because i still have to shower and everything

today when i was taking a shower i was thinking about how the fob fandoms been kinda dead lately and i thought it might be cool to make a fanzine? itd probably have to digital only just because i wouldnt have the money to print it but i think itd still be cool? and id need other people to help me with editing and everything bc im gonna be pretty busy through the school year and i wouldnt want to delay it too much you know?


You and Jay haven’t been out together just the two of you. Whenever you guys do go out it’s always in a big group and that doesn’t bother you but you just want to be with just Jay for once. Jay calls you around 7 o'clock “Y/N be ready by 7:30 i have something for you” you were indeed surprised at the request because he wasn’t asking he was telling you. “okay is there anything special i have to wear or …” you said still in shook. “No just something causal alright? alright. see you soon baby” he hung up with that. You looked into your closet for the longest planning out in your head what you were going to wear. You quickly took a shower made sure to wear your shower cap because you had just gotten your hair pressed. You did everything you needed to do. Brush your teeth and all of that. You did your makeup something simple nothing too extra. Foundation. Eyebrows. Eyeliner. Mascara. Matte Lipstick. Highlight. You checked yourself one more time in the mirror before you heard the front door open and close. “You already?” you heard as Jay turned into the bedroom and saw you. You nodded with an faint yes. And now you were on your way to this unknown location with Jay.

You and Jay caught a taxi to the location and you’ve noticed for the time you and Jay have been together you guys only take a taxi when he wants to walk around like the park for say. You felt someone staring at you so you slightly turned to see Jay now looking at your dark glistening skin as you passed many lights that bounced off your face constantly. “What? Listen I know I am beautiful but could you not stare so much?” was all you could say now hearing a laugh that was slightly beautiful yet painful to your ears. With that he quickly kissed your lips and then laid his head on your shoulder.

“We are here!” Jay said guiding you to the front of the restaurant. This was a restaurant you guys shared in common actually it was where are you guys first met. As you walked in you held onto Jay’s hand you thought about how he leaves for tour in a few days but you wanted to have a good time right now and not worry. You guys sat by the window maybe Jay wanted to be a little romantic by this.

You didn’t question it you somewhat went with the flow of tonight. “Hey! Are you even paying attention?” You heard Jay being over dramatic, you laughed “Sorry Jay oppa” you said in response, being a foreigner your Korean wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either but he never called you out on it he just hated the word ‘oppa’ it made him slightly cringe. He laughed then stare at you “How was your day?” Four words that you rarely hear from Jay but it made you happy because this was something that was once said and you could go on for hours about this and he would listen. “….. It seems like you had a long day baby that sucks for you” he responded to everything you told him about well you ranted about. “Shut up Jay if I knew you were going to say something like that i would’ve have kept it to myself, you asshole” you drank some of your drink avoiding eye contact with Jay but you couldn’t help it and you both laughed. The food was here and you quickly whipped out your phone and told him to smile or pose! how about you do both! “Jay come on do it stop being a baby, you are the king of fanservice but when I ask you to do something you can’t please Jay!” you pouted knowing once you did that you would get your way.

“Alright alright fine! I’ll do it” he rolled his eye at you knowing this would happen sooner or later he just likes to make it harder on you. “…1…2…3 cheese!” you said while taking the picture you were so happy with this simple action and in this simple place. “Wow you look so …. awkward” You laughed then showed him the picture. He decided not to say anything maybe he was too busy eating or just staring at you secretly planning how his future will be with you in.

“Come on Y/N put your phone down, let’s eat”

Nine days post-op. I had my drains removed and finally got to take a shower today! Everything looks great and I feel like I didn’t even have surgery! I don’t have any pain and I haven’t for like a week. It’s unbelievable how fast I’ve been recovering. I already have full motion of my arms, but don’t worry I’m still taking it easy. Maybe my youth is helping me recover really fast? I don’t know, but whatever it is I’m grateful! And I actually enjoyed taking a shower because I didn’t have to deal with huge dysphoria! Also ten months on T what up.

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Do you think Erwin might return, because his body isn't burried?

O, Anon. I would sell my soul for his return - if I had a soul…

I’ve just reached a point where I wouldn’t be really pissed off, if Erwin was suddenly found taking a shower like Bobby Ewing (Dallas) and everything was only a dream of Levi about what would have happened, if he hadn’t broken Erwin’s legs in chapter 72, but he did and Erwin’s still alive and takes a shower with his broken legs and is very helpless like a new born giraffe…

5th of November ‘16 (x)

I would have preferred, if they had buried his body in Sina and hadn’t left it behind in a rotten house, even far away from the basement, only to create a analogy with Kuchel. Now he’s rotting there anonymously…

Seriously, as happy as I would be about a resuscitation/return of the glorious Commander Erwin Smith, since it’s clear, that the manga will end in despair, I don’t see any use in his return.

I’m sure, that his death turned the tables and changed relationships permanently and his return would do the same, but they would never return to the starting point. I’m not a fan - I’m even a hater - of the current plot anyway, but to bring his character back to life seems to be kinda useless for the story to me…

As much as I understand the necessary and effects of his death, he shouldn’t have died like the way he did in the first place, Anon!

You don’t always need a grand gesture to make your day a little better. I know we live in a world where everything goes at lightning speed and all people seem to care about anymore is what you can give them and it’s easy to forget that you are your own necessity. I’m telling you, retail therapy is a real thing even if you don’t spend a cent, pretending that you will fills you with something money can’t buy. I promise if you spend an extra five minutes in the shower to finish your guitar solo you won’t regret it. Call up that old friend you haven’t seen since high school, chances are, if the number still goes through, you have nostalgia on your side. Take the scenic route home, they tell you speed is everything but that’s because they see through tired eyes instead of windows. I swear if you learn to cook something new, you’ll be proud of yourself even if it comes out a bit burnt. I know that there is never any time for trifling matters anymore but maybe you have forgotten that you’re anything but. Love yourself enough to consider the smallest joys because they will make your life feel a whole lot bigger.
—  Little Joys
Stories from London’s homeless:

Paul: ‘One of the hardest things to take is people instantly assuming you’re a junkie’

Not everybody has the same issues. It used to be easier to get a bed for the night. Some people don’t want to get off the streets, because of mental health problems maybe, or drug problems, but those I see who want to move on are hindered by the fact that there’s no support. Just basic support makes a difference. If you have a job interview, you need to have a shower, you need clean clothes. Simple things like that.

Andy: ‘I still have my family, but I’ve broken, burned, demolished, exploded all my bridges’

The whole base of everything is depression. Things went from bad to worse a couple of years ago – I started to realize I was a failure and I couldn’t face it. I tried to end it in November 2012, but it didn’t work. My family offered me immense support, but at that time there was only one person who could help me: myself. And I didn’t think I deserved help. That’s how the cycle of mental health problems begins.

Jane: ‘It’s very hard being a woman on the streets – there’s so much to cope with, keeping myself and my pet, Troy, safe’

The other night a big homeless guy was threatening me – clenching his fist and asking for money. A man walked past and I said: “Can you help? He’s trying to rob me,” but the man just walked away. Then a woman came and stood with me for 20 minutes, until the guy left me alone. I thought it was funny that the bloke wouldn’t stop and help, but the woman did.

Read more of their stories in the Guardian >>


Here are some pictures of me spanning the last two years! I’ve been sick my whole life, though I didn’t always know it. Honestly, this has been a fight I never expected or wanted. I am still struggling with accepting my diagnoses. I heard “you’re not sick - it’s all in your head” so many times that I still kind of expect that to be true. 

Being sick affects everything I do. Being sick means timing my life around medications and appointments and naps. Being sick means a grab bar in the shower, means sleeping on the couch for six months because you can’t walk upstairs. Being sick means leaving high school. Being sick means knowing every medical professional’s children’s names. Being sick means you have to have honest discussions about your illness and that’s very hard for me. 

 This is my life and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Through all the pain, the yelling at doctors, the years I was scared and thought it was all in my head. I fought hard for this life and I am not ashamed. I learned self-advocacy through my physical illnesses in a way I don’t think I would have learned otherwise. To quote Andrea Gibson from their poem An Insider’s Guide on How to be Sick, “This is my life. This is my precious life. This is how badly I want to live.”

I can’t help but wonder how it would have been if Beth had been there. He would have still struggled to adapt, of course (because he’s Daryl). But he’d have Beth on his tails, making sure he wasn’t becoming too distant. Daryl would have taken a shower for Beth. I don’t think she would have even of had to say anything. I think he’d want to make a good impression for her. She’d remind him that there are still good people, and he’d look at her and say ‘I know’. Because Beth is everything good in the world.

Excuse me while I go drown in my feels.


So shaaanxo just uploaded the best video i have seen this year. It hit so soo close to home and i am still in tears because everything she described was on par with how i felt last year. Even parts of this year. Things have happened and i wanted to be dead rather than on this earth. I remember just sitting on the bathroom floor after every shower feeling so so alone and just wanting out. I would lie on the floor in my room crying and no one knew. I contemplated what would happen if i were to die and whether it’d take the emptiness away. And im so fucking glad i did not succumb to the end of depression. I pulled myself out. I worked on dreams. I found gym. I found love. I found myself. And i am so, so thankful for everything that has happened in my life because without it, i wouldnt be where i am today. Stay strong. 💕💕💕💕