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[伊周Femina magazine] Q&A with Z.Tao

p/s: there will be full trans of this article soon but i wanna put this section here because i really like what he said, but please still read the full article (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

Q: The Reluctantly MV describes the story of an artist, is the life in the MV the life style you want?

A: No, my dream life is to have people that love me around, i can spend time with my family. Driving to the beach to watch the stars, enjoy the beach atmosphere at night.

Q: There’s this scene in the MV where you wore Versus clothes and ran around in London, so netizens mocked you by saying you came to the show late bc of filming MV, you don’t want to talk about this anymore, do you?

A: Actually it’s the traffic reason, not because of filming MV, i think there’s this quote that is very true “you can’t find the truths just by searching on weibo”. First time attending fashion show, my team and i are very excited, we intended to go earlier. We feel very sorry about the bad traffic and we sincerely apologize for coming late.

Q: Seems like Korean artists have high standards for body shape. After receiving training in Korea, do you have strict control to your body shape too?

A: I think Chinese artists are amazing too, but i don’t want to work out too much, i have to dance, it’s hard to dance if i’m too muscular.

Q: What kind of exercise you do to keep fit?

A: Running and doing gym if i have time, or else i will just control my eating. Before sleeping, i will do some push-ups and some exercise when i wake up.

Q: So do you have 6-pack abs now?

A: 8-pack.

Q: What is your most satisfied feature?

A: Nose, because it’s high.

Q: Can you be considered as a narcissist?

A: I used to be, but not anymore. Artists need to care about their image anyway, you have to check if you look OK before filming. I don’t take selfie often anymore, maybe because i grew up….oh, i know, because it’s no use to post selfie, i’m not the type to use appearance to catch attention!

Q: Do you think you’re handsome?

A: Just…. not ugly!

Q: When the show “Charming Daddy” airs, netizens will start making meme pics of you, does it give you pressure on expressing in the future?

A: No way, everyone can be turned into meme, it’ll be so tired to care too much about this, i’m not with it.

Q: Was your confidence dropped because of those attacks?

A: How can it be? I said it, it’s just whatever.

Q: Did you see your meme pics on the internet? Do you secretly use them?

A: I saw when i searched pics, some are very useful, thank you all for caring about me a lot.

Q: Do you think your expression is really too over? Are you going to change it?

A: Actually there’re also people saying my expression is not over, everyone has their own point of view, i can’t satisfy them all, i can only be myself.

Q: A lot of people want to know the brand of your eyeliner?

A: I have no idea. I know some said i have nothing but eyeliner, but i do eyeliner because almost makeup artist told me they want to do makeup like this for my eyes. I respect their job, i won’t interfere their work. In private life i don’t really like makeup, boys looking simple is ok!

Q: But there’re pics of you with red lips at “I’m the Sovereign” press con?

A: I didn’t apply red lipstick at the press con, i heard about this through the staff, it’s just the photoshopped pics by the boring people and it became a misunderstanding.

Q: People say eyeliner is not masculine, what do you want to say?

A: Nothing to say, what does me doing eyeliner have anything to do with them?

Q: If you can change something about you, what is it?

A: I never thought of changing.

Q: Do you still contact with EXO members? There used to be a gif of you bullying Baekhyun.

A: I have been saying this a lot of times, but i still want to say it again, i’m sure we all have naughty and fun time with our friends, but they just uploaded half of the gif then twisted it. I don’t have any disagreement with EXO members.

Q: In overseas, a lot of bad boys can be popular too, do you admire it?

A: No.

Q: You want to be a good man?

A: Yes, a good man.

A note about Tzuyu

I woke up to JYP and tzuyu’s apology videos.

The only word to describe what I feel right now is incensed. I hate this.

I hate that the Chinese government in their brainwashing has caused a company to kneel before them.

I hate that a sixteen-year-old girl had to choose between leaving her career or forfeiting her own country (imagine the pain she must be feeling in denying her own national identity)

No, actually. I think I grieve for that one, because this is what would happen to anyone, even me from Hong Kong, if issues like this came up while working in the mainland.

I hate that Tzuyu’s career will be forever tainted by this matter.

I hate that all Taiwanese, Macau, and Hong Kong kpop artists in the future have to watch their words after this incident.

I hate that the mainland Chinese thought they could do something like this, as if this was right or even humane.

I will give credit to JYP for trying to allow Tzuyu to maintain her national identity by waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it all to die down; but the sanctions imposed in the end were too great. I hope above all that people in Taiwan will understand what Tzuyu did, and how that does not mean she doesn’t love her country. The last thing she needs is both China and Taiwan to forsake her.