because i think the artist's actually chinese

A note about Tzuyu

I woke up to JYP and tzuyu’s apology videos.

The only word to describe what I feel right now is incensed. I hate this.

I hate that the Chinese government in their brainwashing has caused a company to kneel before them.

I hate that a sixteen-year-old girl had to choose between leaving her career or forfeiting her own country (imagine the pain she must be feeling in denying her own national identity)

No, actually. I think I grieve for that one, because this is what would happen to anyone, even me from Hong Kong, if issues like this came up while working in the mainland.

I hate that Tzuyu’s career will be forever tainted by this matter.

I hate that all Taiwanese, Macau, and Hong Kong kpop artists in the future have to watch their words after this incident.

I hate that the mainland Chinese thought they could do something like this, as if this was right or even humane.

I will give credit to JYP for trying to allow Tzuyu to maintain her national identity by waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it all to die down; but the sanctions imposed in the end were too great. I hope above all that people in Taiwan will understand what Tzuyu did, and how that does not mean she doesn’t love her country. The last thing she needs is both China and Taiwan to forsake her.