because i screwed my back up

I always stay up late thinking about you. I stay up late thinking about what I could’ve done differently. I stay up late wishing that I could turn back time. I stay up cursing at the universe for screwing up the timing. I stay up wondering if I ever cross your mind. I wonder if you ever dream about me. Or if your heart skips a beat when you see or hear my name.

I stay up waiting for a message or a phone call that will never come. I stay up thinking about what we could’ve been. I stay up wanting you back.

I stay up because I miss you.

I stay up because I miss hearing your voice.

I stay up because I want you to tell me that you love me, for one last time.

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write
The Group Project

(Jimin is jealous when his best friend and roommate, Taehyung, has a date with the girl Jimin has a crush on.)

Warning: 8000 words and 75% of this is pure smut. MMF sex.  Dirty talking.  Disrespectful name calling.   The usual.

“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung! FUCK! YOU!”  Jimin was livid.  “I’ve never said a single thing to you about all the shit I have to put up with as your roommate!  All the times I’ve had to crash at a friend’s place because you brought some girl back to our dorm room for the night!  I can’t remember the last time I spent a whole week able to sleep in my own bed because of you!  And all those times I woke up to find some chick I don’t know in your bed?  Like you couldn’t just go somewhere else to fuck them? Did you really have to screw them in our room while I was asleep?”  Taehyung opened his mouth to answer, but Jimin cut him off.  “And I wasn’t even asleep for all of them!  What was that one girls name? The one with the short hair? Jungin? Jungah?  Just because you took her into our bathroom to have her suck your dick doesn’t mean I didn’t hear EVERY FUCKING THING that happened in there!  You are so fucking vile!  The things you said to that girl… the sound of her choking on your dick while you called her a slut?  What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Some girls like that shit,” Taehyung replied calmly.  “She definitely liked it, that’s for sure.”

Jimin rolled his eyes dismissively.  “The point is that I’ve never said anything to you about how you’ve stuck your dick in half the women on campus.  Despite the fact that you are always inconveniencing me in order to get your rocks off, I’ve kept my mouth shut.  It’s your life and it’s not really any of my business.  But this is TOO FUCKING MUCH!  I thought we were friends?  I never thought you would totally screw me over like this!”

“We are friends!  I didn’t do this to screw you over.” Taehyung and Jimin had been randomly assigned to be roommates in their small single room dorm room their freshman year and immediately became the best of friends.  Taehyung was on a scholarship that paid for his student housing on campus and Jimin couldn’t imagine living with anyone other than Taehyung, so despite the cramped quarters and the arguments frequently caused by the lack of privacy, they continued living together in the dormitory.

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Having to un-knit 6 rows of 85 in the round with slip-ones, yarn-overs, and pass-slipped-stitch-overs, then getting back to knitting, with tension maintained and all braindead un-knitting mistakes fixed:

A sequence of reactions from realization to resolution

Realizing you have to take out 2 rows:

Realizing it’s actually going to be 4:

lol jk it’s 6 because you screwed up some of them:

But then…

These are my stitches.

This is my duty.

I do not quit; I knit.

I…I did it…I think??

Knitting two rounds and seeing that all is well:

I gotta blog about this.

Hogwarts AU! While drawing this I realized I really need this in my life. If anyone knows/ has written a fanfic please tell me so I can read it! 

I think that Roy would be a Slytherin and Riza would be a Hufflepuff, but I’d like to know more people’s opinions as well so feel free to rant about this with me I love talking about FMA and Harry Potter <333


@queenxolivier here it is WE CAN BOTH DIE NOW?

some feelings in the tags

When Crits Don't Matter

Context: So, we’re playing a Pathfinder campaign, most of us for the first time. At that point in time, we’d had an Oread Monk, a Dhampir Undead Sorceress (me), a Gnome Bard, a Human Inquisitor, a Drow Night Blade (3rd Party class), and a Human Kineticist. We were on our third session of Dragon’s Demand, underneath some Wizard’s manor, where he had an entire dungeon/prison, complete with captive demons and devils. We end up fighting one of them, a Schir, and we haven’t been able to pronounce his name correctly to stun him. Most of us were just sick and tired of him, and while the rest of the party were up close fighting him, my Sorceress had stayed back to fire off spells and stuff, but most of my spells couldn’t do anything because of the Shir’s DR…then this happened…

Me (OOC): Screw this, I pull out my crossbow and aim at the Schir.

DM: OK, you’re firing into melee…nevermind, you’ll never hit. Roll anyways.


DM: Well, that’s a crit…though you’ll never comfirm.


DM: Well shit…roll damage.

*rolls a 1 and a 2*


(at this point, the party was cracking up)

DM: Well, you hit him…but your bolt didn’t do anything because of the Schir’s DR.

I proceeded to sulk the rest of the fight due to being out of spells.

02•09 | 19/100

i swear ive had other days where ive been productive (in a way) i just havent gone around to taking photos but since ive been inactive for 78 years im going to get back into taking productivity photos for you lovelies.

today i wasted a whole tree trying because i was practiving brush lettering and trying to get back into it since ive been motivated to lately, also i unsealed my mini moleskine sketch book ive had for 2 years and finally getting around to using it, but im still scared af to stuff up 

do you guys get that? once you get a new journal, book, diary, planner, anything new at all, youre too scared to screw it up so you dont use it for a while LOL yeah thats me


Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcannons for Damian bring home a girl (or boy whichever you want)?

(I’m leaving it gender neutral)

-He would be really apprehensive about bringing them home because of his family and how they would either inadvertently or on purpose screw everything up

-Dick is the one who embarrasses Damian by bringing out the photo books, telling stories about him doing unbecoming things, basically making Damian regret everything

-the others are what Damian is really afraid of because they’re more likely to tell his date bad things about him and he doesn’t want his date to think badly of him

-Bruce is the Stern Dad that’s like “if you don’t have my son home by ten, I know where you live” and Damian is just there in the back like “kill me now, Dad stop”

-deep down Damian is really hoping that his date is able to get along with his family because they’re his family and it would be great if everyone was accepting of each other

-Dick would make it even more embarrassing because he’s kind of like Damian’s mom of sorts??? And he’d totally pull the whole “Do you two need anything? A snack? A condom?” thing and Damian would just shrivel up and die but also pledge revenge

-the one person Damian can count on is Alfred, who is always very pleasant towards anybody that the family brings into the house, and who will always try to keep things civil between the family

-basically just Damian trying not to die while his date is sitting next to him trying not to bust out laughing and/or blush while all of this is happening and then after his date leaves, Damian just wants to murder his siblings even though his date assured him it’s okay

If any of my beautiful followers have any stories about how LSD (or any hallucinogens) has negatively affected their lives please let me know!

I feel like there hasn’t been enough attention on how many young people have gotten fucked up by hallucinogens, so I’d like to write an article on personal experiences (totally okay if it’s anonymous).

My fiancée was hospitalized for taking what he thought was lsd last year. He started hearing people in his head and hallucinating pretty much constantly for a few months.. He even accused me of cheating on him with Tupac for goodness sake! It took him almost a full year to get back to himself.
I also feel that once a person does get screwed over by one of these drugs people just call them crazy and make it seem like it’s their own fault. When let’s be real.. Who hasn’t experimented a little? I just wish people couldn’t understand that drugs effect everyone differently, like if I were to take some booms rn I’d be having the time of my life, but if my bf took them he’d have to be hospitalized for two weeks.

Thanks for yalls help 😘

Commission me?

(I know that roughly 80% of the examples above are Homestuck, but I’m not picky about fandom. All I need is some reference.)

Some more guidelines:

  • All backgrounds are to be negotiated in terms of complexity. The more elements and details, the more dindin$.
  • I’ll do pin-ups and softcore but not explicit because I’m no good at that.

Please contact me at!


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From The Eyes of The Sinner (part 9.2 to Red Hair)

(Hi everyone! Thank you so much for reading and following this series for so long, and thank you for all of the requests! I’ll do my best to have them out promptly! ❤

.-. Reposting because the last one messed up.

Warnings: Same as before.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Mystic Messenger or any of its characters. This is purely for entertainment purposes!



Part 9.2?


He knew he fucked up.

He saw that glassy, far away look in her eyes, and knew that it was because of his mistake. Because of his selfish, one time screw up.

He didn’t know how to fix it.

Was he even allowed to?

She came back, did that mean he had the chance?

She excused herself, to go cook.

He wondered if she was repulsed by the perfume that still lingered on his skin.

The scent made him sick too.

He wanted to wash it away. He wanted to wash evidence of “her” away.

He went towards the bathroom, passing up Saeran, who still glared at him angrily.

He deserved it.

He deserved every bit of it.

What was he thinking?

He pushed her away, only to beg for her to come back, knowing how dangerous, and hurtful he was.

And she still came back.

She still came back to him.


Why did she love him, after everything he did? He didn’t deserve it. He didn’t earn it. He betrayed her in the worst way possible. But he didn’t have the heart to let her go. He didn’t have to heart to try and push her towards Jumin, despite knowing he would be better for her.

He stepped into the shower, the hot water nearly burning his skin. The temperature difference felt stark.

He felt so lost. He felt so confused.

And for the first time in a long time, he cried in the shower.


He was angry.

Angry and confused and happy and angry again because he shouldn’t be happy that she’s back but he is.

He wanted to hate Saeyoung even more, and he did, but, he couldn’t help but be grateful to him for bringing her back…

He watched her work, and saw the difference this all brought.

Her bright, and upbeat demeanor, now subdued and silent.

He wasn’t so sure he was so grateful for her to be back anymore. Not when she was so depressed at being here.

Then why did she agree to come back?

He decided to confront her, wanting his answers.

One thing led to another.

He was holding her, gripping her hand to keep the knife from slicing into her finger.

He didn’t want to let go.

The subtle scent of her perfume, still lingered on her skin, but her usual warmth, the warmth that seemed to emanate from her being, was gone, replaced by a cold that seemed to sink into her bones.

He spewed some harsh words, words that he didn’t even fully register, but they struck a nerve with her.

He could see the look on her face, the heart break. And then, the tears.

He panicked, but hearing her response, it just made him angrier.

But then, his idiot brother just had to show up.

He just came out of the shower, and realized he forgot to bring in a change of clothes.

Wrapping a towel around his waist, he stepped out, only to hear the soft hiccups and sobs of his fiancée.

Wait what?!

He rushed into the kitchen, and saw the tears streaming down his face.

“MC?! Baby what’s wrong?!”

He cupped her face, wondering if something set her off.

He didn’t know that seeing him, made it so much worse.

The look on her face, the pain and shock clear. Her eyes scanned his body, and his heart froze.

He was covered in marks from that woman. And he just waltzed out here without a second thought.

Goddammit Saeyoung.

He should have known better.

He didn’t want to hurt her anymore. Remind her anymore. But he just did.

That’s when Saeran spoke up, and it was obvious he was furious.

Why don’t you get the fuck dressed, so neither of us have to look at the disgusting aftermath of that whore?“

He yanked her right out of Saeyoung’s arms and he was about to protest if it wasn’t for the alarm.

"Visitor! Visitor! Enter the password Jumin Han!”


Fuck. What did he want now?

Jumin waltzed in, and Saeyoung saw the look he gave him. That cold, angry look only he could manage, and he felt even more sick.

He saw the way he looked at MC, and he knew, logically, he should push her towards him. That he should let her go.

It was the right thing to do, she deserved to be happy.

But he wanted to be the one who made her happy. Who made her smile again.

And he felt his heart stop when Jumin asked MC to run away with him. To leave him and go back to the penthouse.

He should.

He can’t interfere.

He did.


Even he was surprised at the sound of his voice.

At the pain that he tried to hide but failed.

And she looked at him, with tear filled eyes, and some of that pain melted away. And she moved a bit closer to him.

“Jumin…I….I’m sorry…I can’t…I-” Her voice was trembling, and cracked, like she was going to start crying again.

He interrupted her with a soft promise of waiting.

Jumin left.

And he took a piece of her with him.

Saeyoung couldn’t help himself, by throwing his arms around her, and pulling her close.

“Thank you for staying…”

*blows dust off old blog*

I’m back! And terribly sorry for taking such a long break off this blog, even though I said I’d return in Oct 2016… My motivation to code kinda got killed, and it got even more so when I saw the hugeee stacks of overdue messages. u-u;;;;; I haven’t been on tumblr in a long time in general because life’s been busy as heck! Well for now I’ve coded a temporary blog theme to fix the primary issue of blog images screwing up on my blog, for starters… Next I’ll be trying to clear my askbox (Wish me luck), then maybe work on something new to release! Stay tuned ~

The Other Hemmings - M.C.

“Mikey, baby, I need you to stop fussing and shut the fuck up,” y/n hissed as she pulled down her boyfriend’s pants. “If Luke finds out because you can’t stop making noises, we’re both screwed.”

“Yea, well, maybe if you stopped teasing me, baby, your brother wouldn’t find out,” he spat back in a harsh whisper before gasping at the feel of the cool room hitting his shaft. “Now, kitten, could you please wrap that pretty little mouth of yours around my cock?”

“I guess, since you asked so nicely,” she started running her tongue up his length along the prominent vein on the underside. She could feel him shudder beneath her quickly taking him into her mouth so he wouldn’t protest yet again. She looked up at him through her lashes as she bobbed her head taking breaks to such harshly at his tip. He made a makeshift ponytail with her hair to control her movements moving him deeper into her mouth causing her to gag a few times.

“Shit, baby…yeah…just like-,” he started before being cut off by a knock on the door

“Michael, have you seen y/n? She mentioned going to the bathroom almost half an hour ago!” Luke yelled through the door thankfully not going to open it. Y/n continued to look at him through hooded eyes while bobbing her head as if her brother wasn’t just on the other side of the door.

“N-nope,” Michael responded quickly not trusting himself to say anything more as she deep throated him earning a low growl to escape his lips.

“I…did you just growl at me?” Luke asked through the door. The two of them heard the handle jiggle as Luke tried to get in the room, y/n continuing her assault on her dessert not letting up knowing he was moments away from releasing into her mouth. “Can you open the damn door?”

“Baby…kitten…y-you need to…s-stop,” he tried to let out in a whisper as she took a hands to his balls. “Oh, fuck me.” He released into her mouth only seconds later as she made sure to lick up everything before pulling back.

“I don’t know how you want to cover this up, but I’m going to hide in your closet,” y/n muttered placing a kiss to his cheek before quickly running into the dressing room closet shutting herself in the door. Michael pulled up his boxers leaving himself in only his boxers and shirt with his pants on the floor where he left them. He quickly opened the door to find Luke there with his hands in his pockets.

“The hell, mate?” Luke asked furrowing his brows together.

“I was busy,” Michael muttered blushing slightly at the thought of his sister’s mouth wrapped around his cock making the blood rush to his member once again.

“You’re being extremely vague, and if my sister wasn’t here, I wouldn’t care,” Luke responded crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing telling your best mate you’ve been masturbating so…,” he muted looking away from his friend once again.

“Oh…I uh…shit. My bad, Mikey. Just, if you see y/n can you tell her I’m looking for her? Mom called.” Michael nodded his head towards friend before shutting the door once again. He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

“Kitten, I almost died.”

“Oh, don’t be dramatic, Mikey,” she muttered as he turned to face her.

“He needs to know, baby. I can’t keep going on with this. It’s stressing me out.”

“But that’s no fun,” she pouted sticking out her bottom lip just before Mikey took it between his teeth. “Can we wait…just a little bit longer?”

“After the show tonight, sure, but it should be before tomorrow, kitten.”

“But…what if I give you a reason to not tell Lukey?” Y/n asked with a seductive tone to her voice. She could feel his hands rest on her hips as she lifted her hands to rest them on his forearms.

“What reason could that be?”

“The way my pussy feels around your cock because, baby, we know for a fact that Lu’s not going be okay with you humping me to death.” Y/n brought her hands up to his chest rubbing her hands up and down in a teasing way before pressing a kiss to his jaw. “So, if you wanna tell him after this show, you might want to start taking your pants off, because I don’t know how long I’m going to last without your dick inside of me.”

“God, so impatient, kitten,” Michael groaned pressing his lips to hers quickly gripping at her thighs lifting her up to walk her towards the couch. He didn’t hesitate to rip off her top in the process before setting her down on the couch crawling between her legs, grinding into her crotch while kissing at her neck, most likely ready to leave hickeys. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Compliment me later, Clifford. Just hurry the fuck up!” She moaned loudly pushing him up to slide off her leggings and underwear while he pulled at his boxers. “Condom?” He quickly grabbed one out of his pants pocket ripping it open and rolling it on.

“Ready, kitten? I’m going hard and fast.” She nodded her head quickly as he pushed her down again kissing at her cleavage that wasn’t covered by her bra just as he thrusted into her. He didn’t bother waiting for her to adjust knowing there wasn’t time for that.

“F-fuck!” She moaned loudly not being able to hold it in as Michael pressed his lips to hers roughly.

“Quiet down there, kitten,” he groaned against her lips. He didn’t let up once as she raked her nails down his back. He pulled her leg up to wrap around his hip going deeper than before, hitting her at a new angle. He could feel her clench around him signaling she was getting close. He moved his hand down to her core rubbing at her clit. “You going to cum for me, kitten?”

“Fuck, Mikey…just like that,” y/n moaned loudly tightening around him causing them both to release with each other. The two of them waited to calm down before he pulled out of her, placing a tender kiss on her lips.

“Michael, you’ve got about ten seconds to remove your penis from my sister before I cut your dick off.”

Tl;Dr: Fuck customers who put the change on the counter when it’s busy.

I messed up an order, so the manager had to do a minor refund. After that, I’m stressing to get rid of the line that quickly formed. I tried to get these two girls and my coworker/trainee is asking me questions about the other coffee cups because he screwed up giving them to the right person (easy mistake when busy). After making sure I have the order right, they walk away. I start putting in stuff for the new customer, realizing I have to get the girls’ money I’m going back and forth. They put it out of my line of sight in front of a sign on the front counter. Coworker is still asking questions and I’m about ready to cry because of the first order mess up and stress of the sensory overload of questions and orders and expresso machine and grinder and the line I needed to take are of. I get the money, finish up, get the next customer while still bombarded with my coworker’s questions. Glad the next customer is understanding and patient. Finally get rid of the line and the manager tells me making mistakes is ok and if I need help, just ask. I was over it by then, but him bringing it up brings me back to near years (I’m a wimp, I know) I’m almost done with my first month, and I hope it gets better.

Getting back in the swing of drawing!!

And because everyone’s at it I wanted to give lineless art a try.

Enjolras and Grantaire from World Ain’t Ready by idiopath-fic-smile

Rollo - Thoughts on Episode 4x16

Can anyone explain to me why there are so many people celebrating what happened in episode 4x16? Why am I seeing people happy about what Rollo did in last night’s episode?

“Finally! Rollo is back!”
“Old Rollo strikes again!”
“Poor Rollo! His wife has been nagging him for so long that he deserved a break.”

Rollo has been my favorite since season 1. Yes, even when he was an idiot who screwed it up constantly. No point in denying, I always liked him.

There was something about his character that I could relate to: having a successful sibling.
I could understand his struggle, because I had been there too.
I could comprehend his wish of wanting to be his own man, because I also wanted to be my own woman, without being constantly compared to my sibling.
I could identify with him knowing that he was a fool, but hoping that one day he would be wise, because I too knew that I did foolish things, things that I was not proud of, but I hoped that I would be able to learn from those and become a better person one day.

The way his character developed is what I adored the most about Rollo. He became a better person, he became wiser, and he did what was necessary to get what he desired more than anything: a family.

What happened last night has nothing to do with Rollo’s improvement. On the contrary, I consider it a retrogression in his character development. Not a single thing of what happened on last night’s episode contributed to the growth his character went through during 4 seasons of the show.

It seems that Michael Hirst does not see any worth in Rollo unless he has him raiding again. Which is a shame. Because it would have been much more interesting to show Rollo as the successful ruler that real-life Rollo was. Michael Hirst completely disregarded the character development that he wrote over these years for nothing.

We were not shown directly what happened with the women they encountered in the raid. But it was heavily suggested that they were raped. I have to assume that Rollo (as well as Hvitserk and Bjorn) raped someone in last night’s episode.

I don’t care if Rollo didn’t join the other guys right away, he still joined them. He still raped someone. I don’t care that he look tormented afterwards. He still raped someone. I don’t care if he realizes that joining Bjorn in this raid was a mistake and he decides to go back to Normandy. He still left his wife and children behind for some sort of post-mature mid-life crisis. I sincerely hope that Gisla does not take him back. He does not deserve her, he does not deserve the family they built together.

Nothing of what Rollo did in episode 4x16 should be celebrated.
No one should be happy about what Rollo did.

So about time I get back into traditional drawing and @owlygem ‘s beautiful character Spring was the best thing for me.

But seriously I’ve been wanting to do art for Owly for a long time! Owly, you really inspire me and I adore your characters, Spring in particular (they’re just too CUTE oh my gosh my heart) I hope things look up for you!

So I was looking back at some posts on @saisai-chan and @sevi007‘s blogs, mostly the ones about Class 1A finding stuff out about Izuku’s past and I came up with my own scenario for it.

So one day (and I’m thinking this takes place before they all move in together), the students are talking about different friends that they have outside of UA. Maybe it started with someone seeing a text Tsuyu got from her one friend (that mongoose girl from that one omake) and it just went from there with kids talking about their other friends. Like Kirishima sometimes meets up with some bros at the arcade, Momo writes exchanges actual letters with her friends who had to go to boarding school, Mineta mentions he brags about all the hot ladies he’s surrounded by to middle school friends.

Anyway, so some of the quieter people aren’t really participating (looking over at Todoroki), but Uraraka notices that Izuku has been strangely silent the whole time and is acting like he’s nervous. Still, she’s kind of curious so she asks him directly, “So what were your friends in middle school like, Deku?”

He startles at the question, and gulps. The kids are wondering why he’s acting so jumpy when he answers, “Uh, uh, well, I uh…” He looks around at everywhere but any people. “Well, Kacchan, as you probably know, is my childhood friend.” He gives them a shaky grin.

Everyone notes that Bakugou and Izuku are very pointedly not looking at each other.

They wait for him to continue. Yeah, they know he and Bakugou have known each other forever. But they have, like, the worst relationship possible without being the other’s nemesis. Surely, Izuku had had other friends besides -

And it dawns on them. Holy crap. Is Bakugou the closest thing Midoriya had to a friend before UA? They’re staring kind of horrified at him as they fully realize this, and even Todoroki looks slightly appalled.

Before they can ask anything else, Izuku spots All Might passing by. “Ah! All Might! I wanted to talk to you!” He says, quickly making his escape.

Meanwhile, the rest of them are kind of stunned. Because how could Izuku not have had friends? He was one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring and determined people they know. They considered themselves to be lucky to know him, much less be his friend, and for him to not have friends is just -


They can’t even imagine it.

After this, I imagine they might go with this scenario by saisai-chan where they ask Bakugou about what the heck is up with this or maybe this incident by sevi007 where Izuku has a reunion coming up that they hear about from Bakugou and decide to investigate it themselves. Either way, I think this would be interesting for them to learn about, though it’s probably more likely to come up now that they live together.

(Also, check out sevi007′s scenario about what the teachers do when they crash the reunion with the kids and meet Izuku’s middle school teacher. All Might gives him the dragging he deserves. A+ heroing there.)