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 “Ziva?” Tony calls as he swings his backpack off his shoulder.  He sniffs—usually there’s something on the stove when he gets home, but the kitchen is dark.  Good.  Abby had been so excited about the impromptu dinner party she’d decided to throw for their team that he had promised to run home and collect the team’s two most beloved honorary members immediately.  And if Ziva was going to serve leftovers tonight anyway

He heads toward the baby’s room.  “I thought you said we were having sofrito,” he remarks, sure she can hear him, “but Abby’s invited us over for dinner, so you’re actually a genius.” 

He pauses in the doorway, expecting her to toss her hair and say “you are just now figuring that out?” or maybe “Abby called me first, Tony,” but the nursery is dim, too, the nightlight casting just enough brightness for him to see that she is not standing at the changing table, not leaning over the crib, and not rocking in the chair Gibbs made for her.

Tony frowns.  The house is not normally so quiet and empty-feeling when he gets home.   He has to push aside the tiny sprig of worry that blooms in his gut.  “Ziva?”

Their bedroom is dark, too, but the door to the adjoining bathroom is outlined in light.  Bathtime?  He frowns again, because it’s not usually bathtime when he gets home.  Yet when he opens the door, he’s hit with a draft of warm, humid, baby soap-scented air—and hit much harder by the unexpected sight of his wife in the bathtub, cradling their son between her knees and her breast. 

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Not shipping your character with the man that speared her like an animal and terrorized her friends and their families for a year = being an annoying bitch?

Enjoying/supporting your current storyline = being an attention whore?

Previously shipping Stelena, realizing you like Steroline better, and in turn, being supportive of Delena now that you prefer Stefan with someone else = being a “flip flopping” bitch?

Not only is this complete nonsense, it’s gross. Insulting an actress with such vile language for not sharing your opinion on ships is incredibly disgusting and quite unnecessary. 

*Standing by the food table, watching the party begin.*

It all turned out rather nicely. It’s nice to have a little piece of home.


Matthew Cordle, whose YouTube confession to killing a man while driving drunk garnered millions of views, was just sentenced to six and a half years in prison after “accepting full responsibility" for his actions.


Man uses nonprofit promo video to confess a murder


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“My name is Matthew Cordle and on June 22, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani. This video will act as my confession.”

In a powerful online video, a young man says he is prepared to pay for a night of heavy drinking and a head-on, wrong-way crash on I-670 near Third Street.


Most powerful ‘Don’t drink and drive’ message ever

No mangled cars, bloodied bodies or screeching tyres.

But we’re betting this is one of the most – if not the most – powerful anti-drink driving messages ever.

Here’s the story.

A 22-year-old Ohio motorist named Matthew Cordle killed a man while on a drunken drink-and-drive binge on 22 June 2013.

And in a dramatic move that went against the advice of his lawyers, he has claimed responsibility for his tragic mistake and warned others not to do the same by recording and releasing a three-minute video.

“When I get charged, I will plead guilty and take responsibility for everything I’ve done to Vincent and his family,” he said as the camera reveals a clear view of his face and the scars on his arm.

Cordle said “high-powered attorneys” had told him they could get him a reduced sentence, or off the hook entirely, if he agreed to lie, “but I won’t dishonor Vincent’s memory by lying about what happened.”

The video ends with Cordle saying, “I’m begging you. Please don’t drink and drive. I can’t bring Mr. Canzani back … but you can still be saved. You victims can still be saved.”

Cordle said he contacted, a donation-supported website where people can go public with promises via Facebook last month with his offer.

“I don’t know Matt at all outside of this,” the website’s founder Alex Sheen told CNN.

More on this incredible story and incredibly brave confession here.

The video has sparked debate over Cordle’s true intentions.

Some said he was “grandstanding” via his mea culpa video in the hope of getting a lighter sentence.

“Big shot lawyers told him he was majorly screwed and he should go for sympathy in a very public manner. Hope you idiots enjoy being manipulated,” said nidep3ngyou.

But one of the top comments on YouTube by Chris Hansen said, “People complaining about how he made the video all touchy and emotional are really f***king annoying. I bet NONE of the ***holes talking shit would turn themselves in at all if they had a chance to get away with it. Who cares if he did it on youtube, in person, or in a suicide letter then committing suicide. The point is he was man enough to do it.”