because i tag ian things with her name

I feel all special that spacemancar tagged me because she’s nice and her blog is cute and I can make the joke that senpai noticed me. (literally just changed the tag because what emily said about the person that tagged her is also applicable to me)

Name: Ian

Time & Date: 1:30am July 6th

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-10

Last thing I googled: “bizarro smoke new bedford” to see their store hours, then pikachupancakeparty and i went there.

Nickname: my mom calls me jack. you can’t. danielle has me in her phone as “ian nickelback jagger”. you cant call me that either. stix calls me shuffles. basically i’m saying if you’re close enough to me, you get your own nickname for me that nobody else can use.

Birthday: September 28th

Gender: Dude

Sexual Orientation: bisexual? i prefer women but there are men i would go everywhere and do everything with if i had the wherewithal. 

Height: 6′

Favourite Color: Blue

One place that makes me happy: my own room

How many blankets do I sleep under?: almost always one

Favorite movie: Big Trouble in Little China

What are you wearing right now?: basketball shorts, a button up open over a red shirt i arted a bee motif onto, brown bandanna with a skull and spade motif

Last book you read: The Road to Mars by Eric Idle

Most used phrases: “Goddamn.”

First word that comes to mind: "Pluck”

Favorite Beverage: lemonade

Favorite Food: that’s usually changing, but i eat a shit ton of ramen that i throw crazy things into

Last movie I watched at the theatre: i have no earthly idea at the moment.

Dream vacation: scenic london?

Dream pets: a dog, several cats, perhaps a rat, and maybe even a pig

Dream job: live-in all purpose artist.

Tag 10 people: caseyhawke, sleep-boogeyman, moustachemanaged, xv-vi, clockworkjerk im too lazy to add more. if you feel like doing this go ahead.