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WHAT ARE YOUR BUNS? Apart from ridiculously adorable obvz


(This is an unforgivably long post with pictures of stupidly adorable rabbits, so press J to skip it on your dash if you have no soul)

This is Gus:

Gus is a double maned lionhead, and she’s about 4 years old. I hate her so much because LOOK AT HER. When we first got her, we were told that she was a boy, hence the name. When we took her to get neutered, the vet broke the shocking news. 

Also, she’s a dick. She doesn’t like being handled a lot, but that’s mostly because she’s the dominant one of the pair and she gets worried that you’re going to challenge her - she accepts me as being dominant to her, but no-one else (which means that I’m the one who has been granted the ability to give her HEAD RUBS, which she is obsessed with). As a lionhead, she needs grooming all the time, as she has a tendency to get straw stuck in her fur, which looks hilarious but is not good at all for a number of reasons. 

It’s really hard to get a nice picture of Gus for several reasons: from the front she’s all nose, from the side she’s all eye, and she’s also a lazy fuck and enjoys pooing right where she’s sitting, so nearly all photos of her have got poo in them, which is a great photographic focal point. 

This is Emilia:

She’s a dutch rabbit, and she’s about the same age as her bffl. She is also a fucking cutie pie. Like, it’s ridiculous. I cannot deal with her. I actually can’t. Sometimes, I just go outside and have to rest my hand on her head. It has to happen. Her favourite things in life include eating, sitting on the food so that Gus can’t eat it, pushing all the straw out of the hutch, chewing on things that really don’t need to be chewed (the hutch, my headphones, my trousers), chattering with her little mouth, sticking her weirdly long tongue out in photos, having her ears scratched, and pretending to be a Christmas pudding. We had to take her to the vet recently and the vet told us that she was the nicest rabbit they’d ever met, and I don’t think I have ever been so proud (not even on my graduation). She loves being around people, and yesterday I was giving Gus a little ear rub and Emilia closed her eyes and started chattering (the rabbit equivalent of purring) because she knew that it would be her turn soon. I nearly cried.

Getting a nice picture of Emilia is equally difficult, mostly because she’s usually either eating or sitting down in that really horrible way she does, where she sort of sticks her head back into her chin and half closes her eyes. On the plus side, that means she’s feeling relaxed and trusting, but on the negative side, it looks like she’s wearing a bib made of her own fat.

They are ridiculous and sometimes I wonder just how I’m supposed to deal with them when they do shit like sit really close together so that I can rub both their heads at the same time, or play really loudly with their jingly ball at the middle of the night, or pick up sticks with their little mouths and carry them around, but I am coping.





How much money do I have to throw at Disney to make infinite sequels of Fantasia


I know you hate me because I take about a million photos all the time and it’s just because I don’t really wanna miss a single moment with you… You’re so fucking cute, I love you keelyrae0813 ❤️😘

“get a job” im not mentally healthy enough and i dont have access to a car and i wont see any of the money from the job anyways because my mom takes all the money i have,,and a million other things,,, but thank ,,you for the advice,,,,, youre right i will solve all my problems,, with a ,, job

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I'm so determined to meet you and tons other people at the Houston show. Like lets chill and have a dance party, maybe hug because I'm a hugger unless other people aren't and take a million pictures together because everyone will be looking hella fine and I'm just ready for the concert and everything.


Omg I made three new friends in my cultural anthro class and idk why but it literally feels like we’ve known each other for years. Like…we just started talking to each other today, but the way we joke around with each other and what we talk about is already so far along in the so-called “friendship stages” (in other words, I’m already comfortable with them and it’s super weird because I typically take like 10 million years to warm up to people in general). It turns out that each of us is from a different high school in the same district, and there are 5 schools in our district total so we’re representing 4/5 high schools in our district. I suspect that a huge part of the reason I’m so comfortable with them is because our class already discussed really sensitive/controversial topics like racism, sexism, artificial power structures, poverty, etc. and so I already know they aren’t problematic people just from hearing their opinions in class. Also when we introduced ourselves, I said my name was Daenerys and they all went with it and we started talking about Game of Thrones, so I know we have similar interests outside school. Anyway, it feels great to have this much fun and become friends with people so quickly! Maybe my final summer quarter won’t feel so unwanted after all…


20 Beautiful People Thing: Sooooo I was tagged by shesboundtolose and, whatever Rhi wants, Rhi gets. Sooo yeah.

The picture in the middle is probably the most recent picture of me. I don’t really like taking pictures because I have about a million insecurities about my appearance, but these are the ones where I feel less like a troll.

Plus… fucking Thor, man. Disneyland Thor is awesome. And Fievel needs to explanation, but I DO need to add that, when this picture was taken, my BFF Fievel  pressed his nose to my cheek and made a kissing sound. I cried. I can’t even pretend that I didn’t cry.

Ummm okay. I guess now I have to tag people? That’s how this works? Okay, I tag lostgabi and pantslessoptimism, and any of my other followers that might want to do it – I just feel weird tagging people I haven’t interacted with.

Sometimes I love myself and take a million selfies because I look kinda cute, but other days i hate myself and who I am or lack of who I am. I don’t understand this thing called life

I am really bad at thinking far ahead– people talk about dreams and goals and ambition and they can lay out the ideal response to the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” question that everyone loves to ask. and, I have ~some ideas about what I would like to see happen or make happen for myself but it is more like a floating blob of feelings that is way off in the distance and sometimes I jog towards it and sometimes I turn completely around and start walking in the opposite direction. I pretty much take things day by day because otherwise I will crumble into a million pieces– and now that I think about it, I am pretty bad at doing that as well, because some days I cant even decide what I want to eat for dinner until its 6pm and I’m starving and I eat a pb&j because it’s easy. but look at me. I am here. somehow living a life that isn’t all that bad. hmm.

I was tagged a million years ago but forgot to do this. So here you go.

Name ten favorite characters and then tag 10 people
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  1. Ron Weasley - Harry Potter
  2. Beth Greene - The Walking Dead
  3. Effie Trinket - The Hunger Games
  4. Leia Organa - Star Wars
  5. Iroh - The Last Airbender
  6. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
  7. River Tam - Firefly
  8. Zuko - The Last Airbender
  9. Han Solo - Star Wars
  10. Emma Woodhouse - Emma

Honorable mentions: The Dag (Mad Max), April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation), Haymitch Abernathy (The Hunger Games), Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead), Fleur Delacour (Harry Potter), Karen Walker (Will & Grace), Zapp Brannigan (Futurama), Olaf (A Series of Unfortunate Events), Earl of Lemongrab (Adventure Time) and many many others which I can’t include because it would take a million years.

Tagging fioredi, unbadgr, swiftasdeer, lemonkinney, emilykinneys, wesandersens, sergensaf, bundyshoesredsunrises87, bethgreenesgirlgang and anyone else who wants to do it.

Cumberland Mountain State Park issued photos of the overnight flooding & subsequent inability to rent boats today due to high water & the expectation of even more rain. But their photos only make me want to go to the park & take a million photos!
I won’t, because I’m not insane - but I live so very close & this bridge is so pretty regardless of the water level.
Although, honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them this high!
Be safe friends. #WhyAreAllTheDangerousThingsSoPretty #OneOfMyFavoritePlacesToGoForThinking #IWillMissItTheMostWhenIMove #LifeInASmallSouthernTown

What I just discovered

Is something that saddens me a great deal but cannot get in the way of my personal development and search for happiness in loving myself, focusing on goals, openly accepting what the universe gives me, and being grateful for the good.

It cannot because I’ve come too far to take a million steps backwards and cave into something someone wants me to do to give them power.

So I lost an internet friend without explanation. I know we were important to each other’s actual lives. That’s all that counts.

I’m so short so I have to hem the skirt for my outfit for my concert because I’m not Amish and it’s taking a million years plz Jesus take the wheel