because i realize there were more parallels

Your Shine Is Something like a Mirror

Because she and Soul, they had never been her Mama and her Papa. They weren’t doomed to fall apart at the seams. They were so much more like the Professor and Miss Marie than she’d ever noticed before. 

For an instant, she realized that she was the first Albarn to come to Patchwork Labs in over a decade without any malice or spite or fury or fear in her bones directed toward the man who owned it. She was just a senior Meister looking to have her favorite professor read over her valedictorian speech. As the only one in her entire class to make a Death Scythe, not to mention her immaculate grades, she was graduating with honors.

And yet, with all those awards and all that prestige, she just couldn’t make the damn speech sound right. She sat across from Stein, balancing a teacup on her knee that Marie had handed her when she first walked in, and the full cup was definitely cold. Her opposite leg was shaking, bouncing up and down as Stein read over her neat handwriting as he had for the past two minutes.

Then, without warning, he looked over the notebook, quirking an eyebrow.

“Why did you want me to read this, again?” he asked, and Maka huffed, setting the teacup down on the table where a small plate of cookies had been promptly devoured via her stress eating.

Typical. Her favorite professor was unconventional if nothing else.

“To see if it’s…I don’t know! To see if it reads well.”

“It reads fine,” he said, setting the speech down on the desk and yawning, leaning back against the couch and crossing his ankle over his knee.

Maka rolled her eyes. “Just fine?”

“Mmm, this isn’t about the speech, is it?” he asked, looking at her with something like amusement on his face, and Maka’s brows went up.

“Really? News to me,” she snarked, but avoided his unsettling stare.

Truthfully, it was about the speech. Sort of. Kind of? But not because it wasn’t right. Rather, because everything wasn’t right, and that she had no idea how she was meant to talk about the bright future when hers was looking so murky and difficult to wade through.

She was a three star Meister. She was graduating top of her class. She had made a Death Scythe.

She had made the last Death Scythe.

She was-

“It’s because he might leave,” Stein said, and Maka’s head whipped up , her eyes wide as she met his analyzing, careful gaze, reading her soul.


She was scared he was going to go.

She was scared of what she should do.

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The more I think about Wives and Daughters in parallel to Fantastic Beasts, the more I realize some things:

  • There’s absolutely no reason Leta and Tina have to be enemies just because they’re involved with the same guy. Cynthia and Molly managed to be supportive of each other even though they were both involved with Roger.
  • Leta doesn’t necessarily have to be horrifically evil. Thoughtless, yes, and perhaps not an emotional-investment type, but not evil. Cynthia was not evil. Cynthia was focused on protecting herself at all costs and was taught by omission to never consider anyone else in pursuit of that goal.
  • Queenie is going to be utterly necessary. Molly and Roger would have died alone and miserable if Lady Harriet hadn’t chosen to throw all her womanly skills behind making that match happen.
  • Theseus doesn’t necessarily have to be a “successful but boorish” stereotype. The kind of man who is suited for one time period–be it a war or an era of poetic focus–will not necessarily adapt for what follows.
  • Theseus and Newt can be utterly supportive of each other even if/though they have nothing in common other than the same pair of parents.

Perhaps seeing these facts can help me–and others–broaden horizons.

with all these pearl and amethyst parallels I think it only seems fitting to have a duet of the two singing about their feelings for each other and realizing they are more similar than they thought. I thought it would be cool for it to take place in the strawberry battlefield and the kindergarten because these were important places in their past. Honestly this would be the most amazing dream come true if something like this did happen.