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Jonerys Season 7 drabbles Day 2

Short and fluffy-I don’t care that it probably won’t ever happen in canon I just think it would be fun to see.

Dany doesn’t see why in the world people would ever want to throw snow at each other. Snow is bad enough as it is, without having someone dump it on you when you’re not expecting it.

 But no one’s told Jon and Arya this. The night rings with the sounds of their laughter as they run around the castle courtyard, stopping only to scoop snow into small packed balls or hide behind a statue so they have the perfect vantage point to let the snow fly. She’s tempted to laugh because it’s so rare to see them like this, without the weight of the world on their shoulders.

 She stands just inside the doorway of the castle, well away from the flying snow. Arya manages to hit Jon with a ball of snow that explodes right next to his head, covering his hair in bits of white crystal-and she can’t help it, the laugh comes out, because he looks so absurd standing there looking absolutely shell shocked. 

 Immediately they both stop and look at her and she feels almost sorry for disrupting their fun. 

 “Your Grace,” Jon says carefully. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” 

 She shrugs. “The meetings got out early. Don’t let me get in the way.” 

 Arya creates another snowball, a wicked look in her eyes. “Why don’t you join us?” It’s hard to know who looks more shocked at the prospect. 

 “Arya,” Jon says, “I don’t think the Queen has any interest in…” 

 She doesn’t know why she agrees to it-maybe because she wants to surprise him, because she likes the way he looks whenever she does something he wouldn’t have expected, like he has to reexamine everything he’s ever thought about her. “Actually, I do.” 

 The snowball is just a blur of motion on the edge of her periphery-until it smashes into the side of her head. Arya has the good grace to look suitably sorry. 

 For a minute she can’t think because it’s so cold; some snow gets past her high collar and falls down the back of her neck. But she’s seen what they do when these situations arise; she kneels down in the snow and begins forming a snowball of her own. Arya barely has time to smile before it thuds into her shoulder. “Not bad, for your first time.” 

 Jon’s smile is like the sunrise after a month of darkness. “Arya, we might as well show her how to form decent snowballs.” 

 By the time they go inside, long after the moon has reached its zenith, they’re all shivering through their furs with snow in their hair-but they’re all smiling, even Arya (who looks incredibly smug). The courtyard is littered with the remains of their snowball fight and Dany is glad that no one was looking outside, that no one sees the evidence of the few hours that they all acted like children again.

 She wants to keep it between the three of them-a little secret they’ll remember but won’t tell, at least until the next opportunity arises.

“Oh, Joy” || Jily.

My God I haven’t written Jily in so long… this is a combination of pointless plot and me avoiding studying at any and all costs, but I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 6,473 || archiveofourown

It was just more wholly unnecessary, but utterly definite proof that French really, truly was the Satan of all subjects. Of course, the events of that atomic disaster of a night could also have been blamed upon her liberal alcohol consumption, or even indeed on the disloyalty of her so-called friends - but their final term together ended in less than two months, and Lily was rendered too emotionally fragile at the thought of having to leave them to truly be angry with any of them.

That and the fact that blaming them for what transpired that night was probably entirely irrational, given that her actions just so happened to be of her own doing – alcohol or no alcohol.

Whoever or whatever was to blame, the fact remained that Lily effectively set her entire life alight on that fateful night, deep in the depths of what was quite possibly the grottiest pub on their side of the river.

And the most startling thing of all was that she didn’t really mind all that much.


Tally: Lily – 05 || James – 03

“Oi – prick-face,” she all but shouted, moving through the crowd with the grace of a mobile armoire. The prick-in-question’s eyebrows raised inquisitively at her greeting.

“Have pigs started flying, Evans? Or did you just voluntarily acknowledge my presence?”

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Okay, but you know what I need?

A ship where Person A denies they like Person B. They also blush violently whenever B is nearby, almost like a radar. Everyone knows they are lying.

Person B has told all their friends that they like Person A but made them promise not to tell. They are completely oblivious to A’s feelings for them and so are too shy to say anything.

All of their friends are suitably furious.

((’Hey, A, B’s coming up behind you.’
‘But I’m not blushing…I MEAN-’))

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Hey Niu! what are the downsides to living in Japan you talk about? (^ω^)

Oh man, there are so many of them it will take forever if I list them all, but here are some:

- Women are below men -> Foreigners are below Japanese -> Foreigner women are the lowest combination in the society
- No matter how long you’d live there, you will always be a foreigner. You will never be taken into the culture or the country as one of its inhabitants. Also your children will be treated as foreigners, even if they had another parent from Japan. 
- No thinking for yourself; you have a certain path from birth to death you are supposed to follow. If you divert from the path, you are rebellious and cause trouble to the society. Your purpose is to serve the society without questioning it and cause no harm to it (you can see this in for example how families abandon their unemployed family members even to their death, because unemployed person isn’t contributing to the society and this disgraces both themselves and their family). 
- Anything that doesn’t fit into the societal norm of perfect, fitting and functioning, will be hid. This includes handicapped people, disabled people, transgenders, sexual minorities and elderly people who can’t take care of themselves anymore.
(Also only the perfect vegetables, berries and fruits are suitable for grocery stores)
- Always put others first, even if it harms you, otherwise you are a selfish anarchist. Lying is a perfect form of social activity, because anything you can do to not trouble someone or shame them - or you - is considered polite. Whenever I have Japanese guests over - except for one friend - I need to think very carefully what I feed them or suggest them as an activity, as they WILL say YES and I LIKE THIS even when they would mean NO and HORRIBLE PLEASE NOT THIS - and then eat everything they hate and go with the activity they don’t want to do, because the polite lying. Close friends and family members are different, with them you don’t have to tell polite lies.
- Individuality doesn’t exist, everything is seen as a big mass. It’s hard to go against the societal pressure, though for foreigner it would be easier - you, as a foreigner, will not be expected much of anything, because “you can never understand the culture or get into it as Japanese”. 
- Alcoholism and domestic violence run free (same as in Finland)
- Mental health problems because of a) you can’t be you, just play your role b) expectations for success are high c) no time to rest. Suicide rates are very high (they are also high in Finland)
- The country is actually quite racist. My friend’s friend is married to a Japanese man and they had horrible time trying to find a rent apartment in Tokyo - the place with the most of foreigners - because “Can’t trust you, your wife is a foreigner” (she had nothing to do with the rent contract and she’s also working). She’s gotten harassed and even kicked multiple times just for sticking out from the mass and being different than Japanese.
- No long holidays, average Japanese has 7 days holiday in a year, plus a few days during December-January.
- No extra earnings by working overtime, at night time, at evening, on weekend or on holidays (in Finland you get extra salary for these)
- It’s difficult to get a job nowadays, the economic depression has hit Japan, too. This is especially difficult for men who need a job to get a wife but if they are single, they can’t get a job without a wife (because company wants to make sure you are dedicated to it and as men still bring the money to the household - and women control the money - being single is a sign you will not stay loyal to the company)
- Expensive!

Ways in which my cat is actually the most precious thing I’ve ever met in my entire life

  • Her name is Sweetie because I couldn’t think of anything better and I kept calling her Sweetie as a nickname until it just stuck.
  • She really lives up to her name because she loves sweet things like gummy bears and muffins and smarties.
  • I’ve had her since I was six and I picked her out at the humane society because she was climbing the bars on her cage.
  • Sweetie is fourteen but she looks like she’s only a year or two old. She weighs seven pounds and is very tiny and slender. I like to call her “Tiny Cat” because of that.
  • She’s also very gorgeous because she’s a brown tabby with black stripes and the black is very sleek and shiny and she takes good care of her fur. Her belly and parts of her legs, chin, and face are very soft white.
  • Whenever she’s sleeping, Sweetie will curl up into a ball on her side with all her feet tucked in and her tail curled under her.
  • She’s found every possible hiding place in my mom’s room (where she lives when I’m not home because the other cats will eat all the food) in the drawers and behind books and pillows and if we have any suitcases or boxes around for whatever reason, she’ll immediately climb into it and curl up. Sometimes she hides herself so well that we can’t find her until she decides to show herself.
  • The only time that she ever falls asleep in a position not curled up is when she does what my mom and I call The Sprawl. She only does this with me when I’m laying in bed. It involves her crouching on my chest and every so often inching her way closer to my face and relaxing her paws until eventually, in one slow movement, she rolls onto her side and sprawls across my chest. It’s very adorable but also hard to read with.
  • If she wants attention and she’s not getting it, Sweetie will meow very loudly until she gets it. We think her family has Siamese in them because she has quite a voice and so did one of her siblings. So it’s hard to ignore.
  • Sweetie will also do The Sprawl if she’s not getting attention from me and I’m by my bed, in which case she’ll give up on yelling at me and will roll over and show her belly to me until I pet her.
  • But when she finally does get that attention, Sweetie stops meowing and starts putting. Very loudly. Since she’s such a small cat, her purr can basically be felt throughout her whole body. And she purrs a lot because she gets a lot of attention.
  • Whenever I come home from college, she’ll stand at the door inside my mother’s bedroom and will yell at me until I come say hi to her and give her suitable attention.
  • Sweetie also lives up to her name by just being a very sweet cat. She loves to do the head rub thing against practically any part of your body. Plus there’s the whole sprawling thing and begging for attention.
  • I’m also the only one that Sweetie will jump up on the bathroom counter for. She’ll walk right in front of me when I’m brushing my teeth to demand attention. But she’ll also get distracted by the water and from the sink and will drink out of it when it’s at a trickle.
  • Every movement Sweetie makes is very delicate and deliberate. She walks like shes testing every step before she takes it, but not like she’s afraid or hesitant. That poem that starts with “The fog came in on little cat’s feet” is how Sweetie walks and carries herself.
  • Except when she’s playing with the laser toy. Man, does Sweetie love that laser toy. She will tear around the room chasing that thing like there’s no tomorrow.
  • In addition to being good at hiding in places cats might normally find, Sweetie is also very smart at opening things to find new places to hide. Sometimes late at night I’ll hear the cabinet below the bathroom sink quietly bang shut and I know she just went in or out of it.
  • I’ve also watched Sweetie open dresser drawers by standing on her back legs, putting on page on the top and one paw on the bottom of the drawer, and walk backwards like a trick poodle in order to open the drawer. It took me years to learn how she figured out how to do that.
  • Then she’ll often hide not in the drawer she just opened, but in the one beneath it. That’s led to more than a few moments where I’ve accidentally shut her in by not realizing she was in the bottom drawer (sorry Sweetie).
  • Probably the best story though is when she was only a few months old, she figured out how to pry the grate over the floor vents open and climbed into the heating and cooling system. We don’t know long she was in there until I walked by a covered vent half the house away and saw her little face peering out at me. My mom drilled all the vent covers down after that.
  • She really loves to nuzzle plastic bags very gently. I don’t know why. In all fourteen years of her life she’s done that and she’s never gotten stuck in one.
  • Sometimes Sweetie will meow at me and I’ll imitate her back for like five minutes.
  • Sweetie waits around the shower until I’m done and then sits outside yelling at me until I’m done drying off and step out to let her.
  • If I do something when I’m petting her or when she’s playing on my chest that she doesn’t like, she’ll just got up and leave. She’ll often go sit somewhere like the cat tree where I can clearly see her, and then she’ll pointedly face away from me until she decides she wants more attention.
  • Basically Sweetie is wonderful and I love her so much.
  • Seriously look at her who wouldn’t think shes precious and adorable
Text Confession

If I may, I’m offering my two cents on the bus thing. If I’m not mistaken, during the first tour, they only have one bus, so every member in the same bus is kind of a necessity. This tour, they have more people (crew and assistants) and have more buses, thus more choices that is probably suitable to their preferences.

This tour is also more grueling than the previous one, simply because they have to write, arrange, and record, on top of show performances, and squeezing some R&R in between. This punishing schedule warrants each member to find comfort or carve personal time whenever they can. It’s normal, psychologically, to feel irritable at every little thing when you’re tired, even things that are okay with you normally.

Say that the trio shares one bus with some others, and Avi and Kevin shares the other bus with others as well. I think this is quite normal.

Avi and Kevin are flatmates so they are more attuned to each other’s tics and preferences. Say if Kevin and Avi want to engage in sleepwars together. Or say Kevin wants to practice on Beyonce. Avi might be used to Kevin practicing on Beyonce, but maybe the trio are less likely (even though they are to some extent). Kevin is also very polite, so it makes sense if he doesn’t want to inflict so much noise on too many people if necessary.

Avi also needs time, peace and quiet to be able to do his own thing (like safeguard his bbq stash), to have a place where he can re-review all of the Acapella Academy (and Acapella Retreat) materials, and coordinate with the others about it, to write, to hog the bathroom to sing opera in it maybe.

In addition, if I’m not wrong, the trio’s bus is also attached to the mobile recording studio. So, maybe it’s considered the “main bus”, kinda like the headquarters. So it makes sense that they decorate that bus more than the others. It’s kinda like decorating the office. I don’t doubt that Kevin and Avi will also take some fanarts back to their own buses to decorate or keep. For instance, the small keyrings with their chibi-selves, or maybe some letters and things that they keep as personal archives.

Another theory that I have is that because they are the seasoned tourers, they offer to split buses and share with the less-experienced tourers (new friends or assistants), kind of like a buddy-buddy system.

For me, different buses are not signs of separation, just signs that as the tour gets more grueling, whoever arranges this understands Pentatonix not just as a group or an entity, but comprised of different individuals with distinct wants and needs. (Plus, it’s an indication that they are now earning more comfortably, to be able to pay more attention to comfort.

(let’s take an example: when I was broke, I lived in this small flat with seven people and we really get to know each other well and we do love each other. Once each of us found better employment, we went out and and find better flats for ourselves. I end up sharing one modest flat with only two others, and the other four rented a house. Does it mean that we’re no longer friends? No, we’re just moving to somewhere more comfortable with bigger personal space and if truth be told, we’re even better friends now, I do sleepovers at the foursome’s house, but I also have a place of my own to stay).

Hopefully, by giving more personal choice and freedom, their appearance on and off stage will continue to be as stellar, if not more, as before.

And I believe them as genuine, and fans who are able to meet them face to face, even as recent as Barcelona, can attest that they are still the sweet people that we know.

On the other hand, if they are close to breaking up: then all I can say is… GO AND BUY TICKETS AND MEET THEM BECAUSE IT’S AN EXPERIENCE THAT YOU WON’T REGRET!

Peace love and Pentaholic!