because i think my fandom tumblr would appreciate this more than my personal one. xd

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Just general people you read from would be fine!! :D

Okay love ^^ haha I also have a tag that says reads and that’s where I reblog the fics I like for rereads hehe but hmm let us go down my follow list, for some unknown reason I don’t follow a lot of people so idk if this is at all comprehensive.. maybe I’m just picky or too lazy to find more LOL 

an-exotic-writer ahh the A-1 since Day 1, I’ve been reading her works since the beginning of my days as a fangirl and they just keep getting bETTER, lovely blog, lovely person, I’m her cupcake too tho ^3^ 

babyitsbts // babyitsfiction idk which one she runs on these days but I LOVE her scenarios as well ^^ haha I think I read all through her stuff in one sitting esp the wolf exo ones 

duizhangdeluxe I actually found Amanda on AFF bc of her Blanc et Nior series?? and then stalked down her tumblr and now I am in love with her muses, beautiful soul, I am a hardcore fan. 

dvehyun I believe I found Gabs somewhere the jimin smut tag LMAO I still remember reading her work and being so amazed and impressed and thought wow I really hope I can develop my writing like that, her vamp AU gives me chills. 

eungyus // nam-jihyun my MIN, my sunshine, my hope, my founder hahah she’s the person that raised me in this cold cold world of tumblr hahahh I love her writing, she is the first person I have ever requested anything from and I’m so glad I did ;-; okay she’s great at writing dark themes but when she writes fluff its so perfect *sobs for days ily* 

exoticarmy127 MY FIRST TUMBLR FRIEND AND UNNIE WHO I LOVE DEEPLY. I adore all of her stories, they have their own life in them esp Laws of Motion and Attraction. I cannot deny my love for professor V my goodness. 

jiminsnips my Kenna, I’m lowkey salty bc she’s never on these days hahahaha! but that aside I love her scenarios, esp the ones for her challenge which I lowkey attempted several times 

krismebaobei idk if they’re still really active but Fei will give you all the feels ;_; I love her scenarios so much, once again, been reading since the days the skies were one 

min-tokkiwriter ahhh I haven’t read from her recently but I’m pretty sure I have read all her older works, one of the few shinee scenario blogs I seem to follow LOL 

minearebigger same as above comment, simply bc I usually don’t read many ship type fics?? …. although her jongtae aus are indeed quite tempting 

monchims *lays oneself on ground and rolls around* Okay Cherry is one of the main reasons I started to write in the first place? Hahah even non fandom wise I find her words beautiful and put together in such a way that it intrigued me to learn how to do so myself hahah.  I  really really like A+++ also her hypotheticals// compilations are fun to read they just escalate until she just walks away XD 

palpitate-hyperventilate Jo is soooooo GOALS A F I love her writing, it took me a while to get used to her style but maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much, I love it, it makes me think, it makes me pause and wonder and ughhhhh so inspired every time I read her writing its just a masterpiece T.T  

thesammtimes Sam my goodness I love her scenarios. I don;t remeber much about it because I discovered sam at like 2am in the middle of a fic reading marathon on my phone but they are A+ quality. *2pm voice* 10 out of 10 

soul-scenarios idk if they’re active (again) I’m sorry anon but umm This unnie made me cry so. many. times. like her scenarios are a mix of angst and fluff and they always get that heart clenchy feeling that I love ahhh ;;

theboyswhomwelove duuudeee I stalked Laura even before I got a tumblr, The Trophy was one of the first few fics I started reading and omg I’m so so glad I did, I love her, and her style of writing, just the character development is always so smooth yet complex. the tru sempai. 

whisperedscenarios I luvvvv but I haven’t been able to read much recently but I know back in the days when she was an admin I JUST LOVED ALL THEIR WORKS. it was absolutely adorable and I really should catch up on my reading bc I’m sure her scenarios are still nice <3 

xiuminipple idk man Jackie makes me question what I’m doing with my life when we’re the same age //i think// her writing is so nice like seriously beautiful and so… realistic?? Her Kai College AU and Chanyeol high school AU  are my absolute FAVS. so witty and just all together really enjoyable. 

thereaderwriter also one of the few ones I have known since the beginning of my fangirl career. I love that she writes and puts songs on her scenarios bc she’s the reason I started doing so? Like I’m pretty sure she introduced me to so many songs which are my favorites now like A Good Boy by Baek Ah Yeon and Intoxicated by the Cab and one distinct one for me is her Luhan one where OC is a photographer haha I LOVE IT 

theyreallbiasruiners WAIT NO WAIT YOU CANNOT ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGET THIS ONE PERSON OKAY. She is my irl friend and my other half and the reason I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. she doesn’t post much and don’t let her scare you off lmao BUT SHE DA BAE. 

yeahhhh okay that was longer than I expected but before I follow someone I usually stalk them for a long reasonable amount of time LOL SO I JUST GUSH when it comes to the ones I follow because they are goals and I hope to be able to have such distinct style like them one day T.T and yay happy reading anon I wish you rainbows and sparkles and all the feels <3 


”Don’t let them tell no lies
Love don’t die

No matter where we go
Or even if we don’t
And even if they try
They’ll never take my body from your side
Love don’t die…”

June 6th, 2016

Today, I am getting “married” to @adminsans after a silly little comic that I posted almost 2 months ago in response to a post they made here on Tumblr that I just knew was aimed at me. What started out as me fangirling, because they were showing my work on The Undertale Fandom Facebook page, has actually turned into a pretty wonderful friendship that I totally wasn’t expecting because they are famous in my head. xD And I dunno if they realize how grateful I am for them and all the hard work they do. We’re sharing friendships with our mutuals and introducing each other to some pretty amazing people, becoming penpals, and I can only imagine what the future is to bring.

June is always a very hard month for me. Anyone who knows me well enough knows why. While picking a day for our wedding to occur, I was so very nervous because I know what state I am in during this time period, but the more I talk to them, and the closer it got, the more comfortable I became with sharing this month with something other than sad memories. I became excited the closer it rolled around and eagerly finished this drawing like, 8 days in advance. xD I know in all honesty, it’s good for me to be able to associate the month of June with something happy. I just never imagined this would be how. =P So, I want to say thank you for that. <3 Thank you for giving me a glimmer of happiness in the hardest month of my life.

Now, I usually portray them as Sans in all my other work, but this time, I decided to portray them as G!Sans, because I know this is the character they really associate with the most and who a lot of people feel they are more like. And lemme tell you, G was super fun to draw my persona getting married too. ;3 The way I look at it, our wedding could go like the image above, ooooor it could go a little more like the image below. xD Choose your destiny~ =P

But in all seriousness, thank you for everything. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to be friends with you or Frisk. I never imagined you would like my work so much to share it with others. I never imagined I would have something to look forward to in June. I never imagined any of it and I really appreciate it all more than I will ever be able to express. I think you are an amazing person and I hope that we will always be friends. I know sometimes words are hard for you, and that’s okay. <3 Words aren’t easy for me sometimes either and I’m always a little insecure about myself and how I present myself to others. But, my friends are important to me. Friendship is something that I fight for strongly and rarely give up on. I promise you too, that I will always do my very best to be a friend you can depend on. You are important to me and so is our friendship. Thank you for being mine. <3

Before I forget, I have also listened to nothing but The Fray lately, especially while working on this drawing. This band is like my lifeline and I feel like they write the words of my own heart that I can never say. I’ve loved them since I was 15. I share many memories with them and they have gotten me through many many difficult moments in my life. I find special attachments with people in my life to their music. I’m happy to be able to share one of their songs with you now. <3

With all this being said, I hope you like this gift. I am really proud of it for more than one reason and I hope it brings just as much happiness to you as our friendship does to me.

June 6th, 2016- the day I deem our friendaversary. <3 
Happy wedding~ <3
And remember that love don’t die. ;3 

(G!Sans belongs to borurou)

Dear Fandoms, Have you heard of ‘Dominion’?

Sorry to intrude your fandom’s tags, but I want to raise awareness for a new show that deserves more viewers…bear with me for 5 minutes, and I will tell you why…

I tagged the other fandoms that I did BECAUSE I feel you will like Dominion

What is Dominion about?

The show is loosely based off the novel ‘Legion’.

Dominion is a set in 25 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic world where the angels, under Gabriel’s leadership, are trying to wipe out the human population.  Michael, the archangel, is the only angel to stand up for the humans and saves a human baby, The Chosen One (Alex), who will bring peace and save humanity.

If you want to know more about the plot, please check out the Wikipedia page here.

Want a show with well developed characters?  Especially FEMALE characters?

As far as the male characters go, they are all intriguing and portrayed by talented (and extremely good looking) actors, but any old show has that :P

It’s the ladies that don’t normally get enough plot development/love…But Dominion changes that.

I have to admit the first episode was very cheesy and had the whole ‘innocent princess in distress’ feel for Claire, but as the season goes on, you begin to see a deeper, more realistic side of her character.  Another character I’m a fond of is Akira, but I’ll talk about her later.  And let’s not forget Uriel, the badass archangel…and I think she scares the guys a bit ;)

Let’s talk shipping.

So we all know that you can’t have fandom without shipping…So I’m going to talk about some of the show’s couples…

Alex/Claire: This is the main couple of the show.  Claire is the Princess of Vega and Alex is a soldier, which is a rank below the simplest of people.  If you’re into the forbidden love trope and love the idea of a couple that makes you go ‘awwwww’, you will LOVE these two :”)  (also if you watch Atlantis and ship Jason/Ariadne, you will love these two)…(I don’t really ship them, but even I can’t stop myself from going ‘awwwww’ at their scenes XD)

Becca/Michael: The human/angel pairing.  There hasn’t been much of an interaction with these two yet, but canonically they are a couple.  So far all we know is that Michael is denying himself to develop feelings for Becca because he fears what might happen to her if he does.  If you love the angsty and the denial of feelings, THIS is the couple you’ll be holding out for.

William/Claire: Even though this couple is probably least appreciated, THIS is the couple I OTP.  William is the son of one of the Senators, but I can’t say too much about him without spoiling the plot for you :P  But William/Claire have been best friends, but she keeps friend-zoning him…until their fathers order an arranged marriage between the two…

Sounds like the beginning of some Stydia fanfics, right? XD

Michael/Alex: The big monster of the fandom (and unfortunately not canon…yet XD)…Michael is a mentor for Alex, to help him understand what it means to be The Savior and to aid him through difficulty.  Unfortunately Alex refuses to accept his aid, which leads to unresolved sexual tension between the two, and if you ship Destiel or Sterek or Merthur, you know where that will lead…

Ethan/Alex: Keep reading  for more on this ship.

Overall, you can ship anyone with everyone on the show…Personally I think that Alex is the shows Lydia Martin: the one character who would look amazing with anyone else, but that’s just me.

Are you Sterek and Destiel fans tired of queerbaiting?  Dominion doesn’t have the problem…

Let’s talk Akira.  This manipulative bitch is probably my favorite character on the show (but I’m biased :P)  If having an Indian actress (Shivani Ghai) portray her isn’t enough for you, than having her as a canonically gay character might be.  Akira is sent from the state of Helena top produce an agreement with the city of Vega. She also happens to be the wife of the QUEEN of Helena.  But that doesn’t stop Akira from trying to seduce Vegas senators or her guards.  Yep…She plays on BOTH teams…Cool to have a bisexual character for once, right?

There also are some minor gay characters.  One example is Ethan, a soldier who happens to be Alex’s best friend…he also is hiding a major crush on Alex: sound a bit Stydia like to you? XD…(Personally I don’t believe that the show’s creators would bring up this detail of a crush if they didn’t have plans to play it out later in some way/shape/form)…

But wait!  Teen Wolf has canonically gay characters too!  Yes it does, but what separates this show from others is the fact that these characters are not ‘gay tokens’. 

SO (if you ship them) is there a chance for a Michael/Alex plot line?  Absolutely…


Every show has its ups and downs…And Dominion does to…

I will tell you right now that if you belong to the Supernatural or Teen Wolf fandoms, you (including me) are SPOILED little shits when it comes to effects…Angel blades?  Forget them!  Angels die via bullets…and oh the wings are actual wings, btw.

Also there isn’t many out-right comedic scenes like there are in other shows…most of the humor is that of a dry sense and verbal rather than situational…It’s there but you have to squint to catch it.

Why am I tell you all this?

Unfortunately, Dominion is run on SYFY, which has a terrible track record when it comes to renewing its shows.  To lose such a beautiful and refreshing show would be a grave disappointment…We need more viewers/higher ratings!

And Tumblr is also dead when it comes to the show, WHERE ARE THE DOMINION BLOGS???  (But that’s a personal complaint)

ANYWAYS, if you would be kind enough to try and watch the show, it comes on every Thursday at 9 PM/ET on SYFY, the fandom would appreciate it :)

Thank you for listening to my whatever this is…


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Btw Pidge, about AUs: The Kylux fandom is so huge and a lot of ppl have AUs and a lot of these AUs are really great but the thing is: it's hard to get noticed in such a huge pond. In all honesty, I felt like I wanted to leave this fandom for a while now bc nothing I do seems to matter. I know a lot of people say 'don't do it for the notes' but what's the point if you can't connect to people? (1/2)

I’m so depressed about this, tbh. I just wished I could create smth that ppl love so much that they would draw fanart or even write fics or whatever but nah it’s not happening. It also didn’t help that the kylux-positivity week blog reblogged like 90 % of artists that were already super popular in the fandom and didn’t need the publicity. I’m just sort of down about this and the only reason I’m taking this to you is bc you’re a positivity hub - sort of. Sorry. (2/2)


ohhh man… this is one of the most difficult Asks i’ve ever received… (o   0 o) in a perfect world, i want everyone in the fandom to feel happy and loved and enjoy their time here! but i know that just isn’t how it is in reality. I’m really happy you find solace in the positive vibe of my blog though! thank you! <3 but i’m also really sorry that you find yourself feeling this way Anon, and also that i don’t quite know how to respond to this… hmmm… (=  3 =);;;

I don’t run the kind of blog that has thousands of followers, and i don’t get thousands of notes per post ~ but i DO feel loved and appreciated, and have dear, dear friends in the community! so regardless of my perceived status, i’m just here because i love being here! <3 fandom is a complicated beast and i’m only just learning about it myself. this is my very first fandom! and my very first blog! i’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over five months! so i can’t claim to have much wisdom or insight about the way things work; i can only talk about my own experience.

though… (O ___O);;; even then… my experience hasn’t been the kind of one a lot of other people CAN have. i don’t go to school anymore, and i don’t have to leave home to work for half of my week, so i have more time than the average person to devote to my art and my relationships here, which is a big part of how i started to have the confidence and inspiration to keep drawing and growing as an artist ~ and also how come the wellspring in my heart for this fandom never runs dry! what i think i might mean is… (and omg… i really hope this doesn’t sound mean, or awful, or like i’m saying you don’t work hard, or try hard ~ cuz dear gawd, that’s not what i mean!!!) you get out of the fandom what you put into it.

If you want to eat cake, you gotta have a cake to eat. You can go out and buy that cake from someone else - and it’ll be perfect, and beautiful, and you’ll enjoy the fuck out of it!!! but if you want the satisfaction that comes from eating a cake you made yourself, then you’re gonna have to not only bake that cake, but get all the ingredients, skills, and tools necessary to make it in the first place!

the “i just wanna eat cake” crowd, are the people who just LOVE the fandom! all the people who like and reblog and enjoy the works of others! they’re so, SO important to the health and vitality of the fandom as a whole! people who leave comments and thoughtful tags are the ones spurring creators into creating more! and it sounds like you’re searching for the feeling of baking a cake that everybody wants a slice of! (-^ O^-) the fulfilling feeling of creating content that people want to talk with you about! but people aren’t gonna eat your cake just because you baked it… which is the sad part… so you just have to keep making cakes over and over and over until they are either SO fancy that nobody can miss them, or you’ve made SO much cake that nobody can help but notice your passion for cake making!

(O   A O);;; this cake metaphor is making me realize that i’m starving… omg… lol lol lol XD it’s 6am! this is no time for cake! (^ ___^) i’m sorry… lol… i’ll try to be more serious… Ummmm… (O  vO) anyway… the things is… you just gotta keep doing what you’re doing. there is a rule i believe exists in the world, one that i hate because it’s incredibly exploitable… but one that is also very positive with the right intentions: “it’s not what you do. it’s how much you do it.” When you make your work, and keep on making it, and keep on making it, regardless of how people value it or don’t value it… regardless of the feedback… you just keep creating and being positive about your own experience - i think THAT is how we build the foundations for our own success and growth. My work when i first came here was NOT spectacular, and i didn’t have single follower on day one ~ just like everybody else ~ but i just kept making things, and making things, and making things, and now it’s nearly been half a year!

You know who i really admire and think is an amazing example of being passionate about the fandom no matter what? @katherine1753 !!! i ADORE her. she doesn’t get tons of notes or have thousands of followers, but she is SO passionate and SO positive! in the short time i’ve been following her work, she has already created so much and grown so much as an artist! she also gives of herself without expecting anything in return and people around her see this and want to interact with her! she gives and gives and gives to the fandom, and we are all lucky to have her, even if not everybody knows it. because you just have to keep growing and changing with positive intentions for YOURSELF, and THAT is what people find engaging! when you believe in yourself other people want to support you; and that’s the thing about this fandom! making friends is easy if you try! (^ O^) we’re all here for the same reasons!!!

now… i don’t want this next part to sound like grandstanding… ((oO ^Oo)) or like i’m trying to talk myself up… i’m just trying to say what it’s been like for me…

i don’t care about the number of followers i have or the amount of notes i receive; the core group of followers and friends who show me undue kindness and love every day, are already more than i deserve <3 <3 <3 <3 but the REAL amazing thing has been my own personal growth as an artist and how much much positivity this experience makes me feel! and i think THAT is what people follow me for. Every day i feel SO in love with the fandom, and with my own ever-changing work, and with the chances i get to talk to people! and i think others pick up on that! <3 doing what you love for YOU is what will make other people enjoy loving the experience of it along with you <3

the very first piece i posted to Tumblr was this:

character sketches for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU! (-^  v ^-) i didn’t find her because she was running a high-profile blog, and i wasn’t making work that was seen by tons of people! i just found her by accident and fell in love with her work! and now, the experience of her friendship is one i wouldn’t trade for anything! her positivity towards my work fostered my own positivity towards my work! and it’s just grown and grown from a tiny sapling to a huge tree since then!!!

so just now i drew this:

and i think it’s safe to say that i have grown and changed a lot since that first post! (-^ O^-) and so has my blog!!! (o   w o) <3 i’ve made wonderful friendships along the way, enjoyed the kindness of strangers, and learned so much from all the wonderful and talented people around here!!! but it took a HUGE investment of time and love and never giving up!

it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! nobody gave a crap what i made or what i did - nobody @’d me in posts or wrote about me - and that was fine! it didn’t stop me from making things! i’ve always been here for me and my own growth first. and regardless of my timeline, the fact still remains that i’ve drawn over 130 piece for this fandom, and drawn over 140 reaction selfies to interact with people on my blog. i put in time and effort and withstood the slings and arrows that come along with doing things that not everybody agrees with… but… you don’t get to eat the cake unless you make it! and if you’ve never made a cake before… the first one sure as hell isn’t going to be perfect! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! (-^ O^-)

so don’t get discouraged!!! people are right when they say “don’t do it for the notes”. no matter what fandom you go to, it will always start the same. you will always be a small fish in a big pond in the beginning! we all are! and that isn’t a bad thing! you just need to grow! and you grow and get stronger the more you do! <3 just like anything in life, you’re going to get out of it what you put in. if you put in time and positivity, other people are going to give you their time and positivity back. not right away. but eventually (-^ ___^-) building up a following and growing your blog, those are things that happen a tiny bit at a time with every piece of original content you make. so if you want to grow… you gotta just keep going! <3 <3 <3 (-^ O^-) it takes a long time! it really does! there is no easy answer and no short cut to take! but everything you do will help you to grow and change, and THAT is the really, really valuable stuff!

Good luck with all of your projects in the future! never stop doing what you love! if you don’t love it… move on to the next thing. and keep moving forward and moving forward with love, passion, and positivity!!! <3

Thank you for over 6 years on Fyscandalband! (8 Oct 2010 - 1 Jan 2017)

Happy New Year everyone! Wherever you may be, may you be safe, warm, and enjoying the holiday season!

It’s been an amazing ride, these past many years. I feel really thankful and blessed, that throughout this blog, I got to provide information about my favourite band in the entire world, and in turn, meeting so many kind souls and making like-minded friends! It hasn’t always been the easiest, but SCANDAL, and this fandom, has been worth it.

If you’d somehow missed it, it’s been announced previously that on this day, I will be retiring from fyscandalband. My reasons are simply because it’s time that I focused on my personal endeavours. I take maybe like 3 posts per year (usually during the special occasions - like anniversaries) to talk about myself and this blog, so if you’ve been around for a long time, just let me reminiscence and be whiny for one last time XD

When I started this blog, I honestly wasn’t even that into the band. I liked them enough, but then again, I don’t know about the members’ personalities and I just liked them because they had some catchy songs and they looked cute. That time, there were no active Tumblrs about SCANDAL (there was one, but it hadn’t been updated for nearly a year I remember). I chose Tumblr because I’m personally not into anything with a commentary system, and I wanted to make a site where no one would need to even sign up for an account, and that you can see all of the latest within a single page scroll. I thought a lot - even though I didn’t think I’ll carry on with the blog for anything longer than a couple of months.

But, as like anything or anyone you spend a long time with, you begin to grow attached to it. My reason for attachment was because I really got into the band. I was dying to know more about them, and I looked up to them, like they were all my older sisters. Of course, this is coupled with their music and fashion styles, all which I enjoy. The only bit I was frustrated with was with my own language ability. I didn’t want to like them just based on their outlooks and the melodies of their music, I wanted to also know about their personalities and the things they say. But I had to be dependent on other people (and Google translate) to try and make sense of what was going on, and I was annoyed because I hated being dependent. SCANDAL was not completely, but certainly one of the main motivating factors as to why I learned Japanese.

I was pretty bad at the first few years of running this blog, (lol). My Japanese was sad and my posts weren’t complete…although I was still motivated by my own interest and some of the readers I had since back then. SCANDAL also consistently grew bigger and more fansites began popping up, so these are all good signs. Of course, the biggest setback I ever faced with running this blog would be relative to how big it was growing among the fans and my language ability-

I was getting serious with my translations, translating more and longer articles, writing properly and in detail. I started translating everything, from web articles to magazine spreads, and from blog entries and emcee segments, to TV and radio broadcasts. But I’ve had anonymous people writing in or posting elsewhere that my translations ‘weren’t good enough’, or that they 'didn’t like my translation style’. I also grew increasingly unhappy because people weren’t giving credit for my work, or they were translating my translations (again without the credits). It still kinda bugs me, seeing that people are still translating my translations without crediting, but me being at this point, I’ve learnt to not dwell on it and take it as…an honour /bows/. And as there are the lows, there are the highs too.

I’ve had friends I meet here become my friends in real life. I have regular readers who make Tumblr accounts just to follow this blog, and I also receive the nicest messages every now and then, people who just support me and whatever I do on this blog. Even the SCANDAL-related questions I appreciate! I really do take note and remember the kind souls who send me such lovely messages (Even though I reply at the speed of a snail, especially when it gets busy on the blog ;v;) There’s never a day where I don’t think I am lucky to have a very consistent, supportive group of readers. It was because of you guys being in this fandom, have I done this for as long as I have.

It is not a walk in the park, to single-handedly run something like this. It involves organising the information, translating the text and doing up the post, all of which I have been happy to do for the past 6 years. So for once, seeing that I’m also not getting any younger…I’ll like to do something for myself for once. It hurts me to not run this blog on a daily basis anymore, as I understand many people count on it too, but this can’t be the only calling I have. I still have a lot I want to learn, and while SCANDAL and this blog will always be special to me, I want to just focus on myself for a change.

In year 2017, I’m going to be working full-time as a designer for a Japanese company, in the Japanese video gaming and entertainment industry. I’m also due to get my driver’s license, and I also plan to finish up my N1 in Japanese language and do a marketing certificate. I’m going to be busy, but I’m also very excited! As for this blog, I’m not entirely calling it quits; I just want to take it easy, blog more freely (about SCANDAL), and translate the articles I want to translate. (I still have Rina’s style book waiting for me…) For those whom I’ve promised to translate stuff for in the past, don’t fret! I’ll get to them once I’m a little more free, so please just look forward to it ^^

From seeing SCANDAL go from their uniform days to them composing their own songs, to going on world tours and celebrating their 10th year anniversary, this band holds a special place in my heart. This blog has really seen all the major milestones that SCANDAL gone through, and if you’ve been with me on any part of this journey, I thank you so much. Thank you for all of the support and for making doing this so worthwhile and memorable.

Have a wonderful New Year and a blessed year ahead everyone! See you soon!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ☆

xx Elaine, fuckyeahscandalband