because i think it would be beautiful

So I finally got around to watching Jacks play through of Far From Noise…

And wow…

I didn’t watch it initially because I was going through some stuff and didn’t think it would be good for me, but I was wrong, what an amazing beautiful game..

That was so relaxing just the beautiful art style and the contemplation of life it just wow

I’ve been through some shit and there’s been times in my life when I was ready and tried to end it all but I’m so glad I’m here now. I’m in a better place with better people around me and I’m actually getting better and I never ever thought I would, ever.

I dropped out of University in my first year because I didn’t think I was good enough at it, because I didn’t think that career would work with a person who was (but isn’t now) in my life and I completely broke down about it and spent a month straight pretty much drunk the whole time because I didn’t know what to do with my life. But then I found the university and course I am on now and I’m half way through my 2nd year and I’m actually doing well at it. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do but it is a broad subject area so I know I have so many options at the end of it.

At the end of the day I’m just so glad to be alive. I could easily have not made it to this point if some things had gone differently, but I am here and I am going to make the most of what I have and I am going to do it for me and do what it best for me, and everything that happened and that will happen has been for a reason.

Thank you jack for being a safe and relaxing place for me to come too, your content means the world to me @therealjacksepticeye


Leave, just like everyone does. Part Two. (Steve Harrington X Reader)

Note: Hey guys! I know I said I wouldn’t upload until next week, but turns out I’m a little shit and managed to finish the draft today! I think I might go blind though.This is the second part of the “Leave” mini-series. You can read the first part here! I really hope you like it because I worked hard on it for a long time!

I’m tagging these beautiful people because they asked me to. <3 @ambeazyyy​ @kaliforniacoastalteens @catnissprior-blog . I’m also currently working on a tag list, so if you would like to be included please let me know! Feel free to message me or leave me a comment. Thanks again! <3

Summary: You return to your hometown only to realize the person you once loved the most now hates you. Should you keep presuing him? Should you tell him how you feel? Or just move on? Billy doesn’t seem so bad after all, you know? In this chapter all of these questions are answered…or well, most of them.

Warnings: Language and angst!

“Fuck.” Those were the first words that came to your mind when you entered the party with Billy. It was Steve’s house. Great. Of course it was. “You didn’t tell me it was Steve’s party” you shouted at Billy throught the music as he handed you a drink “Yeah, is that a problem?” Billy teased. “No, not at all, it’s fine” you replied before downing all the booze in your cup. “You might wanna slow down there sweetcheeks, we wouldn’t want you doing anything stupid, eh?” Billy mocked you with a wink. You were surprised he even cared, to be honest. “I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” 

The night continued to progress and thought you saw Steve looking at you, but decided to brush it off, thinking you were just imagining things like always. Billy got even more drunk as the party went on and you started to realize that maybe he wasn’t such a great guy after all, but the again, not many people are pleasant when they’re drunk. Parties were just not your thing, you kept reassuring yourself. The night continued to get increasingly tedious and you thought about going home, but it was dark and you were really far, so instead you decided it was best to go outside and get some air. As you were sitting down on the stairs of the front porch you could hear someone strugguling with the door. You heard a loud bang behind you before turning around quickly, only to be greeted with a very, veeery drunk Steve on the ground. You rushed over to help him up but when he felt your hand over his arm, he quickly flinched back. “Don’t touch me, I’m fine” he hissed. You could feel a sting in your chest and air trapped in your throat. “Steve, you’re hurt” you continued softly, signaling to his now busted lip. “Yeah, no shit” he replied with a harsh tone as he struggled to get up from the ground. He hated you even when he was drunk, but…why? Not knowing what you had done for him to feel this way about you is what hurt the most, you were always nice to him, barley even had a fight when you were together. You could feel the tears forming in your eyes at the thought of never being able to talk to him again, to touch him, to just hold him one last time. You took a deep breath and walked towards the door to go and look for Billy so he could just take you home. Steve scoffed when you started walking. “Yeah, whatever, just leave, leave like you always do, like everyone always does” his words were slurred but you could still hear the resentment in them. You looked back at him confused and gave him a questioning look. After a moment of silence and him staring at you like you were stupid you finally said “What are you talking about? You’re the one who has been avoiding me this whole time whilst simultaneously being a complete ass. I tried, Steve.” “Well, what? What did you expect? You think that you could just come back and talk to me like nothing happened? like you didn’t leave?… like you didn’t leave me? like you didn’t completely shatter me? broke me in a million pieces, just like that.” The volume in his voice was getting louder, you could feel the anger quickly rising in him as he continued “Did you really think I’d just be here waiting for you like some sort of-of, dog?” his hand gestures following his every word. “You know what hurts the most? You never wrote me a single thing, not even a damn postcard. NOTHING. It’s like you completely forgot about me, like I didn’t even exist. And then what? you just show up at MY party with hIM? with fucking Billy Hargrove? You’ve seriously gotta be fucking kidding me.” you could see the deep distraught and anger in his face, even behind his drunken eyes.”You know that’s not what happened…I-” you managed to finally find your voice. “Bullshit.” Steve interrupted. “You left me! you fucking abandoned me!” “I had no choice!” you shouted back with frustration, tears threatening to come out. “You think I wanted to leave you? You were the love of my life! The only one I ever thought about! I preferred this shit hole over any other place as long as I was here with you” you could feel the exasperation building up inside you even more with each word that came out of your mouth. “I did write, Steve. I wrote to you for months, not a single day missed.” “What? No you didn’t” Steve said, trying to hide his shock. “I never sent them because I was scared of rejection” you continued “I didn’t know if you wanted to know about me anyomore, if you even still cared about me, you never wrote to me either, you know? But still, I kept writing. You think it was easy for me? everything reminded me of you, EVERYTHING. Every fucking song, every fucking view, movie, book, you name it!” Steve stared at you, completely staggered, the tears that now covered his face glistening against the moonlight. “What?” was all that could come out of his mouth. “You wrote to me?” “Yeah, I still have all the letters, I kept all of them, Steve” you lowered your voice to a whisper again as you searched the floor with your eyes. “When I finally gathered the courage to send them to you they told me you had moved on, found someone new, someone who was better. Someone who was there, there for you when I couldn’t be. I was too late.” you fiddled with your fingers as you looked at him, waiting for some sort of response. “Nancy…” he softly whispered “yeah, she left me too. I guess I wasn’t good enough for her either.” he shook his head as he looked down and kicked the ground below him. Your anger had faded, all you could feel now was sadness and a little bit of pity. Steve was such a nice guy, such a great guy, and he was the only one who couldn’t see it. “I-I can’t do this anymore, Steve. I can’t keep letting you make me feel guilty for something that wasn’t my fault or my choice, something that was out of my hands. What did you want me to do, Steve? What was I supposed to do?” You were met with silence, Steve still looking down at his feet.  You finally gave up. “I didn’t want this” you mumbled under your breath as you turned around to head for the door. As you stepped forward you bumped into someone’s chest. You looked up to see Billy, staring right at Steve, giving him a glare that could cut through glass. “We got a problem, Harrington?” “Billy, everything’s oka-” you started but Steve interrupted you. “Fuck off, Hargrove.” “What did you just say?” Billy’s voice got deeper with anger. “Yeah, why are you even here anyway? I don’t remember inviting you to my party.”  Billy took a menacing step forward, his muscles completely flexed, fists closed so tightly you could see his knuckles going white. “Shit” you thought, there was no way Steve would survive a beating by Billy. “Billy, let’s just go, please” you finally intervened as you placed your hand over his arm, praying to all the gods that he would listen to you. He clenched his jaw and glanced down at you before continuing to walk towards the stairs, but not without spitting down at Steve’s feet and pushing him out of the way with his shoulder. Once he reached the stairs he fixed his leather jacket and extended his hand out for you, “Come on, I´ll take you home baby”, the pet name making Steve roll his eyes. You nodded and took a step forward, but stopped once more before leaving to look at Steve. He looked down at his hands and shook his head before looking back at you and silently saying: “I just wanted you to love me the way I loved you.” “I did.” you replied softly before taking Billy’s hand. “I really did.”

Heya! Thank you for scrolling all the way down here! <3 Hope you didn’t feel like you wasted your time hehe. The parts that follow will be posted soon! 

stormborn99  asked:

Your characters are so beautiful in every way! I am so jealous! ( mostly because i know that i’m never going to be that good) Do you have any tips for someone that has never done digital art before but wants to start? Which program should I use? What type of drawing pad? Any tips or tecniques in general that would help me get started. :)

I hope you don’t mind that I answered this publicly but I think a lot of people could benefit from thinking about and discussing this topic.

As to your first part, that’s a totally normal feeling. :) Here’s the thing, you WILL be however good you think someone else is, with enough time and effort. And when you reach that point you’ll set a new goal. I don’t believe it’s a matter of “if”, I think if you truly study and truly put your heart and soul into art you will reap the rewards of it. 

It’s also worth pointing out that a huge majority of the artists we admire are admiring someone else and think they’ll never be as good as them either!

To the second part, I never really know how to thoroughly answer this question because there’s too much to cover. I feel the best thing to do is to jump in head first and find as much information and resources as you can. 

If you’re new to digital art, it’s going to feel weird at first. Most people take three months to fully get used to the tablet and program they’re using, so be patient with yourself. If you’re a hobbyist, use the programs that appeal to you–they all have unique angles. If you’re looking to go further you’ll need to use the programs that are most widely used in the field you want to go in. Personally I use Photoshop since it’s pretty much industry standard and Paint Tool SAI because I just like some of the features of that program. 

Use the drawing tablet that is comfortable and within your budget. I have only ever used Wacom products so I can’t speak for anything outside of their line–but if you’re looking for an on-screen tablet you don’t need a Cintiq, there are cheaper options from other brands. I just personally wanted one for myself.

Practice gesture, figure drawing, iterative drawing, basic forms. None of these will make pretty finished pieces…except maybe figure drawing haha. But it’s important to embrace that your drawings will be bad at first. REALLY BAD. That’s okay! Sometimes I just look at my canvas and laugh. It’s totally acceptable to not nail it every time. 

I wish you lots of luck in your digital art journey. :) I believe in you.

“What are you doing NOW? I’m trying to sleep and it’s like you’re teaching a giant baby how to walk in the apartment above mine.” (ii)

Pairing:  Natasha Romanov/Wanda Maximoff
For:  @anastasia-goddess-of-drama
Trope:  Enemies to Lovers

Natasha snorted, almost just closing the door in Wanda’s face, but she didn’t.  

Because the other woman was just so cute when she was annoyed.  And Wanda was definitely annoyed.  “What if I said yes, eh? I am teaching a giant baby how to walk up here.  You’re interrupting our lesson, Maximoff.”  

Wanda rolled her eyes.  “I am just using sarcasm as an example. You’re interrupting my beauty sleep.”  

Natasha crossed her arms and stood back, appraising her.  She shrugged, nodding once.  “You’re beautiful enough.”  

She shut the door on Wanda’s flabbergasted face.  Maybe that would give her something else to think about.

In the meantime, Natasha figured she’d take up tap dancing.

arainbowofnonsencicalthings  asked:

Okay but I'm a little upset about the fact that we weren't blessed with "Agatha-can-pull-Excalibur-even-when-Tedros-can't" because I think that would be beautiful and it's a bit rude we weren't given a bad-ass rightful Queen of Camelot

Same!!! But that probably would have caused a load of conflict we didn’t want because Tedros would have been all jealous and embarassed and stuff, though he might have eventually come round to it… idk. Having said that though, do we KNOW she can’t pull Excalibur? Not like she tried. R***n just got there first? I’m still running off the theory-
(I literally realised this while answering this ask ajsnejfnf)
She DID pull Excalibur.
From the anvil in the painting of Gavaldon.
In Book 3.
Like the anvil Arthur pulled it from.
It LITERALLY SAYS “buried blade-first into an anvil”, and she just reached in and pulled it out like it was no big deal.
Oh my goddddddd

anonymous asked:

So I just read some quotes where basically Armie admits to falling in love with Luca like what lmao wow what the hell was going down on that set lmao. Armie really went through some shit. (Oh who does he love Luca or Timmy lol maybe he likes older men lol)lmao this whole thing needs to be studied by psychologists what an insane filming experience

LOl, elsewhere on the internet people are really convinced that Armie and Luca had a thing (and Armie apparently went back there to visit Luca without Timmy or his wife so lol) 

Anyway, I don’t believe that because Luca seems very aware of all of Armie’s emotional turmoil. Luca’s husband looks a lot like Armie, tbh, and I’m sure Luca thought Armie was beautiful (who wouldn’t?) but I don’t think luca would take advantage of that turmoil. 

Armie really WAS going through some shit on that set, though. And I don’t blame him for falling in love with anyone on that set.

I’m not a psychologist, but I pretended to be one for four semesters in college, so here’s my armchair psychology: Armie was free, thousands of miles away from his mom and dad, and was able to confront his sexuality in a way that growing up under their conservative thumb (and all of the pressures put upon actors even today, to be good little heterosexuals) denied him. 

It fucked him up, but he pushed through it and fell in love at least once along the way. 

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gee! what if the missus wanted to have an unassisted birth and she and harry prepared to receive one of the bubs on their own? maybe georgie since they’re a bit more experiences and obvs with a midwife on speed dial just in case. i just think it’d be beautiful if it was just harry and her in their bedroom and its calm and he’s very reassuring and maybe even darcy comes in at one point to see how mumma’s doing! or maybe it could be rosie!!! who knows? how do you think this would play out?

I can’t see them having a completely unassisted home birth. Maybe because I feel like unassisted home births are way too much of a risk, myself. I think you should at least have a medical professional present in the event that something does go wrong. Because during birth, it’s very typical that when something goes wrong, it goes wrong very quickly and needs to be corrected quickly or the outcome may be a bad one. But I think it’s great if you want to have maybe a midwife that’s very hands-off during the whole process and maybe only comes in when delivery is about to begin and only steps in if absolutely necessary. Then at least, you have someone with experience and medical knowledge of what to do in these emergency situations and the tools to help correct them. Midwives come prepared with oxygen, and medications, fluids, etc.  So, if they were going to, I could see them doing it like that! 

And it is a really beautiful thought! Especially because their home is so special to them. I think it would be lovely if they had a baby there. To be in her own space, use her own bathtub, their bed, her own environment is very comforting. I think that’s why in the stories, she stays home and labors as long as she can before going in to the hospital. And it is so sweet thinking about the kids being involved and getting to experience a birth firsthand. xx.

I don’t get emotional about literature much, but when I do, it’s over Jane Eyre’s ‘Do you think because I am poor, obscure, plain and little that I am soulless and heartless?’ speech. Charlotte Brontë wrote that for ugly girls everywhere.

Thoughts on Getaway Car

So I just have a lot of feelings regarding Getaway Car and needed to get them out and I didn’t think it would be this long but here we are.

  • Oh my god I just love this song so much, it’s so beautiful, both lyrically and musically
  • The way she sings certain words is just so beautiful (listen to her singing “I knew it from the first” and “he was running after us” and you’ll know what I mean)
  • It’s strange but it almost makes me feel dreamy, and it seems somewhat whimsical, especially during the chorus, and because of this it sounds and feels like freedom at first
  • But only when you listen to it fully do you understand the true sadness in it
  • This is song of tragedy: the tragedy of an unwanted relationship; the tragedy of a relationship that would never work out; the tragedy of a relationship that was doomed from the start; the tragedy of wanting to escape so badly you make all the wrong choices; the tragedy of wanting freedom, only to become lost when you obtain it
  • It is the tragedy of becoming so intoxicated by freedom that you don’t care about the consequences of obtaining it
  • Parts of it seem almost accusatory in tone, with him refusing to acknowledge his part in the tragedy – they were both aware this was a doomed relationship from the start but he’s feigning innocence
  • The chorus after the first verse has the original air of freedom about it – she’s escaped, the wind is blowing in her hair as she cruises down the highway, laughing with happiness and freedom, ignoring all the warning signs
  • However, the chorus after the second verse is more ominous, with it almost seeming to weigh heavily with a sense of foreboding – she’s realised their mistakes, but it’s too late, everything is crumbling beneath them
  • The way she sings “we’re both sorry” makes me so sad, it’s just filled with such regret and melancholy
  • There’s almost a sadness in her voice in the bridge when she describes leaving him, and 
  • When she sings “I’m in a getaway car/I left you in a motel bar”, there’s such a soft sadness to it but it builds up into confidence 
  • I love the reference to Bonnie and Clyde because they’re usually romanticised and depicted as a couple insanely in love, which is far from the truth – beneath this veil they fundamentally had a toxic relationship and committed horrendous crimes, and while this is obviously not what she’s depicting in this song, I think it’s similar
  • On the outside, to the media, to the public, they appear to have the perfect and idealised relationship, but underneath that it’s far from the truth – there are cracks that cannot be fixed, and they ultimately turn out to be disastrous for each other
  • Undoubtedly the media played a large role in this, referencing back to the second verse when she describes their relationship being turned into a circus, and ultimately ruining whatever romance they may have had, leaving them both with regrets
  • The outro has conflicting undertones of anger, determination, and confidence to it but overwhelmingly has an air of freedom surrounding it
  • Although she’s describing how she was crying and dying throughout this relationship that she thought would free her, there’s almost relief in her voice now that she has finally and truly escaped 
  • I can almost imagine her stealing the getaway car and driving down the highway once again as she originally had in verse one, but this time she is alone and free and happy
  • Despite the conflicting feelings the outro gives off, it doesn’t give one of self-pity or sadness and I love it for that. It describes an almost toxic relationship that she escapes from, and she shows that she is not broken because of this. I just love that whether she intended to or not, this song shows that you can escape from relationships that are unfulfilling or unhealthy for you, and you’ll be okay afterwards
  • So basically, it’s the best of both worlds: It has a beautiful and compelling melody while simultaneously having meaningful lyrics, especially when analysed in depth
  • Honestly I don’t know if this is what Taylor was thinking when she wrote this song, and tbh it probably wasn’t, but that’s what I love so much about music and poetry and art – it can mean anything you want it to

@secretlycrazyhummingbird requested 7. A color so vibrant and honest off my prompt list

Draco’s favorite color was always green.

When he was five his mother gave him a storybook full of illustrations of magnificent green dragons. He would look at those pictures for hours and hours.

When he was eight he learned that green was the color of Slytherin. He consequently demanded that his room be redecorated so that everything - his sheets, his pillows, his curtains - would be green. Narcissa obliged, of course, because she could never deny Draco of what he wanted.

When Draco was eleven he went to Diagon Alley to get all his supplies for the upcoming school year. He was being fitted for Hogwarts robes when he met another little boy who would be starting at Hogwarts in the fall. And what do you know, this boy has green eyes. And not just any type of green, a bright, vivid green, a color so vibrant and honest that it made Draco’s heart skip a beat. For some reason when Draco got home, his green bedroom seemed a little bit off. That Slytherin shade of green just wasn’t his favorite color anymore. He needed a shade of green that matched the little boy’s eyes. So Draco went to tell his mother about the problem with his room.

“It’s just not the right green, Mother! We have to change it!”

Narcissa sighed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Draco. It’s the exact same color as the Slytherin seal, and that’s what you wanted isn’t it?”


“No more arguing,” Draco’s father interrupted. “Your mother said your room is fine so your room is fine, understand?”

“Yes, father.”

When Draco was eleven and a half he was glad that his mother hadn’t changed his room, because by this point he’d realized that the boy from the robe shop was nothing special, even if his eyes were. The boy was actually Harry Potter, a horribly nasty git who thought Draco wasn’t good enough to be his friend. Harry Potter was Draco’s worst nemesis, and it was blessing that he wouldn’t have to be faced with Potter’s eye color every time he went home to the Manor.

When Draco was fourteen he changed his mind about Potter. Potter was infuriating, yes, and imprudent, yes, but he was also maddeningly gorgeous. And once Draco realized how handsome Potter was, he started to realize other things about Potter too. Like the way Potter would scratch the back of his neck when he was at a loss for words and the way he’d scrunch up his eyebrows when he was trying to understand something and the way Potter would run his fingers through his beautiful mess of hair without a thought and the way he smiled. By the end of fourth year, Draco had developed something like a crush. He, of course, made sure that no one except for Pansy found out about it.

When Draco was sixteen he was forced to grow up and forget about his schoolboy crush. Potter was not something Draco could afford to think about while he had his mission. Still, he sometimes found himself daydreaming about the green of Potter’s eyes when he was supposed to be writing letters on his progress to his father. Draco was still sixteen when Potter hit him with Sectumsempra. Those green eyes were all he could see as drifted into unconsciousness.

When Draco was seventeen green became his least favorite color. By Easter, he had seen the green of Avada Kedavra two hundred and four times. It was becoming difficult to go into his green-filled room without sicking up. And then Harry Potter appeared. And suddenly green was again the most beautiful color he’d ever seen. He told his father he didn’t know the boy, but of course he was lying. He would know those eyes anywhere.

When Draco was eighteen when he learned that Harry Potter found Draco’s grey eyes just as enamoring as Draco found his green eyes.

“I think that’s why grey is my favorite color now,” Harry said.

“Green was always my favorite color,” Draco said.

“Well, yeah, because of Slytherin.”

“No. Because I love you.”


Draco turned his head to the side to look at the boy lying next to him in the grass. Harry’s eyes were still on the stars above them.

“You don’t have to love me back,” Draco said.

Harry was smiling when he looked back at Draco.

“I know I don’t have to, but I do. I love you, Draco.”

“Then stop smiling like a loon and kiss me.”

anonymous asked:

you „stan“ a manipulative, white supremacist, barely talented, unbelievably rich cow with terrible hair and godawful dance moves. there are so many other great artists, that make music with actual value and finesse, maybe consider „stanning“ someone like that for a change instead of some odd persona a record label is spoonfeeding you : )

*clears throat*

Dear anon, before starting throwing shade at us and Taylor herself, I think that you should check your sources and “facts” first, sit down and read this.

If this person is, I quote, “manipulative” and “a white supremacist”, then I would very much like to take a look at your sources and proof so that we can discuss about it although I have a feeling that most of your “proof” comes from teen magazines or from unreliable sources. I don’t know if you have looked up the definition of white supremacy before, but I will give it to you now: “White supremacy is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that therefore white people should be dominant over other races.” Now, I don’t know how you can qualify Taylor as a white supremacist when she has many friends such as Uzo Aduba (with whom she performed at the 1989 World Tour) and Todrick Hall (who is also starring in her Look What You Made Me Do music video). Moving on, you may call her what you want and you may use terms such as “manipulative” or “unbelievably rich”, but here are some facts about her that you might have skipped:

• she might be rich, but she doesn’t keep the money to herself. In 2015, during Christmas, or as we like to call it, Swiftmas, she sent packages full of gifts to fans around the world. One of these fans was missing a certain amount of money for college, and since Taylor was aware of that, she sent her $1,989 including a lot of other gifts (I used this as a source because I couldn’t find the Tumblr post but y’all can help me later when I post this) (x)

• she has donated an endless amount of money to fans with illnesses, to organizations, visited them at hospitals, and even wrote an eponymous song called “Ronan” for a 4-year old that passed away because of cancer (just google the name of the song and “taylor swift hospital” and you’ll see)

• she gave a certain amount of money and dropped at a hotel a fan who had missed her bus after her concert

• she invites fans TO HER HOME and tells us secrets, bakes for us, stalks us on social media, knows more things about us than ourselves, and is genuinely happy to see us, AND SHE GIVES US THE BIGGEST AND BEST HUG OF OUR LIVES AND SHE DOESN’T LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU LET GO and the conversation between you two flows perfectly because it feels like you’re talking to your long-lost sister and you have so much to talk about (and I and other secret sessioners are the source for this and if you have any questions or you’re don’t believe us you are free to ask politely)

• if you take a look closer, all Taylor never even once ever started the drama. Don’t you think that it’s odd that people keep throwing shade at her for no valid reason when they could actually throw shade at Donald Trump because all he can say is “tremendous”?

• she knows so many things about us it’s insane. She likes our posts daily and interacts with us, even with some emojis, because she knows that it could make a person’s day, week, month, year, or maybe even your entire life. At award shows or any other public event, she doesn’t miss on the opportunity and surprises fans. Do you know any other celebrity who loves their fans so much that they travel to the other side of the world for them, help them financially, send them gifts, spends HOURS with them on social media and tries to meet as many of us as possible?

• she recently met a girl at a secret session who had possibly a miscarriage, and not only did Taylor make her laugh and made her feel better, but the next day, she received an e-mail from Taylor’s team with a specialized doctor’s address. When she asked how much she had to pay them, they replied that everything had already been covered (x)

I would have written more about this but unfortunately I’m running out of time, so I will let our TS defense squad to keep giving you reliable information.

I would like to formally announce you that whatever you may have heard about her is absolutely absurd, no matter where you found the information, or whether you think it’s true.

Also, her hair is so beautiful and I will defeat you if you dare to fight me on this, and who cares about her dance moves?????? Because if your definition of a good artist includes having nice hair and good dance moves then I think that we have a very different illustration of what talent is. I really think that you should listen to her album “Red” and then I’d like to see if you can write such lyrics and if you can represent feelings through instrumentals. You probably have no idea that she has been rewarded so many times throughout her career because of her talent, and she is one of the most awarded celebrities nowadays, yet she is only 27.

I would like to finish this before I go in class with a clarification. You see, I chose Taylor not only for her music, but also for who she is. She has been there for me when I most needed her, and she never failed to bring a smile to my lips in my darkest times. You have here an entire fandom that would agree with me and would gladly tell you specific reasons why everything she does is important to us and why she is so special. Because Taylor isn’t only a celebrity. She’s the person we’ve looked up to in the past few years. She’s our Aunt Becky. She’s our life savior, for many. She’s our ray of sunshine. But most importantly, she’s our best friend. And we have a relationship based on trust, love, and respect, and in all honesty, I think that it’s beautiful.

If Rosa could get a new love interest, who would you want to play them?

Stephanie Beatriz: I don’t know, I mean there are so many wonderful, beautiful people in this world…

My brain:

Stephanie Beatriz: …I think it would be really fun to play more with other comedians…

My brain:

Stephanie Beatriz: …I know a lot of you are hoping that Rosa is bi, like me…

My brain:

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Stephanie Beatriz: …or maybe she’s going to come out in some other way…

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Stephanie Beatriz: …I don’t have any answers for that because I don’t write the show. I wish I had more control…

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Stephanie Beatriz: … [but] I think that our writers are very smart.

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Ambivalent [ II ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [ M ]

Length: 7.1k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: They say the gap between love and hate is thin, but it was a lie. In reality they were thousands of miles apart, you’d just never realized how fast you were at running.

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You hated running, hated how loud your feet sounded as they pounded into the slush below you. You hate how hot you got, how even with the air near freezing and ground dusted with snow you felt like you were trapped inside an oven. You hated how out of breath you were after a few minutes, how your lungs felt like someone had flattened them into paper thin pancakes in your chest. You hated how the surroundings weren’t enough to drag your mind away from the screaming thoughts locked up inside your brain. Most of all, however, you hated how all you could stare at was Sehun’s back, and your most coherent thought was how much you hated when he was angry with you.

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“I’ve said it before but can you imagine having everything Trump does and being so miserable all the time? He won at everything in life. Fame. Fortune. Beautiful women. Children. And then they made him President of the United fucking States...the most powerful man on the planet earth. There’s nothing left. And he doesn’t seem to have enjoyed one second of any of it. If there was a God this would be like the ultimate practical joke. Let’s give everything in the world to a guy who will hate it.”

Someone I know said this.

I think about it. 

Because Trump really isn’t happy, is he? He’s just so…mad and bitter all the time.

Prince Harry

In which Y/N is the Princess of Scotland and Harry is the Prince of England. They have both been engaged to marry ever since they were young, as part of an alliance between both countries. But prince Harry might now be as welcoming to the idea of marriage. When danger strikes Y/N must go to England, and be with Harry. The weight of two kingdoms are on Y/N and Harrys shoulders.

(I just started watching this show called Reign, so this story is kind of based off that. I would recommend watching it!!)


“Guards! Guards!”

The alarming sound of your mothers voice abruptly stirred you up from your slumber. But The darkness that surrounded you in your chambers, made you realize that it was still the dead of night. You closed your eyes again trying to get back to sleep thinking it was nothing.

Your sleep was interrupted when your door swung wide open, and your mother rushed in looking frantic. She was still wearing her silk night gown with her robe tightly secured around her waist. Her hair was undone, and partly covered her face as she ran inside your room.

The loud footsteps of guards following closely behind her, made you realize something wasn’t right. Your mother rushed to your side quickly.

“Y/N, Y/N my dear you must wake up.” Your mother frantically shook you, to wake you from your deep sleep. The lights to your chambers suddenly all came on. You slowly opened your eyes completely and saw the horrified expression on her face, your tiredness was forgotten.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” You asked.

You watched guards and servants entering your room. Many of the servants were going into your closets and taking out clothes and packing them away. While others were taking some of your personally belongings quickly out your room. You saw four guards standing outside your door, when usually you only had two some nights. While some other guards were standing by your windows. They were all armed with their swords out, which was very unusual.

You looked back at your mother and you’ve never seen her look so terrified in your life.

She was The Queen after all, she couldn’t show fear. It was not in her nature. She always needed to be strong for everyone, and for our country. It was her duty.

“You must get up, and get dressed swiftly.” Your mother pulled you out of bed, and up to your feet. The cold air of the castle shivered your bones.

“Mother, why are the guards here, and why are the servants taking my belongings?”

“There’s no time for questions my dear, were running out of time.” She said and your heart started beating faster. Something bad was happening in the castle.

“But mother-“

“Queen Caroline, we must be off soon, before the sun starts to rise so we can go undetected.” One of your Guards said.

Your mother nodded her head and sighed next to you.

“I understand, are all of Princess Y/N’s things clothing packed and her belongings?”

You looked at your mom frantically searching for answers that she was yet to give.

“Yes we are ready for departure, when you command it, my Queen.” The guard said to my mother with grace.

“Than leave us, let me talk to my daughter for a brief moment.” The guards nodded and motioned to his guards to leave the room, while they waited outside the doors of your chambers. When you were finally alone you turned to your mothers.

“Mother, what is happening?” Your mother sat you down on your bed and sighed.

“We don’t have much time, so I must be quick. The monarchy is under attack here in Scotland. Being it’s Queen I must do my duty to protect it. I just got word of French soldiers coming here at dawn to attack us.”

“What, Why would they? We’ve kept the peace, we haven’t done anything to them.” You couldn’t believe this is happening.

“They believe it’s a great opportunity to take Scotland. Our country has been weak ever since your father, our king has passed. They feel as though it’s the perfect time to strike and take our country for themselves.” Your heart sunk at the mention of your father.

“But I should stay here with you, and be by your side to help.” You urged her. Your mother smiled at you and took your hands in hers.

“You are helping me, by going to England to stay with the Royal Style family.”

“Right now? Tonight but-“

“Our alliance with them is so important you know that. The only reason its been so consistent is because of your engagement to Prince Harry. You knew you always had to go back to keep our agreement standing.”

Your mother tried to make you understand. You knew you were bethroed to Harry ever since you were little, but you never thought things would happen so quickly like this.

“Your father and I made this decision with The Styles and engaged you with their first born Harry when you were only 8. Since we knew it was in both of our best interests. And now you must go not only for the alliance, but to keep you safe. Your not safe here anymore.”

“But I’m always been safe here, I don’t understand.”

“No, your not only the Princess of Scotland but soon to also be The Princess of England as well. You my dear are the only reason this alliance is so strong. Other countries like France don’t want that to happen. You are even more valuable than you were my sweet girl. And now it’s time for you to finally go to England and fulfill your duty to Scotland.”

“But how am I safer in England than here in Scotland, your here.”

“They will protect you, I sent word to The Royal Styles family they know your coming. It’s not like I’m putting you into the care of complete strangers. You’ve met them many times. You played in the castle with Harry. Don’t be weary.” She tried reassuring you.

“Yes I have, but that’s when I was very young. It’s been years mother, things have changed so much. I don’t know how to be a wife.” You remembered the palace in England, it was massive. The garden was your favorite place to play hide and go seek with the other noble children. You remember playing especially with Prince Harry but it’s been so long.

“I know my dear, but you’ll be fine.You won’t be married so soon. Your just going now, to keep you safe and for the alliance. Don’t worry You are strong and beautiful.” Your mother pushed a loose curl of your hair behind you ear, and you let out a sigh that you didn’t know you were holding.

“There’s no way Prince Harry would not fancy you.”

“I just don’t want to leave you..” your eyes started to water thinking about leaving your mother alone in a time like this.

“I’ll be fine, we still have our army and guards, I’ll be protected. It’s you I’m worried about. Y/N you have to understand that you have to stay safe, because there’s people who want to hurt you-“

Your chamber door opened quickly and a guard rushed in.

“My Queen we must be off now, the sun will be rising in due time.”

Your mother nodded and grabbed the warm coat that was set on your chair by your bed. She gave it to you.

“Here put this on quickly, dear. You don’t have time to change but once the carriage has gotten out of Scotland you can stop and the servants will change you. Your ladies will be accompanying you as well, your trusted guards, and servants. So you won’t feel alone.”

You nodded as you quickly put the coat on. You tried buttoning up the jacket but your hands were shaking. Your mother saw your state and did it for you.

“How will I know your safe? Will you come visit?” You asked eagerly, you couldn’t loose her.

“I will write you. I swear if.” She promised you, and than embraced you in a hug. You tried to not let your tears fall, but it was difficult when you didn’t know when you would see your mother again.

“Be strong Y/N. Remember only trust The Royal Styles.” You shook your head not letting yourself speak because you knew you would start sobbing.Your mother pulled away and you thought you spotted a tear forming in her eyes, but it was soon gone.

“And always do right by Scotland. Above all else do right by your Country.” The Queen spoke.

“I will.” You promised.

“Princess Y/N, the carriage is waiting.” The guard informed you. You nodded and slowly walked away from your mother towards the guards. They surrounded you to ensure your safety.

You turned back before you left your chambers you’ve called home all your life.

Your mother stood there and nodded at you. To reassure you that you could do it and be strong without her by your side.

So you turned away and blinked the tears away from your eyes.

You walked out of your chambers, and out of the castle to begin a new life.

A new life as a Princess of Scotland and England

And a new life as a soon to be wife to Prince Harry.


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