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Seventeen Reaction (Vocal Unit) to you flinching during a fight

I remember getting a reaction request for this and I’ve been putting it off forever (like 2 weeks but that’s forever for me) because this is going to take forever to do so might as well do it now.

BTS Version  EXO Version

Seungkwan: You and Seungkwan would bicker now and then, that much wasn’t a shock to anybody. You two wouldn’t usually fight and scream at each other unless you both had taken it to the next level or said something that would cross the line. You would be arguing with him while you were sitting on his bed, you’d be watching him pace back and forth, words spewing out of him and you countering back each time. He’d look at you incredulously every time he’d turn around when pacing, you’d eventually mutter a ‘Whatever.’ to something he’d say and that’d be the last straw with his patience. He’d quickly turn around and make his way towards you and fear would automatically creep up into you and you’d nearly jump from your spot and have your back hit the head board of the bed. Seungkwan’s eyes would be standing at the end of the bed, eyes wide and body fully frozen. It didn’t take longer than a few seconds for him to realize what had just happened. “I-I wouldn’t hurt you.” he immediately stuttered out, shaking his head. You could only pull your knees to your chest, eyes staying on him as you let out a shaky breath.

DK: The slap of his hand hitting the counter instantly shut you up as you jumped back. You both were in each others faces yelling at each other and you couldn’t help but feel bad for what the other boys had to witness and listen to. Once your voice died down and you took a big step away from your boyfriend you couldn’t help but feel all the boys now listening more intently. If you were on the other side of the argument and heard the big slap and suddenly a voice quiet down you’d think what the other boys were most likely thinking as well. Seokmin’s eyes widened and all of the anger that had filled up in him suddenly left his body once seeing you so scared. “I’d never.” He whispered while shaking his head, he wouldn’t move towards you, he couldn’t. He saw how scared you were and it broke him to know that you were scared of him/

Woozi: As small as Jihoon is he is absolutely terrifying when it comes to the both of you arguing. His face would get red and he’d just get louder than you’ve ever heard him before. You both would be in each others faces, voices loud but his would always quiet yours. When he’d stop yelling he would let out a loud groan and turn away from you, his hands would fly up as he turned and you couldn’t help but flinch away. Your eyes would squeeze shut and body would freeze and you just waited for him to start yelling again. Jihoon wouldn’t have turned around immediately, he’d have to take a minute to calm down but when he would turn around he’d freeze seeing the state you were in. “(Y/N).” His voice came out quiet but you just squeezed your eyes tighter refusing to open them. (Y/N).” He repeated but you still refused to open your eyes, all you could do was stay still and slowly say a “Don’t hurt me.” all while keeping your eyes shut, tears soon rolling out.

Joshua: Once he saw you jolt back and bring your hands up Joshua basically lost it. His eyes would widen in shock and mouth slightly open when seeing you so scared of him. You both were yelling at each other but it wasn’t a super explosive fight, you both were just arguing and Joshua happened to bring his hand up and brush it through his hair, that’s when you flinched, your head going down so you were now looking at your feet while your hands went up. It wouldn’t even be a minute and Joshua would soon have tears falling down his face, his lips would be shut tight and eyes continuing to blink the tears away. His head would shake back and forth and multiple “I’m sorry’s” would fall from his lips. Seeing you so scared because of a simple motion and you thinking he’d actually hit you broke him, he wouldn’t want to touch you in fear that you would flinch again, Joshua’s back hit the bedroom wall and he slowly slid down, small sobs leaving him and you immediately went to his side. His hand found yours and squeezed it tightly while you could only reassure him that you weren’t scared, you loved him and knew he wouldn’t lay a hand on you.

Jeonghan: You and Jeonghan would be arguing, words being spewed every second and the anger could be sensed in the air almost instantly. At one point in the fight Jeonghan’s hand would come a little too close to your face and your back would instantly hit the wall, it doesn’t matter if it was 3 feet or 30 feet away you would separate yourself from him and need to breath. He wouldn’t even notice that you flinched away from him at first because he would still be ranting and raving about whatever you two had been fighting about, it wasn’t until he went to look back at you when he realized you were a few feet away from him, tears were welling up in your eyes and he only saw them once he made his way over to you, he slowed down when he saw the fear reside in your eyes. His hands raised and he would repeat how you shouldn’t be scared of him because he would never hurt you. He’d apologize to you endlessly because he really did feel bad that you got scared and that his hand got too close.


I had this one in the works FOREVER (you can see that the first two drawing are old af probably) and now it’s finally done! 

I wanted to put Sombra in the the baby Jesse AU forever but she’s a lot smaller than him because boy do I love me some big bro Jesse

Gabe + Jack adopt Sombra when Jesse is ten. Him and Sombra are off to a bit of a rocky start initially bc Jesse’s a jealous former only child but he grows attached to her pretty quickly!

Four years later they take in Amélie as well and now Jesse has two little sisters and they’re a big ol happy family

Part of this AU! even though it’s way more in the future than the other posts hah


I was tagged by @chestking @davidkohn and a few others for that 2016 selfie thing and I put it off for forever so anyway I scraped the bottom of the barrel and this is what I found, I’ll tag whoever wants to do it because the people I do tag never do it 🖕🏼

hey you fucks, i just recently hit 18k which is crazy and cool and i don’t know why y’all are here lol. i decided to do a follow forever because i haven’t done one in two years (for 2k wow) and i figured it’d be a great way to kick off the new year. this probably won’t be that long as, unlike most bigger blogs, i talk to -2 people, but let’s get this started

the main peeps (aka people i sort of communicate with and/or admire from afar)

@cringe-attacks - if i didn’t put my girlfriend i’d probably get slam dunked into a trash can (but honestly im not just sayin it she has a great blog and shes a funny and amazing person so follow her asap)

@glowinghowell and @pheppermint - kendra and emily are. a god send. the most lovely people u will ever talk to

@adziedoodle - basically my mom and i’ve come to accept it (adzie might be the sweetest person i’ve met on tumblr, they always try to make people smile and are generally just great at making u feel welcome and wanted)

@heartiful - idris isn’t a phan blog anymore but,,, oh boy. the bants we had. if u want a high quality aesthetic blog with a hilarious person to keep u company, hit idris up (also if ur a cute boy,, js)

@phantheraglama - korein is probably one of my favorite people to exist, ever. she was one of the first blogs i followed and i always admired her. she’s so kind and funny and i’ll never forget how she offered to draw emily something for her birthday and basically made her whole year (thank u again for that)

@pinofs - i think i’ve had maybe.. one conversation with nikki? in my whole life? but i still feel like we’re friends because i see him on twitter all the time and he’s just so funny and i always feel like i should talk to him more (he’s also a fantastic phanartist and has such a distinct style, u cant miss it, it’s great)

@darkphannie - holy shit . jasmine is hilarious. like literally every single time u go on her blog or have a conversation with her, it’s a wild ride but u love every second of it. she’s probably the funniest phan blog out there right now, her asks have me dead

@ukulelephil - i don’t talk to caitlyn nearly enough, but she is also so so funny and never fails to make u laugh. her gifs are great and she deserves all the love in the world

@thyring - thyra also isn’t a phan blog anymore, but i still consider us good friends. she’s so caring and kind and her blog is like an aesthetic dream

@rebloggingphan - i haven’t talked to lisa in a minute but shes so funny and sweet and deserves more love and always makes me feel appreciated

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@danisontnonfire - dominique is so naturally good at conversation and i haven’t talked to her in ages but she’s still someone i consider to be a good friend of mine 

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and that’s about it! if i left u out i promise it’s nothing personal, i’m just a dumbass and forget things way too easily. i did this in like 20 minutes and i promise i love like everyone i’ve ever had a conversation with, but my tiny peanut brain can’t remember that many names. but every single one of u, even if i’ve never had a conversation with you, help me feel appreciated and i appreciate all of you too. so even if you aren’t on this list, thank you for giving this stupid little blog meaning. i’m not trying to get my hopes up for 2017, but i hope y’all stick with me and see what it has in store for us. thank you for 18k!

later losers

A pet owner's thoughts on Yuri on Ice Episode 8

So, I’m going to start this off with a personal story. When I was a little kid, maybe about four or five, we got a dog. She was a part of our family for a little over a decade, and we absolutely loved her. But dogs don’t live forever, and eventually, she got too old to play, to eat, to do anything really but lie down.

One night, while I was sleeping, she had a stroke. My mom took her to the vet and had her put down. I don’t think this was the wrong thing to do because she was in immense pain and there was no way she could ever recover. She was dying, and I accepted that long before she actually passed. But I never got to say goodbye. You see, my mom didn’t wake me up because I had to go to school the next day and she didn’t want me up all night. Looking back on it, she admits that she made a bad choice in preventing me from getting that closure. I eventually forgave her for that, but I still harbor some resentment, even years later, and I can barely think about the whole thing without tearing up. So going back to Yuri on Ice, in the very first episode Yuri mentions his dog dying while he was away and we see that it hurts him enough to throw off his game. As someone who knows how he feels, it’s easy to see why it had this effect. Now, fast forwarding to episode 8, Yuri hears about Makkachin and instantly tells Viktor to go back to Japan. He knows what it’s like to lose a pet without saying goodbye, and without any hesitation he tries to keep Viktor from experiencing that pain. Obviously, it would be ideal if Viktor could stay in Russia by his side, but Yuri is a mature adult that can prioritize, and he believes that Viktor getting closure is worth the sacrifice. This is why I love this show. It is great at presenting realistic problems and healthy solutions. They could have had Yuri keeping the situation a secret, only for it to form a rift between him and Viktor later on. I know a lot of shows that would have done this, but Yuri on Ice is better than that. Whatever happens in episode 9, I can live with the fact that Yuri loved Viktor enough to potentially sacrifice his career to save him from pain and sadness. I’ll admit, if Makkachin dies, I will probably cry, because the whole situation hits really close to home for me. A lot of people would say it’s silly to cry over a TV show, and maybe it is, but I have the utmost respect for any artist that can bring forward my emotions whether it’s happiness, anger, or sadness. In my opinion, all forms of art are meant to evoke feelings, and that is what Yuri on Ice has done for me. I hope it continues to do so.
I am so done hanging on
Letting you stay
Scared any action would make you want to die
So I stayed silent
While you stepped over me
Brought open wounds up
Memories I will never recover from
Do you know he knows about all my scars?
How your names forever on my leg?
That he’s talked me off a bridge this year more times then I can count
That he’s put me back together?
Did you know you make me hate my very existence?
Of course not
Because I stay silent and let you put yourself first
Over and over again

Today’s to-do list! 

Lest you think I am an obsessive – well, I totally am, but the reason times are assigned to each task is not because they HAVE TO HAPPEN at that time but rather because if a time is assigned, I’ll do them, whereas if no time is assigned, on a day like today where I know I have no scheduled appointments and I am definitely not leaving home, I’ll just keep putting everything off for half an hour.

Realistically, the bread’s only gonna take 15 minutes and then sit and rise forever, and probably fixing the roomba won’t take an hour (his left wheel is jammed, I just need to take the wheel off and clean it), but this way if I finish something early I can get started on the next thing OR I can go sit on the sofa and watch cartoons. 

The shortbread will take an hour because I am dissatisfied with my current shortbread recipe, so I’m making two recipes to see which one is superior. Possibly three if time permits. (The potstickers, FYI, are not made from scratch, before anyone thinks I’m some kind of dumpling-making MACHINE.) 

OKAY GUYS LET’S DO A THING. In an hour. First we’re gonna watch some cartoons. 

Since I haven’t done one since the 175 mark I believe and it’s about to be the New Year, I figure let’s do one now for the New Year! First off I want to thank everyone for following and putting up with my shit. It means alot to me for interacting with a OC because they don’t get alot of love and attention but Charlie gets alot of it when he’s not trying to be a horn dog. Second, I will not get everyone and will try to get as many as I can remember. Third, this won’t be long because we’re a bit above 200. So here we go:

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*Shows up to the Sherlock fandom twenty years later with fan art* 

Uhhh, I made a thing. I’ve been working on re-teaching myself how to make sharper looking motifs in illustrator before putting them into photoshop to turn them into a repeat pattern but I was too lazy to think up an original concept so I did this instead. 

On the off chance that someone wants to own this forever, you can buy a print in my society6 store, where this is the only thing available because I am still deciding whether or not I want to use society6 for my other print design endeavors. 

anonymous asked:

I loved reading it but why do I get the feeling this comic was a kind of effort to close as many doors as possible because they know tf2 is dying and they won't get that long to finish the comics?

I’d like to address this personally. People dont realize how long the comics actually are - a issue of spider-man you buy in a store has like… 80 pages at most. anyhing in the 100s is put into a volume with multiple issues, so thats why the comic took so long cause they are volumes not issues.

also they closed as many doors as possible cause it took forever to do the comic regardless and they only have one comic left to round off the story, not cause the game is dying and if anything this comic makes me want to play again and forget ive been pissed off with the actual game as of late.


Reflection Part 2: Class Reunion

Original Summary: It’s a new semester at the school where Natsu teaches, and he’s in for a surprise once he steps through the doorway to find a familiar face… once that really, really shouldn’t be there. 

a/n: this is the third (well, technically fourth) thing that I’ve posted today! That’s gotta be some sort of record for me, lol. But, I’ve been putting this off for way too long and promised my twin ( lonestorm​ ) forever ago that I would make a part 2 of this and… i finally did it. I hope you guys are ready for some major cheesiness, because how else would I write a nalu reunion(;

I hope you enjoy<3

Part I

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Layla frowned, keeping her head down and eyes on the studded heels that her mother had all but forced onto her feet. They were completely impractical for walking on the field- she knew for a fact they would immediately sink into the grass- and she had tried voicing such reason to her mother, but to no avail.

“I’m actually surprised you’re not more into this sort of thing.” Natsu gestured to the line of students behind the bleachers, preparing for the announcer to introduce them one by one. It was homecoming night, and somehow the young blonde had been coerced into participating. “Your mom used to look forward to this stuff all year.”

“Yeah well,” the girl huffed, adjusting the top of her strapless dress that her mother’s assistant Virgo had helped pick out. “I do love clothes and this sort of stuff, but walking out there in front of the entire school in these clothes is another story. Do you see the shoes she’s making me wear?”

Natsu chuckled, reaching out to squeeze the girl’s shoulder before sending her off in the direction of the other kids. “Stop worrying so much. You’ll be fine.”

“Says the guy who gets to watch from the sidelines,” she grumbled, pausing to twirl a piece of blonde hair around her finger that had lost some of its curl.

“Hey now, I’ve served my time. Who do you think walked Luce down the field all four year-“ Natsu stopped, noticing the girl’s shift in body language. While both had grown closer since the first semester, and both were all but certain that he was Layla’s long lost father, the girl had yet to ask for confirmation from her mother.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up, just in case, and Natsu understood that.

It was true that they’d since bonded since the first day of school and Natsu had started to act the slightest bit more paternal, but until they knew the truth, he was still her teacher before anything else. Bringing up Lucy and their previous high school romance was the wrong thing to say in front of the freshman, who was still coming to terms with the fact her favorite teacher could possibly wind up being her previously estranged father of fifteen years.

“Hey,” he said, softening his voice. “Don’t worry, really. You’ll be fine.”


“I promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Layla,” he laughed, sending her in the direction of the field once more. “Go already.”

“Don’t trip!” He called after her, smirking when he saw the glare that she shot him over her shoulder.


“That’s Mister Jerk to you!”

“Would you stop fidgeting? You look fine.”

Natsu took a deep breath, running a hand through his hair before checking his watch for the sixth time in the past five minutes. “I’d say de ja vu if I didn’t feel so nauseous.”

Layla wrinkled her nose at him. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Yes it- shut up!”

She laughed, enjoying seeing her teacher so flustered. She couldn’t really blame him though, and understanding where his nerves were coming from.

It was parent teacher night.

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Gender Roles: Following Nature to Create a Harmonious Family and Harmonious Society

I’ve been putting off writing this because I knew it would take forever. Anyway…

My stance on gender roles is the same as my stance on anything: If it’s good for society, we should be doing it. I’ve said a million times now that the nuclear family is the foundation of society and thus we should fit into them, or do our best to. So I’m going to say something that should not be controversial but probably will be to some people:

The MOST IMPORTANT thing a woman can be is a MOTHER

But also…

The MOST IMPORTANT thing a man can be is a FATHER

And I think this is where the far right loses people on gender roles. The first statement isn’t controversial (within our community) but we don’t say the second. Do we not believe the second? And you can pull out all of the great leaders and people all you want, but if they weren’t fathers they did fail at the most important thing they could do. I will not retract that. Raising good children is the most important thing anyone can do. Continuing your legacy, and the legacy of our people, is the most important thing you can do. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Moving on. So what is the role of “mother” and “father”? There’s the idea that a man at the head of the household is the best way for a family to function and to a large degree that’s true. But it’s also a bit misunderstood and I want to share what my parents do, because I think this is the thing they’ve done most right.

In the very traditional sense, my mom takes care of the household and children, and my dad is the provider. Women, in general, are better at running households, and men are, in general, better at being providers. A lot of this is societal, and not biological.

What is most definitely biological is the ability to care for children. Only one gender literally carries their developing child for 9 months. Only one gender breastfeeds. Women are, on average, far more nurturing than men are. For millennia, women have kept their young children literally attached to them for the first few years of their life. There are so many maternal phenomena that men just don’t have (at least to the same degree). We are biologically programmed to be the primary parent, especially when children are young. And WHY would anyone think this is a bad thing? Being a parent is, again, the most important thing you can do. Why are we made to not take pride in the fact that we, as women, get the honor of being the leader in the most important aspect of us and our partner’s life?

So, if women are the primary caretaker (especially for young children) logic follows that the man should be the breadwinner. Why? Well, most jobs you can’t (and/or shouldn’t) bring your baby with you to. And men can usually separate from their children easier. That’s why we don’t see many women doing jobs where they must be gone for long periods of time, and when they do they agonize over the separation from their children. Men obviously miss their children too, don’t misunderstand me. My dad is in the military and when he was gone he missed us terribly. It isn’t the same though. A lot of women choose to leave the workforce after reentering because they miss their children.

Women should focus on taking care of the children and household because they’re better at it. And someone needs to be the breadwinner.
Of course, making money isn’t the only responsibility men have as fathers. Not even close. They should help with the day-to-day care of children and emotionally bond with their children. And as children get older and their needs move from physical (literally being fed, changed, washed, etc) to more emotional, intellectual, spiritual, moral etc. needs, then the responsibilities between the mother and father start to balance. Fathers need to model to their sons how to be responsible men and to their daughters what healthy relationships between men and women look like. And every single child desires to feel love from both parents.

Does all of this mean that for no reason ever should women be in the workforce? No. First, if a family is struggling financially, then perhaps both parents should work. Letting your children starve doesn’t help anyone. Second, if the children are older and a woman can balance care of them with her husband, and she has a gift or talent she wants to contribute to society, should she work? Absolutely. If a woman doesn’t have children yet should she work? Absolutely. But she should keep in mind that taking care of her family comes first.

Likewise, for men, your family comes first. Do you have a dream you’re extremely passionate about? That’s wonderful. You should give that your all, but not at the expense of your family. “What?” you’ll say. “But this celebrity here put off being a father, then became a famous musician and now he’s super rich and-“ Wow, that’s wonderful. He’s a statistical anomaly though. For every one of him, there are thousands of examples of people who put their dreams before their children and left their children to the mercy of foodstamps and whatnot. Or, the mother of his children moved on and found a stable home to raise her children in. Either way, a complete and utter failure to be a father. If your dream is clearly harming your children, you need to man up and provide for your family. End of story.

Both genders must uphold their ends of the bargain and put their family first.

As far as running the household as a team, my parents work on this system, and it seems to work for them: Mom makes the day-to-day decisions, Dad makes the big decisions. They worked together on big things, but ultimately Dad had the final say. Does this mean my father bossed my mother around? No. My dad only ever in their entire marriage used his “final say” power a few times. Why? Because they discuss things, and usually come to a mutual decision that’s best for the entire family. Because my dad respects my mother’s input and usually there’s room to compromise.

I once asked my mom if she ever felt resentful of my dad being the head of the household. She looked shocked. She told me that if you don’t trust your partner to make decisions that don’t harm you, then you shouldn’t be with that person. Plain and simple, she trusts my dad to make decisions that won’t hurt her or our family. Likewise, my dad trusted my mom to take the primary role in raising his children. He trusted her to raise us on her own when he was away. If you can’t trust your partner, or you can’t be a trustworthy partner, your relationship and your family is doomed.

Why should a man be given the “final say” power? A lot of it is perspective. Women are down in the trenches with the family, so to speak, whereas men are, again, the providers, and so they’re out in the world more, and they have a broader perspective. Men also tend to be more levelheaded than women. But again, if a man uses this “final say power” to do anything other than try to help and care for his family, then he’s not a trustworthy partner and not fulfilling his end of the covenant.

I think a lot of resistance to gender roles is that people try to enforce them outside of the bonds of family. If I’m walking down the street and some random guy tells me to do something, and when I say no he tells me I have to obey him because he’s a man, I’m 100% of the time going to tell him to go fuck himself. He is not my significant other who I know loves and respects me and only makes decisions that will help us as a unit. He’s not one of my parents. So unless he’s a police officer or something like that, he has no authority over me. And can go fuck himself.

It’s not that men should be “dominant” over women just because they’re men. It’s that both sexes need to work together to create a harmonious home, and therefore more harmonious society.

I think I was misunderstood, and misspoke, when I said that “traditional gender roles should be enforced”. Really what I meant was reinforced. We should teach our children to take pride in their traditional roles. We should, gently, encourage women to leave the workforce, if they’re financially able, once they start trying to have a family. And we should help support that decision. I strongly support tax breaks and tax incentives for young couples and families. Leaving the workforce might feel like a sacrifice, but it’s a worthy one. Likewise, young men need to be taught that they’ll have to make sacrifices too. Sacrificing for the betterment of society isn’t just necessary, but also honorable.

Will there be exceptions to these rules? Sure. I meet girls who I wouldn’t trust to hold my child let alone raise a child. That’s probably because they’ve grown up in this warped society. Are there some people who just lack maternal and paternal instincts? Maybe. But the exceptions should be few and far between. But what if people just don’t want to? I don’t have a solution for that. I don’t know. Considering that these family units and these roles are 100% natural and biologically supported, I don’t think people not falling into harmonious nuclear family units will be a widespread problem once we stop indoctrinating children to go against nature.

There are extreme circumstances of course. War is one of them. A lot of the standards we’d like in an ideal society, for both genders, can’t be upheld during war. Sacrifices have to be made so that we’re literally not wiped off the face of the earth. Being a parent is still of the utmost importance, but if you’re actively trying to save our race from extinction, you can get a tiny bit of leeway. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we should still be having children, and focusing on parenthood, even with uncertain and scary times ahead. And I have a whole thing written on that somewhere on my blog.

This post turned into a mess but I hope this answers what my thoughts on gender roles are.

Maaaan I seriously want lipo or coolscultping on my upper thighs, the shape just puts me off, even at my lw they where weird jiggly bulges.  Maybe I will decide at 115.

Like people say oh just lose weight instead

lipos not for weight loss

its literally to contour the existing shape of your body

to get rid of fat cells that are forever in that spot, because fat cells shrink and grow, they don’t ever leave.  This gets rid of them.

I’ve considered this for 5+ years now.  I considered my boobs for over 10 and finally did them.  I know what I want.. weight loss doesn’t change everything about your body shape.. it just shrinks it.

Everyone who says just lose weight instead is already small and doesn’t understand what it’s like to live with thighs like mine.  I don’t think I’m okay with listening to that anymore.  It seriously effects my life.  A lot.  It’s me who has to live with them, not you.

one of the many, many things that kill me about that last scene in Act 2 Part 9 from AVPM

is Voldemort’s going “I got killed by a two-year-old! And it’s really embarrassing!”

because it’s a callback to Different As Can Be, when Quirrell was dragging Voldemort’s arse for just that (”You got beat by a two-year-old”), and back then, Voldemort snapped at him and brushed it off (”I’ll kill him this time through and through!”)

but at the end, they have come so far that Voldemort can break down in front of Quirrell and admit that he’d been right all along - he’s not putting up his Dark-Lord-front anymore, like he did in Different As Can Be, he is completely himself, and he allows himself to show weakness to another human being

Quirrell saw through him from the very beginning, and by the end of the musical, Voldemort has become comfortable enough with him to show him that

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Imagine a Dante's inferno AU with Anakin being Dante, Obiwan being Virgil, and Padme being Beatrice

1. I’m soooo sorry this took forever. I think you submitted this sometime in December? If not earlier? I kept putting it off because I love the idea but I can’t remember much about Dante’s Inferno (haven’t read it in over 10 years) except that there’s 9 circles of hell that he travels through. I briefly considered re-reading the book before answering this but I’m so busy that’s not gonna happen any time soon.

2. Because I don’t remember enough about Dante’s Inferno to actually talk about a Dante’s Inferno AU, I’ve decided that instead of Dante’s Hell (and since Padme’s Naboo) this is going to be Anakin journeying through Naboo’s version of Hell, guided/accompanied by Obi-Wan (for some reason).

So, ready for some massive worldbuilding? I’m going to be combining SW Legends canon and headcanon for this.

First, this is what Wikia has to say:

  • Per Naboo mythology, Chaos was a dark pit kept closed by 6 impenetrable gates (there’s a page which says 7 but that doesn’t have any citations for it whereas the number 6 was apparently mentioned in two sources, so I’m going to go with 6 being the more accurate)
    • It’s inhabited by the spirits of deceased Sith, Dark Jedi, and evil sentient beings
    • Palpatine’s soul ended up here, though he was able to escape and it too several deceased Jedi to put him back in there and make sure he never escaped again
  • According to Cosinga Palpatine (Sidious’ father), House Palpatine was one of those 6 gates
  • House Palpatine was one of the Royal Houses of Naboo (all of these are human houses). The others are:
    • House Naberrie
    • House Parnelli
    • House Tapalo
    • House Veruna
  • The Monarch of Naboo was elected from these families
  • In 135 BBY, Houses Veruna and Tapalo were behind the war with the Gungans (this was possibly in an effort to get plasma from the Gungans)
  • House Palpatine challenged House Tapalo to a duel of honor and died
  • In 65 BBY, House Tapalo wanted to join the Republic; House Palpatine and the conservative party opposed that because they wanted to preserve Naboo’s independence
  • House Naberrie were involved in public service and led humble lives
  • House Parnelli donated funds to build an art museum

Okay, so if Cosinga was telling the truth about House Palpatine being one of the gates holding back chaos, then I think it’s not too far a jump to say that the other Royal Houses are 4 of the other gates. And that Naboo’s religion was constructed to support their governing system, socioeconomic infrastructure, and way of life.

But wait, you might say. There’s 6 gates, and only 5 Royal Houses.

Well, I’m gonna say that the 6th House was a Gungan House and that they got dropped when relations with the Gungans soured. But back when Naboo was first colonized by humans, they had realized that one of the bedrocks of their civilization had to be peaceful relations with the Gungans so they encouraged intermingling of cultures and a Gungan Royal House was right up there with the human Royal Houses. 

Except that some fraction of the humans didn’t agree with that and ultimately turned on the Gungans and after years of conflict, the relationship between them fell apart and the Gungan House (House Boss?) was no longer recognized or talked about. And there went the first gate guarding against chaos. Some people cared and whispered about oncoming Darkness if nothing was done to repair relations; others insisted it meant nothing because the Gungans weren’t humans and should never have been given a Royal House.

Then Palpatine killed his father, Cosinga, and fell to the Dark and there went a second gate, except that no one knew about it.

So in TPM, when Padme was rebuilding that relationship with the Gungans, it was also with the hope that they could repair that gate (because she of course believed that the Gungans are an integral part of Naboo). And they did. It may not have been as strong as before, but it was something.

Now, what did each of the gates guard against? I’m thinking:

  • House Palpatine - Greed
  • House Naberrie - Lust
  • House Boss - Pride
  • House Parnelli - Envy
  • House Tapalo - Gluttony
  • House Veruna - Wrath

I went with Lust for Naberrie because I’m thinking that when Padme marries Anakin, that was another step towards Chaos and so that was another gate broken. But other than that and Greed for Palpatine, I don’t have strong reasons for the others so if anyone has thoughts about this, please do share.

Anakin’s journey to Chaos under the cut:

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Skatertobin’s long overdue follow forever

I hit like 3,000 followers forever ago and I promised I’d post a follow forever but being the kind of person that I am I kind of put it off and a thousand more followers after, (I hit 4,000 a week ago) I’ve finally found the time to finish it and post it LMAO. ANYWAY IT’S NOT MUCH BUT YOU ASKED FOR IT SO HERE IT IS.

In no particular order (except the first one because Allie is my number 1 forever and always), these are the blogs that you totally should be following aka the people I’ve followed since the beginning of time, the people who’ve stuck around, the people I often see in my notifications, the people I find hilarious, the people I like to fight in a very non threatening way, the people who always have posts that are A+, and the people I just like talking to in general (even if I suck at replying sometimes):

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K I’m pretty sure I forgot some people but anyway here you go!!!! Go follow these gems!

people who make my dashboard great!

Hello, all! First, I want to thank all my followers, I am now over 2500! I honestly didn’t think I’d break triple digits, wow, so undeserved you guys rock. Second, I hate putting follow forevers together because I always worry I’m missing someone and so I’m gonna say, these are off the top of my head. There by no way the only people but they are the mostly recognizable ones that make my dashboard entertaining. Third, here’s to another season of Shadowhunters and lots of more love from these amazing people that I follow!

I’m also planning a special little something for my followers and everyone ;)

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i guess if there was a time to make a follow forever for 2016 now would be it. honestly this year has been the shittiest year of my entire fucking life but cheers to 2017, cross your fingers and hope for the best?


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i haven’t interacted with a lot of people on this account because i just revamped and i was going off my im’s / followers list so i’m sorry if i left anyone out! happy new year, here’s to 2017 being at least half as shitty as 2016!

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If you could have dinner with one of the pitch perfect stars, who would it be and why? Why do you hate sports? Bechloe prompt: Chloe asking Beca what the tattoo on her upper left arm means (it's like a short three-four word line but it's never clear)


I would eat dinner with Anna K because I feel like we could go to a nice restaurant or taco bell and I would be okay with any of those options. also shes hilarious so.

I don’t hate sports, just like the idea of exercising? Unless its for marching band im not about that life.

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