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Can I ask why you ship kamisero? This is not to be mean, I just can't remember a lot of their interactions in the manga or anime and would love to be reminded of why they work well as a couple

!!!!! Ooookay this is kind of a weird question for me and I don’t really know how to properly answer because… uhm… they’re kind of always together?? Actually??? I mean they haven’t really been the protagonists in any arc so it’s mostly background stuff but when they appear they’re more often than not together - here, have some panels I’ve found skimming real fast through the parts I remembered them being there

(+Mina!!! squad moment heck yes!!)

(+Kiri!!! more squad moments!!!!!!!)

(real talk more often than not if Kami and Mineta are in the same place Sero is right there with them, I try to pretend that’s not true but alas)

(+Baku!!! Even more squad moments!!!! This one’s from an extra, I can’t find the translated version anymore - rip - but they’re trying to get Baku to play the thumb game I’m gonna cry this squad will kill me)

also on the cover of Vol 4 👌👌👌

The thing about me shipping them is that as I said I do prefer them as friends, which they are and it’s adorable, but I’m always up for entertaining the idea of good friends in romantic relationships so I’m 👍👍👍 about KamiSero too haha

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Ok so I've seen some Kataang shippers admit that Kataang was forced and one sided, but they also say that they see no possible way of Zutara happening either at the end of 3 Books, I disagree with them of course I still think there is enough moments b/w the two where they could've been made the endgame couple even if Ehasz didn't get do his Book 4, plus even if they weren't end game at the end of Book 3 they were gonna be together by Book 4 if Ehasz was able to do it, what are your thoughts?

It will always be my opinion that Book 3 held more natural zutara development than kataang development. 

Outside of the Headband, I cannot think of a single episode in which Katara shows feelings towards Aang that don’t breach the motherly realm. And, from other criticisms, we know that the Headband was a last minute episode thrown in to make kataang seem less forced in the finale, and it replaced an episode giving us further backstory for Aang.

Additionally, the dialogue between Katara and Aang, outside of the Headband, takes a downward spiral. [All screenshots by @araeph; if you click the link, it will take you to the better, original images ]

Aang becomes increasingly belligerent as she tries to help him:

He becomes more and more expectant of her returned feelings: 

And, he shouts at her before vanishing in the face of his responsibilities, when she was simply trying to help him and vouch for him: 

Believe it or not, this screenshot is their last conversation before the finale!

This spiral is even worse (and abusive) when you include the dialogue and behavior from Love Is A Battlefield, a comic set during their time at the Western Air Temple, after Zuko has arrived. [Love is a Battlefield starts at page 190 if you want to see more than my bits and pieces below.]

Do you see that? He explodes on her because she doesn’t want to address the kiss or her feelings for him… and then pouts away and says he’s the one who should be scared of getting burned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aang is the boyfriend who doesn’t hit you…. he hits the wall and smashes plates to show you how bad it will hurt if he does hit you. 

So, yes, you and the few kataang shippers are right… this relationship was extremely forced, one-sided, and down-right unhealthy by the end of Book 3. 

I disagree with you, however, that making zutara as obvious a couple as kataang in the book 3 finale wouldn’t have been forced or out of left field. 

They did have a lot of cute, shippy moments: 

Originally posted by thezukonation

Originally posted by queen-of-destruction-nemesis

And some major emotional development together: 

Originally posted by darksublimecollector

Originally posted by captainmikasaackerman

However, in total, we saw Zuko and Katara together as friends for only a handful of episodes. In order for Zutara to not seem forced at the end of the series, we needed one of three things: 

1) Zuko joining Team Avatar earlier, giving us more bonding between Zuko and Katara, more conversations, and more subtle moments like those pictured above and in this post I did. A finale kiss between them would’ve seemed reasonable if we’d had an entire season of Zuko and Katara together. 

2) Book Four, like Ehasz wanted. Book Three could’ve ended with everyone single, then picked up in the next season with Zuko and Katara spending time together outside of a war-torn environment.

3) If Book Three had to be the end: a moment where Katara expresses with finality that she is not interested in a romantic relationship with Aang… followed by a moment, framed very similarly to the kataang finale kiss, in which Katara joins Zuko on the patio of the Jasmine Dragon, and says a lot has changed. He agrees with her, they briefly touch hands, which morphs into a hug, and the scene fades out. 

For me, any of these possibilities would’ve made zutara a natural endgame, whether it was confirmed in Book 3, or post finale with comics/Book 4.


“Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are a lot like an old married couple.”

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not the same anon that asked for your fav writers but... what about some fav fics you can rec? 😏

hoo boy anon ok u asked for it !!! this is going to be long but here are a few jikook fics i adore that i can think of right now!! pls give them lots of love afterwards!! also the ones im not mutuals with i put a slash in between bcus im too ahlgsfjlb shy to actually tag them oK ANYWAYS ଘ(੭ु*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭ु*.°❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤

Dream Maker by graesun (@/bottomkook), Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita), (@/polkari-seuta) [rated M, complete 12/12, 73k] poor!au, fluff and smut, angst, past child abuse, established relationship || (i died a lil bit of joy when two of my fav writers collaborated… but after finishing this my entire being has been resuscitated. this is such a wonderful & incredible fic!!! i still go back to re-read it bcus it’s so good,, like it’s rly fluffy and it made me smile a lot but the angst sent my soul into the astral plane of decease.. and i rarely;; read smut but this is a total big exception!! i was blushign the whole time okadjl;akj they’re such great writers i lov asdjkl anyways it’s rly good alright!! i lov it sm) 

dream a little dream of me by wordcouture [rated G, oneshot, 2.7k] magic realism, lots of fluff, dreams vs reality || (idk how a person can be this creative.. like.. all of couture’s fics are perfect and so beautiful!! i’m p sure everyone has read ‘wonder’ and like?? i just love the author’s craft and couture has a way of weaving her words!! it’s short but sweet ok i lov it idk what else i can say to express the magnitude of emotions i have for her complex fics ;;) 

this is the way the world ends and begins by aborescent (@/kookie-time) [rated T, oneshot, 1.7k] mutant!au, supernatural elements, violence, angst || (i love her fics so much.. she’s an astounding author!! the concepts she has for her fics are always amazing!! this fic has some dark themes but it’s totally captivating and gripping and it rly sucks u in. i believe she has some backstories? of the boys? on her tumblr and she’s p well known hehe so yeah!! i lov this a lot ok she’s great!!) 

Training Wheels by jeonify @shyjimins [rating G, oneshot, 4.8k] childhood friends to lovers, fluff and angst, mutual pining, slow burn || (this was the very first jikook fic i’ve ever read and i fell in.. absolute love.. and after this, i fell in love with all of jo’s other fics too!!! her writing is so beautiful and so eloquent and dreamy too. and this!!! fic!! broke my heart in the beginning from all the angst and pining, which i lov a lot, but the fluff n happy ending slowly mended it back together. my soul lifted into another dimension that’s full of sparkles and stars bcus it was that good ;; she’s amazing, trust me! i genuinely lov her other writings too and she’s the sweetest person and adk;laksj i get so shy talking to her omg anyways!! i lov her and her fics lots)

Of Scatterbrained Mix-ups and Lame Pen-Names  by happy-tokki @berry-happy-tokki[rated G, twoshot, 14k] pen pals!au, lots of fluff, awkward jungkook, cute jimin || (this was so freakin cute ok!!! pen pals!au are my weaknesses and this was so amazingly well-done. her writing style is so pretty and whimsical and gentle - the pacing was so smooth too. it was such an enjoyable read,, i smiled and giggled lots becus it was so adorable!! i lov awkward jungkook too so it was a major addition. plus, her other fics are incredible ok im in lov with all of them!! tokki’s the cutest and the sweetest too and u won’t regret checking this out and the author ok!!! i lov lov lov this)   

those who dream by day by melonmilk [rated T, oneshot, 3.1k] ballet!au, fluff and angst, internalized homophobia, dancing || (this was rly beautiful;; the mood was tense and poignant but it was really breathtakingly well-done too! this is a great ballet au and though it’s short, it’s totally worth taking a look at!! the author’s writing style is so pleasing!!) 

you’re intoxicating (I can’t stop) by astrochild (@/astrochild) [rated T, oneshot, 1.9k] fluff and angst, high school!au, rich kid!jungkook, swearing, mentions of violence || (this was rly angsty and it p much shoved an ice pick thru my heart but the happy ending healed it;; it’s so lovely!!! even tho it’s short it still really sticks with u after u finish reading it and… the way it’s written is so nice and appealing!! plus i rly love the vhope sequel too hehe she’s great!!) 

Bad boys and good-byes by blt_prf (@/blt_prf) [unrated, 12/12, 20k] college!au, enemies to friends to lovers, fluff, minor violence, music!au ish || (she’s one of my fav authors and this is one of my all time favs ok!!! this was such an amazing read i loved it so much!! i love the gradual build up of their relationship and her writing style is so pleasant and soothing,, like it’s a rly great fic ok i lov it lots!! she’s incredible i lov her other fics too) 

crush(ed) by fatal (cumrich) (@/witchboyjimin) [rated M, oneshot, 5.2k] space!au, angst, self-discovery, sci-fi!au, fantasy!au || (i lov this fic so much it’s written so beautifully and the worldbuilding is so wholesome. like, there’s enough detail for u to imagine the world the fic takes place in and!! it’s great rly i lov it n i lov her other fics too;; she’s amazing and i also lov her other fic ‘he hangs like tuesday morning’) 

run (you son of a gun) by infires (infires_man) (@/infires-man) [rated T, oneshot, 13k] gang!au, angst, hurt/comfort, heavily implied abuse || (this is so!! beautiful!!! i can’t express how much i lov this fic kadjf;k i still go back to read it because it was so amazingly well written and it just!! rly pulls at ur heartstrings but the ending just gives u such a warm feeling. i lov it so much!!! the composition is brilliant as well,, just pure amazing idk what else to say to convey how much i loved this asdjfkl;)

Brightly, Flare by flitter [rated G, oneshot, 2k] magic realism, hinted soulmate!au, art!au, artist!jimin, student!jungkook || (i lov all of flitter works ok!!!! i had a hard time choosing which one to put on here but this fic is the first fic i read from her which made me fall in lov with her writing!! this was such a dazzling fic… like she strings her words together like poetry and i just love her work so much!! amazing rly i lov her. plus her ballet!au one and the santorini fic is great too) 

speak now by recordmin  @minblooms [rated G, threeshot, 3k] freeform, fluff, pining, arranged marriage, wedding crashing || (this was rly cute ok i lov this so much!!! even tho it’s short it’s super duper sweet and my heart had burst open into sunshine and fluffy clouds bcus it was that enjoyable and great ok!! plus all her other works are rly great too i lov them so much;; she writes short fics but despite the length, all her writings will always leave this kind of lingering alluring and warm feeling with u and.. plus, wedding crashing!! is a great trope we need more of that! i adore this a lot ok!!) 

Fell For You In A Snap by Polkari Seuta (@/polkari-seuta) [rated T, oneshot, 3k] youtuber!au, social media!au, modern!au, drinking || (this was so cute,, like i smiled so much bcus it was so nice to read!! this was a great social media fic and it was incredibly delightful to read. i lov the author’s other fics too bcus they’re always so well-written and like, her writing style is always so crisp and fluent and is just such a pleasant to read!!) 

Push-up (push me down) by Mintsugakookies (@/mintsugakookies) [rated T, oneshot, 2k] canon compliant, fluff, domestic fluff, crack, established relationship, john cena kookie || (i am one big sucker for domestic fluff ok when i read this, it immediately cheered me up and my heart fluttered all the way into the sun dkafj;slj this was so so cute i lov it so much!! and i lov the author too) 

Aorta by minimints @strawberrywhaliens [rated T, oneshot, 15k] fluff, little angst, sick!jimin, lovesick!jungkook || (look this was so freakin fluffy i’m crying adsfjkl the rest of the series is rly cute too!!! i adore this so much,, like it’s word heavy but it’s rly fluffy and cute and it leaves a warm feeling, u know!! she’s a wonderful writer with a clear and eloquent voice and she’s a wonderful person too!!! the cutest mom i probably should have linked the first part but i love aorta the most so!! check it out ok!! i lov it a lot) 

너의 목소리 Your Voice by pinkmonnie [rated M, 10/?, 65k] college!au, assistant professor!jimin, student!jungkook, teacher-student relationship, fluff, realism || (oohmy gosh pink’s an amazing and an utmost incredible author!! and i lov all of pink’s fics and this fic is so precious and well-written. jungkook is selectively mute in this but the author doesn’t romanticize it and pink’s portrayal of their personalities and jikook’s relationship is so beautiful and stunning!! i lov it to bits. plus!! her other fics like ‘After Hours’ and ‘Thirst’ are freakin golden, ok;; she’s brilliant)

Let The Walls Break Down by pjungkook @pjungkook [rated M, 5/?, 37k] canon compliant, non au, friends to lovers, homophobia, heavy angst, fluff, smut || (the angst in this?? broke my heart but like the lil fluff afterwards healed my soul. and then it shattered again like, another 100 times again bcus so. much. angst. isa why isa is a rly awesome writer & i love her writing lots!! the way she paces her stories are so wonderful and so well-done. her writing is so fluid and articulate too! plus!! she’s the sweetest and loveliest person ok!! my wimpy shy ass probably wouldn’t have made a move to talk to her if she hadn’t msged me first;; her other fic ‘lost stars’ is amazing too omg so check her out ok!! i lov this and i lov her)

Cherry by bananacookies @bananacookies1 [unrated, 11/?, 36k] wolf!au, hurt/comfort, a/b/o dynamics, fluff and smut, omega!kook, alpha!jimin, mature themes || (a/b/o fics are not my cup of tea but this!!! is amazing!!! like i said i rarely read smut but this is another exception!! it’s so fluffy and cute and it’s getting rly angsty right now, but the author’s updates are so consistent and she’s an incredible writer!! the pacing of the story is wonderful as well and the story’s so intriguing, especially since it’s omega!kook. but bcus of that, pls give her lots of love and be open-minded about it ok!!! she deserves lots of love bcus she’s awesome,,)

Tie Me Down by ohdizzy (@/ohdizzy) [rated M, twoshot, 23k] college!au, taegi is main, side jikook, kidnapping, humour & crack, fluff, ot7 dynamics || (i’m sure we’ve all read.. the lejindary Blow Me Like Your French Horn fic.. and i love that fic so much but i love this fic so much too!!!! her fics are so well-written and so funny i lov them so much!! reading them makes my heart all warm and fuzzy hehe;; this was hilarious i lov how she writes their dynamics! i know the main pairing is taegi but!! pls read!! it’s amazing i lov her writing sm) 

son of a witch by syubnugget (@/namgifucker) [rated E, 2/?, 9k] witch!au, main sugamon, side jikook, humor, strangers to lovers, witchcraft || (i think i’ve fallen in love with sugamon after this… like i kno jikook is a side pairing but this!!! is such a wonderful and lovely fic!!! the characterization is fantastic and it made me giggle a few times from the banter, but the world building and the little details are so well written! i love witch!aus too so i rly lov this a lot!! the characters are rly interesting and i’m rly excited for more hehe) 

Seussical in a nutshell
  • jojo: wow nice hat
  • cat: im here now, sO USE YOUR IMAAAAGINATION
  • -
  • horton: wtf who said that. theres only a speck of dust so the logical conclusion is that a miniature person is on that speck. actually a whole lot
  • sour kangaroo: bitch you cray!!!
  • gertrude: damn that elephant fine as hell
  • -
  • dust speck: so anyway horton you were totally right; we're a lost civilization on the brink of war and we're all about to die. Who-dee-who-who-who. Also we're guilting you into being our guardian. Who-who-who.
  • -
  • cat: jojo you're going into the story whether you like it or not
  • mr. and mrs. mayor: jojo you're grounded. no more thinking.
  • jojo: fuck yall i do what i want
  • mr. and mrs mayor: well we obviously don't know how to raise a kid so we're just gonna send you off to the war
  • -
  • horton: well everyone thinks i'm crazy but that's ok because i can imagine that i'm cool
  • jojo: well my parents sent me into the military but that's ok because i can imagine that my family accepts me for who i am
  • horton: yo lmao i hear you down there lets be friends 4 ever
  • -
  • gertrude: ugh i really wanna fuck this elephant but i'm not attractive :/
  • mayzie: bitch u right. go take drugs.
  • gertrude: k. ima go ham tho
  • -
  • wickersham brothers: lmao look at this nerd with that flower. yoink that shiz
  • horton: wtf literally why would u do that there was honestly no need and now i have to search through millions of identical fucking clovers to find my tiny fren jojo
  • -
  • cat: by the way did i mention im a sadist??
  • -
  • gertrude: hey im sexy now wanna get down
  • horton: hush im picking flowers
  • -
  • mayzie: always use a condom kids. horton, watch my egg for me
  • horton: why the fuck would i do that
  • mayzie: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
  • horton: ok ok fine but be back in like an hour
  • mayzie: LMFAO BY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN HELL!!
  • -
  • horton: well its winter now and jojo and the Whos are probably dead but i refuse to move my ass off this egg ok it is my My Child now andOH FUCK HUNTERS
  • Cat: by the way did i mention that i'm also a trickster god?
  • -
  • gertrude: oh no im too sexy to fly... sorry horton.. ur ass about to get carted off to the circus :(
  • horton: god this sucks
  • -
  • mayzie: oh hey theres a circus in town and OH SHIT ITS THE GUY I DUMPED THAT KID ON uh hey man im so happy for u... such a big success... performing in a circus!! lucky u!! anyway i gotta go right now immediately so enjoy that egg!
  • horton: Where Is Paradise
  • -
  • jojo: fuck this war im going home to think what i wanna think
  • general schmitz: kid you're walking on a minefield... literally one wrong step and your dea-- ok too late..
  • -
  • cat: oh yes HOW VERY SAD boohoohoohahahaha dont worry jojo isnt actually dead he's just trapped in a nightmare realm filled with Unspeakable Horrors
  • jojo: fuck you cat!!! you've legit been behind everything bad that's happened! why didn't i call you the fuck out earlier!
  • cat: ok damn fine i'll turn on the lights geez...
  • -
  • gertrude: hi horton great to see you again hahaha so um i got all of my Sexiness™ ripped out of my ass one by one so that i could find you (and a whole lot of other shit) but no big deal haha
  • gertrude: oh also i found your dumb clover
  • cat: oh you thought this was gonna be a happy ending right here? you thought wrong
  • sour kangaroo: BITCH WE PUTTING YOU ON TRIAL
  • judje yertle: well horton's definitely crazy and were gonna boil that clover with the dust speck on it in hot oil for literally no other reason but to prove a point
  • horton: so uh guys if you dont wanna die you should probably start screaming
  • mr and mrs mayor: well the combined forces of our entire planet had no effect so we're just gonna put all the pressure on you, jojo, our small son, who only a few moments ago we thought was dead.
  • jojo: *gibberish*
  • sour kangaroo: well i heard that shit!
  • everyone: hooray!
  • egg: henlo fatgher i am Elyphant Birb
  • horton: wtf
  • gertrude: eh, we'll make it work
  • -
  • -

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no rush obv but if you're so inclined: we're not gonna see it on sg but i'd like to see how alex processes being queer (post-coming out & being w maggie). like, she had some brief gay panic but we didn't get to see her really accept and then get comfortable w it.

If people want, I’ll do more follow-ups like this, but in keeping with minific style, here’s a oneshot of her reaching out to Kara about Things. I also have this piece that I wrote much earlier about Alex coming out –

She said she couldn’t do this without Kara.

This coming out… thing.

This realizing that her entire life isn’t what she thought it was. That she’s completely different than she thought she was.

Except she’s not. Except she is.

Because Alex knows what she’s good at. And she’s good at training.

Training to be Kara’s protector, at the demand of her mother and the passive agreement of her father.

Training to be a scientist, under the tutelage of the most renowned bioengineers in the country.

Training to be a soldier, under the sometimes harsh care of the man who’s come to be her… well, her father.

Training is something Alex is good at.

But this? This thing, this… this liking Maggie? This… this being… whatever this is…



The words still make her flinch inside.

This… thing? This thing that she can’t do without Kara?

It goes against all her training.

It goes against her training – and she’s good at her training – because she’s been trained to be sexy for me. She’s been trained to appeal to men, she’s been trained to not even consider her feelings for women as real, as noticeable, as an option that wouldn’t be… imperfect.

Because she’s been trained to be perfect.

And she’s pretty damn good at it.

But this?

She’s fallen out of a spaceship, she’s freefalling to earth, and god, she hopes Kara knows how to catch her, because she doesn’t know if she can catch herself.

She tells her mother that she knows better about people. And she wishes she didn’t.

And she does know better about people.

About men. About men whose hands are too rough – not that she minds things rough – but she minds when the roughness isn’t for her, isn’t about her, doesn’t consider her, doesn’t realize that she might have needs, too.

About soldiers. About watching people die and about having to kill. About having to sleep at night, somehow, with the last breaths of people whose lives she’s ended lingering in her ears, under her fingernails, deep in her throat.

About perfection. About the way perfection tastes like the bottom of a bottle of bourbon and sounds like her mother’s ringtone and feels like Kara’s smile hiding the storm behind Kara’s eyes that Alex will never, ever be able to soothe.

No matter how perfect she is.

So this? This… gay… thing?

She means it when she says she can’t do it without Kara.

She calls her late one night, late one night after shooting pool with Maggie, because Maggie had shown up at her door and told her she didn’t want to imagine life without Alex, and who could say no to that?

And Maggie had been kind, and Maggie had been gentle. Maggie had been careful and she’d been funny. She’d been her normal self, on just this side of cautious.

Because Alex knew it then, more sure than she’d been even when she kissed her – knew from the way her stomach swooped when Maggie bent over the pool table to line up a shot, from the way heat pooled between her legs when Maggie’s tongue stuck out slightly in concentration, from the leaping of her heart when Maggie touched her arm and the flight of her soul when Maggie laughed, when she was the reason Maggie laughed, the reason she smiled, the reason she seemed happy – that she was falling in love.

With a woman.

She’s nearly vomiting when she calls Kara, so distraught that she barely even registers Kara’s sleepy tone, the way she clearly just woke her little sister up from a sound sleep. It is well past midnight, after all.



“Alex, are you okay? What happened, do you need me to – ”

“No, no, I’m not hurt, Kara, I… I’m g… I like Maggie.”

She’s collected enough, now, to hear Kara’s relief, her soft smile, in her voice.

“I know you do, Alex. Do you want me to come over so we can talk about it? About her? Or about you?”

Alex’s stomach swoops, because talking about Maggie? That would be hard. It would be hard, but it would be easier. Because if it was just about Maggie… just about this girl she liked, and then kissed, and then rejected her, and they were just being friends, so it was no big deal, really, it was just this one thing, this one little phase, this one little mistake, misinterpretation, right?

But Kara knows, and Kara said they could talk about… Alex.

So Alex’s stomach swoops, and she stammers out a no, no, go back to sleep, she’s sorry for calling, but then there’s a tapping on her window and she sighs, because her sister is Supergirl, and her sister is just as fast as Barry Allen.

She lets her in and Kara takes the bourbon out of her hands immediately.

“Talk to me, Alex, not the whiskey.”

Alex sinks back onto the couch and shrugs and sighs and thinks about the way Maggie smiles and the way she smells faintly of motorcycle exhaust and something sweet that Alex can’t quite identify, and –


And then she’s crying, and god Kara’s arms are strong, and she’s never been more grateful for it, because she’s breaking and it’ll take a lot of strength to hold her together.

More strength than she has on her own, apparently.

It’s while she’s gasping for breathing and trying not to hyperventilate that she chokes the words out.

“Kara, I… I’m g… I’m… a lesbian.” It churns her stomach just to say it. It churns her stomach and it burns her face and it makes her sob harder, but god, god, god, relief also sears through her like oxygen. Relief and truth and something that feels an awful lot like… herself.

“I’m so proud of you, Alex. I’m so proud of you.”

Kara is kissing her forehead and stroking her hair and wiping her tears, and Alex’s phone vibrates and she and Kara both laugh wryly, because maybe one day they can cry on each other without being interrupted by work.

But it’s not work.

It’s someone that makes her heart leap, that makes Kara smile when she sees the caller ID and how quickly her sister goes to open the message.

I had a really great time with you, Danvers. Thanks for coming. Let me know you got home safe, if that’s okay?

Kara arches an eyebrow – when Alex’s tears are dry and her heart rate is a little steadier, it might be a better time to talk about the fact that Maggie sounds an awful lot like she might like her, after all – and smiles as she watches her sister’s normally steady fingers type out a response, as she watches her sister’s normally shrewd eyes sparkle like a teenager’s.

“I’m so proud of you, Alex,” she repeats, because Alex might have been trained by the world to think that being gay, being a lesbian, is less than perfect, but Kara knows better: because the happiness, the hope, the excitement, the affection in Alex’s eyes right now?

That look defines perfection.

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I know you're Jackson biased but are you really gonna sit there and post about insults in his comments and not even post his own comments? I know the comments have been posted elsewhere but aren't you supposed to be an update page? you didn't even mention it until you were asked? honestly it's been really eye opening how this fandom treats black related issues how mine and many other people's feelings are being invalidated and brushed aside.

I wasn’t online when it happened. Other admin is just helping, they didn’t want to post anyone without asking me first. After I came back to tumblr the news was everywhere - from Kpop news sites to forums. It’s also all over his Instagram. Everyone knows what’s going on. When you open Jackson’s Instagram on your phone you can see his comments. I didn’t post Pepsi’s photo as soon as it was possible because it was a leaked photo, not officially released. I was asked not to share leaked photo.

I’ve never said something like ‘Report all comments criticizing him’ or made excuses for him. I know he was wrong. I only asked not to spread lies (there are people believing in edited Instagram comments and fanaccounts) and asked to report an account that told him to kill himself - is that wrong? 

It’s not easy to please everyone. If I posted everything right away I’d be accused by the other side of the fandom of ‘making things worse’. 

Another message said ‘My bias is showing’. Interesting. I didn’t say a thing when JB was under fire and it happened twice. 

‘Mark also gets a lot on Weibo’ - GOT7 fanbases asked not to spread what happened between Mark and Jackson fans on Weibo. What’s more, we have no influence on what’s going on there - if someone sends hate to Mark or Jackson we can’t do anything. Most of us doesn’t have Weibo to report it. Most of us doesn’t know Chinese. So what’s the point? 

Since you want me to post everything, I can do it.

Jackson’s comments:

Pepsi will also release videos.

There are more than 100.000 comments on Jackson’s Instagram. Do I really need to add anything? 

I’m wondering if people know how diffcult it is to run a blog like this. When I post about controversial issues - I get hate, when I don’t - I get hate too.

Long Ass List of Daredevil Sentence Starters
  • "Scream all you want. Come on, let me hear you scream. Scream loud. Nobody gives a shit down here."
  • "I gotta go bribe a cop."
  • "But seriously, yeah, I gotta go bribe a cop."
  • "Please stop giving my mom cigars."
  • "Look, I'm not asking you to do anything immoral."
  • "You've never done this before?"
  • "Maybe we can help each other."
  • "All I did was ask him for a drink."
  • "Define yourself by what you have, value the differences, make no apologies for what you lack."
  • "I thought I detected a whiff of virtue in there."
  • "But I'm awkward and unfashionable. Those things don't seem to apply to you."
  • "I just don't feel like going home okay?"
  • "So let's hop a few bars, not think about it."
  • "Your outfit kind of sucks, by the way."
  • "You haven't told me anything about you."
  • "Okay, good because I was starting to worry you might be in love with me."
  • "I drank the eel. Not a euphemism."
  • "And we are now filled with mighty eel strength!"
  • "After what you told me, I'm never going home again."
  • "I know you're scared, but I'm here to help you. Okay? - You don't have to be scared anymore."
  • "I make a heck of a latte, if you're interested."
  • "Facts have no moral judgment. They merely state what is. Not what we think of them, not what we feel."
  • "I know how hard this must be for you."
  • "You have no idea how any of this is for me."
  • "They have to pay for what they've done."
  • "They won't listen."
  • "We'll make them listen."
  • "You do not want to test me."
  • "You think this is still about you?"
  • "You should have just killed me. You coward."
  • "This is an offer, not an order."
  • "I did some digging into your, uh past activities."
  • "A man/woman that can be bought isn't worth having."
  • "I said you should move on. Didn't say anything about me."
  • "Even though our perception of it changes, one thing remains constant. The past can never be completely erased. It lingers."
  • "I've been lied to before by men/women. Some were even decent ones but they still felt the need to be dishonest about things that mattered."
  • "Hey, that's not a reason, it's an excuse."
  • "He's/She's like a sexual Rain Man."
  • "I want you to touch my face."
  • "Just tell me what you feel."
  • "You need anything else, you know where to find me."
  • "You want the short answer or the long one?"
  • "We need to contain this."
  • "Lying to that woman is impossible."
  • "Choose a side."
  • "I'm the closest he/she has to family. He'd/She'd do the same for me."
  • "That wasn't very smart, but it was fun watching you bleed."
  • "Life is not a fairy tale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
  • "Animals don't stop fighting. Not until one of them is dead."
  • "Admittedly, I'm a work in progress."
  • "Let's get this started."
  • "You know what they call stuff like that? Gifts. The special kind. The kind that very few people have. Or deserve."
  • "Smart don't come out of books, kid. Smart is making the right decision at the right time."
  • "Big world. Not all of it flowers and sunshine, and the only way guys like you and me can survive is to grab it by the throat and never let go."
  • "Are you gonna lie there all night or get up off your ass?"
  • "What a shithole."
  • "This is my life and I made something of it, without you."
  • "Relationships are a luxury men like you and me can't afford."
  • "Is that why you left? Huh? To protect me?"
  • "You got heart kid, but heart's not enough."
  • "Anger is a spark, good. Rage is a wildfire, out of control, therefore useless. Just like you."
  • "We all pay for our choices."
  • "I've learned a lot since you've been gone."
  • "You're a dick."
  • "Say that you want my help."
  • "I want you to help yourself."
  • "I don't need a friend. I need a soldier."
  • "In war, people die. If it's not you, it's the guy next to you."
  • "I swear I will not kill anybody. Pussy."
  • "Never is a man more good looking than when he is in love."
  • "You do your job, I'll do mine."
  • "On occasion some dickery may leak out, but doesn't mean I'm wrong."
  • "So, how long before I do something that pisses you off?"
  • "You can't listen to people like that. You have to just block them out."
  • "Yeah, you're just a guy, right? A really, really good-looking guy."
  • "If you weren't half dead, I would kick your ass."
  • "We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
  • "Misspelling 'Hanukkah' is a mistake. Attempted murder is a little something else."
  • "Well, we seldom get everything we want. Not in this world."
  • "You were really something back in the day. When you had a soul."
  • "I'm not afraid to die."
  • "We'll be together, that's all that matters."
  • "You really think that this will change anything?"

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hey this is. it sounds baity im not gonna lie, but like... i keep seeing posts about how problematic part 7 is, and while i'm still reserving judgement on a lot of things bc i'm not well-read on any of those topics, i didn't really find a lot of problematic stuff in part 7? like there was Some Shit but a lot of it seemed like specific character flaws araki put in for narrative or character development purposes. idk i just see 'part 7 is So Bad You Guys' a lot and idk if i'm missing something?

Thats exactly what it is, narrative devices.

The content of SBR contains but is not limited to these “problematic” themes: sexual assault (multiple times), the victim of most being a 14 year old girl who is both married to and has an admirer multiple times her age, massive amounts of murder, alcohol, blasphemy (lol), child abuse and neglect, terrorism, and abelism.

To the average JJBA fan, like you or I, we can see these as not glorifying or promoting these themes, but consuming them as a method of storytelling, a fantastical “what if” that ends up being one of the most heart breaking and gripping mangas Ive ever had the pleasure of reading.

But there exists a small but vocal group of folks in the fandom who see these themes or others (either less so or equally as problematic) portrayed in fan works and are immediately calling for the crucifixion, doxing, bullying and sometimes actual harm of these creators under the guise of caring for “the (fictional) children”.

Generally speaking, it boils down to people (largely teens and young adults) who are unable or unwilling to take responsibility for their own consumption of media or cannot adequately express their negative reaction to such themes in a productive or safe manner. They use children as a scapegoat for their actions.

Most of the time, here on tumblr, you find these people railing about taboo but not illegal themes (aged up shipping, age difference shipping, abusive relationships, distantly or indistinctly related shipping) instead of really bad things (racism, murder, etc) because of a strange double standard- why is depicting violence given a large pass as just content, but an 18 year old touching a 30 yr olds face in art suddenly worthy of death threats?? (Especially when in this very specific case said example of person outwardly supports an underage ship, something they purport to vilify- its hypocrisy.)

All in all it comes down to people going through the phase of “I dont like this and if you do, I hate you.” Theyll hopefuly grow up and out of it.

But hey, I’ve been on this planet twice as long as the average tumblr user- Ive seen this kind of thing before. Like with rap music in the late 80s and 90s “corrupting children”, or violent video games and marilyn manson being the cause of school shootings, and GTA breeding murderers and criminals- its all misguided witch hunting.

****BIG DISCLAIMERS THO: There is no room for debate when it comes to media actually GLORIFYING and normalizing things like child abuse, pedophilia, or violence. Used as a narrative, it makes for an interesting and frightening but safe media experience - but as soon as it glorifies something like that, its turned into recruitment propaganda, and thats not ok- you all should know better without me having to say it.

That being said, if you think consenting adults or aged-up adults or adults with significant age difference in ships deserves to be called pedophilia, get your head out your ass.**

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So Bakugou and Todoroki's hero names didn't get decided early on I think because they're each gonna get their own little mini arcs that get em to decide them, but I kinda wanted to know your opinion on what they might end up being? 'Course they'll probably be derived from future plot that we don't know right now, but I wanted to ask anyway!

!!!! I’ve never really thought about Todoroki’s, tbh? So I have no clue, honest, but as far as Bakugou goes I’ll keep on holding onto Ground Zero until Horikoshi officially and unequivocally tells me he 100% definitely scrapped it, my friend - it’s such a cool name??? I read it and I nearly cried when I realized that probably it’s not gonna be his actual hero name rip

Anon said: You need to draw Bok.uro more (i love them so much,(you to of course)

I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by this ask anon, but as I’ve said more than once I really, really don’t like the word need. I don’t need to do anything, no one’s paying me for this. When I’ll want to draw more bokro it’ll for sure happen, so don’t worry about that~

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a headcanon where MC has a really popular vlog channel, like she have 6+ million subs and MC has had the channel for 5 years, like her channel is her main job, and the rfa+v+saeran are caught watching her old videos because they wanted to see what she did and how she was back when they didn't know her. In the end they probably become part of her vlogging? Thanks! :D

Thank you for the ask! It’s really specific tho … are you a vlogger yourself? I don’t exactly know what vlogs actually are?? I’m sorry but but college is REALLY stressful for me and I don’t have time for anything. I’m gonna assume that they are targeted towards a specific audience….

Yoosung and the prankster

- Your vlogs are what shitposts would look like in video

- Always making funny comments, jokes, meme references and pranks

-You do these small skits too

-Yoosung had already seen some of your videos

-So when he first met you, he had a nagging feeling he had seen you somewhere before

-When he knew that vlogging was your profession, he just had to check it out

-He always knew you were very smart and funny but those videos were just amazing. He couldn’t believe how you wrote and acted those things out yourself

- His girlfriend was amazing, beautiful, smart and…. cue shot of you with a pencil stuck up your nose SO DAMN RIDICULOUS

- He laughed so hard he had to clutch his sides and strain to just breathe

-That;s when you walked in

- “Yoosung…. WHAT THE HECK,” you shouted. Isn;t that the correct response when your boyfriend is just rolling on the floor, laughing maniacally with tears streaming down his face?

- “MC! MC!” he said struggling to hold his breath, “Why didn’t you show these to me before!! You’re so talented and funny.” He waked over to you and kissed you on the lips.

- “You bet… I didn;t get all those subscribers for nothing,” you grin

- So you two ended up getting drunk and watching your videos all night. 

- And ya’all had a deadly hangover the morning after    

- But you were determined to make him appear in one of your videos. 

- He did occasionally appear. Yoosung was adorable a nervous wreck  in those videos and so people started requesting videos with him

- Besides it was so much fun showing off your cute boyfriend

Zen and the reviewer   

- So you were the reviewer

- So smart, sophisticated and clever

- Always reviewing movies, books and sometimes even anime we are all only human, right? 

- You were really clever, detail oriented and organised. 

- You first did this as a hobby but since it really took off, you decided to make this your main job

- When you got home one day, you saw zen intently watching something on the laptop

- He was so engrossed in it that he didnt even seeing you coming

- “Sweetie, what are you doing ?” you asked

- “Gosh! Babe, you scared me!” he said as he clutched his chest. Drama Queen much?

 - You learnt that he was actually watching your videos the entire evening

- “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME BABE??” he asked, “You’re so good at this!! And you have so many subscribers!!”

- “I’m not as popular as you!!” you protested as you sat next to him. He kissed your cheek. 

- He whined a little and proceeded to click the next video

- “My boyfriend Zen;s new movie is amazing,” you proclaimed in the video, “You guys should check it out. He’s such talented actor….” 

- You proceeded to praise Zen in the video. Something you dare not do to his face. You;re a real tsundere… I’ll give you that

- “I mean…. you were pretty good in the movie Zen…” you gave him a little fake laugh. God… that was so embarrassing 

- “ Babe…” zen said as he flung the laptop. 

- Before you could protest, he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you wildly.

- His hands slid under your shirt. “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” you suggested. He smirked.  

- The beast was unleashed. 

- So the first video you did with zen was such a hit! Your subscriber count went up!! And you had so many requests!! A lot of people started watching Zen’s movies too. The two of you really had such a positive impact on each others career and life

Jaehee and the coplayer

- You were a cosplayer

- Not unlike Jaehee, you were such a big fangirl too

- You cosplayed everything from anime, manga, video games to comic books

- You’ve never ever missed a convention

- Jaehee being the loving and caring wife that she is, was always the first person to watch your videos and anonymously comment good things about it and anonymously take down the bullies too 

- She enjoyed watching you stitch, wear your perfect makeup and just transform yourself. 

- Sometimes, when you’re in cosplay, she can barely recognise you but she never admits it

- Jaehee helped you make the vidoes. But it never struck you to make her a part of it

- But one day you had this really good idea!

-There was this really big convention coming up and what better way to introduce her to your friends??? 

- “Sailor Uranus and Neptune!” you proclaimed, “That’s what we should go as!”

- “I’m sorry but WE??” Jaehee dropped the cup she was holding. 

- “Yes! Jaehee my darling” you did a dramatic twirl, “You must accompany me!”

- It took a lot of coaxing but she finally agreed

- And boy did you transform her 

- She couldn’t believe she looked like that.

- You always caught her catching glimpses at herself in the mirror

- By God, she was cute. 

- “Thank you, MC,” she smiled as she kissed you really softly on your lips.

- Your beast= unleashed.

- All throughout the convention, you took videos of your wife.  

- Jaehee never knew about this

–When you finally posted the video, it was such a hit!!!  People were going crazy over you and your wife! They requested a lot of videos with her. 

-When Jaehee came to know about this, she blushed beet red. 

- “Mc!! Stop embarrassing me like this,” she cried as she covered her face.

- Now you can finally unleash that beast in peace

Jumin and the musician  

- Jumin Han is a sophisticated man

- And you;re such a sophisticated girl

- You play the violin, the piano, the flute….. name any instrument and you could play it 

-You wanted to work for an orchestra but since your channel took off, you decided to make vlogging your main job

- Why not? YOu really enjoyed the freedom

- You would play anything you wanted. From complicated classical pieces to the openings of really cheesy tv shows

-You would always play something for jumin

- He preferred listen to you live than over the internet

- He really loved how your fingers moved and just how focused you were

- To him, just to see you and listen to your music was such a stress buster

- One day when Jumin found free time, he decided to check out your channel in his office

- He literally hit himself for not having seen your videos before.

- You were just as wonderful on the computer

- When you came over to give him his lunch, you were in for a shock

- Jumin was listening to an original piece by you while a drop of tear streamed down his face. He wiped it off immediately when he saw you

- “Are you one of those single tear people,” you laughed and walked over to him. Whiplash reference  which jumin did not understand T_T

- “Mc…” said as he literally pounced over you. He started to kiss your neck and tried to undo your zipper. 

- “Woah wait, Mr. Han! What is this about?”

- “I’m sorry Ive never seen your videos before,” he said, “You are so amazingly talented MC.”

- “If you want to make it up to me Jumin… then I know just the thing.”

- Needless to say, the great Jumin Han had to clear his schedule so that he could appear in one of your videos 

- And of course your comments section was filled with different variants of “ MC ARE YOU DATING THE JUMIN HAN?”

Seven and the makeup guru

- You are the Queen. bows down to you

- Your makeup is always on point. Please teach me how to do eyebrows Y_Y

- You started doing these makeup tutorials in college

- You got really popular and thought… heck why not get paid for this

- Seven is obsessed with your videos. BOI HAS SEEN ALL OF IT

- The both of you literally stay home most of the time

- Seven loves watching you do makeup

- He gives this really cute commentary when you do it

- “AND SHE SCORES” he’d scream when youre done

- He;s actually really fashionable himself

- “ MC I think you should go with ruby woo for this”

- “Shaddup seven”

- And whenever someone makes fun of you in the comments, he has no mercy.

- YOu never knew about this. But you were pretty suspicious cause the amount of hate went down? Boi never deleted all of it, he was clever like that

- You did the ‘entire face with kids makeup challenge’ on him… while he was asleep

- He never forgave you for that….. secretly he loved it

- He tries on your makeup when you’re not there

V and the food and culture blogger

- You love travelling

-And you have this really wholesome food and culture vlog

- After all that mint eye mess, he’s not dead I promise Y_Y you guys decided to travel the world

- Your vlog was restricted to your country and ever since the world tour the subscriber count went up

- You would do these vlogs where you’d describe the scenery to V

- It was so tastefully worded

- You guys visited usual places, interacted with the most interesting people and the food…. by God it was good

- And V, being the romantic that he is, would say something once in a while that absolutely floored you

- “GOD! V, The scenery is so beautiful”

- “Is it as beautiful as you?” he’d ask as he kissed your forehead

- All in all, it became fluff overload

- V became your permanent partner in this

- You guys had so much fun doing this that it did not really feel like a job

Saeran and the gamer

- You’d do gaming vlogs….. I’ve never seen one in my entire life… and Ive only heard of pewdiepie so no hate pls

- Saeran doesnt play games…… except in the bedroom of course

- He doesnt get why you’re so obsessed

- But he still obsessively watches all your videos…. he’s a complicated boi

- He always reads ALL the comments

- Let’s just say that he’s ruined some lives

- You’ve never gotten a negative comment after he came into your life??

- You asked Saeran to stop but he’s always feigned ignorance 

- You know Saeran watches your videos but he pretends he does not

- He always gives that tiny little cute smile when he watches your videos…. and you know this cause you’re a stalker like that 

- Always says stupid things like “MC, I wonder what those fingers can do??”

- Aaaand you smack him on the head for it 

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Hi Gami what do you make of Zayn's Japan shows officially being cancelled? He also didn't turn up for his BB award and some Versus event. More and more people seem to believe the anxiety thing and that he may have 'problems' but I don't buy it. It's like OT's plan to make him flop musically has gone into overdrive. Meanwhile Harry's gonna tour his heart out and Niall & Liam do gigs and are dropping singles. Not that they're free ofc but still. Zayn has given zero concerts, that's just unreal!

There’s no question if you actually look at Zayn’s solo career that he’s being screwed over by his team.  Even if he didn’t feel up to making public appearances, there are plenty of ways to push a single or album otherwise, and his team has done none of those things.  

How much attention did Still Got Time get?  None.  And it’s a crying shame because that song was such a good summer song.  How much attention did Zayn’s acoustic version of I Don’t Wanna Live Forever get?  None.  And it’s a travesty because that version is 1000 times better than the radio song.

I kind of doubted the Japan shows would ever happen when they were first scheduled, so it’s not a huge surprise.  I had hope after they were rescheduled that they would actually happen.  It was unusual and things were looking up at the time, but things quickly took a downturn on all fronts.  

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we were getting a lot of positive Zayn and 1D interactions and chatter early in the year at the same time the concerts got rescheduled, but then the positive chatter stopped and eventually turned even more negative at the same time the concerts were cancelled and Louis was confirmed to be stuck with Syco, etc.

Every time things go up or down, it’s not only Zayn or only the other members of 1D. It’s all of them at the same time.  I’ve said it before, but I would love to know what exactly happened BTS because over and over the signs get very clear that good things are coming and then they get set back again.  I want to know how because it seems ridiculous that it’s happened so much, but it’s true.

For the Billboard Award and a few other things, I think that may be Zayn swerving on bearding/stunting more than his team sabotaging him. Remember that we only knew Zayn was supposed to be at Billboard through a picture they posted featuring Zayn’s seat picture next to Gigi’s (and Gigi’s was the only one in color while all the ones around her were black and white for some reason?).

I don’t know how Zayn and Louis are able to get shafted so badly with their music while Niall, Liam, and Harry are at least getting adequate exposure. Liam’s personal narrative is awful, but his musical one isn’t bad at all.  Louis could still be luckier than Zayn with his promo, but at the moment I’m not thinking it’s a good bet.  I could give a few reasons why 1DHQ might hate Zayn and Louis more, but that still doesn’t explain the circumstances that are restricting them more.

I trust in the boys to get where they want to go eventually.  It sucks that it’s taken so much longer than it should have already and that we have no real timeline for the future, but that’s the way it is right now.  That’s why the 1D fandom is something I keep up with right now, but I’m focusing on other fandoms as well to give me some mental distance.  I’m far too stubborn to throw the towel in when I hate Simon Cowell and 1DHQ so much at this point.

reasons why seungkwan is a sweetheart
  • even if he’s part of the maknae line, you can see how much 17 members rely on him, always checking his reactions, and expect him to lead everything (and are usually lost if he’s not there)
  • if no one is saying anything during an interview, even if he’s not the MC he either leads the members or starts talking even if it’s nonsense to save the situation
  • he always tries his best to give good advices, and more than anything: always encourage people a lot
  • he’s able to get along with everyone, even new staff really quickly
  • he likes to make a lot of jokes, but he’s always careful of people’s reaction: if it looks like he said/did something that would make other unconfortable or hurt them he apologizes right away and try to make them feel better by saying nice things about them or gives them a hug
  • he just gives tons of hug to people who are pouting even a bit, or just tons of hugs in general
  • he’s just extremely polite and respectful: like on One Fine Day, when they were given something to eat after picking bossam in Cheongsando, he was the first one to go to other workers to feed them
  • after Mingyu used one the bossam to stop a fire, he apologized right away with a 90° bow to workers who gave them bossam
  • he’s careful of everyone like he tries to make everyone shine, and he keeps telling fun stories about members who don’t talk much
  • he protects his members of any situation where they could be embarrassed: when people ask Jihoon’s height, when Jeonghan accidently spat on the floor (and he moved quickly to hide it with his foot), or when Hoshi was asked if he changed the choregraphy this week too but he didn’t so Seungkwan immediately explained how Hoshi had so much work that it was impossible for him to do so
  • he’s careful of other members likes and dislikes, like when a member suggested to cook curry in a cooking program, he immediately said « no we have a member who doesn’t like curry » before Woozi even said that he disliked it
  • he’s extremely observant and can tell when seungcheol is lying, when woozi is embarassed and acting like he’s not, or really pretty much anything about the members
  • he’s interrested in foreign members’ culture a lot, like  he kept saying to Minghao how he wanted to try chinese food, until Minghao had enough and took him and Jun  to a chinese restaurant
  • and he’s always talking in english, and even try to communicate with foreign fans by using it
  • he didn’t show much of his japanese yet, but it seems pretty good since he’s one the of member who says the longest sentences in japanese
  • he’s very affectionate with everyone really and even more to fans: he greets them with the biggest smile on his face, hands waving really high in the sky, and he  just looks so happy and excited
  • when he leaves he either greets the fans the same way, or looks really extremely sadden to leave
  • he always tries his hardest to communicate with fans, no matter if they are foreigners or not, he has no problem trying to use their language, and start asking them questions about where they are from even if the situation doesn’t really permit them to talk
  • so whenever he’s in a situation where he can’t really talk (like when he was doing Sukira for exemple) he writes on a notebook things he wants to ask to fans (« are you excited for the comeback? », or after asking to a foreigner where she’s from: « NY? » to make sure), saying thank you to fans « thank you for congratulating me for my graduation♡  », talking about his feelings « i’m going to sing later, i’m so nervous », « i missed you »
  • he’s also one of the member who communicate the most withs fans on SNS
  • because of Pledis’ rules he sometimes has to refuse things like taking pictures, or giving people his signature, and he was said to look extremely sorry and apparently kept apologizing everytime it happened
  • he always show the same respect to sunbae groups, no matter if they are a popular or an unpopular group, he’s admiring all of them and keeps talking about how much he liked one of their song or enjoyed things they did in the past, etc
  • he’s like some kind of Jeju ambassador: never letting anymore makes fun of it, even if playing along with other people’s jokes would make it easier for him to fit
  • he has his own insecurities like his weight or his dancing skills (he used to be considered one of the worst dancer) and how he’s the one being scold the most during recording usually, but he never blames anyone joking about his weight, or people scolding him during dance practice, or  during recording. He just keeps working hard to diet, and improve in any area he’s not confident in
  • he makes sure the members don’t loose confidence in themselves, like when seokmin had to show a special talent on a show but reactions weren’t so good, he took his hand even if he was really far away from him to show support
  • he showers members with praises about anything related to their insecurities: like randomly talking about how happy he is that seungcheol is the leader, how much he likes mingyu’s skin color, or how fun joshua is and actually not a boring person at all…
  • when Jeonghan joined the group and was awkward with everyone, Seungkwan was the first one who tried getting close to him, by doing a lot of silly jokes, and it was never said but it looks like it took some time for Minghao to become close to the members, and Seungkwan also seems like one of the first who started looking out for him
  • he loves babies and kids so much and if seungkwan is usually the most professional of the group in any given situation, kids are an exception for him: he just stops talking about what he was supposed to talk about and keeps playing with the kid and talk no-stop about how cute he/she is, or even almost forget about the « no photo of people without their consent » rule, because they are so cute to him
  • he knows every members’ birthday
  • seungkwan always thought during his predebut days that he would be the least popular, and his biggest fear has always been not getting any attention at all, not being noticed
  • he was said to be a soft-heart boy since predebut: he cried more than Chan when his father came, also cried the hardest when samuel’s mother read a letter written for seventeen’s members, was the only one who cried when he read his letter for his mother on parent’s day, cried when doing a video message to his mother on 17project and couldn’t stop crying after seeing her, cried at the boys wish concert, cried when seventeen won their first rookie award, and got extremely emotional on his last day at Sukira with Ryeowook and the rest of the S-line, and on the One Fine Day when the 3 leaders read their letters
  • he also cares a lot about member’s feelings, like he was afraid for seokmin’s feelings when no judge talked about his singing in 17project (while seungkwan was praised), or when vernon said he felt sorry to seventeen about SMTM, he said later in an interview « He was talking about how he was sorry. What’s there to be sorry about~ right? » ©
  • he loves his mom so much and keeps talking about her no matter what; he even almost gave up on being an idol because he didn’t want to leave his mom in jeju
  • he gets anxious really easily, and sometimes he’s tired but since he’s the moodmaker and has pride on this title, he doesn’t want to let other people seeing his tired-side and try to gives energy to people as much as he can no matter what
  • i have so many things to say but i’ll stop there, so just remember that seungkwan is a sweetheart and that he deserves all the love

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What are your thoughts on Phil explaining the bedroom situation thing with how the gaming room was actually a bedroom but Phil doesn't spend time in his room anyway so he didn't care if his bedroom was small? It was kind of insightful cause I feel like before everyone thought that dan's room didn't exist but since now we know phil's room is small and he doesn't sleep in it, do you think that possibly he might be sleeping in "dan's room" and using his room just as a set?? it's not a big deal but?

I feel like I make this post about once a week, but right now I’m inspired by something that one of my favorite posters on idb said (link to where I quoted that part) so I’m gonna make it one more time. And anon, there was nothing wrong with your ask - I’m responding to a lot of things I’ve seen floating around today as well as your specific questions. 

I do think he and Dan share a bedroom. I do think that the bedroom that Phil says is his, is also his.

I don’t think that it’s wrong of them to lie to us about where they sleep. They’re putting themselves, as adults, as people in a relationship, as people under a great deal of invasive pressure, first.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s okay for them to keep some things to themselves.

We don’t need to have our collective feelings hurt. We don’t need to be thirsty for the truth, because the truth is none of our business. I’m as fascinated as anyone by their relationship. I spend an inordinate of time thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it, reading about it.

But what we want to know and what they are obligated to tell us are not the same thing. This is not about us. We are not the stars of the show that is their lives; they are. This is not about them hiding things from us or denying things to us because we’re cogs in some great game they’re playing. 

These are two people living their life and trying to figure out a line that lets us in, but only so far, so that the rest can be for them. None of us would react well to being told we’re not allowed to have any privacy and that we’re under some dictate to share things we consider personal with absolute strangers. That’s not how life works. That’s not how people operate. If your best friend had a same sex partner but wasn’t out to their parents and wasn’t ready to be out, would you tell them that they’re wrong to say that they sleep in a separate bedroom than their partner? Would you say that because her parents came to visit her once and saw one part of where she lived that she was wrong to not immediately come clean with everything? I sure as fuck hope not, because people being able to come out when they’re comfortable and retaining the right to choose selective truths depending on what kind keeps them safe and sane. It doesn’t matter that people might have guessed. No one goes around being honest with everyone all the time, especially not people you don’t even know. So why are the rules different for us and them?

And don’t give me any of that ‘it’s different because they’re celebrities’ shit, because no. (Again, not to you original anon, just to all the other less polite messages I’ve both gotten and seen.) This is not an all or nothing situation. Because they show us one thing (their friendship) doesn’t mean they have to show us everything. If you, as a fan, are hurt or upset because they don’t want to show us where they sleep and that bothers you so much that you can’t enjoy them because of it then step away from them and find something that does interest you.

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I'm not an active user on here, but reading your blog I can't believe I'm part of a fandom (SB) that said bs like Candice slept around to get a role?? Wtf. Didn't they already intend Iris to be black, because of the Wally West character? What exactly could Candice have accomplished by 'sleeping around' other than being picked over a few other black woman auditioning for the role. Who said this shit? I'm gonna go ask them personally.

Yeah, they’ve done horribly things to/about Candice: said she slept with the producers and Grant to play Iris (even though the casting call did, in fact, call for a black woman and they wanted JLM as Joe and practically begged him to take the role, so the Wests were going to be black whether or not Candice was cast) while disregarding the fact Danielle was friends with one of the producers prior to the show so it’s WAY more likely her friendship got her an ‘in’ than a nobody black girl like Candice fucking two gay men and a bunch of other dudes, have photoshopped Candice to be white, photoshopped her face onto naked porn star bodies, have talked about how she’s moronic/delusional, how Grant probably throws up after kissing her, etc etc etc.

A lot of the nonsense is floating on Tumblr and Twitter, but I’m sure people could pull up screencaps and receipts. 

Keep in mind: I have no problems with SB shippers who aren’t shitty people because shipping it in itself isn’t the problem, it’s the ones who do stuff like what I said in this post I mock and call out.

Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite disney and favourite animated movie. I find it just perfect, the story, the characters, the emotions, the magic… when Belle fell in love with the Beast, I fell in love with the movie.
So when I heard about a live adaptation, I couldn’t hide my excitement, but at the same time, I knew I would be even more severe with it.
I watched it this morning and let’s say it right away, it’s far from the level of its predecessor, but it’s not a bad movie either. I would even say, it’s ok.

Let’s talk about the story and direction first. No surprise, as an adaptation, it follows the same path, keeping the dialogs and iconic moments, and for those parts I can say it was pretty good. Then come the adding scenes and here, I am shared. Some are very welcome like those focusing on the father and his past (having more details about Belle’s mom permits a further connection with the Beast who lost his mother too, so it serves to the story). But other scenes are just pointless, and mostly focused on secondary characters. For example, they decided to include the enchantress in the movie but…..she is totally useless…. I felt it like it was to throw a celebrity’s face at us, I didn’t understand the point of this character :/
Also, what a mistake to show the prince as human in the beginning!!!!!! I admit, this is the thing that made me cringe hard. Let me explain. The 1st Disney presented us the man as a Beast, because that was characterized him at this moment, even as human he was just a Beast. But we learn to discover the human in him, until finally meet him under his true appearance. SHOWING THE PRINCE IN THE FIRST SCENE RUINED THIS >< !!!!! **angry**
I didn’t like how they handle the very end either, it should have been Belle & Prince moments, when the world is singing their tale. But the many second character got a moment too and it even stopped on the singer’s face, like why?? There’re some choices of direction I clearly didn’t understand.
Anyway, it works for the most part but like I said, some things were pointless.

What about the characters now? Well, I have to say it, the Beast was GREAT.
And really, that was the thing I was going to be so much critical, since, I think it’s the same for everyone who loved the animated version, we have all melted for him and learnt to love him like Belle did. And this is exactly the case here, at least for me. I even think they handled it a bit better tbh. In the first movie, The Beast went from a grumpy attitude to a pretty sweet guy quite suddenly. Here, after being saved by Belle, he is softer for sure but he still has a grumpy character because he still doesn’t know how to act near Belle. But his gaze changed for sure, you can see the emotions through his eyes, like in the animated version. And once again, I melted for him, I could see the human there. And it’s a shame Belle wasn’t as good sadly. Don’t get me wrong, Emma Watson is a good Belle really, she plays it well and her performance is fine. It’s just she was lacking of something I’d say….I needed more delight? she kept a lot the “tender smiling face” but I expected her to be more expressive seeing all the magical things happening around her. Even during the danger with the wolves, she doesn’t look afraid really. She was maybe a bit too reserved. But at least, when he was with the Beast, her expressions were more “alive”, so it’s not that bad either. But she has also some positive side like the way she is actually asking why everyone has this appearance. Belle is curious and willing to help, so it seems normal she would wonder about this, in the animated it always seems a bit odd to me she never asked anything about the origin of the magical things around her.
Concerning the secondary characters now, there are actually pretty good. Gaston was the best character for me like omg he was perfect. I couldn’t see a better Gaston x) Lefou was fine too, pretty funny and very lovable imo. The father, having more development than in the original, was more interesting personally. Then for the castle servants, I have nothing to say either, they’re funny, dynamic, enjoyable, and well interpreted (emma thompson especially).
But like I said before, the enchantress role was useless and some other characters didn’t really need more expositions.

Now, the music. I am gonna say this but the best parts of the movie are for sure the musical scenes. It’s exactly how I pictured the live version of them, big, very well choreographed, colorful and memorable. I’m crazy of Alan Menken’s themes in this film, and hearing them in cinema, I swear it gave me the chills so much (and I almost teared up during the main song/////). There are also new songs, and they haven’t all caught me the same, some are even not really necessary in my opinion, being very short and adding anything in particular. But How Does A Moment Last Forever and Evermore will definitely stay in your mind (Evermore is my new disney crush song >v<).
Ok ok, I’m gonna say it though, I heard a lot about it before the movie but, yeah yeah, Emma Watson’s auto tune is too obvious and even a bit distracting ^^’’
I watched it in english so tbh I wonder how it would be in french now (I don’t even know if the songs are dubbed).

I will end with the decorations and costumes. It was really massive and I can see all the works behind it, and really I can say I’ve been very pleased most of the time. I still can’t love Belle’s dress though xDD just, no…

So, if you have read all of this, I’m sorry ahaha I love so much talking cinema and I knew I would have a lot to say for this one. So my finale opinion? The best live version of all certainly but it has its disappointing details. It’s still a fine adaptation imo, I’m satisfied with it even if it won’t ever replace my first love, the first movie.

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can I ask what the Errant setting is like for ladies and queer folks? I know you said before you didn't want to make it like a stereotypical medieval setting where there was lots of discrimination, and that both your MCs are queer, but it sounds like you've thought a lot about worldbuilding so I'm curious how you're working that in!

mmmMM okay lemme try and explain this succinctly! It’s gonna be weird so bear with me for a minute.

If I had to give an exact date to when Errant takes place, it would actually be kinda close to our modern day, but still…medieval-y. As I mentioned in the wordbuilding post, there are societies with rough equivalents to modern tech–it’s just Europe in the perma-dark ages. I’d say technology is in, like, the 1920s-1930s for advanced areas like Africa. It’s about 80 years behind IRL because they’ve progressed somewhat differently, having included magic into their tech; some things like cars are really rudimentary, whereas other things, like automaton prosthetics, are incredibly advanced.  Mass production is not really a Thing but basic magic-run computers (that are like building-sized crystal grids) are. 

Tech is different but it exists, is what I’m saying, and so do other social and societal modernisms.

ANYWAY. While technology has taken a bit of a looping path (most of the world thinks the sword is still the most practical weapon), social viewpoints are about the same as modern day, maybe more advanced because of all the intercultural exchanges. Europe might be in a dark age but they still have robust trading businesses and immigrants and just lots and lots of social exchange with the more advanced countries. So the modern viewpoints regarding gender and sexuality are actually pretty good. It’s been helped in no small part by a number of extremely famous lady knights over the centuries–in a land always desperate for good fighters, gender restrictions in the military were one of the first things to get trampled by the wheels of progress.

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Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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BTS As Things My Friends & I Have Said
  • Seokjin: I'm gonna look cute as fuck because I got a cute ass hat and a fancy ass choker and I'm gonna send you lots of selfies.
  • Yoongi: I totally didn't wake up at ten and then stay in bed and I'm totally not still in bed pfft what are you talking about.
  • Hoseok: *was surprised by someone* oH SwEeT mErCY!
  • Namjoon: I accidentally punched her in the face trying to open a cheese stick.
  • Taehyung: I'm with a meme who is bringing out my inner meme and we're just being memes.
  • Jimin: Why am I listening to sexy jazz at 12:30 at night? Like my brain says sleep, but my heart and butt say body roll.


Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Words: 2896

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 2: Nyx and Luna start their journey and arrive in Hammerhead.

Personal Comment: It starts getting more painful to write, but thank heaven I have loveiscosmicsin to help me out with my english <3 So here we are, Nyx and Luna start chatting a bit more, there’s sass (because sassy Nyx is damn hot ok) and some new characters, like Gentiana and Takka (let’s credit a bit more these characters lol). I took the chance to explain some things that Tabata never mentioned like: where the hell did Luna change her outfit? How did Luna travelled around Eos in shorter time than Noctis? (coming soon answers: where is the Luna’s necklace coming from? When how and why Luna went back to Tenabrae before going to Altissia? What about her health situation? etc etc)

The start of lunyx relationship will be slow, I want it to be natural, so no wonder if they still don’t act like lovers. Let’s make them go deep in the knowledge of each other, in the caring of each other, let’s make them growing in affection, friendship, respect, and sense of duty, etc etc before throwing them in an angsty romance xD Also, I hope I’ll treat Noctis right in this because he suffered enough in the canon already. Stay tuned, babes, updates are coming <3 be patient <3

The road was empty and the atmosphere was calm. Daylight started to spark in the distance as the sun came out. The dawn didn’t care about how many people died that night. The dawn didn’t care about Insomnia being lost.

“Don’t look at me as I change my clothes, understand?” Luna said, moving a bit in the backseat of the Tenebraen black car. Instinctively, Nyx glanced at the rearview mirror. “I said, don’t look!”

Nyx forced himself to keep his eyes straight on the road ahead and smiled sheeplishly, “Wasn’t that reverse psychology?”

She giggled a bit, even though she clearly was very tired: “No, it was not. Sir Ulric, please.” It’s that ‘please’ again. By the Stars, that girl knew how to manipulate him.

“All right, all right! Sorry. You know, I’m not really a maniac. It’s just very hard for me to follow orders. I instinctively do the opposite.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, please, Nyx Ulric, watch me taking my clothes off!” Nyx smiled widely, keeping his eyes on the road this time.

“You know, inverse psychology’s really working out for me.”

Luna took five minutes to change her tattered outfit with a clean one. This one was pretty cute and also a bit more comfortable.

“I knew that leaving a clothes changing in the car was a good idea.” She commented, adjusting a pin with the crest of Tenabrae on her white lace. She found a black band somewhere in the baggage and she decided to put it on her arm to remind her of the tragedies that took place last night. “Nyx Ulric?”

“You can stick to just Nyx.”

She tried again, uncertainty encircled one syllable. “Nyx?”


“I’m sorry that I dragged you in all this. You surely left family and friends in Insomnia. You would have preferred to stay with them, right?” Nyx bit his own lip.

“I’ll catch up with Libertus again someday, I’m sure he didn’t die. He may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but he can take care of himself.”

“That’s it? Libertus is all you have left in Insomnia?”

“Yeah, no family, remember?”

“Right, you told me about your little sister. So, no father, no mother?”

“They both died years ago, too.”

“No wife? Or girlfriend?” Luna’s tone changed when the Glaive grimaced. “Er, a lover?” Those are probabilities.

Nyx smiled. “Getting personal already, princess?”

“Oh sorry… I didn’t mean to be unprofessional, I was just…”

“Nah, it’s fine. Actually there’s nothing to tell about it. No wife. No girl. Life at the Kingsglaive department is pretty similar to a losers’ one.”

After the initial embarrassment for neglecting her manners, Luna relaxed a bit. “Don’t say that.” She smiled.

“What I mean is… It may sound weird but …” He stopped for a moment, looking for the best words to express his thinking. “If I got it right, by carrying that ring, you’re carrying the future of the world in your hands, princess. I’d be honored if I can support you even without my magic. If I can have a small part in all this then… I’m glad that I’m the one you dragged in with you.” He scratched his nose and added, “Also, King Regis asked me first, not you. I’m here because he told me to and I will do anything to pursue one man’s last wish.”

Luna stretched out a bit because she wanted to see his eyes. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t deceiving her. He had no reason to lie, but she needed the assurance. When she saw them in the rearview mirror, she sighed her relief, “You really are a hero, Sir Ulric.”

“Nyx.” He corrected her again.

“Nyx.” She smiled. “We will see the ring to Noctis. The future of all will be safe, I promise.” Nyx seriously nodded.

Suddenly, Luna winced and wide opened her eyes: “Nyx, watch out!” she screamed making him pushing on the brake. He lost control of the car for a moment and when he was able to use the wheel again he was out of the road already.

“What the hell, princess?” he shouted back, turning to see her getting out of the car as fast as possible: “Hey, what happened? Are you okay?” He followed her out, under the light of the lighting sun. Luna was stepping ahead to meet two beautiful dogs, one white and the other one black. She immediately kneeled down in front of them, making clear her intent. Nyx opened his mouth and his arms, in an hilarious expression of disbelief. “Dogs? We almost crashed the car and got ourselves killed because you wanted to pet some dogs?”

“They’re very special dogs. The white one is Pryna, the other is Umbra.”

“Oh, special dogs. This explains everything!” He quipped sarcastically, rolling eyes.

“Umbra has a message from Noctis.”

Nyx stopped, suddenly curious. “You mean … The prince?” He got closer, watching Luna as she took a red notebook from Umbra’s collar and brought the cover to her forehead. She seemed so happy to have that object back, treating it like a priceless relic. “You do this… often? These dogs just carry back messages you send each other?” Even if Nyx wanted to take it seriously, there was incredulity in his voice.

“It’s the only way Noctis and I could stay in touch. We did so in the last twelve years.”

“Twelve years?” He blurted out. This time he was totally shocked. “You two couldn’t talk in person for twelve years? I thought that…” Luna lifted her eyes, watching him with a strange expression which was a mix between sorrow, anger, and expectation. In the end, Nyx lost the words he really wanted to say and all he said out was something lame, “Sorry, I thought the marriage was something the two of you had a say in.”

Luna was about to reply something back when a woman appeared in front of them. She had long black hair, her eyes were closed, her outfit black as well. Even though a mysterious aura surrounded her pretty figure, Luna seemed to recognize her well. The Oracle simply rose to her feet and showed her the Ring of the Lucii she was carrying in the palm of her hand, like she was showing a long-yearned memento.

The mysterious lady nodded, silently continuing a conversation she and Luna probably had before: “The time has come and the Oracle’s fate sealed. The One is waiting for you to fulfill your duty.”

“I know and I will.”

“Much I can expect from you. The Six will adhere to the strength and purity of your heart. Awaken them from their dreamless stupor. Pave the way so the King of Kings may reclaim his throne and defeat the darkness once and for all.”

“That I will.” The woman suddenly opened her eyes, like she heard her name be called in the distance. She looked ahead but she wasn’t really looking, a faraway look in her emerald eyes, but gravity of their expression was heavy in her gaze.

“Is she blind?” Nyx asked in a whisper at Luna’s ear. He must had got closer in the meantime and since he didn’t understand a thing about the subject of their conversation, he was pretty determined to learn more with a sequence of irreverent questions.

“No, she’s not.”

“So she talks in her sleep?” The situation was too serious for her to start laughing. Luna really had to struggle to keep her self-control.

“The wolf will never take his eyes off the moon so fate could not have found a better loyal guardian than he.” The dark-haired woman casually added, before closing her eyes again and turn away. Lunafreya watched her go with a certain apprehension this time. She glanced at Nyx, put at unease by something said by the mysterious lady. Nyx returned the stare, even more curious now.

Luna couldn’t avoid an explanation this time. “She’s Gentiana and she is known by few people as a divine messenger. In reality, she’s one of the Six.” Nyx wide opened his mouth.

“I just stood in front of a goddess?” Luna nodded.

Nyx couldn’t believe it. He really had a lot of questions like. The Six really existed? Why were they sleeping and why that Gentiana was awake already? Lunafreya really had the ability of speaking with the Six? What were they talking about? How was he supposed to protect a woman which was exposed to such supernatural events he never dealt up with before? Suddenly he understood the real weight of what they were going to do and this made him thoughtful. When he couldn’t bare the stressful feeling of powerlessness anymore, he said, “This may be the right time to discuss the details of our mission, princess.”

Back again on the road, Luna took a little nap before they arrived in Hammerhead. She was exhausted after all what happened, so she couldn’t resist. Nyx kept glancing at her in the rearview mirror, watching over her like he was fearing some supernatural force could hurt her somehow out of a sudden. After their meeting with Gentiana, Luna explained him what they were going to do now: no going to Altissia to have a ball at her wedding, no, something far more dangerous. They were going to look for the divinity in their world, wake them up from their sleep so they would ‘probably’ helped the Chosen King Noctis Lucis Caelum to succeed in his duty. Easier said than done, but all this would actually have required time. The Astrals were tempermental beings and don’t bestow their blessings to humans easily. To make matters worse, the Empire was tracking them down. And they were alone against it. Nyx didn’t know if he was able to see the princess safe to Altissia like he promised to King Regis. Back at that time, he still had his magic. Now without supernatural powers, would he be able to protect Luna from supernatural dangers? He glanced at her once more. She was sleeping in the backseat of the car, looking like a golden angel. She seemed so vulnerable now. He knew she actually wasn’t (he remembered too well about her courage - or better said, unconsciously) but still in that very moment, she was. And he felt like he was ready to give his life to safeguard her graceful and strong fragility.

He finally saw a colorful sign, which reported Hammerhead location. He thought about going straight ahead, without any break, but honestly he was tired too and this place looked safe enough to offer them a bit of rest. He pulled over and parked the car as far as he can from the restaurant and the famous garage.

“Princess?” He gently moved her arm, rousing her awake. “We’re at Hammerhead.” She slowly opened her eyes, looking around like she had forgotten the basis of talking in that very moment.


“Yeah. You should get a proper bed for that beauty rest, don’t you think?”

“Is it safe?”

Nyx looked out of the window. “There’s not a huge crowd. You can stay in the car while I go exploring the area a bit, anyway. I can also buy some food if you want and over there we can rent a caravan.” She didn’t answer so Nyx turned to look at her. “You can relax. The caravan’s for you. I’ll sleep in the car.“

“No, this was not what I was thinking, it’s…” Yes, it was. This was exactly what she was thinking. She never shared her bedchambers with a man before.

Nyx decided to ignore her embarrassment and continued: “I only have few gil, but I’ll score some favors to earn more, I suppose. Stay here, I’ll do a perimeter search.” Nyx wasn’t comfortable with leaving her in the car but he didn’t have a choice. He took directly the restaurant direction, avoiding every possible stare. Surely his dilapidated kingsglaive outfit was drawing enough attention to him already, even without his jacket on. The guy on the counter introduced himself as Takka and highly recommended him the menu of the day. Nyx decided to follow his advice and spent all the few gil he had in his leather pants’ pockets for it.

“To go, thank you,” he specified and then waved at him to come closer. “Listen, I have a very special girl waiting for me in the car and I’d like to offer a proper bed for her to rest. Do you have a job which will allow me to pay for it?”

Takka took a long second to answer, in which he probably wondered what ‘special girl’ could mean. Nyx had specifically chosen that definition, leaving it up to free interpretation. If he was lucky enough, Takka would have assume his secret date was waiting for him, so he wouldn’t have asked any more information.

“Well, uh… Yeah, I could pay you 1500 gilif you kill off some nasty monsters around this area. They’re called Reapertails. You sure you’re up to the task?” Nyx smiled smugly.

“Reapertails? Really? For something so simple I won’t even need magic.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s fine. Consider the job it done.”

“I like your enthusiasm, son, but honestly, it will be dark in two hours. You shouldn’t stay out at night. Nobody shouldn’t.”

“So, I guess I will complete my mission… in two hours?”

Takka seemed to panic a bit.“You’re crazy. No, no. Okay, listen. You said you need a bed for your girl, right?”

“That’s not what I said, but whatever. What’s the point?”

“I’ll give you the caravan for tonight. You’ll pay me tomorrow.” He held up a hand, enunciating sternly of the condition that followed with the charity, “After you’ll finish the job.”

“And who guarantees you that tomorrow I’ll actually pay you?”

“You seem to be a man of honor, that’s the guarantee. Talking about trust here so don’t let me down. Anyway, I’d prefer to lose gil for an unpaid debt than to lose another human life to the daemons. I know the feeling, son. Please, don’t go out in the dark. So, here the keys for your girl.” Nyx took the keys Takka gave him and was about to thank him when Takka added: “So, do you know what happened to Insomnia?”

Nyx swallowed hard. “No, do you?”

“Nah, the communications have been interrupted, I’m still waiting for some news. Prince Noctis was here yesterday, but he seemed just having fun with his friends, he really didn’t look worried at all, I don’t know…”

Nyx was surprised by that.“Prince Noctis was here?”

“I shouldn’t have told ya, sorry…” Nyx wanted to ask more, to learn more, mostly because of curiosity, but even though Takka seemed pretty naive, he didn’t want to make him suspicious anyway.

“Well, well, royalty mingling with the commonfolk! Isn’t that nice? Maybe his princess is here somewhere too,” He kept his tone light-heartedlike a common citizen talking to his barman. “Whatever, who cares about royalty?” Okay, that last one was a bit exagerated, better to cut it off now. “Have a good night, Takka, and thanks. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you the Reapertails stingers.”

After that, Nyx ran to the car, tapping on the window and Luna quickly lowered it to talk with him. Nyx leaned in.

“Okay, princess. This is your meal, I bet you’re starving” He said as he handed her a very welcomed boxed lunch. “And these…” he added, showing her the keys with a smugly pride, “are for the caravan. So you can stretch your feet and make yourself comfortable while I’m on guard duty.”

“That’s surprising! How did you do it?”

Nyx smiled her.“You said that once: not all miracles are made by magic. I guess I made a good first impression. Also, I promised to take care of one job tomorrow. I’ll try to fit it into the schedule, don’t worry.”

Luna cautiously got out of the vehicle, she didn’t want people to see her now.

“Are you going to sleep in the car? Really?”

“What’s the alternative? Are you going to invite me in? Don’t worry, princess. This car is far better than the appartment I used to live in Insomnia.”

Luna smiled delicately, keeping the boxed lunch and keys close to her like they were special gifts. She should have say goodnight now, but she foolishly chose to prolong the moment somehow.

“Thank you so much, Nyx Ulric…” The Oracle shook her head, ridding herself of the habit.“Nyx.” The Glaive raised his eyebrows slightly, noting that she seemed to actually enjoy saying his name even when she had his full attention. “All this would have been very trying without you.”

Nyx bit his lower lip, suffocating a smile instead of correcting her. He always felt sort of uncomfortable when people used thank him. This time was nice though.

“That’s good to hear. Go to bed now and have some rest.” They glanced at each other for a very short moment and then Luna stepped away, headed to the caravan. She didn’t turn back as she entered.

Nyx watched her go, keeping his hands on his hips.

He chose not to tell her about Prince Noctis being there in Hammerhead just the day before and - as he sighed deeply - he started to wonder why.