because i refuse to lose


Black Sails, s04e08

I remember when I first met Eleanor, how stunned I was. A woman who spoke the way she did, who had no fear of the world or the men who reigned over it. When I became her lover, I watched the decisions she made and resolved to learn from them. When I became her rival, I watched the mistakes she made and resolved never to repeat them. But at the end, when I felt I had surpassed her in every way, it seemed as though there was something she was still trying to say to me. Surrendering everything she had sacrificed so dearly for, because it would have come at the expense of the one she loved. She was trying to tell me, I just could not hear her, about what is truly important. I said no to Marion Guthrie’s plan despite having no alternative and at the risk of losing the entire endeavor because I refuse to situate a man in a position where he might interfere one day with my ability to repair things with you.

You are the bravest person I have ever known. The truest person I have ever known. And I betrayed you and it sickens me. I am so sorry for working so hard to protect the wrong things. For failing to see that there is nothing important that does not include you.


I said no to Marion Guthrie’s plan despite having no alternative and at the risk of losing the entire endeavor because I refuse to situate a man in a position where he might interfere one day with my ability to repair things with you.

okay fuck off disney channel

A reminder

The world isn’t any worse today than it was yesterday, it’s just being more obvious about how fucked up it is.

But the world can only get better if you’re there to help it along, so stay strong, and fucking fight against this horrendous event.

Because somebody has to.

This ask has been in my inbox for almost 2 months now and I refuse to answer it because I don’t want to lose it.
I don’t know who sent it in but I am honestly so thankful because it’s very important to me. Especially on days where I feel absolutely awful.
If you’re the anon who sent this then I want to thank you for one of the most important and nicest messages I’ve ever received

lmao so i get overwhelmed / overstimulated pretty easy and i know that, but i’m also literally the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet so when i play difficult metroidvania-style platformers that i continuously die in, i will keep trying over and over again until i push myself to frustration-sobbing for hours because I Refuse to Lose

Down with the sickness

At a total of 22lbs lost as of today! Go me! But influenza has hit the household hard. Such a yucky sickness. So I’ve pulled out the elderberry and chaga to help weather this viral, crappy BS. Hopefully we can all get better as soon as possible. I have maintained the keto lifestyle even though I’d rather eat nothing at all. Not even the flu is taking me down dammit!! I’ll succeed in the face of all challenges because I refuse to give in or lose momentum.


requested by its-pineapple-me

There weren’t many enemies left, you could handle them by yourself, but Wanda refused to leave your side, “Wanda, I can handle this!” You told her as you spun around, killing another with quick movements.

“I know,” She replied as she too killed another, “but I’m not leaving you.”


You’d gotten distracted by her words and had turned to her but she quickly pushed you out of the way, killing an enemy that had almost snuck up on you. You gaped at her as she used her power to kill it before she extended her hand to you, which you took gratefully, “Because my brother cares about you and I refuse to let him lose you.”

Two of my business class students took me out for lunch today. I’m convinced the Taiwanese and Chinese like to play a game called “how many internal organs is the foreigner willing to eat?”, which led to me eating more pig intestines than I was really happy about, a chicken heart, and some bone marrow (through the provided straw) because I refuse to lose said game. (I actually really enjoy bone marrow though, since I had it for the first time in Namibia.) 

The somewhat over-eager Chinese assistant for the business class wasn’t able to come today, and suddenly I had the best class ever- my shy, borderline sullen students blossomed into chatterboxes willing to role-play in front of the class, ask me all kinds of questions about things they wanted clarification on, and Pictionary their way through the language barrier while they tried to understand the phenomenon of Americans not drinking plain hot water. I wonder if this was related to them not wanting to lose face in front of the assistant, and kind of hope the managers can let her down gently that things actually go smoother without her. 

On the way back the Chinese-version-of-Uber driver was playing Maroon 5 EDM remixes and humming along in a way that was kind of contagious, the windows were down, the post-rain air was nice, and I found myself in strangely high spirits…dare I say I was actually happy? Shortly after returning, a coworker reminded me I’d agreed to go to the “opening” for her clothing store operated out of a high rise apartment room. For everyone else that meant playing dress-up, for me it meant being coerced into trying on an outfit and then hiding on the balcony looking at the city lights and freeloading on snacks while talking to my coteacher, until she left and I saw the opportunity to flee in the hubbub. 

So, I just saw a post where they’re speculating that the man in the iron mask that does all the tapping on The Flash is Leonard. And I love that theory.

I just have to add though, while people are saying what if he’s a meta that went against Zoom and Lisa is Mayor Snart, I went in a totally different direction.

What if Earth-2 Leonard is running around Central City - meta or mayor, I don’t know - and the man in the mask is the Leonard from Legends? What if the explosion from the Vanishing Point didn’t just catapult him to another time but to another Earth and he was trying to tell Barry and then Caitlin (and before that, even Jesse) this with his tapping? What if he remembers everything and now he’s just trying to get back?

I wrote a Jasper version of “Stronger Than You.” Please don’t steal!

DISCLAIMER - I didn’t draw this, it’s from WeHeartIt ;;

This is Jasper.
Full of power.
And you’re gonna go bow down to me, a Homeworld gem, because I’m so much better.
And every part of me is saying “You better,”
I’m done with all these games, you fool. Quit acting so strong and so “pleasantly” cool.
Let’s go, just me and you. Let’s go, you weak gem, you.
Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able, my strength makes me brutally unstable.
I can see you hate the way I’m beating you up, but I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re a screw up!
And I am gonna stop what you’ve made together! You will never fuse like that together! And if you dare refuse, I bet you you’ll lose because I’ll never give up on you!
I am made of opaque.
Of opaque.
This is how it ends, this is how I defeat your friends.
And you never can escape me, its sad you think that you can.
I have won this battle, one point to this Homeworld gem!
And I will destroy this planet along with you and your friends.
Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able, my strenght makes me brutally unstable.
I know you think you can fuse and up your powers, but thats how I know you are a coward!
Fusing is for the weak gems, fighting one-on-one is how it really ends.
Look at my fury! I have no patience! I am a revolution.
I am made of opaque.
Of opaque.

Sept. 1st Notice

Hello followers:

I’m not going to be online as much for the next few days because it’s September the 1st.

The day the Hogwarts Express pulls out from Platform 9 ¾.

The day Harry’s journey to the Wizarding World really began.

I have made a vow to myself that every September 1st I will take that journey with him again by rereading the series starting on that date.

Mainly because I refuse to lose that part of my childhood and I will never let go of the magic.  Hogwarts will always be my home.

(Reblog if you’re taking the journey again with me!)

Please credit Phil

I’m so sick of people not giving Phil the full recognition and credit he deserves. If you can’t properly credit the creator of a video don’t copy it, simple as that. In the future anyone that fails to credit Phil will lose a subscriber because I refuse to watch some assholes video that doesn’t want to mention Phil, THE FUCKING CREATOR OF THE VIDEO! He took the time to come up with these ideas, at least link him in the description! Fuck anyone that doesn’t do so because I’m done with them and their shitty attitudes.