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That awkward moment when you realize Redwall Abbey is the richest place in the entire Redwallverse.

Things The Abbey Has That Blow Vermins’ Minds:

  • Stained glass windows. Windows that aren’t just a hole in your wall.
  • Fruit trees. All in one place. With several varieties available.
  • Really big well-built stone walls.
  • Fireplaces constructed so the room doesn’t fill with smoke.
  • Actual beds. No seriously. Think about it.
  • A hand-woven tapestry that decorates an entire wall.
  • Multiple ovens.
  • A fish pond. And it’s not just for decoration. But it kind of is.
  • A deep cellar that keeps drinks cool. (That’s like the future.)
  • Stone floors, not dirt floors.
  • An apiary. Just… just go in your backyard and grab some honey. Do it.
  • Wall sconces.
  • Random assorted objects made of metal and not wood. Whoa.
  • Books. Parchment. Quill pens. Ink. More than one of these items each.
  • A well-stocked food and beverage collection.
  • Abbess Germaine’s spectacles. Like, glasses.
  • Legitimate stonework. Decorative gargoyles, statues, etc.
  • Martin’s sword.
  • Furniture. Chairs that are at least mildly comfortable. Cabinets.
  • Two ridiculously huge, shiny metal bells.
  • Soap.

YELLS. A LOT. Okay, now that I got that out of my system…

It’s only been a month, and I’m actually kind of shocked at how well received this blog has been and how much traction it gained in a short amount of time, considering how old my muse’s series is. the fandom may be barely alive, but the love and appreciation for InuYasha certainly hasn’t died at all, and I’m so happy for that! all of you have made this trip back to 90′s nostalgia so wonderful, and the positive reception of my portrayal is such a relief, considering how popular a character he is. I look forward to continue having this annoying doggo harass the hell out of ya’ll.


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that feeling when your family members don’t know you’re genderfluid but they like to tease you and end up saying something that low key makes you stupidly happy 

in case you were wondering how that audio-story was going...

So, I’ve got roughly an hour and a half of…nonsense

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Alien: Convenant - ‘WTF David!’ theories

So, just watched Alien: Convenant last weekend.

FYI, it really is Prometheus 2 in disguise. Like, incredibly, blatantly so. I can’t believe Ridley got away with that production money…

Anyway, so general review: It wasn’t great, no comparison to the first 2 movies, but I think every Alien fan has realized nothing really meets up to those 2 (except Alien: Isolation). Better than Prometheus, and I would argue that I don’t think its better than Alien: Resurrection because as dumb as Resurrection was, it at least didn’t feel like 2 different movies smashed together.

The main problem is how its both Prometheus 2 and the prequel to Alien at the same time, and does neither one really well IMO.

But aside from that, this post is mainly about David. That mad son-of-a-bitch who is now suddenly, one of the most important parts of Xenomorph canon, for reasons I cannot say.

And even then, this is specifically about David and Elizabeth Shaw. Somewhat big spoilers, so turn away from the cut if you don’t wanna see it. You’ve been warned.

This is really for those who have watched the film, and came away from a certain revelation between David and Shaw, that maybe made them go WTF man.

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anonymous asked:

Yo melon. I just read a post from one of your friends who said they don't want to be friends with you anymore all because of your opinion on the PewDiePie situation. I just wanna say that I'm sorry, and that I think it's dumb to cut a friendship because of opinions. I hope you doing well <3

thanks… to be honest I’m kind of shaken up from it actually. I’m like trying not to let it get to me and cry, and I’m trying to hold my ground, but if that’s how they feel then that’s ok… They have the right to feel the way they do, and I can respect why they don’t want to be affiliated with me, or Markiplier, or Jacksepticeye etc, or any of the people that stand with me by pewdiepie. It’s their choice, and I can completely respect that, even if it hurts, or if they hate me… 

I still incredibly look up to their art, and I now they are going to go far in it, and that they are so ahead of your years. 

Bye Kiwi…. 


sassy drunk ji and his ‘i love my phone’ tendencies when seungri brings him up the stage

I call this wip, I’m angry and I’m probably going to commission someone because this is a lot harder than I thought but I can’t get this stupid idea out of my head.

casuallysprung  asked:

How important is your dominant sign and what does it affect? How about compared to your sun sign? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

i think it really depends on how the ‘dominant’ (assuming it has been worked out not as the chart ruler but as the planet of highest influence)by its method of dominance…. like… the planet at the apex of the chart is often dominant (and ive noticed so many bucket charts have handles up in the apex) the dominant planet can be a great source of inspiration or what we want to be or do… using that example if a planet is dominant by the temperament of the chart such as being the ‘handle’ planet all the energies of the chart are directed through this one planet so its energies are going to be quite intense. The dominant planet that has been calculated by mostly making significant aspects means its influence is felt through nearly all of the signs and planets because its contacting them all. i dont really think its a dumb question. i dont think the ‘dominant’ planet is that important although you cant deny the intrinsic resonance with this planet.. the curiosity or affinity you have with it…


BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


i just spent the last two hours going through all my old posts to tag certain ones, basically up to the point I started college, though they kept going for so much longer

i feel like i barely recognize the person who was making posts in 2014. it’s so strange. she’s familiar, but she’s definitely not who I am now. i have to be up for class early tomorrow but im overcome with something between nostalgia and a sense that no time has really passed at all.