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i’ve been active in online fandom for almost 20 years, and have been posting shippy stuff for over half of that and i just got my first ever troll-y “THIS IS STUPID THIS PAIRING WILL NEVER BE CANON WHY DID YOU DRAW THIS I HATE IT” 

I always wondered if getting that sort of response would be upsetting, and let me tell you it is actually HILARIOUS. like, welcome friend, you must be new here. let me explain to you a thing about shipping…

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I want to say THANK you for being one of the rare blogs to love and support Harry and Louis equally. It's very rare and as a Harrie it's often a bit difficult to not feel left out tbh. I am not into solo Harry and I don't want to secretly date him - I know our reputation is a bit like that. Which is sad cause there are exceptions. So thank you again for spreading your own love equally. It means a lot 💙💚💜❤️💛

Thank you, anon, it means a lot to me, too. Really! :)

I love them the same and I feel about them exactly the same, even if I’m pulled in by different aspects in both their personalities and manners. Some days I’m endlessy endeared by Louis’ preciousness, some others by Harry’s playfulness; some days it’s Louis’ eyes, some others it’s Harry’s nose; every single day it’s their love and commitment and stubborn, admirable endurance. 

I don’t care about categories, about Harries supposedly being a certain way and Louies supposedly being another, I’m perfectly aware that common places exist and often deny justice to very lovely people. You’re very very welcome here with your love for the boys, particularly for Harry, and I hope this will always be a safe, nice space for you. A big Larrie Hug xx

One of the criticisms of the prequels that always drives me a little nuts is when people go “ugh, Palpatine is SO OBVIOUSLY EVIL everyone’s just holding the idiot ball for plot contrivance” and like. Yes, Palpatine is obviously evil, to the audience, because we already knew that Palpatine was a Sith Lord.

Like, what, were the movies supposed to just act like the audience should be SHOCKED that the Chancellor was evil? Omg you guys, Chancellor Palpatine was ACTUALLY EMPEROR PALPATINE THE WHOLE TIME.

You know what literally my first impression of the prequels was? Keep in mind, I started watching them as a joke because I just took it on faith that the internet was right and they’d all be terrible. And yet, even when I went in heavily biased and convinced that everything in them would be bad, in every single scene where he’s interacting with other characters it consistently blew me away how convincing and natural his Sweet Old Man facade was.

There are PLENTY of moments where Palpatine is really obviously evil. Star Wars foreshadowing is not generally made of (*Plo voice*) subtlety. But all of those Ominous Sith Lord-y Moments happen when Palpatine is completely alone, save for the audience. Whenever other characters are around, you can completely see why everyone fell for it because he honestly does come across as a well-meaning reasonable authority figure. Palpatine was honestly what started to turn my opinion of the prequels around consciously, because the first thing I thought was “goddamn, he is GOOD at this”.

tl;dr oh my god people, the characters don’t have access to the same information you do, this is the literal definition of dramatic irony, you’re not clever, go away.

Please Do

Jacob Frye x Reader

#2: Did you enjoy yourself last night?

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Jacob awoke with a low groan as he sat up. He slowly opened his eyes, giving his vision enough time to adjust in the change in light. A dull ache in the back of his head reminded him of vaguely of what had transpired the night before. As he shifted beneath the bed covers, he noted the slight breeze. Hazel eyes widened as the realization hit.

The assassin quickly lifted the covers up. He was utterly naked. A situation he would not be embarrassed by if it weren’t for the fact he was exposed in an unfamiliar environment. His gaze flickered from the floral wallpaper to the jewelry strewn across the maple dresser. Instinctively his arm tensed as he heard the doorknob turn. He mentally lauded himself as he recalled that his bracer was missing.

In came a woman with disheveled hair, clad in nothing but what appeared to be… his shirt? 

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” asked a soft but cheerful voice. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. You seemed to be sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t want to bother you. Breakfast is ready in the next room.” The shirt shifted higher, revealing apart of her naked thigh. His eyes traveled up the sight before meeting her oblivious eyes with a slight blush dusting his cheeks.

“I assume I rather did I. I just…” Jacob took in a deep breath. “Sorry. This isn’t very gentlemanly of me and you deserve better than this. There’s no easy way to say this-” He was fumbling over his words. He knew it. She knew it but she didn’t comment. Just a light smile to reassure him that was everything was alright. “I must have drunk myself daft last night. I don’t recall a thing.”

And he kicked himself mentally for doing so. God, how could he forget meeting someone so beautiful. 

She took a piece of her bottom lip between her teeth and just rolled it back and forth as she contemplated her response. An action that Jacob definitely did not miss. 

“Well-” At the sound of her voice quickly tore his eyes away from the sight, hoping that the action hadn’t been too obvious. “I suppose that was to be expected. You were rather hammered at the end of the night. I was too. I’m frankly surprised I even remember anything. But I doubt I could ever forget what happened last night.”

He must have been awful at hiding the confusion on his face, as she gave an apologetic upward brow. Jacob made room for her as she padded her across the room and took a seat at the side of the bed. It was here that he could really stare at the beauty of her irises and the softness of her skin. His hands just aching to touch her but he nailed them to his sides, waiting for her to continue her explanation. 

“The two of us met at a pub downtown. You were this boisterous ball of energy that just walked in. I had been staring at you for quite some time before you came up to me and challenged me to drink you under the table of all things. I’ve never been one to back down you see, so I took you up on your offer. You said that a challenge without any stakes was boring. Which I found… Odd since you’re the one who suggested it.”

Jacob could feel his Adam’s apple bob as she flickered her tongue out to moisten her lips. He tried to redirect his attention to anything else. The soft contours of her face. The way his shirt wasn’t fully buttoned so the neckline stopped directly above her-

“Anyhow, I accepted. The winner was to request anything of the loser as long as it wasn’t out of their comfort zone. And of course, you win. I wasn’t expecting to win. I’m not one for drinks. It was around closing time, the bartender did the whole speech. You know, I don’t care where you go but you can’t stay here. So we headed to my flat to complete the deal and we here we are now.” She smiled. “I hope that clears things up a bit.”

Bits and pieces came back to him that night. Catching her gaze from the side of his eye as he met up with his Rooks. Slipping away to grab her attention more directly. But something didn’t add up. “So, uh.” Jacob adjusted himself into an upright position, the blanket now pooling around his waist. “What exactly did I ask of you?”

A glint of emotion he couldn’t quite place flashed in her eyes as she placed her full weight onto the bed and crawled on her hands and knees over him. “Oh, Jacob,” she spoke, her voice dropping to a low tone. Her face was now directly above his as she stood on her knees. “It wounds me that you really don’t remember.” Her plump pink lips were centimeters away from his. His breath hitched. 

Jacob was so lost in the rhythm of her breath and how his became so sporadic, he hadn’t noticed her wandering hand as it drifted over the blanket and landed squarely at the ‘tent’ forming beneath. He could feel as the heat rushed to his face and among… other places.

“I guess I’ll just have to remind you.”

I kinda wanna change my url but then nobody will know who I am and like I've had it since forever



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there are people who hate the Justice League footage because they treat it as if it was already the full trailer, and they think it's underwhelming because no superman in it. I just?? They just started filming. What did they expect? People say DC should've shown more in the video, but I bet if that happened, people would say DC made a mistake anyway because they would say DC show too much

You can never satisfy people who will automatically hate anything you put out. Like damn all we wanted from Zack was a group pic and he went ahead and gave us almost 3 minutes of somewhat unfinished FOOTAGE (because nothing in there is final stuff fit for a trailer anyway) but I can’t even believe people would suggest putting superman in there anyway, are you crazy? You cannot get on BvS for showing to much in it’s trailer and then bitch about Justice League which is still more than a year out for not showing enough.

LET ME TELL Y’ALL ABOUT THIS PHOTO ONE MORE TIME. I was the first person in line for my group, so I got to take my happy ass straight over to Jackson as soon as we could. I don’t even think I smiled at the other members, all I could see was Jackson lmao. I smiled and said “Hi Jackson” before sitting down, and he said “what’s up???” and after that I literally froze because he started massaging my shoulders and I just… I couldn’t find my chill. 

Being the first one to sit down was the best because it seemed to take forever for the rest of the girls to sit??? And all the while Jackson fucking Wang is giving me a GOOD ASS shoulder massage, like I was the one who performed for 2 ½ hours, although I was front row and people were pushing us against the barrier for the whole concert so maybe he remembered me and thought I needed it lmao. I think I asked him how he was, or said hi again, and he replied but I was 100% focused on those godly hands so idr that part clearly. 

When it was time to take the photo he stopped but I could still feel one hand, and I wondered what he was doing, now I know lmao. I regret not reaching up and holding his hand, like I wanted to but by the time I got the courage it was time for us to get up. He gave my shoulders a quick massage before we got up, and as we were leaving I told him I loved him and he gave me a head nod and kissy face and said “i love you too” (honestly at that point I almost died, I legit almost fainted on the floor)


Bambam is soooooooo sweet, in all of his photos he’s holding his fans hands, Bambam stans are blessed.

ugh now I’m just reliving everything over again and I miss them even more

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But also, people who accuse you of being racist because you don't like Stavo OR Zoe? I've been called a racist twice now. It's nothing to do with them being POC, and some people on this site get so butthurt that they start throwing anything they can to make you look like you're in the wrong. It's so disgusting and it's like the way you feel about the some of the Audrey fans, because I start to really HATE Stavo and Zoe when in reality, I'm just not keen on their characters.

@theodoreraeken I need you ASAP to explain why most people who dislike Zoe and stavo are racist cause I’m too tried and you are better at this

i’m going to be a senior this school year and just the thought of it being my last year of high school and eventually becoming an adult and leaving my family and start becoming independent just gives me complete anxiety because i can’t imagine living without them. also the fact that i don’t know what to do with my life in the future is so shitty bc i just want to do something that will make my parents proud and help them make up for all the shitty things i’ve done in the past. things are just hitting me hard tonight and i can’t sleep.

I'm not popular.

I don’t like it when people say I’m a popular blog because I don’t even like that word in the first place and like that anon said a while ago, it makes me sound superior? And I’m not because I could careless. I made tumblr to fangirl on because I couldn’t find a well enough community for me to scream about jaspar.

I made this tumblr in December before I entered this fandom and decided to start posting in March because I was bored and I just finished watching a video. That and the jaspar fandom on wattpad was fading and I didn’t know where to go.

I made this blog for fun and not for the following count. Please don’t call me ‘popular’ because I’m not. I’m a human behind a screen who post things about her favourite people. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m just a blog.

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Thor has been my favorite character from the start, and not just because I sincerely like Chris. He's a really excellent actor when he has the material (I'll never get over his conversation with Loki when he asks if he can come home). And his moments in both Avengers have been some of the most worth while, for me. But his movies, compared to the effort they've put into understanding and developing other characters in the MCU have been so incredibly lacking. He's one of their most interesting -

- characters and one of their stronger actors and they have no idea what to do with him and it’s so disappointing? I love Thor, I love what his potential is, and I love what he brings to the MCU. But I hate what they’ve both done and NOT done with his character. As someone else said, I also could care less about the Hulk. Which is extra disappointing. A Thor movie should be about /Thor/, and his growth and power and a strong story arc that uses his potential. Ughhhh😒😒😒

Yeah it’s been a long struggle seeing it happen this way. One of the most annoying symptoms of this for me was the way they meddled with the ending of Dark World because of what they thought they needed for AoU, when in the end they didn’t even need it! I’m talking here about the Thor and Jane, where Thor was after the end of Dark World etc etc. Thor and Jane were supposed to break up, the whole movie hinted at it with all the “every five thousand years the worlds align and then it goes away” crap, then they didn’t because of reasons and now Jane isn’t in the movies anymore, so it would have been a much smoother transition, but no, the creative vision of the movie was stiffled because of plans for other movie that didn’t work out anyway.

I kind of got off topic here, oops, but like I said, it’s one of the symptoms of the Thor movies just not being a priority.

And now basically it continues with how much spotlight is being put on the Hulk. He’s not only probably gonna be in the movie a lot, but he’s also been constantly advertised as the best thing. Thor movie about him and the awesome supporting cast straight from the Thor comics??? Pff, no, let’s talk about how this time, Hulk will be smashing shit while wearing armour!!! Exciting!!

Now, I’m actually down for the arena/gladiator fighting thing. I really want to see Thor in that enviroment, trapped, forced to fight, hair cut off, all primal and angry and bloodied. I love that part! There’s so much I’m looking forward to if it’s indeed how it’s going to look. And I love that Hela is going to take over Asgard, I mean there are reports from that quick sdcc teaser that she looks amazing, very comics-y, and that there will be Surtur, which almost certainly means we’ll get to see yet another of the Nine realms. I just wish the focus was on all those things instead of the repetetive selling of Hulk and buddy movie.

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i've been debating on whether or not i should purchase scrivener for a (long, long) while now, and in your post you seem (enthusiastically) positive about it, but how much does it really help??

hmm! I think it depends on what you are writing, and what kind of writer you are. 

personally, I’ve only just started using it, specifically for this kings story. and I think I only just started NEEDING it, because the stories I write have been getting progressively longer and with more of a pretence of plot in the past couple of years. I have never, ever been able to write things start-to-finish; I have ALWAYS been someone who has to dart in and out, leaping around constantly from place to place, as I write. which is fine when you are writing a 4000 word fanfic, but LESS fine when you are writing something with multiple plot threads and alternating points of view and a large cast of characters to keep track of. 

with my current project, scrivener is a godsend because I can see the structure of my story in a glance, and also keep an eye on things like how many scenes I am allocating to each narrator. I can see the wordcount of any scene, any chapter, or the whole thing. I can add labels and notes to scenes, and shift them easily around on the pinboard view. a lot of what I’m getting out of it is that mental shift to the BIG PICTURE, and the ease with which it allows me to sketch in and rearrange the scaffolding of the story both before and during the process of embroidering the details.

it also allows me to create easily-clickable research files that are not part of the fic but are related to it, such as: the names & positions of a totally invented cabinet ministry both before and after a political reshuffle, notes on worldbuilding from the canon, vague ideas that I haven’t quite tied into the whole yet, ramblings on character arcs that I want to refer back to, etc. etc.

scrivener’s not cheap, but it’s got huge functionality. I probably won’t end up using more than half of the bits and bobs available in the software. but as a step up from my previous writing platform, ie. everything typed into one google document that requires endless scrolling up and down and tends to throw tantrums as soon as the word count tops 30k, it’s pretty great. and I’m looking forward to using it to plan my nanowrimo novel too.

but depending on what you need and how you write, anon, there are probably cheaper options with fewer bells and whistles out there that might suit you just as well.

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I want to be an online creator but I don't know where to start

I would start on musically just because believe it or not that’s where EVERYONE is the most active


people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy