because i refuse to believe that

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Maybe they censured some parts, like the preparation one, because there's no way they could show it and it would take just too long. I just can't believe kaneki didn't insert even a finger before lol

HAHAH i also think that maybe what Ishida showed to us was just a part of it, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT KANEKI DIDN’T SUCK THOSE BOOBIES OKAY, there’s nO WAY after squeezing them like that.. no way.

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Jared is the deepest background character so far. Yes he's shallow and boring, and a Gary Stu, but that's the point. His Garu Stu-ness is never used to resolve the plot, only to cause them. We mainly only see him in Blossom's fantasy, and when he does appear he's a generic no personalities nice guy. The Jared that affects the story is merely part of Blossom's psyche, a personification of her obsession and delusion; and the "real" Jared is only there so that Blossom does not seems too delusional.

Y’know, I was seriously considering this a while back, because I refused to believe this could have been solely done for like… freaky writer’s wish fulfillment. Maybe this is what they feel their answer is to all of the shows that have had a female character that the main male character is desperately in love with who just isn’t that interested in them.

But usually the girl character isn’t based off of the person writing the story. And the main character isn’t a five year old. Like. They could have addressed a common trope in media, but like most things in the reboot, they blew it. And made it creepy.

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Libra boys accidentally over hearing their crush tell a friend about how much they love him but refuse to tell him because they honestly believe there's no way that he'd like someone like them (woo self loathing)

I’m s/o


  • His body stiffens immediately from the surprise, after hearing his crush say that they love him to their friend. Klaus would be in this moment of overwhelming shock and this small happiness and relief
  • When his crush continues on about how they believe that there’d be no that Klaus would like someone like them, he nearly walks in on his crush and their friend, wanting to tell them that they’re wrong
  • However, he holds himself back, not wanting to startle his crush. He’ll walk away for now, but he’d honestly feel so happy, knowing that that his crush likes him
  • Sometime later, or maybe the next day, Klaus will buy a bouquet of flowers of them, essentially telling them that he does love them. I can already see the expression of surprise and disbelief on their face lol


  • The moment he hears that his crush loves him, his mind is already overflowing with shock. Honestly, he’d be the same as his crush, feeling like that they’d never like someone like him
  • Steven would be overwhelmed with this happiness and disbelief, brushing back his hair with his hands and having these little quick movements and moving his hands around, as a result from all the emotions he’s feeling
  • When he hears that his crush say that he’d never like someone like him, he’d be surprised, since that was basically what he was thinking about them. In his head, he’s practically saying, “No wait, wait- you’re wrong. I do like you. I really do.” 
  • The next day, or maybe just few hours afterward, he’ll awkwardly but subtly mention that he does love them back aha
  • I’m sure that if his crush were to ask how he could love someone like them, he were to 


  • Leo would be frozen with astonishment after overhearing what his crush said about him. He’d be in disbelief, and thinks to himself, “Am I dreaming???”
  • His emotions would be this mixture of this intense happiness, along with the overwhelming surprise of his crush liking him back
  • All that’s going on in Leo’s head is basically “!!!!!” and “oh my god oh my god what
  • When he hears his crush say that there’s no way that he’d like someone like them, he’s surprised. He never expected his crush to think that way about him never liking them. In a way, he replies in head to them, “But I do like you.”
  • Just a day or few afterwards, he tries to confess to his crush (he’d sort of mention him accidentally overhearing them, which sort of ends in him doing this confession where he tries to explain that he doesn’t mind and he does like them back aha


  • When his crush says that he actually loves him, and especially adding on how much they do love him, Zapp is in this state of being very flustered and euphoric
  • He’d honestly can’t believe that he actually heard his crush say that they love him. Zapp would probably pinch himself, thinking that it’s probably a dream that something as lucky as this happened
  • Honestly Zapp would being doing this little fist pump, along with whisper telling to himself, “Yes!” after knowing that his crush likes him
  • After hearing them say how they believe that he’d never like someone like them, he stiffens with surprise. He’d find it odd that they think that, since he thought they could never like someone like himself
  • Afterwards, he’d just sit down and think about the whole thing, both happy and surprised. The next day or so, he tries to tell his crush that he likes them without revealing that he accidentally overheard their conversation (probably accidentally reveals so and it just drags into this awkward confession lol)


  • If he’s holding anything at the moment when he hears that his crush loves him, he drops it out of shock and then catches it, not wanting to make a sound and bring attention to himself
  • He’d be in disbelief, feeling like he’s in some sort of surreal realm from the amount of surprise he’s experiencing
  • At the same time however, he’d be excited and happy, since now he knows his crush likes him back aha
  • When he hears how they believe that he’d never like someone like him, and how they refuse to tell him b/c if this, he’d be surprised. In his head he replies, “But wait, I do like you.”
  • Sometime later, like the next day or so, he’ll try to confess to him. He’ll awkwardly and sort of hesitantly mention that he accidentally overheard them talk to their friend about him, but then he’ll quickly say how he likes them back and all that aha

I woke up as a salty egg so

I refuse to believe that Ayato doesn’t have a copy of his parents’ ring like c’mon those rings come in pairs

That he’s been planning to give it to Hinami for a while because that’s what the rose garden is for tbh

That he hasn’t found the perfect time to do it, what with Hinami being captured and then the angst with Akira and now the Goat evacuation

Then he finds out that Touka straight up just gave it to Kaneki, no ceremony, no flowery declaration, practically just tosses it to him

And finding the ‘perfect time’ is really just an excuse because he can’t do anything more than a shoulder pat

rip ayato basically

my mom was talking about how she didn’t like a series of unfortunate events that much because it falls into the “adults are stupid” trope which she doesn’t think is realistic and i… really just don’t know how to explain to her that the point isn’t that adults are stupid, it’s that children don’t get listened to. some of the adults in the series are actually very smart, their problem is that even the good and decent adults in the series seem to staunchly refuse to believe the baudelaire children are just as smart as they are, or that they may know what they’re talking about, out of the sheer fact that the baudelaire children are children. it isn’t always a story of “adults are stupid, kids are smart, kids rule, adults suck,” it’s a story of “children are often mistreated or taken advantage of or at the very least condescended to, and don’t get their voices heard because adults don’t trust them enough to validate a child saying they are in an unfair or even abusive situation”


One by one, black New England Patriots players are refusing to visit Donald Trump’s White House

  • It’s tradition for the team who wins the Super Bowl to visit the White House after their victory. 
  • But at least two members of the New England Patriots are turning down the invitation this year because of Trump.
  • “I’m not going to the White House,” the Patriots’ Devin McCourty told Time in a text message Monday. “Basic reason for me is I don’t feel accepted in the White House. With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices I believe certain people might feel accepted there while others won’t.”
  • McCourty joined tight end Martellus Bennett, who confirmed on Sunday that he also would not make the White House trip, after first announcing his decision to skip it the week prior. Read more

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Some reminders about Dr. King before tomorrow:

  • US government agencies were implicated in the wrongful death lawsuit in a civil trial in 1999 that his family fought for years and which was then buried by the justice department.
  • He spoke out against police brutality, capitalism, and war.
  • He believed that white moderates were and are the greatest threat to civil rights, moreso than any hate group.
  • He was arrested over 10 times.
  • He was considered a dangerous radical by the majority of white Americans. 
  • He refused to condemn rioters, because “a riot is the language of the unheard.”
  • Any white person who voted for Trump who tries to use MLK or his words as a rhtetorical tactic to justify their bigotry and complain about people protesting can personally come to my apartment in the next 24 hours for an ass-kicking.

@arealcharmingprincessI refuse to believe Peggy Carter wasn’t appointed a Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by her close friend Queen Elizabeth II because she damn well deserves it for her service to the country, for saving the world more than once, and scaring Hydra for seventy years until she retired.


“Gather round, for Michael has a story to tell you. 

Recently, I once again found myself in an interesting position. An opportunity for me to try something new (career wise) presented itself and I had to ponder whether or not I would do it. I weighed the options, the pros and cons, the best and worst case scenarios. I decided that I would probably not perform well and instead of potentially embarrassing myself in a field that is more or less unknown to me, I passed on the opportunity. You would think that would be the end of it but it wasn’t. For some reason I couldn’t shake this odd feeling. Like I had done something wrong. Now many of you might say “Michael that’s crazy! You don’t care about anything!” Oh how wrong you are. It’s true I’ve become quite comfortable in front of the camera at Roosterteeth but this doesn’t apply to all walks of life. In these past few days, thinking of this offer I declined because I KNEW I would be no good, it reminded me of another time I thought that. In 2014 I had the amazing opportunity to audition for a role in the Funimation dub of Fairy Tail. This was a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to voice act ever since I was a kid. I printed out my lines and practiced for days and days but when the day of the audition finally came, I backed out. I told Lindsay that I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of these professionals who I had never met. She refused to let me. More or less forcing me into the car, she drove me 3 ½ hours to Dallas for the audition I KNEW I would fail. Well as you may know, I did go, I did audition, and I got the part. All because my wife believed in me when I didn’t. Pondering this, and where I’ve gotten so far in life by taking chances on the unknown, I changed my mind about this future opportunity. I won’t refuse to try. I won’t rely on someone else to push me to fulfill my dreams. I won’t stop taking chances. My point is this. Maybe I will fuck it up and make a total fool of myself, but maybe I won’t. Maybe it’ll be one of the greatest experiences of my life that I might never get a second chance at. Who knows? I won’t let the unknown stop me. Neither should you.”

I knew deep down that you never truly cared for me. You would string together beautiful words and tell me everything I wanted to hear but I knew you never meant a word of it. I think the reason I held onto you so tightly for so long was because you were the first boy to make me feel special and I refused to believe that you didn’t mean the beautiful things you said. I held onto the idea that one day you would wake up and realise that you did love me but you never did and it destroyed me.
—  and you don’t do that to the girl you claim to love.

Okay idk about anyone else, right, but from the few scraps we got about Helion in ACOTAR/ACOMAF I was expecting…a wildly different character. Like he was described as ‘Helion Spell-Cleaver’ and was from the Day Court with their thousand libraries and infinite knowledge. 

I was expecting this kindly, dusty ancient fae who takes 16 years to get out a single sentence and chips in occasionally on intense meetings with his Pearls Of Ancient Wisdom that makes everyone assembled hush up and listen to him because we must respect the elders when they’re this old and wise. 

What I got was a flaming bisexual, sexy toga wearing, powerful thigh displaying bastard who seems to have fucked half of Prythian. His dearest ambition in life is a foursome with Mor/Cass/Az, and he’s Lucien’s secret father like ??? I could not have been more wrong if I’d tried. 

There was a request for a solo larger version of this so… here you go.


02 / 11 / 17 • I haven’t posted in while oops but second semester has started and I’m pretty hype about it!! We watched The Help in english class a few days ago and because it’s one of my favourite movies and February is Black History Month, I decided to incorporate a quote from it in this week’s spread. Also, thanks for 7000+ followers!!!!! [click for quality + quote]

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“Not only are there no happy endings…There aren’t even any endings.”

Every time I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, I find more things to adore about this novel. I read it this time while traveling across the United States, and I have to say, something about reading this book in transit just makes sense. It makes even more sense reading it while soaring over America itself, gazing down on fields and hills, a New Jersey import who lives in Chicago, went to LA a week or so ago, and just left Florida. There is something so intensely American about this novel, and it wows me every time. From the smaller mythic chapters telling folk tales and stories of the people who brought their gods to America, to the gods themselves and their characters, this novel always gets me. This was my third time reading this novel, and I’m going to dig deep to highlight new things that I had forgotten, so solid warning: Spoilers ahead.

I will never get over the way that Neil Gaiman melds together the idea of the gods and the land, and gives them both their own power and will. Something that wows me that I often forget about the standalone is now astoundingly diverse it is without being appropriative, and how Gaiman incorporates so many cultures, a diverse range of characters, as well as a huge amount of humor without it becoming problematic. I think this novel could be a guidebook for authors who want to know how to write diverse stories and mythos respectfully. I forgot about so many fantastic characters that Gaiman pours himself into, from Samantha Black Crow to side characters that brim with energy and character themselves, like Whiskey Jack’s son or Bilquis. I also never noticed before the two mentions of Mr. Nancy’s son that point to Anansi Boys. Not to mention the wealth of research and knowledge that goes into the bottomless well of background characters and visions leading up to the battle. 

One thing I gained a new appreciation for in this novel was the character of Shadow. He is big, and not dumb, and I remembered all that, but what I forgot is how nice he is. Shadow’s such a cinnamon roll of a character, and I forget that. He stands up for a waitress and believes in the good of people. At the Lakeside library book sale, he tries to find the book that’s least likely to be purchased, so that he can help the library out by buying it. He performs coin tricks for children. He is obligated to hold Odin’s vigil, but he never questions whether he should also hold Mad Sweeney’s. As Laura speaks with the cutting, too-open words of the already-dead, Shadow still refuses to tell her about her appearance or to not hold her hand, because he doesn’t want to hurt her still. When Shadow picks up bodies with the coroners, he carries them always in his arms. 

The scene between Shadow and Odin before his death is one of my absolute favorites (other favorite scenes include Samantha Black Crow’s protest kiss, the scene in which Shadow thinks snow into being, and Shadow’s long death scene). Odin recites to Shadow what he knows—the charms, in a long list. And it ends with that long scene where Shadow wonders what would have happened if he touched Odin’s hand, and wishes he had. And Odin’s twisting grift of the fiddle is so complicated and well done that even on the third re-read, I find myself forgetting about it until the moment Odin dies, and doubting myself on it until the moment Shadow says it out loud.

@neil-gaiman’s American Gods just gets better every time I read it, and I am cautiously thrilled and excited for the show coming out later this spring. 

“It doesn’t matter that you didn’t believe in us. We believed in you.”

Date a boy who absolutely refuses to let you win the “I love you most” argument because he genuinely believes there is no possible way you could love him as much as he loves you, even when you do

Dean as Cas’s Lily

Let’s recap the Isham and Lily story.

Lily summons him, not knowing what sort of power or presence she accidentally brought on to the earth. She clearly revered and adored him and he, in turn, gave her all the angels super secret secrets because he fell in love with her. She say him as nothing more than an Angel, a holy being she worshiped. She had no other interest in him, and slowly started getting uncomfortable with his demands. Luckily, she knew enough now to summon a guardian angel (and I believe that was all Akobel was, but consider the times- a man and woman could not live together without the pretense of marriage)   

I don’t know how Akobel managed to hide her, but he did. Isham, enraged, sought them till he found them, killed Akobel out of nothing more than jealous rage. According to Isham, he’s blameless. He believes that he’s ‘given’ Lily the information she sought, and he loves her, so she now ‘owes’ him her body and heart. Very rapist-like, ugh. And because she refuses, because she still resists, he kills May.

And all the barbs Isham throws at Dean and Sam- that all humans lie, they’re filthy, they’re harmful to angels.. very similar to what some men say about women being sluts or cockteases, just because they won’t put out.

Back to present day.     

Think about it. Isham openly saying he envied Castiel- for surviving hell, for being God’s chosen. Cas survived hell for Dean. Cas was the one who saved the Righteous Man, and clearly that was a tremendous honor. Cas, who was once below Isham, yet seemed to have been the only one to rise in the ranks… While Isham and company stayed where they were.

So there’s some amount of professional jealousy involved.. and a lot of the personal.

Cas rescued Dean from hell, they fought together for years. All of the angels know this. Now when Isham first sees Dean, the human has just barged into the diner FIVE minutes after Cas because he was worried. And he proceeds to just sit there and sass Isham right back. He doesn’t care that Isham is far more powerful than him. He just sits there, nestling close to Cas, arms out and on the table. And in front of Isham, they present a united front.

Even later, when Cas is about recount the story, Isham stops him and proceeds to insult Dean and Sam. Cas refuses to listen, he treats Dean and Sam like equals and friends. And they reciprocate by trying to talk to Lily, putting themselves in harm’s way for Cas. 

When asked to chose between Dean, a mud monkey, and his brother, Cas chooses Dean without hesitation. This is the final straw for Isham who proceeds to say this interesting bit-

I couldn’t have the human I loved and desired, so you can’t have the one you love and desire either!

Only Dean’s prepared to blow him away. So Isham tries to use Dean’s love for Cas, knowing deep inside that it’ll work. And it does. 

Dean won’t roll the dice. He’s willing to die for Cas. 

Cas has this human’s love without even trying.

Cas didn’t have to tell Dean all of heaven’s secrets or threaten or bully Dean into loving him. Dean just loves him.

Can you imagine how galling that must be to Isham?

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In one world,
You love me,
I love you,
And we both feel a little more whole
When the other is around.

In another world,
We are married,
You are chasing the kids around the house,
I’m watching,
And I’m falling a little more in love with you,
I will always fall a little more in love with you.

In this world,
We are young,
But our love is so pure,
So wholesome,
You love me,
And I love you,
And nothing else matters anymore.

In every world,
In every universe,
It is us.
I refuse to believe that there is
Another time,
Another place,
Where you and I aren’t together,
Because, I believe the universe fights
For two souls to be together.
And, even if it stops fighting,
I never will.

—  I hope I live countless life times just so I can find you, and love you in every single one.

alright! *cracks knuckles* let’s talk about klance! i know all these points have been made in other posts but i’m just irritated and want to make my own post lmfao. i don’t understand people who say keith and lance don’t have any chemistry/potential/”romantic” moments…like…are you watching the same show that i’m watching? you don’t have to like the ship, dude, but there is no denying there’s something going on.

lance, your bi is showing.

do i even need to talk about the, “we are a good team” scene? this was ridiculously gay. holy fuck. tender hand holding. EVEN THE WAY KEITH SAYS LANCE’S NAME IS TENDER. they just sit there holding hands the whole time. they could have let go, either one of them could have let go, dude. keith wasn’t helping lance up. he kneeled down next to him and just…fucking held his hand? those soft smiles? lance doing the “fond eyebrow raise”? gay. and i know the purple lighting is from the galra crystal, but like…wow this whole set up was romantic as hell. seriously, sit back and imagine if one of them were a girl. boom, romantic. everyone would see it. so why is it so hard for some of y’all to see it here? not to mention the fact that we never actually saw the supposed “cradling” (i refuse to believe “I cradled you in my arms!” refers to this hand holding. there has to be more. a full on cradle). that was probably so fucking gay. AND THE EPISODE RIGHT AFTER, WHEN LANCE IS IN THE HEALING POD, KEITH BEING AN IMPATIENT LITTLE FUCK, FULL ON POUTING, TAPPING THE POD BECAUSE ALLURA WON’T LET LANCE OUT OF IT YET. EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID “JUST A FEW MORE TICKS.”

like, this boy can’t even fucking wait a few ticks because he just wants to see lance. there is no way to deny that he wants to see lance, talk to him, probably about their bonding moment. i bet he thinks everything is going to be different between him and lance now. 

he’s also the last one to walk away from the pod. *eye emoji* why did they choose to show that? what was the Point? then, when lance comes out of the healing pod, keith gets this precious little smile on his face. he’s happy to see him. looking forward to talking about feelings and shit, most likely.

but! lance instantly flirts with allura and keith just says, “Classic.” he then proceeds to look salty as fuck with his signature broody arm crossing included. this poor boy. you’re killing him lance, you really are.

not to mention the many other times he has appeared jealous when lance is flirting. (”Jealousy, thy name is Keith.”) i’m not posting screencaps of all those moments because i’m so lazy and like i said, all these points have been made in other posts and i got other shit i’m focusing on. 

here it is, the iconic, “We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!” scene. listen. i honestly can’t even think of a reason why keith would bring this up, unless he has a big fat crush on lance. it just did not fit into the conversation at all. let me type it out for y’all even though you probably don’t need me to. we’ve analyzed this to hell and back already but…

Lance: “Wow. Thanks, everybody. Sounds like the mice did more than you, though.”
Keith: “I punched Sendak!”
Lance: “Yeah, apparently after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off.”
Keith, looking completely fucking devastated: “We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!” (his voice CRACKS)

honestly, he looks like he just witnessed his world fall apart around him. #mood

i don’t know about you, but this would not be my reaction unless, like i said, i had a big fat crush on the other person. he looks so betrayed, oh my god. and lance…wow. lance says, “Nooope. Don’t remember, didn’t happen.” now, is it just me or is this totally lance being a little shit about the fact that keith didn’t remember him in the first episode when they’re saving shiro? i bet it is.

alright, now this here, this is my favorite. this screenshot is titled “GAY this is so fucking GAY” in my files because um? their faces? those are very fond and tender expressions. this whole scene was so gay i stg. keith was flirting up a storm with this boy and it was amazing. let’s not forget that the planet lance was on with nyma highkey had the bi flag colors and there was two rainbows in this episode. symbolism, guys. these things mean a lot and are very important in animation. (there’s a lot more symbolism that many people have pointed out, including what i said above but my ass don’t have the time to put them all here)

the flirtation is strong in this one. here’s some more moments (i probably didn’t put them all idk i can’t remember) where keith is either a) flirty or b) looking at lance with that oh so soft expression. he doesn’t really look at any of the other characters like this (definitely not at allura lmfao), at least not that i’ve noticed. correct me if i’m wrong. 

wow keith you’re soooo cool…

a very underappreciated Soft Look.

this whole scene kills me every time, i love everything about it.


this still haunts me. it haunts all of us. why!!! did!!! he!!! say!!! it!!! like!!! that!!! you can hear the winky face in his voice. the way he says this is equivalent to 100 winky faces. if you don’t think this is blatant flirting, you’re a lost cause.

of course you were. of course. you want his attention. it’s okay, we know, lance.

LOOK AT THAT SMIRK KEITH IS SPORTING!!! anyways, that is the face of someone flirting. i make the same damn face keith makes when i flirt. if one of them were a girl, IT WOULDN’T EVEN BE A QUESTION. IT WOULD BE OBVIOUS FLIRTING AND PEOPLE WOULD SHIP THE HELL OUT OF IT. but no, they’re two boys. dudes bein’ dudes. just guys bein’ bros. wow, what a great bromance.

now, just for shits and giggles, let us compare how keith looks when he’s literally cradling allura in his arms vs. when he’s holding hands with lance.

he deadass looks like this -_- with allura. there’s actually a fucking…slight frown on his face now that i really look at it, oh my god. even when allura removes herself and blushes, he still looks like that. now, wouldn’t you think that, hm…if they wanted it to be known that keith wants to smooch allura, they’d at least put a slight blush on his face to match allura’s or maybe have him appear to be a little flustered? 

he’s gay. i can’t imagine him not being gay. (imo, him being galra is a big metaphor for him being gay. coming to terms with who he is and “coming out” to the other paladins. everything hunk says to him in “The Belly of the Weblum” are common things straight people say to gay people. a lot of people in the fandom seem to agree with this, but maybe we’re all just reaching idk) i just feel like…someone who likes girls would have a different reaction than keith’s when faced with a beautiful girl like princess allura in their arms. yeah, i know, this has already been said. but!!! it’s!!! true!!! all of their “romantic” scenes together were awkward, forced and came right out of nowhere and keith just…had no reaction. compare that to all the faces he’s made at lance. yeah. the difference is ridiculously obvious.

there’s honestly so much more i want to add to this, stuff from the comics and more subtle things (including a screencap of lance’s face in “Escape from Beta Traz” when he’s talking about keith and how he does cool shit. boy had the most fond expression known to man. u know the one), but everything has already been said by someone else. i’ll end it by saying this, again, because i’m really fucking salty: if one of these boys were a girl, there would be ZERO question about the purpose of these interactions. it would all be seen as flirting and romantic. it’s such a common trope. red and blue. fire and ice. they balance each other out. peace the heck out.