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Will Republicans Break With Trump Over Russia?
So says Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, who predicts his GOP colleagues will come around to his way of thinking. By SUSAN B. GLASSER

President Donald Trump is “dangerously naive.”

He has a “pathological unwillingness to criticize anything the Kremlin does.” He is discrediting U.S. intelligence agencies and “telling the world they can’t be believed.”

As for Trump’s refusal to disavow Russian President Vladimir Putin and the murders and poisonings of Putin critics in recent years because, as Trump put it, America has “killers” too? “I don’t think we’ve ever had a more harmful statement come out of the Oval Office than that one,” says Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, in an extensive interview for our new podcast, The Global Politico.

Schiff, a Harvard-trained lawyer who made his career by prosecuting an FBI agent caught in a sex-for-secrets trap by the Soviet Union, has been one of the leading Democrats calling for a more serious investigation of Trump’s mysterious ties to Russia. Last week, when national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign after misleading the vice president about his December phone call with the Russian ambassador, Schiff quickly demanded an expansion of the House intel panel’s probe of the 2016 election hacking to include the Flynn matter, an expansion Chairman Devin Nunes reluctantly agreed to late last week.

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my mom was talking about how she didn’t like a series of unfortunate events that much because it falls into the “adults are stupid” trope which she doesn’t think is realistic and i… really just don’t know how to explain to her that the point isn’t that adults are stupid, it’s that children don’t get listened to. some of the adults in the series are actually very smart, their problem is that even the good and decent adults in the series seem to staunchly refuse to believe the baudelaire children are just as smart as they are, or that they may know what they’re talking about, out of the sheer fact that the baudelaire children are children. it isn’t always a story of “adults are stupid, kids are smart, kids rule, adults suck,” it’s a story of “children are often mistreated or taken advantage of or at the very least condescended to, and don’t get their voices heard because adults don’t trust them enough to validate a child saying they are in an unfair or even abusive situation”


One by one, black New England Patriots players are refusing to visit Donald Trump’s White House

  • It’s tradition for the team who wins the Super Bowl to visit the White House after their victory. 
  • But at least two members of the New England Patriots are turning down the invitation this year because of Trump.
  • “I’m not going to the White House,” the Patriots’ Devin McCourty told Time in a text message Monday. “Basic reason for me is I don’t feel accepted in the White House. With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices I believe certain people might feel accepted there while others won’t.”
  • McCourty joined tight end Martellus Bennett, who confirmed on Sunday that he also would not make the White House trip, after first announcing his decision to skip it the week prior. Read more

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There was a request for a solo larger version of this so… here you go.

The Trump thing is scary because I truly believe that ex-staffer of his who said: “Well, Trump just got into this as a fun publicity stunt.  He never expected to get anywhere. Then his ego refused to let him drop out even when it was obvious he probably had to.”

That’s what is unsettling: I don’t think even Trump has a frigging clue what he will do now. 

“I broke up with my girlfriend this morning. We’d been together for three years. But I’m Catholic, and she doesn’t know if she believes in God or not. I wanted to propose to her one day. I think she’d be a great mom and a great wife. But I feel like this might be something we can’t overcome. I want to get married in a Catholic church. I want to raise my children to be Catholic. It’s important to me and it’s something that we’d have to deal with eventually. So I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep putting it off. But it really hurts to lose her. Both of us were bawling our eyes out. She was such a big part of my life. Every time something good happens, she is the first person I want to tell. And I do respect that she refuses to believe in something just because I do. But I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping God will give me an answer.”


02 / 11 / 17 • I haven’t posted in while oops but second semester has started and I’m pretty hype about it!! We watched The Help in english class a few days ago and because it’s one of my favourite movies and February is Black History Month, I decided to incorporate a quote from it in this week’s spread. Also, thanks for 7000+ followers!!!!! [click for quality + quote]

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Huevember Day 13: I actually finished this off last night but then I had to do an entire comic to explain it because I NEEDED TO. Mob is bad with text messages for sure.

Okay, but look, until canon tells me otherwise I refuse to believe Teruki is as okay as he pretends to be, especially with the whole living alone thing. He’s 14 omg

i feel so upset thinking about the locker room talk when isak said he didn’t want to be around mentally ill people anymore and after that even tried so hard to stay away from isak and went straight back to sonja. there were theories about even having a mental illness since then but now that it’s confirmed i can’t begin to think about how hard it was for even to stay away from someone he loves because of his illness. but eventually he still couldn’t stop his feelings and went to be with isak and he couldn’t help but fall for isak completely. so i refuse to believe that even’s feelings were not real. like he said to isak in the kitchen, sonja doesn’t feel what he feels and ‘only you can feel what you feel’.

In one world,
You love me,
I love you,
And we both feel a little more whole
When the other is around.

In another world,
We are married,
You are chasing the kids around the house,
I’m watching,
And I’m falling a little more in love with you,
I will always fall a little more in love with you.

In this world,
We are young,
But our love is so pure,
So wholesome,
You love me,
And I love you,
And nothing else matters anymore.

In every world,
In every universe,
It is us.
I refuse to believe that there is
Another time,
Another place,
Where you and I aren’t together,
Because, I believe the universe fights
For two souls to be together.
And, even if it stops fighting,
I never will.

—  I hope I live countless life times just so I can find you, and love you in every single one.

Because I’ve been having feels lately here are some bedtime Dramione headcanons

• They both have absolutely ridiculous cases of bed head. Draco claims things could get lost in Hermione’s hair while Hermione says his hair looks like he got electrocuted.

• Draco snores but refuses to believe it because he is a Malfoy and snoring is for uncouth commoners.

• They like to read before going to bed but sometimes get distracted with other… activities.

• They love cuddling.

• Hermione is generally a morning person. Draco wasn’t a morning person until they had kids but he still needs his cup of coffee to properly function.

• Hermione sometimes sleep talks gibberish although a few times she has somehow held full coversations with a very amused Draco.

• Hermione will read the kids bedtime stories from story books while Draco will usually make up stories on the spot.

• Lots of cuddles.

• Hermione hates wearing socks to bed, which is awful for Draco because her feet get really cold and she ends up pressing them against him to warm them up.

• They have a hard time sleeping when there’s a thunderstorm so they’ll huddle under their blankets with chocolate and their favorite books.

• They both have nightmares from the War and if one wakes up and can’t fall back asleep the other will stay up as well.

• Cuddles galore.

• Hermione introduced Draco to the art of pillow fighting and he absolutely loves it.

• Hermione also introduced him to alarms clocks but that he is much less appreciative of.

• The first time Hermione wore one of Draco’s shirts for bed his jaw dropped and he was speechless for a good minute.

• Even more cuddles.

• Hermione can survive with two pillows but Draco needs at least seven. When she asked how he possibly survived at Hogwarts he admitted that the packages he’d receive the first week or so of school would have at least one shrunken pillow.

• Draco taunts Crookshanks for not being allowed to sleep on the bed whereas he, being a man, gets to have Hermione to himself all night long. Hermione ends up having to threaten him with The Couch because honestly the rivalry between her cat and her husband will be the death of her.

• Hermione can be a blanket hog, especially in the winter. Draco usually ends up tugging her on top of him so he can stay warm.

• So. Many. Cuddles.

This is how Leila Khalid views/viewed “western leftism” and it’s so, so incredibly accurate. I made it a bit easier to read:

“The training schedule was exacting, but occasionally left us time for a little fun. We were “entertaining” a group of foreign students and trying to lead a Bedouin kind of life in order to politicize our Bedouin population. The students had been attending an international solidarity meeting in Amman held under the auspices of the General union of Palestinian Students. Most were graduates of the 1968 university upheavals in the West. We found it very amusing that they honestly believed they were making a “revolution” if they undressed in public, seized a university building, or shouted an obscenity at bureaucrats. I was initially opposed and refused to talk to them, even though some believed in violent revolution, because I didn’t want to be another experimental “guinea-pig” to Westerners.

I finally relented and I am glad I did. I hadn’t met Western “revolutionaries” before. It turned out they represented an unfamiliar cultural rather than a political phenomenon. Some seemed to have read the history political literature of the left, but most regarded the Marxist-Leninist leaders disdainfully, with the exception of the “Young Marx”, who held some sort of fascination for revolution. Some Americans were quite serious and believed in the historic mission of the working class and were making plants to integrate themselves with the masses. 

What astonished us most about this group was that they were opposed to nationalism, a doctrine we hold dearly as a colonized and dissipated people. Some believed in violence for “the hell of it” and in students as revolutionary agents of history. But the majority were inclined towards guerrilla theatre as a means of “making revolution”. They performed a little for us.

As they were departing I was rather struck by a French anarchist student who proclaimed “Let chaos reign” and by a German who echoed the same sentiment. I exclaimed that the Palestinian people were an example of a society in chaos without authority and leadership, which as a result, was left at the mercy of the Zionist oppressor. I asked them what could they prescribe for us in order to overcome our kind of “alienation” -beards, long hair, and toy guns? They merely paused, they smiled, they reflected, they inhaled and passed their joints on in universal wonder.”

‭‭I Samuel‬ ‭16:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”
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okay fuck off disney channel

Someone once asked me, “do you believe in miracles?”

I vaguely remember rolling my eyes and giving a speech on how miracles, destiny and fate were all unrealistic concepts of life, I said something about how I refused to believe that anyone other than me was in charge of what happened to me or my future. You see, I pride myself on being rational, very rational.. So I never believed in miracles or anything like that simply because there has been no evidence that anything like that existed. But then one day I met someone who was so wonderful, so blissfully unaware his amazement, and I know this isn’t exactly rational but I swear to god you could almost see the light from his soul coming straight out of his body, he was something that no words in the English dictionary could ever be enough to describe. And then I thought to myself, the universe is 13.8 billion years old, in total - the estimation for how many humans have walked this earth over the past 200,000 years is around 100 billion. Today’s total of how many humans are on earth is around 7 billion. I’m not sure what the hell you’d call it, fate or a miracle, or perhaps just the chance of luck, but I am so god damn lucky to exist at the same time as him.

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write