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Since today is Benedict’s birthday, I thought to share my story.

So, there it is.

I’m an Italian girl studying in London, and the important thing about this, is that Benedict Cumberbatch brought me there.

I started watching Sherlock three years ago, and the problem was that it didn’t just become my favorite tv show ever, but it also changed my life in a significant way.

I was already familiar with the Sherlock Holmes movies, but when I saw Benedict’s version, I was completely blown away, because I had never been impressed by an actor in that way before. I started reading the novels, I fell in love with the English Literature and theatre, I fell in love with London and everything related to that city.
Since that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that my country may not have been the right choice for my future.

Therefore, two years later I sent my application for a university in London, and it was accepted. Then, on September 2016, I left Italy, my family, my friends, and everything that had been part of my life up to that point. It was one of the most frightening and challenging moments of my life. And so were the following weeks, because I kept feeling out of place and lost, and I missed my family.

Then something happened.
Benedict was announced as guest at the Sherlock convention two days before the actual convention took place. Nobody was expecting that announcement.
I immediately bought a photo with him, using the money I received for my 18th birthday. For the first time since my departure, I was happy to be where I was, and for the first time I didn’t feel homesick.

That day was surreal. I didn’t eat or drink anything all day, the only thing I could think about was what to do or say once I’d reach him. My hearth had never beat faster.

After thinking and overthinking, I finally found the perfect phrase: six words, six simple words that would have summed up what he represented for me, so I kept repeating those six words in my head.

When the moment came, and once I entered the room, I had ten seconds to realize that the person who somehow brought me to that point of my life was right in front of me, smiling and posing for everybody. Everything else stopped, I don’t remember anything, I just remember looking at him and being happy.

When my turn came I said those six words out loud with my trembling voice.

“Thank you for being my inspiration”, I said to him.
He said a quick thank you before the picture was taken. But right after that, he looked at me in the eyes and said: “Thank you for telling me that”.

Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t know me at all, I was just a fan as everybody else, and yet he listened to me, he really listened to me and thanked me.

He was kind and nice, as you’d expect him to be.

I was completely overwhelmed.

Benedict Cumberbatch was the first person who made me feel at home in a city which wasn’t my own.
Is he simply an actor? Yes.
Does he know me? No.
Do I really know him? No.

And yet, in that day I felt truly happy for the first time since I had left my family.
In a moment when all I wanted to do was give up and go home, Benedict Cumberbatch was the only person who was able to make me feel like if I was in the right place, at the right moment, doing the right thing. So I didn’t give up, and now I’m about to begin my second year.

He inspires me everyday as an actor and as a human being, and there’s no way I could possibly explain my gratitude to this man, but I hope that one day I will be able to tell him how profound his impact on my life was.

So, happy birthday Benedict, you’re an extraordinary actor and a wonderful, wonderful person. You deserve the world and more 🎂 ♥️

I’m bad at coming up with concepts, lowkey hate cliché romance fics, and hate myself for being in a fandom about legos now apparently but…….

…I wanna see a tlbm fic where batman and jokes keep fighting like normal after the whole apocalypse thing, but over time, they become more and more casual/close with each other and jokers crimes start becoming less terrible and more wacky/intricate instead because although he doesn’t need to start a real ruckus for batman to show up anymore, he still likes flair and watching him struggle.

Eventually it gets to a point where b-man and J are just hanging out like normal people after a whole extravagant circus related fiasco that resulted in no actual crime or death

and then batman’s like “wait, did you even commit a crime today…?” and joker’s like “i think I’m in opposite of hate with you????”

anyway, It all ends with batman becoming an ex-villian circus ringmaster’s boyfriend/best performance act

I don’t like to have you guys see something outside of this blog, but this is important.

I’ve been going and going to catch up on asks, but this has been bugging me so much. Listen up if you’ve got a kitty that you know and love. Onions are super toxic to cats. There was a fair in my town recently, and one of my few remaining friends and I got a “blooming onion”. I dropped a piece and my dad’s cat, who I lovingly call a trash compactor, ate it right up. I didn’t think of anything until the morning after when he started throwing up. Now, he does that sometimes, so I didn’t think much about it. But it continued into today. When I called the vet, they told me to watch him. If he didn’t eat or ate and then threw up again, we’d have to bring him to an animal hospital.

We’re lucky. He didn’t. He’s fine and showing no other symptoms. I could have lost him because of something I didn’t know. My ignorance could have killed my baby boy. I just don’t want any of you to have to deal with this. Onions are in lots of things. Please be careful what you feed your kitties. Even small amounts are toxic.

I love him to bits. It would be awful to have lost him. Protect your kitties.


that’s it, that’s the whole show

💓 Dating Chris Powell would include💓

▪ it only takes a few days to settle in

▫ you are both really really comfortable around each other


▫ you wearing his jersey (and nothing else)

▪ making him crazy because of it

▫ that day you’re both late to class

▪ hAnD HoLdInG

▫ he’s a HUGE fan of PDA

▪ like, seriously you’ll always either sit on his lap, hold his hand, hug or kiss when you’re out


▪ dates to the cinema, coffeeshop… PICNIC DATES

▫ telling you about his life back in Maine

▪ you asking about AJ and the rest

▫ wearing a spare jersey to his games

▪ celebrating a victory in private

▫ (what i meant was in bed while calling him Captain)

▪ [I’m trash, lmao]

▫ staying in bed on weekends

▪ spending as much time together as possible

▫ like, even if it’s just 5 min before a meeting or something


▫ trying to cook or make breakfast which leads to making out in the kitchen (i meant ON kitchen counter)

▪ annoying the shit out of your friends because you’re too cute together

▫ staying up all night to watch random TV shows (making out when you’re bored, obviously)

▪ ‘I love you’s’ ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME.

▫ meeting his family for real

▪ (They all love you, obvi)

▫ but not as much as Chris does

▪ you are that couple™

▫ (everyone’s rooting for you to get married in a few years)


▫ talking about the future

▪ almost no fighting (except for the rocky start)



▫ compliments

▪ ‘You look wonderful today" - “Chris, you already told me that about three times” - “Can you blame me?”

▫ more ‘i love you’s’ because it’s true, isn’t it?

▪ you’ll probably be married at the end of college and have like 4 dogs (sorry i don’t make the rules)

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May I request an ambw mafia boss au with jhope where you run away and stay at your guy friends apartment only for him to find you? Smut with spanking, anal play and slight choking? Also thank you so much for writing for us! Your writing always cheers me up, and it's great to find scenarios for WOC. I really appreciate you and everything you do for us! <3

|This story is literally having me feel some type of way because ugh fuck hope, my bias list is shaking and I must be faithful to Yoongi!!|


Cheater. Your mind yelled out so loud that you thought it was coming from the room, hands gripping at your things shoving them into your bag one by one. Pacing around the room to place small amounts of clothes in your bag as you prepared to leave. How could he? How could he just throw away the last four years of your life like it was nothing? Utter bullshit that’s what it was. Angry tears dripped down your cheeks, your nose becoming flared with the anger that took a toll on your body. Moving to throw the bag in the closet under dirty clothes you moved to get ready for bed for the night sighing as you heard the door open. It slammed lightly and you could hear him, setting down his keys and taking off his shoes. The very breath he was taking you let your senses make note of it.

The fucking dog, cheating on you with that woman. It was a shock to you, but you had to know it was coming, right? You were the lover of a man so powerful and dangerous just looking at him and someone thinking it was anything less than friendly and you were dead. Jung Hoseok, he owned a lot of business in Seoul, drug houses underground, clubs and hospitals. He had an empire passed down through the family landing on him while his father retired and went into hiding from the police still wanted for over fifteen counts of murder. The police tried to take Hoseok down but they had no evidence to pin him like always. And it also helped Hoseok that he had lawyers and judges who worked under his belt, anything to keep a few dollars in their pockets. The life for him was lavish. He was a typical spoiled kid with good looks who got whatever he wanted when he wanted. He was praised by everyone. That was the reason he fell for you, hard. You hated Hoseok through school. His smug face and cocky attitude. Many times, you told him off in front of people who didn’t care for you but as far as you were concerned the feelings were mutual. Many days you were caught up in people trying to jump you or take you on and though you didn’t win every single fight you were still good and handling your own battles. Hoseok never knew at first that you were getting into fights behind him. But once he found out he made sure that if anyone messed with you they paid for it. He enjoyed the banters between the both of you, and you were something different. Not the typical girl who thought she was privileged because she was foreign. You were a goddess to him and he wanted to explore everything into your world and culture. He couldn’t help but fuck with you, grab at your skirt in front of people just so that he could say he was noticed by you in front of people. How aggressive you would get when he even looked in your direction. It carried on for years and he was so shocked to watch you grow up. You developed into a curvy cutie that he couldn’t stop fantasizing about. He had to have his skin pressing against your brown skin, he wanted to slap your ass pull on your hair bite on your skin and leave bruises. Countless days he had to go home in frustration from the boner that you had given to him by not even trying. And when he found out you were dating he was full of rage.

No one else could have his chocolate thick thigh and perfect minded fiery beauty. Never in a million years. He knew he started to develop in looks but still you shot him down in his school and even some in college. He had enough of it, seeing you start to fall for yet another man after your ex left you in a pit of tears. He was so full of rage he tried to kill the male. He hadn’t even given you a week to grieve before he was close to knocking down your door and pressing you against the wall taking you roughly not once but twice and claiming you as his. You loved every second of it because you have never been done like that before and he gave you so much passion behind it. It swept you off your feet. Of course, you still fought him on it but he had you in his grasp in less than one month. But what you saw today made you regret every muttering his name. You had taken him lunch, getting up at six am in the morning to make sure he was fed well, walking into his office no one guarded the door because you were his girl, and they had simply forgot to tell you not to come in to see him. It was too late, pushing open his door you saw them, her in his lap head thrown back moaning while he rocked into her. Hoseok didn’t even show remorse while catching your eye contact he just fucked her harder and smirked like he was proud about it. The thought alone, the look of pleasure on his face twisted in your gut. But you couldn’t think about it, he came into the room starting to undress his clothes. One look at his blonde ass and you were ready to attack but instead you moved to crawl into the bed.

“You’re sleeping early.” He commented watching you slowly through the mirror.

“Mmm, I’m really tired today, drained but I guess it was because I had a really early start.” You admitted a somewhat truth shutting your eyes.

“You don’t want to cuddle tonight?” He asked softly and you looked over your shoulder, his warm smile stopping your heart once again and you felt like a fucking fool, breaking yourself at the cost of his smile.

“Sure, baby let’s cuddle.” You gave a smile that wasn’t over the top trying to seem genuine. Hoseok was quick to remove the rest of his clothes and climb into bed with you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist he watched you through his eyes making sure you were trapped against him. And even though you tried to play it off he could feel the little tension in your body, watching as you slowly gave into sleep before he himself slept the night away.


It had been a few months since you escaped from home leaving with the little clothes that you had brought not trusting to wear anything Hoseok owned and even then, you were wearing your best friend’s clothes half of the time. Hoseok had went to work the next day and while he was gone you grabbed your one bag even leaving your phone on the bed. Not wanting him to contact you in any form. Fleeing across the town to Daegu you made sure to leave no traces behind you. Your friend was woken abruptly with you pounding on his door.

“Where is the fire?” Jay asked you rubbing his eyes. You frowned at him, eyes red again and outfit dirty from how much you ran. He knew from just looking at you something was up. “I told you, I told you he was a fucking jerk.” He repeated for the ten thousandth time that day.

“You can’t do nothing about it Jay. He would kill you. And I don’t think I could be left on earth without my only friend.” You had crawled in his lap letting him comfort you as your body shook with tears, the last few years seeming to escape from your body the more you cried.

And that’s how it went, you stayed with Jay while he worked and brought the food and in return you cleaned the house and cooked the food because it was the least you could do. You wanted to get a job but Jay knew that you wouldn’t be to not be spotted. He wanted to buy you clothes because you were stealing all his and though he loved it, he didn’t want the smell of you to be on him while he was out in public, trying to keep you both safe. You switched over to his shampoo, his axe soap. Everything to keep your ass from your lying lover. And it was going great! You were happy, doing the things you wanted to do you just hated that you had to keep Jay in all the time. He had other friends but he worried about you so, he only stayed around the house after work. And as every day passed by you could feel yourself healing getting over Hoseok and even falling for one of Jay’s friend. He would make you feel loved and special, something that Hoseok did before all of this shit. And in no time, you were giving things to this man but you never went past oral wanting to be sure this time the one you gave your body to was the one. You were certain that Hoseok had forgotten about you and moved on, perhaps he was even with the girl that he was fucking in front of you, it should be easy to move on and start over right?

“I will be back by tomorrow morning. You will be okay, right?” Jay asked you squeezing your cheeks and you nodded your head.

“I am not a chilllddd sir! Let me have this moment it will be fun to walk around your house in nothing on.” You teased licking his finger and talking with squeezed cheeks.

“Alright, just for that I’m going to tell my boy to come through.” He teased clapping his hands. “Don’t break the guest bed that’s for me only.” He smiled pressing a kiss against your forehead walking away. Smiling softly, you snuggled into the couch getting comfortable as you were left in the silence.

A couple of hours had passed by of you doing nothing, eventually resulting in you falling asleep. Letting your body be swept away by the blissful darkness you were out like a light bulb, until you heard knocks on the door. At first you rolled over not even minding the light taps until they got harder by each passing second. Frustrating washing over you, you moved to stand up marching towards the front door wrenching it open. Your hair fell everywhere a beautiful mess and you were ready to tell off whoever was standing at the door. Your eyes opened wide seeing Hoseok standing there with a smug grin on his lips. Fear gripped you so hard that your knees shook. You didn’t know what to do. Your body felt like jelly.

“You shouldn’t have run away kitten.” Hoseok rasped slightly. All he had on was a tank top and baggy black skinny jeans, a choker around his neck. You looked off to the side taking a step back.

“I’m not your kitten anymore..” You whimpered moving back a few more steps.

“You will always be mine! Now you can either come the easy way or the hard way.” Hoseok inched closer to you. Without thinking it through you tried to slam the door, his strength overpowering you. Taking off running you made a dash for the stairs only for him to catch you by your ankle and pull you back down to stairs. You flailed hands moving to push at his shoulders, trying to get him to loosen his grip and get off you.


“I love it when they scream.” Hoseok said grabbing at your throat cutting off all sounds from escaping your lips as he squeezed down on your windpipes.

“Just how she did the night I fucked her when you came in.” And just like that you were broken, all the fight that you had in your body was gone, replaced with angry tears. Hoseok was never a man of much emotion and not wanting that to change now he grabbed at you throwing you over his shoulder with a growl. Walking out of the house he looked at one of his men head jerking towards the house. “Collect her things and make sure not to damage this place since she loves him so much. I need a few hours alone with my girl.” Hoseok cooed dragging you towards the car.

He strapped you in before he got in driving back towards his running domain.

“I love you. You should know.”

“I fucking hate you with everything inside of me.” You responded balling up your fist into the large shirt that you were wearing.

“Oh?” He asked chuckling before doing a double take looking at you and smelling you for the first time. Gritting his teeth his hands clenched on the steering wheel.

“Why are you wearing his things? Why do you smell like him? Why did you even run to him instead of talking to me about it?” He demanded answers. Smirking you looked at him, tilting your head.

“You didn’t know? I stopped wanting you the moment I fucking left. You were a waste of time Jung Hoseok and at the first chance I got I fucked Jay hard into the mattress.” You winked at him causing the male to try to damn near tear the wheel off the car. He looked forward slamming his foot down on the gas not saying another word. Seeing the anger take over his usual so composed and stoic face made you feel like you were in high school all over again.

As soon as the car got into the parking lot of your house you hopped out taking off seatbelt and all trying to run into the house while he was still parking. Fumbling over your feet a bit, you had almost twisted your ankle, getting a few feet from the car before Hoseok was picking you up and slamming you against the hood.

“What are you doing?!” You asked him, Hoseok growled cupping your cheeks.

“Trying to calm you down and get sense into you!” He yelled back at you.

“I don’t need sense because I’m not the one who cheated! I didn’t get bored of us! I was happy! And you cheated! You ruined it, you ruined this family!” Your hands balled up hitting on his chest repeatedly as you two fought in daylight the other neighbors were sure to have a show. Hoseok rolled his eyes crashing his lips against yours.

Fighting back, you tried to pull away from him wanting to squirm from his grasp because he was making your heart stop with his lips. His hips pushed into yours as he pinned you against the car biting roughly on your bottom lip. His tongue escaping into your mouth into a heated kiss. You bit down on his tongue trying to get him to loosen up his hold, his body pushed yours down against the car, his hand sliding up and under the large shirt that you had on. You could feel his lips twitch into a smirk as you focused on getting his hands to move, his body easily slipping in between yours. His hands managed to grip at your breast squeezing them roughly he pulled back from the kiss groaning as he rutted his hips against yours licking across your neck.

“That’s right baby fight me, fight me like our first time. I know you hate submitting.” He husked biting down harshly on your earlobe, causing a groan from you. You hated how your hips pushed back against his, your hands moving to fist at his shirt instead while he dry humped you against the hood of the car licking all over your neck and jaw sucking hickeys into your skin. Your head was swimming with thoughts and you felt yourself slowly becoming submissive, pulling him closer to your body your fight was becoming little to none as your panties started to become damp from the wetness sliding from your folds.

“Is this fight dying down little girl?” Hoseok growled his bulge pressing against your core as he ground his hips against yours.

“Fuck you.” You groaned moving around a little more, Hoseok smirked yanking your bra down ripping it.

“With pleasure.” He picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder walking into his house. Opening and shutting the door he walked down the hallway towards his favorite room. Opening the door, he threw you on the large bed, shutting the door behind him before he walked to the walls that were decorated with many toys. Looking around the room you whimpered feeling your stomach tighten.

“Oh yes kitten. I hope you didn’t think you were off punishment just because you let me turn you on? No that was part of my plan to get you where I want you. I told you we could do this two ways and you decided to do this the hard way. Such a naughty girl like always.” He shook his head, his blonde bangs getting into his eyes. Grabbing at the items he needed he pressed them on the bed looking down at you. “Now, are you going to strip or do I need to do it for you?” How he said it, you knew if you would’ve let him do it then that would have been more punishment for you. Standing up, you stepped close to him slowly taking off your clothes one by one until you were naked before him. His eyes greedily drank you in and he let out another low pitch growl. Turning you around he pushed you into the bed slapping your ass with his hand. “Hands up towards the headboard.” Obeying his commands your hands went up towards the headboard. He walked around you tying your wrist to the bed before he moved to get back behind you. Hoseok spread your legs wide licking two of his fingers before he slowly slid them together inside of your tight pussy. Crying out you arched your back at the slow dull pain that was setting inside of you. It had been so long since you had been stretched out, your walls tightened around his fingers. He groaned softly knowing all he needed to know from how tight you were but of course he wouldn’t lighten up his punishment. You ran from him and made him feel things no other woman had before. “Count.” Hoseok gripped at the belt on the bed starting to slap it against your ass.

“O-one!” You choked out brokenly the sting shooting up your back, his fingers not moving inside of you just staying as a place holder. Hoseok groaned starting to spank you again, not pausing between each hit just giving you licks back to back until he was at twenty. Your ass was sore, the pain slowly crept into your limbs, your fist was balled tightly as you tried to cope with the feeling. Hoseok rubbed your ass slowly letting your sniffles stop leaning down to kiss on your ass cheeks as if he was done. And the moment you calmed down he was back at it, slapping both of your cheeks a bit harder giving you twenty more licks until you were shaking under him and fully sobbing. Dropping the belt on the floor to signal that he was done, he slipped his fingers from inside of you placing you on your knees. He undid his clothing sliding it off one by one. Leaning down he spread your warm ass cheeks apart licking up and down your asshole with a strip. Getting it wet and watching you whimper in pleasure, he knew how much you loved having him play with your ass and he was happy to give it to you. He slid his tongue inside of you slowly thrusting it in and out of you, coating your walls with his spit. He made sure to push his tongue as deep as he could thrusting it in and out rapidly circling it around your ass, one of his hands moving to rub at your clit slowly, your body was shaking under him from pleasure as the tears dried onto your face, your ass was hurting like a bitch and you knew you wouldn’t be able to properly walk for a while and let alone sit down. Hoseok was pulling back all too soon your hips trying to rut, against the air and feel some form of pleasure. Hoseok smirked aligning his hardened shaft with your pussy slowly pushing inside of you causing you both to moan in pleasure.  He slammed his hips forward not giving you a chance to adjust as he snapped his hips against yours. His goal was to fuck you into the mattress one hand gripping at your hips while the other hand moved to cup your ass cheeks. Hoseok spread your legs wider with his, using his thumb from his free hand to slide into your tight asshole. He moved it in and out slowly his hips circling and pounding into yours. Pushing deeper each time he made sure he was fucking against your spot. Your head rolled forward onto your arms as you cried out for him, begging him for more. He listened to you pushing himself to push even harder inside of you. The bed creaking under your bodies from the force of him fucking you, your pussy wrapping around him dripping a mess onto his shaft and the sheets below. Hoseok moved his hand up your body slowly scratching you with his nails until he was pulling your head back by your hair causing you to arch.

“Are you going to cum for me?” He asked lowly as he watched himself slide in and out of you, his hips meeting your ass for every thrust. Barely nodding your head, you gave into him arching your back and sticking your ass out more as he pounded into your insides.

“Daddy.” You choked out as he slammed his hips forward.

“Fuck Y/N!” Hoseok couldn’t believe it pushing you down into the bed with his chest against your back he slammed himself into you over and over, the rope causing the headboard to make more sounds of protest. Hoseok filled you up with his cum moaning against your ear as he kept his body pressed against you. Slowly he pulled out untangling his hand from your hair and moving his finger from your ass. He untied the ropes laying you down on your back. Getting up he put on his boxers sighing as he sat on the side of the bed beside you looking at the wall.

“I hope you know this doesn’t make you forgiven.” You muttered out as your heart hammered into your chest. Hoseok slapped your thigh giving you a crooked smile not looking at you.

“I cried when I thought I lost you.” He started with a heavy sigh. “I had to find some way to tire you out or you wouldn’t have listened. I know you too well for that.” He admitted shrugging his shoulders. “Let’s talk about the truth because I know you want it. How did I find you first. Well, it took a lot of searching because I guessed a lot of places and the trail got cold, but then I remembered you had a best friend. It made sense why you wouldn’t take your phone or message him. But this was just a theory so I sent men to follow Jay and low and behold he told one of his friends about you who I’m guessing..” He trailed off biting his lip and you wanted to sit up and comfort him but you knew you were in the wrong too. “I let them watch you for a few weeks before we decided on what days I would get you.. I waited this long not because I wanted to hurt you but I wanted you to leave. That girl who was in my lap. I fucked her for us.” He said softly looking over at you. “She knew where my father was and had evidence. She also knew where your father was. She was going to turn my father in and have your father convicted as an accomplice since they did know another. It wasn’t ideal but that girl knew us from high school. You fought her once and she was so mad that I didn’t chase her like I did you. And I knew if she saw you or heard of you catching us it would create the perfect illusion. I’m not a saint and I know I shouldn’t have done it but at that time my only priority was keeping you safe even if I had to hurt you. I love you that much I’d set you free from me if you truly didn’t want this life.” He smiled softly rubbing his fingers up and down your thighs. Your hand reached out to grab at his, smiling softly through teary eyes you kissed his fingertips pulling him to you.

“It seems I’ve been wrong about you once again Jung Hoseok. But you still get your own punishment for fucking her. And I will make sure that next time you come to me about it first, especially when it involves both of us.” You growled lightly getting up only to push him down. He smirked wrapping his arms around your waist lightly tapping your ass.

“Then punish me now.. If you think you can.”


So last night while watching the end of Shadowhunters 2x20: Beside Still Water I noticed something but I was too focused on everything that just happened to make sure I had seen what I thought I did. I rewatched today and this time I squealed like the biggest dork in the whole world because I had indeed seen something familiar.

My New York heart was proud. My pride grew for the people behind the scenes of the show I love, their attention to small details proven to have gotten better even to my cynical and critical NY eye.

Before Season 2 started, Matt Hastings said that The Hunter’s Moon is supposed to be in Chinatown, in Lower Manhattan. They did their best with all the neon, crowded small streets and paper lanterns, but last night I saw the detail I posted in the photos above.

When Jace left The Hunters’s Moon in pain you can see a sign for a tea parlor in the back. The name, font, and even the Chinese characters are either a replica or a projected image of a real tea parlor in Chinatown. The Nom Wah Tea Parlor is a famous, and popular dim sum spot for new yorkers and tourists alike. I love that place very much and it holds a dear place in my heart.

An extra special tidbit for anyone who reads my fic I Won’t Let You Fall. Nom Wah is actually the very real inspiration for the tea parlor where Magnus works, even down to the exact location, menu items and some of its description. 

Childhood Crush~ Jeff Atkins

Two weeks. It has been two weeks since you last talked to your best friend and life long crush Jeff Atkins. We have a dance coming up so there are always multiple girls flirting with him around this time in hopes he will ask them to be his date to the dance. I can’t handle watching it anymore so I have been avoiding jeff like the plague since the girls started this time. That’s why im sitting in bed when I should be at jeff’s house watching our favorite show with him. He has been blowing my phone up since I started avoiding him, but i guess he finally realized I don’t plan on replying because he hasn’t tried to reach out to me today. I was drowning in my thoughts on if i should tell him my feelings when I heard a know at my window. Walking over I see jeff standing outside looking absolutely perfect, “Y\N we need to talk,” he says as I open the window to let him in. There is no way I can run from him now so there is no point in trying, “ Why are you avoiding me? he questions when he is finally standing in my room.
"Because I like you, I thought it was obvious how I feel about you.”
“You’re not supposed to avoid someone you like,” he replies softly.
“I am when there are always girls flirting with him and trying to get him to take them to that stupid dance next week.”
“Why didn’t you come to me?” he asked gently lifting my chin to look at him.
“I was scared to,” I reply, “So did you ask anyone to the dance yet?”
“Uh actually yeah,"he replies scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, "listen I have to go but i’ll see you tomorrow because you cant avoid me,” he says as he climbs out the window.
Tonight’s the dance but I stayed home not wanting to see jeff with another girl when I have such strong feelings for him. My parents are out of town so I was having a movie night in the living room while I waited for my food to arrive. My movie was just getting good when there was a knock at the door. Swinging the door open im met with a face I did not expect to see, jeff was standing there smiling, “ did someone order a pizza?” he asks with a cheeky smile.
“What are you doing here?” I question.
“Did you really think I would let my girl have a movie night without me? Oh and for the record I have feelings for you too,” he says.

Friends to Lovers with Jaehyun
  • bro i’m so sleepy rn
  • why i’m always so sleepy it’s not normal anymore istg
  • but anyways, jaehyun uhm?
  • my first bias ever in nct <3
  • well, that was before i saw ten in nct life in bangkok and fell i love with him lol
  • actually i was watching it today because i missed hansol a lot and omg :’) i love ji hansol so much he’s such a king
  • why do i always end up talking about hansol, omg anyways, let’s just begin this
  • ok, let’s start saying that you weren’t feeling too well that day
  • actually, you were having a terrible day and you were a 100% ready to punch anyone in the face who would talk to you
  • you were getting late to your class that day and the bus you always take didn’t even show up
  • and you were basically running from an extreme of seoul to the other one
  • so when this stranger bumped into you and accidentally spilled all his hot coffee in your shirt u weren’t happy at all 
  • first of all, jesus christ that shit it was hot
  • “oh my god, i’m really sorry are you okay?”
  • you looked at him with nothing but pure anger and actually though about punching him in the face but you ended up being a nice person and just ignore him
  • “do you want me to walk you home so you can change? maybe i can give you my sweater”
  • “i’m fine, i’m getting late i can’t talk now”
  • and you were going back to the direction you were going to but guess what
  • this weird guy just followed you
  • “you’re going to catch a cold if you walk like this in such a cold day, do you seriously don’t want my sweater?”
  • “it’s just a cold”
  • you definitely had a strong personality and that really atracted him for some reason?? even if you were treating him like shit lmao
  • he followed you the whole way while talking about random stuff but you weren’t giving any attention at all
  • even when you entered to your university and then went back five mins later because you were too late he was still there
  • “you couldn’t do it? oh, then i guess there’s nothing we can do, well, maybe i can walk you home so you can change and then idk buy you a new t-shirt”
  • you were so tired of hearing his voice already but for once you agreed to him because 
  • “if i agree would you shut up a little?”
  • “…..maybe”
  • and he didn’t but you still couldn’t pay any attention to him either and he was getting tired of your shit i mEaN
  • “listEn,,,, i’m sorry okay? what do i have to do? i’ll buy you new clothes and a breakfast if you want to just give me a little attention here”
  • you looked at him and omg you finally realized how handsome he was??
  • like imagine walking by his side and just turn your head and have jung jaehyun looking at you in the most sincere way you can think of with the sun rise in the back
  • spoilers HE LOOKED E T H E R E A L I’M
  • “my name is y/n, normally i’m less moody but my day was just too fucking horrible today”
  • “i’m yoonoh and i already introduced myself like twenty times but you weren’t paying me attention”
  • and he made you laugh a little
  • in such a horrible day like, what?? i-i laughed¿???
  • y’all kept talking about the normal stuff
  • things related to your studies and to his job and blablable
  • boring things u know
  • after you went to your house and changed your outfit for one that was more bomb and cool he took you to a really nice cafe
  • y’all had breakfast together and paid for e v e r y t h i n g
  • you kept talking and getting to know each other and then you went shopping!!!
  • i’m so jealous
  • also, i feel like jaehyun would be really sincere while shopping?? like
  • “that color is ew with ur skin color but bby try this one, it would look bOOmb af believe me”
  • but omg he would compliment you non stop once you find idk a dress or something that’s actually good on you and omg
  • “told you, you look amazing, i don’t care if you don’t like it i’m buying it anyways”
  • “tHESE SHOES OMG, you don’t even need to wear them i know they’ll look amazing anyways i’ buying these too”
  • lmao but you would low-key blush the whole time like i just meet you?? you made my life a hell like an hour ago?? stop?¿? i have to be angry
  • but he’s such an idiot i mean how could you be angry at this puppy
  • you only had to buy a new t-shirt but you ended up with like two gigantic bags in your hands
  • but jae carried them for you so don’t worry <3 he’s such a genterman right
  • you started to be really close from that day and eventually feelings developed
  • ;)))))))))))))
  • and he didn’t doubt on telling you about this feelings but he did ask for some advices for part of the other members
  • even tho i think he would be kind of obvious with his actions??
  • like before confessing he would always idk play with your hair and hands and he always have his arm on your shoulders and things like that
  • so it wasn’t a surprise when he told you that he liked you
  • the surpise was that.. he kissed you before saying it
  • you were watching a movie in your house and out of the blue he would tap your shoulder and once you look at him he would just.. kiss you?
  • and you kissed him back and that’s what gave him confidence to confess his feelings orally, whispering everything he feels for you
  • and of course you confessed back
  • and forget about the movie after that because you spent the rest of the night talking about how y’all started to like each other and kissing and being all cute
  • jae would be the best boyfie ever in my opinion
  • like he would be low-key jealous but not to much to like start an argument or smth, he would always trust you and tell you everything
  • also, A+ cuddles, he would be really shy sometimes but that would make everything better because he is all fluffy and soft and blushy and awww
  • and i guess the end, but basically you would be blessed everyday with this cutie by ur side ok
  • <33 hope y’all like it a lot
  • also this is not important but i got inspired by mom as i wrote this lmao
  • like she made me angry and that’s why i decided to mistreat jaehyun in the beggining okay?? i actually love jae he’s my everything

It’s probably because I just did some translation of Yuzuru’s interview back in 2014 today, but for some reason, I was weirdly very touched to know the reason why he chose Kanagawa rink for his skating class and performed ‘Hana ni Nare’ there.

We all know that Yuzuru has a good heart, but I’m still glad to see that since 2014, every year he spends some of his precious time before the season starts to come back to Japan and do charity events to help those affected by disasters and show his gratitude to those supported him. You can watch/read about his activities every year here: 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

His actions touched my heart in a very personal way as someone who was very concerned about the 2011 Earthquake disaster, and it warms my heart to know that he’s still constantly thinking about those who helped him and those who are still in pain because of those hardships, that his mind hasn’t changed at all since the day he won the Gold medal:

“…During the time I lost my home rink, I could skate thanks to being asked to do ice shows for a few months. At that time,  Arakawa Shizuka, Daisuke Takahashi, Kozuka Takahito, Asada Mao, and many other skaters planned charity events for us, and thanks to that I was able to come back and skate.

I am not a pro, so I think I cannot do much now, but in the future I want to do charity events to thank and show my gratitude in some way, to not only skaters, but also to people who were affected and suffered from the earthquake disaster.

I’m here by myself right here right now.  Though the gold medalist is only one men skater from Japan, but when I got onto the podium, I’m truly happy that I could perform carrying on my back the wishes of Japanese people and those who supports me from around the world. I wonder if I was able to return the favour to them.”

(excerpt from Aoi Hono II)

Hidden Obsessions

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1050 Words

Story Summary: Deciding to start watch a show, you are surprised when your fiancee comes home early.

A/N: This is written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and her Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge. Mine was for the show Firefly. Thanks for letting me participate!!

No warnings needed

Pop, pop, pop. You could hear your popcorn in the kitchen as you quickly raced up stairs, changing into a pair of sweatpants and one of Jensen’s old t-shirts that still held his unique scent in the cotton. Racing back down, your sock covered feet almost slid off the last stair, and you caught yourself at the last moment.

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Quick Thought

((OOC: Being on holiday this last week had meant that I’m in minimal clothes a lot of the time. A lot of my body is on show and, while I occasionally whip my shirt off when I’m playing a character and generally put on a confident facade, my body is something I have a huge issue with.

I started modelling at a young age and so was told as a child that imperfections weren’t acceptable. Id watch as they airbrushed dark circles and stretch marks and only then told me I was pretty. I’ve been thinking about that a lot today.

I’m not about to tell you to love your stretch marks or your spots and blemishes because I don’t love my own, and self love really isn’t as simple as some nerd on the internet saying ‘love yourself’ but I will say this: imperfections make us human. They mean we have grown both physically and mentally to become the people we are today. They mean we’ve managed to get through bad times and that we have experienced the good. To grow is the most natural thing on earth and imperfections are proof that we have lived.

I don’t know where I’m going with this and I’ll probably delete it later, I’ve just been thinking about it a lot today ❤️

Recently Viewed - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

My brother and I started watching Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return today. Digging it so far. The host segments haven’t quite clicked for me yet (mostly because they’re harder to justify, what with Netflix’s lack of commercial breaks), but the riffing—which was always the real meat of the show, as far as I was concerned—has kept us in constant hysterics, despite a few rushed deliveries and clumsy punchlines. Considering it took the original cast years to discover the perfect rhythm, I’m willing to cut the new guys some slack. And when the bots find the perfect running gag or drop a reference so obscure even I have to force laughter to save face, it’s just like old times, and those minor flaws seem a lot less important.

It’s just a show. I should really just relax.

my friend and i some how got onto talking about supergirl today and we started talking about how there were lesbians on the show. now keep in mind he doesn’t watch the show, but he has in fact seen a few clips with katie mcgrath and kara in them. he genuinely asked me if it was lena who was the lesbian in the show because he thought that lena and kara had so much sexual tension, and i think that just shows how gay supercorp is cos someone who doesn’t even watch the show thought they were together

EXO reacting to you slipping in public

 I wanted to do something on this tumblr and i figured to start it off it should be reactions ^^ hope you like it haha. Gifs belong to their rightful owners (:

Xiumin: Being the oldest it would be obvious he’d be more mature right? Well, not with Minseok. He’d be holding in his laughter but a smile would eventually find it’s way onto his face. But he’d still help you up nonetheless. “Oh my god! *stiffled laughter* are you okay?”

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Suho: Junmyeon is EXTREMELY worried if you’re okay or not. He’d quickly help you up and would inspect you to see if any new bruises were forming. He wouldn’t think of it being funny but maybe afterwards he’d crack a dad joke. “Seems you fell hard for me, huh?”

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Lay: Yixing, much like Minseok, would stiffle a laughter but he wouldn’t have a problem containing it as he just saw it as a giggle rather than laughing his ass off. “Are you drunk?”

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would have the time off his life. He’d step back and do that one laugh where his head would be hanging and his arms are on his legs supporting him from not falling because of how much he’s laughing. “I need to buy you a walking cane!”

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Chen: Ah yes. Jongdae. You’d normally watch your actions around him because you know he’d tease you the moment it’d happen but today was your unlucky day. He’d be laughing much like Baekhyun but to another level. He’d start clapping because of the show but he’d tease you by pointing at the bare floor, “watch out! I don’t want you to fall again.”

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol would look shocked at first because he’s trying to comprehend on how you slipped on nothing. But after the one second he’d suppress his laughter and would help you up, only earning a remark. “I was trying to find you because I thought I had lost you since how short you are. Guess you just fell.” (boi we know you laughing under those big hands)

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Kyungsoo: Much like Junmyeon he’d be worried about your well being as well but he’d be mistaken as taking it more serious than Junmyeon but he’d actually be silently laughing whilst walking behind you. “Ah I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Originally posted by v-dyo

Kai: Jongin would be like Chanyeol, he’d be shocked at first but then he’d be prince charming and kneel down before you helping you up like a prince he’s just so sweet istg pls protect him. “I need to teach you how to dance so you don’t have two left feet anymore.”

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Sehun: Sehun would do those snort laughs. He’d be embarrassed that he’s out with you right when you fall so he’d turn around and start laughing into his hand. “Remind me not to take you out in public again.”

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Luhan: Luhan would look at you with wide eyes and continue to question whether you were okay or not, he’d take you somewhere to sit and he’d finally let you walk again once he felt like you regained your energy back. “Your children will be clumsy like you too.”

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Kris: Kris would be the most shocked out of all the members in my opinion. He’d help you up and wouldn’t crack, he’d be totally serious. Until a week later he’d tease you by pretending you were about to trip, scaring you. “Don’t fall again!”

Originally posted by teddymoony

Tao: He’d be cracking up laughing too. He’d be laughing while helping you up and once he’s calm down he’d start laughing again because of the memory and mental image of you slipping and falling still remains in his head. “I’m sorry but you should’ve seen yourself.”

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It’s a Blog-iversary!

A year ago today, I started this blog; so I thought I’d mark the occasion with a story about how I got into Gravity Falls (since I failed to do it for that anniversary), which led me to fall for the show so hard that I lurked on the fringes for a little while and then decided I wanted to participate. (But, didn’t want to do that on my main blog, because by this date I had started making all my friends watch the show, and they all follow my main, and I didn’t want to spoil them.)

I don’t know, I think it says something about the strength of the show and its characters (and the unique way they all hit me) that even though I got spoiled for like all of the twists and secrets and the whole big ending  before I even started Season 2, I still fell so powerfully in love with it.

Pack Mom - Part 23

A/N// So Here’s Another Part Of Pack Mom, Hope You Enjoy! Please Tell Me What You Think!

Y/N’s P.O.V

So after Lydia had taken us to 5 different shops we have finally found a shop with gorgeous dresses, it had something for everyone.  First off we started looking for Talia’s flower girls dress because she was already getting tired so I didn’t want her to fall asleep as I needed to try on her dress. 

There were so many pretty dresses for her and it was so hard to choose. I didn’t want anything too big for her as she had to be able to walk in it by herself. I took her out of her stroller, to let her walk around for a little bit. 

“Y/N what about this one?” Lydia asked holding up a tutu ivory lace pink dress with a pink ribbon around the waist tied into a bow. 

“Lydia that is the cutest dress ever! I’m going to get her to try it on” I told her taking the dress from Lydia and taking Talia’s hand and taking into the changing room. I hung the dress up and lifted Talia up so she was standing on the seats. 

“You’re going to look like a pretty little princess” I cooed kissing her cheek removing her clothes leaving her in her diaper. I took the dress off the hanger and slipped it over her head. I pulled it down and she made me want to cry. She was perfect. The dress just came above her feet so she wouldn’t trip over and means that we could get her some really pretty shoes

“Baby you look beautiful,” I hugged her opening the door to the changing room standing in front of Talia so the girls couldn’t see her yet.

“Are you 3 ready to see my pretty little girl?” I asked and they all smiled nodding their heads getting excited. I moved out of the way and all the girls awed with tears filling their eyes. 

“She looks beautiful Y/N” Kira cooed wiping her eyes. 

“Just like her mother,” Malia said smiling 

“She’s absolutely gorgeous” Lydia smiled, looking down at Talia. They were right. My baby girl was perfect. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wait to see Derek’s reaction on the day. 

“Come on let’s get you dressed,” I told Talia taking her into the dressing room getting her changed. When I put her leggings on she let out a big yawn as she rubbed her eyes with her little fists. 

“Someones tired” I smiled picking her up as she rested her head on my shoulder as she started sucking her thumb her eyes fluttering shut. I carried her out laying the stroller back then laying her down, giving her, her dummy and she fell asleep instantly. 

“Right now let’s get sorted” Lydia smiled looking at all the bride’s dresses. There were hundreds to choose from. Literally hundreds. After looking for around 30 minutes that’s when I spotted it. 

“It was white, strapless, it had diamonds around the waist and frilled down and would trail behind me. 

“Wow!” Is all I could get out. It was perfect. I loved it! I had to try it on. I took it into the changing room. It took me around 8 minutes to get the dress on and when I looked in the mirror and started crying. I opened the door and the 3 girls stood they’re speechless. They started crying just like me.

“Y/N, y-you look b-beautiful” Lydia cried as she wiped her tears. 

“Derek is sure on lucky man,” Kira told me with a big smile on her face. 

“Thank you so much” I couldn’t believe that I found the dress. I loved it. I took it off and got dressed not wanting to get anything on the dress and taking it out to give it to the cashier as well as Talia’s dress. Then going to help the girls with their dresses. 

Malia and Kira got the same dress which was white at the top then came down into a light pink which came down to their feet. 

“It’s lucky I love you Y/N, I would never wear a dress. But for you, I will” Malia laughed handing the dress to the cashier. 

For Lydia, we found a light pink strapless long dress with a pink ribbon around the waist. All the dresses were perfect. We paid for all the dresses and Lydia went to put them into the car when we went to find shoes.

I found a silver pair of high heels, which had diamonds which would come across my foot. Talia had a pair of gold sparkly shoes with a baby pink flower at the end. All the girls got the same pair of shoes which were a plain light pink high heel that went really with their dresses. 

After 5 hours of shopping, we had the majority of the stuff bought, and we were headed back to the car. Lydia put the shoes with the dress as I carefully put Talia into her car seat not wanting to wake her up. 

“I will keep all the dresses and shoes at mine and keep them safe from the boys” Lydia smiled as we drove to the loft, with Talia sound asleep in the back. 

“Thank you for all of you helping today” I thanked them for feeling very grateful and excited about the wedding, I couldn’t wait to see the boys, to see my little girl walking down the aisle. To see my baby, and finally become a Hale.

We pulled up outside the loft, I hugged all the girls and took Talia inside seeing that the boys weren’t home yet, so I put Talia in her crib and quickly got changed into some comfy clothes going to sit on the sofa and started watching TV, catching up on shows that I have missed because of all the planning.

Derek’s P.O.V

So after lunch, I decided that we could do a bit of clothes shopping and getting Liam new lacrosse stuff as his stick was breaking and needed a new helmet. But after we finished we went back to the car and started driving back to Scott’s. 

“So I can keep mine and Liam’s suits at your house until the day right?” I asked Scott and he nodded, smiling at me as Stiles was sat in the back with Liam on his phone checking his social media.

“Yep that is fine, I will make sure they are safe and no one touches them” Scott smiled turning on the radio listening to it all the way to Scott’s. I pulled up into the driveway turning off the car.

“You want to come in?” Scott asked getting out of the car. 

“I would but I better get Liam home,” I said as Liam was fast asleep in the back. Scott and Stiles nodded taking the suits into the house as I drove back to the loft. Once I pulled up I got out and opened the back door to Liam. 

“Hey kiddo, wake up then you can nap on the sofa” I shook him as he opened his eyes nodding his head and getting out of the car.

Y/N’s P.O.V

I was still on the sofa watching TV when the loft door slid open and Derek and Liam came over as I opened my arms up and pulled him into my lap as he snuggled into me closing his eyes. 

“Tired sweetheart?” I asked and he nodded, I grabbed a blanket and put it on the young beta as he fell asleep resting his head on my chest as I rocked him side to side, helping him sleep.

“So how did shopping go?” Derek asked putting his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his embrace.

“Yes, it was a great day! We got all the dresses and shoes, I can’t wait until you see Talia” I smiled kissing him. 

“I can’t wait to see you.” He pulled me closer to him as I rested his head on his shoulder. 

“What about you? How did shopping go?” I asked running my hands through Liam’s hair making him snuggle into me more. 

“Yep! Got all the suits and even managed to get Liam some new Lacrosse stuff which is in the bag over there” He told me pointing to the sports bag with a new stick poking out the top. 

For around 30 minutes we just chilled watching TV until Talia started crying signalling that she was awake. 

“I’ll get her,” Derek said getting up because Liam was still fast asleep on me, the poor boy was so tired. 

Derek came back into the room with Talia in her arms who still looked tired, as she rested her head on her dad’s shoulder sucking her dummy.

“I think I might feed her, give her a quick bath, then put her down for the night,” He said and I nodded as he was taking her into the kitchen putting her into her highchair getting ready to give her, her dinner. 

While Derek sorted out Talia I grabbed Liam’s phone as it was the closest to me and order 3 pizzas and a chocolate fudge cake for our dinner which would take around an hour to come, which gave Derek enough time to get Talia to sleep and Liam to have a good nap. 

45 minutes later Derek was back in his seat next to me while Talia was fast asleep in her crib. 

“I can’t wait for food! I’m so hungry” I said leaning my head back on her sofa. 

“It will be here soon” Derek laughed putting a film on. Liam started shuffling around in my arms opening his eyes letting out a big yawn as he cuddled into me. 

“Hello, baby. Did you have a good nap?” I asked him rocking him in my lap.

“I did thank you” He smiled at me resting his head back on my chest as I wrapped my arms around him and rocked him.

“You woke up just in time, dinner is coming,” I told him and he sat up ready for food. 

“After we eat Liam, what do you say if I help you with your game for a little bit?” Derek asked him and a big smile grew on his face and he nodded his head as the door bell went and Derek went a paid for the Pizza as Liam helped me get plates and drinks setting them on the table as Derek came in with the food.

“Food!” I cheered filling my plate with Pizza and digging in as the boys laughed. 

3 boxes of pizza and a chocolate fudge cake later all of us were full and getting ready to relax. 

“Come on then Liam, let’s pay video games for a little bit before bed” Derek smiled getting up kissing me and following Liam into his bedroom. 

Derek’s P.O.V

“So what part were you stuck at?” I asked Liam sitting on his bed as Liam got everything sorted out ready to play. 

“It’s just this level is really hard, I can’t kill all the zombies and get to when I need to go” Liam whined handing a controller to me setting the game up so we were ready to play.

“Okay, we can do this together okay,” I told him leaning back on his bed as he sat next to me ready to kill all the zombies. 

Y/N’s P.O.V

After around 2 hours I was ready to go to bed, so I quickly got changed and went to check on Liam and Derek to see what time they would be finished. When I stepped into Liam’s bedroom I saw the cutest sight ever. 

Derek and Liam as both fallen asleep, Liam had his head rested on Derek’s chest and they both had their controllers in their hands and the TV was still on. 

I took a few pictures then took the controller off Liam saving his game for him then taking the controller off Derek and pulling the duvet over them tucking them both in then turning the TV off then leaving them to sleep and heading to my bed for a peaceful night sleep.

Part 24? Please Send In Your Ideas