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                                       BTS’ POEMS | Run ep. 56

JUNGKOOK ━  ❝ Gold ❞ 

When my mother had me, she dreamed about golden rain. Wherever the rain goes, the rain turns into gold. I could not do anything. I met you in the golden time. I find myself starting to shine. At first I was gold. I looked around, after a while everything around me turned into gold. I don’t want to lose this priceless light. 

TAEHYUNG ━  ❝ It’s not a big deal

It’s not a big deal.

Don’t be sad when you make a mistake while dancing, it’s not a big deal. You just don’t have to make the same mistake. 
Cheer up, cheer up. 

Don’t panic after blowing a kiss,  it’s not a big deal. 
Your blowing a kiss makes a lot of armys’ hearts flutter
Pound, pound. 

you want to be a stone in your next life, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. 
I’ll bring you to a lot of beautiful places. 
Stone, stone. 

you give us a scary look when we make a mistake on stage. Don’t do that,  it’s not a big deal.  
A slip of  wise man, everybody makes mistakes, understand it with a warm smile.
Bbooing, bbooing.

because of a diet and singing out of tune or making a mistake on stage, don’t be stressed out, it’s not a big deal.
No matter what you do on a stage, it won’t change the fact that you’re the coolest performer I’ve ever seen.
Gasp, gasp.

stop exercising to tease us more, it’s not a big deal.
The more you act cute, the cuter you look. You’re not cute anymore.  
Coochie coochie coo.

JIMIN ━  ❝ To be together

To be together is very hard. To meet a stranger, to meet different people, I come to think if I make a mistake or what is wrong with that person. To be together is so hard. But without them I feel empty. When I’m happy, sad or want to be comforted, they came to my mind, to my surprise. Those who were with me are with me now as “us” which I feel so grateful for. We became to share small things. I hope they stay healthy. Again today, we are together as night sets in. I think that is what being together is like.

NAMJOON ━  ❝ I Giyeok

I remember. Taehyung’s half buzz cut, Jungkook’s bambi eyes and stone wash skinny jeans, Hoseok’s gray padded jacket, Yoongi’s blue sweatpants, when Seokjin wasn’t into dad jokes, Jimin’s chubby body. I remember. Our Han River. Our bikes.  Our Gxxx V necks. Our Gxxx V chino shorts. Our showcase. Our bulgogi. Our chairs in the waiting room, and our blood, sweat and tears. All those memories are in the corner of the drawer in my head. All those memories are like “Giyeok”, the 1st Korean alphabet consonant, my precious first. 
So again today I “Giyeok” memories. 

HOSEOK ━  ❝ Seed (Mr.)

Mr. Namjoon,  Mr. Seokjin,  Mr. Yoongi,  Mr. Jimin,  Mr. Taehyung,  Mr. Jungkook and  Mr. Hoseok. These seeds became beautiful flowers. They bring beauty to someone, they bring joy to someone, they bring the scent of memories to someone.  Mr. Namjoon,  Mr. Seokjin,  Mr. Yoongi,  Mr. Jimin,  Mr. Taehyung,  Mr. Jungkook and  Mr. Hoseok. Bloom like a rose ~
Flutter like a cherry blossom ~ 
Fall like a morning glory ~ 
Just like that beautiful moment  ~
Let’s stick together, I love you. 

YOONGI ━  ❝ What a relief

It’s already been 5 years since we debuted. Just the boys with many dreams. We had nothing but we have many things now. We were only dreaming, but we became a dream of someone. Life is full of choices and regrets. I’m scared and so are we. We dreamed about flying high up in the sky, but it’s too high and cold. It’s hard to catch our breath. The brither the light on us, the darker the shadow. What a relief that we have seven members, what a relief we have each other. 


We worked around the clock. Run BTS! and BTS alike. Everything in the world gets tired, I want to hope that this is not the moment. I wanted to go with the flow, but I realize I’m a man who lives fiercely. We have become a family. We were always happy and we achieved anything we want together. But we can’t go against nature. 
Looking at myself growing older, I look back on our dance. I’m so tired. Mr.Seongdeuk, so many dance moves are too difficult. I trust you. Namjoon, let’s go for it. 

Tony kinda maybe thinks makeup looks really pretty. Not just on girls–though it does, absolutely!–but in the way that makes his fingers itch with the urge to try out himself. He’s not sure it really would be for him but Pepper’s lipstick always looks incredible and he’d really like to try those smokey eyes Natasha mentioned and well.

It takes him four months to work up the courage to ask Jan about it and he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown by the time he’s got the “Would you mind showing me how to do basic makeup” out without stuttering.

Jan of course is over the moon. 

It’s not just that she loves makeup and loves styling her friends, though that’s part of it. But no, the most important thing is that Tony is asking her for advice regarding something people usually scoff at or ridicule, maybe in rare cases tolerate. Jan isn’t stupid, she sees every eye-roll her raving about the newest eyeshadow palette from Maybelline gains. So this? A genuine (if shy slash terrified) request for help? It means a lot.

Naturally she drags Tony to the closest drugstore as soon as school lets out.

After a long moment of contemplation she stops in front of one of the shelves with a decisive nod.

“Alright,” Jan says. “Let’s start with mascara.”

She gestures wildly at the shelf, filled with products in all kinds of forms and colours.

“Here we’ve got black, brown, orange–you’re only gonna wear that to a costume if ever, got that Tony, I’m serious–oh, and that’s waterproof, here we got the smudgeproof ones, but be warned, they’re never as smudge-proof as advertised. That over there is black and white, and here we’ve got lengthening, curling and volumizing ones.”

Jan turns, her smile radiant. “Any questions?”

Tony stares. Blinks. Feels very, very stupid. “Just one. What’s mascara?”

Jan blinks back. Doesn’t laugh (see, this is why he went to Jan with this). 

“Mascara is used to enhance the eyelashes,” she explains, followed by, “You know what, we’re just gonna take one of each of them.”

Tony doesn’t think he needs fourteen different mascaras but he gets distracted by the nail polish. There are a lot of different colours available and there are so many reds and golds and one of them looks like liquid metal.

Needless to say, they buy a lot more than just fourteen mascaras.


One day Tony is gonna wear bright orange mascara and though Jan will wail and beg and theatrically shudder, she will also throw a bottle of nail polish remover in the face of anyone who dares to make a face. Because it’s taken Tony a long time to become so comfortable and confident where makeup is involved and Jan is invested.

the thing i love most about helena bertinelli is that she’s this rough-riding, trouble-magnet of a badass, but she’s also a teacher. imagine your third grade teacher, the one who patiently taught you your multiplication tables, having written those lesson plans at 4am while stitching up a stab wound with dental floss. imagine the teacher that read island of the blue dolphins with you and patiently corrected you every four sentences on pronunciation downing three shots and starting a bar fight. by day, it’s finger painting. by night, it’s stabbing goons in the eye with a spare stiletto. imagine singing your ABCs with someone who, just last night, punched a man so hard he went through the floor


do I stay or do I go


Please take these two completely unrelated sketches from me, as I like them well enough but don’t know what to do with them.


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.


So I didn’t love seeing my boyfriend kissing some other guy.
I’m sorry, are you saying you were jealous?

+ bonus kiss


Two very different kind of evil.

exuberantoctopus  asked:

taakitz getting stuck in a rainstorm on a date?

The pros of a parasol: An excellent accessory, fits seamlessly with his fantasy Scarlett O’Hara vibe, easily transmutable to match his color scheme of the day. He’d add “does not contain the arcane essence of his long-lost sister” to the list, but that’s sort of a given.

The cons of a parasol: Provides absolutely no protection whatsoever when the heavens open up and drop an ocean’s worth of rain on them.

To be fair, the forecast had predicted a perfect day. Sunny, with the promise of autumn in a cool breeze that buffeted the coastline. It was the kind of weather that encouraged long skirts and gauzy sleeves and wide-brimmed hats, and if you were feeling particularly flirty, a nice lacy parasol to complete the look. The look is always key, of course, but especially on the afternoons Taako can get Kravitz all to himself. It’s an auspicious thing when their schedules align, so Taako’s going to do a little more than go the extra mile. Or the full nine yards. Or whatever distance he needs to cross in five-inch wedges to fluster the hell out of his husband.

So that’s why he’d met Kravitz on the patio of a seaside café, decked out in his finest beach chic and a pair of rose-colored glasses (because he’d just known Kravitz’s cultured, dorky ass would appreciate the reference). They’d had some halfway decent crepes and lemon tea as the odd cloud flitted overhead, and Kravitz caught Taako up on the astral plane’s latest top-notch gossip. It morphed into a brief but heated discussion over whether or not fishnets should be regulation wear for reapers—Taako’s position was entirely self-indulgent, of course, but no less valid—which was promptly forgotten when the talk of dress code turned into questions about his latest visit to the Amazing School of Magic. “Oh, y’know,” was all Taako had said. “Still amazing. Gave some kiddos a kickass lecture on the virtues of arcane cosmetics. Not that I’d know. Wink.”

Their date was going flawlessly.

And then they’d noticed the clouds.

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“I don’t even have to be able to see to tell the frowns on each of your faces. I just can’t see is all, isn’t it great? There’s no-one to monitor your work!”


When I get sad, I drink bubble tea.
It cheers me up a lot.


When King Yi is alive, I’m his medicine pot. When he dies, I’m an object that will be buried with him. Follow his coffin and get buried under the ground together. Using my lifetime of holy and pure soul to help him reincarnate. That’s the role of the King’s Saintess.

Write me a Home

Summary: After you have a bad day, Newt comes to find you. He has a gift, a surprise, he says, and it really is better than you could imagine.

Word Count: 2,929

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

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The bar is thick with smoke. It clouds the room, fills the corners, churns when anyone so much as flinches, and spills out the front door into the cool winter air whenever someone enters or exits.

You sit at the bar, off to the left, still bundled in your coat, sipping a drink and watching the bustle of the patrons as they celebrate the recent quidditch world cup. They’re loud tonight, unusually so. Shouts, jeers, and arguments echo still through the room, slurred by drink and the high of adrenaline. A few women have joined in with the men in undone ties and messy suits, their arguments about the recent quidditch game coming between long drags from the cigarettes dangling in their fingers. Your stomach turns at the smell of their harsh perfumes that hardly mask the smell of their sweat. Both mix with the stench of the cigarette smoke and the men’s revolting musk to form a fog that drifts through the room, ruining the night for anyone not utterly wasted.

It makes you light-headed, quite honestly, makes the world spin in a way far more unpleasant than the drink in your hand does, but the thought of returning to Newt like this, in such a state, weighs heavy in your chest. You’d taken his invitation to stay at his place while you were in town for a few months for work, and it hadn’t been bad aside from Newt’s incessant ability to read you. He knows, of course, knows that you’re not doing well, knows that your mind is working faster than it should, knows that the voice you always try to ignore is shouting with a shrieking voice and undeniable meaning tonight. He knows, but that doesn’t mean he needs to deal with it. Still, he will.

Swirling your drink and ignoring the sound of a fight breaking out behind you, you wonder when he’ll show up today. Newt’s good at reading you. It scares you, sometimes, knowing that he can tell when everything’s too much, knowing he can see the weird pit that opens in your gut when it’s a bad night, when it’s a night like this one.

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MP100 Valentines Week: Day 6- Comfort

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I had wayyy more planned for this prompt, but my mind moves at a mile a minute and it’s really hard for me to focus sometimes! So, here’s Reigen giving Seri some advice about taking a break, I guess!

Megamind Soulmate AU

When you write something on your arms, the marks appear on the arms of your soulmate as well. This is known: the soul-bond does not begin at birth; it is only possible with both souls have reached a certain level of maturity. No one knows what triggers the bond; it is not restrained by distance, by language, by contact… but everyone knows that a soulmate is true love, however improbable it may seem. 

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Hi, I just want you to know that I appreciate every message I get whenever I make some random personal post about my woes. I might not answer those messages but I read them all and they’re very helpful. Even just knowing you’re somewhere there and decided to send me a message or comment under the post is very reasuring. I know I might be pretty negative, I don’t really want to feed my moods with more weird stuff I post so I usually just keep your asks in my ask box without expanding on the topic (I guess that’s better for everyone). But thanks for putting up with me ;)

since katsuki’s greatest weapon is his sweat, and since he’s a serious little perfectionist, he might have thought about his sweat composition. he might have actually done science with his sweat. he calls izuku the nerd but one day he will hopefully throw away his double standards.

anyway he might’ve done stuff like noting done the explosive power of his sweat after eating umeboshi vs eating curry rice: spice level 5.  he could have eaten only eggs for days and tested his resulting sweat. and if I’m getting this right, I bet he ate some real crazy shit and stored those potent byproducts for his no doubt out of this world hissatsu wazas.

now that he’s being civil to izuku, one day i hope to see them geek out over dumb shit.


wasted years

cosmictuesdays  asked:

Can today be the day you write that giant post about Julian's development and how he changed both based on the retcon and his time in the Dominion camp? Because I've thought a great deal about his time in the camp, and would love to hear what you have to say too.

Well since you asked so nicely. : )

So. There is a marked difference in Julian’s behavior before his time in the Dominion prison camp and after. Before, there’s a lightness to his character, even during dramatic episodes. He’s capable of seriousness when the situation calls for it, but he’s also quick to laugh. His smiles are broad and genuine, and he’s kind of a doof. I mean, y’all know what he’s like in the first four seasons (my autistic bean, etc.). It’s not like he’s had a super breezy life – hiding his enhancements definitely took a toll (I know they weren’t canon yet but shhh this is a combo watsonist/doyalist analysis so they’re in play), and he’s definitely Seen Some Shit – Nor the Battle to the Strong definitely, but also being kidnapped by Jem’Hadar in Hippocratic Oath, having to kill Mirror Odo in Crossover (and everything else he went through in that episode), etc. Like this kid has definitely been through his share of Traumatic Experiences, and yet through it all, he’s still basically the same Julian, awkward and silly and over-eager.

And then he’s kidnapped by the Dominion, held hostage, isolated, tortured, made to witness the brutal beating of his ally, probably made to witness countless other people being tortured and killed…. It’s some bad shit. It’s some really bad shit.

Julian comes away from that experience changed – his smiles are tighter and more hesitant, his jokes are more cynical, his expressions more guarded. More than anything he just looks tired, even in the baseball episode, which is arguably the lightest episode in season 7. (I don’t have the spoons to pull screencaps to prove it, so you’re gonna have to trust me.)

There are, in my opinion, two major reasons for this character development, one Watsonist (in-universe) and one Doyalist (extra-textual ie writing staff decisions). The former is Julian’s experiences in the Dominion camp, and the latter is the retcon, the decision to make Julian genetically enhanced.

For the former: like I said, it was some Bad Shit and Julian Bashir is not exactly the epitome of Good Mental Health anyway (being forced to live a lie so well you basically have to believe it or everything you love will be taken away from you is uh. not healthy.) War is hell, and unlike his colleagues, all of whom have experience with war in some manner or another, DS9 is Julian’s first introduction to it. He spent a total of five weeks in that camp, knowing any moment could be his last. And yeah, he’s faced death before, up close and personal, but nothing like this.

And then there’s the retcon. In-universe, a lot of Julian’s character development can be attributed to his experiences as a prisoner of war, but that isn’t at all what the writers were trying to do, or at least not entirely. Alexander Siddig has said that it felt to him that they were trying to make him a sort of Data 2.0, something he hated and sabotaged when he could (bless him tbh). The way he’s always spouting statistics is the most obvious thing that can be attributed solely to the retcon, since pre-Dr. Bashir I Presume, he wouldn’t have been able to run such complex calculations in his head (since they hadn’t thought of it yet).

It would be easy to say here’s the in-universe reason and here’s the extra-textual reason for thing thing and that’s that, but it’s actually a bit more complex than that. The retcon has an in-universe effect too, in addition to the writing staff writing Julian differently to make him more like Data.

The best scene, imo, for illustrating how the Watsonist and Doyalist reasons for Julian’s development combine is this short bit between Julian and Garak in A Time to Stand:

GARAK: Not really. Genetically engineered, indeed.

BASHIR: Excuse me?

GARAK: Well look at you. You act as if you haven’t a care in the world. It’s exactly that kind of smug, superior attitude that makes people like you so unpopular.

BASHIR: Are you trying to insult me?

GARAK: A thirty two point seven percent chance of survival. I call that insulting.

BASHIR: Don’t take it so personally, Garak. It’s strictly a matter of mathematics.

GARAK: No, it’s strictly a matter of our lives. You’re not genetically engineered. You’re a Vulcan.

BASHIR: If I’m a Vulcan, then how do you explain my boyish smile?

GARAK: Not so boyish anymore, Doctor.

Julian being able to run the numbers is obviously pure writing room retcon, but the fact that he has, that he tells Garak, that it’s “strictly a matter of mathematics”, well, that’s a little stickier. The war drags on and people are dying, lots of people, sometimes people Julian knew or cared about. His life is the hardest it’s ever been, bleak and getting bleaker, and Julian is tired.

Julian is probably always running numbers, probably has done for as long as he can remember. He does it so naturally and so often that it can’t be a new habit. And now that his secret is out, why bother to keep them to himself? The war and his various traumas have worn him down, hardened him and forced him into sharp points, and his enhanced brain keeps telling him things seem hopeless because they are – there’s a mathematical basis and everything.

Looking at the show from this dual lens, Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges is a fascinating look at the man Julian has become, both because of his traumatic experiences and because of the writers. He’s angry at what Ross and Sloan have done, for the things they’ve forced him to do, but he isn’t surprised. Compare “How did they let things get so bad?” from the end of Things Past with his absolute certainty that Sloan isn’t dead and that Ross was in on the plot in Inter Arma. He’d like to hope that they are better men, but he knows what people like Sloan are capable of.

Garak spent four and a half seasons trying to make Julian a cynic, and the Dominion went and did it for him.