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Are the names for other bandom ppl outside mcr some kind of fandom agreement? Because I always see the same ones. Also, why is Brendon's Killer King? That's from DOAB and a few years happened between DD and DOAB, did he not have a name before or it changed? And are there commonly accepted events regarding other bands? Because I have read several fics/posts where almost everyone in panic died...Sorry I asked too many questions I love the DD universe but don't know much yet. Thank you <3

they aren’t a fandom agreement per se, but there are some name headcanons that are very common so i see why you’d think that! the reason for their popularity depends on the band in question. for killer king, i think people just chose that one because it has a nice ring to it! it sounds like a killjoy name. and it’s not that he didn’t have a name before DOAB. quite the contrary actually, it’s more like…. the danger days fandom wasn’t there. not in this form at least. when danger days actually came out, the fandom was very different from the tumblr community of today. i’m not sure when the trope of adding other bands into the danger days universe got started. maybe his name did change? idk, but since DOAB came out i’ve usually seen it as killer king.

for the suitehearts (aka fall out boy), they’re conveniently given killjoy-esque names in the america’s suitehearts music video, so a lot of people just use those. people tend to use concepts from the band in question to form their killjoy names.

as for widely accepted backstories, that one has a lot more variation, but again - many headcanons are influenced by real life. people write panic and the suitehearts as being friends/associates because it mirrors their irl relationships, and a lot of people imagine most of panic being killed because, y’know, everyone in the band has left. that translates to Death in a lot of headcanons cuz we all love angst.

sorry for writing a fuckin essay lol

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brendon: mocks ryan constantly, steals his work and his lyrics, ignores his entire existence, makes homophobic jabs towards ryan, plays a personal song ryan wrote about his abusive dying father and strips during it // yall: *silence* // brendon: oh yeah ryan wrote this one line // yall: LOOK! HE GAVE CREDIT THIS One Damn Time! holy shit ryan stans can calm the FUCK down now look its all resolves lol beebo is so amazing and gracious <333 suck my nut george

This is exciting guys it’s my first agitated anon…

Ok look I can’t claim to know everything about Ryan Ross because I’m not a Ryan stan but let me explain why I made the post you, I’m guessing, are referring to. Ryan seems like a great guy. People like you have so much hate Brendon because of the way he is handling Panic’s breakup:

1. not everyone handles grief the same and since Ryan was Brendon’s best friend he has to be really sad about losing him. For some people coping means acting like that person never existed so that’s probably why Brendon is the way he his.
2. Yes I know the songs Brendon plays mean a lot to Ryan and that he wrote them, but I’m sure they mean something to Brendon too and since it is Ryan who left the band and not Brendon I’m pretty sure Brendon has a right to playing them.

Y'all also hate Brendon because people like me defend him. But let me tell you something honey. If fans were hating on Ryan I’d defend him too. If fans were hating on Dallon I’d defend him too. If fans were hating on Spencer I’d defend him too. That post isn’t about me thinking that Brendon can do no wrong- it’s about me trying to find a way to appease Ryan fans who think Brendon NEVER gives any credit and it’s about me hoping and praying that maybe it’ll lessen the hate for a band member of my favorite band. As I said, I’ll post things trying to lessen hate for all the band members this isn’t just about you thinking I only defend “beebo” because oh my he’s my everything and oh my he’s amazing and oh my he’s the only one in the band I care about. Understand? My idea was to stop hate between fans, and between fans and band members, not to get the likes of you hating on literally the only member left in a band we both like!

My point is I’m sorry you think Brendon sucks, but I think he’s human and he’s allowed to make mistakes too.

(P.S. there is no way in fuck Brendon has ever said anything homophobic, and saying something against ships cannot be considered homophobic, so I’m going to need sources on that if you want me to believe you)

P.P.S. in the post you mentioned, Brendon gave Ryan credit for the “most of the whole album” not one line so

P.P.P.S. in the post you mentioned, I did not tell Ryan fans to “calm the FUCK down” I said that y'all can rest easy now AS IN “I’m on your side and y'all are finally getting what you wanted so you can be a little happier now!”

since we are all thinking about spencer right now, let me tell you a little story about the first time i met spencer:

back in 09, my friend and i went to see panic and fob. after the show, we were standing next to a gate and spencer shows up. i had made a small poster and he was so excited that i made it and honestly seemed still shocked that people cared about them so much?? so he signed it and then he goes, “where’s brendon’s autograph?” and i explained that i hadn’t gotten to meet brendon since the m&g planned for earlier had been cancelled. then he goes, “wait here” as he walked away with my poster. about 5 mins later, he comes back with my poster not only signed by brendon, but also by joe from fob and he goes, “hope you don’t mind but joe wanted to say hi, too. thanks for coming to our show in the rain, we love you!!” and honestly i feel like that interaction is spencer’s personality in a nutshell. he is so giving and cares about his fans so so much. i am so happy he is finally taking the time to put himself first, because it’s hard to think of someone more deserving of a break. we love you spencer; thanks for giving so much of your life to make ours better.

Aug 11, 2008 7:33 PM
Subject:  awaking from summer dreams is never easy,  
Body:  but being awoken makes it so much worse.

as summer comes to an end we lose and gain so much.
summer lovers become part time lovers, then slowly fade to just a simple memory.
maybe it’s not so simple to some of us, though.
maybe we can’t just forget at the first leaf of autumn.
maybe we remember every detail until our last breath of air.
maybe we really aren’t okay when asked.
maybe we’re holding on, as we watch them let go.

sometimes, it is quite apparent that our “significant other” doesn’t feel the same.
we deal, because we know that there has to be something there.

a twinkle in an eye. a shock when we kiss. whatever it is, it’s there.
and maybe one day they’ll notice it too.

you know, i’ve never really liked days off.
they make me think too much.

it’s time to start loving to live, not living to love.
we can only give so much without anything in return.

this was pretty much just something i completely made up because i wanted to say i had a totally awesome summer.
then again, maybe it’s not so fictional for most of us after all?
summer’s almost over kiddos.
time to get back to filling those brains of yours’ with knowledge or maybe just nonsense with a degree.

stay smart,

—  brendon’s dog’s myspace page