy. Almost as insane as Bell. It makes me question (yet again) if Marcus is their father. To me it makes perfect sense, especially considering how he parents O minutes earlier in the episode. If you think about it, Looking back even to the pilot episode, Marcus knows who Bell is and his look almost softens when he’s told what Bell did, because he knows he’d do anything to protect his sister. He’s built such strong relationships with both O & Bell and we see them interacting constantly, so back to the matter at hand - Marcus definitely reacted as a father would have to hearing O “died”. I’m betting it’s going to be revealed very soon that Marcus Kane is in fact the father of Octavia & Bellamy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in the next episode when they both find out she’s alive.

Also step-siblings Bellamy & Clarke!!!! Be still my beating heart!

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I don't understand my Emma Stone is winning all these awards and Ryan isn't receiving as much recognition. I thought he was a much better actor and his characters passion for jazz beautifully shon through, I personally relate to him more because he understands that to achieve your dream sacrifices have to be made but idk I think he deserves them more.

i’m glad Emma’s been getting those awards, but i honestly think Ryan deserves more. he worked incredibly hard to become Seb, like learning piano to play like crazy in such a short amount of time. i just love Ryan he deserves so many awards, but then again, awards does not mean you’re a good actor or not.

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Do you ship Gr@ndice?

Grant is attractive, but I think Candice deserves better in terms of her level of maturity and social awareness. I can see why people think they’d be cute though [because they play Barry and Iris].

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I also believe that Amelia is pregnant. I just hope that writers will not drag this whole thing on and create more drama, like make them break up in the next episode and then after she finds out she is pregnant.

You know I believe that is very likely possibility. Amelia backing off because she thinks Owen deserves better or even Amelia telling herself she doesn’t love Owen or something like to avoid dealing with the truth and the pregnancy coming back to bite her in the ass. It would be a very Grey’s thing to do to drag the drama and shift focus on the real problem.

But that would so lame, tbh. Japril has just had a storyline in these terms. I think it would be much more beautiful to see Amelia finally opening up and allowing herself to cry the tears she need to while Owen supports her in the process.