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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #1
  • Dan: *walking to the kitchen* hey Phil have you seen my-
guys for serious

Actually no: the kids on the tag need to chill about YURI ON ICE IS ONLY FOR GAYS because my queer ass would have figured itself out a hell of a lot faster with positive representation like this rather than what was available, which was …. maybe you guys want to look up FAKE!!! or Mirage of Blaze sometime.

The fact that there is a God damn Japanese anime that is aimed at the mainstream sports series audience that features a natural, normalized HEALTHY QUEER RELATIONSHIP that is based around love and support for each other is something I never dreamed of seeing 20 years ago. To have it so matter of fact that the drama is about the sport and growing as a couple instead of AM I GAY OR DO I LOVE HIM? made me feel like crying the first time I saw it.

Anyway don’t we have enough problems as queers in this world without nailing up signs that say YOU MUST BE THIS QUEER TO ENTER?

I saw somebody in the asexual tag saying that heteroromantic asexuals are straight and don’t belong in the lgbt+ community and saying that it was so sad the ace community wasn’t used as a tool to talk about sexual abuse

and then claiming they could do this because they “used to think they were asexual”

I used to think I was a lesbian. does that give me the right to completely invalidate lesbians and tell them that they don’t deserve a community unless it can be used as a tool? no. absolutely not.

and in what universe does anybody have the right to do that to another human being?


Why did Misha think that using the power saw would be the best solution?

what an ESFJ has to say to all the types
  • ENTJ: Repeat after me: having emotions is NOT a weakness. No, I don’t think you’re a loser because I saw you cry once. Yes, you’re still the baddest bitch around and no one can mess with you. Yes, I would love to schedule a power lunch with you sometime this week so we can talk more about this.
  • INTJ: I’m going to need you to stop staring into my eyes like you’re analyzing every facet of my soul even though you’re probably just thinking of all the ways you could destroy me. I’m also going to need you to hug me back at some point I can cling to you all day long until you acknowledge your affection for me you small emotionally distant creature
  • ESTP: alright Tom Haverford thank you for being a fun friend and going out with me but maybe let’s not reenact the weird combo of the Hangover, Animal House, and Legally Blonde that happens EVERY time we do something together EVERY time we do something together.
  • ISTP: Hey professor I thought I would come in during office hours to talk about my last test and— oh, you’re out of the office… but at least you left a note this time! That’s an improvement! It says, “science just got ballin bitches haha lmao smell ya l8er”. Professor the next exam is in two days why are you doing this to me
  • ENTP: ok this argument can go one of two ways, either 1) i agree with you even though i don’t actually agree with you because I want you to like me or 2) i end up trying to argue but really end up crying— oh we’re going with option 2 ok this should be G R E A T
  • INTP: how did you make a bong out of literally nothing. do you have no regard for the laws of the universe or— how did you disappear. why do you have no regard for newton's laws of thermodynamics. why do you do this to me.
  • ESTJ: wow i have never seen anyone adhere to a routine so tightly until I met you. why don't you walk on the wild side with me? we can get an unusual flavor of ice cream and talk about capitalism or something.
  • ISTJ: no i don’t want to watch that war documentary with you again yes i’ve heard the story about your uncle who was in the korean war five times ok fine i’ll watch it with you but i reserve the right to be on my phone the whole time. Why do you care about war documentaries so much you cute turkey you already know who won why is this a universal with every ISTJ ever W H Y
  • ESFP: come close to me. closer. closer my child. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A SHOT EVERY TIME SOMEONE AT A PARTY SAYS LET'S DO SHOTS OK??????? unless you want to and as your certified enabler that's ok too u precious pearl
  • ISFP : OK i UNDERSTAND that sometimes you need to commune with nature by staring at a tree for twelve hours straight but can you PLEASE put on a jacket it’s starting to get cold outside. ok you’re going deeper into the forrest so you can’t hear my nagging THAT’S FINE I HAVE A LOUD VOICE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE MOTHERSHIP
  • ENFP: BE!!!!!! ON!!!!!! TIME!!!!!!! TO!!!!!!! THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you SWEET and ADORABLE little RAGAMUFFIN
  • INFP: I love talking to you and I love your crazy brain but CRYING ABOUT ALIENS and WONDERING IF THEY HAVE FEELINGS at 4:00 AM can only happen so many times before I physically restrain you so we can both get some sleep.
  • ENFJ: I like how we can jam on an emotional level and you are just as interested in knowing the intimate details of everyone’s life as I am and I really appreciate your ability to emotionally manipulate people (i know when you’re doing it and I especially know when you’re doing it to me but I love you so I go along with it lol) but for the LOVE of GOD P L E A S E tone down your ability to do EVERY ACTIVITY to PERFECTION and get MORE THAN 4 hours of sleep a night THANKS. you’re starting to give me an ulcer you sweet potato perfectionist.
  • INFJ: Yes, Ghandi, I am aware of all of those injustices that you’re telling me about. I’m angry too. No, I won’t go on a hunger strike with y— ok fine I will Jesus Christ put away those puppy dog eyes NO I DID NOT MEAN JESUS CHRIST LITERALLY GET OFF OF THAT CRUCIFIX RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME
  • ISFJ: I know you love people but you also love alone time. I know baby. I understand. But maybe come outside for a little bit and get some fresh air? Talk to people who aren’t on the internet? No? Your favorite fictional people are going through a hard time and you need to be alone to process this? ok go back to netflix love you sugar muffin i’ll try again tomorrow
  • and finally, other ESFJ's: I swear to fricking gosh if you bring baked goods to a function where I brought baked goods and PEOPLE LIKE YOURS BETTER I will spread a MILDLY NASTY RUMOR about how your pastries are all store-bought. Do not test me. love ya girl ;*
There For You

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No pairing, just a platonic drabble I came up with from this post

Words: 535

Warnings: Swearing, fluff (platonic)

A/N: So this is a little drabble-idea that I came up with as soon as I saw @imhereforbvcky‘s post (I linked it above), and felt the immediate need to write something. I may not be a SamxReader shipper (as in romantic), but I sure as hell love me some platonic fluff with some Avengers - considering Sam is like a great guy and always fun to write. So anyway, enjoy and let me know whether I should keep writing drabbles like this!

“Hey, you okay?”

You heard the voice from your door, not exactly surprised that when you looked up, you saw your Sam standing in your doorway. The two of you had been doing this for a while. Because you were completely new to the Avengers and not used to as much violence and bloodshed — your reputation of your mom just dropping you off at boarding school and never returning not really helping your sleepless nights, either — Sam had made it a habit to check up on your after missions.

No one had told him to do so. He just felt some pull to you to be like a big brother to you. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better friend than Sam. He was just so… chilled out and ready to listen to your torments and what’s on your mind. And when you weren’t having a half therapy-session with him, you were sassily bantering about the most random shit or binge-playing video games on X-Box, Playstation and the Wii.

You sighed, running a hand through your slightly-damp hair. You’d just had a shower of crying, wallowing in self-pity, and cleaning up the muck from your skin. Then, you shrugged, “I don’t know, Sam.”

He shuffled inside your room, grinning down softly at you. “Hey, kiddo. Y’know, when I first joined the army, I was pretty confused about the shit happening there. I only had Riley, my man. Now… well, he’s gone, but I’ve come to accept it. You know why?”

You sighed, not really sure whether you wanted to actually answer or just let him keep going. Seriously, missions — especially ones where you had to actually shoot people, God — just shit on your mood in general.

Taking your silence as a sign for him to go on (which it was), he continued, “Because I got the Avengers. I got the Star-Spangled Steve. The metal-armed punk-ass who constantly steals my cereal. A woman who has amazing looks but could probably kill me if she had a bad day. Several other crazily powered people. Yeah, those are my family now.

“And even though I’m just a dude with mechanical wings next to them, I feel like… when you look beyond that stuff, we all have the same troubles. We just need to learn how to help one another with the same shit.”

When he finished, he grinned toothily at you. You found yourself smiling back at his contagious smile, then commented, “Geez, you been hanging out with Steve too much? You’re starting to do this inspirational speech crap just like him.”

Sam chuckled, then replied, “Maybe I have. C’mon, you up for a round of MarioKart with Clint? I bet I can beat both your asses.”

You immediately felt better, knowing that your teammates would be there for you and help you out, no matter what you went through. Then, you grinned up at him, a warm, joyful bubbling filling you up to the brim and bringing out a little joy in your life, the mission behind you now.

“Sam, if you keep betting on dumb shit like that, you’re gonna lose all your money.”

He laughed. “You’re on.”

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          Usually I stay on my lane when I see people writing stupid things not directly addressed to me about my faves (ie: when I’m just chilling in the tags), but recently i have noticed a nonsense trend: people claiming that Steve doesn’t like Tony Stark.
           Sorry to rain on your parade, but that’s pure bullshit, my guys. How did you arrive at that conclusion? Was it the fight in Civil War where Steve defends Bucky Barnes aka his best friend since always and impedes him from being seriously injured by a furious Tony?
          Do you even saw Steve’s face when he grabbed Tony’s arm before all the sh%t goes down? Because at that moment he knew he would have to choose and it was killing him bc Steve cares about them both in that awful situation BUT Bucky is a victim too and doesn’t deserve to be hurt no matter how much Tony is suffering. Steve have protected Bucky doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Tony.

The mcu receipts:

Steve helping Tony when they were attacked (immediately after their argue) 

the caring touch that he does when he thinks that Tony died to save everyone

and the smile of relief when he saw Tony awake and not taking anything seriously as usual

the little smile for the same reason in that casual party in aou

and that time Steve literally says “I will miss you, Tony” while considering Tony’s property in which he is living a home

The moment he discovers about the others “winter soldiers” and his first instinct is to call Tony

the face Steve makes when he sees how disappointed Tony is with him

or his expression when he realizes that was very close to kill Tony during their fight

   Not to mention the letter he sent to Tony with the lines “I know I hurt you Tonyand  If you need me, I’ll be there.

   I just don’t understand how someone can actively choose not to see the facts because those facts don’t collaborate with the way they choose to see a character. I’m not talking about like/dislike a character. Everybody has an individual taste but deconstruct a character just to try to prove a point is absurd. Tony may not be his soulmate au as Bucky or his bff as Sam but they are friends and Steve definitely likes Tony and cares about him.

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What's wrong with Rupi Kaur? If you like poetry why can't you like someone from this day and age?

warning: this is going to be a long long post 

okay. this is a fair enough question for sure. i also wanted to address another anon’s message:

people can be into different styles of poetry, just because your white ass doesn’t relate to rupi kaur doesn’t mean you need to tell others to go read some other poetry implying that rupi’s is not as good

I’m only going to answer this one time, and you can take away from it what you will. if you want to discuss this, i’m more than willing to do so off anon lmao

firstly, someone noted the white poets i listed in the tags on my original post. i wanted to apologize if i offended anyone; i did not intend to make any sort of racial or elitist statement, but if that’s how people saw it, i understand, and i acknowledge that only listing white poets was careless of me. some poc poets i really enjoy reading are pablo neruda, rudyard kipling, or, if you’re looking for someone more in this “day and age”, carl philips. i can also link some great poems i’ve found on tumblr if anyone’s interested

i don’t harbor a bias against rupi because she is “from this day and age”. i reblog original poetry from people on this website all the time. if you check my archive, you will see that. i don’t enjoy her poetry because imo it’s just not that good

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Oh geez

I saw that the Kalex fandom blew up when I was asleep last night and not in a good way.

So to all my Kalex shippers out there, I adore you and every one of you deserve a safe space to cherish your ships. No one should have to be scared of their own tags. Don’t let them get you down because God, I know the hate sucks sometimes but we’re better than that, and better than the bullies. But you are loved and welcome, should you need an ear, to message me. I’m always willing to listen.

@kalexdanversfan I’m sorry you had to deal with that. It’s a really crappy thing, but you handled it better than most could have ever dreamed and that’s pretty freaking amazing in its own right. I’ll admit that I’ve combed through your blog a time or two and it’s amazing so don’t let them get you down and keep being epic.

All my love to everyone! 💚

lbmisscharlie replied to your post “Typical Monday morning procrastinating studying by looking at…”

DO IT! I have a slightly mangy-looking pheasant named Filmore who lives on the top of one of my bookshelves.

*whispers* … I did the thing… 

Look at the little sweet floof that is on it’s way to live with me! 

She is a grey partridge and is so smol and soft and I have decided her name is Pudding for no real reason other than that is what popped into my head when I saw her. I love her already. 

S♥NE challenge!

I saw toanyones’ blackjack challenge (inspired by jeongeunjis’ pink panda challenge) and I thought to do one for us s♥nes because it is a nice way to get to know each other! Feel free to make edits/gifs/graphics and tag your work with “#sone challenge” you don’t need to, but it is a easy way for us to find each others works

so here is the challenge!

  • (9) favorite music videos
  • (8) favorite outfits
  • (7) favorite hairstyles
  • (6) favorite live performances
  • (5) favorite choreographies
  • (4) favorite photoshoots
  • (3) favorite eras 
  • (2) favorite pairings 
  • (1) favorite member

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Is there any one single Scarecrow backstory considered to be more canon then the others? We have the Year One backstory. We have the incredibly vague Long Halloween (sorta) backstory. And lately we have the new 52 backstory. Those are the only one's I'm familiar with anyway. People may not like it, but I think DC is leaning more heavily on 52's backstory since I saw only that backstory referenced in the DC character encyclopedia. What do you think?

This is one of those subjects that I’ve had on my mind for a long time now. I apologize for making you wait, I needed to do a little research before posting this. Thank you for bringing it up though, I doubt I would’ve addressed it myself unless someone asked. (warning: this is a long post)

There’s actually more backstories than that, although I don’t know if I count Long Halloween’s backstory. (I would probably lump it in somewhere else, because it’s just a few sentences long.)  There’s his first appearance in World’s Finest #3 Riddle of the Human Scarecrow, this simple backstory was retold several times in his subsequent appearances as a refresher to new readers. Then later, in Batman Annual 19 (1995) Masters of Fear his origin is expanded upon and new characters are added to the story such as Sherry Squires and Bo Griggs. It wasn’t until 2005 that Scarecrow: Year One yet again, retold the story. Finally, New52′s origin story Cycle of Violence was released in 2015

(I feel I need to also mention that he got a southern origin story in the Batman 66′ comics, which also came out in 2015. However, that is contained in it’s own universe and shouldn’t be compared to his previous origins.)

I’ve noticed that the fandom generally hates New52, and Crane’s backstory isn’t immune to this. I have not read anywhere near all of New52′s comics and while I realize there are some badly written stories, I cannot judge the entirety of the lot based on that. I think I’ve met only a few people who genuinely enjoy that comic and it’s kind of sad in my opinion. There’s a consensus out there that Year One is the best™ and that DC should return to that storyline. I want to place a quick disclaimer here: I adore Year One. If you’ve been with my blog long enough, you know that. When I get commissions, that’s the design I ask for, and even I have custom year one plushies. I love the comic and I’ve read it dozens of times, I’ve also animated it partially. (someday I’ll finish that project) Despite that, it still has flaws and it’s not perfect. I think we often overlook that in favor of the story returning.

I don’t believe Year One was ever cannon, and that kind of saddens me to admit. I didn’t used to think this until the proper evidence was presented to me, and hope in sharing that with you today, you might also go away with a different perspective. Ever since the fandom learned about Year One, all other  backstories became a moot point. Nobody wants a retelling of Masters of Fear, or even a rewritten New52. They want Year One.

The Jonathan Crane tag was a wasteland until 2012 when it started gaining a lot of traction thanks to the Nolan films (the third and final one came out that year)  Using a timestamp generator I was able to skip back in time to 2012 and check out what was being posting in the Jonathan Crane tag during that year. I noticed that Nolan’s Crane and Year One crane were very popular around the same time. Why is this? Well as it turns out, Year One was actually released to coincide with Batman Begins. (both in 2005) With him being the main villain of that movie, it makes sense to release a comic for the sake of hype. According to this [tumblr post], which is were I’ve gotten a chuck of my information so far, there was an article that proves this was true. There was also an interview that stated Year One’s writer never intended for the comic to be cannon. I could not find the article/interview. If someone has this information, that would be great, as it solidifies everything I’ve seen so far. (I am inclined to believe the OP of the tumblr post though, she’s very knowledgeable when it comes to Scarecrow)

Like she has said, Year One is only referenced one other time outside of it’s two-comic story. That’s in a Holiday Issue with Karen Keeny, and because they didn’t call back Sean Murphy to do the art, the characters and Karen herself are unrecognizable. (so if you were hoping to see Scarecrow in his old costume, you’re out of luck) I’m not going to spoil the story though. There is one panel in Joker’s Asylum: The Riddler where Scarecrow sports a similar outfit to his Year One costume, but this may just be an artist paying homage. Nowhere else have I seen the Keenys or his southern (Georgia) origin referenced. The Scarecrow trades (Arkham Scarecrow and Scarecrow Tales) have stat pages, but nothing about Year One. HOWEVER you can read about all his origins and various other adventures in the magazines included with Eaglemoss’ Chess piece and lead figures. That is the only time I’ve seen Scarecrow: Year One referenced in a DC publication.

This is probably why you only see New52′s origin story and New52 artwork in current publications, or why you sometimes see the order origins instead. I’m sorry I had to rant a little bit to get there. It’s not just because New52 is current, but because Scarecrow: Year One was never meant to be considered cannon. There’s probably a reason why DC isn’t referencing it, and it’s not because they “hated” that origin, or to spite the fans. It’s simply because that comic was meant to boost sales. It just so happens that it has a decent sized following, and thanks to the bandwagon effect, once one person assumed it was canon…so did everyone else.

I suspect we’ll be getting a new origin for Scarecrow this year, seeing as he’s already shown up quite a bit in Rebirth. Perhaps in October…? Will it be a retelling of New52′s story or something completely new, well that’s a question I’ll save for another day. For now, I’m okay with the current cannon

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I just saw you are watching Sailor moon. I also remember one time you were watching or reading Log horizon. I didn't read because I hadn't caught up yet, but I was wondering If there was some way to search your blog for your other readings and watchings of things? your stuff is really good and I enjoy it. thank you

….thank you. this is the reason i wake up in the morning

anyway my tag system is kind of a mess and it was not always so

look for /tagged/liveblog for my earlier liveblogs, all bunched together in that tag, altho once you find them, /search/liveblog+slayers, for example, will yield more specific results

and for the more recent stuff, look at /search/liliet+watches or /search/liliet+reads or /search/liliet+rewatches etc. there might even be some liliet+plays

specifically for anime, check out the /anime/ tag bc i try to put one or two posts for each new anime i start about it and then stop tagging with it so it might be less of a mess to sort through, but then again i also tag stuff other than liveblogs with it

im sorry tagging is hard ;~;

Tag :)

Nickname: Georgie, G, Georgiea
Zodiac sign: Libra- gracious & fair yet hates confrontation and is indecisive… basically I need to grow a spine 😂
Height: 5ft 4
Last thing i googled: How to calculate BMI
Favorite music artist: Bangtan or Tori Kelly or Ed Sheeran (See i really am indecisive)
Song stuck in my head: Spring day- BTS (always)
Last movie i saw: Spirited away- Ghibli because it is my all time favourite!
What are you wearing right now: My work clothes- black skirt, tights and long sleeved top with black pumps. I’m a waitress 😅
What do you post: Ships (when they’re open), texts, snaps, imagines, drabbles, reactions, outfits and aesthetics… basically anything asked!
Why did you choose your url:  I wanted to post my writings about bts so I thought of this boring url ✌🏼
Do you have any other blogs: Yep
Personals- @georgieeahemmings & @georgieafgmn
Random- @anythingjiminsbutt
What did your past relationship teach you: That sometimes it doesn’t work out like you want and that i shouldn’t trust as easy as I do. I also should learn to hold a grudge
Religious or spiritual: Nope
Favorite color: Mint green or Peachy pink!
Average hours of sleep: 4-6 weekdays & 9-13 weekends
Lucky number: 13
Favorite character: Blaire from Gossip girl

 I wasn’t tagged but I wanted to so I did :)

Tagging all followers ;)

-Aylee <3

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Oh I thought because of your post he said something. Do you have interview links where he talks about dirty stuff? Please

Nah, I actually wrote that post because I saw a post calling him “baby boy” and I couldn’t help but chuckle because yeah, I know I’m the last one to talk about that because my tag for him is literally “actual human ray of sunshine” but man, is he far from being this innocent human being that some people paint him to be – but I find it hilarious nevertheless.

About the links, I need to go through his interviews, but I promise to post them here when I find them!

friarsriles replied to your post “ nathan scott was afwul in season 1, why do people shit on lucas? “…”

i saw that on my dash and i rolled my eyes so hard because while nathan may have been awful for a few episodes of s1, he changed and grew and developed as he got older while lucas just got worse?????

i was creeping the tags, i need to not, but exactly! nathan’s character development went uphill and lucas got worse? they switched places mid season one and it stayed like that tbh. lucas is forever that guy hiding under the “ nice guy trope. “ but is really shitty. and i think it’s funny that people don’t see that. like take off your leyton goggles he was a pos even if he ended up with your fave.

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i saw your tags on whether or not you should read killing stalking. let me tell you, i'm not a very sensitive person. but even as i read it i was so sickened. it's such a fucked up relationship there's nothing good about it. it's fucked up in the way that made me think 'is the mangaka okay?' and honestly i don't recommend it. there are SO many trigger warners for those who do need them. broken legs. corpses in washing machines. murder. abuse. it's terrible.

I had heard of that, I thought it was an exaggeration but I think with that you mentioned the thing is more serious than I thought… sounds pretty insane indeed. I’m thinking to reconsider whether to read it or not, but it’s not because I’m a sensitive person to that kind of things, the truth is, in fact, that I fear more than anything to die of boredom with so much torture porn… :/ 

Besides that, I have lost several followers just to mention it in tags lol. 

I’ll do it! Thank you so much <3333 

I’m pretty sure that’s the main reason lol.

goingagainstthetide  asked:

Hello, Ace/Aro here. Reached you because of "Sherlock" (I believe Sherlock is a good example of fictional Ace/aro-spec character). Anyway, I saw you campain #BoostAroVoices How can I partecipate? I write a post on my own blog about my experience or I submit it to your blog?

Hey sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you (3days), I’ve been taking a good long break from my blog, particularly the ace/aro discourse because it’s been soooooo hard on me for reasons that aren’t even clear to me yet. 

That said, you are welcome to do either of those things. You can post on your own blog or you can submit a post to mine. All you need to do if you post it on your own blog is tag is as #BoostAceVoices and/or #BoostAroVoices. Also if you do post on your own blog pls forward the link to me by private message so that I definitely don’t forget or miss it? 

If you have any questions, let me know :)

Just a heads up, please don’t make or support posts or ideas that rag on white/straight/cis/het/male/neurotypical/etc. people. I don’t really care if you saw a post saying it was okay to do that because “they’re privileged so it’s okay! Their hurt feelings don’t matter! They can take it! It’s harmless compared to what [some kind of marginalized group] go through!” 

You don’t seem to realize how childish, petty, and completely ignorant it is. There are a lot of people on this site who all they need is someone saying immature stuff like that about them to throw them into an emotional state. You know that, yet that’s really your goal, isn’t it? You bully people in the name of altruism. That’s wrong and makes you a bad person. You don’t know what anyone on an individual level has gone through, and no one should be made to feel inherently inferior. Not by a system, and not by you. I don’t care how you try to rationalize it, you’re probably running things through your head right now about what you’ve read on tumblr that tell you it’s okay to do. If you feel like anyone is inferior to you just because of the way they were born, no matter how privileged tumblr told you they are, that’s objectively wrong. You don’t make people equal by bringing people down. That’s what immature people do. That’s what bullies do.

Maybe you do it to cope with how people have made you feel. Maybe you think that the people who made you feel inferior deserve a little bit of it back. That’s understandable and common, but unfortunately for you, it’s still unacceptable behavior and an unhealthy mindset and not productive at all. An unhealthy way to cope. I should know. I’ve done it myself, and I’m the queen of inferiority complexes. I know exactly where it comes from and recognize my unhealthy behavior and quickly apologize for it and try to learn from it. 

Do your best to not make excuses and learn to be better. Apologize when you do bad things. Don’t promote the idea that anyone is inferior no matter how harmless you think it is.