because i really liked the hat okay

Wait a moment. Groot doesn’t like hats, right? But what does a tiny tree-child consider a hat?

I mean, he thought Yondu’s badge was supposed to be a hat, or that Rocket needed a toe or a desk instead of a fin. Groot doesn’t really seem to have a concept for things and their correct names, most likely because he’s still a little child in this form.

So it would be very likely that when Kraglin got the fin implanted, Groot just noted “It’s on his head” and thought it’s a hat.

And Groot doesn’t really like hats. But Kraglin and Peter seem to like the new “hat”.

Cue in here Kraglin, still a bit insecure about his new look (and damn, that’s one hell of a weird feeling, having a steel attachment on your head, not to mention the headache), gets confronted by a very serious Groot, who tugs at him to get his attention. Once the former Ravager looks down, Groot declares, “I am Groot!”

“Um,” Kraglin flails, still not knowing how that is supposed to be a language the little tree is using there, never mind how to understand it. “Rocket?”

“What?” Rocket looks up from his newest invention, frowning when Groot whips around to him, repeating his words. “Oh. He says he noticed your new hat.”

“My new…what?”

“I am Groot.”

“…I think he means the fin.”

“Oh,” Kraglin ponders that for a moment, before, “But that’s not a hat, Groot.”

“I am Groot”

“He doesn’t get it,” Rocket explains, huffing, “Because it’s on your head and only hats go onto your head.”

“’kay, I guess ye could see it as a hat, but why’s that important?”

“I am Groot.”

He wants you to know that he doesn’t like hats.”

“I am Groot.”

“Because they make heads look weird – I already told you, that’s bullshit, Groot.”

“I am Groot!”

“It is!”

Kraglin rolls his eyes, sighing. “Guys, seriously – not important.”

Groot seems to think so, too, because he tugs at whatever bit of Kraglin’s jacket that he can reach again. “I am Groot.”  

Rocket falls eerily silent, not further translating, and the stony look on his face makes Kraglin worry. “What? What ‘e say?”

“He said he will overlook the hat and the weird headform, though, because you’re happy about it.” Rocket seems hesitant to translate the rest, but both Groot and Kraglin stare at him expectantly, and he grumbles. “And he wants all of his family to be happy.”


Now it’s Kraglin who falls silent, speechless by the declaration. Not sure if he should acknowledge the lump in his throat and the burning in his eyes.

But Groot looks up at him with big eyes, waiting for something, and Kraglin manages a weak smile, carefully patting the woody head with one fingertip. “Uh, thanks, lil’ twig.”

“I am Groot!” Groot happily hugs Kraglin as well as he can, standing on his knees, before he hops down and scampers off again, declaring very loudly, “I am Groot!”

Rocket’s chortle seems very close to a rasp, more so than a real laugh, but his teeth glint in a smirk. “He just hopes that no one else will get a hat now.”

Kraglin huffs a laugh and shakes his head at that, secretly rubbing his eyes. “Don’t think so.”

Qualified - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can you do an imagine where Jeff graduates from high school and another one about his graduation party afterwards?”      

A/N: I wasn’t sure if you wanted reader involvement or not so i just kinda went for it? Also as I’ve mentioned on previous writings I am English and we don’t do High School Graduation over here so apologies if it’s incorrect.

The day you’d been waiting for for four years had finally arrived. Graduation. You were over the moon to finally be leaving school and never having to see half these people again. For the first time, you could properly stretch your wings and do anything you wanted. Standing in line waiting for your name to be called was nerve-wracking.

“Jeffrey Atkins.” Called Principal Bolan. The boy you’d been crushing on for almost the entire time you’d been at Liberty High. The boy who barely knew you. One of the only people from high school you’d miss. Sure, it would be sad, but maybe it would also help you eventually get over him. He smiled that stunning smile and took his diploma. Damn. You thought as he looked around the room he caught your eye, but you were probably just hopeful. You’d have to savour that smile in your brain.

The names were called and called until;

“Y/N L/N.” You walked up to the stage and shook Principal Bolan’s hand. You saw your parents waving enthusiastically and smiled. They were as happy as you about graduation, seeing you grow and develop as a person made them feel amazing.


After the ceremony, you went to find your parents.

“Well done sweetie! We’re so proud of you.” They ran up to hug you and hand you a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Thank you guys, these are beautiful.” You inhaled the scent.

“It’s all over now, kid.” Your Dad shook your shoulder.

“I know, it’s weird.” You drifted off into your thoughts about the past four years, and what was to come. A tap on your shoulder interrupted your daydreaming.

“Y/N? Hey there.” Jeffrey Atkins. Even better close up.

“Oh, Jeff! Hi.” You tried to play it cool.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. L/N. I’m Jeff.” He shook your parents hands.

“Hi Jeff. Look, Y/N, I just remembered that we need to put some more money on the parking ticket, we’ll be back in about 10 minutes, you okay?” Your Mum was such a bad liar.

“Okay,” you laughed “I’ll see you in a bit.”

“So, anyway, I’m kinda having a last minute Graduation party… you in?” Jeff fiddled with the tassel on his hat.

“Woah, you’re inviting the whole year?” You couldn’t think why else you’d be invited.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He chuckled, soaking up your face.

“Okay, sure. Is there a dress code?”

“Just look as cute as you always do.” He smirked. You blushed. “Text me and I’ll give you the details.” He handed you a piece of paper with a number on it.

You just got Jeff Atkins’ number. Jeff Atkins just called you cute.

“Cool, thanks, I will.” again, you tried to play it cool, but you ended up grinning just a bit too hard. With a wave, Jeff left.


Obviously, you’d been to parties before, but you’d never been to a Jeff Atkins party. Honestly, you were incredibly nervous. As heart-fluttering as Jeff’s comment about the dress code had been, it hadn’t made your decision any clearer. So, you picked out something Hannah had complimented you on at school the other day, and went on your merry way.

It was exactly how you’d expected it. Kids-turned-adults holding their drink of choice, dancing, laughing, and generally being drunk. You’d managed to navigate yourself outside to the garden, where there was a large banner hanging reading; “HAPPY GRADUATION LIBERTY HIGH 20–”.

There were some beers and ciders over by a table where some people were playing beer pong, so you went and got yourself a drink.

“Y/N! Hey! You came!” There he was again. That boy who set your heart in motion.

“You sound surprised.” You sipped at your drink to hide your nerves.

“Well, I am, I mean, I just wasn’t really expecting you to come…” He scratched at the back of his neck, you could sense his discomfort.

“You didn’t want me to come.” You realised.

“No! No, that’s not it.” He shook his head violently.

“It’s fine, I’ve had a few pity invites in my time, I can leave.” You focused your eyes on the floor.

“Jesus, Y/N no, please don’t.” He reached out to grab your arm. “L-look, come play beer pong with me?” His hand squeezed your forearm slightly. “Please.”

“Jeff, feeling sorry for me is worse.”

He chuckled. “Where that idea came from I’ve no idea, and I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N, but pity is not one.”

“Fine.” You sighed, even if he was lying, it’s not like you’d see him again.

The beer pong table was mostly filled with guys, but Jeff stuck by you.

“Alright, team switch up!” Stated Montgomery. “Atkins, over here.”

“Looks like you’re gonna have to try and beat me this time.” He smirked, before switching sides.

A few rounds passed, and then it was your turn. Versus Jeff.

“Give me your best shot L/N.”

You bounced the ping pong ball off the table, landing it in one of the cups. Your team cheered and you beamed as you watched Jeff down the contents of the cup.

“Nice play. Can you handle this though?” He teased, holding up the ping pong ball. You were beginning to feel a buzz from the alcohol.

“Try me, Atkins.” You snickered as he threw the ball, and missed. “Impressive.” You mocked.

“Fine. I give up!” He threw his arms up in faux frustration and left the table. Except, upon passing you, he grabbed your arm and pulled you with him.

“Where are we going?” You laughed nervously.

“It’s a secret. Don’t worry, I won’t take you to a hidden location and murder you.” He flashed you his winning smile, which you couldn’t help but feel eased by.

“This is…your room?” You purveyed your surroundings upon reaching the place, which was in the separate summer house type building at the end of the garden. Pictures of Jeff and his friends or family were pinned to a cork board, and there was various baseball paraphernalia. You sat on his bed, hand hovering over his duvet.

“Ding ding.” You could feel the nervous energy spurting off of him.

“So… why am I here?” You pulled at the bed slightly.

“Well, no one’s really allowed in here, so you’re special.” He shrugged, looking at his feet.

“But why?”

“Okay, so, because it’s graduation I thought - fuck it.”

Your eyes told him to continue.

“S-so, because I’ll likely never see you again, I have nothing to worry about when I admit that I’ve liked you for the past four years.” He stammered, playing with the hem of his shirt in much the same fashion as he had with his hat tassel earlier in the day.

“You’re…playing a prank on me right?”

He sat down beside you.

“Do these eyes look serious to you?” His stunning green eyes bore into you.

“I’m not sure?” You stuttered, nervous and excited.

His words from earlier rung in your head; ‘I have a lot of emotions surrounding Y/N L/N.’ What did he mean? Was this it?

He leaned in ever so slowly, giving you the opportunity to move away if you wanted, but you didn’t. When his lips hit yours it was a long dormant volcano which erupted and set your whole body on fire.

“Am I being serious now?” He whispered into your lips after breaking away.

“Try again, I need to double check.”

After another few minutes of making out with the boy you’d wished for for so long, which felt like a dream, you stopped again for breath.

“Qualified to make judgement now?”

“Qualified in school and in Jeff Atkins’ lips. Check.” You bit your lip.

“Clay told me that word would come in useful.” He flipped a strand of your hair through his fingers.

“But fuck Jeff, really? I think that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had and you waited four years until we’d never see each other again to give it to me?” You hit him.

“Ow! Don’t put this on me, you could’ve made a move.” He hit you back.

“You pushed Clay to Hannah for so long, and you couldn’t even push yourself. Disgraceful.”


“You’re going to have to make up for lost time, Jeffrey.” You leaned in, and met the lips that made the smile you loved so much, once more.

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"I really need you." With Alya and Nino please~! I love you're writing so much it's amazing!!

“I really need you,” Alya whined over the phone. “Marinette refuses to come over because she apparently can’t afford to get sick.”

“And it’s okay for me to get sick?” Nino asked, cradling his cell phone between his ear and shoulder as he started stuffing things into his backpack.

“I’m lonely and sick and I neeeeeed you.”

Nino sighed. “I’m on my way.”

Alya snuggled in closer and Nino wrapped his arm around her. “You’re my favoritest of favorites,” she cooed, tapping his nose.

“That cold medicine finally setting in, huh?”

“I really like you, Nino Lahiffe. Like, I like like you.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “That’s a lot of likes.”

Alya plucked his red hat from his head and pulled it down on her own head. “I’ve decided your my boyfriend now.”

Nino blushed. “Yeah?”

“You should kiss me.”

“You’ll get me sick,” Nino said as he leaned forward. Alya grinned against his lips and then kissed him…and then she sneezed in his face.

“Hey, Marinette, do you know where Nino is today?” Adrien asked.

“Apparently Alya got him sick,” Marinette blushed, “by, um, kissing him…a lot.”

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

Thank you for your kind words, anon! Hope you enjoyed this prompt. Thanks for the request. :)

If you want me to do an ML drabble, just send me a prompt from this list with a pairing and I will get to it when I can. I don’t mind doing the same prompt for different pairings, but I won’t repeat same prompt/pairings. 

Bts Reaction to Their S/o Being Their Clothes Coordinator!

Seokjin would be thrilled to have you choosing his clothes since he would be able to make requests to you knowing that he can trust you not to get angry if he wants to change something that you like. He would also like being able to see you at work before and in between sets in concerts and photoshoots.

“Hey y/n, can I swap hats with Taehyung? The fans want to see his forehead with a beret and everyone knows I would rock a bandana and look flawless.”

Yoongi wouldn’t let you know but he would be grateful to have you backstage in performances because he doesn’t have to worry about leaving you alone at home. He would like that he wouldn’t even have to say if he didn’t like a part of an outfit, you would be able to tell without him having to voice it, he would feel really safe in your hands.

“I’m going to change your t-shirt okay Yoongi, its just not giving the vibe of the video… plus you don’t like it anyway do you?”

Hoseok would love that you are at work wth him everyday, he would show off to you as much as possible and probably get in trouble with you and his manager for being too distracted. He would dance around and try to pull you into any activity the boys were doing, much to your protests. He would surprisingly be a little shy when you first had to measure and choose outfits for him!

“Awh Hobi, are you blushing?! You’re adorable!”

Namjoon would be happy to know what was happening in your work and to be able to look after you if you weren’t being treated right by anyone, you were a brilliant worker and it was your passion so he would never let anyone step on that. He would also really enjoy the part where you measured him ;)

“Y/n, if anyone treats you unfairly because you’re dating me or just for any reason come tell me okay, I’ll sort it out for you.”

Jimin would be shy to have you around him at work because of the other boys teasing him, he would blush a bright red and be speechless but after he overcame his worry, he would show off that you were his s/o instead. He would give you sweet pecks on the cheek after you give him his clothes as a thank you and show off so much that the boys would quit teasing him just to stop the pda.

“Thanks Jagi” *kisses your cheek* “Watch me only! If i know you are, I’ll dance even better!”

Taehyung would show you off to everyone, the boys, the managers the makeup team and even to the other clothes coordinators, saying how amazing his outfit is and it must take a lot of skill to design it, then tell them it was his talented significant other. He would always show pda without thinking about how others would react; he would be holding your hand as you talked to him about the clothes he was going to be given and would hug you close at random times, not realising that he was making other people feel awkward at all. No one would tell him though because they love to see him happy as long as he was still working ad you were too, they had to hold their tongues.

“This shirt is really nice right and these shoes match it so well. It matches the concept perfectly, don’t you think? Well my Jagi is talented so I’m not that surprised that the outfit is perfect…”

Jungkook would be a shy little bunny and blush every time he even locked eyes with you and the boys would make fun of him for this so he would suddenly, after weeks of being shy, go completely the opposite and start being exceptionally confident around you; he would be flirting with you while you measured him, making the other boys drop open their mouths in shock. When you were on the other side of the room, sorting clothes he would text you memes to see you laugh from where he was sitting so he could see your smile.

“Dont get embarrassed about touching me when you measure, its not the first time we’ve been this close and we know it won’t be the last” *wink*

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oooh shit okay it’s about to get hot and steaaamy in here fam ;)))

-Ponyboy likes to sit in the front pew because the church ladies who wear large hats really annoy him
-Two-bit flirts with all of the girls when he’s supposed to be doing that greet and hand shake thing
-Steve’s Roman Catholic and not even sure why he came with them
-Soda always ends up saying ‘Amen’ just a little too loud
-Two-bit thought it would be funny if he clapped at the end of a sermon…He got lots of glares. 
-The old ladies all pinch Johnny’s cheeks and he wants To Die
-Darry has most of the services memorized 
-Surprisingly Dally’s sitting quietly and listening, who knows what he’s thinking honestly???? 

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Can I have number 18? Black Hat saying "Watch me". You're great writer do what you want :)

“Watch me!”

When Blackhat spat those words out, blood dribbling from the corners of his mouth, Flug knew he couldn’t look. Skin stretched thin like a membrane, the eldritch was close to his breaking point; he wasn’t going to last much longer. The doctor’s hands were trembling as he gripped the gun in his hands tighter.

One. two. Three.


The clinking of empty casings on concrete.



Flug couldn’t breath; that wasn’t his gun going off.

There was a scream straight from the pits of hell.





“Take care of him, Dem… I don’t think….”

Too much blood, not enough pressure, not enough air in my lungs. Punctured lung? Broken Ribs…

“Tell Blackhat I….”


Flug awoke to the sound of ringing and a torso riddled with pain. He tried to breath, but he felt like he was choking, and he reflexively reached up to claw at his throat.

NO, NO, NO, FLUG! DON’T DO THAT!” Dementia shouted as she leapt out of her chair at his bedside to pin down his arms. Flug locked onto her as an anchor and tired to speak, but found that he couldn’t with something numbing his vocals chords. “No, don’t try to speak, Flug! I had to put you under some pretty heavy sedatives and numbing agents, so you’re not going to be able to move most of the rest of your body for a few hours still, okay.” Dementia looked like she was about to have a break down.

Weakly, Flug shifted his arms and lifted them to make a writing motion in the air. The girl nodded furiously, disappeared for a moment, only to reappear a moment later with a notepad and a pen. The doctor wrote a question.

What happened?

“Well… when?? After you passed out, or the whole thing?”

I guess a little before I passed out, the details are foggy.

“You were shot 3 times, right after you shot that-that THING that that hero had with it. That-that- THAT MONSTER…. You were hit once in the right lung, and twice through the gut…. I…. I watched you…” Dementia cut off, making a choked noise. Her eyes grew wet, and tears began to fall one by one down her face as she tried to keep talking. “I- I- watched you collapse…. I -I through your were- you were dead or something! There was so much blood everywhere and Blackhat… oh Blackhat….” Dementia wiped at her tears violently and sniffed. Flug scribbled frenziedly

WhaT haPPened to BlackHAt?

Dementia let out a pained laugh.

“He… Well… he… See for yourself.” Dementia moved her body so that Flug had a clear view of… of another hospital bed. Blackhat was laying in it, propped up with pillows, his torso and the half of his face with the monocle were bandaged with white and stained with a blueish green fluid. His one eye was closed, and his chest rose shallowly with each breath.

“I thought he was dead too,” Dementia rasped; silent tears continued to fall as she tried to steady herself. “After that final showdown moment that he rushed in to do, everything was quiet and you both… I called for 5.0.5 and we hauled you back here. I was worried I wouldn’t be fast enough…. “

Are you okay?

“Ha! Yeah, just a broken leg and some nasty cuts and bruises, but otherwise… what? What are you writing?” Dementia was surprised to find a such anger in the gaze that Flug was directing her. Then he showed her what he wrote.


Dementia howled with fractured laughter.

“You bet I did, Flug!” she claimed. “Messed it up really bad, but got you two to safety didn’t I!” Then she was in tears again, sobbing uncontrollably. “You guys. Almost. DIED, Flug! WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO! NOTHING!!” Dementia buried her face in her arms as she laid them on Flug’s bedside. She was shaking like a leaf in a storm, and Flug felt his heart squeeze.

Gently, he laid his hand on her shoulder, and began to rub mindless patterns into it. Then he found that despite not being able to speak, he could make some odd noises with his throat, and began to try and hum a disjointed tune.

It took several minutes for Dementia to calm down. When she had, she lifted her head to flash Flug an anguished smile, and then croaked out,

“5.0.5 should be here with tea any minute. I told him to go make some in case you woke up, or to help calm my nerves if… If you didn’t.” As if summoned, the fluffy blue bear came into the room carrying a tray with a tea kettle and mugs. 5.0.5 seemed to perk up when he saw that Flug was awake, and he came rushing over with a relieved ‘“Aroo!”

What kind of tea? Flug wrote

“Chamomile to help you sleep, and like I said, calm my nerves.”  For a few seconds, the two drank their tea in silence, but then Dementia set her mug aside and said,

“You know, since the moment I got back I’ve been terrified that you and Blackhat wouldn’t wake up. I felt like… like I had failed you guys in some capacity as you guardian, as you “guard dog,” as this family’s protector. And if you hadn’t woken up…. If you hadn’t…” Flug laid a hand on Dementia’s knee to get her attention, then he took a minute or two to write something and show it to her.

Dementia, I know you take your role as a guardian very seriously, but you need to understand that you’re not without flaws, and you can’t save us from everything. I know sometimes you think that it would be better if you went down sacrificing yourself for us rather than letting us take the hit, but we need you too, and love you and much as you love us. You like a sister to me, and my best friend, so what do you think I’d do without you? You’re just as important as any of the rest of us, and you got to remember that, and know that you do your job well in every circumstance.

Dementia tried to smile, but it came out a strained grin. She appeared tired and worn thin as she lifted her mug to her lips and downed the rest of her tea in one go.

Why don’t you rest with us?

“You know? That does not sound like such a bad idea,” Dementia whispered. Then she stood up and grabbed a nearby by crutch to hobble to the end of Flug’s bed. “Hey 5.0.5? Can you push Blackhat and Flug’s beds together? I know Blackhat would be happy to see Flug first when he wakes up.” The bear made a soft chirrup noise and then assisted the girl with moving the beds. To the side, Dementia said to Flug,

“You know, the reason he went final showdown mode was because he saw you get shot? He was wearing pretty thin by that point, but he saw you get hurt and it was like someone gave him a shot with 10 times the energy he was running on. He DESTROYED the hero and its monster thing in seconds flat, but then he just collapsed… like you…” Dementia gained a faraway look for a moment, then she shook it off. “Anyways, let me help you here, I don’t want you to tear any of your stitches.” Then she carefully shifted Flug over so he was nearly touching Blackhat between the two beds, and then crawled in beside the doctor. With the extra room at the end of the long beds, 5.0.5 curled up at their feet with a quiet hum.

Flug shifted his hand ever so slightly, so it rested on top of Blackhat’s cold one. Then he let his eyes drift shut to the sound of Dementia softly snoring, and the wispy sounds of Blackhat’s rising and falling chest. Everything would be okay in the morning Flug believed wholeheartedly. Everything was going to be okay.

Well…. this was originally going to be really funny… then I wrote the first sentence and I thought of Blackhat spitting out blood, realized I’ve written a bunch of fluff fics lately, and decided to be angsty (It was also 2 in the morning so uhhh). Whoops. I hope you like this though because I really like how it turned out @emilia531!! Thanks for the ask!

Life in Parenting:Chapter 2:

Flug was 90 precent sure he was done for.

Why did he had to get this job? Why couldn’t he remain in New Jersey and be a physics teacher like his mother wanted him to? Sure, beign a teacher wasn’t the most successful career,but at least he didn’t have to worry about whenever or if he’s going to live..

And he certainly didn’t wanted to become a parent! Well,foster parent, but that’s not the point!

He loved children. He really did,but he cannot take care of them. One time he babysitted one of his grandchildren and thought him how to run a bike. He was the only limping kid in class.

He didn’t know why Black Hat would hire him. Of course ,he was a good scientist, but he didn’t really knew why Black Hat would want to keep him around more than necessary. Actually, the man…the demon, often tried to avoid him.

He couldn’t really blame him. I mean,he did wore a bag to cover his face,which was weird. Flug took a deep breath and turned around and gave the twin who were following him the best strict look he got.

“Okay, listen. Mister Black Hat can be,well…easily irritated. Let me do the talking, and be on your best behavior, please” Dr. Flug . The twins looked at echother and flashed their wide smirks before turning to Flug again.

“Why do you mean by ‘best behaviour ’ ” M.D. said making quotes in the air. Flug norrowed his eyes and placed his hands on his hips.

“The opposite of everything you want to do” Flug said . M.D and his sister rolled their eyes ,but still smiled at the scientist. He was nice enough. They liked him.

“Okay,well…here goes nothing ” Flug said sighing. He blamed Demencia for this. He really did.



“The door is open” the gruff voice said behind the door. This was Black Hat’s version of 'come in’.

“S-Sir? I-it’s me” Flug said in his usual nervous voice,while he entered the large office. Black Hat was sitting at his desk,filled with paper work,but immediate stopped when he was Dr. Flug and the twins.
Confusion was wrote all over the demons face . Since when children could enter his building?

“Dr. Flug, may I ask what’s the reason of this visit?” Black Hat asked,his eyes never leaving the two sibilings, who started right back at him with an unstable smile on their faces. He had to admit,he was smiling the same way when he was younger. Mostly just to scare people off.

“W-Well, you see sir,u-um..” Flug starting to stutter, and Black Hat could only hold back a smile. Dr. Flug was charming in every possible way,and he didn’t even realize it.

“We’re his kids,actually!” The purple and white haired young girl said.

Black Hat felt like a bucket of ice cold water was beign poured on him. Fug? Married?! Having children?! This HAD to be a joke. A cruel joke someone above played on him. This little girl was lying to him. He knew, she had to lie to him.

His stomach dropped at the thought of someone else holding Flug. Or kissing him,giving him love ,or the appreciation he deserves. If there was a person who should kiss,hug,appreciate and love Flug,it should be him!

When he finally received his voice back,Black Hat said:

“I-I didn’t realized you were married …” Flug was shocked,hearing the first stutter his boss made. What was that on his face? Was that sadness? No. He was seeing things. He really needed to get his goggles cleaned up.

“What?! Oh,no sir! I’m not married,who would want to marry me?! They are experiments!” Black Hat was going the ignore the comment of 'who would want to marry me’ becouse, believes it or not,Flug would be husband material,but paid fully attention to him.

“Experiments? Dang, dad,tell us how you really feel” the boy said faking offendece “Anyway, Black Hat,right? Nice to meetcha, name’s M.D and she’s my sister Psycha ” He said gesturing to himself and the girl who waved at him. He awkwardly waved back and turned his attention to the doctor.

“Flug,explain” Black Hat through gritted teeths. He knew he was scaring the doctor, but something in him snapped. Just snapped. Something he couldn’t explain. The kids didn’t paid much attention to them anymore, as they started to explore his office. M.D. was more interested in the weapons that stoop proudly on his wall,katanas, maces, lances and axes,but Psycha looked at the paintings on the wall.

It was Black Hat and the devil himself. Simon was holding the new pitchfork Black Hat got for his birthday. She was amazed by that ,he could tell.

Okay,he needed to do two stuff:

1) Talk to Dr.Flug about his feelings, because after the scare he had,he needed to tell him.

2)Kill Demecia.

After Flug was done explaining this mess,he walked over to Psycha and admired the paintings too. He didn’t really looked or admired them,they were just there to make the room more allure. But he could see why she was interested. The lines were carefully drawned,and the harmony of color was placed carefully.

“I like this painting too. It’s well drawn. I revived Da Vinci to paint it for me” He said. Psycha nodded and smiled,looking at the fine piece of work.

“Yeah, It’s nice, but I think a darker pallet of colors would’ve been better,since the two of you are In hell. It would make the fire stand out more,and it would seem more realistic, I think” She said shrugging.

Black Hat took one more look at the portrait,and indeed she was right. If the colors were darker, the flames would see brighter. Huh. Clever little thing she was.

“How about you go and get ice-cream or something?” Black Hat snapping his fingers, making 20 dollars appear, the kids seemed excited and snatched the bills from his hands with a quick thanks,before running away.

“Sir,what should we do?! They think I’m their father!” Flug said dramatically swinging his arms in the air.

“Actually, Dr.Flug,I think it’s quite lovely. Beside,what can you do?” Black Hat said with a light amusement in his voice.

Dr,Flug didn’t respond, until his goggles winded,and his breath was cut off his chest.

“M-Maybe we should….destroy them?”


A green energy surrounded Flugs body and slammed him into the wall,not enough to hurt him,but enough to make him wince. Black Hat stomped his way to him and slammed his hand on the wall next to his face.

“Don’t you EVER. In your life. Say.that.again ” Black Hat said and snapped his fingers ,the green energy releasing him. “Now scram. I don’t want to look at you right now ” He said with a tone of….disappointment?

“Y-Yes sir” Flug said and ran out of the office.

Of jeez.

Maybe Black Hat shouldn’t kill Demencia after all.

kniifubaby  asked:

Okay, I know you don't really like to consider them together, just family, but which do you prefer, Black Hat x Demencia, or Black Hat x Flug? (literally me and my friend have been arguing over this h eck)


i guess 51% demencia and Black Hat. just because alan himself makes it “kinda” canon. and 49% paperhat << as long is uh not “NSFW” and speaks the reality/truth of em both when iteracting lololol (like fluff, fluff is gud.)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm new to DEH and do you recommend any fanfics/writers?

oH BOY DO I KNOW OSOME GOOD WRITERS!!! (be ready for a lot of people okay) these are all people i have notifications on for, so you should do the same c:

@anotherstellarconversation  Alex the milk gremlin !! i really liked ‘Artistic’ because?? same!! you can find their masterlist here !!

@pacman-tattoo Tris the late night nerd !! gosh i really loved ‘Fish Out of Water’!!! you can find her masterlist here

@imagine-boyo​ AJ and Liam the squid hats tbh !! i love Jared K. and the aquarium HCs!!! they don’t have a msterlist, but the link to that is right here

@cananybodysea sLAMS HANDS ON TABLE tHE FIRST PERSON I EVER FOLLOWED DEH RELATED !!!! pleaSE go check out ‘Dentist’!! also the first fic i ever read DEH related!! masterlist found here

@sincerlyyme Mother Walnut. if ur into smut, then ‘Walnut’ is the fic for u !! if not, then ‘The Middle Seat’ is super cute <3 masterlist found here!

@protecting-my-legacy jfhjkhfa i ve been following Mackie since HamTimes !! ‘Yes or No’ is super cute…… and ‘It’s a Musical’ is really ?? really good !!! masterlist found here!

@a-blog-of-fandoms-and-writing Beans the Meme okay this kid helped me create my blog title and?? been following since HamTimes! I really enjoyed ‘Seals’ and ‘Anytime’!! Masterlist found here!!!

Uhm sorry if i forgot anyone, those are just the people that are pulled up on my notifications, i love all you guys pls never stop writing <3 and i hope i help you anon! Welcome to the community!!

First of all, they were playing sexy lounge-type music in the photo op room, and that was just… anyway. 

So there was a bit of miscommunication about the pose, because I wanted Jensen to be in the position I was in, with Misha in the back. So I hand them the hats and Misha’s kinda smirking, and Jensen’s frowning slightly and turning his over in his hands, and I turn to Misha and ask if we could do a Titanic pose. And he’s like, “Of course!” ..But then they’re still standing there and he’s like “Okay wait I’m not exactly sure what you want us to do.” So I hold my arms out to demonstrate, but he gets the wrong idea and does it with me instead (not that I’m complaining), and I’m panicking because I have no clue what Jensen’s doing but I know he’s not really a part of the pose, and I feel a little sick because I think I messed it up or something, and when they give the hats back I don’t even look at Jensen because I feel like I made him uncomfortable or something (I just got a weird kind of vibe) so I’m like “I am so sorry I made you do this.And Misha looks back at me and he’s doing that adorable crinkly eye laugh. Clif notices the look of vague panic on my face when I’m leaving (and asks me if I’m okay when we’re talking later that night) and he looks at me knowingly and chuckles. 

So I was stressing about how it turned out all night, and when I finally saw it, I was just… it’s perfect. Jensen’s face, oh my god. Let’s just ignore the insane gleam in my eye.

As my mom said, “Jensen looks like a jealous, rejected cabin boy whose Captain wouldn’t pay attention to him”. I think that’s a pretty apt description of what’s going on here.

**you know what, go ahead and edit it if you want. I don’t really care.

proofthatihaveaheart  asked:

please tell the school meme hair story, i'm curious

Okay kids adults and other human beings of various ages,, buckle up and get ready for a Ride it’s time for you to hear My Story™

This happened last year, when I started junior college (2 year program for 17-18 year olds). I live in a p warm country, so I started making a habit of putting my hair into a bun– now this bun? it was no ordinary bun,,,,

sike it was ordinary as heck all i did was wind my hair up over and over and tie it up with a rubber band. but i guess if i could give you details about my hair that made my bun At All distinctive it would be that i have pretty long and v thick hair (see? not my fault, the heat would’ve killed me), and that i always tied my bun So high up it sat on top of my head like a gosh darn hat

i didn’t really do this in my previous school,, mostly because i had friends that laughed at me because my bun looked “chinese” (which is ironic as hell since i am chinese) but in this new school people gave me nice comments like “hey! i like your hair” and- actually that’s… pretty much the extent of the compliments i got. It was that lame and ordinary, okay?

At first.

Sure, there were plenty of students, even seniors who noticed my hair, and friends reporting occasions where people found out they knew who I was, and would proceed to go :O and damn please tell her i like her hair!!

But that was it. That was supposed to be it.

Until one day during chemistry lecture– my class was assigned to sit in the last row, which is conveniently in front of the projector light, and I had conveniently sat in front of said projector light that day. Now, the projector light was of course placed much higher than the seat, this was the largest lecture theater in our entire school, of course they would make sure no student sitting in that seat would be able to disrupt anything– right?

They were mostly right. I wasn’t at all tall enough to block any of the projector light, not even a small smidge of light would have been blocked by my small short ass. But me plus my bun?


Okay, so it wasn’t like my bun Eclipsed the projector light and stopped the entire lecture from being able to proceed; I would’ve been told to get out of my seat immediately. At first, it was just a small circle-like shadow at the bottom of the screen. Not hiding any words, not hiding any Top Secret Chemistry Secrets.

But as the lecture progressed, the number of people turning around to see what shadow ghost demon was trying to hamper The Joy Of Learning™ (twas no demon, just my oblivious ass who took way too long to realize what my hair was doing) increased. And once my hair actually started blocking words on the screen (it was just a tiny sentence at the bottom, i blame bad usage of PowerPoint formatting), a large majority of over 500 students in that lecture theatre had turned around to look at me at least once

Mmhmm, some people turned around to look at me more than once, as if I would’ve transformed from a clueless student with hair she’s too lazy to a point of stubbornness to cut into my True Form

Eventually, my teacher had to awkwardly request that I take my hair down, and that was that——–

Except that was not that, not even in the slightest, and my hair’s “popularity” seemed to have increased tenfold. Teachers were in on it now, random teachers I had never met were complimenting me left and right in the hallways,, it was like getting catcalled but the hair version and not scary

Physics teachers would question the laws of the universe, and how my hair managed to defy each and everyone of them, groups of students I walked past would hem and haw and talk about me literally behind my back,, asking mystical questions like “is that the girl from chemistry lecture?”. People who saw me randomly for the first time would occasionally get this look on their face which I can only describe as someone discovering that an urban legend such as the babadook or the loch ness monster was Real, wasn’t a lie,, actually existed

This all ties up with one last story- the discipline master of our school approached me one morning after morning assembly had ended, and i panicked and worried about all the possible Crimes I had committed: only for him to request for me to take down my bun and never tie it up like that again.

Yup, it became illegal for me, and specifically me, to put my hair up in a bun at school.

People I told were outraged, they told me to protest it valiantly, to cement my hair in a bun if that was what it took- but I had decided that enough was enough. I didn’t want to fight because I was a coward and frankly, my hair was heavy as heck and I could avoid the heat by putting my hair in a ponytail.

So I did it. I took my hair down, I even got a hair cut a few months later (another wild story for another day) and I never put my hair up into a bun again (okay maybe once in a while i still did it, but I’d take my hair down very quickly)

And that’s the story of how my hair was essentially a school meme, and how that meme died, like all memes do

anonymous asked:

Some pirate AUs please?

i’ve already done a small collection of pirate aus over here , if you’d like to check those out. but i thought i could add a few more as well :^)

  • “so, you’re telling me that YOU’RE a pirate?”
    “yes, why is that so weird?”
    “it’s just … you don’t have a hat or a parrot or anything like that-”
    “*gasp* do you know how offensive that is. GUYS WATCH OUT WE’VE GOT A PIRATE STEREOTYPER OVER HERE.”
    • “no, i didn’t mean it like tha-”
  • “since when did pirates need accountants”
    “hey, don’t think that just because we’re pirates taxes don’t exist. jesus, we’re not animals.”
    • okay i may have made up the fact that we actually need an accountant it’s just i really wanted an excuse to invite you on board our ship because i really enjoy your company but you seem to like it here too, so we’re cool right?
  • technically, according to pirate law we’re meant to strand them on a deserted island but we’re not actually going to do that, right?
    • “you idiot, now you’re stranded here as well.”
      “the result i had imagined was going to be a lot more heroic that this i promise.”
  • “wanna know what’s worse than pirates?”
    “ghost pirates!”
    • “yeah you were right, ghost pirates are the worse. also they’re dicks.”
  • Person A and Person B were childhood friends until Person B moved away and they lost touch. Person A always said how they wanted to a pirate when they were older, of course Person B didn’t think much of this other than another childhood fantasy that they had. That was until Person B was watching television one night and noticed that the leader of one of the most powerful pirate gangs in the world had been captured and that they suspiciously looked a lot like Person A. 

i hope these helped! 

- jess

send in requests!

send in submissions!

Ways to Cheer Yourself Up (When wanting to be alone) - 50 top things to do
  • 1. Go ON Tumblr, believe it or not, we don't care where you're from, what you do, how you're being you, as long as you are being you, you're pretty much welcomed on here. That's why i love it. Unless of course you are homophobic or judgemental or ignorant - then the people will speak for themselves, we look out for each other here.
  • 2. Read Books; escapism is a wonderful thing
  • 3. Listen to music; and no - not the sad, 'ALL BY MYSELF' type music, but the kickass songs like 'I will Survive' or 'Loser Like Me' just celebrate yourself for being awesome, because we know you are; even if others don't; especially then actually.
  • 4. Become your own superhero. Every single one of you have a talent or a dream. Follow up on that talent/dream. YOU ARE WORTH IT, and you can be whoever you want to be.
  • 5. DISNEY MOVIES. Unless you absolutely hate bursting out into song - better cut of highschool musical and glee while were at this, then Disney is the best pick me up ever.
  • 6. Watch your favourite TV shows. Remind yourself why life can be awesome. Watching your fav characters usually means you can relate to them.
  • 7. Go on walks - it's very pretty outside, and sometimes our heads can be overloaded with information or stress, I advise calming music and a nice walk outside in comfortable clothes.
  • 8. Have a diary. A friend of mine recently bought me one, and it's a godsend because all the anger, or emotions I feel, I try to put in the diary rather than putting it out on others. It also calms you down. I feel better when I write.
  • 9. Speaking of writing...if you enjoy it- WRITE. Writing is a wonderful way to escape. You can put all your emotions into your characters and they just come to life. I tend to do that when I'm stressed.
  • 10. If writing is not your thing then bake. I've actually ironically read in a fan fiction where a character would bake when stressed and try out new recipes, this character tried making butterbeer; maybe be adventurous; have a food blog or something to keep you occupied.
  • 11. Be With Your Pets - Pets are loyal creatures, and they love you, even when you're being a pain in the ass, and I hear they're very good listeners.
  • 12. Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE Musicals. If you are a musical fanatic like me and you're feeling a little down, my dears; listen to those awesome voices, because sometimes we just - need - a break (Also, if you haven't watched RENT, watch it - NODAYBUT TODAY...or Starkid...Starkid make the most funniest musical parodies, even if you don't like musicals I suggest it, and if you're not enjoying their YouTube Channel, then I'll eat my own hat).
  • 13. ASK ME ANYTHING. If you really want to talk to somebody but you don't want to talk to people you know and you just want to get things out, my ASK box is always open.
  • 14. Find a hobby. If you don't really want to talk to anybody, that's okay, sometimes we need to just have some 'me time'. In my me times, I usually deactivate from Facebook, and just focus on things that make me happy. Like; Puzzles, Sudoku, Games, writing, cooking, singing, whatever it is...travelling even. Enjoy yourself.
  • 15. Travel. Maybe being stuck in the same place is the problem, maybe you're head wants to be in a place where it can ACTUALLY THINK.
  • 16. Go Hiking. I suppose Hiking is similar to walking but if you're an outdoor person, this is a great way to clear your head and to feel fresh.
  • 17. Hit The Gym. Or even do your own exercises. I like to walk - do crunches, and I love Zumba. I love dancing. If you love being active, this is also another way to clear your mind from negative things.
  • 18. GO SEE A MOVIE!!! When was the last time you had fun? Even if it's just by yourself. You're allowed to treat yourself. Go, enjoy, be surrounded by people, even if they're strangers.
  • 19. If you like coffee, treat yourself for one at a local cafe. Who knows, you might meet your coffee soulmate in a cafe one day.
  • 20. STOP thinking Negative. Have a Pros/Cons List. Try not to outweight the Pros list with the Cons. Please?
  • You are good enough.
  • 21. Write down a bucket List, and start ticking them off. Having goals and dreams is healthy. If you have dreams, then you have a direction of where you're going.
  • 22. Get help. It's okay, if you're head is in a really bad place to reach out to people. It really is okay.
  • 23. Help others. If you're not sure what to do with yourself at all, be useful to other people less fortunate than you. Volunteer! Work with Charity, Feed the homeless, help the guide dogs association.
  • 24. Smile more. It looks good on you, believe me. Spend time with your guilty pleasures, my guilty pleasure is binge watching glee
  • 25. Please DO NOT go to a pub to drink to ease your mind, if you are going to do that, do it with a friend, or somebody close.
  • 26. Eat Chocolate. Okay yes while society says NO DON'T EAT THE FATTY FOOD. Hey; screw them. If you feel better eating a bit of junk go for it. There's nothing wrong with eating a whole pizza or tub of ben and jerry ice cream when feeling upset - just try not to make TOO much of a habit : p
  • 27. REBLOG YOUR FOLLOWERS POSTS, you might be surprised that you aren't the only one feeling the way you're feeling, you might be surprised by how much you're forgetting that hey - it's gonna be alright.
  • 28. Do something nice for your neighbour. Ah who knows, have you ever actually talked to them? Maybe they might be lonely too.
  • 29. Have a GAMES Night. A very good friend of mine loves Games. If You LOVE Games, then hell have a marathon of them. Play the sims, be in control.
  • 30. Speaking of marathons...dun dun dun - MOVIE MARATHON, I Don't Know About You Guys, But Having A Harry Potter Movie Marathon always cheers me Up. WITH FOOD Of course, and good company, but this is about cheering yourself up, so if you don't want company, that's okay.
  • 31. Draw. I love drawing too. I suppose I'm more of the creative person. There are a lot of different types of people out there, maybe you like solving things - do those fancy cube things Idk what they're called. If you are like my brother and you love Maths, then maybe you can tutor someone. On one hand you're helping someone, and doing something you like doing, just like I'm drawing because I like drawing.
  • 32.Be with kids. believe it or not, kids are the most innocent little munchkins, and they honestly don't care what you look like, if you play hide and seek with them they'll be thrilled, so long as you're nice to them, they're generally nice to you... but be warned, they tell it how it is too. I talk a bit different. The most popular thing they've said to me was "Is that why you talk funny, because of the things in your teeth?" (They've also never really seen braces before) I even had one kid determined to get me to sing 'Everything is awesome' I'll never forget that because this kid clearly didn't care how I sounded, and just wanted me to sing with her. I felt great.
  • 33. If you're into Fairy Tales, Please Please Read Chris Colfer's The Land Of Stories series 1-4. It's an amazing series, and you almost forget what world you're in once you start reading. Plus, there's more coming (I'm a little excited)
  • 34. Watch Pixar Movies. You can't go wrong.
  • 35. GO TO HOGWARTS. Harry Potter Fan? Visit - Platform 9 3/4s in London, or go to the Harry Potter World, or if you can't actually visit these sites, go on Pottermore.
  • 36. Read Fan Fiction, you might not be a harry potter fan, but whatever fandom you are in, believe me sometimes Fan Fictfion Cheer me up. I adore Glee *Don't Judge Me* and Dalton is the best thing ever. Or Little Numbers...or Both. They cheer me up big time.
  • 37. Role play. If you like superheroes or characters, go be with the crowd. I believe they have events like Comic Con, and on Facebook they even have Events for such things, go be with strangers! So long as it's safe of course.
  • 38. Write a letter to the person who inspires you most and send it. You might be surprised by an answer.
  • 39. Pick up your instrument. Don't ignore your musical talent if you do have a musical talent. Remember, you're worth it. I don't care what you've done. Pick, It Up.
  • 40. Maybe go visit your family? I know this is about 'quality me time' but if you haven't seen your family in such a long time or are at a distance. Maybe being surrounded by something familiar is what you need.
  • 41. Change Careers. If you're not enjoying what you're doing or studying, change it. I remember in highschool a teacher said you might change your job 10 - 12 times before getting it right. It'okay, you just haven't found where you're meant to be yet.
  • 42. Enter a competition - Who knows what will come from it, take risks.
  • 43. If you're a risk-taker, challenge yourself. IDK how you're going to do that, but google has some pretty good answers. Even ask your tumblr followers, they follow you for a reason after all.
  • 44. Go on a boat. Go Fishing! I don't know, it's not my thing, but if you like fishing, then hell - go out there and fish.
  • 45. Find time for yourself, are you working too much? Maybe you are working too much. You know life doesn't stop for nobody, and if you keep pushing yourself so hard, time will go so fast and you won't realise how much of that time you could have spent on your own self.
  • The world is not going to end if you treat yourself.
  • 46. You ARE Good Enough. Listen to my words. Sometimes encouragement is all we need, when people feel hopeless, or like everything's gone wrong. It's gonna be okay. I promise, just hang in there.
  • 47. Write Down Quotes that Inspire You. I have a wall of these, and of people that inspire me too, and it reminds me of the good things in life when I'm in a crappy mood.
  • 48. Find something to do. If you're not doing anything, go take up a course, research things that interest you, you might be surprised by what comes from it. Join a community that enjoys doing things you do.
  • 49. Go To The Beach - If you live in Australia like me, visiting the beach is actually really calming and me and my best friend always would go on a random drive, and drive up to a beach or a look out, and it was always calming. Enchanting too sometimes. Maybe we forget about the place we live in, and what's exciting about the place. If you're in New York, visit Broadway or The Statue Of Liberty, or if you're in London, go to the London Bridge, or the Eye, visit the Eiffel Tower if you're in Paris...just go Anywhere.
  • 50. Take a random journey. Go on a train to somewhere new, go on a road trip. You never know what's around the corner.
PaperHat Fusion 2 - Apart

@the-optimistic-view-on-pessimism asked for more so here’s more I guess

It’s a bit rushed and really short, but it’s a one shot so, ya know.

Part 1 I guess

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Any HC for the strawhat crew with an s/o that's taller than them? (I'm quite tall for my age and I was just wondering.)

I really hope you like! I didn’t include chopper I hope that’s okay! Also I included jimbei, law, and vivi because they’re straw hats to me!

• Luffy is pretty short to begin with, most of the Strawhats are taller than him.
• so he doesn’t mind whatsoever, he actually loves his S/O no matter what.
• if anyone makes fun of your height he’d beat em up, “no one makes fun of my Y/N.” he’d say.

• he doesn’t midd at all, just as little big as you take a nap with him he’s okay.
• in fact he love it if you could reach stuff on the top shelf for him.
• Zoro loves his tall S/O, though if your so tall you have to lean down to kiss him, he thinks it’s really funny, (and so does the rest of the crew.)

• LOVES their height, when he’s cooking he loves it when his S/O reaches for ingredients for him.
• Sanji is of course little spoon, he seems to sleep easier when his S/O cuddles him.
• Sanji thinks you are hella sexy with your long legs and long arms, he’s head over heels for you.

• love it! She absolutely loves a tall S/O.
• she’d walk around with your hand in hers all the time. She loves standing on her toes to kiss you.
• if anyone says anything they’ll get a shock. Literally, Nami would totally electrocute whoever said such a thing.

• he thinks your hella sexy, with those long legs, and long body, and Lon arms.
• he prefers tall people, when you hold him at nigh he seems to have slept better and easier.
• he try’s to make little trinkets for his S/O all the time, and he always tries to impress them.

• she hugs you from behold all the time, she absolutely loves it. She can of hold her S/O for eternity.
• she’d just walk right up and put her face in your chest.
• she loves dancing with your and putting her head on your chest while you dance.

• it’s really hard to be taller than this place.
• Franck calls you in tall-ish cute nicknames, he often gives you silly pet names anyway.
• “how’s the weather up there, babe?” He’d ask.

• he loves a tall bf/gf!!
• he loves not having to bend down to kiss you, because brook is tall af.
• having you at eye level is awesome! And brook loves to cuddle, being little spoon he feels so safe.

• omg just cuddle him! please! He loves that he’d little spoon.
• jimbei absolutely loves your height, he’d want to cuddle all the time.
• jimbei becomes so much more cuddly when he has a taller S/O

• vivi loves a tall partner.
• she absolutely loves it when you have to Bend down the kiss her and when you wrap your arms around her from behind!
• vivi just loves your height, height is also a turn on for her.

• we have another cuddle bug. Wee woo. Cuddly law alert.
• law is always little spoon, he’s rarely ever big spoon, he loves your life no arms around him, HE LOVES IT.
• having you taller than him also means he’s always going to burry his face in your neck.

Okay… I know I said I was only going to do this as a sketch, but I really liked the piece and I had an urge to tweak it. I changed the composition to show more of Asami because a lot of people couldn’t tell I put her in a dress, and I really liked the dress (I found the design on google image). I also thought it would be nice to add Opal to the mix since I thought she’d look cute in one of those 30’s style hats (not sure what they’re called). And finally I wanted to play up the disheveled look on everyone. Especially Mako with the fluffed out hair and bandages.

Also, I noticed someone pondering if this was some sign that Korra would have her hair down more in Book 4, so let me make this clear, I drew this image with NO clues or hints about Book 4. I purposefully put them in clothing and a situation that is far removed from the actual show in any way for that reason.

Book 4 is on it’s way, I’m excited for it. I can’t wait to see the finished animation, and to experience the closing chapters.

EDIT: You ever finish an image at Midnight and post it online, wake up the next morning, see it’s got over 200 reblogs and notes and then realize…. Mako’s too short.

Fixed Mako’s hight. Scuffed up Opals hat and dress a little because I didn’t want to insinuate she wouldn’t get into it a little. Also touched up Korra and Asami’s hair a very little.

Book 1: The Invasion, Chapter 3

Hold on to your hats, because Chapter 3 is Exposition And Set-up Galore. I feel like it answered a few of my WTF Is An Animorph questions but spawned several more from each answered one, like some sort of 90s Juvenile Fiction Hydra (mythological hydra, not Gross Nazi Hydra, if you please).  So…yeah. All of this happened:

The other aliens, according to the Near-Dead Alienstag, are called the Yeerks.

(And here I start snickering because really, K.A. Applegate? YEERKS?  Did you throw down some Scrabble tiles to name this race of aliens?  What even.  Okay, I guess we’re doing this: Yeerks.)

The Yeerks are basically your standard parasite alien trope, at least at this point: they need hosts to survive, and they go around looking for other species whose brains they can take over.  They’ll try to sweet-talk you into letting them take over your brain voluntarily, as apparently that’s just all around less trouble for everyone involved, but if that doesn’t work they’ll just somehow or other climb on into your brain anyway.  Details are a little fuzzy at this point but I assume at some point in the next FIFTY THREE BOOKS we’re going to sort this out.

(I do have to say that at this point I went oh god, please tell me the Yeerks are not body thetans, please tell me my friends are not trying to make me read Scientology YA, but I trust my friends to not be closet Scientologists.  And really, if they somehow were, this would be a super weird way to suddenly spring that fact on me.  But just for the record: I have just begun a list of reasons that I reserve the right to terminate this little liveblogging experiment before my three-book promise is completed.  And the first, and so far only item on the list, is secret hidden Scientology messages.)

But Jake does not know about Scientology, or The Puppet Masters, or “Bad Eggs”, so he’s not concerned about cults, he just wants to know if maybe this is a problem too big for five random mallrats.  Maybe someone ought to call the government?  

The Alienstag is undeterred.  He is in full exposition mode now and he’s just about to go Hard Sci-Fi, With Lots Of Fancy Science Terms.  In the space of a paragraph the Alienstag drops the terms Z-space, Dome Ship, Bug Ship, and Blade Ship.  One wonders whether the Alienstag race is very dull at naming things, or whether he’s just simplifying everything for the sake of whatever translation technology is facilitating this whole conversation.

Long story still pretty long, the Alienstag’s alien race is called Andalites, which is at least a better name than Yeerks, and the Andalites roam around space trying to stop the Yeerks from doing their mindwhammy parasite thing on unsuspecting species.  But they fucked up real bad in trying to stop the Yeerks from taking over Earth, because the Yeerks had casually hidden a Blade Ship in a crater of the moon (as you do, I guess?), so the Andalites got their asses kicked and the Alienstag crash-landed to find some Earthlings to warn, and he’s gonna die now so it’s pretty much up to these five random kids to deal with that whole situation. Some more Andalites will show up eventually but it’s going to take a year or so, which is really too long to have the Yeerks hanging around, so the kids should probably tell people about this whole Yeerk situation.

Also, the Yeerks are going to show up in a minute and blast the hell out of the Alienstag and his ship so the kids aren’t going to have any proof of anything.

Also also, Yeerks are kind of gross and slug-looking, apparently.  Which: I’m just saying, don’t body-shame the Yeerks, Alienstag.  If they’re evil parasites then get mad at them about that, not about being slugs.  They might not be super hot for your eye-stalk-horns either, y’know?

The kids are fairly concerned about this entire scenario and who’s going to believe them when they head home with this tale.  Alienstag can’t help with that, but it does occur to him that he has a random box of magic powers sitting in his ship and maybe they would like a piece of that in case it’s useful?

No one’s sure they really do want a piece of that, but Jake gets involuntarily volunteered to go fetch the box anyway, so into the ship he goes.  He pretty easily finds the Box of Magic, and also a little family portrait of the Alienstag and another Alienstag and their baby Alienfawns.  Poor Alienfawns, your daddy is about to be dead.  (One of your daddies?  Gender of the other Alienstag not specified, or even whether they are a gendered species, far be it from me to make assumptions.)

So Jake and his Box of Magic head back outside, so that the Alienstag can infodump again, some more.

He’s offering them the power to morph into other animals!  Anything they can touch, to acquire its DNA pattern, they can become!  It’s really useful when trying to hide from Yeerks! There are some vague dangers and limitations and such but apparently Alienstag has no time to get into that so they’re just going to have to trial-and-error that.  Maybe if Jake had spent less time moping about the family photo album, they could have fit in a few words of warning about the whole morphing thing.

(I have questions.  Many questions.  I want to know all the edge cases of this power.  But again, I will just try to remember that there are FIFTY THREE MORE BOOKS that presumably will answer most of my questions.  So I will chill, but I am quietly compiling a mental list of questions.)

Andalites being bigger on consent than Yeerks, the Alienstag wants the kids to decide whether they want to jump on this morphing power thing.

Marco’s a hard nope, Cassie’s all in, Jake just cares about teamwork apparently and wants them all to pick the same thing, whatever that thing is. Tobias is mostly just sad for the dying Alienstag.

And Rachel?  Rachel is the only one who’s bothered to notice that there are more alien ship lights coming in real fast and maybe they ought to do something.

Yeerks, says the Alienstag, and we are left on a cliffhanger of wondering whether that’s what’s in the ships, or whether that’s just the noise the Alienstag makes when he’s choking on his own blood.


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whoops sorry this took me a while to finish up, I had it waiting to be posted for ages but I got distracted by symmrat week…

  • who hogs the duvet

The problem for these two isn’t so much than anyone hogs the duvet so much as the fact Lena is, apparently, completely incapable of being still even while she is fast asleep and will relentlessly kick the duvet off at approximately 2:30 every. single. morning. And Lena isn’t thrilled about it to begin with, she always wakes up cold, but Emily is really not impressed with this.  Darn it Lena, she just wants to get cozy and have a solid eight hours of warm, uninterrupted sleep, dammit. If Emily wakes up in the middle of the night freezing cold though and has to climb out of bed to get the duvet, you better bet your ass that she will pettily cocoon herself in them and fall back to sleep and let Lena go get another blanket from the hall closet.

(This problem is eventually resolved (somewhat) when Emily starts keeping a second quilt folded underneath the bed within easy grabbing distance.)

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

They both text each other back and forth throughout the day, and the one who does it more really depends on what’s going on in their lives at the moment.  If it’s just a lazy, run-of-the-mill day and Emily’s at work and Lena’s bored then Lena’s going to text the most.  Emily’s phone is a constant hum of incoming texts and snaps and messages from Lena, just little things like jokes and selfies and stories about silly things that happened while Lena’s in town, things that Emily can look at and smile at on her break.  It’s fun for both of them, though Emily’s coworkers will rib her about it.

However when it’s Lena at work?  When she’s been called off on a mission or is back at the Watchpoint or worse on the news then it’s Emily texting her.  And Emily tries her best to keep the texts very casual, sort of a “ha ha just thought of you babe how you doing :) please don’t be dead”. Emily figures Lena’s job is hard enough without having a frantic girlfriend, and Emily knew what she was getting into when she started dating Lena (even though Overwatch had been disbanded at that point, the worst thing she was supposed to have to deal with was Lena’s pigheaded, vigilant heroics, not organized, international military ops, damn it, damn it) and Emily refuses to be one of those simpering “hero girlfriends” that you see in movies.  …Some days are just harder than others.  Lena understands though, and makes sure to respond to ever text she gets from Emily on days like that with selfies that show she’s okay, and lots of love and sweetness.

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Obviously Lena is the sort of person who puts off gift buying until literally the day of any given event, so her ability to choose good gifts (and she is fantastic at choosing good gifts, she loves finding the perfect thing for her friends and girlfriend) is slightly tempered by her inability to then get it in time.  She has absolutely, shame-faced, given IOUs as gifts, but she always delivers in the end.  (Emily is always enormously touched and more than used to her rather scatter-brained girlfriend.)

  • who gets up first in the morning

It’s often Emily on the pure technicality that she has a job that demands she be up and at work at a reasonable hour in the morning.  Still, they’re reluctant, groggy mornings with a lot of tea and as little breakfast as she can get away with while still surviving until lunch – whatever involves the least amount of effort until she wakes up properly, which usually takes about an hour.

On a weekend, when Emily doesn’t have to be at work, Lena is the one who wakes up earliest naturally.  Lena is able to sleep in until approximately 9:00 AM and by then her internal clock dings and up she goes.  She’s the sort of person that wakes up itching to go and do things.  As far as Emily’s concerned, this is a hundred times weirder than any time displacement or talking gorillas, especially after Lena informed her that, no, this is not a side effect of the chronal accelerator, she’s always been like this.  Still, Emily definitely profits on weekends because Lena likes to make a proper fry up for breakfast so Emily normally shuffles out of the bedroom to the smells of sausages and eggs and grilled tomatos and toast and…  

  • who suggests new things in bed

Both are pretty open to a bit of experimentation here and there.  Emily’s the one that comes to Lena in the middle of the afternoon and brings up this possibility she came across and looked into and worked out the logistics for and definitely thinks could be really enjoyable for both of them, what do you think?  (Lena still can’t figure out if Emily does this because she thinks it’s important to talk about those things outside the bedroom when everyone’s thinking clearly, or because she knows how much it ruins Lena for the rest of the day.  …Going by the smirk, Lena’s willing to bet on the latter.)


  • who cries at movies

Lena.  She is a Mess.  She will cry at the drop of a hat, even over things that really she has no business crying over.  Emily is forever amused, sitting there watching some silly romcom and then having Lena very quietly bursting into tears while pretending she’s not doing just that.  Like… babe… you know they’re going to reconcile by the end of the movie…  and yeah, of course Lena knows that but right now it’s just so sad ;-;

Plus if something even remotely sad happening in a kids movie she is done. There’s something about having sweet animated characters that are made to be happy and fun and seeing them in pain that just kills Lena.  She would have been destroyed if she’d been around to see Up when it was new.

  • who gives unprompted massages

Emily, and Lena just completely melts every time.  The first time Emily gave Lena a massage was a couple months after they started dating.  They were lying in Emily’s bed and Lena looked exhausted, so Emily nudged her onto her stomach and started giving her a message… it was supposed of a playful, teasing thing to lead into something More but holy jeez you’re really tense???  Like you know the blissful relief of taking your bra off at the end of the day? Now imagine how it must feel to take off the chronal accelerator. Lena’s shoulders are permanently sore because of that thing, even with the great harness she and Winston designed.  So Emily will often give Lena a massage at the end of a long day and it just about makes Lena purr every time.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Emily’s the one who fusses and honestly it sort of throws her off because she’s normally not the sort to fuss – she’s pretty laid back most of the time (and honestly, if you want to date someone with Lena’s sort of lifestyle, a laid back attitude is very much advisable…).  Normally it’s fine – yup, she’ll make sure you have a full glass a water by the bed, pick up medication on the way home from work, make some soup and toast, and that sort of stuff, but with Lena a little part of her can’t help but worry more than usual.  Because… well, what if something goes wrong.  Most of the time she trusts Lena to know what she’s doing with the whole time disassociation thing but when Lena gets sick… well, a part of her can’t help but get hung up on the whole thing and start to worry. Even though she knows chronal disassociation has nothing to do with the sniffles she also wasn’t around when Lena disappeared the first time and has no real idea what it looks like or what would happen or what she could do. So yeah, as long as Lena’s sick, Emily fusses while trying to pretend to both herself and Lena that she is absolutely not fussing.

(On the other hand, when Emily is sick Lena sees her primary job as being to cheer her up and keep her company.  Which inevitably means that if Emily is sick, Lena will be as well soon after.)

  • who gets jealous easiest

Emily gets jealous.  Again, like “fussing” this is something she’s not really used to.  She’s normally pretty confident in any relationship she’s in, and it’s not that she isn’t confident in this relationship with Lena, or that she thinks Lena would cheat (she doesn’t) but sometimes when she hears about all the amazing things Lena’s done, and the exceptional people she’s met, Emily can help but wonder how in the world she measures up in comparison.  A part of her can’t stop thinking about the girlfriends of superheroes in comics and movies (she’s definitely a comic book nerd, okay) and how they’re so… disposable.  They’re only there when it’s plot relevant and can get killed off without the slightest inconvenience and most of the time people are more interested in the other superheroes more than The Girlfriend.   She knows it’s a silly fear and that Lena doesn’t think that way at all – that this is real life, not a comic, and the two of them have a life together – but she can’t help it all the same.  So when she sees Lena hanging around other girls that are clearly Interested, she might be a little territorial, but nothing more than just hanging around Lena or keeping a hand in hers or on her arm or something, just something to say this one is mine, back off, but she gets more nervous when she sees Lena hanging out with other old Overwatch members, people she has history with and who are equally “super”…  (It gets a little better when she starts making friends with Lena’s friends and really gets to know the other Overwatch members.)

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

We’ve all seen Lena’s punk skins, right?  Lena went through a hardcore punk phase and never quite grew out of it and her music choices reflect that.  Emily puts up with it with the best grace she possibly can.  (I imagine Emily being into chiller music, like soft background music and instrumental stuff and classical, that she just plays constantly through the apartment.)  Honestly, I’m not sure if the music Lena listens to is as embarrassing as her determination to dress appropriately every time she goes to a concert – those punk clothes definitely still make appearances from time to time.

I also think Lena has a pretty wild running playlist.  Like you know how most people end up sort of pacing themselves to the music they listen to?  You’ll find yourself running faster to fast music and slowing down if a slower song comes on?  So just imagine the nonsense Lena likes to listen to when she’s working out, it’s like… aggressively fast tempo’d and perky.  (I can see her and Zarya having an on-going feud over who gets to pick the music while they’re both in the gym, so it ends up being this weird mix of Zarya’s loud, bassy Russian metal or something, and then Lena’s music which, according to Zarya, sounds like hamsters on crack.)

  • who collects something unusual

Did you see the inside of their apartment?  That’s minimalist af.  Lena’s been in the RAF and then Overwatch since she was pretty young, and then has more or less been on the go since Overwatch’s disbandment, so she never really acquired a taste for collecting.  If it doesn’t fit into a footlocker or a backpack, what’s she going to do with it, really?  Barracks only have so much space, and if she’s buying something more finnicky than that, it’s something to go in the communal areas or something.  I’d say the closest she comes to collecting is an impressive digital library of truly awful movies, but even then she definitely prefers digital over physical collecting because digital can be carried on the go.

As for Emily, she seems to prefer things neat and tidy and stream line so she doesn’t really have any strange collections either.  She has a much more impressive wardrobe than Lena does, but again that’s not really unusual.  (Unless you ask Lena, who is of the mind that you need one good, functional and comfy pair of shoes and should be good with that and can’t quite wrap her head around how many Emily has. Emily can’t wrap her mind around how Lena has one pair of functional shoes and they’re crocs monstrosities.)

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Absolutely Emily.  Lena is constantly Ready To Go.  I mean… the fact that she can blink her way through her morning routine probably helps too, but still, Lena seems like the sort of person who’s constantly ready to bound off from Activity A to Activity B with no transition in between.  Emily, on the other hand, needs the time to get an outfit together, put on her make-up, fix her hair…  Lena has spent a lot of time loafing around their living room moaning theatrically while Emily reminds her girlfriend exactly how much she likes the results of all Emily’s hard work, thank you very much. (You can’t enthusiastically mess up make-up with kissing and cuddling unless it was put on first.)

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Emily wins that one.  Lena’s probably pretty good, again just from ingrained military habit, but now that she’s been out on her own for a number of years and has her own space those old habits have begun to backslide a bit.  Especially since Lena tends to be trying to do a dozen things at once and has a tendency to forget little things like putting her dishes away or cleaning up that project before starting another or taking off her muddy shoes before blinking through the apartment.

Emily is the one who likes to keep the apartment spick and span.

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Lena is so fucking here for the holidays.  Themed parties!  Gift giving!  Television specials! Costumes!  Cheer!  Not to say Emily doesn’t also love the holidays, she really really does, Lena just tends to show her enthusiasm in a similar way to your average six-year-old.

Emily’s enthusiasm tends towards the slightly calmer variety but it’s definitely still there – she’s the one who suggests they walk in the snow to look at Christmas lights and who makes them hot chocolate with marshmellows and who is, yes, even willing to wear a matching elf outfit with Lena to the Overwatch Christmas party because she loves her nerdy girlfriend.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Lena’s tiny, she’s like 5'4” or something, so Emily gets to be the big spoon more often than not. Even when they’re not in bed, Emily loves to come up behind Lena and tuck Lena’s head under her chin and just enjoy the pleasure of cuddling her short girlfriend.  And Lena is definitely not arguing! You don’t know pure bliss until you’re lying around on the couch and your girlfriend comes home from work and wiggles herself behind you just so that you can lie curled up in her arms.  Plus, both of these girls are from England, land of perpetual rain, so they both enjoy cuddling and sharing some body heat and cold, wet days.

Lena will shamelessly go big spoon though if she’s trying to keep Emily in bed; she’ll wrap herself to Emily like a monkey and cling until both her and Emily end up tumbling out of the bed onto the floor.

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

…Take a guess.  Lena has literally no chill when it comes to anything that even whiffs of competition. Sports, video games, board games, Lena is going for the gold.  

  • who starts the most arguments

I honestly hate this question a little because like… as a general rule it’s gonna take two people to argue, and even if one “starts” the argument it’s probably because there was something being done that needs to be addressed. Either way, I think Emily “starts” the most arguments simply because I can see Lena as someone who tries to avoid those sorts of confrontations.  She’d much rather ignore an issue and try to dance around it.  Emily’s the one who finally forces them both to acknowledge issues there might be, and it might explode into a fight but as a general rule it’s ultimately for the best because it actually ends with them having a discussion about whatever the issue is and resolving it.

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Emily brings it up, actually.  She’d like a companion in the apartment, someone to welcome them home, to cuddle with, to keep Lena company while Emily’s at work and keep Emily sane while Lena’s off risking life and limb.  Plus it sort of… feels like a good next step for them.  To have a life to take care of, together.  They haven’t committed yet, because both of them are serious about it and with Overwatch just starting up again it seems a unstable, but they’re definitely talking about it and looking at breeds and adoption centres and stuff.  (There’s also the little fact that Lena wants a dog and Emily wants a cat.  Don’t worry, they’ll figure something out.)

  • what tv shows they watch together

They’re the sort to have one intense, dramatic show on the go.  What the 2070’s equivalent of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or whatever is.  They lose their shit over each new episode release, they laugh, they cry, on occasion one or both may scream and leave the room.  You don’t mess with Their Show. Lena has definitely woken Emily up in the middle of the night because she just had this amazing idea and what if this is the next big plot twist??? and Emily can’t even be mad because that is literally genius and do you think the creators are that smart and now it’s one in the morning and they’re both scouring the internet to see if anyone else has had that theory yet.  On the other hand, they also keep pretty sporadic schedules so it’s not unusual for Lena to get a string of texts like

you know I love you
but if you don’t stop saving the day and come home soon so help me god i am WATCHING this next episode because it came out yesterday and I NEED to know what happens to Alex

followed by Lena’s: don’t you DARE

  • what other couple they hang out with

I am 100%  fan of Lena casually introducing Emily to all of her Overwatch buddies and Emily being Very Chill about meeting all these weird, quirky heroes, so I suppose they’d hang out with any of the ships you have there.  I absolutely love the idea of those two going on double dates with Genji and Zenyatta or Fareeha and Angela.

  • how they spend time together as a couple

In a weird way one of the things I can see them doing together is exercising?  Which is a little hilarious because obviously there’s Lena who is the embodiment of that one spongebob quote “wanna see me run to that mountain and back? …wanna see me do it again?” or like… when Captain America keeps lapping Sam.  Still, I can see Lena slowing her pace down and jogging along side Emily when she goes out for a run, or joining her in the gym when she’s working on upper body stuff and things like that. Obviously Emily’s just doing it to stay fit, this isn’t like the sort of workouts Lena did when she was still with Overwatch and trying to stay military fit, but Lena still likes going to keep in practice. After all, you never know…

(Also then imagine, post-Recall, Lena invites Emily to come work out in the Overwatch gym with her because they have great facilities that Emily will love. So there’s like… Lena there running like sonic the fucking hedgehog, then Zarya in a corner lifting a million pounds like it’s nothing, and maybe Winston’s finally been talked into working out a bit by Athena so he’s there with all his gorilla strength, you could have Genji and/or Hanzo, trained ninja assassins from birth, or Fareeha who’s built like a brick wall, and then, in the middle of it all, Emily with her headphones in, exercise music on, resolutely working out with a jump rope and enjoying every minute of it.)

But I mean besides that they do… normal couple things together?  They share an apartment so a lot of it is just normal every day life things.  Sharing chores and cooking, sleeping together and cuddling on the couch, fighting over the tv and going shopping.  They probably go out on dates a whole bunch, like they try to have a weekly date night sort of thing.  Sometimes it’s just staying home with chinese food and a movie, but they’ll also go out to restaurants or to the theatres or try some sort of couples activity, that sort of thing.

  • who made the first move

My favourite headcanon was that it was… kind of both of them?  I can see Lena being a bit of playful flirt when she’s at the pub, so she was talking up this one really pretty red head who seemed sweet and funny and really smart.  Things are going great, only for Lena to realize a bit belatedly that this girl has no idea who she is. And it kind of throws Lena off a bit.  She’s very used to being Tracer From Overwatch, very recognizable …and let’s be honest being a bit of a hero definitely helps when it comes to picking up cute girls.  But… well, Overwatch isn’t the hero anymore, is it?  Saying you’re a disgraced member of a corrupt military organization that was forcefully disbanded by the UN is… not really a good ice breaker. And suddenly Lena’s having all these doubts and Emily’s not really sure what’s up with the girl that started flirting with her – is she getting cold feet? did Emily say something wrong? – but so far she’s really likes this girl and would like to see her again so Emily pushes through Lena’s sudden hesitation and secures a date for them.

It takes a little while before Lena admits to being Tracer (and Emily just kinda stares out into space like… wow I’m a fucking idiot I saw you on posters… though to be fair you don’t really expect to see someone like that in your local pub).

So Lena was the one who made the very first move, but it was thanks to Emily that more came of it.

  • who brings flowers home

Both of them!  For birthdays or anniversaries or just “hey it’s a beautiful spring day and I was thinking of you” gifts, each will randomly bring home bouquets to put in the kitchen or on the window sills.  They tried to do live flowers once (Emily thought it’d be great to try to grow a little herb garden in the kitchen window) but they both quickly learn that they suck at keeping plants alive.  Lena has a tendency to remember them rather sporadically (well I remembered in my timeline, is her go to excuse but they both know she just completely forgot) and will let them go dry for days then drown them in a desperate attempt to overcompensate, and Emily works weird hours all over the place and has as tendency to just want to crash and go to sleep when she gets home so yeah.  Live plants aren’t ideal.  Emily’s been talking about them getting some little succulents though on the grounds that even they shouldn’t be able to kill those, but Lena is a little reluctant because she knows if Jesse comes over and sees them with a cactus he will never let Lena hear the end of it.

  • who is the best cook

Emily… though honestly I imagine both of them turn to takeout more often than either would like to admit. As far as cooking goes, Lena’s specialty tends to lean a bit more towards the chocolate-covered or slathered-in-oil variety foods (she is a very big fan of pub food) and while it’s tasty Emily continues to insist it’s not sustainable.  (“Psssh” responds Tracer,, “hasn’t killed me yet, right?”).  Emily is much better at cooking meals that involve actual vegetables but she also hates cooking with a fiery passion.  When they do cook, it’s often either easy things like fried vegetables on rice or Emily’s speciality: a huge vat of soup that can then be stored and brought out later for like a month’s worth of lunches.

Lena, however, absolutely does breakfast.  She does the best breakfasts.