because i ship this too

I was just like “what do I ship in this game?”
I enjoy drawing these so if you have any pairing to suggest, maybe?

me approximately at 2 am: i should sleep 

fanfiction of my otp(s): 

 me: fUCK

If you think liking a ship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding is boring or “vanilla~” then fucking drown me in buttercream and call me a cupcake because I live for that shit.

“I run back. I’m going back towards the skeletons”

Heroic Keyleth aka one of my fav moments 
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ep32 18:17

Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake


Anon said:  That was some glorious Ushihina 😍😍😍 what are your favourite Hinata ships tho?

I have too many so let’s go with my top 5! It’s mostly karasuno shipping, looks like


Two very different kind of evil.

I need to get something off my chest.

I know I said before that I personally don’t like the stereotypes yaoi has or the way fujoshis portray gay couples

But lately I feel like all the bashing against them or straight women who watch shows with LGBT characters in general is uncalled for

Usually, they simply enjoy the ship like any other ship(Of course excluding the ones who call it sin) and even learn to support the LGBT community along the way?

Meanwhile straight men who enjoy lesbian porn and content in general still treat the LGBTQA+ community like shit, only like lesbian couples for their sexual fantasies and even sometimes claim they dislike real life LBTQA+ women?? Yet I don’t see long ass posts bashing them or people giving them names with awful meanings like fujoshis?

Also, whenever there’s a show with a gay ship straight men spend their time bashing the shippers (and the show if this ship becomes canon), meanwhile straight women react to lesbian ships with neutrality and even positivity most of the time, if not always?

This feels like yet another way to hate on women…

When bae texts you and you just stand there smiling at the notification 

Check Please/Back to the Future AU

Okay, so when Bitty wears his puffy vest, it has always reminded me of… well, you’ve guessed it, Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

This Back to the Future AU needs to happen.

So, this is how it’s going to go down.

Bitty needs a final science credit to qualify for graduation, but the only class he can get into last minute (and doesn’t require a prerequisite course he doesn’t have) is Theory of Physics for Non-Majors that’s taught by an eccentric professor who may or may not sound like Rasputin from that one animated Anastasia movie that Bitty secretly loves. (He has a crush on Dimitri, okay? But who doesn’t???)

So, Bitty and this Physics prof get on surprisingly well and the Professor says that he’s been looking for a lab assistant this semester. Bitty, after checking that it doesn’t interfere with his hockey schedule, takes the job because he could use the money. (Going to see Jack in Providence so often is starting to add up quickly.)

Bitty’s job is mostly filing papers, picking things up around the lap, and helping the Professor with various experiments and projects he’s building. Most of the time, Bitty has no idea what’s going on when the Professor starts talking Physics. Bitty nods along and holds stuff like ends of wires and stuff like that. It it seems to make the Professor happy.

One evening, Bitty gets called into the university labs. When he gets there, the Professor announces that he’s invented a time machine! (Said time machine is also powered by some illegal plutonium, but uhhhh, if Samwell admin asks, that’s not true.)

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When people try to discount Padme’s love for Anakin they completely ignore the fact that she says “stop come back I love you” even after she realizes that he’s committed murder and that he has delusions of grandeur where they become co-dictators.

Sure, it’s a desperate, emotional plea and not a promise that everything will return to normal. Not saying that. What I am saying is that she still loved him and believed there was good in him even after he destroyed the very republic that some people want to believe she cherished above and beyond anything else.

I’m set off because I see this idea always on my dash that Padme being distraught over Anakin is ~weak~ but being distraught over a fallen political system is strong. Let her love her problematic husband ffs. It’s not like the republic wasn’t problematic itself so basically you’re pitting a flawed human being against a flawed political system and saying “well I can respect this woman only if she loves the political system more than the person.”

Also, Anakin himself thinks that she’s lying when she insists that she loves him. Do you really want to align yourself with Full On Dark Side Anakin on this matter? Anakin who has lost all touch with reality at this point? Saying Padme didn’t love him is saying all his paranoia was justified. Why is everyone accepting of the fact that Obi Wan loved Anakin despite it all yet I constantly see Padme’s love being put into question. Do I just follow too many Obikin shippers or what? I don’t know.

I’m so annoyed by claims that she loved the republic more and that it was the true reason her heart was broken. Because I feel like it’s the same bad meta that casts Padme as the unemotional level headed politician in an attempt to fit her into the brand of “space feminist” people would prefer her to be. I.E. not the kind of person who would chose to get married in secret to a man she knew had murdered other sentient beings, including children. Not the person who willfully chose to do what her heart was telling her over her head, and got justifiably upset when her heart was broken.

Did their differing political views cause some discord even before Anakin went full on Bad Guy? Yes. Obviously. It’s shown in both episode 2 and 3 and the Clone Wars.

I’m sure part of her heartbreak was realizing that everything she had chosen to overlook or brush off or forgive about Anakin had completely consumed and overridden him. Of course I like meta and headcanons which seek to give Padme complexity or read between the lines of canon. But if you outright just dislike canon Padme and think she should have different motivations than she did… well… smh.

The fact that she can’t follow him down the path of murder, murder, and more murder doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him or that she loved the republic “more.” In fact I’d say that her putting her foot down and refusing to enable him demonstrates her love for him.