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Nothing sucks more than finding a cool Voltron blog, but then finding out the person is majorly an//ti Shaladin and think it’s disgusting and everyone who ships it is a horrible person.

Like…nvm I don’t need to follow your blog and have that negativity. I don’t need you judging me just because I ship something that really is NOT that problematic (the fandom blew it way out of proportion and made it a MUCH bigger deal than it ever needed to be).

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1: Ship the person who tagged you.
2: Answer questions. 

3: Write down the groups you would like to get shipped with. 

4: Tag me back so I can ship you too.

I ship you with: Yixing because i feel like he’s really caring and easy-going and i feel like that would fit you. Someone who’d take his time and let you take his time, but also give you free space.


What is your chinese zodiac/animal?
Ox (i think)

What is your sun sign?

What is your height?
1,58 centimetres

Describe yourself briefly
White af, freckles, short, long hair that differs in colour from time to time, red atm, weirdly coloured eyes. Like golden brown/greenish with a dark line. Perfectly shaped lips (yep sorry I’m proud) and long eyelashes <3

Describe your fashion type:
Skinny jeans way to goooooooo, lop top sneakers or high heels, thigh boots tho damn, loose tops and sweaters, leather jacket, or large large jean jacket. Long winter coats with big scarfs, turtlenecks. minimalistic jewellery.

What are your hobbies?
Writing, gaming yep, only handheld consoles though, tumblr is like an extension of my soul. drawing, mainly calligraphy in my bullet journal.

Describe your personality:
I am…loud as fuck like istg i talk so fast you need to learn how to understand the bs i say. But then again if I’m content with you and shit and i love you i can also just sit with you and be quiet all day and enjoy your company. Ngl i have anxiety and some like idk depressive symptoms but i try to pull through. i can be a whiny person but i like to do it in a joking way, yells a lot, likes to talk things out. 

What do you like and dislike?
Likes: people being honest with me, soft things, rough deep-ish voices, blankets, hot chocolate, a good book, bright smiles, honesty, openness, 
Dislikes: lies, ignorance, being fucking two faced bitch, being too needy, ppl touching my knees, people i don’t like touching me in general, people who try to change me bye.

What kind of height do you prefer?
I’m short and i used to date a tall guy, so i don’t mind tall guys but my ideal height is definitely above mine and preferable under 180

Do you prefer innocent or sexy?
in the middle, i don’t like it when guys are too shy, but when they’re too in your face it isn’t nice though. I need someone who’s willing to push me a little, but i don’t want to feel…obligated. But i also don’t want to feel like i need to pull him into things all the time.

What do you like in a person?
Accepting me for who i am and being there for me when i need you and even when i don’t. 

What are some turn offs?
being too pushy, being too obsessively clean, and rlly weird kinky shit like bdsm or whatever, like nope, oh and people who smell. And like guys who don’t shave/trim their body hair. Like i don’t mind hair, i’m hairy as well, but pls don’t look like a bear. i can’t i find it … kind of unhygienic in a way.

What kind of fear would it be okay for them to have?
If he’s afraid of bugs WE HAVE A PROBLEMMMMM, and he can’t be afraid of mess either >.<

What would be an ideal date for you?
nothin involving dinner, idk like going to a park or a coffee shop or just chilling at someones house.

Ship me with only 1 from any of the following, giving a brief explanation why:
EXO (ot9), BTS, Monsta X

I tag: @xingtrash @nunchiwrites @bootyfulohsehun @melyyexo @xiubaek13 @yourseth @exosmutxoxo @white-in-angel @baekhyunsbabe @sweet-soo @for-the-love-of-lay

My first acquisition on Google Play music (I didn’t have credits until now). I’m actually crying out of happiness, I dreamed with this alb before the release and got very sad when I found out I couldn’t buy because shipping + dollar at the time made too expensive for me. When I got money and my aunt offered to give me as Birthday gift they were sold out.
So you guys have no idea on how much means to me have her album on my phone now. This is the one singer that made me calm down from most of my panic/anxiety attacks when I was 15. That made me inspired on my works and keep it on aside a few others that I still wait for their albums.
I have no words to describe how good feels to have it so close to me now, just tears.
Thanks @erutanmusic. Always.

Also, guys please check her out! It’s wonderful vouce, literally like an angel singing to you, shes on Spotify, YouTube, Google Play and several others ;)

me approximately at 2 am: i should sleep 

fanfiction of my otp(s): 

 me: fUCK

If you think liking a ship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding is boring or “vanilla~” then fucking drown me in buttercream and call me a cupcake because I live for that shit.

Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake

He’s mapped out every freckle on her skin, the distances and angles between them as familiar to him as the constellations are to an astronomer. The soft dip between her shoulder blades holds a tiny mole, almost microscopic. It’s something she hates: she feels like it ruins the plane of her back, that it stands out and draws attention. But he loves it. To him, it’s the sun the rest of her freckles revolve around.

The first time he kisses it, mouth closing over the skin in quiet adoration, she lets out a low gasp and tilts her head backwards. His hands slip lower down her waist, thumbs tucking into the top of her jeans, the tips of his fingers resting over her hip bones. With her back pressed into his chest and his arms containing her, Jughead feels like he could define her very shape at that moment.

Betty twists herself around so that she’s facing him. Her eyes are full of unspoken things and he slowly intertwines their palms and lowers her so that she’s lying on her back, surrounded by her fluffy pillows.

“My mom will be home soon,” Betty whispers as Jughead leans in to kiss the spot just under her ear.

“I know,” he replies, catching her lips with his and kissing her so gently she feels like her soul might break. When he pulls away, his eyes are so sincere, her heart feels full. She raises a hand to his face and traces his cheekbones with a fingertip.

“Juggie –“ she starts, her breath catching with the weight of what she’s about to say. It’s not like she’s never said it before. She has. To Archie. To Veronica. To her parents. Even to Polly. But this time it’s different, this time it means more than it ever has.

“Juggie, I love you.”

Jughead’s face breaks into a smile so genuine and happy that she can’t help but pull him in for another kiss.

“I love you too, Betts,” he breathes against her mouth, repeating it with each kiss he trails down her neck while she tries to stop herself from smiling madly by biting down on her lip.

And at that moment, in the waning afternoon sun lighting up the soft waves of Jughead’s hair and his safe presence enveloping her, Betty knew that she’d found something she never wanted to lose.

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

When bae texts you and you just stand there smiling at the notification 

When people try to discount Padme’s love for Anakin they completely ignore the fact that she says “stop come back I love you” even after she realizes that he’s committed murder and that he has delusions of grandeur where they become co-dictators.

Sure, it’s a desperate, emotional plea and not a promise that everything will return to normal. Not saying that. What I am saying is that she still loved him and believed there was good in him even after he destroyed the very republic that some people want to believe she cherished above and beyond anything else.

I’m set off because I see this idea always on my dash that Padme being distraught over Anakin is ~weak~ but being distraught over a fallen political system is strong. Let her love her problematic husband ffs. It’s not like the republic wasn’t problematic itself so basically you’re pitting a flawed human being against a flawed political system and saying “well I can respect this woman only if she loves the political system more than the person.”

Also, Anakin himself thinks that she’s lying when she insists that she loves him. Do you really want to align yourself with Full On Dark Side Anakin on this matter? Anakin who has lost all touch with reality at this point? Saying Padme didn’t love him is saying all his paranoia was justified. Why is everyone accepting of the fact that Obi Wan loved Anakin despite it all yet I constantly see Padme’s love being put into question. Do I just follow too many Obikin shippers or what? I don’t know.

I’m so annoyed by claims that she loved the republic more and that it was the true reason her heart was broken. Because I feel like it’s the same bad meta that casts Padme as the unemotional level headed politician in an attempt to fit her into the brand of “space feminist” people would prefer her to be. I.E. not the kind of person who would chose to get married in secret to a man she knew had murdered other sentient beings, including children. Not the person who willfully chose to do what her heart was telling her over her head, and got justifiably upset when her heart was broken.

Did their differing political views cause some discord even before Anakin went full on Bad Guy? Yes. Obviously. It’s shown in both episode 2 and 3 and the Clone Wars.

I’m sure part of her heartbreak was realizing that everything she had chosen to overlook or brush off or forgive about Anakin had completely consumed and overridden him. Of course I like meta and headcanons which seek to give Padme complexity or read between the lines of canon. But if you outright just dislike canon Padme and think she should have different motivations than she did… well… smh.

The fact that she can’t follow him down the path of murder, murder, and more murder doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him or that she loved the republic “more.” In fact I’d say that her putting her foot down and refusing to enable him demonstrates her love for him.

It’s done!!! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, my tablet and computer were both being stupid with the batteries dying but they’re working again. Yay!

THE BLUE SHIRT WAS CHOSEN (RIP 1999, 2017. Loved by many (no one on tumblr (besides me))(RIPx2). you got no votes you poor soul (shirt))

Anyway, this is a gift for @kiekyun because your art gives me so much life. I really love everything you draw, you really are a very wonderful artist and I hope to be as good as you some day! (I’m sorry about no background, I really suck at those) I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but if you do then please let me know what you think! :D

That happiness when you’re remembering all of your OTPs’ moments and thinking how they are so fucking canon


participating in RFVF17 & femslash february at the same time its called multitasking get with it!


Anon said:  That was some glorious Ushihina 😍😍😍 what are your favourite Hinata ships tho?

I have too many so let’s go with my top 5! It’s mostly karasuno shipping, looks like