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The “theme” of this week’s spread was super girly and pink because 1) any excuse to use pink is one that I’ll gladly take any time 2) our USA Women’s Gymnastics team absolutely KILLED IT at the olympics and it gets me SO PUMPED 3) boys are stressing me out atm and I needed some empowerment 4) I just really love and appreciate girls. Girls who are there for you. Big girls, small girls, athletic girls, artistic girls. Girls who are into girls. Girls who are into studying. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Prove them wrong. Do it like a girl; you’re badass. ✨

Are people really slating Mashima because Erza was the one to break up Natsu and Gray’s fight? My god, people. You’re laughable. This is why I dislike this fandom most of the time, y'all need to get a grip. Does everything have to be about damned ships? Haven’t you had enough ship moments atm? It’s good that he didn’t let Juvia or Lucy interfere, it was less predictable plus Erza has always been the one to break up their fighting. Y'all always complaining when it comes to your ships, enjoy the damned manga for what it is.

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(rebel) it's really effecting his job and others too,so Markiplier made a video addressing the situation,going on a insperational rant about respect (you should really watch the video,it changed my view on life in general and I cried lol) and Jacksepticeye made a video talking about his thoughts on the situation,to which some of his fans didn't agree with so now he's loosing a lot of subscribers and people are turning against him and he's very sad because-

The media is so…. corrupted? Is that the right word? I can’t think of another one atm, I’m tired lol. But Jesus, the media needs to calm down with everything. First off, it was a joke. Secondly, if it was offensive, people do indeed make mistakes. Everyone person here is human, and humans are imperfect and flawed. Every. Single. One.

I just need someone to tell all of my campaign secrets to because in my other campaign and in my cr chat are 2 people from my campaign and I have nowhere to talk about it

seventeen in retail

works really hard at their job so they can get promoted to become a manager: hoshi, dino

goes around the store pretending they’re there to help when in reality they’re avoiding the customers: wonwoo, vernon

actually goes up to people to ask them if they need help: s.coups, dk, seungkwan

manages to flirt their way to get people to buy their shit: jun, mingyu

at the register everyone lines up to because they’re so pretty: jeonghan, joshua

is folding clothes but never folds them right: the8

the one refolding all the clothes: woozi