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Truth or Dare ||Sammy Wilk Smut||

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    “Thank you for letting us stay here y/n.” Johnson said, flashing me a smile. "Yall know your welcome here anytime." I said smiling and ushering the boys into my house.

    Why were the boys staying at my house? Well they all had come back home from LA. And all of their parents werent too happy with them at the moment, so they asked to stay at my house. And I had said yes without a second thought because I knew they would do the same for m, but I lived on my own now so I dont have to worry about getting kicked out of the house.

    “Damn Chyna, your house is nice." Nate said looking around. "I know, thank you." I said “Alright well ill sow yall to yalls rooms.”

    "Okays so Johnson your staying here." I said pointing to a room closest to the front of the house. "Gilinsky you in the room across the hall. And Nate your down here." I said walking to a room by the living room. “And that leaves you, Sam. I guess your taking the room by mine.”

    "Thank you y/n." Sammy said flashing me his million dollar smile. “Your welcome." I said walking out of his room and into my own.

        *1 Hour Later*

   ”Y/n open up!” Gilinsky yelled pounding on my door. "What do yall want?" I asked “Come on y/n were going to play truth or dare.” Sammy said opening my door and just walking into my room.

     ”Um excise me have you lost your fucking mind?” I asked "What do you mean?" He asked "Baby you just walking into my room without knocking or anything, I could have been naked. Whats wrong with you?” I asked getting off of my bed "Oh yeah you could have been naked that would have been nice, next time call me over when your naked I could hep you out a bit." Sammy said smirking "Ugh that’s fucking nasty get the fuck dude." I said pushing him out of my way and walking into the living room.

    The boys were sitting on the floor in a semi circle, "Come sit here y/n." Nate suggested, I took his offer and sat by him. Sammy sat down on my left side completing the circle.

     "Okay everyone we all know the rules, you chicken shit out of a truth or a dare you have to stick your head in the toilet. Okay?" Johnson clarified, we all nodded our heads. “Alright who’s going first?” “Ill go.” I offered "Alright well y/n is going first!" Johnson said rubbing his hands together.

    "Alright y/n, truth or dare?" Johnson asked "Uh ill take a dare." I said, Johnson turned to Gilinsky and they started thinking out my dare.

    I felt something on my thigh, I looked down and saw Sammy’s hand resting on my bare thigh his thumb making small circles. but I didnt have enough time to digest what was happening when Johnson told me my dare.

    “Alright y/n I dare you to kiss me, but I cant be no dry kiss I want it to be a kiss I will remember for the rest of your life.” Gilinsky said a devilish smirk plastered across his face “Alright then.” I said leaning over to the other side of the circle and to Jack. I grabbed his face in one hand to steady myself then I smashed my lips onto his. Our tongues fought for dominance over one another’s, I pulled away from the kiss biting Jacks lip, "Was that good enough for you?" I asked sitting back down next to Sammy. "Yeah it was pretty awesome.” Jack said giggling like a little kid.

    The dares between the boys were stupid as expected, until it was Sammy’s turn. "Alright Sammy, truth or dare?" "Dare" "Have sex with y/n, we all know you want to." Nate said laughing with the Jacks.

   ”Alright.” Sammy said getting up "Wait what? No this aint going to work. No its not happening." I said crossing my arms across my chest "Come on y/n, I dont want to have to stick my head in the toilet. I promise ill make it worth your while." Sammy said grabbing me and helping me up.

    Sammy guided me into my room and closed the door behind him. “Do you want to do this?” Sammy asked me “Yeah im fine with it, but lets just keep it between you and me.” I said “Alright, ill go slow. Make it special and all that.” Sammy suggested.

    He pushed me against the wall and started to gently kiss up my neck, small moans escaping me. Sammy’s hands moved to the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, his kisses went down to my collar bone where he started sucking harder and harder sure to leave more than a few hickies.

    “Go to the bed.” Sammy whispered into my ear, I did as I was told and laid down on the bed. Sammy pulled his shirt off over his head and through it on the ground. He crawled on top of me and kissed me again, but this time it was a soft sweet kiss. Then he fiddled with the buttons on my shorts then slipped them off and through them away.

    "Oh my gosh you guys were really going to do it?" Gilinsky asked, snapping me and Sammy out of the mood, Sam got off of me and sat up. "Yall dared us to." I said "Well have round 2 later, ill sneak in when everyone’s asleep." Sammy whispered into my ear, and walking back into the living room to continue the game.

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but do you know when they are starting with the ptxperience? x

yesterday scott said they would post something on monday, idk if it’s an actual episode because i don’t really remember what he said, but i would keep an eye on that xxx


However loving his parents may have seemed, he [Simon] knew that, scratch the surface, and they’d scream and run away. And here he’s confronted with a guy who is just everyting he thinks is wrong about a person, who comes back for him when the chips are down because he’s on his crew. To me, that’s a real parent, and that is an extremely beautiful thing to get to, and I think it’s very real… But the most important thing about ‘Safe’ was that relationship.

Joss Whedon, Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One


"So every day during my set, when I’m playing my own shows, I talk about people that are transgender. I talk about it a lot because everyday basically I say: …"
Soundwave, Melbourne, 2015


If you get Thalia a Christmas pine tree sweater she won’t get mad, she’ll just get a matching one for her little brother

Edit: Also I forgot, props to frozenico for the Christmas tree idea


Tom Hiddleston meanings 


it’s really not a coincidence that winter soldier is being talked about as the best marvel movie yet

when you give women and poc the same importance and development as you do your white males, amazing things happen

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…But Watson is the only person in the whole world that Sherlock loves, the only human being who Sherlock apologizes to, misses, gets jealous of, plans weddings for.
—  Slate